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A note on sum and difference of correlated chi-squared variablesJun 24 2019Approximate distributions for sum and difference of linearly correlated $\chi^{2}$ distributed random variables are derived. It is shown that they can be reduced to conveniently parametrized gamma and Variance-Gamma distributions, respectively. The proposed ... More
A comparison of methods for the analysis of binomial proportion data in behavioral researchMay 05 2016May 06 2016In behavioral and psychiatric research, data consisting of a per-subject proportion of "successes" and "failures" over a finite number of trials often arise. This kind of clustered binary data are usually non-normally distributed, which can cause issues ... More
Photoinduced inverse spin Hall effect in Pt/Ge(001) at room temperatureFeb 08 2013Feb 12 2013We performed photoinduced inverse spin Hall effect (ISHE) measurements on a Pt/Ge(001) junction at room temperature. The spin-oriented electrons, photogenerated at the direct gap of Ge using circularly polarized light, provide a net spin current which ... More
Code intercomparison and benchmark for muon fluence and absorbed dose induced by an 18-GeV electron beam after massive iron shieldingFeb 05 2015In 1974, Nelson, Kase, and Svenson published an experimental investigation on muon shielding using the SLAC high energy LINAC. They measured muon fluence and absorbed dose induced by a 18 GeV electron beam hitting a copper/water beam dump and attenuated ... More
Discovery of new stable and high-temperature Ti-Ta-X shape memory alloys from first principles calculationsMay 14 2019In conventional Ti-Ta shape memory alloys (SMAs), high (>100{\deg}C) transformation temperatures cannot be achieved without compromising the stability of the shape memory effect. A solution to this problem is the addition of other elements to form Ti-Ta-X ... More
Optoelectronic mixing with high frequency graphene transistorsMay 23 2019Graphene is ideally suited for optoelectronic applications. It offers absorption at telecom wavelengths, high-frequency operation and CMOS-compatibility. We report optoelectronic mixing up to to 67GHz using a back-gated graphene field effect transistor ... More
Additional Baseline Metrics for the paper "Extended YouTube Faces: a Dataset for Heterogeneous Open-Set Face Identification"Feb 11 2019In this report, we provide additional and corrected results for the paper "Extended YouTube Faces: a Dataset for Heterogeneous Open-Set Face Identification". After further investigations, we discovered and corrected wrongly labeled images and incorrect ... More
A note on weak-star and norm Borel sets in the dual of the space of continuous functionsJul 01 2019Let $Bo(T,\tau)$ be the Borel $\sigma$-algebra generated by the topology $\tau$ on $T$. In this paper we show that if $K$ is a Hausdorff compact space, then every subset of $K$ is a Borel set if, and only if, $$Bo(C^*(K),w^*)=Bo(C^*(K),\|\cdot\|);$$ where ... More
Charm mixing and CPVJun 26 2019In these proceedings, recent results on time-dependent and time-integrated measurements of $C\!P$ violation and of meson mixing in the charm sector are presented, including the first observation of $C\!P$ violation in the charm system.
Deriving item features relevance from collaborative domain knowledgeNov 05 2018An Item based recommender system works by computing a similarity between items, which can exploit past user interactions (collaborative filtering) or item features (content based filtering). Collaborative algorithms have been proven to achieve better ... More
On the Optimal Management of Public Debt: a Singular Stochastic Control ProblemJul 14 2016Dec 27 2017Consider the problem of a government that wants to reduce the debt-to-GDP (gross domestic product) ratio of a country. The government aims at choosing a debt reduction policy which minimises the total expected cost of having debt, plus the total expected ... More
An application of the Theorem on Sums to viscosity solutions of degenerate fully nonlinear equationsDec 10 2017We prove H\"older continuous regularity of bounded, uniformly continuous, viscosity solutions of degenerate fully nonlinear equations defined in all of $\mathbb{R}^n$ space. In particular the result applies also to some operators in Carnot groups.
Collision-assisted Zeeman cooling of neutral atomsApr 14 2000We propose a new method to cool gaseous samples of neutral atoms. The gas is confined in a non dissipative optical trap in the presence of an homogeneous magnetic field. The method accumulates atoms in the $m_F=0$ Zeeman sub-level. Cooling occurs via ... More
An Enriques Classification Theorem for Surfaces in Positive CharacteristicMar 06 2018May 15 2018We prove that a smooth projective surface $S$ over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>3$ is birational to an abelian surface if $P_1(S)=P_4(S)=1$ and $h^1(S,\mathcal{O}_S)=2$.
Dynamical structure factor of the $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model in one dimension: the variational Monte Carlo approachMar 06 2018Jun 07 2018The dynamical spin structure factor is computed within a variational framework to study the one-dimensional $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model. Starting from Gutzwiller-projected fermionic wave functions, the low-energy spectrum is constructed from two-spinon ... More
Variational approximation of size-mass energies for k-dimensional currentsOct 24 2017Dec 06 2018In this paper we produce a $$\Gamma$$-convergence result for a class of energies $F k $\epsilon$,a$ modeled on the Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional. For the choice k = 1 we show that $F 1 $\epsilon$,a $\Gamma$$-converges to a branched transportation energy ... More
Non-local opto-electrical spin injection and detection in germanium at room temperatureDec 29 2016Non-local carrier injection/detection schemes lie at the very foundation of information manipulation in integrated systems. This paradigm consists in controlling with an external signal the channel where charge carriers flow between a "source" and a well ... More
First principles characterization of reversible martensitic transformationsOct 12 2018Oct 15 2018Reversible martensitic transformations (MTs) are the origin of many fascinating phenomena, including the famous shape memory effect. In this work, we present a fully ab initio procedure to characterize MTs in alloys and to assess their reversibility. ... More
Strong approximation in h-mass of rectifiable currents under homological constraintJun 13 2018Let h : R $\rightarrow$ R+ be a lower semi-continuous subbadditive and even function such that h(0) = 0 and h($\theta$) $\ge$ $\alpha$|$\theta$| for some $\alpha$ > 0. The h-mass of a k-polyhedral chain P =$\sum$j $\theta$j$\sigma$j in R n (0 $\le$ k ... More
Phase field approximations of branched transportation problemsMay 29 2018In branched transportation problems mass has to be transported from a given initial distribution to a given final distribution, where the cost of the transport is proportional to the transport distance, but subadditive in the transported mass. As a consequence, ... More
Existence and stability properties of entire solutions to the polyharmonic equation $(-Δ)^m u=e^u$ for any $m\ge 1$Mar 04 2014We study existence and stability properties of entire solutions of a polyharmonic equation with an exponential nonlinearity. We study existence of radial entire solutions and we provide some asymptotic estimates on their behavior at infinity. As a first ... More
Dynamical structure factor of the $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model on the triangular lattice: magnons, spinons, and gauge fieldsMar 13 2019Mar 22 2019Understanding the nature of the excitation spectrum in quantum spin liquids is of fundamental importance, in particular for the experimental detection of candidate materials. However, current theoretical and numerical techniques have limited capabilities, ... More
On the Singular Control of Exchange RatesDec 06 2017Consider the problem of a central bank that wants to manage the exchange rate between its domestic currency and a foreign one. The central bank can purchase and sell the foreign currency, and each intervention on the exchange market leads to a proportional ... More
The Soap Bubble Theorem and a $p$-Laplacian overdetermined problemMar 03 2019We consider the $p$-Laplacian equation $-\Delta_p u=1$ for $1<p<2$, on a regular bounded domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb R^N$, with $N\ge2$, under homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions. In the spirit of Alexandrov's Soap Bubble Theorem and of Serrin's ... More
Lorentz Violation and Radiative Corrections in Gauge TheoriesJul 02 2019Various studies have already considered radiative corrections in Lorentz-violating models unveiling many instances where a minimal or nonminimal operator generates, via loop corrections, a contribution to the photon sector of the Standard-Model Extension. ... More
An extension problem for the fractional derivative defined by MarchaudAug 17 2015We prove that the (nonlocal) Marchaud fractional derivative in $\mathbb{R}$ can be obtained from a parabolic extension problem with an extra (positive) variable, as the operator that maps the heat conduction equation to the Neumann condition. Some properties ... More
On an Optimal Extraction Problem with Regime SwitchingFeb 22 2016Dec 27 2017This paper studies a finite-fuel two-dimensional degenerate singular stochastic control problem under regime switching that is motivated by the optimal irreversible extraction problem of an exhaustible commodity. A company extracts a natural resource ... More
Optimal Control of Debt-to-GDP Ratio in an N-state Regime Switching EconomyAug 04 2018Feb 15 2019We solve an infinite time-horizon bounded-variation stochastic control problem with regime switching between N states. This is motivated by the problem of a government that wants to control the country's debt-to-GDP (gross domestic product) ratio. In ... More
An Optimal Extraction Problem with Price ImpactDec 04 2018A price-maker company extracts an exhaustible commodity from a reservoir, and sells it instantaneously in the spot market. In absence of any actions of the company, the commodity's spot price evolves either as a drifted Brownian motion or as an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck ... More
An Optimal Dividend Problem with Capital Injections over a Finite HorizonApr 13 2018May 21 2019In this paper we propose and solve an optimal dividend problem with capital injections over a finite time horizon. The surplus dynamics obeys a linearly controlled drifted Brownian motion that is reflected at the origin, dividends give rise to time-dependent ... More
Parsimonious and Efficient Likelihood Composition by Gibbs SamplingFeb 17 2015The traditional maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is often of limited use in complex high-dimensional data due to the intractability of the underlying likelihood function. Maximum composite likelihood estimation (McLE) avoids full likelihood specification ... More
A study of polymer knots using a simple knot invariant written consisting of multiple contour integralsJun 24 2013Jul 03 2013In this work the thermodynamic properties of short polymer knots (up to 120 segments) defined on a simple cubic lattice are studied with the help of the Wang-Landau Monte Carlo algorithm. The sampling process is performed using pivot transformations starting ... More
Lattices of Paths: Representation Theory and ValuationsMay 22 2009We study some distributive lattices arising in the combinatorics of lattice paths. In particular, for the Dyck, Motzkin and Schroder lattices we describe the spectrum and we determine explicitly the Euler characteristic in terms of natural parameters ... More
The universal Airy_1 and Airy_2 processes in the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion ProcessJan 08 2007In the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process (TASEP) two processes arise in the large time limit: the Airy_1 and Airy_2 processes. The Airy_2 process is an universal limit process occurring also in other models: in a stochastic growth model on 1+1-dimensions, ... More
Enumeration of saturated chains in Dyck latticesMar 30 2012We determine a general formula to compute the number of saturated chains in Dyck lattices, and we apply it to find the number of saturated chains of length 2 and 3. We also compute what we call the Hasse index (of order 2 and 3) of Dyck lattices, which ... More
Quantum mechanics on curved 2D systems with electric and magnetic fieldsMar 18 2008We derive the Schroedinger equation for a spinless charged particle constrained to a curved surface with electric and magnetics fields applied. The particle is confined on the surface using a thin-layer procedure, giving rise to the well-known geometric ... More
Maximum L$q$-likelihood estimationFeb 24 2010In this paper, the maximum L$q$-likelihood estimator (ML$q$E), a new parameter estimator based on nonextensive entropy [Kibernetika 3 (1967) 30--35] is introduced. The properties of the ML$q$E are studied via asymptotic analysis and computer simulations. ... More
The Hessian of the distance from a surface in the Heisenberg groupOct 11 2006We compute the horizontal Hessian of the signed Carnot-Charatheodory distance from a surface S in the Heisenberg group H. The expression for the Hessian is in terms of the surface's intrinsic curvatures. As an application, we compute the horizontal Hessian ... More
Irreversible Investment under Lévy Uncertainty: an Equation for the Optimal BoundaryNov 10 2014We derive a new equation for the optimal investment boundary of a general irreversible investment problem under exponential L\'evy uncertainty. The problem is set as an infinite time-horizon, two-dimensional degenerate singular stochastic control problem. ... More
About a possible path towards the reverse engineering of quantum mechanicsNov 17 2011An out of the box intellectual path exploring the foundations of quantum mechanics is discussed in some detail, in order to clarify why a possibly different way to look at the relevant fundamental questions can be identified and can support further research. ... More
Propagating torsion from first principlesSep 03 1996A propagating torsion model is derived from the requirement of compatibility between minimal action principle and minimal coupling procedure in Riemann-Cartan spacetimes. In the proposed model, the trace of the torsion tensor is derived from a scalar ... More
Searching for non-minimally coupled scalar hairsFeb 29 1996In this work we study the asymptotically flat, static, and spherically symmetric black-hole solutions of the theory described by the action $$S = \int d^nx\sqrt{-g} \left\{\left(1-\xi\phi^2 \right)R - g^{\mu\nu}\partial_\mu\phi\partial_\nu\phi\right\},$$ ... More
Einstein-Cartan theory of gravity revisitedSep 28 1993The role of space-time torsion in general relativity is reviewed in accordance with some recent results on the subject. It is shown that, according to the connection compatibility condition, the usual Riemannian volume element is not appropriate in the ... More
Fluid dynamics in the spirit of Cartan: A coordinate-free formulation of fluid dynamics for an inviscid fluid in inertial and non-inertial framesJul 21 2016Aug 14 2016Using Cartan's exterior calculus, we derive a coordinate-free formulation of the Euler equations. These equations are invariant under Galileian transformations, which constitute a global symmetry. With the introduction of an appropriate generalized Coriolis ... More
The Yang-Mills gradient flow and renormalizationMay 30 2015In this proceedings contribution we will review the main ideas behind the many recent works that apply the gradient flow to the determination of the renormalized coupling and the renormalization of composite operators. We will pay special attention to ... More
Singular Continuation: Generating Piece-wise Linear Approximations to Pareto Sets via Global AnalysisJan 30 2010Feb 21 2011We propose a strategy for approximating Pareto optimal sets based on the global analysis framework proposed by Smale (Dynamical systems, New York, 1973, pp. 531-544). The method highlights and exploits the underlying manifold structure of the Pareto sets, ... More
On Grothendieck's Riemann-Roch TheoremMar 22 2016We prove that, for smooth quasi-projective varieties over a field, the $K$-theory $K(X)$ of vector bundles is the universal cohomology theory where $c_1(L\otimes \bar L)=c_1(L)+c_1(\bar L)-c_1(L)c_1(\bar L)$. Then, we show that Grothendieck's Riemann-Roch ... More
FKG (and other inequalities) via (generalized) FK representation (and iterated folding)Jan 02 2018In this paper we prove several inequalities by means of diagrammatic expansions, a technique already used in [BG13]. This time we show that iterations of the folding of a probability leads to the proof of some in- equalities by means of a generalized ... More
Sally modules of ${\mathfrak m}$-primary ideals in local ringsSep 01 2003Given a local Noetherian ring $(R, {\mathfrak m})$ of dimension $d>0$ and infinite residue field, we study the invariants $($dimension and multiplicity$)$ of the Sally module $S_J(I)$ of any ${\mathfrak m}$-primary ideal $I$ with respect to a minimal ... More
An invariant of Legendrian and transverse links from open book decompositions of contact 3-manifoldsNov 27 2017Mar 25 2018We introduce a generalization of the Lisca-Ozsv\'ath-Stipsicz-Szab\'o Legendrian invariant $\mathfrak L$ to links in every rational homology sphere, using the collapsed version of link Floer homology. We represent a Legendrian link $L$ in a contact 3-manifold ... More
Global optimization via inverse distance weightingJun 15 2019Global optimization problems whose objective function is expensive to evaluate can be solved effectively by recursively fitting a surrogate function to function samples and minimizing an acquisition function to generate new samples. The acquisition step ... More
Exceptional sequences and derived autoequivalencesDec 31 2007We prove a general theorem that gives a non trivial relation in the group of derived autoequivalences of a variety (or stack) X, under the assumption that there exists a suitable functor from the derived category of another variety Y admitting a full ... More
A comparison theorem for stochastic differential equations under a Novikov-type conditionJul 12 2013We consider a system of stochastic differential equations driven by a standard n-dimensional Brownian motion where the drift coefficient satisfies a Novikov-type condition while the diffusion coefficient is the identity matrix. We define a vector Z of ... More
Geometrothermodynamics of black holes in Lorentz non-invariant massive gravityMar 05 2016We analyze a static and spherically symmetric hairy black hole solution in non-invariant massive gravity. The formalism of geometrothermodynamics is used to describe the thermodynamic characteristics of this black hole in a Legendre invariant way. For ... More
Half-flat structures inducing Einstein metrics on homogeneous spacesOct 29 2014Apr 09 2015In this paper, we consider half-flat $SU(3)$-structures and the subclasses of coupled and double structures. In the general case we show that the intrinsic torsion form $w_1^-$ is constant in each of the two subclasses. We then consider the problem of ... More
Structure of Symplectic Lie groups and momentum mapJul 01 2009Oct 06 2013We describe the structure of the Lie groups endowed with a left-invariant symplectic form, called symplectic Lie groups, in terms of semi-direct products of Lie groups, symplectic reduction and principal bundles with affine fiber. This description is ... More
Bisimulation and p-morphism for branching-time logics with indistinguishability relationsFeb 26 2013May 02 2013In Zanardo, 1998, the Peircean semantics for branching-time logics is enriched with a notion of indistinguishability at a moment t between histories passing through t. Trees with indistinguishability relations provide a semantics for a temporal language ... More
Anisotropic dynamics of a vicinal surface under the meandering step instabilityOct 17 2009We investigate the nonlinear evolution of the Bales-Zangwill instability, responsible for the meandering of atomic steps on a growing vicinal surface. We develop an asymptotic method to derive, in the continuous limit, an evolution equation for the two-dimensional ... More
Espaces de configuration généralisés. Espaces topologiques $i$-acycliques. Suites spectrales "basiques"Sep 02 2016Nov 17 2016The generalized (ordered) configuration spaces associated to a topological space $X$ are the spaces $\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}:=\{(x_1,\ldots,x_{m})\in X^{m}\mid\#\{x_1,\ldots,x_{m}\}\leq \ell\}$ and $\Delta_{\ell}X^{m}:=\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}\setminus \Delta_{\leq\ell-1}$. ... More
Status and New Ideas Regarding Liquid Argon DetectorsJul 26 2013Large (up to $\sim 100$ kt) liquid argon time-projection chamber detectors are presently being considered for proton decay searches and neutrino astrophysics, as well as for far detectors for the next generation of long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments ... More
The synergy between the Dark Energy Survey and the South Pole TelescopeApr 11 2013Oct 29 2013The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has recently completed the Science Verification phase (SV), collecting data over 150 sq. deg. of sky. In this work we analyze to what extent it is beneficial to supplement the analysis of DES data with CMB lensing data. We ... More
Communication complexity and the reality of the wave-functionDec 04 2014Jan 14 2015In this review, we discuss a relation between quantum communication complexity and a long-standing debate in quantum foundation concerning the interpretation of the quantum state. Is the quantum state a physical element of reality as originally interpreted ... More
A note on probability and Hilbert's VI problemMar 18 2015We start from various shortcomings, errors and dilemmas which arise in applications of probability. We argue that, together with similar issues in mechanics, they constitute the core of Hilbert's VI problem. In the paper we indicate a solution to these ... More
PDFs from nucleons to nucleiFeb 05 2016I review recent progress in the extraction of unpolarized parton distributions in the proton and in nuclei from a unified point of view that highlights how the interplay between high energy particle physics and lower energy nuclear physics can be of mutual ... More
Qualitative properties of coexistence and semi-trivial limit profiles of nonautonomous nonlinear parabolic Dirichlet systemsMay 19 2015We study the symmetry properties of limit profiles of nonautonomous nonlinear parabolic systems with Dirichlet boundary conditions in radial bounded domains. In the case of competitive systems, we show that if the initial profiles satisfy a reflectional ... More
The Galois closure for rings and some related constructionsFeb 04 2015Let $R$ be a ring and let $A$ be a finite projective $R$-algebra of rank $n$. Manjul Bhargava and Matthew Satriano have recently constructed an $R$-algebra $G(A/R)$, the Galois closure of $A/R$. Many natural questions were asked at the end of their paper. ... More
A Simple Motivated Completion of the Standard Model below the Planck Scale: Axions and Right-Handed NeutrinosJan 15 2015Mar 11 2015We study a simple Standard Model (SM) extension, which includes three families of right-handed neutrinos with generic non-trivial flavor structure and an economic implementation of the invisible axion idea. We find that in some regions of the parameter ... More
Magnetic field-Induced Nonlinear Optical Responses in Inversion Symmetric Dirac SemimetalsOct 19 2016Nov 14 2016We show that, under the effect of an external magnetic field, a photogalvanic effect and the generation of second harmonic wave can be induced in inversion-symmetric and time reversal invariant Dirac semimetals. The mechanism responsible of these non ... More
Solving the Standard Model Problems in Softened GravityAug 03 2016The Higgs naturalness problem is solved if the growth of Einstein's gravitational interaction is softened at an energy $ \lesssim 10^{11}\,$GeV (softened gravity). We work here within an explicit realization where the Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian is extended ... More
Jordan gradings on exceptional simple Lie algebrasOct 15 2008Models of all the gradings on the exceptional simple Lie algebras induced by Jordan subgroups of their groups of automorphisms are provided.
Automatic differentiation for error analysis of Monte Carlo dataSep 05 2018Feb 06 2019Automatic Differentiation (AD) allows to determine exactly the Taylor series of any function truncated at any order. Here we propose to use AD techniques for Monte Carlo data analysis. We discuss how to estimate errors of a general function of measured ... More
Converse theorems: from the Riemann zeta function to the Selberg classMay 08 2016This is an expanded version of the author's lecture at the XX Congresso U.M.I., held in Siena in September 2015. After a brief review of L-functions, we turn to the classical converse theorems of H.Hamburger, E.Hecke and A.Weil, and to some later developments. ... More
On the higher Riemann-Roch without denominatorsJan 27 2019We prove two refinements of the higher Riemann-Roch without denominators: a statement for regular closed immersions between arbitrary finite dimensional noetherian schemes, with no smoothness assumptions, and a statement for the relative cohomology of ... More
Riemann-Roch for homotopy invariant K-theory and Gysin morphismsMay 03 2016We prove the Riemann-Roch theorem for homotopy invariant $K$-theory and projective local complete intersection morphisms between finite dimensional noetherian schemes, without smoothness assumptions. We also prove a new Riemann-Roch theorem for the relative ... More
Reductive homogeneous spaces and nonassociative algebrasMar 11 2015May 06 2015The purpose of this notes is to give a presentation of a classical theorem of Nomizu that relates the invariant affine connections on reductive homogeneous spaces and nonassociative algebras. These are the notes of a course given at the CIMPA research ... More
More non semigroup Lie gradingsSep 26 2008This note is devoted to the construction of two very easy examples, of respective dimensions 4 and 6, of graded Lie algebras whose grading is not given by a semigroup, the latter one being a semisimple algebra. It is shown that 4 is the minimal possible ... More
Gradings on algebras over algebraically closed fieldsJul 02 2014The classification, both up to isomorphism or up to equivalence, of the gradings on a finite dimensional nonassociative algebra A over an algebraically closed field F, such that its group scheme of automorphisms is smooth, is shown to be equivalent to ... More
Absolute continuity and Fokker-Planck equation for the law of Wong-Zakai approximations of Itô's stochastic differential equationsJan 09 2019We investigate the regularity of the law of Wong-Zakai-type approximations for It\^o stochastic differential equations. These approximations solve random differential equations where the diffusion coefficient is Wick-multiplied by the smoothed white noise. ... More
Order 3 elements in G2 and idempotents in symmetric composition algebrasMay 03 2017Order three elements in the exceptional groups of type G2 are classified up to conjugation over arbitrary fields. Their centralizers are computed, and the associated classification of idempotents in symmetric composition algebras is obtained. Idempotents ... More
Bayesian Factor Analysis for Inference on InteractionsApr 25 2019This article is motivated by the problem of inference on interactions among chemical exposures impacting human health outcomes. Chemicals often co-occur in the environment or in synthetic mixtures and as a result exposure levels can be highly correlated. ... More
Quantum Field Theories on Algebraic CurvesJan 24 1997In this talk the main features of the operator formalism for the $b-c$ systems on general algebraic curves developed in refs. [1-2] are reviewed. The first part of the talk is an introduction to the language of algebraic curves. Some explicit techniques ... More
Large time asymptotics of growth models on space-like paths I: PushASEPJul 18 2007Aug 13 2008We consider a new interacting particle system on the one-dimensional lattice that interpolates between TASEP and Toom's model: A particle cannot jump to the right if the neighboring site is occupied, and when jumping to the left it simply pushes all the ... More
Finite time corrections in KPZ growth modelsApr 12 2011Aug 08 2011We consider some models in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class, namely the polynuclear growth model and the totally/partially asymmetric simple exclusion process. For these models, in the limit of large time t, universality of fluctuations has ... More
A parallel & automatically tuned algorithm for multispectral image deconvolutionMay 21 2019In the era of big data in the radio astronomical field, image reconstruction algorithms are challenged to estimate clean images given limited computing resources and time. This article is driven by the extensive need for large scale image reconstruction ... More
Some properties and examples of log terminal+ singularitiesJan 20 2013Sep 24 2013In "Singularities on Normal Varieties", de Fernex and Hacon started the study of singularities on non-Q-Gorenstein varieties using pullbacks of Weil divisors. In "Log Terminal Singularities", the author of this paper and Urbinati introduce a new class ... More
Effective motives with and without transfers in characteristic $p$May 18 2014We prove the equivalence between the category $\mathbf{RigDM}_{et}^{eff}(K,\mathbb{Q})$ of effective motives of rigid analytic varieties over a perfect complete non-archimedean field $K$ and the category $\mathbf{RigDM}_{Frobet}^{eff}(K,\mathbb{Q})$ which ... More
State space dimensionality in short memory hidden variable theoriesAug 26 2010Oct 07 2010Recently we have presented a hidden variable model of measurements for a qubit where the hidden variable state space dimension is one-half the quantum state manifold dimension. The absence of a short memory (Markov) dynamics is the price paid for this ... More
Dynamics of a qubit as a classical stochastic process with time-correlated noise: minimal measurement invasivenessAug 25 2011Apr 11 2012So far it has been shown that the quantum dynamics cannot be described as a classical Markov process unless the number of classical states is uncountably infinite. In this paper, we present a stochastic model with time-correlated noise that exactly reproduces ... More
Magnetic field-Induced Nonlinear Optical Responses in Inversion Symmetric Dirac SemimetalsOct 19 2016We show that, under the effect of an external magnetic field, a photogalvanic effect and the generation of second harmonic wave can be induced in inversion-symmetric and time reversal invariant Dirac semimetals. The mechanism responsible of these non ... More
A Superconducting instability in the surface of a topological insulatorDec 09 2010Mar 28 2011It is argued that a superconducting instability appears in the electronic states on the surface of a topological insulator due purely to electromagnetic interactions. The discussion of this instability is based on the analysis of the effective Coulomb ... More
Some symmetry results for entire solutions of an elliptic system arising in phase separationJul 21 2013We study the one dimensional symmetry of entire solutions to an elliptic system arising in phase separation for Bose-Einstein condensates with multiple states. We prove that any monotone solution, with arbitrary algebraic growth at infinity, must be one ... More
Some limit theorems for rescaled Wick powersSep 22 2008We establish the strong L2(P)-convergence of properly rescaled Wick powers as the power index tends to infinity. The explicit representation of such limit will also provide the convergence in distribution to normal and log-normal random variables. The ... More
Playing with the kinetic term in the HMCDec 16 2012The HMC algorithm, combining the advantages of molecular dynamics and Monte-Carlo methods, is the most efficient algorithm to simulate QCD including the effects of sea quarks. In the standard approach momentum fields are generated with a Gaussian probability ... More
A new approach to Poincaré-type inequalities on the Wiener spaceSep 11 2014We prove a new type of Poincar\'e inequality on abstract Wiener spaces for a family of probability measures which are absolutely continuous with respect to the reference Gaussian measure. This class of probability measures is characterized by the strong ... More
Indecomposable Higher Chow Cycles on Low Dimensional JacobiansSep 12 1999Title: Indecomposable Higher Chow Cycles on Low Dimensional Jacobians Authors: Alberto Collino Comments: AMS-TeX, 10 pages Subj-class: Algebraic Geometry MSC-class: 14C30 ;19E15 There is a basic indecomposable higher cycle K in Bloch's higher Chow group ... More
Random-cluster correlation inequalities for Gibbs fieldsApr 11 2018In this note we prove a correlation inequality for local variables of a Gibbs field based on the connectivity by active hyperbonds in a random cluster representation of the non overlap configuration distribution of two independent copies of the field. ... More
Discrete sequences in unbounded domainsJan 15 2016Discrete sequences with respect to the Kobayashi distance in a strongly pseudoconvex bounded domain $D$ are related to Carleson measures by a formula that uses the Euclidean distance from the boundary of $D$. Thus the speed of escape at the boundary of ... More
Prohorov-type local limit theorems on abstract Wiener spacesJul 15 2016We prove that the density of $\frac{X_1+\cdot\cdot\cdot+X_n-nE[X_1]}{\sqrt{n}}$, where $\{X_n\}_{n\geq 1}$ is a sequence of independent and identically distributed random variables taking values on an abstract Wiener space, converges in $\mathcal{L}^1$ ... More
On the equivalence of two stability conditions of FB-modulesJul 13 2018Jul 17 2018We give a proof of the fact that for an FB-module the properties of being "representation stable" (RS) and "having a polynomial character" (PC) are equivalent. We obtain optimal estimates for the gap between the ranks of the polynomiality and of representation ... More
Fine gradings and gradings by root systems on simple Lie algebrasMar 04 2013Given a fine abelian group grading on a finite dimensional simple Lie algebra over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, with universal grading group $G$, it is shown that the induced grading by the free group $G/\tor(G)$ is a grading ... More