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Stochastic precession of the polarization in a polariton laserDec 10 2015Mar 23 2016Microcavity polaritons in the lasing regime undergo a spontaneous symmetry breaking transition resulting in coherent emission with a well defined polarization. The order parameter is thus a vector describing both the laser global phase and polarization. ... More
Phase-controlled bistability of a dark soliton train in a polariton fluidJul 13 2016We use a one-dimensional polariton fluid in a semiconductor microcavity to explore the rich nonlinear dynamics of counter-propagating interacting Bose fluids. The intrinsically driven-dissipative nature of the polariton fluid allows to use resonant pumping ... More
Splitting fields of elements in arithmetic groupsMay 04 2011We prove that the number of unimodular integral matrices in a norm ball whose characteristic polynomial has Galois group different than the full symmetric group is of strictly lower order of magnitude than the number of all such matrices in the ball, ... More
Censoring Representations with an AdversaryNov 18 2015Mar 04 2016In practice, there are often explicit constraints on what representations or decisions are acceptable in an application of machine learning. For example it may be a legal requirement that a decision must not favour a particular group. Alternatively it ... More
Zonotopal algebraAug 20 2007Mar 09 2011A wealth of geometric and combinatorial properties of a given linear endomorphism $X$ of $\R^N$ is captured in the study of its associated zonotope $Z(X)$, and, by duality, its associated hyperplane arrangement ${\cal H}(X)$. This well-known line of study ... More
Towards a Neural StatisticianJun 07 2016An efficient learner is one who reuses what they already know to tackle a new problem. For a machine learner, this means understanding the similarities amongst datasets. In order to do this, one must take seriously the idea of working with datasets, rather ... More
The ergodic theory of lattice subgroupsMay 22 2006Dec 04 2007We prove mean and pointwise ergodic theorems for general families of averages on a semisimple algebraic (or S-algebraic) group G, together with an explicit rate of convergence when the action has a spectral gap. Given any lattice in G, we use the ergodic ... More
Photometric Redshifts of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep FieldSep 17 1997We describe our application of broad-band photometric redshift techniques to faint galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. To magnitudes AB(8140) < 26, the accuracy of the photometric redshifts is a few tenths and the reliability of the photometric redshifts ... More
Invitation to Integral and Rational points on curves and surfacesJul 29 2014Jan 22 2015This survey article is an introduction to Diophantine Geometry at a basic undergraduate level. It focuses on Diophantine Equations and the qualitative description of their solutions rather than detailed proofs.
A classification of Reifenberg propertiesDec 20 2010We define twelve variants of a Reifenberg's affine approximation property, which are known to be connected with the singular sets of minimal surfaces. With this motivation we investigate the regularity of the sets possessing these. We classify the properties ... More
External zonotopal algebraApr 11 2011We provide a general, unified, framework for external zonotopal algebra. The approach is critically based on employing simultaneously the two dual algebraic constructs and invokes the underlying matroidal and geometric structures in an essential way. ... More
New activity pattern in human interactive dynamicsMay 22 2014Sep 27 2015We investigate the response function of human agents as demonstrated by written correspondence, uncovering a new universal pattern for how the reactive dynamics of individuals is distributed across the set of each agent's contacts. In long-term empirical ... More
An Empirical Limit on Extremely High Redshift GalaxiesJun 16 1998We apply the Lyman absorption signature to search for galaxies at redshifts z \~ 6 - 17 using optical and infrared images of the Hubble Deep Field. The infrared images are sensitive to a point source 5 sigma detection threshold of AB(22,000) = 23.8, which ... More
Star-forming galaxies at very high redshiftsJun 27 1996Analysis of the deepest available images of the sky, obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope, reveals a large number of candidate high-redshift galaxies. A catalogue of 1,683 objects is presented, with estimated redshifts ranging from $z=0$ to $z>6$. The ... More
Discrete modelling of bacterial conjugation dynamicsNov 06 2012In bacterial populations, cells are able to cooperate in order to yield complex collective functionalities. Interest in population-level cellular behaviour is increasing, due to both our expanding knowledge of the underlying biological principles, and ... More
Theoretical study of stimulated and spontaneous Hawking effects from an acoustic black hole in a hydrodynamically flowing fluid of lightJun 07 2016We propose an experiment to detect and characterize the analog Hawking radiation in an analog model of gravity consisting of a flowing exciton-polariton condensate. Under a suitably designed coherent pump configuration, the condensate features an acoustic ... More
Galaxies of Redshift z > 5: The View from Stony BrookOct 29 1999We report on some aspects of our efforts to establish properties of the extremely faint galaxy population by applying our photometric redshift technique to the HDF and HDF-S WFPC2 and NICMOS fields. We find that cosmological surface brightness dimming ... More
Input Convex Neural NetworksSep 22 2016This paper presents the input convex neural network architecture. These are scalar-valued (potentially deep) neural networks with constraints on the network parameters such that the output of the network is a convex function of (some of) the inputs. The ... More
Input Convex Neural NetworksSep 22 2016Oct 13 2016This paper presents the input convex neural network architecture. These are scalar-valued (potentially deep) neural networks with constraints on the network parameters such that the output of the network is a convex function of (some of) the inputs. The ... More
Best possible rates of distribution of dense lattice orbits in homogeneous spacesJul 10 2014The present paper establishes upper and lower bounds on the speed of approximation in a wide range of natural Diophantine approximation problems. The upper and lower bounds coincide in many cases, giving rise to optimal results in Diophantine approximation ... More
't Hooft anomalies and boundariesOct 19 2017Nov 01 2017We argue that there is an obstruction to placing theories with 't Hooft anomalies on manifolds with a boundary, unless the symmetry associated with the anomaly can be represented as a non-invariance under an Abelian transformation. For a two dimensional ... More
Chern-Simons terms from thermal circles and anomaliesNov 12 2013We compute the full contribution of flavor and (or) Lorentz anomalies to the thermodynamic partition function. Apart from the Wess-Zumino consistency condition the Euclidean generating function must satisfy an extra requirement which we refer to as `consistency ... More
Tight Bounds for Distributed Minimum-Weight Spanning Tree VerificationDec 15 2015This paper introduces the notion of distributed verification without preprocessing. It focuses on the Minimum-weight Spanning Tree (MST) verification problem and establishes tight upper and lower bounds for the time and message complexities of this problem. ... More
Distributed Private Data Analysis: On Simultaneously Solving How and WhatMar 14 2011We examine the combination of two directions in the field of privacy concerning computations over distributed private inputs - secure function evaluation (SFE) and differential privacy. While in both the goal is to privately evaluate some function of ... More
Anomaly inflow and thermal equilibriumOct 25 2013Nov 12 2013Using the anomaly inflow mechanism, we compute the flavor/Lorentz non-invariant contribution to the partition function in a background with a U(1) isometry. This contribution is a local functional of the background fields. By identifying the U(1) isometry ... More
Thermodynamics, gravitational anomalies and conesJul 24 2012By studying the Euclidean partition function on a cone, we argue that pure and mixed gravitational anomalies generate a "Casimir momentum" which manifests itself as parity violating coefficients in the hydrodynamic stress tensor and charge current. The ... More
Effective motives with and without transfers in characteristic $p$May 18 2014We prove the equivalence between the category $\mathbf{RigDM}_{et}^{eff}(K,\mathbb{Q})$ of effective motives of rigid analytic varieties over a perfect complete non-archimedean field $K$ and the category $\mathbf{RigDM}_{Frobet}^{eff}(K,\mathbb{Q})$ which ... More
Some limit theorems for rescaled Wick powersSep 22 2008We establish the strong L2(P)-convergence of properly rescaled Wick powers as the power index tends to infinity. The explicit representation of such limit will also provide the convergence in distribution to normal and log-normal random variables. The ... More
Fractional term structure models: No-arbitrage and consistencyFeb 09 2008Sep 09 2009In this work we introduce Heath-Jarrow-Morton (HJM) interest rate models driven by fractional Brownian motions. By using support arguments we prove that the resulting model is arbitrage free under proportional transaction costs in the same spirit of Guasoni ... More
Indecomposable Higher Chow Cycles on Low Dimensional JacobiansSep 12 1999Title: Indecomposable Higher Chow Cycles on Low Dimensional Jacobians Authors: Alberto Collino Comments: AMS-TeX, 10 pages Subj-class: Algebraic Geometry MSC-class: 14C30 ;19E15 There is a basic indecomposable higher cycle K in Bloch's higher Chow group ... More
Some symmetry results for entire solutions of an elliptic system arising in phase separationJul 21 2013We study the one dimensional symmetry of entire solutions to an elliptic system arising in phase separation for Bose-Einstein condensates with multiple states. We prove that any monotone solution, with arbitrary algebraic growth at infinity, must be one ... More
Bulk Renormalization and Particle Spectrum in Codimension-Two Brane WorldsOct 22 2012May 01 2013We study the Casimir energy due to bulk loops of matter fields in codimension-two brane worlds and discuss how effective field theory methods allow us to use this result to renormalize the bulk and brane operators. In the calculation we explicitly sum ... More
One-dimensional models of disordered quantum wires: general formalismMar 15 2006In this work we describe, compile and generalize a set of tools that can be used to analyse the electronic properties (distribution of states, nature of states, ...) of one-dimensional disordered compositions of potentials. In particular, we derive an ... More
Testing Cosmological Models with Negative PressureMay 22 2001There is now strong evidence that the main contribution to the cosmic energy density is not due to matter, but to another component with negative pressure. Its nature is still unknown: it could be the vacuum energy, manifesting itself as a positive cosmological ... More
Playing with the kinetic term in the HMCDec 16 2012The HMC algorithm, combining the advantages of molecular dynamics and Monte-Carlo methods, is the most efficient algorithm to simulate QCD including the effects of sea quarks. In the standard approach momentum fields are generated with a Gaussian probability ... More
Local electromagnetic duality and gauge invarianceJan 20 2011May 03 2011Bunster and Henneaux and, separately, Deser have very recently considered the possibility of gauging the usual electromagnetic duality of Maxwell equations. By using off-shell manipulations in the context of the Principle of least action, they conclude ... More
On the viability of local criteria for chaosJul 06 2004We consider here a recently proposed geometrical criterion for local instability based on the geodesic deviation equation. Although such a criterion can be useful in some cases, we show here that, in general, it is neither necessary nor sufficient for ... More
Nonexistence theorems for traversable wormholesMay 08 1999Gauss-Bonnet formula is used to derive a new and simple theorem of nonexistence of vacuum static nonsingular lorentzian wormholes. We also derive simple proofs for the nonexistence of lorentzian wormhole solutions for some classes of static matter such ... More
Canonical quantization of the relativistic particle in static spacetimesJan 15 1996We perform the canonical quantization of a relativistic spinless particle moving in a curved and static spacetime. We show that the classical theory already describes at the same time both particle and antiparticle. The analyses involves time-depending ... More
Is minimal coupling procedure compatible with minimal action principle?May 24 1994When space-time is assumed to be non-Riemannian the minimal coupling procedure (MCP) is not compatible, in general, with minimal action principle (MAP). This means that the equations gotten by applying MCP to the Euler-Lagrange equations of a Lagrangian ... More
A geometrical action for dilaton gravityJul 14 1993Mar 29 2000We study the gravitational interaction involving the dilaton and the anti-symmetrical $B_{\mu\nu}$ fields that arises in the low-energy limit of string theory. It is shown that such interaction can be derived from a geometrical action principle, with ... More
Gauge fields on Riemann-Cartan space-timesJun 22 1993Gauge fields are described on an Riemann-Cartan space-time by means of tensor-valued differential forms and exterior calculus. It is shown that minimal coupling procedure leads to a gauge invariant theory where gauge fields interact with torsion, and ... More
Quantum dynamics of non-relativistic particles and isometric embeddingsNov 08 1996It is considered, in the framework of constrained systems, the quantum dynamics of non-relativistic particles moving on a d-dimensional Riemannian manifold M isometrically embedded in $R^{d+n}$. This generalizes recent investigations where M has been ... More
Some properties and examples of log terminal+ singularitiesJan 20 2013Sep 24 2013In "Singularities on Normal Varieties", de Fernex and Hacon started the study of singularities on non-Q-Gorenstein varieties using pullbacks of Weil divisors. In "Log Terminal Singularities", the author of this paper and Urbinati introduce a new class ... More
Effect of Climate and Geography on worldwide fine resolution economic activityJun 17 2018Jan 03 2019Geography, including climatic factors, have long been considered potentially important elements in shaping socio-economic activities, alongside other determinants, such as institutions. Here we demonstrate that geography and climate satisfactorily explain ... More
Future Trends in LinacsApr 23 2018High-frequency hadron-therapy linacs have been studied for the last 20 years and are now being built for dedicated proton-therapy centres. The main reason for using high-frequency linacs, in spite of the small apertures and low-duty cycle, is the fact ... More
Accelerating StructuresApr 23 2018In this lecture the basic concepts of electromagnetic waves in accelerating structures are discussed. After a short introduction on the propagation of electromagnetic waves and on the concept of travelling wave and standing wave structures, the most important ... More
Random-cluster correlation inequalities for Gibbs fieldsApr 11 2018In this note we prove a correlation inequality for local variables of a Gibbs field based on the connectivity by active hyperbonds in a random cluster representation of the non overlap configuration distribution of two independent copies of the field. ... More
Bessel Functions and the Wave EquationDec 21 2018We solve the Cauchy problem for the $n$-dimensional wave equation using elementary properties of the Bessel functions.
HFLAV $τ$ branching fractions fit and measurements of Vus with $τ$ lepton dataNov 15 2018Dec 14 2018We report the status of the Heavy Flavour Averaging Group (HFLAV) averages of the $\tau$ lepton measurements We then update the latest published HFLAV global fit of the $\tau$ lepton branching fractions (Spring 2017) with recent results by BABAR. We use ... More
Semi-regular Dubuc-Deslauriers wavelet tight framesJul 26 2018In this paper, we construct wavelet tight frames with n vanishing moments for Dubuc-Deslauriers 2npoint semi-regular interpolatory subdivision schemes. Our motivation for this construction is its practical use for further regularity analysis of wide classes ... More
On the equivalence of two stability conditions of FB-modulesJul 13 2018Jul 17 2018We give a proof of the fact that for an FB-module the properties of being "representation stable" (RS) and "having a polynomial character" (PC) are equivalent. We obtain optimal estimates for the gap between the ranks of the polynomiality and of representation ... More
Intersection of quadrics in ${\mathbb{C}}^n$, moment-angle manifolds, complex manifolds and convex polytopesJul 02 2018These are notes for the CIME school on Complex non-K\"ahler geometry from July 9th to July 13th of 2018 in Cetraro, Italy. It is an overview of different properties of a class of non-K\"ahler compact complex manifolds called LVMB manifolds, obtained as ... More
Graded-simple algebras and cocycle twisted loop algebrasJul 03 2018Oct 26 2018The loop algebra construction by Allison, Berman, Faulkner, and Pianzola, describes graded-central-simple algebras with split centroid in terms of central simple algebras graded by a quotient of the original grading group. Here the restriction on the ... More
Harmonic morphisms between degenerate semi-Riemannian manifoldsMar 21 2003In this paper we generalize harmonic maps and morphisms to the \emph{degenerate semi-Riemannian category}, in the case when the manifolds $M$ and $N$ are \emph{stationary} and the map $\phi :M\to N$ is \emph{radical-preserving}. We characterize geometrically ... More
Discrete sequences in unbounded domainsJan 15 2016Discrete sequences with respect to the Kobayashi distance in a strongly pseudoconvex bounded domain $D$ are related to Carleson measures by a formula that uses the Euclidean distance from the boundary of $D$. Thus the speed of escape at the boundary of ... More
A new approach to Poincaré-type inequalities on the Wiener spaceSep 11 2014We prove a new type of Poincar\'e inequality on abstract Wiener spaces for a family of probability measures which are absolutely continuous with respect to the reference Gaussian measure. This class of probability measures is characterized by the strong ... More
Parity Anomaly in the non-linear response of Nodal-Line SemimetalsSep 04 2018Oct 17 2018Nodal-line semimetals are topological semimetals characterized by one-dimensional band-touching loops protected by the combined symmetry of inversion $\mathcal{P}$ and time-reversal $\mathcal{T}$ in absence of spin-orbit coupling. These nodal loops can ... More
A motivic version of the theorem of Fontaine and WintenbergerMay 18 2014We prove the equivalence between the categories of motives of rigid analytic varieties over a perfectoid field $K$ of mixed characteristic and over the associated (tilted) perfectoid field $K^{\flat}$ of equal characteristic. This can be considered as ... More
Bisimulation and p-morphism for branching-time logics with indistinguishability relationsFeb 26 2013May 02 2013In Zanardo, 1998, the Peircean semantics for branching-time logics is enriched with a notion of indistinguishability at a moment t between histories passing through t. Trees with indistinguishability relations provide a semantics for a temporal language ... More
Optimal time and space regularity for solutions of degenerate differential equationsJun 23 2008We derive optimal regularity, in both time and space, for solutions of the Cauchy problem related to a degenerate differential equation in a Banach space X. Our results exhibit a sort of prevalence for space regularity, in the sense that the higher is ... More
Anisotropic dynamics of a vicinal surface under the meandering step instabilityOct 17 2009We investigate the nonlinear evolution of the Bales-Zangwill instability, responsible for the meandering of atomic steps on a growing vicinal surface. We develop an asymptotic method to derive, in the continuous limit, an evolution equation for the two-dimensional ... More
Espaces de configuration généralisés. Espaces topologiques $i$-acycliques. Suites spectrales "basiques"Sep 02 2016Nov 17 2016The generalized (ordered) configuration spaces associated to a topological space $X$ are the spaces $\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}:=\{(x_1,\ldots,x_{m})\in X^{m}\mid\#\{x_1,\ldots,x_{m}\}\leq \ell\}$ and $\Delta_{\ell}X^{m}:=\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}\setminus \Delta_{\leq\ell-1}$. ... More
Critical fluctuations in the breakdown of disordered systemsOct 02 2002Oct 07 2002In this paper some critical aspects of the behaviour of breaking lattices subject to slow driving forces are briefly reviewed. In particular fluctuations in the response to the variation of external parameters are discussed.
Experimental Review on Lepton Universality and Lepton Flavour Violation tests at the B-factoriesSep 11 2007Since 1999, the B-factories collaborations BABAR and Belle have accumulated and studied large samples of tau lepton pairs. The experimental results on Lepton Universality checks and Lepton Flavour Violation searches are reported.
Solution for the problem of the game heads or tailsDec 02 2010Dec 07 2010In this paper, we describe the solution for a problem dealing with definite properties of binary sequences. This problem, proposed by Xavier Grandsart in the form of a mathematical contest, has been solved also by Maher Younan, Ph.D. student of Theoretical ... More
Status and New Ideas Regarding Liquid Argon DetectorsJul 26 2013Large (up to $\sim 100$ kt) liquid argon time-projection chamber detectors are presently being considered for proton decay searches and neutrino astrophysics, as well as for far detectors for the next generation of long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments ... More
Espaces de configuration généralisés. Espaces topologiques $i$-acycliques. Suites spectrales "basiques"Sep 02 2016Nov 19 2016The generalized (ordered) configuration spaces associated to a topological space $X$ are the spaces $\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}:=\{(x_1,\ldots,x_{m})\in X^{m}\mid\#\{x_1,\ldots,x_{m}\}\leq \ell\}$ and $\Delta_{\ell}X^{m}:=\Delta_{\leq\ell}X^{m}\setminus \Delta_{\leq\ell-1}$. ... More
Radiative Corrections and the Standard Model of Elementary ParticlesDec 17 2003This presentation includes an introductory discussion of the unification of fundamental forces, properties of the elementary particles, Quantum Electrodynamics, the transition from Quantum Electrodynamics and Weak Interactions to Electroweak Physics, ... More
Ten Years of Precision Electroweak PhysicsDec 03 1999Dec 07 1999We review a number of theoretical developments in Precision Electroweak Physics that are closely connected with the interpretation of experiments. The emphasis is on the test of the Standard Model at the level of its quantum corrections, the search for ... More
Gradings on algebras over algebraically closed fieldsJul 02 2014The classification, both up to isomorphism or up to equivalence, of the gradings on a finite dimensional nonassociative algebra A over an algebraically closed field F, such that its group scheme of automorphisms is smooth, is shown to be equivalent to ... More
Okubo algebras: automorphisms, derivations and idempotentsOct 21 2013A survey of some properties of Okubo algebras is presented. Emphasis is put on automorphisms and derivations of these algebras, especially in characteristic three, where the situation is more involved and interesting. In this case, the Okubo algebra is ... More
More non semigroup Lie gradingsSep 26 2008This note is devoted to the construction of two very easy examples, of respective dimensions 4 and 6, of graded Lie algebras whose grading is not given by a semigroup, the latter one being a semisimple algebra. It is shown that 4 is the minimal possible ... More
Jordan gradings on exceptional simple Lie algebrasOct 15 2008Models of all the gradings on the exceptional simple Lie algebras induced by Jordan subgroups of their groups of automorphisms are provided.
The synergy between the Dark Energy Survey and the South Pole TelescopeApr 11 2013Oct 29 2013The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has recently completed the Science Verification phase (SV), collecting data over 150 sq. deg. of sky. In this work we analyze to what extent it is beneficial to supplement the analysis of DES data with CMB lensing data. We ... More
Reductive homogeneous spaces and nonassociative algebrasMar 11 2015May 06 2015The purpose of this notes is to give a presentation of a classical theorem of Nomizu that relates the invariant affine connections on reductive homogeneous spaces and nonassociative algebras. These are the notes of a course given at the CIMPA research ... More
Communication complexity and the reality of the wave-functionDec 04 2014Jan 14 2015In this review, we discuss a relation between quantum communication complexity and a long-standing debate in quantum foundation concerning the interpretation of the quantum state. Is the quantum state a physical element of reality as originally interpreted ... More
Quantum stochastic equations for an opto-mechanical oscillator with radiation pressure interaction and non-Markovian effectsJun 24 2015The quantum stochastic Schroedinger equation or Hudson-Parthasareathy (HP) equation is a powerful tool to construct unitary dilations of quantum dynamical semigroups and to develop the theory of measurements in continuous time via the construction of ... More
A note on probability and Hilbert's VI problemMar 18 2015We start from various shortcomings, errors and dilemmas which arise in applications of probability. We argue that, together with similar issues in mechanics, they constitute the core of Hilbert's VI problem. In the paper we indicate a solution to these ... More
Converse theorems: from the Riemann zeta function to the Selberg classMay 08 2016This is an expanded version of the author's lecture at the XX Congresso U.M.I., held in Siena in September 2015. After a brief review of L-functions, we turn to the classical converse theorems of H.Hamburger, E.Hecke and A.Weil, and to some later developments. ... More
Riemann-Roch for homotopy invariant K-theory and Gysin morphismsMay 03 2016We prove the Riemann-Roch theorem for homotopy invariant $K$-theory and projective local complete intersection morphisms between finite dimensional noetherian schemes, without smoothness assumptions. We also prove a new Riemann-Roch theorem for the relative ... More
PDFs from nucleons to nucleiFeb 05 2016I review recent progress in the extraction of unpolarized parton distributions in the proton and in nuclei from a unified point of view that highlights how the interplay between high energy particle physics and lower energy nuclear physics can be of mutual ... More
Qualitative properties of coexistence and semi-trivial limit profiles of nonautonomous nonlinear parabolic Dirichlet systemsMay 19 2015We study the symmetry properties of limit profiles of nonautonomous nonlinear parabolic systems with Dirichlet boundary conditions in radial bounded domains. In the case of competitive systems, we show that if the initial profiles satisfy a reflectional ... More
The Galois closure for rings and some related constructionsFeb 04 2015Let $R$ be a ring and let $A$ be a finite projective $R$-algebra of rank $n$. Manjul Bhargava and Matthew Satriano have recently constructed an $R$-algebra $G(A/R)$, the Galois closure of $A/R$. Many natural questions were asked at the end of their paper. ... More
A Simple Motivated Completion of the Standard Model below the Planck Scale: Axions and Right-Handed NeutrinosJan 15 2015Mar 11 2015We study a simple Standard Model (SM) extension, which includes three families of right-handed neutrinos with generic non-trivial flavor structure and an economic implementation of the invisible axion idea. We find that in some regions of the parameter ... More
Magnetic field-Induced Nonlinear Optical Responses in Inversion Symmetric Dirac SemimetalsOct 19 2016Nov 14 2016We show that, under the effect of an external magnetic field, a photogalvanic effect and the generation of second harmonic wave can be induced in inversion-symmetric and time reversal invariant Dirac semimetals. The mechanism responsible of these non ... More
Solving the Standard Model Problems in Softened GravityAug 03 2016The Higgs naturalness problem is solved if the growth of Einstein's gravitational interaction is softened at an energy $ \lesssim 10^{11}\,$GeV (softened gravity). We work here within an explicit realization where the Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian is extended ... More
Automatic differentiation for error analysis of Monte Carlo dataSep 05 2018Feb 06 2019Automatic Differentiation (AD) allows to determine exactly the Taylor series of any function truncated at any order. Here we propose to use AD techniques for Monte Carlo data analysis. We discuss how to estimate errors of a general function of measured ... More
Quadratic GravityApr 26 2018Aug 15 2018Adding terms quadratic in the curvature to the Einstein-Hilbert action renders gravity renormalizable. This property is preserved in the presence of the most general renormalizable couplings with (and of) a generic quantum field theory (QFT). The price ... More
The reverse mathematics of wqos and bqosJul 26 2017Nov 18 2017In this paper we survey wqo and bqo theory from the reverse mathematics perspective. We consider both elementary results (such as the equivalence of different definitions of the concepts, and basic closure properties) and more advanced theorems. The classification ... More
On loose Legendrian knots in rational homology spheresJul 16 2017We prove that loose Legendrian knots in a rational homology contact 3-sphere, satisfying some additional hypothesis, are Legendrian isotopic if and only if they have the same classical invariants. The proof requires a result of Dymara on loose Legendrian ... More
The Monsky-Washnitzer and the overconvergent realizationsSep 05 2015We construct the dagger realization functor for analytic motives over non-archimedean fields of mixed characteristic, as well as the Monsky-Washnitzer realization functor for algebraic motives over a discrete field of positive characteristic. In particular, ... More
Rank-metric codes and their duality theoryOct 06 2014Apr 02 2015We compare the two duality theories of rank-metric codes proposed by Delsarte and Gabidulin, proving that the former generalizes the latter. We also give an elementary proof of MacWilliams identities for the general case of Delsarte rank-metric codes. ... More
On Equivariant Poincaré Duality, Gysin Morphisms and Euler ClassesFeb 13 2017Nov 10 2017The aim of these notes, originally intended as an appendix to a book on the foundations of equivariant cohomology, is to set up the formalism of the $G$-equivariant Poincar\'e duality for oriented $G$-manifolds, for any connected compact Lie group $G$, ... More
On the higher Riemann-Roch without denominatorsJan 27 2019We prove two refinements of the higher Riemann-Roch without denominators: a statement for regular closed immersions between arbitrary finite dimensional noetherian schemes, with no smoothness assumptions, and a statement for the relative cohomology of ... More
An introduction to associative geometry with applications to integrable systemsNov 02 2016The aim of these notes is to provide a reasonably short and "hands-on" introduction to the differential calculus on associative algebras over a field of characteristic zero. Following a suggestion of Ginzburg's we call the resulting theory associative ... More
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter ViewSep 07 2000Oct 03 2000Observations at long wavelengths, in the wide interval from a few to 1000 micron, are essential to study diffuse media in galaxies, including all kinds of atomic, ionic and molecular gases and dust grains. Hence they are particularly suited to investigate ... More
Diboson physics at CDFSep 30 2009At the Fermilab Tevatron, the CDF detector is used to study diboson production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV. We report recent diboson production measurements, limits on anomalous triple gauge couplings and latest results from semi-leptonic ... More
Linear magnetochiral effect in Weyl semimetalsJul 06 2016We suggest the possibility of a linear magnetochiral effect in time reversal breaking Weyl semimetals. Generically the magnetochiral effect consists in a simultaneous linear dependence of the magnetotransport coefficients with the magnetic field and a ... More
Reply to Hunter and Brown Discussion of Is there any support in the long term tide gauge data to the claims that parts of Sydney will be swamped by rising sea levels?, Coastal Engineering 2012;64:161-167, Coastal Engineering 2013;75:1-3Mar 22 2013Hunter and Brown try to demonstrate in their discussion of the long term tide gauge data published in my previous paper that the sea levels are accelerating when they are not. The sea levels are mostly oscillating and certainly not positively accelerating ... More