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A Mixed Parseval-Plancherel FormulaDec 02 2013Dec 03 2013In this note, a general formula is proved. It expresses the integral on the line of the product of a function $f$ and a periodic function $g$ in terms of the Fourier transform of $f$ and the Fourier coefficients of $g$. This allows the evaluation of some ... More
Revealing Hidden Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Doped Hubbard Chains via String CorrelatorsFeb 02 2017Topological phases, like the celebrated Haldane phase in spin-1 chains, defy characterization through local order parameters. Instead, non-local string order parameters can be employed to reveal their hidden order. Similar diluted magnetic correlations ... More
Quantum Kibble-Zurek mechanism and critical dynamics on a programmable Rydberg simulatorSep 14 2018Apr 01 2019Quantum phase transitions (QPTs) involve transformations between different states of matter that are driven by quantum fluctuations. These fluctuations play a dominant role in the quantum critical region surrounding the transition point, where the dynamics ... More
On the Distribution of the Number of Points on Algebraic Curves in Extensions of Finite FieldsJul 21 2009Mar 12 2010Let $\cC$ be a smooth absolutely irreducible curve of genus $g \ge 1$ defined over $\F_q$, the finite field of $q$ elements. Let $# \cC(\F_{q^n})$ be the number of $\F_{q^n}$-rational points on $\cC$. Under a certain multiplicative independence condition ... More
Spin and Charge Resolved Quantum Gas Microscopy of Antiferromagnetic Order in Hubbard ChainsMay 18 2016The repulsive Hubbard Hamiltonian is one of the foundational models describing strongly correlated electrons and is believed to capture essential aspects of high temperature superconductivity. Ultracold fermions in optical lattices allow for the simulation ... More
Microscopic Observation of Pauli Blocking in Degenerate Fermionic Lattice GasesOct 15 2015Dec 23 2015The Pauli exclusion principle is one of the most fundamental manifestations of quantum statistics. Here, we report on its local observation in a spin-polarized degenerate gas of fermions in an optical lattice. We probe the gas with single-site resolution ... More
Lecture Notes, Bernoulli Polynomials and ApplicationsSep 29 2013Feb 09 2016In this lecture notes we try to familiarize the audience with the theory of Bernoulli polynomials; we study their properties, and we give, with proofs and references, some of the most relevant results related to them. Several applications to these polynomials ... More
Inequalities for finite trigonometric sums. An interplay: with some series related to Harmonic numbersMar 16 2016An interplay between the sum of certain series related to Harmonic numbers and certain finite trigonometric sums is investigated. This allows us to express the sum of these series in terms of the considered trigonometric sums, and permits us to find sharp ... More
Bounds for the Ratios of Differences of Power Means in Two ArgumentsJun 08 2010Using methods from classical analysis, sharp bounds for the ratio of differences of Power Means are obtained. Our results generalize and extend previous ones due to S. Wu(2005), and to S. Wu and L. Debnath.
An Inequality for Bounded FunctionsMay 02 2012In this note we prove optimal inequalities for bounded functions in terms of their deviation from their mean. These results extend and generalize some known inequalities due to Thong (2011) and Perfetti (2011)
An Optimal Two Parameter Bounds for the Identric MeanJan 09 2012In this note we obtain sharp bounds for the identric mean in terms of a two parameter family of means. Our results generalize and extend recent bounds due to Y. M. Chu & al. (2011), and to M.-K. Wang & al. (2012).
Exact Evaluation Of Some Highly Oscillatory IntegralsFeb 26 2013In this note a general result is proved that can be used to evaluate exactly a class of highly oscillatory integrals.
Observation of mesoscopic crystalline structures in a two-dimensional Rydberg gasSep 05 2012The ability to control and tune interactions in ultracold atomic gases has paved the way towards the realization of new phases of matter. Whereas experiments have so far achieved a high degree of control over short-ranged interactions, the realization ... More
Spin and Charge Resolved Quantum Gas Microscopy of Antiferromagnetic Order in Hubbard ChainsMay 18 2016Sep 28 2017The repulsive Hubbard Hamiltonian is one of the foundational models describing strongly correlated electrons and is believed to capture essential aspects of high temperature superconductivity. Ultracold fermions in optical lattices allow for the simulation ... More
$H^1$-Projective Banach SpacesJan 24 2004We study the $H^1$-projective Banach spaces. We prove that they have the Analytic Radon-Nikodym Property, and that they are cotype 2 spaces which satisfy Grothendieck's Theorem. We show also that the ultraproduct of $H^1$-projective spaces is $H^1$-projective. ... More
On The Interpolation of Injective or Projective Tensor Products of Banach SpacesJan 24 2004We prove a general result on the factorization of matrix-valued analytic functions. We deduce that if $(E_0,E_1)$ and $(F_0,F_1)$ are interpolation pairs with dense intersections, then under some conditions on the spaces $E_0$, $E_1$, $F_0$ and $F_1$, ... More
L'Application Canonique $J:H^2(X) \otimes H^2(X)->H^1(X\otimes X)$ n'est pas Surjective en GénéralJan 24 2004We introduce the $H^1$-projective property, and use it to construct a Banach space $X$ such that the natural map $J:H^2(X)\otimes H^2(X) -> H^1(X\otimes X)$ is not onto.
An Optimal Inequality For The Tangent FunctionMay 02 2012In this note we deal with some inequalities for the tangent function that are valid for $x$ in $(-\pi/2,\pi/2)$. These inequalities are optimal in the sense that the best values of the exponents involved are obtained.
The Sum of Certain Series Related to Harmonic NumbersOct 09 2010Mar 18 2012In this paper, we consider three families of numerical series with general terms containing the harmonic numbers, and we use simple methods from classical and complex analysis to find explicit formulas for their respective sums.
Partial Fraction Expansions for Newton's and Halley's Iterations for Square RootsApr 21 2011May 01 2011When Newton's method, or Halley's method is used to approximate the $p${th} root of $1-z$, a sequence of rational functions is obtained. In this paper, a beautiful formula for these rational functions is proved in the square root case, using an interesting ... More
Large-Scale Uniform Optical Focus Array Generation with a Phase Spatial Light ModulatorMar 22 2019We report a new method to generate uniform large-scale optical focus arrays (LOFAs). By identifying and removing undesired phase rotation in the iterative Fourier-transform algorithm (IFTA), our approach rapidly produces computer-generated holograms of ... More
An Adaptive Quasi-Continuum Approach for Modeling Fracture in Networked Materials: Application to Modeling of Polymer NetworksMay 21 2019Materials with network-like microstructure, including polymers, are the backbone for many natural and human-made materials such as gels, biological tissues, metamaterials, and rubbers. Fracture processes in these networked materials are intrinsically ... More
A New Approach to Decoding of Rational Irreducible Goppa codeMay 05 2013Mar 08 2014The interesting properties of classical Goppa code and its effective decoding algorithm (algorithm of patterson) make the most appropriate candidate for use in the MC Eliece cryptosystem. Information leakage which results from the relationship between ... More
On isogeny classes of Edwards curves over finite fieldsMar 17 2011We count the number of isogeny classes of Edwards curves over finite fields, answering a question recently posed by Rezaeian and Shparlinski. We also show that each isogeny class contains a {\em complete} Edwards curve, and that an Edwards curve is isogenous ... More
An efficient deterministic test for Kloosterman sum zerosApr 19 2011Apr 23 2012We propose a simple deterministic test for deciding whether or not an element $a \in \F_{2^n}^{\times}$ or $\F_{3^n}^{\times}$ is a zero of the corresponding Kloosterman sum over these fields, and rigorously analyse its runtime. The test seems to have ... More
Probing many-body dynamics on a 51-atom quantum simulatorJul 13 2017Nov 30 2017Controllable, coherent many-body systems can provide insights into the fundamental properties of quantum matter, enable the realization of new quantum phases and could ultimately lead to computational systems that outperform existing computers based on ... More
High-fidelity control and entanglement of Rydberg atom qubitsJun 12 2018Individual neutral atoms excited to Rydberg states are a promising platform for quantum simulation and quantum information processing. However, experimental progress to date has been limited by short coherence times and relatively low gate fidelities ... More
Deviation from Tri-Bimaximal Mixing and Large Reactor Mixing AngleNov 13 2011Jul 11 2013Recent observations for a non-zero $\theta_{13}$ have come from various experiments. We study a model of lepton mixing with a 2-3 flavor symmetry to accommodate the sizable $\theta_{13}$ measurement. In this work, we derive deviations from the tri-bimaximal ... More
Proposing LT based Search in PDM Systems for Better Information RetrievalFeb 09 2011PDM Systems contain and manage heavy amount of data but the search mechanism of most of the systems is not intelligent which can process user"s natural language based queries to extract desired information. Currently available search mechanisms in almost ... More
Fixed Phase Quantum Search AlgorithmApr 12 2007Oct 15 2007Building quantum devices using fixed operators is a must to simplify the hardware construction. Quantum search engine is not an exception. In this paper, a fixed phase quantum search algorithm that searches for M matches in an unstructured search space ... More
Hiding Quantum States in a SuperpositionJul 29 2008A method to hide certain quantum states in a superposition will be proposed. Such method can be used to increase the security of a communication channel. States represent an encrypted message will disappear during data exchange. This makes the message ... More
Tight Bounds on the Synthesis of 3-bit Reversible Circuits: NFT LibraryApr 21 2013Apr 25 2013The reversible circuit synthesis problem can be reduced to permutation group. This allows Schreier-Sims Algorithm for the strong generating set-finding problem to be used to find tight bounds on the synthesis of 3-bit reversible circuits using the NFT ... More
A Bounded-error Quantum Polynomial Time Algorithm for Two Graph Bisection ProblemsMay 23 2015The aim of the paper is to propose a bounded-error quantum polynomial time (BQP) algorithm for the max-bisection and the min-bisection problems. The max-bisection and the min-bisection problems are fundamental NP-hard problems. Given a graph with even ... More
Fine Selmer Groups, Heegner points and Anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensionsMar 22 2015Let $E/\mathbb{Q}$ be an elliptic curve, $p$ a prime and $K_{\infty}/K$ the anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extension of a quadratic imaginary field $K$ satisfying the Heegner hypothesis. In this paper we make a conjecture about the fine Selmer group over ... More
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Features: A Meta-analysis on User Review About Food Journaling AppsSep 28 2018Users review about an app is a crucial component for open mobile application market, such as the AppStore and the Google play. Analyzing these reviews can reveal user's sentiment towards a feature in the app. There exist several analytical tools to summarize ... More
Novel Quadrotor Manipulation SystemApr 10 2019This thesis introduces a novel quadrotor manipulation system that consists of 2-link manipulator attached to the bottom of a quadrotor. This new system presents a solution for the drawbacks found in the current quadrotor manipulation system which uses ... More
CKM Phenomenology and B-Meson Physics - Present Status and Current IssuesDec 21 2003We review the status of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix elements and the CP-violating phases in the CKM-unitarity triangle. The emphasis in these lecture notes is on $B$-meson physics, though we also review the current status and issues in ... More
Theoretical Interest in B-Meson Physics at the B factories, Tevatron and the LHCDec 06 2007We review the salient features of $B$-meson physics, with particular emphasis on the measurements carried out at the $B$-factories and Tevatron, theoretical progress in understanding these measurements in the context of the standard model, and anticipation ... More
A Brief Account of $B \to K^* \ell^+\ell^-$ Decay in Soft-Collinear Effective TheorySep 12 2006A brief account of the study of rare B decay $B \to K^\ast \ell^+ \ell^-$ using soft-collinear effective theory (SCET) is presented. Theoretical underpinning of this work is a factorization formula, derived to leading power in $1/m_b$ and valid to all ... More
TCP Congestion Control IdentificationNov 13 2014Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) carries most of the traffic on the Internet these days. There are several implementations of TCP, and the most important difference among them is their mechanism for controlling congestion. One of the methods for determining ... More
Axially Symmetric Null dust Spacetime, Naked Singularity and Cosmic Time MachineMay 16 2017In this article, we present a gravitational collapse null dust solution of the Einstein field equations. The spacetime is regular everywhere except on the symmetry axis where it possesses a naked curvature singularity, and admits one parameter isometry ... More
Cylindrically symmetric, Asymptotically flat, Petrov Type D spacetime with a Naked Curvature Singularity and Matter CollapseMar 01 2017We present a cylindrically symmetric, Petrov type D, nonexpanding, shear free and vorticity free solution of Einstein's field equations. The spacetime is asymptotically flat radially and regular everywhere except on the symmetry axis where it possesses ... More
Possible Contributions to the Bulk Casimir Energy in Heterotic M-theoryJul 03 2014Some possible ways for the study of the contributions of some background fields to the bulk Casimir energy have been probed in the framework of the 5D heterotic M-theory.
Cliquishness and Quasicontinuity of Two Variables MapsOct 03 2010We study the existence of continuity points for mappings $f: X\times Y\to Z$ whose $x$-sections $Y\ni y\to f(x,y)\in Z$ are fragmentable and $y$-sections $X\ni x\to f(x,y)\in Z$ are quasicontinuous, where $X$ is a Baire space and $Z$ is a metric space. ... More
Polar Cremona Transformations and Monodromy of PolynomialsMay 05 2007Consider the gradient map associated to any non-constant homogeneous polynomial $f\in \C[x_0,...,x_n]$ of degree $d$, defined by \[\phi_f=grad(f): D(f)\to \CP^n, (x_0:...:x_n)\to (f_0(x):...:f_n(x))\] where $D(f)=\{x\in \CP^n; f(x)\neq 0\}$ is the principal ... More
Strength and Weakness in Grover's Quantum Search AlgorithmNov 27 2008Grover's quantum search algorithm is considered as one of the milestone in the field of quantum computing. The algorithm can search for a single match in a database with $N$ records in $O(\sqrt{N})$ assuming that the item must exist in the database with ... More
Synthesis and Optimization of Reversible Circuits for Homogeneous Boolean FunctionsOct 02 2007Homogenous Boolean function is an essential part of any cryptographic system. The ability to construct an optimized reversible circuits for homogeneous Boolean functions might arise the possibility of building cryptographic system on novel computing paradigms ... More
AI 3D Cybug GamingSep 10 2010In this short paper I briefly discuss 3D war Game based on artificial intelligence concepts called AI WAR. Going in to the details, I present the importance of CAICL language and how this language is used in AI WAR. Moreover I also present a designed ... More
Designing Flexible GUI to Increase the Acceptance Rate of Product Data Management Systems in IndustryMar 06 2011Product Data Management (PDM) desktop and web based systems maintain the organizational technical and managerial data to increase the quality of products by improving the processes of development, business process flows, change management, product structure ... More
PDM based I-SOAS Data Warehouse DesignAug 07 2010This research paper briefly describes the industrial contributions of Product Data Management in any organization's technical and managerial data management. Then focusing on some current major PDM based problems i.e. Static and Unintelligent Search, ... More
The Pseudo Radiation Energy Amplifier (PREA) and the mean earth s ground temperatureNov 03 2008From the radiation balance diagram illustrating the IPCC reports one can estimate the power received by Earth from the sun at Pin = 342 W/m2 and the power consumed, remitted and reflected by the earth and its atmosphere at Pout = 599 kW/m2. It seems that ... More
Radio Frequency Identifiers: What are the Possibilities?May 27 2010This paper defines the components of radio frequency identifiers (RFID). It also explores the different areas and sectors where RFID can be beneficial. The paper discusses the uses and advantages of RFID in deference, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, ... More
Bound state eigenfunctions need to vanish faster than $|x|^{-3/2}$May 19 2016Jun 03 2016In quantum mechanics students are taught to practice that eigenfunction of a physical bound state must be continuous and vanishing asymptotically so that it is normalizable in $x\in (-\infty, \infty)$. Here we caution that such states may also give rise ... More
A Fast Quantum Algorithm for the Affine Boolean Function IdentificationJul 23 2014Jan 30 2015Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm (the one-query algorithm) can identify a completely specified linear Boolean function using a single query to the oracle with certainty. The first aim of the paper is to show that if the provided Boolean function is affine, ... More
Non-unitarity and non-reciprocity in scattering from real potentials in presence of confined non-linearityDec 11 2013Investigations of scattering in presence of non-linearity which have just begun require the confinement of both the potential, $V(x)$, and the non-linearity, $\gamma f(|\psi|)$. There could be two options for the confinement. One is the finite support ... More
Centre de Bernstein enrichi pour les groupes classiquesNov 08 2015In this article, we consider the links between parabolic induction and the local Langlands correspondence. We enunciate a conjecture about the (enhanced) Langlands parameters of supercuspidal representation of split reductives $p$-adics groups. We are ... More
Selmer groups and anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensionsNov 17 2014Jan 26 2015Let $E/\mathbb{Q}$ be an elliptic curve, $p$ a prime and $K_{\infty}/K$ the anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extension of a quadratic imaginary field $K$ satisfying the Heegner hypothesis. In this paper we give a new proof to a theorem of Bertolini which ... More
Proof of the Aubert-Baum-Plymen-Solleveld conjecture for split classical groupsApr 14 2016In this paper we prove the Aubert-Baum-Plymen-Solleveld conjecture for the split classical groups and establish the connection with the Langlands correspondence. To do this, we review the notion of cuspidality for enhanced Langlands parameters and also ... More
Domain Specific Design Patterns: Designing For Conversational User InterfacesFeb 25 2018Designing conversational user interface experience is complicated because conversation comes with many expectations. When these expectations are met, we feel the interface is natural, but once violated, we feel something is amiss. The last decade witnessed ... More
Lexical Normalisation of Twitter DataSep 16 2014Sep 20 2015Twitter with over 500 million users globally, generates over 100,000 tweets per minute . The 140 character limit per tweet, perhaps unintentionally, encourages users to use shorthand notations and to strip spellings to their bare minimum "syllables" or ... More
Axial symmetry $Λ=0$ Type N space-time with a naked singularity and Closed Time-like CurvesApr 26 2019A family of $\Lambda=0$ type N exact solution of the Einstein's field equations, regular everywhere except on the symmetry axis where it possesses a naked curvature singularity, is presented. The stress energy tensor the anisotropic fluid coupled with ... More
Assistive System in Conversational Agent for Health Coaching: The CoachAI ApproachApr 25 2019With increasing physicians' workload and patients' needs for care, there is a need for technology that facilitates physicians work and performs continues follow-up with patients. Existing approaches focus merely on improving patient's condition, and none ... More
Cylindrical symmetry, non-rotating and non-static or static black hole solution and the naked singularitiesApr 08 2019In this work, a four-dimensional cylindrical symmetry and nonstatic or static space-times in the backgrounds of anti-de Sitter (AdS) space with perfect stiff fluid, anisotropic fluid as the stress-energy tensor, is presented. For suitable parameter conditions ... More
Comparison of Self-monitoring Feedback Data from Electronic Food and Nutrition Tracking ToolsApr 17 2019Changing dietary habits and keeping food diary encourages fewer calorie consumption, and thus weight loss. Studies have shown that people who keep food diary are more successful in losing weight and keeping it off. However, no study has investigated the ... More
Holographic Quantum Error Correction and the Projected Black Hole InteriorOct 04 2018Oct 07 2018The quantum error correction interpretation of AdS/CFT establishes a sense of fluidity to the bulk/boundary dictionary. We show how this property can be utilized to construct a dictionary for operators behind horizons of pure black holes. We demonstrate ... More
The next nearest neighbor effect on the 2D materials propertiesNov 01 2011In this work, the effect of introducing next nearest neighbor (NNN) hopping to the 2D materials was studied using the graphene 2D honeycomb two sublattice as an example. It is found that introducing NNN to the 2D materials removes the symmetry around ... More
Understanding of hopping matrix for 2D materials taking 2D honeycomb and square lattices as study casesOct 29 2011In this work, a trial understanding for the physics underling the construction of exchange (hopping) matrix $\mathbf{E}$ in Heisenberg model (tight binding model) for 2D materials is done. It is found that the $\mathbf{E}$ matrix describes the particles ... More
Review of Heavy Quark Physics - theoryDec 09 2004Recent progress in the theory of B-meson decays is reviewed with emphasis on the aspects related to the B-factory data.
Tetraquark interpretation of $e^+ e^- \to Υπ^+π^-$ Belle data and $e^+ e^- \to b \bar{b}$ BaBar dataJan 04 2011We summarize the main features of the spectroscopy, production and decays of the $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ tetraquarks in the $b\bar{b}$ sector, concentrating on the lowest state called $Y_b(10890)$. The tetraquark framework is used to analyze the BaBar data on ... More
Blind Deconvolution using Modulated InputsNov 20 2018This paper considers the blind deconvolution of multiple modulated signals/filters, and an arbitrary filter/signal. Multiple inputs $\boldsymbol{s}_1, \boldsymbol{s}_2, \ldots, \boldsymbol{s}_N =: [\boldsymbol{s}_n]$ are modulated (pointwise multiplied) ... More
Ricci-Gauss-Bonnet Holographic Dark Energy in Chern-Simons Modified GravityJan 11 2019We discuss the recently suggested Ricci-Gauss-Bonnet holographic dark energy in Chern-Simons modified gravity. To reach a deterministic solution, some general forms of the scale factor have been tested and two physically reasonable forms have been used: ... More
Data-Free/Data-Sparse Softmax Parameter Estimation with Structured Class GeometriesJun 03 2018Jul 22 2018This note considers softmax parameter estimation when little/no labeled training data is available, but a priori information about the relative geometry of class label log-odds boundaries is available. It is shown that `data-free' softmax model synthesis ... More
A minimum principle for plurisubharmonic functionsJan 03 2007The main goal of this work is to give new and precise generalizations to various classes of plurisubharmonic functions of the classical minimum modulus principle for holomorphic functions of one complex variable, in the spirit of the famous lemma of Cartan-Boutroux. ... More
Optimal Random Access and Random Spectrum Sensing for an Energy Harvesting Cognitive RadioAug 28 2012We consider a secondary user with energy harvesting capability. We design access schemes for the secondary user which incorporate random spectrum sensing and random access, and which make use of the primary automatic repeat request (ARQ) feedback. The ... More
On a joint $(m, (q_1, ..., q_d))$-partial isometries and a joint $m$-invertible $d$-tuple of operators on a Hilbert spaceFeb 26 2016The aim of the present paper is, firstly we study the concepts of (m, (q_1, ..., q_d))- partial isometries on a Hilbert space, secondly, we introduce the notion of m- invertibility of tuples of operators as a natural generalization of the m-invertibility ... More
Multiparticle Production in Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions at High EnerghDec 18 2001We present and discuss results on multiplicity and angular distributions of shower particles produced in silicon-nucleus collisions at 4.5 A GeV/c. These results are compared with those obtained for different values of impact parameter. Shower width distribution ... More
Fibre Products of Supersingular Curves and the Enumeration of Irreducible Polynomials with Prescribed CoefficientsMay 23 2016Aug 09 2016For any positive integers $n\geq 3, r\geq 1$ we present formulae for the number of irreducible polynomials of degree $n$ over the finite field $\mathbb{F}_{2^r}$ where the coefficients of $x^{n-1}$, $x^{n-2}$ and $x^{n-3}$ are zero. Our proofs involve ... More
On the Sum-Product Problem on Elliptic CurvesJun 03 2008Let $\E$ be an ordinary elliptic curve over a finite field $\F_{q}$ of $q$ elements and $x(Q)$ denote the $x$-coordinate of a point $Q = (x(Q),y(Q))$ on $\E$. Given an $\F_q$-rational point $P$ of order $T$, we show that for any subsets $\cA, \cB$ of ... More
Cooperative Cognitive Relaying with Ordered Cognitive Multiple AccessAug 28 2012We investigate a cognitive radio system with two secondary users who can cooperate with the primary user in relaying its packets to the primary receiver. In addition to its own queue, each secondary user has a queue to keep the primary packets that are ... More
A Middleware road towards Web (Grid) ServicesSep 21 2010Middleware technologies is a very big field, containing a strong already done research as well as the currently running research to confirm already done research's results and the to have some new solution by theoretical as well as the experimental (practical) ... More
Aero Fighter - 2D GamingSep 10 2010Designing and developing quality based computer game is always a challenging task for developers. In this paper I briefly discuss aero fighting war game based on simple 2D gaming concepts and developed in C & C++ programming languages, using old bitmapping ... More
Home AutomationSep 10 2010In this paper I briefly discuss the importance of home automation system. Going in to the details I briefly present a real time designed and implemented software and hardware oriented house automation research project, capable of automating house's electricity ... More
Towards Performance Measurement And Metrics Based Analysis of PLA ApplicationsJul 29 2010This article is about a measurement analysis based approach to help software practitioners in managing the additional level complexities and variabilities in software product line applications. The architecture of the proposed approach i.e. ZAC is designed ... More
Gaussian-random Ensembles of Pseudo-Hermitian MatricesJul 20 2004Attention has been brought to the possibility that statistical fluctuation properties of several complex spectra, or, well-known number sequences may display strong signatures that the Hamiltonian yielding them as eigenvalues is PT-symmetric (Pseudo-Hermitian). ... More
A practice problem for Schr{ö}dinger transmissionSep 24 2003We present the case of quantal transmission through a smooth, single-piece exponential potential, $V(x)=-V_0 e^{x/a}$, in contrast to the piece-wise continuous potentials, as a pedagogic model to demonstrate the analytic extraction of transmission (reflection) ... More
Eigenvalue problems for the complex PT-symmetric potential V(x)= igxSep 28 2006Nov 21 2006The spectrum of complex PT-symmetric potential, $V(x)=igx$, is known to be null. We enclose this potential in a hard-box: $V(|x| \ge 1) =\infty $ and in a soft-box: $V(|x|\ge 1)=0$. In the former case, we find real discrete spectrum and the exceptional ... More
Pseudo-reality and pseudo-adjointness of HamiltoniansJun 13 2003We define pseudo-reality and pseudo-adjointness of a Hamiltonian, $H$, as $\rho H \rho^{-1}=H^\ast$ and $\mu H \mu^{-1}=H^\prime$, respectively. We prove that the former yields the {\it necessary} condition for spectrum to be real whereas the latter helps ... More
The Great Season Climatic Oscillation and the Global WarmingAug 06 2008The present earth warming up is often explained by the atmosphere gas greenhouse effect. This explanation is in contradiction with the thermodynamics second law. The warming up by greenhouse effect is quite improbable. It is cloud reflection that gives ... More
Origin of the numerals, Al biruni testimonyJul 22 2007The origin of the numerals that we inherited from the arabo-Islamic civilization remained one enigma. The hypothesis of the Indian origin remained, with controversies, without serious rival. It was the dominant hypothesis since more of one century. Its ... More
PT-symmetry and TransparencyAug 06 2013Sep 25 2014It is known that the perfect absorption of two identical waves incident on a complex potential from left and right can occur at a fixed real energy and that the time-reversed setting of this system would act as a laser at threshold at the same energy. ... More
A Single Universal n-bit Gate for Reversible Circuit SynthesisJun 05 2013Many universal reversible libraries that contain more than one gate type have been proposed in the literature. Practical implementation of reversible circuits is much easier if a single gate type is used in the circuit construction. This paper proposes ... More
Do scale-invariant fluctuations imply the breaking of de Sitter invariance?Mar 14 2012The quantization of the massless minimally coupled (mmc) scalar field in de Sitter spacetime is known to be a non-trivial problem due to the appearance of strong infrared (IR) effects. In particular, the scale-invariance of the CMB power-spectrum - certainly ... More
Coherent perfect absorption with and without lasing in complex potentialsApr 07 2014Aug 25 2014We prove that coherent perfect absorption (CPA) without lasing is {\bf not} possible in the PT-symmetric domain as the s-matrix is such that $|\det S(\pm k)|=1$. We study coherent scattering from three complex potentials, one solved analytically and the ... More
Inaccessible Jonson Cardinals and Stationary ReflectionJan 08 2019Given an inaccessible J\'onsson cardinal $\lambda$, the question of how Mahlo $\lambda$ must be goes back to Shelah in Cardinal Arithmetic. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made on this problem beyond the results in Sh413, and this is potentially ... More
Reflecting on Inaccessible Jónsson CardinalsJan 08 2019Apr 04 2019Given an inaccessible cardinal $\lambda$, a sequence of results due to Shelah from Cardinal Arithmetic and Sh413 tell us that $\lambda$ must be at least $\lambda\times\omega$-Mahlo. We may then ask ourselves whether we can improve this bound, and unfortunately ... More
Can a Chatbot Determine My Diet?: Addressing Challenges of Chatbot Application for Meal RecommendationFeb 25 2018Poor nutrition can lead to reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development, and reduced productivity. A conversational agent can support people as a virtual coach, however building such systems still have ... More
Centre de Bernstein dual pour les groupes classiquesNov 08 2015Jul 18 2017In this article, we consider the links between parabolic induction and the local Langlands correspondence. We enunciate a conjecture about the (enhanced) Langlands parameters of supercuspidal representation of split reductives $p$-adics groups. We are ... More
Multiquark Hadrons - A New Facet of QCDMay 19 2016I review some selected aspects of the phenomenology of multiquark states discovered in high energy experiments. They have four valence quarks (called tetraquarks) and two of them are found to have five valence quarks (called pentaquarks), extending the ... More
Search for the lepton-family-number nonconserving decay μ-> e + γNov 08 2001The MEGA experiment, which searched for the muon- and electron-number violating decay \mu -> e + \gamma, is described. The spectrometer system, the calibrations, the data taking procedures, the data analysis, and the sensitivity of the experiment are ... More
Some Properties of Bilayer Graphene NanoribbonsJun 17 2013In this work the tight binding model calculations are carried out for AA-Bilayer Graphene nanoribbons as an example of bilayer systems. The effects of edges, NNN hopping, and impurities of a single layer are introduced numerically as a change in the elements ... More