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Heavy quarkonium suppression beyond the adiabatic limitMay 14 2019Many prior studies of in-medium quarkonium suppression have implicitly made use of an adiabatic approximation in which it was assumed that the heavy quark potential is a slowly varying function of time. In the adiabatic limit, one can separately determine ... More
Axisymmetric Nonlinear Waves And Structures in Hall PlasmasNov 29 2011Apr 12 2012In this paper, a general equation for the evolution of an axisymmetric magnetic field in a Hall plasma is derived, with an integral similar to the Grad-Shafranov equation. Special solutions arising from curvature -- whistler drift modes that propagate ... More
Network Load Balancing Methods: Experimental Comparisons and ImprovementOct 18 2017Load balancing algorithms play critical roles in systems where the workload has to be distributed across multiple resources, such as cores in multiprocessor system, computers in distributed computing, and network links. In this paper, we study and evaluate ... More
DCaaS: Data Consistency as a Service for Managing Data Uncertainty on the CloudsJun 03 2013Ensuring data correctness over partitioned distributed database systems is a classical problem. Classical solutions proposed to solve this problem are mainly adopting locking or blocking techniques. These techniques are not suitable for cloud environments ... More
Isochronicity conditions for some real polynomial systemsJul 01 2008This paper focuses on isochronicity of linear center perturbed by a polynomial. Isochronicity of a linear center perturbed by a degree four and degree five polynomials is studied, several new isochronous centers are found. For homogeneous isochronous ... More
The Collisionless Magnetoviscous-Thermal InstabilityJun 30 2013Apr 08 2014It is likely that nearly all central galactic massive and supermassive black holes are nonradiative: their accretion luminosities are orders of magnitude below what can be explained by efficient black hole accretion within their ambient environments. ... More
The Magnetoviscous-thermal InstabilityJun 27 2011Oct 03 2011Accretion flows onto underluminous black holes, such as Sagittarius A* at the center of our galaxy, are dilute (mildly collisional to highly collisionless), optically thin, and radiatively inefficient. Therefore, the accretion properties of such dilute ... More
Numerical Solution of a Singularly - Perturbed Boundary-Value Problems by Using A Non-Polynomial SplineJun 12 2012We consider a non-polynomial cubic spline to develop the classes of methods for the numerical solution of singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems. The proposed methods are second and fourth order accurate and applicable to problems both ... More
The Dynamics of the Magnetoviscous InstabilityApr 29 2005Jul 12 2005In dilute astrophysical plasmas, the collisional mean free path of a particle can exceed its Larmor radius. Under these conditions, the thermal conductivity and viscosity of the plasma can be dramatically altered. This alteration allows outwardly decreasing ... More
Study of hot and dense nuclear matter in effective QCD modelSep 28 2016In this thesis we use various effective QCD models to investigate hot and dense nuclear matter created in heavy ion collisions. To characterize such matter, we mainly exploit correlation functions and some of the associated spectral properties. We explore ... More
Computability limits non-local correlationsMay 07 2012Jan 28 2013If the no-signalling principle was the only limit to the strength of non-local correlations, we would expect that any form of no-signalling correlation can indeed be realized. That is, there exists a state and measurements that remote parties can implement ... More
Towards Robust Lung Segmentation in Chest Radiographs with Deep LearningNov 30 2018Automated segmentation of Lungs plays a crucial role in the computer-aided diagnosis of chest X-Ray (CXR) images. Developing an efficient Lung segmentation model is challenging because of difficulties such as the presence of several edges at the rib cage ... More
Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Using GrabCut in HSV Colour SpaceSep 30 2018Skin lesion segmentation is one of the first steps towards automatic Computer-Aided Diagnosis of skin cancer. Vast variety in the appearance of the skin lesion makes this task very challenging. The contribution of this paper is to apply a power foreground ... More
Adiabatically twisting a magnetic molecule to generate pure spin currents in grapheneJun 02 2015Dec 07 2015The spin orbit effect in graphene is too muted to have any observable significance with respect to its application in spintronics. However, graphene technology is too valuable to be rendered impotent to spin transport. In this communication we look at ... More
A cognitive radio ad hoc networks based disaster management scheme with efficient spectrum management, collaboration and interoperabilitySep 17 2018In this work, a disaster management scheme based on cognitive radio ad hoc network (CRAHN) has been presented. Disaster management has been a big problem for mankind for years. However, still not much research work has been presented on this problem. ... More
Number of Partitions of an n-kilogram Stone into Minimum Number of Weights to Weigh All Integral Weights from 1 to n kg(s) on a Two-pan BalanceJan 24 2015Feb 27 2015We find out the number of different partitions of an n-kilogram stone into the minimum number of parts so that all integral weights from 1 to n kilograms can be weighed in one weighing using the parts of any of the partitions on a two-pan balance. In ... More
Hot Star Extension to the Hubble Space Telescope Stellar Spectral LibraryMar 30 2018Libraries of stellar spectra find many uses in astrophysics, from photometric calibration to stellar population synthesis. We present low resolution spectra of 40 stars from 0.2 micrometers (ultraviolet) to 1.0 micrometers (near infrared) with excellent ... More
Understanding Human Motion and Gestures for Underwater Human-Robot CollaborationApr 06 2018In this paper, we present a number of robust methodologies for an underwater robot to visually detect, follow, and interact with a diver for collaborative task execution. We design and develop two autonomous diver-following algorithms, the first of which ... More
Complexity reduction of C-algorithmJul 21 2010Nov 25 2010The C-Algorithm introduced in [Chouikha2007] is designed to determine isochronous centers for Lienard-type differential systems, in the general real analytic case. However, it has a large complexity that prevents computations, even in the quartic polynomial ... More
Metallic structures on tangent bundleOct 15 2018The purpose of the present work is to study the complete and horizontal lifts of the metallic structure on tangent bundles with respect to almost product structure. We also establish fundamental formulae related to integrability and horizontal lifts of ... More
Unsupervised Decision Forest for Data Clustering and Density EstimationJul 15 2015An algorithm to improve performance parameter for unsupervised decision forest clustering and density estimation is presented. Specifically, a dual assignment parameter is introduced as a density estimator by combining Random Forest and Gaussian Mixture ... More
Orbital phase resolved spectroscopy of GX 301-2 with MAXIApr 15 2014GX 301-2, a bright HMXB with an orbital period of 41.5 days, exhibits stable periodic orbital intensity modulations with a strong pre-periastron X-ray flare. Several models have been proposed to explain the accretion at different orbital phases, invoking ... More
Alpha-Divergences in Variational DropoutNov 12 2017We investigate the use of alternative divergences to Kullback-Leibler (KL) in variational inference(VI), based on the Variational Dropout \cite{kingma2015}. Stochastic gradient variational Bayes (SGVB) \cite{aevb} is a general framework for estimating ... More
Modulation effect on the spin Hall resonanceJan 21 2013The effect of a weak electrical modulation on spin Hall resonance is presented here. In presence of the magnetic field normal to the plane of the motion of electron, the Landau levels are formed which get broadened due to the weak modulation. The width ... More
pp Elastic Scattering at LHC and Signature of Chiral Phase Transition at Large |t|Apr 15 2000Apr 17 2000A model of $pp$ and $\bar{p}p$ elastic scattering developed previously to analyze ISR and SPS Collider data is extended to predict $pp$ elastic differential cross section at LHC at c.m. energy of 14 TeV and momentum transfer range $|t|=0$ - 10 GeV$^2$. ... More
A Novel Quantum Cost Efficient Reversible Full Adder Gate in NanotechnologyAug 20 2010Reversible logic has become one of the promising research directions in low power dissipating circuit design in the past few years and has found its applications in low power CMOS design, cryptography, optical information processing and nanotechnology. ... More
Skew cyclic and skew $(α_1 + uα_2 + vα_3 + uvα_4)$-constacyclic codes over $F_q + uF_q + vF_q + uvF_q$Oct 21 2017Jan 08 2018In this note, we study skew cyclic and skew constacyclic codes over the ring $\mathcal{R}=F_{q}+uF_{q}+vF_{q}+uvF_{q}$ where $q=p^{m},$ $p$ is an odd prime, $u^{2}=u,~v^{2}=v,~uv=vu$. We show that Gray images of a skew cyclic and skew $\alpha$-constacyclic ... More
On ZpZp[u, v]-additive cyclic and constacyclic codesMay 16 2019Let $\mathbb{Z}_{p}$ be the ring of residue classes modulo a prime $p$. The $\mathbb{Z}_{p}\mathbb{Z}_{p}[u,v]$-additive cyclic codes of length $(\alpha,\beta)$ is identify as $\mathbb{Z}_{p}[u,v][x]$-submodule of $\mathbb{Z}_{p}[x]/\langle x^{\alpha}-1\rangle ... More
Skew constacyclic codes over Fq+uFq+vFqOct 21 2017Dec 08 2017In this paper skew constacyclic codes over finite non-chain ring R = F_q+uF_q+vF_q, where q= p^m, p is an odd prime and u^{2}=u, v^{2}=v, uv = vu = 0 are studied. We show that Gray image of a skew alpha-constacyclic cyclic code of length n over R is a ... More
Orbital evolution and search for eccentricity and apsidal motion in the eclipsing HMXB 4U 1700-37Jun 03 2016Jun 13 2016In the absence of detectable pulsations in the eclipsing High Mass X-ray binary 4U 1700-37, the orbital period decay is necessarily determined from the eclipse timing measurements. We have used the earlier reported mid-eclipse time measurements of 4U ... More
Asynchronous reference frame agreement in a quantum networkMay 11 2015Mar 30 2016An efficient implementation of many multiparty protocols for quantum networks requires that all the nodes in the network share a common reference frame. Establishing such a reference frame from scratch is especially challenging in an asynchronous network ... More
An Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Alzheimer's Disease Detection and ClassificationDec 02 2017Dec 19 2017Alzheimer's Disease destroys brain cells causing people to lose their memory, mental functions and ability to continue daily activities. It is a severe neurological brain disorder which is not curable, but earlier detection of Alzheimer's Disease can ... More
Growing Scale-free Networks by a Mediation-Driven Attachment RuleNov 13 2014Dec 01 2014We propose a model that generates a new class of networks exhibiting power-law degree distribution with a spectrum of exponents depending on the number of links ($m$) with which incoming nodes join the existing network. Unlike the Barab\'{a}si-Albert ... More
Magnetotransport properties of 8-Pmmn borophene: effects of Hall field and strainNov 27 2017May 30 2018The polymorph of ${\rm 8-Pmmn}$ borophene is an anisotropic Dirac material with tilted Dirac cones at two valleys. The tilting of the Dirac cones at two valleys are in opposite direction, which manifests itself via valley dependent Landau levels in presence ... More
Skew cyclic codes over F_{p}+uF_{p}+\dots +u^{k-1}F_{p}Feb 23 2018In this article, we study the skew cyclic codes over R_{k}=F_{p}+uF_{p}+\dots +u^{k-1}F_{p} of length n. We characterize the skew cyclic codes of length $n$ over R_{k} as free left R_{k}[x;\theta]-submodules of R_{k}[x;\theta]/\langle x^{n}-1\rangle and ... More
Infrared Solar Energy Harvesting using Nano-RectennasApr 06 2015Rectennas formed from nanodipole antennas terminated by plasmonic metal-insulator-metal (MIM) travelling wave transmission line rectifiers are developed for ambient thermal energy harvesting at 30 THz. The transmission lines are formed from two strips ... More
Effects of variability of X-ray binaries on the X-ray luminosity functions of Milky WayFeb 26 2016The X-ray luminosity functions of galaxies have become a useful tool for population studies of X-ray binaries in them. The availability of long term light-curves of X-ray binaries with the All Sky X-ray Monitors opens up the possibility of constructing ... More
Worldcoin: A Hypothetical Cryptocurrency for the People and its GovernmentSep 08 2018The world of cryptocurrency is not transparent enough though it was established for innate transparent tracking of capital flows. The most contributing factor is the violation of securities laws and scam in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which is used to ... More
Improved Parameter Estimation Techniques for Induction Motors using Hybrid AlgorithmsApr 08 2017The performance of Newton-Raphson, Levenberg-Marquardt, Damped Newton-Raphson and genetic algorithms are investigated for the estimation of induction motor equivalent circuit parameters from commonly available manufacturer data. A new hybrid algorithm ... More
Impact of ionization of ferrocene: EOES of alpha- and beta- electrons and the fingerprint orbital of ferroceniumSep 17 2015Ionization process of ferrocene (Fc) to produce ferrocenium cation (Fc+) has been debated as much as the eclipsed and staggered ferrocene conformers. The present quantum mechanical study reveals that removal of an electron does not apparently affect the ... More
Magnetic Field of a Compact Spherical Star under f(R,T) GravityNov 30 2018We present the interior solutions of distributions of magnetised fluid inside a sphere in $f(R,T)$ gravity. The magnetised sphere is embedded in an exterior Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m metric. We assume that all physical quantities are in static equilibrium. ... More
BSSSN: Bit String Swapping Sorting Network for Reversible Logic SynthesisAug 27 2010In this paper, we have introduced the notion of UselessGate and ReverseOperation. We have also given an algorithm to implement a sorting network for reversible logic synthesis based on swapping bit strings. The network is constructed in terms of n*n Toffoli ... More
Describing Hot and Dense Nuclear Matter with Gauged Linear sigma-ModelAug 27 1998To describe nuclear matter at high temperature and high baryon density appropriate for RHIC and LHC, an effective theory is proposed. Three developments underlie the effective theory: (1) relativistic mean field theory description of nuclear matter with ... More
A flat torus theorem for convex co-compact actions of projective linear groupsJul 07 2019In this paper, we consider discrete groups in ${\rm PGL}_d(\mathbb{R})$ acting convex co-compactly on a properly convex domain in real projective space. For such groups, we establish an analogue of the well known flat torus theorem for ${\rm CAT}(0)$ ... More
A Study of Cosmic Expansion Generated by Non-conservation of Matter in the Framework of Brans-Dicke TheoryApr 25 2016The present study, on the expansion of universe, is based on an assumption regarding the possibility of inter-conversion between matter and dark energy, through some interaction of matter with the scalar field in the framework of Brans-Dicke theory. The ... More
Learned Features are better for Ethnicity ClassificationSep 21 2017Oct 31 2017Ethnicity is a key demographic attribute of human beings and it plays a vital role in automatic facial recognition and have extensive real world applications such as Human Computer Interaction (HCI); demographic based classification; biometric based recognition; ... More
Towards a disaster response system based on cognitive radio ad hoc networksOct 03 2017This paper presents an approach towards disaster management based on cognitive radio ad hoc network. Despite the growing interests on cognitive radio ad hoc networks, not much work has been reported on using them for disaster management. This paper discusses ... More
A System for Identifying and Visualizing Influential CommunitiesOct 20 2016In this paper, we introduce the concept of influential communities in a co-author network. We term a community as the most influential if the community has the highest influence among all other communities in the entire network. Influence of a community ... More
Machine Learning Approaches for Modeling Spammer BehaviorAug 25 2010Spam is commonly known as unsolicited or unwanted email messages in the Internet causing potential threat to Internet Security. Users spend a valuable amount of time deleting spam emails. More importantly, ever increasing spam emails occupy server storage ... More
Amplification of Cooper pair splitting current in a graphene based Cooper pair beam splitter geometryJul 04 2017Sep 07 2017Motivated by the recent experiments [Scientific reports 6, 23051 (2016), Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 096602 (2015)], we theoretically investigate Cooper pair splitting current in a graphene based Cooper pair beam splitter geometry. By considering the graphene ... More
Bengali to Assamese Statistical Machine Translation using Moses (Corpus Based)Apr 06 2015Machine dialect interpretation assumes a real part in encouraging man-machine correspondence and in addition men-men correspondence in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Machine Translation (MT) alludes to utilizing machine to change one dialect to an ... More
Exploiting Correlation among Data Items for Cache Replacement in Ad-hoc NetworksJun 08 2015In this paper, we have proposed a novel technique for cache replacement in Ad-hoc Network based on the mining of Association Rules
Correlations between radio and bolometric fluxes in GX 339-4 and H1743-322Jul 18 2018Sep 18 2018Compact radio jets are ubiquitous in stellar-mass black-hole binaries in their hard spectral state. Empirical relations between the radio and narrow-band X-ray fluxes have been used to understand the connection between their accretion discs and jets. ... More
CORMEN: Coding-Aware Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Mess NetworkJun 23 2010These Network Coding improves the network operation beyond the traditional routing or store-and-forward, by mixing of data stream within a network. Network coding techniques explicitly minimizes the total no of transmission in wireless network. The Coding-aware ... More
Valley-polarized magnetoconductivity and particle-hole symmetry breaking in a periodically modulated $α$-$\mathcal{T}_3$ latticeFeb 09 2017Jun 30 2017We explore the transport properties of a periodically modulated $\alpha$-$\mathcal{T}_3$ lattice in the presence of a perpendicular magnetic field. The effect of the Berry phase on electrical conductivity oscillation, so-called Weiss oscillation, caused ... More
A spline interpolation based data reconstruction technique for estimation of strain time constant in ultrasound poroelastographyApr 16 2019Ultrasound poroelastography is a cost-effective non-invasive imaging technique, which is able to reconstruct several mechanical parameters of cancer and normal tissue such as Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, interstitial permeability and vascular permeability. ... More
A Comprehensive Self-interference Model for Single-antenna Full-duplex Communication SystemsJun 13 2019Single-antenna full-duplex communication technology has the potential to substantially increase spectral efficiency. However, limited propagation domain cancellation of single-antenna system results in a higher impact of receiver chain nonlinearities ... More
Decision Tree Classification with Differential Privacy: A SurveyNov 07 2016May 23 2019Data mining information about people is becoming increasingly important in the data-driven society of the 21st century. Unfortunately, sometimes there are real-world considerations that conflict with the goals of data mining; sometimes the privacy of ... More
Measuring pattern retention in anonymized data -- where one measure is not enoughDec 24 2015In this paper, we explore how modifying data to preserve privacy affects the quality of the patterns discoverable in the data. For any analysis of modified data to be worth doing, the data must be as close to the original as possible. Therein lies a problem ... More
Service Discovery in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Using Association Rules MiningJun 08 2015We have proposed a novel approach to Service Discovery in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. We have simulated the proposed approach in JIST/SWANS simulator and the results have shown significant performance improvement.
Driven conductance of an irradiated semi-Dirac materialAug 31 2018Dec 21 2018We theoretically investigate the electronic and transport properties of a semi-Dirac material under the influence of an external time dependent periodic driving field (irradiation) by means of Floquet theory. We explore the inelastic scattering mechanism ... More
On the existence of periodic solution of perturbed generalized Liénard equationsOct 27 2006Under conditions of Levinson-Smith type, we prove the existence of a $\tau$-periodic solution for the perturbed generalized Li\'enard equation u''+\phi(u,u')u'+\psi(u)=\epsilon\omega(\frac{t}{\tau},u,u') with periodic forcing term. Also we deduce sufficient ... More
Resource Management and Scheduling for Big Data Applications in Cloud Computing EnvironmentsDec 03 2018Dec 31 2018This chapter presents software architectures of the big data processing platforms. It will provide an in-depth knowledge on resource management techniques involved while deploying big data processing systems on cloud environment. It starts from the very ... More
Enhancement of Noisy Speech exploiting a Gaussian Modeling based Threshold and a PDF Dependent Thresholding FunctionMar 03 2018This paper presents a speech enhancement method, where an adaptive threshold is statistically determined based on Gaussian modeling of Teager energy (TE) operated perceptual wavelet packet (PWP) coefficients of noisy speech. In order to obtain an enhanced ... More
Localization-delocalization transition in 2D quantum percolation modelSep 26 2007We study the hopping transport of a quantum particle through randomly diluted percolation clusters in two dimensions realized both on the square and triangular lattices. We investigate the nature of localization of the particle by calculating the transmission ... More
Reversible Logic Synthesis of Fault Tolerant Carry Skip BCD AdderAug 19 2010Reversible logic is emerging as an important research area having its application in diverse fields such as low power CMOS design, digital signal processing, cryptography, quantum computing and optical information processing. This paper presents a new ... More
Smooth maps of a foliated manifold in a symplectic manifoldJun 21 2007The immersions of a smooth manifold $M$ in a symplectic manifold $(N,\sigma)$ inducing a given closed form $\omega$ on $M$ satisfy the $C^0$-dense $h$-principle in the space of all continuous maps which pull back the deRham cohomology class of $\sigma$ ... More
Brans wormholesJun 02 2009It is shown that three of the four Brans solutions of classes I--IV admit wormhole geometry. Two-way traversable wormholes in the Brans-Dicke theory are allowed not only for the negative values of the coupling parameter w (w<-2), as concluded earlier, ... More
A novel approach to Service Discovery in Mobile Adhoc NetworkJun 08 2015Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is a network of a number of mobile routers and associated hosts, organized in a random fashion via wireless links. During recent years MANET has gained enormous amount of attention and has been widely used for not only military ... More
Differentially Private Random Decision Forests using Smooth SensitivityJun 11 2016Sep 28 2016We propose a new differentially-private decision forest algorithm that minimizes both the number of queries required, and the sensitivity of those queries. To do so, we build an ensemble of random decision trees that avoids querying the private data except ... More
Decision Tree Classification with Differential Privacy: A SurveyNov 07 2016Data mining information about people is becoming increasingly important in the data-driven society of the 21st century. Unfortunately, sometimes there are real-world considerations that conflict with the goals of data mining; sometimes the privacy of ... More
Topologically induced fractional Hall steps in the integer quantum Hall regime of $MoS_2$Apr 18 2016Jul 14 2016The quantum magnetotransport properties of a monolayer of molybdenum disulfide are derived using linear response theory. Especially, the effect of topological terms on longitudinal and Hall conductivity is analyzed. The Hall conductivity exhibits fractional ... More
A scheme to realize the quantum spin-valley Hall effect in monolayer grapheneJan 18 2016Sep 10 2016Quantum spin Hall effect was first predicted in graphene. However, the weak spin orbit interaction in graphene meant that the search for quantum spin Hall effect in graphene never fructified. In this work we show how to generate the quantum spin-valley ... More
On the optical-mechanical analogy in general relativityMay 27 2009We demonstrate that the Evans-Rosenquist formulation of the optical mechanical analogy, so successful in the application to classical problems, also describes the motion of massless particles in the Schwarzschild field of general relativity. It is possible ... More
Hardware Virtualization Support In INTEL, AMD And IBM Power ProcessorsSep 01 2009At present, the mostly used and developed mechanism is hardware virtualization which provides a common platform to run multiple operating systems and applications in independent partitions. More precisely, it is all about resource virtualization as the ... More
Differentially Private Random Decision Forests using Smooth SensitivityJun 11 2016Jan 25 2017We propose a new differentially-private decision forest algorithm that minimizes both the number of queries required, and the sensitivity of those queries. To do so, we build an ensemble of random decision trees that avoids querying the private data except ... More
Numerical solutions of a class of second order boundary value problems on using Bernoulli PolynomialsSep 24 2013The aim of this paper is to find the numerical solutions of the second order linear and nonlinear differential equations with Dirichlet, Neumann and Robin boundary conditions. We use the Bernoulli polynomials as linear combination to the approximate solutions ... More
Adaptive Differential Feedback in Time-Varying Multiuser MIMO ChannelsOct 19 2012In the context of a time-varying multiuser multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system, we design recursive least squares based adaptive predictors and differential quantizers to minimize the sum mean squared error of the overall system. Using the fact ... More
Sentiment analysis of twitter dataNov 15 2017Dec 16 2017Social networks are the main resources to gather information about people's opinion and sentiments towards different topics as they spend hours daily on social media and share their opinion. In this technical paper, we show the application of sentimental ... More
Numerical Solutions of Fredholm Integral Equations Using Bernstein PolynomialsSep 24 2013In this paper, Bernstein piecewise polynomials are used to solve the integral equations numerically. A matrix formulation is given for a non-singular linear Fredholm Integral Equation by the technique of Galerkin method. In the Galerkin method, the Bernstein ... More
Multi-Object Tracking with Multiple Birth, Death, and Spawn Scenarios Using A Randomized Hypothesis Generation Technique (R-FISST)Mar 24 2016In multi-object tracking one may encounter situations were at any time step the number of possible hypotheses is too large to generate exhaustively. These situations generally occur when there are multiple ambiguous measurement returns that can be associated ... More
Variability study of the High Mass X-ray Binary IGR J18027--2016 with {\it Swift}--XRTAug 22 2016We report the results from pulsations and spectral analysis of a large number of observations of the HMXB pulsar IGR J18027--2016 with {\it Swift}--XRT, carried out at different orbital phases. In some orbital phases, as seen in different XRT observations, ... More
Differential cross section for the Higgs boson production in 4-lepton channel and $k_T$-factorizationOct 31 2016We present our study of the differential cross section for the Higgs boson production in $k_T$-factorization framework. The $k_T$-factorization formalism includes a convolution over unintegrated parton distribution functions (uPDF) and off-shell parton ... More
On possible reconciliation of anomalous isotope effect and non-phononic pairing mechanism in high-Tc cupratesJun 09 2012Jun 15 2012Superconductivity in high-Tc cuprates is unconventional and there is a growing acceptance that carrier pairing in these strongly correlated electronic materials is mediated mainly by bosons of electronic origin rather than the phonons. Still, a significant ... More
Effects of Zn substitution in La2-xSrxCu1-yZnyO4: interplay among superconductivity, pseudogap, and stripe orderJul 29 2008The effect of Zn substitution on the superconducting transition temperature, Tc, was investigated for the La2-xSrxCu1-yZnyO4 (Zn-LSCO) compounds over a wide range of hole concentration, p (= x), and Zn content (y) in the CuO2 plane. Zn induced rate of ... More
Warm Dark Matter versus Bumpy Power SpectraMay 24 2002Jan 24 2003In this paper we are exploring the differences between a Warm Dark Matter model and a CDM model where the power on a certain scale is reduced by introducing a narrow negative feature ("dip"). This dip is placed in a way so as to mimic the loss of power ... More
Signature of tilted Dirac cones in Weiss oscillations of $8-Pmmn$ boropheneJul 18 2017Nov 22 2017Polymorph of 8-Pmmn borophene exhibits anisotropic tilted Dirac cones. In this work, we explore the consequences of the tilted Dirac cones in magnetotransport properties of a periodically modulated borophene. We evaluate modulation induced diffusive conductivity ... More
3D human action analysis and recognition through GLAC descriptor on 2D motion and static posture imagesMar 19 2019In this paper, we present an approach for identification of actions within depth action videos. First, we process the video to get motion history images (MHIs) and static history images (SHIs) corresponding to an action video based on the use of 3D Motion ... More
Zygarde: Time-Sensitive On-Device Deep Intelligence on Intermittently-Powered SystemsMay 05 2019In this paper, we propose a time-, energy-, and accuracy-aware scheduling algorithm for intermittently powered systems that execute compressed deep learning tasks that are suitable for MCUs and are powered solely by harvested energy. The sporadic nature ... More
A Novel User Pairing Scheme for Functional Decode-and-Forward Multi-way Relay NetworkFeb 26 2014Sep 24 2014In this paper, we consider a functional decode and forward (FDF) multi-way relay network (MWRN) where a common user facilitates each user in the network to obtain messages from all other users. We propose a novel user pairing scheme, which is based on ... More
Online, interactive user guidance for high-dimensional, constrained motion planningOct 11 2017Jul 20 2018We consider the problem of planning a collision-free path for a high-dimensional robot. Specifically, we suggest a planning framework where a motion-planning algorithm can obtain guidance from a user. In contrast to existing approaches that try to speed ... More
Provable Indefinite-Horizon Real-Time Planning for Repetitive TasksJan 23 2019Apr 11 2019In many robotic manipulation scenarios, robots often have to perform highly-repetitive tasks in structured environments e.g. sorting mail in a mailroom or pick and place objects on a conveyor belt. In this work we are interested in settings where the ... More
On the Self-Consistent Event Biasing Schemes for Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale MOSFETsOct 26 2009Different techniques of event biasing have been implemented in the particle-based Monte Carlo simulations of a 15nm n-channel MOSFET. The primary goal is to achieve enhancement in the channel statistics and faster convergence in the calculation of terminal ... More
Shadowing Effects on Routing Protocol of Multihop Ad Hoc NetworksApr 03 2010Two-ray ground reflection model has been widely used as the propagation model to investigate the performance of an ad hoc network. But two-ray model is too simple to represent a real world network. A more realistic model namely shadowing propagation model ... More
Constraining Unparticles from Top Physics at TeVatronJun 23 2012Nov 27 2012We study and analyze the recent observations of the top pair production $\sigma (p\bar p\to t \bar t)$ at TeVatron through flavor conserving and flavor violating channels ${\it via}$ vector and tensor unparticles. The unparticle sector is considered with ... More
Investigating Unitarity in Presence of Anomalous CouplingsNov 18 2013Feb 17 2016We perform a model independent analysis of the helicity amplitudes at high energy for all the $2\to2$ scattering processes involving gauge and Higgs bosons in the presence of anomalous $WWV$, $WWVV$, $VVH$, $VVHH$ ($V\equiv Z,\gamma$ and $W^\pm$), $HHHH$ ... More
An Optimized Signature Verification System for Vehicle Ad hoc NETworkAug 25 2012This paper1 presents an efficient approach to an existing batch verification system on Identity based group signature (IBGS) which can be applied to any Mobile ad hoc network device including Vehicle Ad hoc Networks (VANET). We propose an optimized way ... More
The $H$-spectrum of a generalized power hypergraphApr 15 2015Jun 21 2015The generalized power of a simple graph $G$, denoted by $G^{k,s}$, is obtained from $G$ by blowing up each vertex into an $s$-set and each edge into a $k$-set, where $1 \le s \le \frac{k}{2}$. When $s < \frac{k}{2}$, $G^{k,s}$ is always odd-bipartite. ... More
On the spectral radius of a class of non-odd-bipartite even uniform hypergraphsAug 14 2014Feb 15 2015In order to investigate the non-odd-bipartiteness of even uniform hypergraphs, starting from a simple graph $G$, we construct a generalized power of $G$, denoted by $G^{k,s}$, which is obtained from $G$ by blowing up each vertex into a $k$-set and each ... More
A Sweet Recipe for Consolidated Vulnerabilities: Attacking a Live Website by Harnessing a Killer Combination of VulnerabilitiesJun 27 2019The recent emergence of new vulnerabilities is an epoch-making problem in the complex world of website security. Most of the websites are failing to keep updating to tackle their websites from these new vulnerabilities leaving without realizing the weakness ... More