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Additional Baseline Metrics for the paper "Extended YouTube Faces: a Dataset for Heterogeneous Open-Set Face Identification"Feb 11 2019In this report, we provide additional and corrected results for the paper "Extended YouTube Faces: a Dataset for Heterogeneous Open-Set Face Identification". After further investigations, we discovered and corrected wrongly labeled images and incorrect ... More
Phase field approximations of branched transportation problemsMay 29 2018In branched transportation problems mass has to be transported from a given initial distribution to a given final distribution, where the cost of the transport is proportional to the transport distance, but subadditive in the transported mass. As a consequence, ... More
First principles characterization of reversible martensitic transformationsOct 12 2018Oct 15 2018Reversible martensitic transformations (MTs) are the origin of many fascinating phenomena, including the famous shape memory effect. In this work, we present a fully ab initio procedure to characterize MTs in alloys and to assess their reversibility. ... More
A comparison of methods for the analysis of binomial proportion data in behavioral researchMay 05 2016May 06 2016In behavioral and psychiatric research, data consisting of a per-subject proportion of "successes" and "failures" over a finite number of trials often arise. This kind of clustered binary data are usually non-normally distributed, which can cause issues ... More
Unusual composition dependence of transformation temperatures in Ti-Ta-X shape memory alloysApr 12 2018Ti-Ta-X (X = Al, Sn, Zr) compounds are emerging candidates as high-temperature shape memory alloys (HTSMAs). The stability of the one-way shape memory effect (1WE), the exploitable pseudoelastic (PE) strain intervals as well as the transformation temperature ... More
Discovery of new stable and high-temperature Ti-Ta-X shape memory alloys from first principles calculationsMay 14 2019In conventional Ti-Ta shape memory alloys (SMAs), high (>100{\deg}C) transformation temperatures cannot be achieved without compromising the stability of the shape memory effect. A solution to this problem is the addition of other elements to form Ti-Ta-X ... More
Deriving item features relevance from collaborative domain knowledgeNov 05 2018An Item based recommender system works by computing a similarity between items, which can exploit past user interactions (collaborative filtering) or item features (content based filtering). Collaborative algorithms have been proven to achieve better ... More
An application of the Theorem on Sums to viscosity solutions of degenerate fully nonlinear equationsDec 10 2017We prove H\"older continuous regularity of bounded, uniformly continuous, viscosity solutions of degenerate fully nonlinear equations defined in all of $\mathbb{R}^n$ space. In particular the result applies also to some operators in Carnot groups.
On the Optimal Management of Public Debt: a Singular Stochastic Control ProblemJul 14 2016Dec 27 2017Consider the problem of a government that wants to reduce the debt-to-GDP (gross domestic product) ratio of a country. The government aims at choosing a debt reduction policy which minimises the total expected cost of having debt, plus the total expected ... More
Early physics with top quarks at the LHCMay 21 2007May 30 2007The ATLAS and CMS experiments are now in their final installation phase and will be soon ready to study the physics of proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC, by producing 2 $t\bar{t}$ events per second, will provide more than ... More
Higgs Boson Searches at LEPMay 15 2003The results of the Higgs boson searches performed by the four LEP experiments at centre-of-mass energies between 189 GeV and 209 GeV corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 2461 pb$^{-1}$ are presented here. Searches have been performed for Higgs ... More
Collision-assisted Zeeman cooling of neutral atomsApr 14 2000We propose a new method to cool gaseous samples of neutral atoms. The gas is confined in a non dissipative optical trap in the presence of an homogeneous magnetic field. The method accumulates atoms in the $m_F=0$ Zeeman sub-level. Cooling occurs via ... More
Some combinatorics related to central binomial coefficients: Grand-Dyck paths, coloured noncrossing partitions and signed pattern avoiding permutationsJun 05 2008We give some interpretations to certain integer sequences in terms of parameters on Grand-Dyck paths and coloured noncrossing partitions, and we find some new bijections relating Grand-Dyck paths and signed pattern avoiding permutations. Next we transfer ... More
Strong approximation in h-mass of rectifiable currents under homological constraintJun 13 2018Let h : R $\rightarrow$ R+ be a lower semi-continuous subbadditive and even function such that h(0) = 0 and h($\theta$) $\ge$ $\alpha$|$\theta$| for some $\alpha$ > 0. The h-mass of a k-polyhedral chain P =$\sum$j $\theta$j$\sigma$j in R n (0 $\le$ k ... More
Non-local opto-electrical spin injection and detection in germanium at room temperatureDec 29 2016Non-local carrier injection/detection schemes lie at the very foundation of information manipulation in integrated systems. This paradigm consists in controlling with an external signal the channel where charge carriers flow between a "source" and a well ... More
Dynamical structure factor of the $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model in one dimension: the variational Monte Carlo approachMar 06 2018Jun 07 2018The dynamical spin structure factor is computed within a variational framework to study the one-dimensional $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model. Starting from Gutzwiller-projected fermionic wave functions, the low-energy spectrum is constructed from two-spinon ... More
Variational approximation of size-mass energies for k-dimensional currentsOct 24 2017Dec 06 2018In this paper we produce a $$\Gamma$$-convergence result for a class of energies $F k $\epsilon$,a$ modeled on the Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional. For the choice k = 1 we show that $F 1 $\epsilon$,a $\Gamma$$-converges to a branched transportation energy ... More
Liouville theory, N=2 gauge theories and accessory parametersFeb 09 2012May 16 2012The correspondence between the semiclassical limit of the DOZZ quantum Liouville theory and the Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit of the N = 2 (Omega-deformed) U(2) super-Yang-Mills theories is used to calculate the unknown accessory parameter of the Fuchsian ... More
Spectral signatures of fractionalization in the frustrated Heisenberg model on the square latticeMay 23 2018Sep 17 2018We employ a variational Monte Carlo approach to efficiently obtain the dynamical structure factor for the spin-1/2 $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model on the square lattice. Upon increasing the frustrating ratio $J_2/J_1$, the ground state undergoes a continuous ... More
The Soap Bubble Theorem and a $p$-Laplacian overdetermined problemMar 03 2019We consider the $p$-Laplacian equation $-\Delta_p u=1$ for $1<p<2$, on a regular bounded domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb R^N$, with $N\ge2$, under homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions. In the spirit of Alexandrov's Soap Bubble Theorem and of Serrin's ... More
Dynamical structure factor of the $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model on the triangular lattice: magnons, spinons, and gauge fieldsMar 13 2019Mar 22 2019Understanding the nature of the excitation spectrum in quantum spin liquids is of fundamental importance, in particular for the experimental detection of candidate materials. However, current theoretical and numerical techniques have limited capabilities, ... More
On the Singular Control of Exchange RatesDec 06 2017Consider the problem of a central bank that wants to manage the exchange rate between its domestic currency and a foreign one. The central bank can purchase and sell the foreign currency, and each intervention on the exchange market leads to a proportional ... More
Parsimonious and Efficient Likelihood Composition by Gibbs SamplingFeb 17 2015The traditional maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is often of limited use in complex high-dimensional data due to the intractability of the underlying likelihood function. Maximum composite likelihood estimation (McLE) avoids full likelihood specification ... More
Automatically selecting inference algorithms for discrete energy minimisationNov 19 2015Aug 09 2016Minimisation of discrete energies defined over factors is an important problem in computer vision, and a vast number of MAP inference algorithms have been proposed. Different inference algorithms perform better on factor graph models (GMs) from different ... More
Situational Object Boundary DetectionApr 24 2015Intuitively, the appearance of true object boundaries varies from image to image. Hence the usual monolithic approach of training a single boundary predictor and applying it to all images regardless of their content is bound to be suboptimal. In this ... More
Enumeration of saturated chains in Dyck latticesMar 30 2012We determine a general formula to compute the number of saturated chains in Dyck lattices, and we apply it to find the number of saturated chains of length 2 and 3. We also compute what we call the Hasse index (of order 2 and 3) of Dyck lattices, which ... More
Lattices of Paths: Representation Theory and ValuationsMay 22 2009We study some distributive lattices arising in the combinatorics of lattice paths. In particular, for the Dyck, Motzkin and Schroder lattices we describe the spectrum and we determine explicitly the Euler characteristic in terms of natural parameters ... More
Generalizations related to hypothesis testing with the Posterior distribution of the Likelihood RatioJun 04 2014The Posterior distribution of the Likelihood Ratio (PLR) is proposed by Dempster in 1974 for significance testing in the simple vs composite hypotheses case. In this hypotheses test case, classical frequentist and Bayesian hypotheses tests are irreconcilable, ... More
Object localization in ImageNet by looking out of the windowJan 06 2015Aug 04 2015We propose a method for annotating the location of objects in ImageNet. Traditionally, this is cast as an image window classification problem, where each window is considered independently and scored based on its appearance alone. Instead, we propose ... More
An extension problem for the fractional derivative defined by MarchaudAug 17 2015We prove that the (nonlocal) Marchaud fractional derivative in $\mathbb{R}$ can be obtained from a parabolic extension problem with an extra (positive) variable, as the operator that maps the heat conduction equation to the Neumann condition. Some properties ... More
Existence and stability properties of entire solutions to the polyharmonic equation $(-Δ)^m u=e^u$ for any $m\ge 1$Mar 04 2014We study existence and stability properties of entire solutions of a polyharmonic equation with an exponential nonlinearity. We study existence of radial entire solutions and we provide some asymptotic estimates on their behavior at infinity. As a first ... More
Dynamical structure factor of the $J_1-J_2$ Heisenberg model on the triangular lattice: magnons, spinons, and gauge fieldsMar 13 2019We investigate the low-energy properties of the $S=1/2$ Heisenberg model on the triangular lattice, including both nearest-neighbor $J_1$ and next-nearest-neighbor $J_2$ super-exchanges, by a dynamical variational Monte Carlo approach [T. Li and F. Yang, ... More
A Study of e+e- -> H0A0 -> bbbb at 3 TeV at CLICJun 29 2010The precise determination of the masses of the CP-odd and -even heavy Higgs bosons is an important part of the study of Supersymmetry and its relation with cosmology through dark matter. This note presents a determination of the A0 boson mass with the ... More
Enumeration of edges in some lattices of pathsMar 30 2012We enumerate the edges in the Hasse diagram of several lattices arising in the combinatorial context of lattice paths. Specifically, we will consider the case of Dyck, Grand Dyck, Motzkin, Grand Motzkin, Schr\"oder and Grand Schr\"oder lattices. Finally, ... More
Quantum mechanics on curved 2D systems with electric and magnetic fieldsMar 18 2008We derive the Schroedinger equation for a spinless charged particle constrained to a curved surface with electric and magnetics fields applied. The particle is confined on the surface using a thin-layer procedure, giving rise to the well-known geometric ... More
Permutation patterns in genome rearrangement problemsAug 08 2018In the context of the genome rearrangement problem, we analyze two well known models, namely the block transposition and the prefix block transposition models, by exploiting the connection with the notion of permutation pattern. More specifically, for ... More
Building accurate HAV exploiting User Profiling and Sentiment AnalysisSep 23 2016Social Engineering (SE) is one of the most dangerous aspect an attacker can use against a given entity (private citizen, industry, government, ...). In order to perform SE attacks, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible about the target ... More
Learning Semantic Part-Based Models from Google ImagesSep 11 2016Jul 06 2017We propose a technique to train semantic part-based models of object classes from Google Images. Our models encompass the appearance of parts and their spatial arrangement on the object, specific to each viewpoint. We learn these rich models by collecting ... More
Learning to Generate and Reconstruct 3D Meshes with only 2D SupervisionJul 24 2018Nov 15 2018We present a unified framework tackling two problems: class-specific 3D reconstruction from a single image, and generation of new 3D shape samples. These tasks have received considerable attention recently; however, existing approaches rely on 3D supervision, ... More
On a path integral representation of the Nekrasov instanton partition function and its Nekrasov--Shatashvili limitDec 30 2012In this work we study the Nekrasov--Shatashvili limit of the Nekrasov instanton partition function of Yang--Mills field theories with ${\cal N}=2$ supersymmetry and gauge group SU(N). The theories are coupled with fundamental matter. A path integral expression ... More
Dimers and orthogonal polynomials: connections with random matricesApr 19 2010Jul 02 2013In these lecture notes we present some connections between random matrices, the asymmetric exclusion process, random tilings. These three apparently unrelated objects have (sometimes) a similar mathematical structure, an interlacing structure, and the ... More
Polynuclear growth on a flat substrate and edge scaling of GOE eigenvaluesFeb 19 2004Jun 17 2004We consider the polynuclear growth (PNG) model in 1+1 dimension with flat initial condition and no extra constraints. Through the Robinson-Schensted-Knuth (RSK) construction, one obtains the multilayer PNG model, which consists of a stack of non-intersecting ... More
Lattices of lattice pathsNov 19 2004We consider posets of lattice paths (endowed with a natural order) and begin the study of such structures. We give an algebraic condition to recognize which ones of these posets are lattices. Next we study the class of Dyck lattices (i.e., lattices of ... More
Properties of extremal CFTs with small central chargeOct 29 2017We analyze aspects of extant examples of 2d extremal chiral (super)conformal field theories with $c\leq 24$. These are theories whose only operators with dimension smaller or equal to $c/24$ are the vacuum and its (super)Virasoro descendents. The prototypical ... More
Bayesian Factor Analysis for Inference on InteractionsApr 25 2019This article is motivated by the problem of inference on interactions among chemical exposures impacting human health outcomes. Chemicals often co-occur in the environment or in synthetic mixtures and as a result exposure levels can be highly correlated. ... More
Efficient nonparametric inference for discretely observed compound Poisson processesDec 28 2015A compound Poisson process whose parameters are all unknown is observed at finitely many equispaced times. Efficient nonparametric estimators of the jump distribution and of the L\'evy measure are proposed. Under mild conditions a functional central limit ... More
The Yang-Mills gradient flow and renormalizationMay 30 2015In this proceedings contribution we will review the main ideas behind the many recent works that apply the gradient flow to the determination of the renormalized coupling and the renormalization of composite operators. We will pay special attention to ... More
Tits construction of the exceptional simple Lie algebrasJul 22 2009The classical Tits construction of the exceptional simple Lie algebras has been extended in a couple of directions by using either Jordan superalgebras or composition superalgebras. These extensions are reviewed here. The outcome has been the discovery ... More
On Grothendieck's Riemann-Roch TheoremMar 22 2016We prove that, for smooth quasi-projective varieties over a field, the $K$-theory $K(X)$ of vector bundles is the universal cohomology theory where $c_1(L\otimes \bar L)=c_1(L)+c_1(\bar L)-c_1(L)c_1(\bar L)$. Then, we show that Grothendieck's Riemann-Roch ... More
Are Lagrangian stochastic models at odds with statistical theories of relative dispersion?Jul 06 2013In an article on statistical modelling of turbulent relative dispersion, Franzese & Cassiani (2007, p. 402) commented on Lagrangian stochastic models and reported some concern about the consistency between statisti- cal and stochastic modelling of turbulent ... More
Sally modules of ${\mathfrak m}$-primary ideals in local ringsSep 01 2003Given a local Noetherian ring $(R, {\mathfrak m})$ of dimension $d>0$ and infinite residue field, we study the invariants $($dimension and multiplicity$)$ of the Sally module $S_J(I)$ of any ${\mathfrak m}$-primary ideal $I$ with respect to a minimal ... More
On the Rotating Charged BTZ MetricSep 15 1999It is shown that the charged non-diagonal BTZ (2+1)-spacetime is not a solution of the Einstein-Maxwell field equations with cosmological constant.
A comparison theorem for stochastic differential equations under a Novikov-type conditionJul 12 2013We consider a system of stochastic differential equations driven by a standard n-dimensional Brownian motion where the drift coefficient satisfies a Novikov-type condition while the diffusion coefficient is the identity matrix. We define a vector Z of ... More
Singular Continuation: Generating Piece-wise Linear Approximations to Pareto Sets via Global AnalysisJan 30 2010Feb 21 2011We propose a strategy for approximating Pareto optimal sets based on the global analysis framework proposed by Smale (Dynamical systems, New York, 1973, pp. 531-544). The method highlights and exploits the underlying manifold structure of the Pareto sets, ... More
Half-flat structures inducing Einstein metrics on homogeneous spacesOct 29 2014Apr 09 2015In this paper, we consider half-flat $SU(3)$-structures and the subclasses of coupled and double structures. In the general case we show that the intrinsic torsion form $w_1^-$ is constant in each of the two subclasses. We then consider the problem of ... More
The reverse mathematics of wqos and bqosJul 26 2017Apr 14 2019In this paper we survey wqo and bqo theory from the reverse mathematics perspective. We consider both elementary results (such as the equivalence of different definitions of the concepts, and basic closure properties) and more advanced theorems. The classification ... More
Structure of Symplectic Lie groups and momentum mapJul 01 2009Oct 06 2013We describe the structure of the Lie groups endowed with a left-invariant symplectic form, called symplectic Lie groups, in terms of semi-direct products of Lie groups, symplectic reduction and principal bundles with affine fiber. This description is ... More
Standardizing densities on Gaussian spacesMay 19 2017In the present note we investigate the problem of standardizing random variables taking values on infinite dimensional Gaussian spaces. In particular, we focus on the transformations induced on densities by the selected standardization procedure. We discover ... More
The Influence of Initial Conditions during Dissipative CollapseFeb 09 2016Starting off with two distinct initially static stellar cores (i) Florides interior (constant density, vanishing radial pressure) and (ii) Wyman interior (constant density, nonvanishing radial pressure), we explore the dynamics of these two models once ... More
Tracy-Widom asymptotics for q-TASEPOct 09 2013Jul 10 2014We consider the q-TASEP that is a q-deformation of the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process (TASEP) on Z for q in [0,1) where the jump rates depend on the gap to the next particle. For step initial condition, we prove that the current fluctuation ... More
A Stochastic Partially Reversible Investment Problem on a Finite Time-Horizon: Free-Boundary AnalysisMar 25 2013Nov 12 2014We study a continuous-time, finite horizon, stochastic partially reversible investment problem for a firm producing a single good in a market with frictions. The production capacity is modeled as a one-dimensional, time-homogeneous, linear diffusion controlled ... More
Anisotropic growth of random surfaces in 2+1 dimensionsApr 18 2008Nov 04 2008We construct a family of stochastic growth models in 2+1 dimensions, that belong to the anisotropic KPZ class. Appropriate projections of these models yield 1+1 dimensional growth models in the KPZ class and random tiling models. We show that correlation ... More
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter ViewSep 07 2000Oct 03 2000Observations at long wavelengths, in the wide interval from a few to 1000 micron, are essential to study diffuse media in galaxies, including all kinds of atomic, ionic and molecular gases and dust grains. Hence they are particularly suited to investigate ... More
Diboson physics at CDFSep 30 2009At the Fermilab Tevatron, the CDF detector is used to study diboson production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV. We report recent diboson production measurements, limits on anomalous triple gauge couplings and latest results from semi-leptonic ... More
Linear magnetochiral effect in Weyl semimetalsJul 06 2016We suggest the possibility of a linear magnetochiral effect in time reversal breaking Weyl semimetals. Generically the magnetochiral effect consists in a simultaneous linear dependence of the magnetotransport coefficients with the magnetic field and a ... More
Reply to Hunter and Brown Discussion of Is there any support in the long term tide gauge data to the claims that parts of Sydney will be swamped by rising sea levels?, Coastal Engineering 2012;64:161-167, Coastal Engineering 2013;75:1-3Mar 22 2013Hunter and Brown try to demonstrate in their discussion of the long term tide gauge data published in my previous paper that the sea levels are accelerating when they are not. The sea levels are mostly oscillating and certainly not positively accelerating ... More
On a new version of the Ito's formula for the stochastic heat equationApr 16 2007We derive an It\^o's-type formula for the one dimensional stochastic heat equation driven by a space-time white noise. The proof is based on elementary properties of the $\mathcal{S}$-transform and on the explicit representation of the solution process. ... More
Lattice models of disorder with orderDec 27 2003This paper describes the use of simple lattice models for studying the properties of structurally disordered systems like glasses and granulates. The models considered have crystalline states as ground states, finite connectivity, and are not subject ... More
The relationship between acquaintanceship and coauthorship in scientific collaboration networksAug 22 2011This article examines the relationship between acquaintanceship and coauthorship patterns in a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, geographically distributed research center. Two social networks are constructed and compared: a network of coauthorship, ... More
Determination of |Vus| from the tau lepton branching fractionsNov 17 2014We determine the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix (CKM) element |Vus| in several different ways using updated preliminary HFAG averages for the tau lepton branching fractions and we compare the results with the determinations obtained from the kaon decays ... More
Gradings on symmetric composition algebrasSep 11 2008The group gradings on the symmetric composition algebras over arbitrary fields are classified. Applications of this result to gradings on the exceptional simple Lie algebras are considered too.
Espaces de configuration généralisés. Espaces topologiques $i$-acycliques. Suites spectrales "basiques"Sep 02 2016Jul 23 2018The generalized (ordered) configuration spaces associated to a topological space $X$ are the spaces $\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}:=\{(x_1,\ldots,x_{m})\in X^{m}\mid\#\{x_1,\ldots,x_{m}\}\leq \ell\}$ and $\Delta_{\ell}X^{m}:=\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}\setminus \Delta_{\leq\ell-1}$. ... More
The Electroweak Vacuum Decay and the Gravitational ContributionNov 17 2017Jan 09 2018Whether the Standard Model electroweak vacuum is stable, metastable or unstable depends crucially on the top mass (and, to a lesser extent, on other measurable quantities). These topics are reviewed and updated by taking into account the most recent determination ... More
Search for the SM Higgs decaying to a b-quark pair with ATLASFeb 01 2012Summary of first ATLAS results is given for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the mass range 110 < mH < 130 GeV, when produced in association with a W/Z boson and decaying to a pair of b-quarks. No evidence for the Higgs boson production is observed in ... More
The concordance invariant tau in link grid homologyDec 29 2015Feb 08 2018We introduce a generalization of the Ozsv\'ath-Szab\'o $\tau$-invariant to links by studying a filtered version of link grid homology. We prove that this invariant remains unchanged under strong concordance and we show that it produces a lower bound for ... More
The Fourier transform and the wave equationApr 21 2009Mar 04 2010We solve the Cauchy problem for the $n$-dimensional wave equation using elementary properties of the Fourier transform.
Effective motives with and without transfers in characteristic $p$May 18 2014We prove the equivalence between the category $\mathbf{RigDM}_{et}^{eff}(K,\mathbb{Q})$ of effective motives of rigid analytic varieties over a perfect complete non-archimedean field $K$ and the category $\mathbf{RigDM}_{Frobet}^{eff}(K,\mathbb{Q})$ which ... More
State space dimensionality in short memory hidden variable theoriesAug 26 2010Oct 07 2010Recently we have presented a hidden variable model of measurements for a qubit where the hidden variable state space dimension is one-half the quantum state manifold dimension. The absence of a short memory (Markov) dynamics is the price paid for this ... More
Dynamics of a qubit as a classical stochastic process with time-correlated noise: minimal measurement invasivenessAug 25 2011Apr 11 2012So far it has been shown that the quantum dynamics cannot be described as a classical Markov process unless the number of classical states is uncountably infinite. In this paper, we present a stochastic model with time-correlated noise that exactly reproduces ... More
Magnetic field-Induced Nonlinear Optical Responses in Inversion Symmetric Dirac SemimetalsOct 19 2016We show that, under the effect of an external magnetic field, a photogalvanic effect and the generation of second harmonic wave can be induced in inversion-symmetric and time reversal invariant Dirac semimetals. The mechanism responsible of these non ... More
A Superconducting instability in the surface of a topological insulatorDec 09 2010Mar 28 2011It is argued that a superconducting instability appears in the electronic states on the surface of a topological insulator due purely to electromagnetic interactions. The discussion of this instability is based on the analysis of the effective Coulomb ... More
Some symmetry results for entire solutions of an elliptic system arising in phase separationJul 21 2013We study the one dimensional symmetry of entire solutions to an elliptic system arising in phase separation for Bose-Einstein condensates with multiple states. We prove that any monotone solution, with arbitrary algebraic growth at infinity, must be one ... More
New simple Lie superalgebras in characteristic 3Dec 20 2004Symplectic (respectively orthogonal) triple systems provide constructions of Lie algebras (resp. superalgebras). However, in characteristic 3, it is shown that this role can be interchanged and that Lie superalgebras (resp. algebras) can be built out ... More
Some limit theorems for rescaled Wick powersSep 22 2008We establish the strong L2(P)-convergence of properly rescaled Wick powers as the power index tends to infinity. The explicit representation of such limit will also provide the convergence in distribution to normal and log-normal random variables. The ... More
A new approach to Poincaré-type inequalities on the Wiener spaceSep 11 2014We prove a new type of Poincar\'e inequality on abstract Wiener spaces for a family of probability measures which are absolutely continuous with respect to the reference Gaussian measure. This class of probability measures is characterized by the strong ... More
Sur l'irréductibilité d'une induite paraboliqueSep 20 2007Let $F$ be a non-Archimedean locally compact field and let $D$ be a central division algebra over $F$. Let $\pi_1$ and $\pi_2$ be respectively two smooth irreducible representations of ${\rm GL}(n_1,D)$ and ${\rm GL}(n_2,F)$, $n_1, n_2 \geq 0$. In this ... More
Random-cluster correlation inequalities for Gibbs fieldsApr 11 2018In this note we prove a correlation inequality for local variables of a Gibbs field based on the connectivity by active hyperbonds in a random cluster representation of the non overlap configuration distribution of two independent copies of the field. ... More
Prohorov-type local limit theorems on abstract Wiener spacesJul 15 2016We prove that the density of $\frac{X_1+\cdot\cdot\cdot+X_n-nE[X_1]}{\sqrt{n}}$, where $\{X_n\}_{n\geq 1}$ is a sequence of independent and identically distributed random variables taking values on an abstract Wiener space, converges in $\mathcal{L}^1$ ... More
A combinatorial identity for the speed of growth in an anisotropic KPZ modelAug 07 2015Apr 29 2017The speed of growth for a particular stochastic growth model introduced by Borodin and Ferrari in [Comm. Math. Phys. 325 (2014), 603-684], which belongs to the KPZ anisotropic universality class, was computed using multi-time correlations. The model was ... More
On the spatial persistence for Airy processesSep 27 2012Oct 26 2012In this short paper we derive a formula for the spatial persistence probability of the Airy_1 and the Airy_2 processes. We then determine numerically a persistence coefficient for the Airy_1 process and its dependence on the threshold.
On Time Correlations for KPZ Growth in One DimensionFeb 01 2016Jul 26 2016Time correlations for KPZ growth in 1+1 dimensions are reconsidered. We discuss flat, curved, and stationary initial conditions and are interested in the covariance of the height as a function of time at a fixed point on the substrate. In each case the ... More
Random tilings and Markov chains for interlacing particlesJun 12 2015We explain the relation between certain random tiling models and interacting particle systems belonging to the anisotropic KPZ (Kardar-Parisi-Zhang) universality class in 2+1-dimensions. The link between these two \emph{a priori} disjoint sets of models ... More
Stochastic nonzero-sum games: a new connection between singular control and optimal stoppingJan 21 2016Dec 27 2017In this paper we establish a new connection between a class of 2-player nonzero-sum games of optimal stopping and certain $2$-player nonzero-sum games of singular control. We show that whenever a Nash equilibrium in the game of stopping is attained by ... More
Non-colliding Brownian bridges and the asymmetric tacnode processDec 21 2011Feb 12 2012We consider non-colliding Brownian bridges starting from two points and returning to the same position. These positions are chosen such that, in the limit of large number of bridges, the two families of bridges just touch each other forming a tacnode. ... More
Optimal time and space regularity for solutions of degenerate differential equationsJun 23 2008We derive optimal regularity, in both time and space, for solutions of the Cauchy problem related to a degenerate differential equation in a Banach space X. Our results exhibit a sort of prevalence for space regularity, in the sense that the higher is ... More
Anisotropic dynamics of a vicinal surface under the meandering step instabilityOct 17 2009We investigate the nonlinear evolution of the Bales-Zangwill instability, responsible for the meandering of atomic steps on a growing vicinal surface. We develop an asymptotic method to derive, in the continuous limit, an evolution equation for the two-dimensional ... More
Espaces de configuration généralisés. Espaces topologiques $i$-acycliques. Suites spectrales "basiques"Sep 02 2016Nov 17 2016The generalized (ordered) configuration spaces associated to a topological space $X$ are the spaces $\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}:=\{(x_1,\ldots,x_{m})\in X^{m}\mid\#\{x_1,\ldots,x_{m}\}\leq \ell\}$ and $\Delta_{\ell}X^{m}:=\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}\setminus \Delta_{\leq\ell-1}$. ... More
Status and New Ideas Regarding Liquid Argon DetectorsJul 26 2013Large (up to $\sim 100$ kt) liquid argon time-projection chamber detectors are presently being considered for proton decay searches and neutrino astrophysics, as well as for far detectors for the next generation of long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments ... More
A note on a third order curvature invariant in static spacetimesMar 06 2007We consider here the third order curvature invariant $I=R_{\mu\nu\rho\sigma;\delta}R^{\mu\nu\rho\sigma;\delta}$ in static spacetimes ${\cal M}=R\times\Sigma$ for which $\Sigma$ is conformally flat. We evaluate explicitly the invariant for the $N$-dimensional ... More
Comment on ``Theorem for nonrotating singularity-free universes''Aug 11 1998We show that Raychaudhuri's recently proposed theorem on nonrotating universes cannot be used to rule out realistic singularity-free descriptions of the universe, as suggested by him in PRL 80, 654 (1998).