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Fast and Accurate Least-Mean-Squares SolversJun 11 2019Least-mean squares (LMS) solvers such as Linear / Ridge / Lasso-Regression, SVD and Elastic-Net not only solve fundamental machine learning problems, but are also the building blocks in a variety of other methods, such as decision trees and matrix factorizations. ... More
Tight Sensitivity Bounds For Smaller CoresetsJul 02 2019An $\varepsilon$-coreset for Least-Mean-Squares (LMS) of a matrix $A\in{\mathbb{R}}^{n\times d}$ is a small weighted subset of its rows that approximates the sum of squared distances from its rows to every affine $k$-dimensional subspace of ${\mathbb{R}}^d$, ... More
Spectral Inference Methods on Sparse Graphs: Theory and ApplicationsOct 14 2016In an era of unprecedented deluge of (mostly unstructured) data, graphs are proving more and more useful, across the sciences, as a flexible abstraction to capture complex relationships between complex objects. One of the main challenges arising in the ... More
On the Physical Realizability of a Class of Nonlinear Quantum SystemsJul 23 2012In this paper, the physical realizability property is investigated for a class of nonlinear quantum systems. This property determines whether a given set of nonlinear quantum stochastic differential equations corresponds to a physical nonlinear quantum ... More
On the Lossless Property of a Class of Nonlinear Quantum SystemsAug 25 2012In this paper, the physical realizability condition for a specific class of nonlinear quantum systems is related to the lossless property of nonlinear dissipative systems having a specific storage function.
Band-Sweeping M-ary PSK (BS-M-PSK) Modulation and Transceiver DesignJan 30 2014Channel Estimation is a major problem encountered by receiver designers for wireless communications systems. The fading channels encountered by the system are usually time variant for a mobile receiver. Besides, the frequency response of the channel is ... More
Autonomous Quantum Perceptron Neural NetworkDec 15 2013Recently, with the rapid development of technology, there are a lot of applications require to achieve low-cost learning. However the computational power of classical artificial neural networks, they are not capable to provide low-cost learning. In contrast, ... More
Stable Throughput Region of Cognitive-Relay Networks with Imperfect Sensing and Finite Relaying BufferAug 05 2014Mar 18 2018In this letter, we obtain the stable throughput region for a cognitive relaying scheme with a finite relaying buffer and imperfect sensing. The analysis investigates the effect of the secondary user's finite relaying capabilities under different scenarios ... More
Teleportation with Multiple Accelerated PartnersJan 31 2014As the current revolution in communication is underway, quantum teleportation can increase the level of security in quantum communication applications. In this paper, we present a quantum teleportation procedure that capable to teleport either accelerated ... More
To parallelize or not to parallelize, control and data flow issueNov 04 2013New trends towards multiple core processors imply using standard programming models to develop efficient, reliable and portable programs for distributed memory multiprocessors and workstation PC clusters. Message passing using MPI is widely used to write ... More
To Parallelize or Not to Parallelize, Speed Up IssueMar 29 2011Running parallel applications requires special and expensive processing resources to obtain the required results within a reasonable time. Before parallelizing serial applications, some analysis is recommended to be carried out to decide whether it will ... More
Some Properties of Multi-Qubit States in Non-Inertial FramesOct 22 2012In this paper, some properties of multi-qubit states traveling in non-inertial frames are investigated, where we assume that all particles are accelerated. These properties are including fidelities, capacities and entanglement of the accelerated channels ... More
Parallel Performance of MPI Sorting Algorithms on Dual-Core Processor Windows-Based SystemsMay 30 2011Message Passing Interface (MPI) is widely used to implement parallel programs. Although Windowsbased architectures provide the facilities of parallel execution and multi-threading, little attention has been focused on using MPI on these platforms. In ... More
An overview of harmonic analysis and the shifted wave equation on symmetric graphsMar 20 2014May 27 2015Let X be a symmetric graph of type k and order r, where k,r $\ge$ 2 are integers. In this paper we give explicite expressions of the horocyclic Abel transform and its dual, as well as their inverses X. We then derive the Plancherel measure for the Helgason-Fourier ... More
Schrodinger Equation on homogeneous treesJun 05 2012Oct 23 2013Let T be a homogeneous tree and L the Laplace operator on T. We consider the semilinear Schrodinger equation associated to L with a power-like nonlinearity F of degree d. We first obtain dispersive estimates and Strichartz estimates with no admissibility ... More
Stable Throughput Region of Cognitive-Relay Networks with Imperfect Sensing and Finite Relaying BufferAug 05 2014In this letter, we obtain the stable throughput region for a cognitive relaying scheme with a finite relaying buffer and imperfect sensing. The analysis investigates the effect of the secondary user's finite relaying capabilities under different scenarios ... More
On geometric progressions on hyperelliptic curvesFeb 18 2016Let $C$ be a hyperelliptic curve over $\mathbb Q$ described by $y^2=a_0x^n+a_1x^{n-1}+\ldots+a_n$, $a_i\in\mathbb Q$. The points $P_{i}=(x_{i},y_{i})\in C(\mathbb{Q})$, $i=1,2,...,k,$ are said to be in a geometric progression of length $k$ if the rational ... More
Defeating the Eavesdropper: On the Achievable Secrecy Capacity using Reconfigurable AntennasFeb 05 2014In this paper, we consider the transmission of confidential messages over slow fading wireless channels in the presence of an eavesdropper. We propose a transmission scheme that employs a single reconfigurable antenna at each of the legitimate partners, ... More
Green Cloud Radio Access NetworksJul 21 2016Cloud radio access networks (C-RAN) are a promising technology to enable the ambitious vision of the fifth generation (5G) communication networks. In spite of the potential benefits of C-RAN, the operational costs are still a challenging issue, mainly ... More
On the Well-posedness of a Nonlinear Fourth-Order Extension of Richards' EquationMay 16 2019We study a nonlinear fourth-order extension of Richards' equation that describes infiltration processes in unsaturated soils. We prove the well-posedness of the fourth-order equation by first applying Kirchhoff's transformation to linearize the higher-order ... More
Essential norms of Volterra and Cesàro operators on Müntz spacesDec 09 2016We study the properties of the Volterra and Ces\`aro operators viewed on the $L^1$-M\"untz space $M_\Lambda^1$ with range in the space of continuous functions. These operators are neither compact nor weakly compact. We estimate how far from being (weakly) ... More
An Encoding-Decoding algorithm based on Padovan numbersJul 03 2019In this paper, we propose a new of coding/decoding algorithm using Padovan Q-matrices. This method is based on blocked message matrices. an advantage of this method is that the encryption of each message matrix will use a different key and that will increase ... More
Group construction in non-trivial geometric $C$-minimal structuresOct 15 2014We show that an infinite group is definable in any non trivial geometric $C$-minimal structure which is definably maximal and does not have any definable bijection between a bounded interval and an unbounded one in its canonical tree. No kind of linearity ... More
Existence of weak solutions for a nonlocal pseudo-parabolic model for Brinkman two-phase flow in asymptotically flat porous mediaSep 13 2018We study a nonlocal evolution equation that involves a pseudo-parabolic third-order term. The equation models almost uni-directional two-phase flow in Brinkman regimes. We prove the existence of weak solutions for this equation. We also give a series ... More
The One-Phase Bifurcation For The p-LaplacianJan 18 2018A bifurcation about the uniqueness of a solution of a singularly perturbed free boundary problem of phase transition associated with the p-Laplacian, subject to given boundary condition is proved in this paper. We show this phenomenon by proving the existence ... More
On Darcy-and Brinkman-Type Models for Two-Phase Flow in Asymptotically Flat DomainsDec 20 2017We study two-phase flow for Darcy and Brinkman regimes. To reduce the computational complexity for flow in vertical equilibrium various simplified models have been suggested. Examples are dimensional reduction by vertical integration, the multiscale model ... More
Bayesian Nonparametric Causal Inference: Information Rates and Learning AlgorithmsDec 24 2017Jan 21 2018We investigate the problem of estimating the causal effect of a treatment on individual subjects from observational data, this is a central problem in various application domains, including healthcare, social sciences, and online advertising. Within the ... More
Spectral Clustering of Graphs with the Bethe HessianJun 07 2014Sep 08 2014Spectral clustering is a standard approach to label nodes on a graph by studying the (largest or lowest) eigenvalues of a symmetric real matrix such as e.g. the adjacency or the Laplacian. Recently, it has been argued that using instead a more complicated, ... More
Conceptual Model for CommunicationDec 03 2009A variety of idealized models of communication systems exist, and all may have something in common. Starting with Shannons communication model and ending with the OSI model, this paper presents progressively more advanced forms of modeling of communication ... More
Existence Results by The Method of Upper and Lower Solutions for Volterra Integral Equation on Time ScalesJan 08 2017In this article, we investigate the method of upper and lower solutions for Volterra integral equation of the first kind on arbitrary time scale $\mathbb{T}$. We establish some existence results in a certain sector. Moreover, monotone iterative technique ... More
Transmuted Generalized Inverse Weibull DistributionSep 11 2013A generalization of the generalized inverse Weibull distribution so-called transmuted generalized inverse Weibull dis- tribution is proposed and studied. We will use the quadratic rank transmutation map (QRTM) in order to generate a flexible family of ... More
Synchrotron radiation in a chromo-magnetic fieldNov 21 2011We study the generalization of QED synchrotron radiation to the QCD case with a chromomagnetic field using the Schwinger {\it et al} source method. It is shown that the QED case can be obtained as a special limit. The comparison with the path integral ... More
Symmetry and Approximate Symmetry of a Nonlinear Elliptic Problem over a RingNov 20 2017Jul 07 2018A singularly perturbed free boundary problem arising from a real problem associated with a Radiographic Integrated Test Stand concerns a solution of the equation $\Delta u = f(u)$ in a domain $\Omega$ subject to constant boundary data, where the function ... More
Stability Variances: A filter ApproachApr 17 2009We analyze the Allan Variance estimator as the combination of Discrete-Time linear filters. We apply this analysis to the different variants of the Allan variance: the Overlapping Allan Variance, the Modified Allan variance, the Hadamard Variance and ... More
Achievable Degrees-of-Freedom of the K-user SISO Interference Channel with Blind Interference Alignment using Staggered Antenna SwitchingAug 27 2014May 22 2016In this letter, we present the first characterization for the achievable Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) by Blind Interference Alignment (BIA) using staggered antenna switching in the $K$-user Gaussian Interference Channel. In such scheme, each transmitter is ... More
Estimation about Tayler-Maclaurin coefficients of subclasses of bi-univalent functionsAug 08 2019In this paper, new class of bi-univalent functions are introduced and investigated. Using the Faber polynomials, estimation of the coefficients $a_n$ of Maclaurin expansion of functions in this subclass are deduced. Certain Fekete-Szeg\"{o} inequality ... More
Well-Posedness of some nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral and integro-dynamic equations on time scalesAug 17 2016In this paper we study well posedness of a certain nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm dynamic integral and integro-dynamic equations on unbounded interval from arbitrary time scale. We derive the time scale analogue of certain integral inequalities of Pachpatte ... More
Forecasting Individualized Disease Trajectories using Interpretable Deep LearningOct 24 2018Disease progression models are instrumental in predicting individual-level health trajectories and understanding disease dynamics. Existing models are capable of providing either accurate predictions of patients prognoses or clinically interpretable representations ... More
Globally Optimal Cooperation in Dense Cognitive Radio NetworksFeb 25 2014The problem of calculating the local and global decision thresholds in hard decisions based cooperative spectrum sensing is well known for its mathematical intractability. Previous work relied on simple suboptimal counting rules for decision fusion in ... More
Evidence For Quasi-Periodic Oscillations In The Recurrent Bursts From SGR 1806-20Aug 21 2010We present evidence for Quasi Periodic Oscillations (QPOs) in the recurrent outburst activity from SGR 1806-20 using Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) observations during November 1996. Searching for QPOs in a sample of 30 bursts at similar frequencies ... More
Blow up dynamics for the hyperbolic vanishing mean curvature flow of surfaces asymptotic to Simons coneFeb 19 2019In this article, we establish the existence of a family of hypersurfaces $(\Gamma (t))_{0< t \leq T}$ which evolve by the vanishing mean curvature flow in Minkowski space and which as $t$ tends to~$0$ blow up towards a hypersurface which behaves like ... More
Bayesian Inference of Individualized Treatment Effects using Multi-task Gaussian ProcessesApr 10 2017May 28 2017Predicated on the increasing abundance of electronic health records, we investi- gate the problem of inferring individualized treatment effects using observational data. Stemming from the potential outcomes model, we propose a novel multi- task learning ... More
A Hidden Absorbing Semi-Markov Model for Informatively Censored Temporal Data: Learning and InferenceDec 18 2016Dec 27 2016Modeling continuous-time physiological processes that manifest a patient's evolving clinical states is a key step in approaching many problems in healthcare. In this paper, we develop the Hidden Absorbing Semi-Markov Model (HASMM): a versatile probabilistic ... More
Spectral Bounds for the Ising Ferromagnet on an Arbitrary Given GraphSep 27 2016We revisit classical bounds of M. E. Fisher on the ferromagnetic Ising model, and show how to efficiently use them on an arbitrary given graph to rigorously upper-bound the partition function, magnetizations, and correlations. The results are valid on ... More
Spectral density of the non-backtracking operatorApr 30 2014The non-backtracking operator was recently shown to provide a significant improvement when used for spectral clustering of sparse networks. In this paper we analyze its spectral density on large random sparse graphs using a mapping to the correlation ... More
AutoPrognosis: Automated Clinical Prognostic Modeling via Bayesian Optimization with Structured Kernel LearningFeb 20 2018Clinical prognostic models derived from largescale healthcare data can inform critical diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. To enable off-theshelf usage of machine learning (ML) in prognostic research, we developed AUTOPROGNOSIS: a system for automating ... More
Optimal Cell Towers Distribution by using Spatial Mining and Geographic Information SystemApr 14 2011The appearance of wireless communication is dramatically changing our life. Mobile telecommunications emerged as a technological marvel allowing for access to personal and other services, devices, computation and communication, in any place and at any ... More
Stability of a Volterra Integral Equation on Time ScalesJan 05 2017In this paper, we study Hyers-Ulam stability for integral equation of Volterra type in time scale setting. Moreover we study the stability of the considered equation in Hyers-Ulam-Rassias sense. Our technique depends on successive approximation method, ... More
Discovery of a 6.4 keV Emission Line in a Burst from SGR 1900+14May 22 2000We present evidence of a 6.4 keV emission line during a burst from the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1900+14. The Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) monitored this source extensively during its outburst in the summer of 1998. A strong burst observed on ... More
Upper bound of second Hankel determinant of subclass of bi-univalent functions defined by subordinationAug 08 2019In this paper, new class of bi-univalent functions are introduced. Upper bound of the second Hankel determinant $|H_2(2)|$ of subclass of bi-univalant functions class $\Sigma$, which defined by subordination, investigated. Furthermore, some results concluded ... More
Deep Counterfactual Networks with Propensity-DropoutJun 19 2017We propose a novel approach for inferring the individualized causal effects of a treatment (intervention) from observational data. Our approach conceptualizes causal inference as a multitask learning problem; we model a subject's potential outcomes using ... More
Self-organizing Networks of Information Gathering Cognitive AgentsMar 16 2015Aug 12 2015In many scenarios, networks emerge endogenously as cognitive agents establish links in order to exchange information. Network formation has been widely studied in economics, but only on the basis of simplistic models that assume that the value of each ... More
Cache-Assisted Broadcast-Relay Wireless Networks: A Delivery-Time Cache-Memory TradeoffMar 11 2018An emerging trend of next generation communication systems is to provide network edges with additional capabilities such as storage resources in the form of caches to reduce file delivery latency. To investigate this aspect, we study the fundamental limits ... More
Learning from Clinical Judgments: Semi-Markov-Modulated Marked Hawkes Processes for Risk PrognosisMay 15 2017Critically ill patients in regular wards are vulnerable to unanticipated adverse events which require prompt transfer to the intensive care unit (ICU). To allow for accurate prognosis of deteriorating patients, we develop a novel continuous-time probabilistic ... More
On the relaxed area of the graph of discontinuous maps from the plane to the plane taking three values with no symmetry assumptionsJan 07 2019In this paper we estimate from above the area of the graph of a singular map $u$ taking a disk to three vectors, the vertices of a triangle, and jumping along three $\mathcal{C}^2-$ embedded curves that meet transversely at only one point of the disk. ... More
New Evidence for Proton Cyclotron Resonance in a Magnetar Strength Field from SGR 1806-20Oct 23 2002A great deal of evidence has recently been gathered in favor of the picture that Soft Gamma Repeaters and Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars are powered by ultra-strong magnetic fields (B > 10^{14} G; i.e. magnetars). Nevertheless, present determination of the magnetic ... More
Deep Representation for Patient Visits from Electronic Health RecordsMar 26 2018We show how to learn low-dimensional representations (embeddings) of patient visits from the corresponding electronic health record (EHR) where International Classification of Diseases (ICD) diagnosis codes are removed. We expect that these embeddings ... More
Encoding Distortion Modeling For DWT-Based Wireless EEG Monitoring SystemFeb 16 2016Recent advances in wireless body area sensor net- works leverage wireless and mobile communication technologies to facilitate development of innovative medical applications that can significantly enhance healthcare services and improve quality of life. ... More
Faber polynomial coefficient estimation of subclass of bi-subordinate univalent functionsAug 08 2019Sep 12 2019In this paper, new class of bi-univalent functions are introduced and investigated. Using the Faber polynomials, estimation of the coefficients $a_n$ of Maclaurin expansion of functions in this subclass are deduced. Certain Fekete-Szeg\"{o} inequality ... More
Lightweight Joint Compression-Encryption-Authentication-Integrity Framework Based on Arithmetic CodingApr 12 2018Arithmetic Coding is an efficient lossless compression scheme applied for many multimedia standards such as JPEG, JPEG2000, H.263, H.264 and H.265. Due to nonlinearity, high error propagation and high error sensitivity of arithmetic coders, many techniques ... More
Delivery Time Minimization in Edge Caching: Synergistic Benefits of Subspace Alignment and Zero ForcingOct 29 2017Nov 07 2017An emerging trend of next generation communication systems is to provide network edges with additional capabilities such as additional storage resources in the form of caches to reduce file delivery latency. To investigate this aspect, we study the fundamental ... More
Clustering from Sparse Pairwise MeasurementsJan 25 2016May 19 2016We consider the problem of grouping items into clusters based on few random pairwise comparisons between the items. We introduce three closely related algorithms for this task: a belief propagation algorithm approximating the Bayes optimal solution, and ... More
Random Aerial Beamforming for Underlay Cognitive Radio with Exposed Secondary UsersJun 06 2014Aug 01 2015In this paper, we introduce the exposed secondary users problem in underlay cognitive radio systems, where both the secondary-to-primary and primary-to-secondary channels have a Line-of-Sight (LoS) component. Based on a Rician model for the LoS channels, ... More
Certain Geometric Properties of Some Bessel FunctionsDec 02 2017In this paper, we determine necessary and sufficient conditions for the generalized Bessel function to be in certain subclasses of starlike and convex functions. Also, we obtain several corollaries as special cases of the main results, these corollaries ... More
Evolution of Social Networks: A Microfounded ModelAug 02 2015Aug 14 2015Many societies are organized in networks that are formed by people who meet and interact over time. In this paper, we present a first model to capture the micro-foundations of social networks evolution, where boundedly rational agents of different types ... More
Fast Randomized Semi-Supervised ClusteringMay 20 2016Oct 09 2016We consider the problem of clustering partially labeled data from a minimal number of randomly chosen pairwise comparisons between the items. We introduce an efficient local algorithm based on a power iteration of the non-backtracking operator and study ... More
Opportunistic Beamforming using Dumb Basis Patterns in Multiple Access Cognitive ChannelsJul 05 2014In this paper, we investigate multiuser diversity in interference-limited Multiple Access (MAC) underlay cognitive channels with Line-of-Sight interference (LoS) from the secondary to the primary network. It is shown that for $N$ secondary users, and ... More
Some Aspect of Certain two Subclass of Analytic Functions with Negative Coefficients Defined by Rafid OperatorApr 18 2019In this paper, we define the subclasses $R_{\mu,p}^{\delta}(\alpha;A,B)\ $ and $ P_{\mu,p}^{\delta}(\alpha;A,B)\ $ of analytic functions in the open unit disc of complex plain. Then the neighborhood properties, integral means inequalities and some results ... More
Some Characterizations on the Normalized Lommel, Struve and Bessel Functions of the First KindDec 03 2017In this paper, we introduce new technique for determining some necessary and sufficient conditions of the normalized Bessel functions $j_{\nu}$, normalized Struve functions $h_{\nu}$ and normalized Lommel functions $s_{\mu,\nu}$ of the first kind, to ... More
On the density of shear transformation zones in amorphous solidsJul 05 2013We study the stability of amorphous solids, focusing on the distribution P(x) of the local stress increase x that would lead to an instability. We argue that this distribution is singular P(x)x^{\theta}, where the exponent {\theta} is non-zero if the ... More
Robotics Evolution: from Remote Brain to CloudJan 08 2019Robotic systems have been evolving since decades and touching almost all aspects of life, either for leisure or critical applications. Most of traditional robotic systems operate in well-defined environments utilizing pre-configured on-board processing ... More
Time Series Deconfounder: Estimating Treatment Effects over Time in the Presence of Hidden ConfoundersFeb 01 2019The estimation of treatment effects is a pervasive problem in medicine. Existing methods for estimating treatment effects from longitudinal observational data assume that there are no hidden confounders. This assumption is not testable in practice and, ... More
Using Short Message Service (SMS) to Support Business ContinuityMar 30 2011Now a day's many organizations are required to communicate online on a daily basis, 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, to gain the desired competitive advantages and profits; although there are a variety of disruptions that may occur within business application ... More
Spectral Detection in the Censored Block ModelJan 31 2015Jun 10 2015We consider the problem of partially recovering hidden binary variables from the observation of (few) censored edge weights, a problem with applications in community detection, correlation clustering and synchronization. We describe two spectral algorithms ... More
Computational Complexity, Phase Transitions, and Message-Passing for Community DetectionSep 08 2014We take a whirlwind tour of problems and techniques at the boundary of computer science and statistical physics. We start with a brief description of P, NP, and NP-completeness. We then discuss random graphs, including the emergence of the giant component ... More
Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing using Dumb Basis Patterns: The Line-of-Sight Interference ScenarioMar 28 2014We investigate a spectrum-sharing system with non-severely faded mutual interference links, where both the secondary-to-primary and primary-to-secondary channels have a Line-of-Sight (LoS) component. Based on a Rician model for the LoS channels, we show, ... More
Two automated techniques for analyzing and debugging Mpi-based programsNov 04 2013Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the most commonly used paradigm in writing parallel programs since it can be employed not only within a single processing node but also across several connected ones. Data flow analysis concepts, techniques and tools ... More
Evolution of Threats in the Global Risk NetworkSep 23 2018With a steadily growing population and rapid advancements in technology, the global economy is increasing in size and complexity. This growth exacerbates global vulnerabilities and may lead to unforeseen consequences such as global pandemics fueled by ... More
Some estimation about Tayler-Maclaurin coefficients of generalized subclasses of bi-univalent functionsAug 21 2019Our objective in this paper is to introduce and investigate comprehensive-constructed subclasses of normalized analytic and bi-univalent functions on the unit open disc. Bounds for the second and third Tayler-Maclaurin coefficients of functions belonging ... More
Analysis of the Main Factors Affecting M-Commerce Adoption in IraqFeb 15 2019The telecommunications sector in Iraq is one of the most dynamic and active industries. This sector has prime importance only next to oil & gas, as revealed by recent reports. This industry has grown in leaps and bounds with the rising demand for mobile ... More
Personalized Risk Scoring for Critical Care Patients using Mixtures of Gaussian Process ExpertsMay 03 2016We develop a personalized real time risk scoring algorithm that provides timely and granular assessments for the clinical acuity of ward patients based on their (temporal) lab tests and vital signs. Heterogeneity of the patients population is captured ... More
The physics and kinematics of the evolved, interacting planetary nebula PN G342.0-01.7Aug 08 2015Here we aim to study the physical and kinematical characteristics of the unstudied old planetary nebula (PN) PN G342.0-01.7, which shows evidence of interaction with its surrounding interstellar medium. We used Integral Field Spectra from the Wide Field ... More
High rank quadratic twists of pairs of elliptic curvesOct 25 2016Given a pair of elliptic curves $E_1$ and $E_2$ over the rational field $\mathbb Q$ whose $j$-invariants are not simultaneously 0 or 1728, Kuwata and Wang proved the existence of infinitely many square-free rationals $d$ such that the $d$-quadratic twists ... More
Individualized Risk Prognosis for Critical Care Patients: A Multi-task Gaussian Process ModelMay 22 2017We report the development and validation of a data-driven real-time risk score that provides timely assessments for the clinical acuity of ward patients based on their temporal lab tests and vital signs, which allows for timely intensive care unit (ICU) ... More
Discovery of Cyclotron Resonance Features in the Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 1806-20Oct 23 2002We report evidence of cyclotron resonance features from the Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 1806-20 in outburst, detected with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer in the spectrum of a long, complex precursor that preceded a strong burst. The features consist of a ... More
ConfidentCare: A Clinical Decision Support System for Personalized Breast Cancer ScreeningFeb 01 2016Breast cancer screening policies attempt to achieve timely diagnosis by the regular screening of apparently healthy women. Various clinical decisions are needed to manage the screening process; those include: selecting the screening tests for a woman ... More
Form Factors and Generalized Parton Distributions in Basis Light-Front QuantizationFeb 19 2016We calculate the elastic form factors and the Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs) for four low-lying bound states of a demonstration fermion-antifermion system, strong coupling positronium ($e \bar{e}$), using Basis Light-Front Quantization (BLFQ). ... More
Preprint Touch-less Interactive Augmented Reality Game on Vision Based Wearable DeviceApr 23 2015Sep 07 2015This is the preprint version of our paper on Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. There is an increasing interest in creating pervasive games based on emerging interaction technologies. In order to develop touch-less, interactive and augmented reality games ... More
Evolution of the Global Risk Network Mean-Field Stability PointOct 15 2017With a steadily growing human population and rapid advancements in technology, the global human network is increasing in size and connection density. This growth exacerbates networked global threats and can lead to unexpected consequences such as global ... More
Limits of Risk Predictability in a Cascading Alternating Renewal Process ModelJun 21 2017Most risk analysis models systematically underestimate the probability and impact of catastrophic events (e.g., economic crises, natural disasters, and terrorism) by not taking into account interconnectivity and interdependence of risks. To address this ... More
ArSentD-LEV: A Multi-Topic Corpus for Target-based Sentiment Analysis in Arabic Levantine TweetsMay 25 2019Sentiment analysis is a highly subjective and challenging task. Its complexity further increases when applied to the Arabic language, mainly because of the large variety of dialects that are unstandardized and widely used in the Web, especially in social ... More
A Hybrid Model for Enhancing Lexical Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)Jun 03 2015The interest in statistical machine translation systems increases currently due to political and social events in the world. A proposed Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) based model that can be used to translate a sentence from the source Language ... More
Personalized Donor-Recipient Matching for Organ TransplantationNov 12 2016Organ transplants can improve the life expectancy and quality of life for the recipient but carries the risk of serious post-operative complications, such as septic shock and organ rejection. The probability of a successful transplant depends in a very ... More
Personalized Risk Scoring for Critical Care Prognosis using Mixtures of Gaussian ProcessesOct 27 2016Objective: In this paper, we develop a personalized real-time risk scoring algorithm that provides timely and granular assessments for the clinical acuity of ward patients based on their (temporal) lab tests and vital signs; the proposed risk scoring ... More
A Semi-Markov Switching Linear Gaussian Model for Censored Physiological DataNov 16 2016Critically ill patients in regular wards are vulnerable to unanticipated clinical dete- rioration which requires timely transfer to the intensive care unit (ICU). To allow for risk scoring and patient monitoring in such a setting, we develop a novel Semi- ... More
Interference Mitigation via Rate-Splitting and Common Message Decoding in Cloud Radio Access NetworksMar 02 2019Apr 20 2019Cloud-radio access networks (C-RAN) help overcoming the scarcity of radio resources by enabling dense deployment of base-stations (BSs), and connecting them to a central-processor (CP). This paper considers the downlink of a C-RAN, where the cloud is ... More
Lifelong Bayesian OptimizationMay 29 2019Jun 21 2019Automatic Machine Learning (Auto-ML) systems tackle the problem of automating the design of prediction models or pipelines for data science. In this paper, we present Lifelong Bayesian Optimization (LBO), an online, multitask Bayesian optimization (BO) ... More
Problems for the WELS classification of planetary nebulae central stars: Self-consistent nebular modelling of four candidatesFeb 28 2016We present integral field unit (IFU) spectroscopy and self-consistent photoionisation modelling for a sample of four southern Galactic planetary nebulae (PNe) with supposed weak emission-line (WEL) central stars. The Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS) on ... More
Improving DRAM Performance by Parallelizing Refreshes with AccessesDec 21 2017Modern DRAM cells are periodically refreshed to prevent data loss due to leakage. Commodity DDR DRAM refreshes cells at the rank level. This degrades performance significantly because it prevents an entire rank from serving memory requests while being ... More
Personalized Survival Predictions for Cardiac Transplantation via Trees of PredictorsApr 11 2017Given the limited pool of donor organs, accurate predictions of survival on the wait list and post transplantation are crucial for cardiac transplantation decisions and policy. However, current clinical risk scores do not yield accurate predictions. We ... More