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Deep Kernels for Optimizing Locomotion ControllersJul 27 2017Nov 08 2017Sample efficiency is important when optimizing parameters of locomotion controllers, since hardware experiments are time consuming and expensive. Bayesian Optimization, a sample-efficient optimization framework, has recently been widely applied to address ... More
Sample Efficient Optimization for Learning Controllers for Bipedal LocomotionOct 15 2016Learning policies for bipedal locomotion can be difficult, as experiments are expensive and simulation does not usually transfer well to hardware. To counter this, we need al- gorithms that are sample efficient and inherently safe. Bayesian Optimization ... More
Learning Feedback Terms for Reactive Planning and ControlOct 11 2016Given the rapid development of robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, increasingly more robots will enter human environments to assist with daily life tasks. In contrast to traditional well-structured factory settings, human environments are ... More
Curious iLQR: Resolving Uncertainty in Model-based RLApr 15 2019Curiosity as a means to explore during reinforcement learning problems has recently become very popular. However, very little progress has been made in utilizing curiosity for learning control. In this work, we propose a model-based reinforcement learning ... More
Using Deep Reinforcement Learning to Learn High-Level Policies on the ATRIAS BipedSep 28 2018Learning controllers for bipedal robots is a challenging problem, often requiring expert knowledge and extensive tuning of parameters that vary in different situations. Recently, deep reinforcement learning has shown promise at automatically learning ... More
Using Simulation to Improve Sample-Efficiency of Bayesian Optimization for Bipedal RobotsMay 07 2018Learning for control can acquire controllers for novel robotic tasks, paving the path for autonomous agents. Such controllers can be expert-designed policies, which typically require tuning of parameters for each task scenario. In this context, Bayesian ... More
Learning Feedback Terms for Reactive Planning and ControlOct 11 2016Mar 03 2017With the advancement of robotics, machine learning, and machine perception, increasingly more robots will enter human environments to assist with daily tasks. However, dynamically-changing human environments requires reactive motion plans. Reactivity ... More
Bayesian Optimization in Variational Latent Spaces with Dynamic CompressionJul 10 2019Data-efficiency is crucial for autonomous robots to adapt to new tasks and environments. In this work we focus on robotics problems with a budget of only 10-20 trials. This is a very challenging setting even for data-efficient approaches like Bayesian ... More
SubGraD- An Approach for Subgraph DetectionMay 22 2012A new approach of graph matching is introduced in this paper, which efficiently solves the problem of graph isomorphism and subgraph isomorphism. In this paper we are introducing a new approach called SubGraD, for query graph detection in source graph. ... More
Bayesian Optimization Using Domain Knowledge on the ATRIAS BipedSep 18 2017Controllers in robotics often consist of expert-designed heuristics, which can be hard to tune in higher dimensions. It is typical to use simulation to learn these parameters, but controllers learned in simulation often don't transfer to hardware. This ... More
Open source software and peer reviewAug 23 2003Sep 07 2003We compare the open source model of software development to peer review in academia.
Student Dropout Risk Assessment in Undergraduate Course at Residential UniversityMay 15 2014Student dropout prediction is an indispensable for numerous intelligent systems to measure the education system and success rate of any university as well as throughout the university in the world. Therefore, it becomes essential to develop efficient ... More
The spectrum of a random geometric graph is concentratedAug 09 2004Sep 23 2004Consider $n$ points distributed uniformly in $[0,1]^d$. Form a graph by connecting two points if their mutual distance is no greater than $r(n)$. This gives a random geometric graph, $\gnrn$, which is connected for appropriate $r(n)$. We show that the ... More
A non constructive proof of the existence of a maximal irreducibility measureAug 12 2003We deduce the existence of a maximal irreducibility measure for a Markov chain from Zorn's lemma.
Comparison of Entropies in the Light of SeparabilitySep 28 2002Oct 08 2002This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s) in the light of several other works available and due to a misunderstanding in the authorships.
Group-theoretical Structure of the Entangled States of N Identical ParticlesJun 23 2000We provide a group-theoretical classification of the entangled states of N identical particles. The connection between quantum entanglement and the exchange symmetry of the states of N identical particles is made explicit using the duality between the ... More
Entangled States of N Identical ParticlesMar 15 2000We explore the connection between quantum entanglement and the exchange symmetry of the states of N identical particles. Each particle has n-levels. The N particles span the nN dimensional Hilbert space. We shall call the general state of the particle ... More
Dynamics on AdS2 and Enlargement of SL(2,R) to c=1 `cut-off Virasoro Algebra'Apr 17 2001We consider the enhancement of SL(2,R) to Virasoro algebra in a system of N particles on AdS2. We restrict our discussion to the case of non-interacting particles, and argue that they must be treated as fermions. We find operators L_n whose commutators ... More
On the dimension of the Schur multiplier of nilpotent Lie algberasMay 09 2017We give a bound on the dimension of the Schur multiplier of a finite dimensional nilpotent Lie algebra which sharpens the earlier known bounds.
Generation of Pseudo Code from the Python Source Code using Rule-Based Machine TranslationJun 14 2019Jun 18 2019Pseudo code is one of the valuable artifacts to comprehending the complex program codes. Most of the source code still has no equivalent pseudo code, due to the time-consuming process of writing pseudo codes. In this work, we have developed an approach ... More
An Approach to Provide Security in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Counter Mode of Encryption on Mac LayerOct 15 2011Security in any of the networks became an important issue in this paper we have implemented a security mechanism on Medium Access Control layer by Assured Neighbor based Security Protocol to provide authentication and confidentiality of packets along ... More
Quantum uncertainties in coupled harmonic oscillatorOct 05 1995Jan 20 1996In this paper we analyze the quantum uncertainties and the photon statistics in the interaction between the two modes of radiation by treating them as coupled harmonic oscillator with the motivation of controlling quantum properties of one light beam ... More
Geometrical Representation of Angular Momentum Coherence and SqueezingDec 17 2000A simple, and elegant geometrical representation is developed to describe the concept of coherence and squeezing for angular momentum operators. Angular momentum squeezed states were obtained by applying Bogoliubov transformation on the angular momentum ... More
Gravity and Domain Wall ProblemJan 15 1993It is well known that the spontaneous breaking of discrete symmetries may lead to conflict with big-bang cosmology. This is due to formation of domain walls which give unacceptable contribution to the energy density of the universe. On the other hand ... More
On the order of the Schur multiplier of $p$-groupsMay 06 2017We give a bound on the order of the Schur multiplier of $p$-groups refining earlier bounds. As an application we complete the classification of groups having Schur multiplier of maximum order. Finally we prove that the order of the Schur multiplier of ... More
Effects of Universal Extra Dimensions on Higgs signals at LHCOct 26 2005Nov 21 2007A major focus at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be Higgs boson studies and it would be an interesting prospect to simultaneously probe for physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) in the Higgs signals. In this work we show as to what extent, the effects ... More
Fermionic spectrum from a domain wall in five dimensionsApr 12 2019We study fermions in a domain wall backgrounds in five dimensional supergravity, which is similar to zero temperature limit of holographic superconductor. We find the fermionic operators for small charges in the dual four dimensional theory have gapped ... More
Non-local Quantum Electrodynamics. II. Possibility of correlated 2n-photon absorption in gases leading to VERY High frequency spontaneous emission and Very high order Harmonic GenerationApr 19 2002In a recent work [Mod. Phys. Lett A13, p-1265 (1998)] we expounded a non-local Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) which predicted a linear two-photon absorption by an atom placed in a laser field of appropriate intensity and frequency. In this paper we extend ... More
A Model of Nonlocal Quantum Electrodynamics : Time's Arrow and EPR-like Quantum CorrelationFeb 02 1999A recent experiment with squeezed light has shown that two-photon absorption by an atom can occur with a linear intensity dependence. We point out that this result verifies a prediction made by us more than a decade ago from an analysis of a nonlocal ... More
Father time. II. A physical basis behind Feynman's idea of antiparticles moving backward in time, and an extension of the CPT theorem to include non-local gauge fieldsJun 17 1999Oct 21 1999It has been demonstrated in a recent paper (Mod.Phys.Lett. A13, 1265 (1998); hep-th/9902020) that the existence of a non-thermodynamic arrow of time at the atomic level is a fundamental requirement for conservation of energy in matter-radiation interaction. ... More
Negativity and Concurrence for two qutritsJul 27 2005Two measures of entanglement, negativity and concurrence are studied for two qutrits. An operator origin of negativity is presented and an analytic formula connecting the two measures is derived.
Pulsar electrodynamics revisitedOct 31 2012The inductive electric field is unjustifiably neglected in most models for pulsar electrodynamics; it cannot be screened by the magnetospheric plasma, and it is not small in comparison with the corotation electric field. The perpendicular component of ... More
Towards A Mean-Field Formulation Of The Babcock-Leighton Type Solar Dynamo. I. Alpha Coefficient Versus Durney's Double Ring ApproachJul 24 2001We develop a model of the solar dynamo in which, on the one hand, we follow the Babcock-Leighton approach to include surface processes like the production of poloidal field from the decay of active regions, and, on the other hand, we attempt to develop ... More
Single Photon Signals for Warped Quantum Gravity at a Linear e+-e- ColliderJul 07 2003Nov 20 2003We study the `single photon' process e+- e- -> gamma nu nubar with contributions due to exchange of massive gravitons in the Randall- Sundrum model of low-scale quantum gravity. It is shown that for significant regions in the parameter space, this process ... More
On the Dependence of Linear Coding Rates on the Characteristic of the Finite FieldSep 15 2017It is known that for any finite/co-finite set of primes there exists a network which has a rate $1$ solution if and only if the characteristic of the finite field belongs to the given set. We generalize this result to show that for any positive rational ... More
Generalized Fano and non-Fano networksSep 19 2016It is known that the Fano network has a vector linear solution if and only if the characteristic of the finite field is $2$; and the non-Fano network has a vector linear solution if and only if the characteristic of the finite field is not $2$. Using ... More
On the Message Dimensions of Vector Linearly Solvable NetworksJun 19 2016It is known that there exists a network which does not have a scalar linear solution over any finite field but has a vector linear solution when message dimension is $2$ [3]. It is not known whether this result can be generalized for an arbitrary message ... More
On Fractional Linear Network Coding Solution of Multiple-Unicast NetworksOct 25 2016It is known that there exists a multiple-unicast network which has a rate $1$ linear network coding solution if and only if the characteristic of the finite field belongs to a given finite or co-finite set of primes. In this paper, we show that for any ... More
The 750 GeV Diphoton excess in a $U(1)$ hidden symmetry modelDec 24 2015May 02 2016Recent results from the experimental collaborations at LHC give hints of a resonance in the diphoton channel at an invariant mass of 750 GeV. We show that such a scalar resonance would be possible in an $U(1)$ extension of the SM where the extended symmetry ... More
Statistical mechanics of thermal contact between system and bath with long-range interactionsAug 15 2006In this paper, we address the possibility of generalising the standard analysis of thermal contact between a sample system and a heat bath, by including long range interactions between them. As a concrete example, both system and bath are treated within ... More
Supersymmetric effects in B_s \to \ell^+ \ell^- γdecaysMay 08 2002B-meson decays are very useful probes for testing the Standard Model and its various extensions. Leptonic decays of B have very clean signatures in this respect and hence can be very useful testing grounds. In this work we study the effects of MSSM (Minimal ... More
CP asymmetries in dileptonic decays of B-meson in MSSMJul 30 2002Scalar interactions (in effective Hamiltonian) can give significant variation of various experimental observables, as comparted to their respective Standard Model values, in dileptonic decays of B-meson. Also the quark level transition $b \to d \ell^- ... More
Polarized window for left-right symmetry and a right-handed neutrino at the Large Hadron-Electron ColliderOct 29 2015Jan 29 2016The breaking of parity, a fundamental symmetry between left and right is best understood in the framework of left-right symmetric extension of the standard model. We show that the production of a heavy right-handed neutrino at the proposed Large Hadron-Electron ... More
Father Time. I. Does the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Provide a Universal Arrow of Time ?Mar 15 1999Oct 21 1999The existence of a non-thermodynamic arrow of time was demonstrated in a recent paper (Mod.Phys.Lett. A13, 1265 (1998)), in which a model of non-local Quantum Electrodynamics was formulated through the principle of gauge invariance. In this paper we show ... More
Associated Photons and New Physics Signals at Linear CollidersFeb 15 2008We study signals for beyond standard model physics and consider the virtues of single photon signals or associated photons in the final states in identifying different scenarios of new physics models in a very efficient and novel way.
Identifying new physics contributions in the Higgs sector at linear e+e- collidersAug 10 2006Loop driven decay modes of the Higgs are sensitive to new physics contributions because of new particles in the loops. To highlight this we look at the dilepton-dijet signal in the dominant Higgs production channel at a linear e+e- collider. We show that ... More
The golden age of Calcutta physics: Difficulties in reconstructing the historyDec 08 2016Classes started in the newly established Physics Department of Calcutta University Science College in 1916. Raman, Bose and Saha were three young members of the small physics faculty consisting of barely half a dozen faculty members. Within about one ... More
Starspots, Stellar Cycles and Stellar Flares: Lessons from Solar Dynamo ModelsDec 08 2016In this review, we discuss whether the present solar dynamo models can be extrapolated to explain various aspects of stellar activity. We begin with a summary of the following kinds of data for solar-like stars: (i) data pertaining to stellar cycles from ... More
A higher order numerical scheme for singularly perturbed parabolic turning point problems exhibiting twin boundary layersMay 08 2019In this article, a parameter-uniform numerical method is presented to solve one-dimensional singularly perturbed parabolic convection-diffusion turning point problem exhibiting two exponential boundary layers. We study the asymptotic behaviour of the ... More
A note on the order of the Schur multiplier of p-groupsJun 05 2016Let $G$ be a finite $p$-group of order $p^n$ with $|G'| = p^k$. Let $M(G)$ denotes the Schur multiplier of $G$. A classical result of Green states that $|M(G)| \leq p^{\frac{1}{2}n(n-1)}$. In 2009, Niroomand, improving Green's and other bounds on $|M(G)|$ ... More
Topology Discovery Using Path InterferenceMar 17 2019We consider the problem of inferring the topology of a network using the measurements available at the end nodes, without cooperation from the internal nodes. To this end, we provide a simple method to obtain path interference which identifies whether ... More
Strong Quantum Solutions in Conflicting Interest Bayesian GamesMay 12 2017Nov 16 2017Quantum entanglement has been recently demonstrated as a useful resource in conflicting interest games of incomplete information between two players, Alice and Bob [Pappa et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 020401 (2015)]. General setting for such games is ... More
Robust numerical schemes for singularly perturbed delay parabolic convection diffusion problems with degenerate coefficientMay 08 2019This article studies a dirichlet boundary value problem for singularly perturbed time delay convection diffusion equation with degenerate coefficient. A priori explicit bounds are established on the solution and its derivatives. For asymptotic analysis ... More
A Possible Anisotropy in Blackbody Radiation Viewed through Non-uniform Gaseous MatterMar 12 1999Jun 07 1999A non-local gauge symmetry of a complex scalar field, which can be trivially extended to spinor fields, was demonstrated in a recent paper (Mod.Phys.Lett. A13, 1265 (1998) ; hep-th/9902020). The corresponding covariant Lagrangian density yielded a new, ... More
Squeezing in the interaction of radiation with two-level atomsSep 25 1995Oct 05 1995We propose a simple experimental procedure to produce squeezing and other non-classical properties like photon antibunching of radiation, and amplification without population inversion. The method also decreases the uncertainties of the angular-momentum ... More
Forward-Backward Asymmetry in $B\to X_d e^+e^-$Jun 10 1997The Forward-backward asymmetry in the angular distribution of $e^+e^-$ is studied in the process $B\to e^+e^- and \bar{B}\to \bar{X}_d e^+e^-$ . The possibility of observing CP violation through the asymmetries in these two processes is examined.
A Technique for Designing Stabilizing Distributed Controllers with Arbitrary Signal Structure ConstraintsSep 15 2012This paper presents a new approach to distributed controller design that exploits a partial-structure representation of linear time invariant systems to characterize the structure of a system. This partial-structure representation, called the dynamical ... More
Why do millisecond pulsars have weaker magnetic fields compared to ordinary pulsars?Nov 03 2003Millisecond pulsars, with magnetic fields weaker by three to four orders compared to those of ordinary pulsars, are presumed to be neutron stars spun up by binary accretion. We expect the magnetic field to get screened by the accreted material. Our simulation ... More
Diamagnetic Screening of the Magnetic Field in Accreting Neutron StarsFeb 13 2002Dec 12 2002A possible mechanism for screening of the surface magnetic field of an accreting neutron star, by the accreted material, is investigated. In particular, we investigate the nature of the evolution of the internal field configuration in the case of a) a ... More
Density fluctuation in extended inflationDec 20 1996We examine the calculation of density perturbation at large scales in the inflationary scenario. The formula for its magnitude is reviewed from first principles and applied to the original model of extended inflation. Our estimate is an order of magnitude ... More
On Achievability of an $(r,l)$ Fractional Linear Network CodeJul 06 2016It is known that there exists a network, called as the M-network, which is not scalar linearly solvable but has a vector linear solution for message dimension two. Recently, a generalization of this result has been presented where it has been shown that ... More
Nonextensive thermodynamic formalism for chaotic dynamical systemsSep 15 1999A nonextensive thermostatic approach to chaotic dynamical systems is developed by expressing generalized Tsallis distribution as escort distribution. We explicitly show the thermodynamic limit and also derive the Legendre Transform structure. As an application, ... More
Obliquely rotating pulsars: screening of the inductive electric fieldJul 01 2011Dec 23 2011Pulsar electrodynamics has been built up by taking ingredients from two models, the vacuum-dipole model, which ignores the magnetosphere but includes the inductive electric field due to the obliquely rotating magnetic dipole, and the corotating-magnetosphere ... More
Entropy Production during Reheating at Late Times and Neutrino DecouplingMar 15 2002Small Recent theories have proposed a variety of massive particles, like the moduli, whose abundance or decay endangers standard cosmological results. To dilute them, thermal inflation has been proposed, with its own massive scalar flaton field which ... More
Identifying the contributions of Universal Extra Dimensions in the Higgs sector at linear e+ e- collidersSep 26 2005Nov 21 2007We study the dilepton-dijet signal in the dominant Higgs production channel at a linear e+ e- collider. We estimate the effects of Universal Extra Dimension (UED) by a simple analysis of the cross-sections. The heavy Kaluza-Klein excitations of the Standard ... More
Optoelectronic Properties of Rectangular Graphene Quantum Dots: Pariser-Parr-Pople Model Based Computational StudyJun 19 2018In this paper, we perform large-scale electron-correlated calculations of optoelectronic properties of rectangular graphene quantum dots (RGQDs) containing up to 56 carbon atoms. We consider the influence of increasing the length of RGQDs both along the ... More
Near-equilibrium universality and bounds on efficiency in quasi-static regime with finite source and sinkDec 01 2014Aug 27 2015We show the validity of some results of finite-time thermodynamics, also within the quasi-static framework of classical thermodynamics. First, we consider the efficiency at maximum work (EMW) from finite source and sink modelled as identical thermodynamic ... More
Generalized bit cumulants for chaotic systems: Numerical resultsSep 20 1999We propose generalized bit cumulants for chaotic systems, within nonextensive thermodynamic approach. In this work, we apply the first and second generalized cumulants to one dimensional logistic and logistic-like family of maps.
Direct calculation of time varying Aharonov Bohm effectMar 11 2019Apr 22 2019The Aharonov-Bohm effect (ABE) for steady magnetic fields is a well known phenomenon. However, if the current in the infinite solenoid that creates the magnetic field is time-dependent, that is in the presence of both magnetic and electric fields, there ... More
New forms of BRST symmetry in rigid rotorJan 29 2010We derive the different forms of BRST symmetry by using the Batalin-Fradkin-Vilkovisky formalism in a rigid rotor. The so called "dual-BRST" symmetry is obtained from usual BRST symmetry by making a canonical transformation in the ghost sector. On the ... More
Relating the generating functionals in field/antifield formulation through finite field dependent BRST transformationJul 03 2009We study the field/antifield formulation of pure Yang Mills theory in the framework of finite field dependent BRST transformation. We show that the generating functionals corresponding to different solutions of quantum master equation are connected through ... More
Full--Sphere Simulations of a Circulation--Dominated Solar Dynamo: Exploring the Parity IssueMay 03 2004We explore a two-dimensional kinematic solar dynamo model in a full sphere, based on the helioseismically determined solar rotation profile and with an $\alpha$ effect concentrated near the solar surface, which captures the Babcock--Leighton idea that ... More
Diquark resonance and single top production at the Large Hadron ColliderJan 13 2012New physics at the TeV scale is highly anticipated at the LHC. New particles with color, if within the LHC energy reach, will be copiously produced. One such particle is a diquark, having the quantum numbers of two quarks, and can be a scalar or a vector. ... More
Tunable Optoelectronic Properties of Triply-Bonded Carbon Molecules with Linear and Graphyne SubstructuresSep 07 2017Jan 21 2018In this paper we present a detailed computational study of the electronic structure and optical properties of triply-bonded hydrocarbons with linear, and graphyne substructures, with the aim of identifying their potential in opto-electronic device applications. ... More
Hilbert Manifold Structure of The Set of Solutions of Constraint Equations For Coupled Einstein and Scalar FieldsMay 28 2016In this paper, we prove that the set of solutions of constraint equations for coupled Einstein and scalar fields in classical general relativity possesses Hilbert manifold structure. We follow the work of R. Bartnik [2] and use weighted Sobolev spaces ... More
A theoretical model of torsional oscillations from a flux transport dynamo modelAug 12 2010Assuming that the torsional oscillation is driven by the Lorentz force of the magnetic field associated with the sunspot cycle, we use a flux transport dynamo to model it and explain its initiation at a high latitude before the beginning of the sunspot ... More
X-ray view on a Class using Conceptual Analysis in Java EnvironmentOct 15 2011Modularity is one of the most important principles in software engineering and a necessity for every practical software. Since the design space of software is generally quite large, it is valuable to provide automatic means to help modularizing it. An ... More
Solar activity forecast with a dynamo modelJul 16 2007Although systematic measurements of the solar polar magnetic field exist only from mid 1970s, other proxies can be used to infer the polar field at earlier times. The observational data indicate a strong correlation between the polar field at a sunspot ... More
Modeling anomalous extinction using nanodiamondsApr 14 2012Jan 04 2013Modeling extinction along anomalous/non-CCM sightlines, which are characterized by a broad $217.5 nm$ bump and steep far-ultraviolet (FUV) rise, is reported. The extinction along these sightlines, viz. {HD 210121}, {HD 204827}, {HD 29647} and {HD 62542}, ... More
Disentangling the Unparticles with polarized beams at e+e- collidersNov 29 2007Feb 12 2008Recently proposed idea of unparticles arising due to a scale invariant sector in the theory can give rise to effective operators with different Lorentz structures. We show that by using the different polarization options at the future linear e+e- colliders, ... More
Sum-networks: Dependency on Characteristic of the Finite Field under Linear Network CodingOct 26 2016Sum-networks are networks where all the terminals demand the sum of the symbols generated at the sources. It has been shown that for any finite set/co-finite set of prime numbers, there exists a sum-network which has a vector linear solution if and only ... More
The Hemispheric Asymmetry of Solar Activity During the Twentieth Century and the Solar DynamoDec 24 2007We believe the Babcock--Leighton process of poloidal field generation to be the main source of irregularity in the solar cycle. The random nature of this process may make the poloidal field in one hemisphere stronger than that in the other hemisphere ... More
A Simple Exponential Family Framework for Zero-Shot LearningJul 25 2017Jan 25 2018We present a simple generative framework for learning to predict previously unseen classes, based on estimating class-attribute-gated class-conditional distributions. We model each class-conditional distribution as an exponential family distribution and ... More
A Pariser-Parr-Pople Model Based Study of Optoelectronic Properties of PhenacenesOct 05 2018Oct 16 2018In this paper we present a computational study of linear optical absorption in phenacene class of polyaromatic hydrocarbons. For the purpose, we have employed a correlated-electron methodology based upon configuration-interaction (CI) approach, and the ... More
Dileptonic decay of B_s meson in SUSY models with large tanβOct 09 1998Feb 16 1999We have added some some refrences & given some figures giving results in parameter space allowed by b \to s \gamma. Conclusions more or less remains unchanged.
Dynamics of quantum light in integrated nonlinear waveguide arrays and generation of robust continuous variable entanglementJan 20 2012We study a class of nonlinear waveguide arrays where the waveguides are endowed with quadratic non- linearity and are coupled through the evanescent overlap of the guided modes. We study both the stimulated and spontaneous process in the array and show ... More
Excited state mass spectra of doubly heavy $Ξ$ baryonsFeb 09 2017In this paper, the mass spectra are obtained for doubly heavy $\Xi$ baryons, namely, $\Xi_{cc}^{+}$, $\Xi_{cc}^{++}$, $\Xi_{bb}^{-}$, $\Xi_{bb}^{0}$, $\Xi_{bc}^{0}$ and $\Xi_{bc}^{+}$. These baryons are consist of two heavy quarks($cc$, $bb$ and $bc$) ... More
Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Traffic management for Mobile Networks by SINR PredictionFeb 09 2010Over the recent years a considerable amount of effort has been devoted towards the performance evaluation and prediction of Mobile Networks. Performance modeling and evaluation of mobile networks are very important in view of their ever expending usage ... More
Diamagnetic Screening of the Magnetic Field in Accreting Neutron StarsAug 14 2001Jan 27 2002A possible mechanism for screening of the surface magnetic field of an accreting neutron star, by the accreted material, is investigated. We model the material flow in the surface layers of the star by an assumed 2-D velocity field satisfying all the ... More
The treatment of magnetic buoyancy in flux transport dynamo modelsNov 12 2015One important ingredient of flux transport dynamo models is the rise of the toroidal magnetic field through the convection zone due to magnetic buoyancy to produce bipolar sunspots and then the generation of the poloidal magnetic field from these bipolar ... More
The scattering and extinction properties of nanodiamondsNov 02 2009The study of scattering and extinction properties of possible nanodiamond grains in the ISM are reported. Calculations using Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) for varying ellipsoidal shapes and sizes from 2.5 to $10 nm$ are considered. Nanodiamonds ... More
Associated single photons and doubly charged scalar at linear e-e- collidersAug 10 2006Oct 12 2006Doubly charged scalars, predicted in many models having exotic Higgs representations, can in general have lepton-number violating (LFV) couplings. We show that by using an associated monoenergetic final state photon seen at a future linear e-e- collider, ... More
Associated single photons as signals for a doubly charged scalar at linear e-e- collidersAug 29 2005Dec 04 2005Doubly charged scalars, predicted in many models having exotic Higgs representations, can in general have lepton-number violating (LFV) couplings. The basis of most searches for this charged scalar has been to look for its direct production and its subsequent ... More
Negativity and Concurrence as complete entanglement measures for two arbitrary quditsAug 05 2005Two measures of entanglement, negativity and concurrence are studied for two arbitrary qudits. We obtain negativity as an expectation value of an operator. The differences of the squares of negativity and concurrence are invariants of multilevel entanglement. ... More
Late-time Entropy Production from Scalar Decay and Neutrino DecouplingApr 30 2003May 15 2003Late-time entropy production from scalar decay arises in scenarios like thermal inflation, proposed to dilute long-lived, massive fields like the gravitino and the moduli. The scalar decay may continue into Mev-scale temperatures and affect BB nucleosynthesis. ... More
Non-corotating models for pulsar magnetospheresOct 03 2013We reconsider pulsar electrodynamics for an obliquely rotating pulsar, and propose a way of synthesizing the vacuum dipole model (VDM) and the rotating magnetosphere model (RMM). We first modify the VDM by assuming that the parallel component of the inductive ... More
Momentum Dependent Higher Partial Wave Interactions in Bose Einstein condensateJan 27 2011We have investigated the role of momentum dependent s-wave and higher partial wave strong interactions to determine the ground state properties and the column densities in the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) for large scattering length (a) such that ka ... More
Direct calculation of time varying Aharanov Bohm effectMar 11 2019The Aharanov-Bohm effect (ABE) for steady magnetic fields is a well known phenomenon. However, if the current in the infinite solenoid that creates the magnetic field is time-dependent, that is in the presence of both magnetic and electric fields, there ... More
Linear Network Coding: Effects of Varying the Message Dimension on the Set of CharacteristicsJan 15 2019It is known a vector linear solution may exist if and only if the characteristic of the finite field belongs to a certain set of primes. But, can increasing the message dimension make a network vector linearly solvable over a larger set of characteristics? ... More