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Harvesting Full-Duplex Rate Gains in Cellular Networks with Half-Duplex User TerminalsNov 01 2015Feb 28 2016Full-Duplex (FD) transceivers may be expensive in terms of complexity, power consumption, and price to be implemented in all user terminals. Therefore, techniques to exploit in-band full-duplex communication with FD base stations (BSs) and half-duplex ... More
Flexible Design for $α$-Duplex Communications in Multi-Tier Cellular NetworksNov 24 2015Apr 20 2016Backward compatibility is an essential ingredient for the success of new technologies. In the context of in-band full-duplex (FD) communication, FD base stations (BSs) should support half-duplex (HD) users' equipment (UEs) without sacrificing the foreseen ... More
SINR and Throughput of Dense Cellular Networks with Stretched Exponential Path LossMar 23 2017Nov 20 2017Distance-based attenuation is a critical aspect of wireless communications. As opposed to the ubiquitous power-law path loss model, this paper proposes a stretched exponential path loss model that is suitable for short-range communication. In this model, ... More
Stability and Metastability of Traffic Dynamics in Uplink Random Access NetworksJun 11 2019We characterize the stability, metastability, and the stationary regime of traffic dynamics in a single-cell uplink wireless system. The traffic is represented in terms of spatial birth-death processes, in which users arrive as a Poisson point process ... More
A Unified Asymptotic Analysis of Area Spectral Efficiency in Ultradense Cellular NetworksDec 20 2017Apr 11 2018This paper studies the asymptotic properties of average area spectral efficiency (ASE) of a downlink cellular network in the limit of very dense base station (BS) and user densities. This asymptotic analysis relies on three assumptions: (1) interference ... More
Can Uplink Transmissions Survive in Full-duplex Cellular Environments?Apr 09 2016In-band full-duplex (FD) communication is considered a potential candidate to be adopted by the fifth generation (5G) cellular networks. FD communication renders the entire spectrum simultaneously accessible by uplink and downlink, and hence, is optimistically ... More
In-Band Full-Duplex Communications for Cellular Networks with Partial Uplink/Downlink OverlapAug 12 2015Aug 25 2015In-band full-duplex (FD) communications have been optimistically promoted to improve the spectrum utilization in cellular networks. However, the explicit impact of spatial interference, imposed by FD communications, on uplink and downlink transmissions ... More
In-Band $α$-Duplex Scheme for Cellular Networks: A Stochastic Geometry ApproachSep 03 2015Jul 11 2016In-band full-duplex (FD) communications have been optimistically promoted to improve the spectrum utilization and efficiency. However, the penetration of FD communications to the cellular networks domain is challenging due to the imposed uplink/downlink ... More
Modeling Cellular Networks in Fading Environments with Dominant Specular ComponentsFeb 11 2016Feb 16 2016Stochastic geometry (SG) has been widely accepted as a fundamental tool for modeling and analyzing cellular networks. However, the fading models used with SG analysis are mainly confined to the simplistic Rayleigh fading, which is extended to the Nakagami-m ... More
Grip-Aware Analog mmWave Beam Codebook Adaptation for 5G Mobile HandsetsAug 02 2019This paper studies the effect of the user hand grip on the design of beamforming codebooks for 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) mobile handsets. The high-frequency structure simulator (HFSS) is used to characterize the radiation fields for fourteen possible ... More
Beam Codebook Design for 5G mmWave TerminalsAug 02 2019A beam codebook of 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) for data communication consists of multiple high-peak-gain beams to compensate the high pathloss at the mmWave bands. These beams also have to point to different angular directions, such that by performing ... More
The novel reseraches toward the proof of the Goldbach's conjecture by the novel functions, the novel conjecture, the Riemann zeta function, and the novel experimental computationsMay 25 2016In this paper, at first two new functions are given then three new functions are developed based on the first two functions. Using these functions accompanied by a novel method, we make a conjecture to prove "every even integer greater than 2 can be represented ... More
Holographic Scalar Fields Models of Dark EnergyJun 26 2011Nov 02 2011Many theoretical attempts toward reconstructing the potential and dynamics of the scalar fields have been done in the literature by establishing a connection between holographic/agegraphic energy density and a scalar field model of dark energy. However, ... More
A Five Dimensional Space Without Local Lorentz InvarianceMar 24 2011A five dimensional space without invariance under local Lorentz transformations is studied, and the transformations under which the theory is invariant are introduced. We show that the Lorentz force is included in the ensuing equations of motion. The ... More
A note on the three dimensional sine--Gordon equationDec 04 1996Using a simple ansatz for the solutions of the three dimensional generalization of the sine--Gordon and Toda model introduced by Konopelchenko and Rogers, a class of solutions is found by elementary methods. It is also shown that these equations are not ... More
The Generalized Quantization Schemes for Games and its Application to Quantum InformationDec 09 2010Theory of quantum games is relatively new to the literature and its applications to various areas of research are being explored. It is a novel interpretation of strategies and decisions in quantum domain. In the earlier work on quantum games considerable ... More
Quantum Sensor Duplicating the Robins ProcedureJun 28 2019Jul 10 2019In this article, we design a quantum device to duplicate the Robins procedure. The Robins use a unique method to determine the migratory direction. In the procedure utilized, the important issue is the effect of the geomagnetic field on the magnetic momentum ... More
Local monotonicity for the Yang-Mills-Higgs flowJun 05 2015A local monotonicity formula for the Yang-Mills-Higgs flow on $G$-bundles over $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ ($n>4$) is proved. It is shown that the monotone quantity co\"incides on certain self-similar solutions with that appearing in existing non-local monotonicity ... More
Rotating Black Holes in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton GravityNov 28 2007May 10 2008We present a new class of slowly rotating black hole solutions in $(n+1)$-dimensional $(n\geq3)$ Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity in the presence of Liouville-type potential for the dilaton field and an arbitrary value of the dilaton coupling constant. ... More
Thermodynamical properties of topological Born-Infeld-dilaton black holesJan 27 2008We examine the $(n+1)$-dimensional $(n\geq3)$ action in which gravity is coupled to the Born-Infeld nonlinear electrodynamic and a dilaton field. We construct a new $(n+1)$-dimensional analytic solution of this theory in the presence of Liouville-type ... More
Higher dimensional charged $f(R)$ black holesSep 13 2012We construct a new class of higher dimensional black hole solutions of $f(R)$ theory coupled to a nonlinear Maxwell field. In deriving these solutions the traceless property of the energy-momentum tensor of the matter filed plays a crucial role. In $n$-dimensional ... More
Thermodynamics of the apparent horizon in infrared modified Horava-Lifshitz gravityJan 16 2013Jan 20 2013It is well known that by applying the first law of thermodynamics to the apparent horizon of a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe, one can derive the corresponding Friedmann equations in Einstein, Gauss-Bonnet, and more general Lovelock gravity. Is this ... More
Interacting holographic dark energy in Brans-Dicke theoryJul 31 2009Oct 03 2009We study cosmological application of interacting holographic energy density in the framework of Brans-Dicke cosmology. We obtain the equation of state and the deceleration parameter of the holographic dark energy in a non-flat universe. As system's IR ... More
Charged rotating dilaton black strings in AdS spacesSep 06 2008We derive a class of charged rotating dilaton black string solutions in the background of anti-de-Sitter spaces with an appropriate combination of three Liouville-type dilaton potentials. We also present the suitable counterterm which removes the divergences ... More
Thermodynamics of apparent horizon and modified Friedman equationsDec 02 2010Starting from the first law of thermodynamics, $dE=T_hdS_h+WdV$, at apparent horizon of a FRW universe, and assuming that the associated entropy with apparent horizon has a quantum corrected relation, $S=\frac{A}{4G}-\alpha \ln \frac{A}{4G}+\beta \frac{4G}{A}$, ... More
On solutions of some of unsolved problems in number theory, specifically on the distribution of primesMay 05 2016Jun 05 2016We solve some famous conjectures on the distribution of primes. These conjectures are to be listed as Legendre's, Andrica's, Oppermann's, Brocard's, Cram\'{e}r's, Shanks', and five Smarandache's conjectures. We make use of both Firoozbakht's conjecture ... More
Werner-like States and Strategic Form of Quantum GamesJul 21 2013We quantize prisoners dilemma, chicken game and battle of sexes to explore the effect of quantization on their strategic form. The games start with Werner-like state as an initial state. We show that for the measurement in entangled basis the strategic ... More
Quantum State Tomography and Quantum GamesNov 03 2009Jul 27 2011We develop a technique for single qubit quantum state tomography using the mathematical setup of generalized quantization scheme for games. In our technique Alice sends an unknown pure quantum state to Bob who appends it with |0><0| and then applies the ... More
Cardinal functions on continuous images of orderable compacta and applicationsJul 26 2012Nov 13 2016The class of Hausdorff spaces that are continuous images of compact orderable spaces is studied by analyzing the relationship between the elements of this class and compact orderable spaces in a back-and-forth fashion. Structure results for this class ... More
Critical exponent for damped wave equations with nonlinear memoryApr 22 2010Sep 07 2010We consider the Cauchy problem in $\mathbb{R}^n,$ $n\geq 1,$ for a semilinear damped wave equation with nonlinear memory. Global existence and asymptotic behavior as $t\rightarrow\infty$ of small data solutions have been established in the case when $1\leq ... More
Every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two primes provided Riemann hypothesis holdsMay 25 2016Nov 08 2017We solve Goldbach's conjecture for all the evens greater than 2. This solution is based upon the proof of Sabihi's first and second conjectures (my own conjectures on Goldbach's one) and Riemann Hypothesis is supposed to be correct. Our essential method ... More
Thermodynamics of interacting holographic dark energy with apparent horizon as an IR cutoffOct 03 2009Nov 29 2009As soon as an interaction between holographic dark energy and dark matter is taken into account, the identification of IR cutoff with Hubble radius $H^{-1}$, in flat universe, can simultaneously drive accelerated expansion and solve the coincidence problem. ... More
Skyrme-Faddeev Lagrangian from reformulated Georgi-Glashow modelSep 19 2016Recently we proposed a decomposition for fields of Georgi-Glashow model and we interpreted Cho's decomposition as a result of some constraints on Georgi-Glashow's fields. These constraints, vacuum conditions, reduce the terms of Hamiltonian and energy ... More
Friedmann equations from emergence of cosmic spaceApr 10 2013Apr 18 2013Padmanabhan [arXiv:1206.4916] argues that the cosmic acceleration can be understood from the perspective that spacetime dynamics is an emergence phenomena. By calculating the difference between the surface degrees of freedom and the bulk degrees of freedom ... More
Prisoners' Dilemma in Presence of Collective DephasingJul 22 2013We quantize prisoner dilemma in presence of collective dephasing with dephasing rate $\gamma $. It is shown that for two parameters set of strategies $Q\otimes Q$ is Nash equilibrium below a cut-off value of time. Beyond this cut-off it bifurcates into ... More
Measurement of the W + jets and Z + jets Cross Section with the ATLAS detectorOct 18 2009The study of W or Z boson with accompanying hadronic jets in final states is of high importance at hadron colliders both to understand Standard Model processes and to measure background to Beyond Standard Model physics searches. The presence of one or ... More
Generalised Object Detection and Semantic Analysis: Casino Example using MatlabSep 17 2011Matlab version 7.1 had been used to detect playing cards on a Casino table and the suits and ranks of these cards had been identified. The process gives an example of an application of computer vision to a problem where rectangular objects are to be detected ... More
Observational Constraints on Nfields Phantom Power-LawJul 31 2012Feb 24 2014We investigate the analytical behavior of many scalar fields working collectively, where {\phi} i is the ith scalar field. Furthermore, we evaluate its parameter values by applying certain constraints on our model parameters, and then compare these values ... More
On the Firoozbakht's conjectureMar 28 2016Jun 05 2016This paper proves Firoozbakht's conjecture using Rosser and Schoenfelds' inequality on the distribution of primes. This inequality is valid for all natural numbers ${n\geq 21}$. Firoozbakht's conjecture states that if $ {p_{n}}$ and ${p_{(n+1)}}$ are ... More
Finite time blow up for wave equations with strong damping in an exterior domainMay 19 2019We consider the initial boundary value problem in exterior domain for strongly damped wave equations with power type nonlinearity |u|^p. We will establish blow-up results under some conditions on the initial data and the exponent p.
Monotonicity for p-harmonic vector bundle-valued k-formsJun 10 2015We investigate monotonicity properties of $p$-harmonic vector bundle-valued $k$-forms by studying the energy-momentum tensor associated with such a form. As a consequence, we obtain a unified proof of the monotonicity formul{\ae} for $p$-harmonic maps ... More
On k(D)-blocksSep 23 2014Sep 24 2014The objective of this research paper is to study the relationship between a block of a finite group and a defect group of such block. We define a new notion which is called a strongly $k(D)$-block and give a necessary and sufficient condition of a block ... More
An approach towards the proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integersMay 28 2016We approach a new proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integers by applying the Dirichlet's series. Using the Perron formula and the Residue Theorem in complex variable integration, one could show that any large even integer ... More
Thermodynamics of charged topological dilaton black holesSep 23 2007Oct 15 2007A class of $(n+1)$-dimensional topological black hole solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory with Liouville-type potentials for the dilaton field is presented. In these spacetimes, black hole horizon and cosmological horizon can be an $(n-1)$-dimensional ... More
Cardinal characteristics and monotonically normal compactaJul 26 2012Hausdorff spaces that are continuous images of a compact linearly ordered topological spaces are studied by employing a back-and-forth argument (between such spaces and compact linearly ordered topological spaces).
Interacting new agegraphic dark energy in non-flat Brans-Dicke cosmologyAug 05 2009Dec 19 2009We construct a cosmological model of late acceleration based on the new agegraphic dark energy model in the framework of Brans-Dicke cosmology where the new agegraphic energy density $\rho_{D}= 3n^2 m^2_p /\eta^{2}$ is replaced with $\rho_{D}= {3n^2\phi^2}/({4\omega ... More
Toroidal solutions in Horava GravityMay 06 2009Feb 24 2011Recently a new four-dimensional non relativistic renormalizable theory of gravity was proposed by Horava. This gravity reduces to Einstein gravity at large distances. In this paper by using the new action for gravity we present different toroidal solutions ... More
Agegraphic Chaplygin gas model of dark energyFeb 07 2010We establish a connection between the agegraphic models of dark energy and Chaplygin gas energy density in non-flat universe. We reconstruct the potential of the agegraphic scalar field as well as the dynamics of the scalar field according to the evolution ... More
Interacting agegraphic dark energy models in non-flat universeJul 29 2009Sep 12 2009A so-called "agegraphic dark energy" was recently proposed to explain the dark energy-dominated universe. In this Letter, we generalize the agegraphic dark energy models to the universe with spatial curvature in the presence of interaction between dark ... More
A Lorentz Gauge Theory of GravityDec 03 2014Dec 13 2015We present a Lorentz gauge theory of gravity in which the metric is not dynamical. Spherically symmetric weak field solutions are studied. We show that this solution contains the Schwarzschild spacetime at least to the first order of perturbation. Next, ... More
Gravitational waves from scale-invariant vector dark matter model: Probing below the neutrino-floorJul 21 2019We study the gravitational waves (GWs) spectrum produced during the electroweak phase transition in a scale-invariant extension of the Standard Model (SM), enlarged by a dark $ U(1)_{D} $ gauge symmetry. This symmetry incorporates a vector dark matter ... More
Quantum Sensor Duplicating the Robins ProcedureJun 28 2019In this article, we design a quantum device to duplicate the Robins procedure. It is known that the Robins use the unique method to determine the migratory direction. In the procedure utilized, the important issue is the effect of the geomagnetic field ... More
A Simulation Experiment on a Built-In Self Test Equipped with Pseudorandom Test Pattern Generator and Multi-Input Shift Register (MISR)Feb 04 2011This paper investigates the impact of the changes of the characteristic polynomials and initial loadings, on behaviour of aliasing errors of parallel signature analyzer (Multi-Input Shift Register), used in an LFSR based digital circuit testing technique. ... More
Reciprocity Independent Lorentz TransformationDec 18 2006We have defined slowness (or reciprocal velocity, corresponding to velocity v) as cc/v, where c is the speed of light. It is observed that the relative velocity remains invariant if the velocities are replaced by corresponding slownesses i.e. relative ... More
An analytical proof for Lehmer's totient conjecture using Mertens' theoremsAug 25 2016We make an analytical proof for Lehmer's totient conjecture. Lehmer conjectured that there is no solution for the congruence equation $n-1\equiv 0~(mod~\phi(n))$ with composite integers,$n$, where $\phi(n)$ denotes Euler's totient function. He also showed ... More
On solutions of some of unsolved problems in number theory, specifically on the distribution of primesMay 05 2016Jan 15 2018We solve some famous conjectures on the distribution of primes. These conjectures are to be listed as Legendre's, Andrica's, Oppermann's, Brocard's, Cram\'{e}r's, Shanks', and five Smarandache's conjectures. We make use of both Firoozbakht's conjecture ... More
Finite time blow up for wave equations with strong damping in an exterior domainApr 05 2018We consider the initial boundary value problem in exterior domain for semilinear wave equations with power-type nonlinearity |u| p. We will establish blow-up results when p is less than or equal to Strauss' exponent which is the same one for the whole ... More
A Novel Method for Drawing a Circle Tangent to Three Circles Lying on a Plane by Straightedge,Compass,and Inversion CirclesMay 31 2019In this paper, we present a novel method to draw a circle tangent to three given circles lying on a plane. Using the analytic geometry and inversion (reflection) theorems, the center and radius of the inversion circle are obtained. Inside any one of the ... More
Topological Born-Infeld-dilaton black holesOct 20 2007Feb 09 2008We construct a new analytic solution of Einstein-Born-Infeld-dilaton theory in the presence of Liouville-type potentials for the dilaton field. These solutions describe dilaton black holes with nontrivial topology and nonlinear electrodynamics. Black ... More
Entropic Corrections to Friedmann EquationsMar 30 2010Apr 27 2010Recently, Verlinde discussed that gravity can be understood as an entropic force caused by changes in the information associated with the positions of material bodies. In the Verlinde's argument, the area law of the black hole entropy plays a crucial ... More
Brane-Bulk energy exchange and agegraphic dark energyAug 09 2009Feb 06 2010We consider the agegraphic models of dark energy in a braneworld scenario with brane-bulk energy exchange. We assume that the adiabatic equation for the dark matter is satisfied while it is violated for the agegraphic dark energy due to the energy exchange ... More
Magnetic dilaton strings in anti-de Sitter spacesSep 07 2008Dec 22 2008With an appropriate combination of three Liouville-type dilaton potentials, we construct a new class of spinning magnetic dilaton string solutions which produces a longitudinal magnetic field in the background of anti-de Sitter spacetime. These solutions ... More
Ellipsoidal anisotropies in linear elasticity Extension of Saint Venant's work to phenomenological modelling of materialsDec 23 2010Several families of elastic anisotropies were introduced by Saint Venant (1863) for which the polar diagram of elastic parameters in different directions of the material (indicator surface) are ellipsoidal. These families recover a large variety of models ... More
Comment on "Learning to Build the Bomb"Aug 06 2008According to Alisa Carrigan's opinion in Physics Today Dec 2007, to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons, certain rules should be set to prevent the spread of a particular kind of knowledge. Here, I argue that a knowledge blockade does not work, and ... More
The strategic form of quantum prisoners' dilemmaJul 21 2013In its normal form prisoners' dilemma (PD) is represented by a payoff matrix showing players strategies and payoffs. To obtain distinguishing trait and strategic form of PD certain constraints are imposed on the elements of its payoff matrix. We quantize ... More
The basis problem for subspaces of monotonically normal compactaFeb 17 2012Jul 21 2016We prove, assuming Souslin's Hypothesis, that each uncountable subspace of each zero-dimensional monotonically normal compact space contains an uncountable subset of the real line with either the metric, the Sorgenfrey, or the discrete topology.
Measurements of associated production of vector bosons and jets in CMSOct 13 2017The most recent results of Standard Model physics using 8 and 13 TeV proton-proton collision data recorded by the CMS detector during the LHC Runs I and II are reviewed. This overview includes studies of several results of vector boson production in association ... More
Reciprocal Symmetry and Classical Discrete Oscillator Incorporating Half-Integral Energy LevelsApr 02 2007Classical oscillator differential equation is replaced by the corresponding (finite time) difference equation. The equation is, then, symmetrized so that it remains invariant under the change d going to -d, where d is the smallest span of time. This symmetric ... More
Reciprocal Symmetry and the Origin of SpinFeb 14 2007We have shown that Reciprocal Symmetric transformation shares the algebraic properties of Dirac Electron Theory more than Lorentz transformation and that the origin of spin is in Reciprocal Symmetry.
Reciprocal Symmetry and Equivalence between Relativistic and Quantum Mechanical ConceptsNov 11 2006We have defined slowness (or reciprocal velocity) corresponding to v as cc/v, where c is the speed of light and v is the corresponding velocity. Velocity and slowness are images of each other. Reciprocal symmetric law of addition of velocities fulfils ... More
Scale-invariant Majorana dark matter in leptoquark-Higgs portalsApr 08 2019Jun 10 2019We study a classically scale-invariant extension of the Standard Model (SM) containing three additional fields, a vector leptoquark ($ V_{\mu} $), a real scalar ($ \phi $), and a neutral Majorana fermion ($ \chi $) as a dark matter (DM) candidate. The ... More
Distributed Navigation of Multi-Robot Systems For Sensing CoverageSep 29 2016This research investigates decentralized control of mobile robots specifically for coverage problems. There are different approaches associated with decentralized control strategy for coverage control problems. We perform a comparative review of these ... More
Modified Friedmann Equations from Tsallis EntropyJun 07 2018Aug 03 2018It was shown by Tsallis and Cirto that thermodynamical entropy of a gravitational system such as black hole must be generalized to the non-additive entropy, which is given by $S_h=\gamma A^{\beta}$, where $A$ is the horizon area and $\beta$ is the nonextensive ... More
Cosmological evolution of the proton-to-electron mass ratio in an extended Brans-Dicke theoryJun 05 2018Feb 09 2019We study variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio $ \mu=m_{p}/m_{e} $ by incorporating standard model (SM) of particle physics into an extended Brans-Dicke theory. We show that the evolution of the Higgs vacuum expectation value (VEV), with expansion ... More
Vacuum of the Standard Model and its Cosmological AspectsSep 14 2017Recently, we have proposed a definition for the vacuum and suggest a mechanism for symmetry breaking. In this mechanism extra massless fields, vacuum fields, arise. We apply our method to the standard model of particle physics and obtain vacuum sector ... More
Vacuum and Symmetry Breaking: New ApproachSep 12 2017Mar 22 2018We propose a new mechanism for symmetry breaking in which, apart from particle degrees of freedom, topological degrees of freedom also emerge. In this method, a decomposition for the fields of the Yang-Mills-Higgs theory is introduced and Lagrangian is ... More
Continuum elastic model of fullerenes and the sphericity of the carbon onion shellsAug 30 2016A continuum elastic model of fullerenes is presented by utilizing the analogy between the closed carbon cages and elastic shells. We derive expressions for the curvature related strain energies Ep of the pentagonal protrusions. We propose to explain the ... More
Subjectivity Classification using Machine Learning Techniques for Mining Feature-Opinion Pairs from Web Opinion SourcesDec 25 2013Due to flourish of the Web 2.0, web opinion sources are rapidly emerging containing precious information useful for both customers and manufactures. Recently, feature based opinion mining techniques are gaining momentum in which customer reviews are processed ... More
Review Mining for Feature Based Opinion Summarization and VisualizationApr 13 2015Apr 23 2015The application and usage of opinion mining, especially for business intelligence, product recommendation, targeted marketing etc. have fascinated many research attentions around the globe. Various research efforts attempted to mine opinions from customer ... More
An approach towards the proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integersMay 28 2016Nov 04 2017We approach a new proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integers by applying the Dirichlet's series. Using the Perron formula and the Residue Theorem in complex variable integration, one could show that any large even integer ... More
Stanley Decompositions and PolarizationNov 11 2009We define nice partitions of the multicomplex associated to a Stanley ideal. As the main result we show that if the monomial ideal $I$ is a CM Stanley ideal, then $I^p$ is a Stanley ideal as well, where $I^p$ is the polarization of $I$.
Investigating Warp Size Impact in GPUsMay 22 2012There are a number of design decisions that impact a GPU's performance. Among such decisions deciding the right warp size can deeply influence the rest of the design. Small warps reduce the performance penalty associated with branch divergence at the ... More
Optimal control of elliptic surface PDEs with pointwise bounds on the stateJun 09 2016We consider a linear-quadratic optimization problem with pointwise bounds on the state for which the constraint is given by the Laplace-Beltrami equation (to have uniqueness we add an lower order term) on a two-dimensional surface . By using finite elements ... More
Reduced basis methods- an application to variational discretization of parametrized elliptic optimal control problemsAug 16 2018We consider a class of parameter-dependent optimal control problems of elliptic PDEs with constraints of general type on the control variable. Applying the concept of variational discretization, [4], together with techniques from the Reduced basis method, ... More
Error analysis for global minima of semilinear optimal control problemsMay 02 2017In [1] we consider an optimal control problem subject to a semilinear elliptic PDE together with its variational discretization, where we provide a condition which allows to decide whether a solution of the necessary first order conditions is a global ... More
Evolution of clusters in energetic heavy ion bombarded amorphous graphiteSep 07 2016Carbon clusters have been generated by a novel technique of energetic heavy ion bombardment of amorphous graphite. The evolution of clusters and their subsequent fragmentation under continuing ion bombardment is revealed by detecting various clusters ... More
Global minima for semilinear optimal control problemsMar 24 2015We consider an optimal control problem subject to a semilinear elliptic PDE together with its variational discretization. We provide a condition which allows to decide whether a solution of the necessary first order conditions is a global minimum. This ... More
Dynamical Structure of the Fields in the Light Cone CoordinatesAug 10 2016Sep 03 2016It is well-known that additional constraints emerge in light cone coordinates. We enumerate the number of physical modes in light cone coordinates and compare it with conventional coordinates. We show that the number of Schrodinger modes is divided by ... More
Real Time Data WarehouseOct 19 2013Data Warehouse (DW) is an essential part of Business Intelligence. DW emerged as a fast growing reporting and analysis technique in early 1980s. Today, it has almost replaced relational databases. However, with passage of time, static and historic data ... More
Charged Black Holes in New Massive GravityJul 25 2010Nov 06 2010We construct charged black hole solutions to three-dimensional New Massive Gravity (NMG), by adding electromagnetic Maxwell and Chern-Simons actions. We find charged black holes in the form of warped AdS_3 and "log" solutions in specific critical point. ... More
Generalized second law of thermodynamics in Gauss-Bonnet braneworldNov 27 2008Jul 25 2009We investigate the validity the generalized second law of thermodynamics in a general braneworld model with curvature correction terms on the brane and in the bulk, respectively. Employing the derived entropy expression associated with the apparent horizon, ... More
Generalized second law of thermodynamics in warped DGP braneworldNov 27 2008Nov 16 2009We investigate the validity of the generalized second law of thermodynamics on the $(n-1)$-dimensional brane embedded in the $(n+1)$-dimensional bulk. We examine the evolution of the apparent horizon entropy extracted through relation between gravitational ... More
On topological charged braneworld black holesDec 16 2008Jul 25 2009We study a class of topological black hole solutions in RSII braneworld scenario in the presence of a localized Maxwell field on the brane. Such a black hole can carry two types of charge, one arising from the extra dimension, the tidal charge, and the ... More
Extending Soft-Collinear-Effective-Theory to describe hard jets in dense QCD mediaAug 07 2008Jun 16 2009An extension to the Soft-Collinear-Effective Theory (SCET) description of hard jets is motivated to include the leading contributions between the propagating partons within the jet with partons radiated from a dense extended medium. The resulting effective ... More
Abelian-Higgs model from Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decompositionMar 17 2014Applying Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition for SU(2) Yang-Mills field, we obtain the Abelian-Higgs Lagrangian by some approximation. Abelian-Higgs Lagrangian with a spontaneous symmetry breaking potential has vortex solutions known as Nielsen-Olesen solutions. ... More
MPDATA Meets Black-Scholes: Derivative Pricing as a Transport ProblemJul 06 2016Nov 08 2016We discuss in this note applications of the Multidimensional Positive Definite Advection Transport Algorithm (MPDATA) to numerical solutions of partial differential equations arising from stochastic models in quantitative finance. In particular, we develop ... More
Khovanov-Kauffman Homology for embedded GraphsAug 10 2013A discussion given to the question of extending Khovanov homology from links to embedded graphs, by using the Kauffman topological invariant of embedded graphs by associating family of links and knots to a such graph by using some local replacements at ... More
Power Control in Multiuser Mulicarrier Wireless Data NetworksJan 31 2012A game-theoretic model is presented to study the management of transmission power in a wireless data network. We propose a power game for a multiuser multicarrier setting where all the users are assumed to transmit at equal rate. At equilibrium, each ... More
Entanglement entropy and complexity of singular subregions in deformed CFTFeb 07 2019In the framework of the AdS/CFT correspondence, imposing a scalar field in the bulk space-time leads to deform the corresponding CFT in the boundary, which may produce corrections to entanglement entropy, as well as the so-called subregion complexity. ... More
How Can We Be So Dense? The Benefits of Using Highly Sparse RepresentationsMar 27 2019Most artificial networks today rely on dense representations, whereas biological networks rely on sparse representations. In this paper we show how sparse representations can be more robust to noise and interference, as long as the underlying dimensionality ... More