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Optimum Bi-level Hierarchical Clustering for Wireless Mobile Tracking SystemsFeb 08 2019A novel technique is proposed to optimize energy efficiency for wireless networks based on hierarchical mobile clustering. The new bi-level clustering technique minimizes mutual interference and energy consumption in large-scale tracking systems used ... More
Iterative Clustering for Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Tracking SystemsFeb 08 2019A new technique is presented to design energy-efficient large-scale tracking systems based on mobile clustering. The new technique optimizes the formation of mobile clusters to minimize energy consumption in large-scale tracking systems. This technique ... More
Necessary and sufficient conditions of optimal control for infinite dimensional SDEsFeb 17 2012Mar 20 2012A general maximum principle (necessary and sufficient conditions) for an optimal control problem governed by a stochastic differential equation driven by an infinite dimensional martingale is established. The solution of this equation takes its values ... More
Bi-directional Shape Correspondences (BSC): A Novel Technique for 2-d Shape Warping in Quadratic Time?Dec 21 2014We propose Bidirectional Shape Correspondence (BSC) as a possible improvement on the famous shape contexts (SC) framework. Our proposals derive from the observation that the SC framework enforces a one-to-one correspondence between sample points, and ... More
Security Risks and Modern Cyber Security Technologies for Corporate NetworksMay 10 2011This article aims to highlight current trends on the market of corporate antivirus solutions. Brief overview of modern security threats that can destroy IT environment is provided as well as a typical structure and features of antivirus suits for corporate ... More
Sufficient conditions for optimality for stochastic evolution equationsFeb 17 2012Oct 24 2012In this paper we derive for a controlled stochastic evolution system on a Hilbert space sufficient conditions for optimality. Our result is derived by using its so-called adjoint backward stochastic evolution equation.
Necessary conditions for optimality for stochastic evolution equationsOct 24 2012Aug 27 2013This paper is concerned with providing the maximum principle for a control problem governed by a stochastic evolution system on a separable Hilbert space. In particular, necessary conditions for optimality for this stochastic optimal control problem are ... More
Effect of Incomplete Meta-dataset on Average Ranking MethodAug 24 2016One of the simplest metalearning methods is the average ranking method. This method uses metadata in the form of test results of a given set of algorithms on given set of datasets and calculates an average rank for each algorithm. The ranks are used to ... More
Maximum principle for optimal control of forward-backward doubly stochastic differential equations with jumpsJan 09 2013Aug 27 2013In this paper we consider the maximum principle of optimal control for a stochastic control problem. This problem is governed by a system of fully coupled multi-dimensional forward-backward doubly stochastic differential equation with Poisson jumps. Moreover, ... More
Optimizing Key Distribution in Peer to Peer Network Using B-TreesAug 22 2013Peer to peer network architecture introduces many desired features including self-scalability that led to achieving higher efficiency rate than the traditional server-client architecture. This was contributed to the highly distributed architecture of ... More
Social Media Image Analysis for Public HealthDec 14 2015Dec 15 2015Several projects have shown the feasibility to use textual social media data to track public health concerns, such as temporal influenza patterns or geographical obesity patterns. In this paper, we look at whether geo-tagged images from Instagram also ... More
Breast Cancer Data Analytics With Missing Values: A study on Ethnic, Age and Income GroupsMar 12 2015An analysis of breast cancer incidences in women and the relationship between ethnicity and survival rate has been an ongoing study with recorded incidences of missing values in the secondary data. In this paper, we study and report the results of breast ... More
Visualizing Class InformationFeb 25 2016A class is used in object oriented programming to describe each object in the system. It is as a template contains the methods and attributes for each object. The volume of information within the class has a role in the time required for its implementation, ... More
The Statistical Distribution of quantum particles where any of them can be a fermion with probability [P] or a boson with probability [1-p]Mar 29 2012Despite the obvious difference between fermions and bosons in their physical properties and statistical distributions, but we have to ask the following question. What is the form of statistical distribution for a system of quantum particles where any ... More
1.5 billion words Arabic CorpusNov 12 2016This study is an attempt to build a contemporary linguistic corpus for Arabic language. The corpus produced, is a text corpus includes more than five million newspaper articles. It contains over a billion and a half words in total, out of which, there ... More
Combinatorial geometry of flag domains in G/BOct 01 2017A real form $G_0$ of a complex semisimple Lie group $G$ has only finitely many orbits in any given compact $G$-homogeneous projective algebraic manifold $Z=G/Q$. A maximal compact subgroup $K_0$ of $G_0$ has special orbits $C$ which are complex sub-manifolds ... More
On the Complexity of Multi-Parameterized Cluster EditingNov 30 2015The Cluster Editing problem seeks a transformation of a given undirected graph into a disjoint union of cliques via a minimum number of edge additions or deletions. A multi-parameterized version of the problem is studied, featuring a number of input parameters ... More
Analytic Solution of Dirac Equation for Extended Cornell Potential Using the Nikiforov-Uvarov MethodJul 14 2015The extended Cornell potential which the harmonic oscillator potential is included in the original Cornell potential. The Dirac equation is solved by reducing the Dirac equation to the form of Schrodinger equation. The Nikiforov-Uvarov method is applied ... More
Magnetic Catalysis in the Higher-Order Quark Sigma ModelDec 07 2016The effect of the higher-order mesonic interactions is investigated on the chiral symmetry breaking in the presence of an external magnetic field. The effective of higher-order mesonic potential is employed and is numerically solved in the mean-field ... More
Novel Component-Based Development Model for SIP-Based Mobile Application (1202)Feb 15 2012Universities and Institutions these days' deals with issues related to with assessment of large number of students. Various evaluation methods have been adopted by examiners in different institutions to examining the ability of an individual, starting ... More
Software Agents Interaction Algorithms in Virtual Learning EnvironmentMar 23 2014Dec 07 2015This paper highlights the multi-agent learning virtual environment and agents communication algorithms. The researcher proposed three algorithms required software agents interaction in virtual learning information system environment. The first proposed ... More
Virtual Coordinate Backtracking for Void Traversal in Geographic RoutingNov 15 2005May 30 2006Geographical routing protocols have several desirable features for use in ad hoc and sensor networks but are susceptible to voids and localization errors. Virtual coordinate systems are an alternative solution to geographically based routing protocols ... More
The Aligned-Coordinated Geographical Routing for Multihop Wireless NetworksAug 16 2006The stateless, low overhead and distributed nature of the Geographic routing protocols attract a lot of research attentions recently. Since the geographic routing would face void problems, leading to complementary routing such as perimeter routing which ... More
A description of odd mass Xe and Te isotopes in the Interacting Boson-Fermion ModelApr 16 2013Recent interest in spectroscopic factors for single-neutron transfer in low-spin states of the even-odd Xenon $^{125,127,129.131}$Xe and even-odd Tellurium, $^{123,125,127,129,131}$Te isotopes stimulated us to study these isotopes within the frame work ... More
An imporved decentralized approach for tracking multiple mobile targets through ZigBee WSNsJul 11 2013Target localization and tracking problems in WSNs have received considerable attention recently, driven by the requirement to achieve high localization accuracy, with the minimum cost possible. In WSN based tracking applications, it is critical to know ... More
Intermediate mass Higgs bosons of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at the proposed CERN LEP$\otimes$LHC $ep$ colliderJul 19 1995The production of the \mssm\ Higgs bosons $H^0,h^0,A^0$ and $H^\pm$, in the intermediate mass range of the $A^0$, at two different values of $\tan\beta$, is studied at the possible CERN LEP$\otimes$LHC $ep$ collider, through $\gamma p$ interactions, by ... More
Concave univalent functions and Dirichlet finite integralNov 26 2015Jun 03 2016The article deals with the class ${\mathcal F}_{\alpha }$ consisting of non-vanishing functions $f$ that are analytic and univalent in $\ID$ such that the complement $\IC\backslash f(\ID) $ is a convex set, $f(1)=\infty ,$ $f(0)=1$ and the angle at $\infty ... More
Aligned Virtual Coordinates for Greedy Routing in WSNsMay 20 2006Geographic routing provides relatively good performance at a much lower overhead than conventional routing protocols such as AODV. However, the performance of these protocols is impacted by physical voids, and localization errors. Accordingly, virtual ... More
Towards Reliable Network Wide Broadcast in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksDec 04 2004Network-Wide Broadcast (NWB) is a common operation in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) used by routing protocols to discover routes and in group communication operations. NWB is commonly performed via flooding, which has been shown to be expensive in dense ... More
Intermediate mass standard model Higgs boson at the proposed CERN LEP$\otimes$LHC $ep$ colliderMar 16 1995Jul 19 1995The production of the \sm\ Higgs $\phi$ with intermediate mass at the proposed CERN LEP$\otimes$LHC $ep$ collider in $\gamma q(\bar q)\rightarrow W^\pm\phi q'(\bar q')$, $\gamma q(\bar q)\rightarrow Z^0\phi q(\bar q)$ and $g\gamma\rightarrow q\bar q\phi$ ... More
Structural and electronic properties of Si/Ge nanoparticlesAug 28 2006Results of a theoretical study of the electronic properties of (Si)Ge and (Ge)Si core/shell nanoparticles, homogeneous SiGe clusters, and Ge$|$Si clusters with an interphase separating the Si and Ge atoms are presented. In general, (Si)Ge particles are ... More
Intersecting extremal constructions in Ryser's Conjecture for r-partite hypergraphsSep 17 2014Ryser's Conjecture states that for any $r$-partite $r$-uniform hypergraph the vertex cover number is at most $r-1$ times the matching number. This conjecture is only known to be true for $r\leq 3$. For intersecting hypergraphs, Ryser's Conjecture reduces ... More
Stateless and Delivery Guaranteed Geometric Routing on Virtual Coordinate SystemMar 28 2008Mar 29 2008Stateless geographic routing provides relatively good performance at a fixed overhead, which is typically much lower than conventional routing protocols such as AODV. However, the performance of geographic routing is impacted by physical voids, and localization ... More
The Effect of Scheduling on Link Capacity in Multi-hopWireless NetworksAug 18 2006Existing models of Multi-Hop Wireless Networks (MHWNs) assume that interference estimators of link quality such as observed busy time predict the capacity of the links. We show that these estimators do not capture the intricate interactions that occur ... More
The optical potential of $^{6}$He in the eikonal approximationJun 24 2003The new data of the elastic scattering of $^{6}$He+$^{12}$C at about 40 MeV/nucleon are analyzed in the eikonal approximation. The $^{6}$He+$^{12}$C phase-shift function is evaluated completely without any {\it ad hoc} assumption by a Monte Carlo integration, ... More
Betti numbers of complexes with highly Connected linksMar 16 2017Let X be a k-dimensional simplicial complex such that the (k-j-2)-dimensional homology of the links of all j-dimensional simplices in X vanishes. An upper bound is given on the (k-1)-th Betti number of X. Examples based on sum complexes show that this ... More
Pion condensation during the hadronization of the quark-gluon plasma in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions.Feb 10 1995Feb 13 1995Using a simple kinetic model we study whether a pion condensate can be formed during the hadronization of the quark-gluon plasma in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions. If hadronization proceeds fast and the pion effective mass is close to zero, some ... More
The Hardy-Lorentz Spaces $H^{p,q}(R^n)$Apr 02 2007In this paper we consider the Hardy-Lorentz spaces $H^{p,q}(R^n)$, with $0<p\le 1$, $0<q\le \infty$. We discuss the atomic decomposition of the elements in these spaces, their interpolation properties, and the behavior of singular integrals and other ... More
Mining The Relationship Between Demographic Variables And Brand AssociationsOct 08 2013This research aims to mine the relationship between demographic variables and brand associations, and study the relative importance of these variables. The study is conducted on fast-food restaurant brands chains in Jordan. The result ranks and evaluates ... More
A Measurement of the Average Longitudinal Development Profile of Cosmic Ray Air Showers Between 10^{17}eV and 10^{18}eVAug 14 2000The average extensive air shower longitudinal development profile as a function of shower age in the energy range from 10$^{17}$ to 10$^{18}$eV is measured using data from the hybrid HiRes/MIA experiment. An angular bin signal based Cerenkov light component ... More
Scaling properties of proton-nucleus total reaction cross sectionsMay 03 2010We study the scaling properties of proton-nucleus total reaction cross sections for stable nuclei and propose an approximate expression in proportion to Z^{2/3}\sigma_{pp}^{total} + N^{2/3} \sigma_{pn}^{total}. Based on this expression, we can derive ... More
On disjoint unions of finitely many copies of the free monogenic semigroupMay 28 2012Jan 04 2013Every semigroup which is a finite disjoint union of copies of the free monogenic semigroup (natural numbers under addition) is finitely presented and residually finite.
From dyadic $Λ_α$ to $Λ_α$Apr 02 2007In this paper we show how to compute the $\Lambda_{\alpha}$ norm, $\alpha\ge 0$, using the dyadic grid. This result is a consequence of the description of the Hardy spaces $H^p(R^N)$ in terms of dyadic and special atoms.
Extreme points method and univalent harmonic mappingsDec 24 2014We consider the class of all sense-preserving complex-valued harmonic mappings $f=h+\bar {g}$ defined on the unit disk $\ID$ with the normalization $h(0)=h'(0)-1=0$ and $g(0)=g'(0)=0$ with the second complex dilatation $\omega:\,\ID\rightarrow \ID$, $g'(z)=\omega ... More
Continuous Spin Representations from Group ContractionOct 11 2004Mar 04 2005We consider how the continuous spin representation (CSR) of the Poincare group in four dimensions can be generated by dimensional reduction. The analysis uses the front-form little group in five dimensions, which must yield the Euclidean group E(2), the ... More
A description of odd mass W-isotopes in the Interacting 2 Boson-Fermion ModelFeb 22 2012The negative and positive parity low-spin states of the even-odd Tungsten isotopes, 183,185,187W are studied in the frame work of the Interacting Boson-Fermion Approximation (IBFA) model. The fermion that is coupled to the system of bosons is taken to ... More
Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC) for Islanded Hybrid MicrogridsFeb 13 2018Microgrids consisting of multiple distributed energy resources (DERs) provide a promising solution to integrate renewable energies, e.g., solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Hybrid AC/DC microgrids leverage the merits of both AC and DC power systems. In ... More
Nucleon Properties in the Quantized Linear Sigma Model at Finite Temperature and Chemical PotentialJul 08 2015Jul 25 2015The linear sigma model at finite temperature and chemical potential is systematically studied using the coherent-pair approximation, in which fully taking quantum of fields are included. The expectation value of the chiral Hamiltonian density is minimized ... More
Identifying Participants in the Personal Genome Project by Name (A Re-identification Experiment)Apr 29 2013We linked names and contact information to publicly available profiles in the Personal Genome Project. These profiles contain medical and genomic information, including details about medications, procedures and diseases, and demographic information, such ... More
Impurity induced density of states and residual transport in nonunitary superconductorsAug 01 2007Nov 12 2007We obtain general expressions for the residual density of states, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity for non-unitary superconductors due to impurity scattering. We apply the results to the so-called `B phase' of PrOs4Sb12, which we describe ... More
Relative performance of ancilla verification and decoding in the [[7,1,3]] Steane codeMar 17 2013Apr 17 2015Ancilla post-selection is a common means of achieving fault-tolerance in quantum error-correction. However, it can lead to additional data errors due to movement or wait operations. Alternatives to post-selection may achieve lower overall failure rates ... More
Interpretation of 750 GeV Diphoton Resonance within the RS Model and the Associated Radion PhenomenologyJul 06 2016We present an interpretation of the 750 GeV diphoton resonance at the LHC within the context of the Randall-Sundrum model, where we add a scalar singlet that couples only to KK fermions in the bulk. We assume the scalar's ground state is the 750 GeV scalar ... More
On the Effect of Fading on Ad hoc NetworkingApr 01 2005Most MANET (Mobile Ad hoc NETwork) research assumes idealized propagation models. Experimental results have shown significant divergence from simulation results due to the effect of signal fading in realistic wireless communication channels. In this paper, ... More
Los teoremas de Fréchet, Montel y Popoviciu y los grafos de los polinomios discontinuosFeb 10 2015This paper is an introduction to the regularity theory of functional equations, motivated by the study of Fr\'{e}chet's functional equation. Another main goal is to honor the work in functional equations of the Romanian mathematician Tiberiu Popoviciu. ... More
On Montel's theorem in several variablesOct 12 2013Jan 05 2014Recently, the first author of this paper, used the structure of finite dimensional translation invariant subspaces of C(R,C) to give a new proof of classical Montel's theorem, about continuous solutions of Fr\'{e}chet's functional equation $\Delta_h^mf=0$, ... More
A note on invariant subspaces and the solution of some classical functional equationsOct 29 2013We study the continuous solutions of several classical functional equations by using the properties of the spaces of continuous functions which are invariant under some elementary linear trans-formations. Concretely, we use that the sets of continuous ... More
Field angle-dependent thermal conductivity in nodal superconuctorsApr 16 2008Sep 08 2008We apply a semi-classical method to the problem of field angle-dependent oscillations of the density of states and thermal conductivity for nodal superconductors and apply our results to the superconductor PrOs$_4$Sb$_{12}$. The oscillatory contributions ... More
The Limit Behavior Of The Trajectories of Dissipative Quadratic Stochastic Operators on Finite Dimensional SimplexDec 15 2011The limit behavior of trajectories of dissipative quadratic stochastic operators on a finite-dimensional simplex is fully studied. It is shown that any dissipative quadratic stochastic operator has either unique or infinitely many fixed points. If dissipative ... More
Optimization of reversible sequential circuitsJun 23 2010In recent years reversible logic has been considered as an important issue for designing low power digital circuits. It has voluminous applications in the present rising nanotechnology such as DNA computing, Quantum Computing, low power VLSI and quantum ... More
Proton-nucleus elastic scattering and the equation of state of nuclear matterOct 08 2003We calculate differential cross sections for proton-nucleus elastic scattering by using a Glauber theory in the optical limit approximation and nucleon distributions that can be obtained in the framework of macroscopic nuclear models in a way dependent ... More
Cerenkov Events Seen by The TALE Air Fluorescence DetectorSep 30 2013The Telescope Array Low-Energy Extension (TALE) is a hybrid, Air Fluorescence Detector (FD) / Scintillator Array, designed to study cosmic ray initiated showers at energies above $\sim3\times10^{16}$ eV. Located in the western Utah desert, the TALE FD ... More
A p-adic Montel theorem and locally polynomial functionsFeb 17 2013We prove a version of both Jacobi's and Montel's Theorems for the case of continuous functions defined over the field $\mathbb{Q}_p$ of $p$-adic numbers. In particular, we prove that, if \[ \Delta_{h_0}^{m+1}f(x)=0 \ \ \text{for all} x\in\mathbb{Q}_p, ... More
Best of both worlds? Simultaneous evaluation of researchers and their worksJun 17 2015This paper explores a dual score system that simultaneously evaluates the relative importance of researchers and their works. It is a modification of the CITEX algorithm recently described in Pal and Ruj (2015). Using available publication data for $m$ ... More
Symmetry properties of the nodal superconductor PrOs4Sb12Apr 16 2007Aug 06 2007We present a theoretical study of the superconducting gap function in PrOs4Sb12 using a symmetry-based approach. A three-component order parameter in the triplet channel best describes superconductivity. The gap function is non-degenerate and the lower ... More
Spectral Efficiency and Outage Performance for Hybrid D2D-Infrastructure Uplink CooperationDec 08 2013Mar 29 2014We propose a time-division uplink transmission scheme that is applicable to future cellular systems by introducing hybrid device-to-device (D2D) and infrastructure cooperation. We analyze its spectral efficiency and outage performance and show that compared ... More
Rate Maximization for Half-Duplex Multiple Access with Cooperating TransmittersMar 07 2012Jul 02 2013We derive the optimal resource allocation of a practical half-duplex scheme for the Gaussian multiple access channel with transmitter cooperation (MAC-TC). Based on rate splitting and superposition coding, two users transmit information to a destination ... More
Ordering Unicyclic Graphs with Respect to F-indexSep 05 2016F-index of a graph is the sum of the cube of the degrees of the vertices. In this paper, we investigate the F-indices of unicyclic graphs by introducing some transformation, and characterize the unicyclic graphs with the first five largest F-indices and ... More
Theory of strong-field ionization of aligned CO2Jun 04 2009Jun 17 2009A theoretical framework for studying strong-field ionization of aligned molecules is presented, and alignment-dependent ionization yields are computed for CO2. Our calculations are in unprecedented agreement with recent experiments. We find that the ionization ... More
A note on monomialsMar 14 2012We study discontinuous solutions of the monomial equation $\frac{1}{n!}\Delta_h^nf(x)=f(h)$. In particular, we characterize the closure of their graph, $\bar{G(f)}^{\mathbb{R}^2}$, and we use the properties of these functions to present a new proof of ... More
Addressing Security Challenges in Cloud ComputingJul 31 2013Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm which allows sharing of resources on remote server such as hardware, network, storage using internet and provides the way through which application, computing power, computing infrastructure can be delivered ... More
A SQP Based Line Search Method for Multi-objective Optimization ProblemsDec 10 2018In this paper a globally convergent sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method is developed for multi-objective optimization problems with inequality type constraints. A feasible descent direction is obtained using a linear approximation of all objective ... More
Achievable Rates and Outer Bound for the Half-Duplex MAC with Generalized FeedbackJul 29 2011This paper provides comprehensive coding and outer bound for the half-duplex multiple access channel with generalized feedback (MAC-GF). Two users communicate with one destination over a discrete memoryless channel using time division. Each transmission ... More
A Half-Duplex Cooperative Scheme with Partial Decode-Forward RelayingJun 02 2011In this paper, we present a new cooperative communication scheme consisting of two users in half-duplex mode communicating with one destination over a discrete memoryless channel. The users encode messages in independent blocks and divide the transmission ... More
Proof of bijection for combinatorial number systemJan 21 2016Combinatorial number system represents a non-negative natural numbers as sum of binomial coefficients. This paper presents an induction proof that there exists unique representation of every non-negative natural number $m$ as sum of $r$ binomial coefficients. ... More
Collaborative Storage Management In Sensor NetworksAug 06 2004In this paper, we consider a class of sensor networks where the data is not required in real-time by an observer; for example, a sensor network monitoring a scientific phenomenon for later play back and analysis. In such networks, the data must be stored ... More
IRS for Computer Character Sequences Filtration: a new software tool and algorithm to support the IRS at tokenization processMar 02 2013Tokenization is the task of chopping it up into pieces, called tokens, perhaps at the same time throwing away certain characters, such as punctuation. A token is an instance of token a sequence of characters in some particular document that are grouped ... More
A qualitative description of graphs of discontinuous polynomial functionsJan 14 2014Jan 19 2014We prove that, if f:R^n\to R satisfies Fr\'echet's functional equation and f(x_1,...,x_n) is not an ordinary algebraic polynomial in the variables x_1,...,x_n, then f is unbounded on all non-empty open set U of R^n. Furthermore, the closure of its graph ... More
Fast Jacobian group operations for C_{3,4} curves over a large finite fieldOct 03 2006Aug 22 2007Let C be an arbitrary smooth algebraic curve of genus g over a large finite field K. We revisit fast addition algorithms in the Jacobian of C due to Khuri-Makdisi (math.NT/0409209, to appear in Math. Comp.). The algorithms, which reduce to linear algebra ... More
Unconventional superconductivity in YNi2B2CJan 07 2009We use the semi-classical (Doppler shift) approximation to calculate magnetic field angle-dependent density of states and thermal conductivity kappa_zz for a superconductor with a quasi-two-dimensional Fermi surface and line nodes along k_x=0 and k_y=0. ... More
Anomalous quartic couplings in $ W^+W^- γ$ production at $e^+e^- $ collidersJun 15 1994We study the process $e^+e^- \rightarrow W^+W^- \gamma$ at high-energy $e^+ e^-$ colliders to investigate the effect of genuine quartic $W^+W^-\gamma\gamma$ and $W^+W^- Z\gamma$ anomalous couplings on the cross section. Deviations from the Standard Model ... More
The role of light ellipticity in ionization of atoms by intense few-cycles laser pulsesApr 22 2010We provide theoretical investigations of the response of the Ar and H atoms to an intense elliptically polarized few-cycle laser pulse, as a function of light ellipticity. The time-dependent Schr{\"o}dinger equation describing the least-bound electron ... More
Skin Detection of Animation CharactersMar 21 2015The increasing popularity of animes makes it vulnerable to unwanted usages like copyright violations and pornography. That is why, we need to develop a method to detect and recognize animation characters. Skin detection is one of the most important steps ... More
Optimizing the Frequency of Quantum Error Correction using the [[7,1,3]] Steane CodeApr 15 2015A common assumption in analyses of error thresholds and quantum computing in general is that one applies fault-tolerant quantum error correction (FTQEC) after every gate. This, however, is known not to always be optimal if the FTQEC procedure itself can ... More
On solutions of $f(x)+f(a_1x)+...+f(a_Nx)=0$ and related equationsNov 02 2011Feb 20 2012We study some properties of the solutions of the functional equation $$f(x)+f(a_1x)+...+f(a_Nx)=0,$$ which was introduced in the literature by Mora, Cherruault and Ziadi in 1999, for the case $a_k=k+1$, $k=1,2,...,N$ and studied by Mora in 2008 and Mora ... More
Time Variations of the Superkamiokande Solar Neutrino Flux DataFeb 11 2006We have used the Date-Compensated Discrete Fourier Transform and Periodogram analysis of the solar neutrino flux data from 1) 5-day-long samples from Super-Kamiokande-I detector during the period from June, 1996 to July, 2001; 2) 10-day-long samples from ... More
On the F-index and F-coindex of the line graphs of the subdivision graphsAug 04 2016The aim of this work is to investigate the F-index and F-coindex of the line graphs of the cycle graphs, star graphs, tadpole graphs, wheel graphs and ladder graphs using the subdivision concepts. F-index of the line graph of subdivision graph of square ... More
Software Requirements Specification of the IUfA's UUIS -- a Team 4 COMP5541-W10 Project ApproachMay 02 2010May 04 2010This document presents the business requirement of Unified University Inventory System (UUIS) in Technology-independent manner. All attempts have been made in using mostly business terminology and business language while describing the requirements in ... More
Software Design Document, Testing, Deployment and Configuration Management, and User Manual of the UUIS -- a Team 4 COMP5541-W10 Project ApproachMay 02 2010This document provides a description of the technical design for Unified University Inventory System - Web Portal. This document's primary purpose is to describe the technical vision for how business requirements will be realized. This document provides ... More
The Characteristics of the Factors That Govern the Preferred Force in the Social Force Model of Pedestrian MovementAug 01 2010The social force model which belongs to the microscopic pedestrian studies has been considered as the supremacy by many researchers and due to the main feature of reproducing the self-organized phenomena resulted from pedestrian dynamic. The Preferred ... More
Rate-distortion Balanced Data Compression for Wireless Sensor NetworksApr 04 2016This paper presents a data compression algorithm with error bound guarantee for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) using compressing neural networks. The proposed algorithm minimizes data congestion and reduces energy consumption by exploring spatio-temporal ... More
Machine Learning in Wireless Sensor Networks: Algorithms, Strategies, and ApplicationsMay 18 2014Mar 19 2015Wireless sensor networks monitor dynamic environments that change rapidly over time. This dynamic behavior is either caused by external factors or initiated by the system designers themselves. To adapt to such conditions, sensor networks often adopt machine ... More
JiTS: Just-in-Time Scheduling for Real-Time Sensor Data DisseminationAug 16 2006We consider the problem of real-time data dissemination in wireless sensor networks, in which data are associated with deadlines and it is desired for data to reach the sink(s) by their deadlines. To this end, existing real-time data dissemination work ... More
Resource Allocation in a Network-Based Cloud Computing Environment: Design ChallengesSep 04 2013Cloud computing is an increasingly popular computing paradigm, now proving a necessity for utility computing services. Each provider offers a unique service portfolio with a range of resource configurations. Resource provisioning for cloud services in ... More
Characterizations of the Hardy Space $H^1$ and BMOOct 13 2005Jan 24 2006We describe the spaces $H^1(R)$ and BMO$(R)$ in terms of their closely related, simpler dyadic and two-sided counterparts. As a result of these characterizations we establish when a bounded linear operator defined on dyadic or two-sided $H^1(R)$ into ... More
Connective eccentric index of some graph operationsJun 02 2014The connective eccentric index of a graph is a topological index involving degrees and eccentricities of vertices of the graph. In this paper, we have studied the connective eccentric index for double graph and double cover. Also we give the connective ... More
Path-integral hadronization for the nucleon and its interactionsJun 03 2002Nucleon structure and the origin and nature of the nuclear force are investigated in the context of a QCD-based effective field theory and the path-integral method of hadronization. We start from a microscopic model of quarks and diquarks where the gluons ... More
A Dynamic Multi-cast Routing Algorithm for Opportunistic Networks: Implementing the Expected Transmission Count MetricMay 16 2016Cognitive radio (CR) technology enables an intelligent wireless communication system. CR provides an efficient solution for the inefficient spectrum utilization by allowing dynamic and opportunistic spectrum access. In designing CR networks, the main ... More
The Effect of Clouds on Air Showers Observation from SpaceOct 28 2003Issues relating to extensive air showers observation by a space-borne fluorescence detector and the effects of clouds on the observations are investigated using Monte Carlo simulation. The simulations assume the presence of clouds with varying altitudes ... More
An Enhanced Static Data Compression Scheme Of Bengali Short MessageSep 01 2009Sep 08 2009This paper concerns a modified approach of compressing Short Bengali Text Message for small devices. The prime objective of this research technique is to establish a low complexity compression scheme suitable for small devices having small memory and ... More
Proton-nucleus total reaction cross sections in the optical limit Glauber theory: Subtle dependence on the equation of state of nuclear matterJul 05 2011We calculate the proton-nucleus total reaction cross sections at different energies of incident protons within the optical limit approximation of the Glauber theory. The isospin effect has been taken into account. The nucleon distribution is obtained ... More