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Relaxation of Functionals in the Space of Vector-Valued Functions of Bounded HessianFeb 08 2018In this paper it is shown that if $\Omega \subset \mathbb{R}^N$ is an open, bounded Lipschitz set, and if $f: \Omega \times \mathbb{R}^{d \times N \times N} \rightarrow [0, \infty)$ is a continuous function with $f(x, \cdot)$ of linear growth for all ... More
A Note on Homogenization Effects on Phase Transition ProblemsNov 18 2018In fluid-fluid phase transitions problems featuring small scale heterogeneity, we see that when the scale heterogeneity is sufficiently small, the periodic potential function $W(x,p)$ can be replaced with a homogenized potential function $W_H(p)$. This ... More
A homogenization result in the gradient theory of phase transitionsAug 06 2018A variational model in the context of the gradient theory for fluid-fluid phase transitions with small scale heterogeneities is studied. In particular, the case where the scale $\varepsilon$ of the small homogeneities is of the same order of the scale ... More
The Statistics of DNA Capture by a Solid-State NanoporeSep 14 2012A solid-state nanopore can electrophoretically capture a DNA molecule and pull it through in a folded configuration. The resulting ionic current signal indicates where along its length the DNA was captured. A statistical study using an 8 nm wide nanopore ... More
A note on simplicial dimension shiftingFeb 08 1993We discuss a simplicial dimension shift which associates to each n-manifold an n-1-manifold. As a corollary we show that an invariant which was recently proposed by Ooguri and by Crane and Yetter for the construction of 4-dimensional quantum field theories ... More
Canonical Seesaw Mechanism in Electro-Weak SU(4)L x U(1)Y ModelsAug 12 2009In this paper we prove that the canonical seesaw mechanism can naturally be implemented in a particular class of electro-weak SU(4)L x U(1)Y gauge models. The resulting neutrino mass spectrum is determined by just tuning a unique free parameter 'a' within ... More
Boson mass spectrum in $SU(4)_L\otimes U(1)_Y$ model with exotic electric chargesFeb 11 2009Apr 12 2009The boson mass spectrum of the electro-weak \textbf{$SU(4)_{L}\otimes U(1)_{Y}$} model with exotic electric charges is investigated by using the algebraical approach supplied by the method of exactly solving gauge models with high symmetries. Our approach ... More
Neutrino Masses with a Suitable Parametrization in the PPF 3-3-1 Gauge ModelJul 20 2008Plausible phenomenological consequences of the well-known Pisano-Pleitez- Frampton 3-3-1 model - such as the neutrino masses - are analyzed within the solution provided by the exact algebraical approach - proposed several years ago by Cotaescu - for gauge ... More
Phenomenology of high gluon density QCD and heavy-ion physics at ISMD 2011: x smaller than ever !Dec 14 2011Jan 11 2012I provide a brief summary of the theory presentations at ISMD 2011 related to the phenomenology of small-x QCD evolution and its application to particle production and fluctuations in high-energy hadron and heavy-ion collisions. I also mention some challenges ... More
Compact actions and uniqueness of the group measure space decomposition of II$_1$ factorsDec 05 2011We prove that any II$_1$ factor $L^{\infty}(X)\rtimes\Gamma$ arising from a compact, free, ergodic, probability measure preserving action of a countable group $\Gamma$ with positive first $\ell^2$-Betti number, has a unique group measure space Cartan ... More
W*-superrigidity for Bernoulli actions of property (T) groupsFeb 24 2010Apr 19 2011We consider group measure space II$_1$ factors $M=L^{\infty}(X)\rtimes\Gamma$ arising from Bernoulli actions of ICC property (T) groups $\Gamma$ (more generally, of groups $\Gamma$ containing an infinite normal subgroup with relative property (T)) and ... More
Location-Oblivious Data Transfer with Flying Entangled QuditsFeb 14 2011Jul 14 2011We present a simple and practical quantum protocol involving two mistrustful agencies in Minkowski space, which allows Alice to transfer data to Bob at a spacetime location that neither can predict in advance. The location depends on both Alice's and ... More
One world versus many: the inadequacy of Everettian accounts of evolution, probability, and scientific confirmationMay 05 2009Jul 04 2013There is a compelling intellectual case for exploring whether purely unitary quantum theory defines a sensible and scientifically adequate theory, as Everett originally proposed. Many different and incompatible attempts to define a coherent Everettian ... More
Problems with empirical bounds for strangelet production at RHICSep 11 2000Sep 11 2000Recent papers by Busza et al. and Dar et al. have considered empirical bounds on the risk of producing a hypothetical stable negatively charged strangelet at the Brookhaven relativistic heavy ion collider (RHIC) experiments, and thereby destroying the ... More
Unconditionally Secure All-Or-Nothing Disclosure of SecretsNov 16 1997Feb 28 2005This paper was withdrawn on 20.11.97.
Causality in Time-Neutral CosmologiesMar 17 1997Nov 26 1998Gell-Mann and Hartle (GMH) have recently considered time-neutral cosmological models in which the initial and final conditions are independently specified, and several authors have investigated experimental tests of such models. We point out here that ... More
Comments on an argument of Tegmark and BostromDec 16 2005Dec 18 2005Withdrawn -- a revised version will appear in due course.
Large N Quantum CryptographyDec 08 2002In quantum cryptography, the level of security attainable by a protocol which implements a particular task $N$ times bears no simple relation to the level of security attainable by a protocol implementing the task once. Useful partial security, and even ... More
Night Thoughts of a Quantum PhysicistJun 22 1999Feb 08 2000The most dramatic developments in theoretical physics in the next millennium are likely to come when we make progress on so far unresolved foundational questions. In this essay I consider two of the deepest problems confronting us, the measurement problem ... More
Quantum HistoriesSep 04 1998There are good motivations for considering some type of quantum histories formalism. Several possible formalisms are known, defined by different definitions of event and by different selection criteria for sets of histories. These formalisms have a natural ... More
Secure Multi-Party Addition via Quantum StatesNov 17 1997Feb 28 2005This paper was withdrawn on 20.11.97.
The charm quark mass from non-relativistic sum rulesOct 07 2008We present an analysis to determine the charm quark mass from non-relativistic sum rules, using a combined approach taking into account fixed-order and effective-theory calculations. Non-perturbative corrections as well as higher-order perturbative corrections ... More
Decay of metastable patterns for the Rosensweig instability: revisiting the dispersion relationApr 28 2003The decay of metastable patterns in the form of magnetic liquid ridges is studied in the frame of a linear stability analysis where the ridges are the most unstable linear pattern of the Rosensweig instability. The analysis of the corresponding dispersion ... More
Magnetic Soret effect: Application of the ferrofluid dynamics theoryNov 11 2004The ferrofluid dynamics theory is applied to thermodiffusive problems in magnetic fluids in the presence of magnetic fields. The analytical form for the magnetic part of the chemical potential and the most general expression of the mass flux are given. ... More
Thermomagnetic convection of magnetic fluids in a cylindrical geometryApr 09 2002The thermomagnetic convection of magnetic fluids in a cylindrical geometry subjected to a homogeneous magnetic field is studied. The study is motivated by a novel thermal instability [W. Luo et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 4134 (1999)]. As model system a ... More
On the Number of Divisors of $n^2 -1$Jul 30 2015We prove an asymptotic formula for the sum $\sum_{n \leq N} d(n^2 - 1)$, where $d(n)$ denotes the number of divisors of $n$. During the course of our proof, we also furnish an asymptotic formula for the sum $\sum_{d \leq N} g(d)$, where $g(d)$ denotes ... More
Quantum Reality via Late Time PhotodetectionAug 16 2016Nov 14 2016We further investigate postulates for realist versions of relativistic quantum theory and quantum field theory in Minkowski space and other background space-times. According to these postulates, quantum theory is supplemented by local variables that depend ... More
Inference-based semantics in Data ExchangeMay 07 2016Data Exchange is an old problem that was firstly studied from a theoretical point of view only in 2003. Since then many approaches were considered when it came to the language describing the relationship between the source and the target schema. These ... More
Implementing inverse seesaw mechanism in SU(3)xSU(4)xU(1) gauge modelsOct 21 2015Generating appropriate tiny neutrino masses via inverse seesaw mechanism within the framework of a particular SU(3)xSU(4)xU(1) gauge model is the main outcome of this letter. It is achieved by simply adding three singlet exotic Majorana neutrinos to the ... More
Some Notes on Digit Strings in the PrimesJul 28 2014Jul 30 2014Let $S$ be a string of $l$ decimal digits. We give an explicit upper bound on some prime $p$ whose decimal representation contains the string $S$. We also show, as a corollary of the Green-Tao theorem, that there are arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions ... More
Privacy and AnonymityJul 01 2014Since the beginning of the digital area, privacy and anonymity have been impacted drastically (both, positively and negatively), by the different technologies developed for communications purposes. The broad possibilities that the Internet offers since ... More
Deformation of Quintic Threefolds to the Chordal VarietyNov 12 2015We consider a family of quintic threefolds specializing to a certain reducible threefold. We describe the space of genus zero stable morphisms to the central fiber (as defined by J. Li). As an elementary application of an extension of the analysis, we ... More
T symmetry invariance tests in neutral meson decaysNov 04 2013We outline how the time-reversal symmetry T can be systematically used to test the Kobayashi-Maskawa mechanism embedded in the CKM matrix using pairs of B mesons created at the Upsilon(4S) and pairs of D mesons from psi(3770).
Second-order Lagrangian perturbation theory initial conditions for resimulationsOct 01 2009Jan 11 2010We describe and test a new method for creating initial conditions for cosmological N-body dark matter simulations based on second-order Lagrangian perturbation theory (2lpt). The method can be applied to multi-mass particle distributions making it suitable ... More
A new way of setting the phases for cosmological multi-scale Gaussian initial conditionsJun 25 2013We describe how to define an extremely large discrete realisation of a Gaussian white noise field that has a hierarchical structure and the property that the value of any part of the field can be computed quickly. Tiny subregions of such a field can be ... More
On Extracting Unit Tests from Interactive Programming SessionsDec 08 2012Software engineering methodologies propose that developers should capture their efforts in ensuring that programs run correctly in repeatable and automated artifacts, such as unit tests. However, when looking at developer activities on a spectrum from ... More
Two--loop heavy Higgs correction to Higgs decay into vector bosonsJul 05 1995Oct 02 1995The leading $m_H$ radiative correction to the Higgs decay width into a pair of weak vector bosons is calculated at the two--loop level, using the equivalence theorem in Landau gauge. The result indicates the breakdown of perturbation theory if the Higgs ... More
A Class of Multirate Infinitesimal GARK MethodsAug 07 2018Differential equations arising in many practical applications are characterized by multiple time scales. Multirate time integration seeks to solve them efficiently by discretizing each scale with a different, appropriate time step, while ensuring the ... More
Complex product structures on 6-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebrasOct 26 2006We study complex product structures on nilpotent Lie algebras, establishing some of their main properties, and then we restrict ourselves to 6 dimensions, obtaining the classification of 6-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras admitting such structures. ... More
On Hecke algebras and simple supercuspidal representations for Sp(4,F)Oct 12 2012A well known result of Borel says that the category of modules over the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of a semisimple p-adic group G describes the Bernstein component associated to the unramified principal series of G. We consider Bernstein components for Sp(4,F) ... More
Extension theorems for reductive group schemesJun 24 2004Dec 22 2015We prove several basic extension theorems for reductive group schemes. We also prove that each Lie algebra with a perfect Killing form over a commutative $\dbZ$-algebra, is the Lie algebra of an adjoint group scheme.
A motivic conjecture of MilneAug 20 2003Jan 24 2012Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p>0. Let W(k) be the ring of Witt vectors with coefficients in k. We prove a motivic conjecture of Milne that relates, in the case of abelian schemes, the \'etale cohomology with $\dbZ_p$ coefficients ... More
Generalized Serre--Tate Ordinary TheoryAug 28 2002May 01 2012We study a generalization of Serre--Tate theory of ordinary abelian varieties and their deformation spaces. This generalization deals with abelian varieties equipped with additional structures. The additional structures can be not only an action of a ... More
Surjectivity Criteria for p-adic Representations, Part ISep 18 2002Apr 08 2004We prove several surjectivity criteria for $p$-adic representations. In particular, we classify all adjoint and simply connected group schemes $G$ over the Witt ring $W(k)$ of a finite field $k$ such that the epimorphism $G(W_2(k))\twoheadrightarrow G(k)$ ... More
On the images of the Galois representations attached to certain RAESDC automorphic representations of $\mbox{GL}_n(\mathbb{A}_{\mathbb{Q}})$Jun 13 2017Aug 21 2018In the 80's Aschbacher classified the maximal subgroups of almost all of the finite almost simple classical groups. Essentially, this classification divide these subgroups into two types. The first of these consist roughly of subgroups that preserve some ... More
Lübeck's classification of Chevalley groups representations and the inverse Galois problem for some orthogonal groupsDec 15 2017Dec 04 2018In this paper we prove that for each integer of the form $n=4\varpi$ (where $\varpi$ is a prime between $17$ and $73$) at least one of the following groups: $P\Omega^+_n(\mathbb{F}_{\ell^s})$, $PSO^+_n(\mathbb{F}_{\ell^s})$, $PO_n^+(\mathbb{F}_{\ell^s})$ ... More
V-monotone independenceJan 18 2019We introduce and study a new notion of non-commutative independence, called V-monotone independence, which can be viewed as an extension of the monotone independence of Muraki. We investigate the combinatorics of mixed moments of V-monotone random variables ... More
Good Reductions of Shimura Varieties of Hodge Type in Arbitrary Unramified Mixed Characteristic, Part IJul 11 2007Sep 08 2016We prove the existence of good smooth integral models of Shimura varieties of Hodge type in arbitrary unramified mixed characteristic $(0,p)$. As a first application we solve a conjecture of Langlands for Shimura varieties of Hodge type. As a second application ... More
Geometry of Shimura varieties of Hodge type over finite fieldsDec 11 2007We present a general and comprehensive overview of recent developments in the theory of integral models of Shimura varieties of Hodge type. The paper covers the following topics: construction of integral models, their possible moduli interpretations, ... More
The Severi problem for abelian surfaces in the primitive caseNov 03 2018We prove that the irreducible components of primitive class Severi varieties of general abelian surfaces are completely determined by the maximal factorization through an isogeny of the maps from the normalized curves.
Integral canonical models of unitary Shimura varietiesMay 24 2005Oct 11 2007We prove the existence of integral canonical models of unitary Shimura varieties in arbitrary unramified mixed characteristic. Errata to [Va1] are also included.
Verification, Validation and Integrity of Distributed and Interchanged Rule Based Policies and Contracts in the Semantic WebSep 21 2006Sep 29 2006Rule-based policy and contract systems have rarely been studied in terms of their software engineering properties. This is a serious omission, because in rule-based policy or contract representation languages rules are being used as a declarative programming ... More
The Reaction RuleML Classification of the Event / Action / State Processing and Reasoning SpaceNov 10 2006Reaction RuleML is a general, practical, compact and user-friendly XML-serialized language for the family of reaction rules. In this white paper we give a review of the history of event / action /state processing and reaction rule approaches and systems ... More
Charged and Neutral Currents in a 3-3-1 Model with Right-Handed NeutrinosDec 29 2007The charged and the neutral currents are obtained by using a formal algebraical approach (developed and applied by the author) within the exact solution of a 3-3-1 gauge model with right-handed neutrinos. The entire Standard Model phenomenology is recovered ... More
Book review of SUPERSTITION by Robert ParkJan 13 2009The 2008 book Superstition: Belief in the age of science, by Robert Park, published by Princeton University Press is briefly reviewed.
Metric inequalities for polygonsDec 19 2009Jun 21 2012Let $A_1,A_2,...,A_n$ be the vertices of a polygon with unit perimeter, that is $\sum_{i=1}^n |A_i A_{i+1}|=1$. We derive various tight estimates on the minimum and maximum values of the sum of pairwise distances, and respectively sum of pairwise squared ... More
Initial Conditions and Global Event Properties from Color Glass CondensateAug 30 2010Perturbative unitarization from non-linear effects is thought to deplete the gluon density for transverse momenta below the saturation scale. Such effects also modify the distribution of gluons produced in heavy-ion collisions in transverse impact parameter ... More
Relative Property (T) for the Subequivalence Relations Induced by the Action of SL$_2(\Bbb Z)$ on $\Bbb T^2$Jan 13 2009Let $\Cal S$ be the equivalence relation induced by the action SL$_2(\Bbb Z)\curvearrowright (\Bbb T^2,\lambda^2)$, where $\lambda^2$ denotes the Haar measure on the 2-torus, $\Bbb T^2$. We prove that any ergodic subequivalence relation $\Cal R$ of $\Cal ... More
Beable-Guided Quantum Theories: Generalising Quantum Probability LawsApr 26 2012We introduce the idea of a {\it beable-guided quantum theory}. Beable-guided quantum theories (BGQT) are generalisations of quantum theory, inspired by Bell's concept of beables. They modify the quantum probabilities for some specified set of fundamental ... More
Unconditionally Secure Bit Commitment by Transmitting Measurement OutcomesAug 14 2011Apr 02 2012We propose a new unconditionally secure bit commitment scheme based on Minkowski causality and the properties of quantum information. The receiving party sends a number of randomly chosen BB84 qubits to the committer at a given point in space-time. The ... More
Unconditionally Secure Bit Commitment with Flying QuditsJan 24 2011Oct 25 2011In the task cryptographers call bit commitment, one party encrypts a prediction in a way that cannot be decrypted until they supply a key, but has only one valid key. Bit commitment has many applications, and has been much studied, but completely and ... More
A No-summoning theorem in Relativistic Quantum TheoryJan 24 2011Jul 08 2012Alice gives Bob an unknown localized physical state at some point P. At some point Q in the causal future of P, Alice will ask Bob for the state back. Bob knows this, but does not know at which point Q until the request is made. Bob can satisfy Alice's ... More
Nonlinearity without SuperluminalityApr 18 2002May 11 2005Quantum theory is compatible with special relativity. In particular, though measurements on entangled systems are correlated in a way that cannot be reproduced by local hidden variables, they cannot be used for superluminal signalling. As Czachor, Gisin ... More
Quasiclassical Dynamics in a Closed Quantum SystemDec 11 1995Jun 03 1996We consider Gell-Mann and Hartle's consistent histories formulation of quantum cosmology in the interpretation in which one history, chosen randomly according to the decoherence functional probabilities, is realised from each consistent set. We show that ... More
A derivation of Witten's conjecture relating Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariantsMar 23 2000May 02 2000We generalize Witten's conjectured formula relating Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants to manifolds of non-simple type, via equivariant localization techniques. This approach does not use the theory of non-abelian monopoles, but works directly on ... More
On the Spectrum of the Generalised Petersen GraphsDec 11 2014Apr 10 2015We show that the gap between the two greatest eigenvalues of the generalised Petersen graphs $P(n,k)$ tends to zero as $n \rightarrow \infty$. Moreover, we provide explicit upper bounds on the size of this gap. It follows that these graphs have poor expansion ... More
On the Riemann Hypothesis and the Difference Between PrimesFeb 26 2014May 20 2014We prove some results concerning the distribution of primes on the Riemann hypothesis. First, we prove the explicit result that there exists a prime in the interval $(x-\frac{4}{\pi} \sqrt{x} \log x,x]$ for all $x \geq 2$; this improves a result of Ramar\'{e} ... More
Depth and Stanley Depth of the Canonical Form of a factor of monomial idealsFeb 24 2014Apr 05 2014In this paper we show that the depth and the Stanley depth of the factor of two monomial ideals is invariant under taking a so called canonical form. It follows easily that the Stanley Conjecture holds for the factor if and only if it holds for its canonical ... More
Orbit equivalence and Borel reducibility rigidity for profinite actions with spectral gapSep 12 2013Jul 30 2015We study equivalence relations $\mathcal R(\Gamma\curvearrowright G)$ that arise from left translation actions of countable groups on their profinite completions. Under the assumption that the action $\Gamma\curvearrowright G$ is free and has spectral ... More
On deriving nonreflecting boundary conditions in generalized curvilinear coordinatesJan 20 2015In this work, nonreflecting boundary conditions in generalized three-dimensional curvilinear coordinates are derived, relying on the original analysis that was done in Cartesian two-dimensional coordinates by Giles (AIAA Journal, 28.12, 2050-2058, 1990). ... More
Lorentzian Quantum Reality: Postulates and Toy ModelsNov 11 2014We describe postulates for a novel realist version of relativistic quantum theory or quantum field theory in Minkowski space or other background spacetimes with suitable asymptotic properties. We illustrate their application in toy models.
Scaling Behaviour of the Maximal Growth Rate in the Rosensweig InstabilityJul 16 2001The dependence of the maximal growth rate of the modes of the Rosensweig instability on the properties of the magnetic fluid and the external magnetic induction is studied. An expansion and a fit procedure are applied in the appropriate ranges of the ... More
Dynamic Markov BasesMar 25 2011We present a computational approach for generating Markov bases for multi-way contingency tables whose cells counts might be constrained by fixed marginals and by lower and upper bounds. Our framework includes tables with structural zeros as a particular ... More
Time-dependent CP asymmetries in charm decaysNov 01 2011The CKM paradigm has been tested thoroughly over the last 40 years in both the neutral $K$ and $B$ systems. The recent discovery of neutral charm meson mixing has prompted the search for CP violation in $D$ decays. We discuss the prospects of performing ... More
A note on k-jet ampleness on surfacesFeb 20 1998We prove Reider type criterions for k-jet spannedness and k-jet ampleness of adjoint bundles for surfaces with at most rational singularities. Moreover, we prove that on smooth surfaces [n(n+4)/4]-very ampleness implies n-jet ampleness.
A Wiki for Business Rules in Open Vocabulary, Executable EnglishMar 03 2011The problem of business-IT alignment is of widespread economic concern. As one way of addressing the problem, this paper describes an online system that functions as a kind of Wiki -- one that supports the collaborative writing and running of business ... More
Algebraic structures in quantum gravitySep 30 2009Mar 01 2010Starting from a recently-introduced algebraic structure on spin foam models, we define a Hopf algebra by dividing with an appropriate quotient. The structure, thus defined, naturally allows for a mirror analysis of spin foam models with quantum field ... More
Generalization of the Bollobás-Riordan polynomial for tensor graphsDec 08 2010Jul 19 2011Tensor models are used nowadays for implementing a fundamental theory of quantum gravity. We define here a polynomial $\mathcal T$ encoding the supplementary topological information. This polynomial is a natural generalization of the Bollob\'as-Riordan ... More
Extension of the Poincaré Symmetry and Its Field Theoretical ImplementationOct 31 2005May 29 2006We define a new algebraic extension of the Poincar\'e symmetry; this algebra is used to implement a field theoretical model. Free Lagrangians are explicitly constructed; several discussions regarding degrees of freedom, compatibility with Abelian gauge ... More
Shape universality classes in the random sequential addition of non-spherical particlesNov 09 2016Random sequential addition (RSA) models are used in a large variety of contexts to model particle aggregation and jamming. A key feature of these models is the algebraic time dependence of the asymptotic jamming coverage as $t\to\infty$. For the RSA of ... More
Two--loop heavy Higgs corrections to the Higgs fermionic widthMay 27 1994We calculate the two--loop electroweak corrections to the fermionic decay width of the Higgs boson at leading order in $m_{H}$. The sum of one--loop and two--loop radiative corrections turns out to be at 6% level over the whole range of $m_{H}$ where ... More
Two-loop virtual QCD correction to the B -> X_s l+l- decayMay 28 2003I discuss an application of numerical techniques for massive two-loop Feynman diagram evaluation to a phenomenologically very important rare decay process, B -> X_s l+l-. This process, currently being measured at B factories, has been calculated at two-loop ... More
The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett IIIMar 21 2011Jun 21 2011A review of Peter Byrne's biography of Hugh Everett III, "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III: Multiple Universes, Mutual Assured Destruction, and the Meltdown of a Nuclear Family", (Oxford University Press, 2010).
Combined upper limit on Standard Model Higgs boson production at CDFFeb 09 2012The Higgs boson is the only elementary particle predicted by the Standard Model (SM) that has neither been confirmed nor refuted. The CDF collaboration has performed SM Higgs searches in many channels using $p\pbar$ collisions at a centre-of-mass energy ... More
A Selectable Sloppy HeapJul 26 2016Aug 10 2017We study the selection problem, namely that of computing the $i$th order statistic of $n$ given elements. Here we offer a data structure called \emph{selectable sloppy heap} handling a dynamic version in which upon request: (i)~a new element is inserted ... More
S-money: virtual tokens for a relativistic economyJun 15 2018Feb 06 2019We propose definitions and implementations of "S-money" - virtual tokens designed for high value fast transactions on networks with relativistic or other trusted signalling constraints, defined by inputs that in general are made at many network points, ... More
Summoning, No-Signaling and Relativistic Bit CommitmentsApr 14 2018Jul 05 2018Summoning is a task between two parties, Alice and Bob, with distributed networks of agents in space-time. Bob gives Alice a random quantum state, known to him but not her, at some point. She is required to return the state at some later point, belonging ... More
Are There Testable Discrete Poincaré Invariant Physical Theories?Mar 30 2018Aug 18 2018In a model of physics taking place on a discrete set of points that approximates Minkowski space, one might perhaps expect there to be an empirically identifiable preferred frame. However, the work of Dowker, Bombelli, Henson, and Sorkin might be taken ... More
The irreducibility of the generalized Severi varietiesNov 26 2017We give an inductive proof that the generalized Severi varieties -- the varieties which parametrize (irreducible) plane curves of given degree and genus, with a fixed tangency profile to a given line at several general fixed points and several mobile ... More
Learning Representations of Social Media UsersDec 02 2018User representations are routinely used in recommendation systems by platform developers, targeted advertisements by marketers, and by public policy researchers to gauge public opinion across demographic groups. Computer scientists consider the problem ... More
Moduli spaces of principal bundles on singular varietiesAug 31 2011Mar 21 2015Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. Let f:X-->S be a flat, projective morphism of k-schemes of finite type with integral geometric fibers. We prove existence of a projective relative moduli space for semistable singular principal ... More
On the S-fundamental group schemeMay 28 2009Jul 03 2010We introduce a new fundamental group scheme for varieties defined over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic and we use it to study generalization of some of C. Simpson's results to positive characteristic. We also study the properties ... More
Semistable modules over Lie algebroids in positive characteristicNov 12 2013Mar 26 2014We study Lie algebroids in positive characteristic and moduli spaces of their modules. In particular, we show a Langton's type theorem for the corresponding moduli spaces. We relate Langton's construction to Simpson's construction of gr-semistable Griffiths ... More
A new realization of the Langlands correspondence for PGL(2,F)Oct 11 2012In this paper, we give a new realization of the local Langlands correspondence for PGL(2,F), where F is a p-adic field of odd residual characteristic. In this case, supercuspidal representations of PGL(2,F) are parameterized by characters of elliptic ... More
On the local constants of simple supercuspidal representations of GL(n,F)Jul 17 2013Apr 29 2014In this paper, we explicitly compute the standard epsilon factors on both sides of the local Langlands correspondence for simple supercuspidal representations of GL(n,F).
The circular $k$-partite crossing number of $K_{m,n}$May 09 2006We define a new kind of crossing number which generalizes both the bipartite crossing number and the outerplanar crossing number. We calculate exact values of this crossing number for many complete bipartite graphs and also give a lower bound.
Integral models in unramified mixed characteristic (0,2) of hermitian orthogonal Shimura varieties of PEL type, Part IJul 15 2003Mar 27 2012Let $(G,X)$ be a Shimura variety of PEL type such that $G_{{\bf Q}_2}$ is a split ${\bf GSO}_{2n}$ group with $n\ge 2$. We prove the existence of the integral canonical models of ${\rm Sh}(G,X)/H_2$ in unramified mixed characteristic $(0,2)$, where $H_2$ ... More
Deformation subspaces of p-divisible groups as formal Lie groups associated to p-divisible groupsJul 20 2006Jun 15 2010Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>0$. Let $D$ be a $p$-divisible group over $k$ which is not isoclinic. Let $\scrD$ (resp. $\scrD_k$) be the formal deformation space of $D$ over $\Spf(W(k))$ (resp. over $\Spf(k)$). We use axioms ... More
Lifting zero-dimensional schemes and divided powersNov 14 2017Mar 07 2018We study divided power structures on finitely generated $k$-algebras, where $k$ is a field of positive characteristic $p$. As an application we show examples of $0$-dimensional Gorenstein $k$-schemes that do not lift to a fixed noetherian local ring of ... More
Nef line bundles over finite fieldsNov 27 2011We use Totaro's examples of non-semiample nef line bundles on smooth projective surfaces over finite fields to construct nef line bundles for which the first cohomology group cannot be killed by any generically finite covers. This is used to show a similar ... More