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Discovery of new stable and high-temperature Ti-Ta-X shape memory alloys from first principles calculationsMay 14 2019In conventional Ti-Ta shape memory alloys (SMAs), high (>100{\deg}C) transformation temperatures cannot be achieved without compromising the stability of the shape memory effect. A solution to this problem is the addition of other elements to form Ti-Ta-X ... More
Complete positivity of the map from a basis to its dual basisDec 19 2012The dual of a matrix ordered space has a natural matrix ordering that makes the dual space matrix ordered as well. The purpose of these notes is to give a condition that describes when the linear map taking a basis of the n by n matrices to its dual basis ... More
Unusual composition dependence of transformation temperatures in Ti-Ta-X shape memory alloysApr 12 2018Ti-Ta-X (X = Al, Sn, Zr) compounds are emerging candidates as high-temperature shape memory alloys (HTSMAs). The stability of the one-way shape memory effect (1WE), the exploitable pseudoelastic (PE) strain intervals as well as the transformation temperature ... More
Ruin models with investment incomeJun 25 2008Dec 18 2008This survey treats the problem of ruin in a risk model when assets earn investment income. In addition to a general presentation of the problem, topics covered are a presentation of the relevant integro-differential equations, exact and numerical solutions, ... More
Depths and Cohen-Macaulay Properties of Path IdealsNov 20 2012Given a tree T on n vertices, there is an associated ideal I of a polynomial ring in n variables over a field, generated by all paths of a fixed length of T. We show that such an ideal always satisfies the Konig property and classify all trees for which ... More
On the rationality of quadric surface bundlesNov 13 2018Dec 05 2018For any standard quadric surface bundle over $\mathbb P^2$, we show that the locus of rational fibres is dense in the moduli space.
Weak Expectations and the Injective EnvelopeJul 18 2008Given a unital C*-subalgebra of B(H), we study the set of all possible images of its injective envelope that are contained in B(H) and their position relative to the double commutant of the algebra in order to obtain more information about the existence ... More
A Dynamical Systems Approach to the Kadison-Singer ProblemJun 18 2007Nov 15 2007In these notes we develop a link between the Kadison-Singer problem and questions about certain dynamical systems. We conjecture that whether or not a given state has a unique extension is related to certain dynamical properties of the state. We prove ... More
Equivariant Maps and Bimodule ProjectionsOct 28 2005We construct a contractive, idempotent, MASA bimodule map on B(H), whose range is not a ternary subalgebra of B(H). Our method uses a crossed-product to reduce the existence of such an idempotent map to an analogous problem about the ranges of idempotent ... More
Vector spaces with an order unitDec 17 2007Jun 10 2009We develop a theory of ordered *-vector spaces with an order unit. We prove fundamental results concerning positive linear functionals and states, and we show that the order (semi)norm on the space of self-adjoint elements admits multiple extensions to ... More
The construction problem for Hodge numbers modulo an integerMar 13 2019For any integer $m\ge2$ and any dimension $n\ge1$, we show that any $n$-dimensional Hodge diamond with values in $\mathbb Z/m\mathbb Z$ is attained by the Hodge numbers of an $n$-dimensional smooth complex projective variety. As a corollary, there are ... More
Noise Fit, Estimation Error and a Sharpe Information Criterion: Linear CaseFeb 19 2016Sep 08 2017We derive (1) an unbiased estimator for the out-of-sample Sharpe ratio when the in-sample Sharpe ratio is obtained by optimizing over a $k$-dimensional parameter space. The estimator corrects the in-sample Sharpe ratio for both: noise fit and estimation ... More
Wrapping liquids, solids, and gases in thin sheetsApr 20 2018Jul 02 2018Many objects in nature and industry are wrapped in a thin sheet to enhance their chemical, mechanical, or optical properties. There are similarly a variety of methods for wrapping, from pressing a film onto a hard substrate, to using capillary forces ... More
Diagonals in Tensor Products of Operator AlgebrasJul 10 2001In this paper we give a short, direct proof, using only properties of the Haagerup tensor product, that if an operator algebra A possesses a diagonal in the Haagerup tensor product of A with itself, then A must be isomorphic to a finite dimensional $C^*$-algebra. ... More
Syndetic Sets, Paving, and the Feichtinger ConjectureJan 25 2010We prove that if a Bessel sequence in a Hilbert space, that is indexed by a countably infinite group in an invariant manner, can be partitioned into finitely many Riesz basic sequences, then each of the sets in the partition can be chosen to be syndetic. ... More
On non-trivial barrier solutions of the dividend problem for a diffusion under constant and proportional transaction costsMar 23 2012In Bai and Paulsen (SIAM J. Control optim. 48, 2010) the optimal dividend problem under transaction costs was analyzed for a rather general class of diffusion processes. It was divided into several subclasses, and for the majority of subclasses the optimal ... More
Unconventional antiferromagnetic correlations of the doped Haldane gap system Y$_2$BaNi$_{1-x}$Zn$_x$O$_5$Jul 13 2001Nov 06 2001We make a new proposal to describe the very low temperature susceptibility of the doped Haldane gap compound Y$_2$BaNi$_{1-x}$Zn$_x$O$_5$. We propose a new mean field model relevant for this compound. The ground state of this mean field model is unconventional ... More
DFT Calculations as a Tool to Analyse Quadrupole Splittings of Spin Crossover Fe(II) complexesJun 14 2012Density functional methods have been applied to calculate the quadrupole splitting of a series of iron(II) spin crossover complexes. Experimental and calculated values are in reasonable agreement. In one case spin-orbit coupling is necessary to explain ... More
A law of large numbers for limit order booksJan 05 2015We define a stochastic model of a two-sided limit order book in terms of its key quantities \textit{best bid [ask] price} and the \textit{standing buy [sell] volume density}. For a simple scaling of the discreteness parameters, that keeps the expected ... More
Lie Ideals in Operator AlgebrasNov 21 2002Let $\mathcal A$ be a Banach algebra for which the group of invertible elements is connected. A subspace $\mathcal L \subseteq \mathcal A$ is a Lie ideal in $\mathcal A$ if, and only if, it is invariant under inner automorphisms. This applies, in particular, ... More
Noise Fit, Estimation Error and a Sharpe Information CriterionFeb 19 2016When optimizing the Sharpe ratio over a k-dimensional parameter space the thus obtained in-sample Sharpe ratio tends to be higher than what will be captured out-of-sample. For two reasons: the estimated parameter will be skewed towards the noise in the ... More
Approach and Coalescence of Liquid Drops in AirAug 26 2013Jan 09 2014The coalescence of liquid drops has conventionally been thought to have just two regimes when the drops are brought together slowly in vacuum or air: a viscous regime corresponding to the Stokes-flow limit and a later inertially-dominated regime. Recent ... More
Syndetic Sets and AmenabilityFeb 17 2010Feb 02 2011We prove that if an infinite, discrete semigroup has the property that every right syndetic set is left syndetic, then the semigroup has a left invariant mean. We prove that the weak*-closed convex hull of the two-sided translates of every bounded function ... More
Operator Algebras of FunctionsJul 29 2009We present some general theorems about operator algebras that are algebras of functions on sets, including theories of local algebras, residually finite dimensional operator algebras and algebras that can be represented as the scalar multipliers of a ... More
Enumeration of concave integer partitionsSep 04 2003Jan 19 2004An integer partition \lambda of n corresponds, via its Ferrers diagram, to an artinian monomial ideal I of colength n in the polynomial ring on two variables. If the partition \lambda corresponds to an integrally closed ideal we call \lambda concave. ... More
Construction of normal numbers with respect to Generalized Lüroth Series from equidistributed sequencesSep 28 2015Generalized L\"uroth series generalize $b$-adic representations as well as L\"uroth series. Almost all real numbers are normal, but it is not easy to construct one. In this paper, a new construction of normal numbers with respect to Generalized L\"uroth ... More
Synchronous correlation matrices and Connes' embedding conjectureMar 24 2015In a recent paper, the concept of synchronous quantum correlation matrices was introduced and these were shown to correspond to traces on certain C*-algebras. In particular, synchronous correlation matrices arose in their study of various versions of ... More
Injective and projective Hilbert C*-modules, and C*-algebras of compact operatorsNov 12 2006Feb 18 2008We consider projectivity and injectivity of Hilbert C*-modules in the categories of Hilbert C*-(bi-)modules over a fixed C*-algebra of coefficients (and another fixed C*-algebra represented as bounded module operators) and bounded (bi-)module morphisms, ... More
Tensor Products of the Operator System Generated by the Cuntz IsometriesJul 24 2015We study tensor products and nuclearity-related properties of the operator system $\mathcal S_n$ generated by the Cuntz isometries. By using the nuclearity of the Cuntz algebra, we can show that $\mathcal{S}_n$ is $C^*$-nuclear, and this implies a dual ... More
The Feichtinger Conjecture and Reproducing Kernel Hilbert SpacesApr 08 2010Dec 05 2010We prove two new equivalences of the Feichtinger conjecture that involve reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. We prove that if for every Hilbert space, contractively contained in the Hardy space, each Bessel sequence of normalized kernel functions can be ... More
Representations of logmodular algebrasJun 02 2008Mar 23 2010We study the question of whether or not contractive representations of logmodular algebras are completely contractive. We prove that a 2-contractive representation of a logmodular algebra extends to a positive map on the enveloping C*-algebra, which we ... More
Quasimultipliers of Operator SpacesDec 30 2003We use the injective envelope to study quasimultipliers of operator spaces. We prove that all representable operator algebra products that an operator space can be endowed with are induced by quasimultipliers. We obtain generalizations of the Banach-Stone ... More
On the ranges of bimodule projectionsJan 25 2003Oct 27 2005We develop a symbol calculus for normal bimodule maps over a masa that is the natural analogue of the Schur product theory. Using this calculus we are able to easily give a complete description of the ranges of contractive normal bimodule idempotents ... More
Characterizations of essential ideals as operator modules over C*-algebrasFeb 16 2001In this paper we give characterizations of essential left ideals of a C*-algebra $A$ in terms of their properties as operator $A$-modules. Conversely, we seek C*-algebraic characterizations of those ideals $J$ in $A$ such that $A$ is an essential extension ... More
Substituent Effects on the Spin-Transition Temperature in Complexes with Tris(pyrazolyl) LigandsJun 08 2012Iron (II) complexes with substituted tris(pyrazolyl) ligands, which exhibit a thermally driven transition from a low-spin state at low temperatures to a high-spin state at elevated temperatures, have been studied by M\"ossbauer spectroscopy and magnetic ... More
Edge Ideals of Weighted GraphsMay 16 2012Jun 10 2012We study weighted graphs and their "edge ideals" which are ideals in polynomial rings that are defined in terms of the graphs. We provide combinatorial descriptions of m-irreducible decompositions for the edge ideal of a weighted graph in terms of the ... More
Operator system quotients of matrix algebras and their tensor productsJan 04 2011Jul 22 2011An operator system modulo the kernel of a completely positive linear map of the operator system gives rise to an operator system quotient. In this paper, operator system quotients and quotient maps of certain matrix algebras are considered. Some applications ... More
Some new equivalences of Anderson's paving conjecturesJun 18 2007Nov 15 2007Anderson's paving conjectures are known to be equivalent to the Kadison-Singer problem. We prove some new equivalences of Anderson's conjectures that require the paving of smaller sets of matrices. We prove that if the strictly upper triangular operatorss ... More
Injective Envelopes of $C^*$-algebras as Operator ModulesJun 15 2001In this paper we give some characterizations of M. Hamana's injective envelope I(A) of a C*-algebra A in the setting of operator spaces and completely bounded maps. These characterizations lead to simplifications and generalizations of some known results ... More
Schur multipliers and operator-valued Foguel-Hankel operatorsJan 11 2005We show that some matrices are Schur multipliers and this is applied to obtain classes of operator-valued Foguel-Hankel operators similar to contractions. This provides partial answers to a problem of K. Davidson and the second author concerning CAR-valued ... More
Injectivity and Projectivity in Analysis and TopologyJun 20 2007We give new proofs for many injectivity results in analysis that make more careful use of the duality between unital abelian C*-algebras and compact Hausdorff spaces. We then extend many of these results to incorporate group actions. Our approach uses ... More
Extensions of the Inequalities of Hardy and HilbertFeb 20 2015In this note we produce generalized versions of the classical inequalities of Hardy and of Hilbert and we establish their equivalence. Our methods rely on the H^1-BMOA duality. We produce a class of examples to establish that the generalizations are non-trivial. ... More
Density Functional Theory Calculations for Spin Crossover ComplexesJun 11 2012Density functional theory (DFT) provides a theoretical framework for efficient and fairly accurate calculations of the electronic structure of molecules and crystals. The main features of density functional theory are described and DFT methods are compared ... More
String center of mass operator and its effect on BRST cohomologyNov 15 1995We consider the theory of bosonic closed strings on the flat background R(25,1). We show how the BRST complex can be extended to a complex where the string center of mass operator, x^mu_0, is well defined. We investigate the cohomology of the extended ... More
Homological projective duality for quadricsFeb 26 2019Mar 01 2019We show that over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not equal to 2, homological projective duality for smooth quadric hypersurfaces and for double covers of projective spaces branched over smooth quadric hypersurfaces is a combination of ... More
Categorical cones and quadratic homological projective dualityFeb 26 2019Mar 01 2019We introduce the notion of a categorical cone, which provides a categorification of the classical cone over a projective variety, and use our work on categorical joins to describe its behavior under homological projective duality. In particular, our construction ... More
Approximation of discrete functions and size of spectrumApr 02 2013Let $\Lambda$ be a uniformly discrete set and $S$ be a compact set in $R$. We prove that if there exists a bounded sequence of functions in Paley--Wiener space $PW_S$, which approximates $\delta-$functions on $\Lambda$ with $l^2-$error $d$, then measure($S$)$\geq ... More
A Gröbner basis for Kazhdan-Lusztig idealsSep 03 2009Nov 11 2011Kazhdan-Lusztig ideals, a family of generalized determinantal ideals investigated in [Woo-Yong '08], provide an explicit choice of coordinates and equations encoding a neighbourhood of a torus-fixed point of a Schubert variety on a type A flag variety. ... More
Neutrino energy quantization in rotating mediumSep 30 2008Exact solution of the modified Dirac equation in rotating medium is found in polar coordinates in the limit of vanishing neutrino mass. The solution for the active left-handed particle exhibit properties similar to those peculiar for the charged particle ... More
General Conditions for Lepton Flavour Violation at Tree- and 1-Loop LevelSep 20 2007In this work, we compile the necessary and sufficient conditions a theory has to fulfill in order to ensure general lepton flavour conservation, in the spirit of the Glashow-Weinberg criteria for the absence of flavour-changing neutral currents. At tree-level, ... More
Discrete Uniqueness Sets for Functions with Spectral GapsSep 15 2016It is well-known that entire functions whose spectrum belongs to a fixed bounded set $S$ admit real uniformly discrete uniqueness sets $\Lambda$. We show that the same is true for much wider spaces of continuous functions. In particular, Sobolev spaces ... More
Derived categories of Gushel-Mukai varietiesMay 21 2016Oct 25 2017We study the derived categories of coherent sheaves on Gushel-Mukai varieties. In the derived category of such a variety, we isolate a special semiorthogonal component, which is a K3 or Enriques category according to whether the dimension of the variety ... More
Spectral perturbation theory and the two weights problemJun 08 2013The famous two weights problem consists in characterising all possible pairs of weights such that the Hardy projection is bounded between the corresponding weighted $L^2$ spaces. Koosis' theorem of 1980 gives a way to construct a certain class of pairs ... More
Exponential-Uniform Identities Related to RecordsJun 05 2012We consider a rectangular grid induced by the south-west records from the planar Poisson point process in $R^2_+$. A random symmetry property of the matrix whose entries are the areas of tiles of the grid implies cute multivariate distributional identities ... More
Yet again on polynomial convergence for SDEs with a gradient-type driftJun 28 2017Jul 23 2017Bounds on convergence rate to the invariant distribution for a class of stochastic differential equations (SDEs) with a gradient-type drift are obtained.
Mild and viscosity solutions to semilinear parabolic path-dependent PDEsNov 24 2016Nov 14 2018We study and compare two concepts for weak solutions to semilinear parabolic path-dependent partial differential equations (PPDEs). The first is that of mild solutions as it appears, e.g., in the log-Laplace functionals of historical superprocesses. The ... More
Magnetic susceptibility of the quark condensate via holographyFeb 11 2009Jan 13 2010We discuss the holographic derivation of the magnetic susceptibility of the quark condensate. It is found that the susceptibility emerges upon the account of the Chern-Simons term in the holographic action. We demonstrate that Vainshtein's relation is ... More
On Beurling's sampling theorem in $\R^n$Jun 03 2011We present an elementary proof of the classical Beurling sampling theorem which gives a sufficient condition for sampling of multi-dimensional band-limited functions.
Regenerative compositions in the case of slow variation: A renewal theory approachSep 27 2011Sep 01 2012A regenerative composition structure is a sequence of ordered partitions derived from the range of a subordinator by a natural sampling procedure. In this paper, we extend previous studies Barbour and Gnedin (2006), Gnedin, Iksanov and Marynych (2010) ... More
Derived categories of Gushel-Mukai varietiesMay 21 2016We study the derived categories of coherent sheaves on Gushel-Mukai varieties. In the derived category of such a variety, we isolate a special semiorthogonal component, which is a K3 or Enriques category according to whether the dimension of the variety ... More
Derived categories of cyclic covers and their branch divisorsNov 07 2014Dec 17 2015Given a variety $Y$ with a rectangular Lefschetz decomposition of its derived category, we consider a degree $n$ cyclic cover $X \to Y$ ramified over a divisor $Z \subset Y$. We construct semiorthogonal decompositions of $\mathrm{D^b}(X)$ and $\mathrm{D^b}(Z)$ ... More
Paramagnetic tunneling state concept of the magnetic anomalies of amorphous insulatorsSep 05 2005A generalized tunneling model of insulating glasses is formulated, considering tunneling states to be paramagnetic centers of spin 1/2. The expression for magnetic field dependent contribution into the free energy is obtained. The derivation is made of ... More
Spherical structures on torus knots and linksAug 02 2010Jul 07 2011The present paper considers two infinite families of cone-manifolds endowed with spherical metric. The singular strata is either the torus knot ${\rm t}(2n+1, 2)$ or the torus link ${\rm t}(2n, 2)$. Domains of existence for a spherical metric are found ... More
On the Duality between Sampling and InterpolationDec 04 2015We present a simple method based on the stability and duality of the properties of sampling and interpolation, which allows one to substantially simplify the proofs of some classical results.
When is a Schubert variety Gorenstein?Sep 25 2004Nov 21 2005A (normal) variety is Gorenstein if it is Cohen-Macualay and its canonical sheaf is a line bundle. This property, which measures the ``pathology'' of the singularities of a variety, is thus stronger than Cohen-Macualayness, but is also weaker than smoothness. ... More
Kazhdan-Laumon representations of finite Chevalley groups, character sheaves and some generalization of the Lefschetz-Verdeier trace formulaOct 01 1998In this paper we investigate the representations of reductive groups over a finite field, introduced in 1987 by D.Kazhdan and G.Laumon. We show that generically these representations are irreducible and that their character is equal to the function obtained ... More
$L^2-$interpolation with error and size of spectraJun 18 2008Given a compact set $S$ and a uniformly discrete sequence $\La$, we show that "approximate interpolation" of delta--functions on $\La$ by a bounded sequence of $L^2-$functions with spectra in $S$ implies an estimate on measure of $S$ through the density ... More
Homological projective duality for quadricsFeb 26 2019We show that over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not equal to 2, homological projective duality for smooth quadric hypersurfaces and for double covers of projective spaces branched over smooth quadric hypersurfaces is a combination of ... More
Categorical cones and quadratic homological projective dualityFeb 26 2019We introduce the notion of a categorical cone, which provides a categorification of the classical cone over a projective variety, and use our work on categorical joins to describe its behavior under homological projective duality. In particular, our construction ... More
Categorical joinsMar 31 2018Feb 26 2019We introduce the notion of a categorical join, which can be thought of as a categorification of the classical join of two projective varieties. This notion is in the spirit of homological projective duality, which categorifies classical projective duality. ... More
Subtle Characteristic ClassesJan 26 2014We construct new subtle Stiefel--Whitney classes of quadratic forms. These classes are much more informative than the ones introduced by Milnor. In particular, they see all the powers of the fundamental ideal of the Witt ring, contain the Arason invariant ... More
Governing Singularities of Schubert VarietiesMar 12 2006Jun 29 2006We present a combinatorial and computational commutative algebra methodology for studying singularities of Schubert varieties of flag manifolds. We define the combinatorial notion of *interval pattern avoidance*. For "reasonable" invariants P of singularities, ... More
An operator algebraic proof of Agler's factorization theoremJun 16 2008We give a short direct proof of Agler's factorization theorem that uses the abstract characterization of operator algebras. the key ingredient of this proof is an operator algebra factorization theorem. Our proof provides some additional information about ... More
Quantum chromatic numbers via operator systemsNov 26 2013We define several new types of quantum chromatic numbers of a graph and characterise them in terms of operator system tensor products. We establish inequalities between these chromatic numbers and other parameters of graphs studied in the literature and ... More
Multipliers of operator spaces, and the injective envelopeSep 07 1999Jan 26 2000We study the injective envelope I(X) of an operator space X, showing amongst other things that it is a self-dual C$^*-$module. We describe the diagonal corners of the injective envelope of the canonical operator system associated with X. We prove that ... More
A model for approximately stretched-exponential relaxation with continuously varying stretching exponentsNov 22 2016Jan 31 2017Relaxation in glasses is often approximated by a stretched-exponential form: $f(t) = A \exp [-(t/\tau)^{\beta}]$. Here, we show that the relaxation in a model of sheared non-Brownian suspensions developed by Cort\'e et al. [Nature Phys. 4, 420 (2008)] ... More
Perfect Embezzlement of EntanglementJun 16 2016Van Dam and Hayden introduced a concept commonly referred to as embezzlement, where, for any entangled quantum state $\phi$, there is an entangled catalyst state $\psi$, from which a high fidelity approximation of $\phi \otimes \psi$ can be produced using ... More
Stably isomorphic dual operator algebrasMay 21 2007Oct 01 2007We prove that two unital dual operator algebras A, B are stably isomorphic if and only if they are Delta-equivalent, if and only if they have completely isometric normal representations a, b on Hilbert spaces H, K respectively and there exists a ternary ... More
Quantum Graph Homomorphisms via Operator SystemsMay 03 2015Feb 20 2016We explore the concept of a graph homomorphism through the lens of C$^*$-algebras and operator systems. We start by studying the various notions of a quantum graph homomorphism and examine how they are related to each other. We then define and study a ... More
A Spectral Characterization of $\mathcal{AN}$ OperatorsJan 23 2015May 19 2016We establish a spectral characterization theorem for the operators on complex Hilbert spaces of arbitrary dimensions that attain their norm on every closed subspace. The class of these operators is not closed under addition. Nevertheless, we prove that ... More
Approximately stretched-exponential relaxation in sheared non-Brownian suspensionsNov 22 2016Relaxation in glasses is often approximated by a stretched-exponential form: $f(t) = A \exp [-(t/\tau)^{\beta}]$. Here, we show that the relaxation in a model of sheared non-Brownian suspensions developed by Cort\'e et al. [Nature Phys. 4, 420 (2008)] ... More
Minimal descriptions of cyclic memoriesSep 25 2018Dec 13 2018Many materials that are out of equilibrium can "learn" one or more inputs that are repeatedly applied. Yet, a common framework for understanding such memories is lacking. Here we construct minimal representations of cyclic memory behaviors as directed ... More
Non-closure of the set of quantum correlations via graphsSep 15 2017Apr 19 2018We prove that the set of quantum correlations for a bipartite system of 5 inputs and 2 outputs is not closed. Our proof relies on computing the correlation functions of a graph, which is a concept that we introduce.
Reverse Cholesky factorization and tensor products of nest algebrasApr 14 2017We prove that every positive semidefinite matrix over the natural numbers that is eventually 0 in each row and column can be factored as the product of an upper triangular matrix times a lower triangular matrix. We also extend some known results about ... More
Full exceptional collections on the Lagrangian Grassmannians LG(4,8) and LG(5,10)Oct 13 2009We construct full exceptional collections of vector bundles on the Lagrangian Grassmannians LG(4,8) and LG(5,10).
Cauchy independent measures and super-additivity of analytic capacityNov 12 2012We show that, given a family of discs centered at a nice curve, the analytic capacities of arbitrary subsets of these discs add up. However we need that the discs in question would be slightly separated, and it is not clear whether the separation condition ... More
Random "dyadic" lattice in geometrically doubling metric space and $A_2$ conjectureMar 27 2011Apr 21 2011Recently three proofs of the $A_2$-conjecture were obtained. All of them are "glued" to euclidian space and a special choice of one random dyadic lattice. We build a random "dyadic" lattice in any doubling metric space which have properties that are enough ... More
Reachability in Higher-Order-CountersJun 05 2013Higher-order counter automata (\HOCS) can be either seen as a restriction of higher-order pushdown automata (\HOPS) to a unary stack alphabet, or as an extension of counter automata to higher levels. We distinguish two principal kinds of \HOCS: those ... More
Paramagnetic tunneling state concept of the low-temperature magnetic anomalies of multicomponent insulating glassesMar 17 2006A generalized tunneling model of multicomponent insulating glasses is formulated, considering tunneling states to be paramagnetic centers of the electronic hole type. The expression for magnetic field dependent contribution into the free energy is obtained. ... More
Lovász theta type norms and Operator SystemsDec 22 2014To each graph on $n$ vertices there is an associated subspace of the $n \times n$ matrices called the operator system of the graph. We prove that two graphs are isomorphic if and only if their corresponding operator systems are unitally completely order ... More
Eventually Entanglement Breaking MapsJan 17 2018We analyze certain class of linear maps on matrix algebras that become entanglement breaking after composing a finite or infinite number of times with themselves. This means that the Choi matrix of the iterated linear map becomes separable in the tensor ... More
Unitary Correlation SetsDec 08 2016The unitary correlation sets defined by the first author in conjunction with tensor products of $\mathcal{U}_{nc}(n)$ are further studied. We show that Connes' embedding problem is equivalent to deciding whether or not two smaller versions of the unitary ... More
CANAL: A Cache Timing Analysis Framework via LLVM TransformationJul 09 2018A unified modeling framework for non-functional properties of a program is essential for research in software analysis and verification, since it reduces burdens on individual researchers to implement new approaches and compare existing approaches. We ... More
Weak Cayley table groups of some crystallographic groupsMar 11 2016For a group $G$, a weak Cayley isomorphism is a bijection $f:G \to G$ such that $f(g_1g_2)$ is conjugate to $ f(g_1)f(g_2)$ for all $g_1,g_2 \in G$. They form a group $\mathcal W(G)$ that is the group of symmetries of the weak Cayley table of $G$. We ... More
Frames, Graphs and ErasuresJun 08 2004Mar 11 2005Two-uniform frames and their use for the coding of vectors are the main subject of this paper. These frames are known to be optimal for handling up to two erasures, in the sense that they minimize the largest possible error when up to two frame coefficients ... More
Interpolation and Balls in C^kApr 23 2006We compare and classify various types of Banach algebra norms on mathbb{C}^k through geometric properties of their unit balls. This study is motivated by various open problems in interpolation theory and in the isometric characterization of operator algebra ... More
Unitary Correlation SetsDec 08 2016Jan 10 2018The unitary correlation sets defined by the first author in conjunction with tensor products of $\mathcal{U}_{nc}(n)$ are further studied. We show that Connes' embedding problem is equivalent to deciding whether or not two smaller versions of the unitary ... More
The SOH Operator SystemMay 01 2015Jun 15 2015In this paper we examine a natural operator system structure on Pisier's self-dual operator space. We prove that this operator system is completely order isomorphic to its dual with the cb-condition number of this isomorphism as small as possible. We ... More
Answer to the comment of Chudnovsky: On the square-root time relaxation in molecular nanomagnetsApr 22 2000Answer to the comment of E. Chudnovsky concerning the following papers: (1) N.V. Prokof'ev, P.C.E. Stamp, Phys. Rev. Lett.80, 5794 (1998). (2) W. Wernsdorfer, T. Ohm, C. Sangregorio, R. Sessoli, D. Mailly, C. Paulsen, Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 3903 (1999). ... More
Relaxation in the 3D ordered CoTAC spin chain by quantum nucleation of 0D domain wallsApr 20 2009We have shown that resonant quantum tunnelling of the magnetisation (QTM), until now observed only in 0D cluster systems (SMMs), occurs in the molecular Ising spin chain, CoTAC ([(CH_3)_3NH]CoCl_3 - 2H_2O) which orders as a canted 3D-antiferromagnet at ... More