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Primitive bound of a 2-structureJan 27 2014A 2-structure on a set $S$ is given by an equivalence relation on the set of ordered pairs of distinct elements of $S$. A subset $C$ of $S$, any two elements of which appear the same from the perspective of each element of the complement of $C$, is called ... More
About the spectra of a real nonnegative matrix and its signingsJul 28 2015For a real matrix $M$, we denote by $sp(M)$ the spectrum of $M$ and by $\left \vert M\right \vert $ its absolute value, that is the matrix obtained from $M$ by replacing each entry of $M$ by its absolute value. Let $A$ be a nonnegative real matrix, we ... More
Characterization of $k$-spectrally monomorphic Hermitian $l2$-structuresJul 12 2019Let $g$ be a \emph{Hermitian }$l2$\emph{-structure} on a nonempty set $V$, that is a map from $E_{2}(V)=\{(x,y):x\neq y\in V\}$ to the \emph{complex} field $\mathbb{C}$ such that $g(u,v)=\overline{g(v,u)}$ for $u\neq v\in V$. With respect to an ordering ... More
A transformation that preserves principal minors of skew-symmetric matricesJun 29 2016Our motivation comes from the work of Engel and Schneider (1980). Their main theorem implies that two symmetric matrices have equal corresponding principal minors of all orders if and only if they are diagonally similar. This study was continued by Hartfiel ... More
Prime bound of a graphOct 13 2011Given a graph G, a subset M of V (G) is a module of G if for each v \in V (G) \diagdownM, v is adjacent to all the elements of M or to none of them. For instance, V(G), \varnothing and {v} (v \in V(G)) are modules of G called trivial. Given a graph G, ... More
On the arrow-simplicity of tournamentsJul 26 2019An $n$-tournament $T$ with vertex set $V$ is simple if there is no subset $M$ of $V$ such that $2\leq \left \vert M\right \vert \leq n-2$ and for every $x\in V\setminus M$, either $M\rightarrow x$ or $x\rightarrow M$. The arrow simplicity of a tournament ... More
Determination of the prime bound of a graphJan 07 2013Given a graph $G$, a subset $M$ of $V(G)$ is a module of $G$ if for each $v\in V(G)\setminus M$, $v$ is adjacent to all the elements of $M$ or to none of them. For instance, $V(G)$, $\emptyset$ and $\{v\}$ ($v\in V(G)$) are modules of $G$ called trivial. ... More
An exact extremal result for tournaments and 4-uniform hypergraphsFeb 21 2018In this paper, we address the following problem due to Frankl and F\"uredi (1984). What is the maximum number of hyperedges in an $r$-uniform hypergraph with $n$ vertices, such that every set of $r+1$ vertices contains $0$ or exactly $2$ hyperedges? They ... More
A matrix description of weakly bipartitive and bipartitive familiesNov 22 2016The notions of weakly bipartitive and bipartitive families were introduced by Montgolfier (2003) as a general tool for studying some decomposition of graphs and other combinatorial structures. In this paper, we give a matrix description of these notions. ... More
3-uniform hypergraphs: modular decomposition and realization by tournamentsMay 11 2018Let $H$ be a 3-uniform hypergraph. A tournament $T$ defined on $V(T)=V(H)$ is a realization of $H$ if the edges of $H$ are exactly the 3-element subsets of $V(T)$ that induce 3-cycles. We characterize the 3-uniform hypergraphs that admit realizations ... More
Matricial characterization of tournaments with maximum number of diamondsJun 11 2019A diamond is a $4$-tournament which consists of a vertex dominating or dominated by a $3$-cycle. Assuming the existence of skew-conference matrices, we give a complete characterization of $n$-tournaments with the maximum number of diamonds when $n\equiv0\pmod{4}$ ... More
miR-34a-5p and miR-34a-3p contribute to the signaling pathway of p53 by targeting overlapping sets of genesAug 09 2016Aug 10 2016In contrary to the common belief that only one strand of the pre-miRNA is active (usually the 5p one that is the more abundant) while the second one (miRNA*) is discarded, functional 5p and 3p have been observed for many miRNAs. Among those miRNAs is ... More
The role of CRKL in Breast Cancer Metastasis: Insights from Systems BiologyAug 09 2016MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally. They are involved in key biological processes and then may play a major role in the development of human diseases including cancer, in particular their ... More
Concept Based vs. Pseudo Relevance Feedback Performance Evaluation for Information Retrieval SystemMar 18 2014This article evaluates the performance of two techniques for query reformulation in a system for information retrieval, namely, the concept based and the pseudo relevance feedback reformulation. The experiments performed on a corpus of Arabic text have ... More
Vers une interface pour l enrichissement des requetes en arabe dans un systeme de recherche d informationFeb 06 2014This presentation focuses on the automatic expansion of Arabic request using morphological analyzer and Arabic Wordnet. The expanded request is sent to Google.
Semantic integration process of business components to support information system designersFeb 06 2013The present work is inscribed within the intersection of two scientific thematic: the engineering by reuse of components and ontologies alignment. The integration of Business Components (BC) is a research problem that has been identified in the field ... More
A general representation of delta-normal sets to sublevels of convex functionsOct 27 2017The (delta-) normal cone to an arbitrary intersection of sublevel sets of proper, lower semicontinuous, and convex functions is characterized, using either epsilon-subdifferentials at the nominal point or exact subdifferentials at nearby points. Our tools ... More
Band structure and Klein paradox for a pn junction in ABCA-tetralayer grapheneMar 13 2019We investigate the band structure of ABCA-tetralayer graphene (ABCA-TTLG) subjected to an external potential $V$ applied between top and bottom layers. Using the tight-binding model, including the nearest $t$ and next-nearest-neighbor $t'$ hopping, low-energy ... More
Dirac Fermions in Inhomogeneous Magnetic FieldOct 27 2010We study a confined system of Dirac fermions in the presence of inhomogeneous magnetic field. Splitting the system into different regions, we determine their corresponding energy spectrum solutions. We underline their physical properties by considering ... More
Using Arabic Wordnet for semantic indexation in information retrieval systemJun 11 2013Jun 19 2013In the context of arabic Information Retrieval Systems (IRS) guided by arabic ontology and to enable those systems to better respond to user requirements, this paper aims to representing documents and queries by the best concepts extracted from Arabic ... More
The Number of Terms and Documents for Pseudo-Relevant Feedback for Ad-hoc Information RetrievalJun 17 2013In Information Retrieval System (IRS), the Automatic Relevance Feedback (ARF) is a query reformulation technique that modifies the initial one without the user intervention. It is applied mainly through the addition of terms coming from the external resources ... More
Transport Properties for Triangular Barriers in GrapheneMar 03 2013Nov 30 2013We theoretically study the electronic transport properties of Dirac fermions through one and double triangular barriers in graphene. Using the transfer matrix method, we determine the transmission, conductance and Fano factor. They are obtained to be ... More
Propriété de convergence de certaines familles de fonctions finement harmoniques et régularité du noyau de Green d'un domaine finApr 07 2015We prove a convergence property for some families of finely harmonic functions on a fine domain $U$ of $\RR^n$ ($n\ge 2$), and we apply it to prove some regularity of the fine Green kernel of $U$.
Closed numerical rangesMay 25 2018Jan 24 2019Let $ x=(x_{n})_{n} $ be a bounded complex sequence and let $M_{x} = \sup_n |x_n|$. By using a normaloid operator related to the sequence $ x=(x_{n})_{n} $, we prove that $$ \sup_{\lambda \in \mathbb{C}, |\lambda| \leq M_x} \sup_n |x_n+\lambda| = 2M_x.$$ ... More
Metric regularity under Gâteaux differentiability with applications to optimization and stochastic optimal control problemsOct 27 2018The main objective of this work is to study the existence of Lagrange multipliers for infinite dimensional problems under G\^ateux differentiability assumptions on the data. Our investigation follows two main steps: the proof of the existence of Lagrange ... More
Massless Dirac Fermions in Electromagnetic FieldMar 28 2011Feb 12 2012We study the relations between massless Dirac fermions in an electromagnetic field and atoms in quantum optics. After getting the solutions of the energy spectrum, we show that it is possible to reproduce the 2D Dirac Hamiltonian, with all its quantum ... More
Progressive Compression of 3D Objects with an Adaptive QuantizationSep 12 2013This paper presents a new progressive compression method for triangular meshes. This method, in fact, is based on a schema of irregular multi-resolution analysis and is centered on the optimization of the rate-distortion trade-off. The quantization precision ... More
A New Architecture of a Ubiquitous Health Monitoring System: A Prototype Of Cloud Mobile Health Monitoring SystemMay 31 2012Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks (WBASN) is an emerging technology which uses wireless sensors to implement real-time wearable health monitoring of patients to enhance independent living. In this paper we propose a prototype of cloud mobile health monitoring ... More
A model for semantic integration of business componentsMay 24 2010Today, reusable components are available in several repositories. These last are certainly conceived for the reusing However, this re-use is not immediate; it requires, in the fact, to pass through some essential conceptual operations, among them in particular, ... More
Semantic Matching of Security Policies to Support Security ExpertsMar 28 2013Management of security policies has become increasingly difficult given the number of domains to manage, taken into consideration their extent and their complexity. Security experts has to deal with a variety of frameworks and specification languages ... More
Lyapunov stability of differential inclusions with Lipschitz Cusco perturbations of maximal monotone operatorsJan 19 2018We give criteria for weak and strong invariant closed sets for differential inclusions given in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ and governed by Lipschitz Cusco perturbations of maximal monotone operators. Correspondingly, we provide different characterizations for the\ ... More
Characterizations of the subdifferential of convex integral functions under qualification conditionsApr 27 2018Sep 05 2019This work provides formulae for the $\epsilon$-subdifferential of integral functions in the framework of complete $\sigma$-finite measure spaces and locally convex spaces. In this work we present here new formulae for this $\epsilon$-subdifferential under ... More
Local nonsmooth Lyapunov pairs for first-order evolution differential inclusionsMay 16 2013The general theory of Lyapunov's stability of first-order differential inclusions in Hilbert spaces has been studied by the authors in a previous work. This new contribution focuses on the natural case when the maximally monotone operator governing the ... More
The {-3}-reconstruction and the {-3}-self duality of tournamentsApr 11 2012Let T = (V,A) be a (finite) tournament and k be a non negative integer. For every subset X of V is associated the subtournament T[X] = (X,A\cap (X \timesX)) of T, induced by X. The dual tournament of T, denoted by T\ast, is the tournament obtained from ... More
Complete characterizations of the subdifferential of convex integral functions II: Qualification conditions, conjugate and sequential formulaeApr 27 2018This work provides formulae for the $\epsilon$-subdifferential of the integral functional given by the following expression \begin{equation*} I_f (x):=\int\limits_T f(t,x) d\mu(t) \end{equation*} where $(T,\Sigma,\mu)$ is a complete $\sigma$-finite measure ... More
Continuous Data Assimilation Using General Interpolant ObservablesApr 03 2013We present a new continuous data assimilation algorithm based on ideas that have been developed for designing finite-dimensional feedback controls for dissipative dynamical systems, in particular, in the context of the incompressible two-dimensional Navier--Stokes ... More
Plateau Polycubes and Lateral AreaNov 14 2018In this paper, we enumerate two families of polycubes, the directed plateau polycubes and the plateau polycubes, with respect to the width and a new parameter, the Lateral Area. We give an explicit formula and the generating function for each of the two ... More
Qualification conditions-free characterizations of the $\varepsilon$-subdifferential of convex integral functionsApr 02 2018Apr 23 2018We provide formulae for the $\varepsilon$-subdifferential of the integral function $ I_f(x):=\int\limits_T f(t,x) d\mu(t), $ for an integrand $f:T\times X \to \Rex$ being measurable in $(t,x)$ and convex in $x$ with respect to a complete $\sigma$-finite ... More
Sequential and exact formulae for the subdifferential of nonconvex integral functionalsMar 14 2018Feb 16 2019This work concerns the study of the subdifferential of the integral functional $$ E_f(x)=\int_{T} f(t,x)d\mu(t), $$ where $f$ is a (not necessarily convex) normal integrand, $({T},\mathcal{A},\mu)$ is a $\sigma$-finite measure space, while the decision ... More
Subdifferential characterization of probability functions under Gaussian distributionMay 29 2017Jul 21 2017Probability functions figure prominently in optimization problems of engineering. They may be nonsmooth even if all input data are smooth.This fact motivates the consideration of subdifferentials for such typically just continuous functions. The aim of ... More
Nonlocal $p$-Laplacian evolution problems on graphsDec 21 2016Apr 26 2019In this paper we study numerical approximations of the evolution problem for the nonlocal $p$-Laplacian with homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. First, we derive a bound on the distance between two continuous-in-time trajectories defined by two different ... More
Directed Plateau PolyhypercubesJan 03 2019In this paper, we study a particular family of polyhypercubes in dimension $d\geq 3$, the directed plateau polyhypercubes, according to to the width and a new parameter the lateral area. We give an explicit formula and we also propose an expression of ... More
Nonlocal $p$-Laplacian evolution problems on graphsDec 21 2016Dec 13 2017In this paper we study numerical approximations of the evolution problem for the nonlocal $p$-Laplacian with homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. First, we derive a bound on the distance between two continuous-in-time trajectories defined by two different ... More
An enhanced method to compute the similarity between concepts of ontologySep 26 2017With the use of ontologies in several domains such as semantic web, information retrieval, artificial intelligence, the concept of similarity measuring has become a very important domain of research. Therefore, in the current paper, we propose our method ... More
Integration of SOA and Cloud Computing in RM-ODPMar 12 2013The objective of ODP is according to ITU-T Recommendation X.901 stated as follows: The objective of ODP standardization is the development of standards that allow the benefits of distributing information processing services to be realized in an environment ... More
Equivalence between Differential Inclusions Involving Prox-regular sets and maximal monotone operatorsApr 17 2017Jan 22 2018In this paper, we study the existence and the stability in the sense of Lyapunov of solutions for\ differential inclusions governed by the normal cone to a prox-regular set and subject to a Lipschitzian perturbation. We prove that such, apparently, more ... More
Coerciveness condition for quasi-equilibrium problemsJan 25 2019Jun 02 2019A quasi-equilibrium problem is an equilibrium problem where the constraint set does depend on the reference point. It generalizes important problems such as quasi-variational inequalities and generalized Nash equilibrium problems. We study the existence ... More
Qualification conditions-free characterizations of the $\varepsilon$-subdifferential of convex integral functionsApr 02 2018Sep 05 2019We provide formulae for the $\varepsilon$-subdifferential of the integral function $ I_f(x):=\int_T f(t,x) d\mu(t), $ where the integrand $f:T\times X \to [-\infty,+\infty]$ is measurable in $(t,x)$ and convex in $x$. The state variable lies in a locally ... More
Unsupervised Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images Accounting for Endmember VariabilityJun 19 2014This paper presents an unsupervised Bayesian algorithm for hyperspectral image unmixing accounting for endmember variability. The pixels are modeled by a linear combination of endmembers weighted by their corresponding abundances. However, the endmembers ... More
Hyperspectral Unmixing in Presence of Endmember Variability, Nonlinearity or Mismodelling EffectsNov 18 2015Jul 18 2016This paper presents three hyperspectral mixture models jointly with Bayesian algorithms for supervised hyperspectral unmixing. Based on the residual component analysis model, the proposed general formulation assumes the linear model to be corrupted by ... More
Coerciveness condition for quasi-equilibrium problemsJan 25 2019A quasi-equilibrium problem is an equilibrium problem where the constraint set does depend on the reference point. It generalizes important problems such as quasi-variational inequalities and generalized Nash equilibrium problems. We study the existence ... More
An Ontology-Based Method for Semantic Integration of Business ComponentsOct 20 2011Building new business information systems from reusable components is today an approach widely adopted and used. Using this approach in analysis and design phases presents a great interest and requires the use of a particular class of components called ... More
Semantic conflict resolution for integration of business componentsOct 20 2011Oct 21 2011Reusing and integrating Business Components in a new Information System requires detection and resolution of semantic conflicts. Moreover, most of integration and semantic conflict resolution systems rely on ontology alignment methods based on domain ... More
Towards an architecture for semantic integration of business componentsMay 25 2010Today, reusable components are available in several repositorys. These are certainly conceived for re-use. However, this re-use is not immediate, it requires, in effect, to pass by some essential conceptual operations, among which in particular, research, ... More
Towards Classification of Web ontologies using the Horizontal and Vertical SegmentationSep 23 2017The new era of the Web is known as the semantic Web or the Web of data. The semantic Web depends on ontologies that are seen as one of its pillars. The bigger these ontologies, the greater their exploitation. However, when these ontologies become too ... More
Maximal Solutions of Sparse Analysis RegularizationMar 01 2017This paper deals with the non-uniqueness of the solutions of an analysis-Lasso regularization. Most of previous works in this area is concerned with the case where the solution set is a singleton, or to derive guarantees to enforce uniqueness. Our main ... More
Skew-signings of positive weighted digraphsAug 05 2016An arc-weighted digraph is a pair $(D,\omega)$ where $D$ is a digraph and $\omega$ is an \emph{arc-weight function} that assigns\ to each arc $uv$ of $D$ a nonzero real number $\omega(uv)$. Given an arc-weighted digraph $(D,\omega)$ with vertices $v_{1},\ldots,v_{n}$, ... More
Design and Implementation A different Architectures of mixcolumn in FPGASep 13 2012This paper details Implementation of the Encryption algorithm AES under VHDL language In FPGA by using different architecture of mixcolumn. We then review this research investigates the AES algorithm in FPGA and the Very High Speed Integrated Circuit ... More
Continuum limit of the nonlocal p-Laplacian evolution problem on random inhomogeneous graphsMay 04 2018In this paper we study numerical approximations of the evolution problem for the nonlocal $p$-Laplacian operator with homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions on inhomogeneous random convergent graph sequences. More precisely, for networks on convergent ... More
On the existence of the biharmonic Green kernels and the the adjoint biharmonic functionsJun 21 2016Jun 09 2017We study the existence and the regularity of the biharmonic Green kernel in a Brelot biharmonic space whose associated harmonic spaces have Green kernels. We show by some examples that this kernel does not always exist. We then introduce and study the ... More
Graphene Nanoribbon in Sharply Localized Magnetic FieldsMar 21 2011Mar 20 2013We study the effect of a sharply localized magnetic field on the electron transport in a strip (ribbon) of graphene sheet, which allows to give results for the transmission and reflection probability through magnetic barriers. The magnetic field is taken ... More
Several AES Variants under VHDL language In FPGAOct 17 2012This paper provides four different architectures for encrypting and decrypting 128 bit information via the AES. The encryption algorithm includes the Key Expansion module which generates Key for all iterations on the fly, Double AEStwo-key triple AES, ... More
Bayesian Filtering of Smooth Signals: Application to AltimetryFeb 11 2016This paper presents a novel Bayesian strategy for the estimation of smooth signals corrupted by Gaussian noise. The method assumes a smooth evolution of a succession of continuous signals that can have a numerical or an analytical expression with respect ... More
Transmission through Biased Graphene StripMay 26 2011May 05 2016We solve the 2D Dirac equation describing graphene in the presence of a linear vector potential. The discretization of the transverse momentum due to the infinite mass boundary condition reduced our 2D Dirac equation to an effective massive 1D Dirac equation ... More
Towards a Graph-Based Approach for Web Services CompositionJun 18 2013Nowadays, Web services (WS) remain a main actor in the implementation of distributed applications. They represent a new promising paradigm for the development, deployment and integration of Internet applications. The aim of Web services composition is ... More
Machine Learning Approaches for Traffic Volume Forecasting: A Case Study of the Moroccan Highway NetworkNov 18 2017In this paper, we aim to illustrate different approaches we followed while developing a forecasting tool for highway traffic in Morocco. Two main approaches were adopted: Statistical Analysis as a step of data exploration and data wrangling. Therefore, ... More
Semantic integration of UML class diagram with semantic validation on segments of mappingsJan 13 2018Recently, attention has focused on the software development, specially by differ-ent teams that are geographically distant to support collaborative work. Manage-ment, description and modeling in such collaborative approach are through sever-al tools and ... More
Correntropy Maximization via ADMM - Application to Robust Hyperspectral UnmixingFeb 04 2016In hyperspectral images, some spectral bands suffer from low signal-to-noise ratio due to noisy acquisition and atmospheric effects, thus requiring robust techniques for the unmixing problem. This paper presents a robust supervised spectral unmixing approach ... More
Band Tunneling through Double Barrier in Bilayer GrapheneJan 20 2014By taking into account the full four band energy spectrum, we calculate the transmission probability and conductance of electrons across symmetric and asymmetric double potential barrier with a confined interlayer potential difference in bilayer graphene. ... More
Cloning, expression and purification of the general stress protein Yhbo from Escherichia coliDec 12 2005We cloned, expressed and purified the Escherichia coli yhbO gene product, which is homolog to the Bacillus subtilis general stress protein 18 (the yfkM gene product), the Pyrococcus furiosus intracellular protease PfpI, and the human Parkinson disease ... More
Bayesian Estimation of Smooth Altimetric Parameters: Application to Conventional and Delay/Doppler AltimetryFeb 17 2015This paper proposes a new Bayesian strategy for the smooth estimation of altimetric parameters. The altimetric signal is assumed to be corrupted by a thermal and speckle noise distributed according to an independent and non identically Gaussian distribution. ... More
Object Depth Profile and Reflectivity Restoration from Sparse Single-Photon Data Acquired in Underwater EnvironmentsAug 22 2016This paper presents two new algorithms for the joint restoration of depth and reflectivity (DR) images constructed from time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) measurements. Two extreme cases are considered: (i) a reduced acquisition time that ... More
Energy-Aware Scheme used in Multi-level Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworksJun 19 2013The wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is a power constrained system, since nodes run on limited power batteries which shorten its lifespan.The main challenge facing us in the design and conception of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is to find the best way ... More
Compilation and R-matrix analysis of Big Bang nuclear reaction ratesJul 06 2004We use the R-matrix theory to fit low-energy data on nuclear reactions involved in Big Bang nucleosynthesis. A special attention is paid to the rate uncertainties which are evaluated on statistical grounds. We provide S factors and reaction rates in tabular ... More
Fast Hyperspectral Unmixing in Presence of Nonlinearity or Mismodelling EffectsJul 18 2016This paper presents two novel hyperspectral mixture models and associated unmixing algorithms. The two models assume a linear mixing model corrupted by an additive term whose expression can be adapted to account for multiple scattering nonlinearities ... More
Updated Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis compared to WMAP resultsJan 02 2004From the observations of the anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation, the WMAP satellite has provided a determination of the baryonic density of the Universe, \Omega_b.h^2, with an unprecedented precision. This imposes a careful ... More
Feedback Control of Nonlinear Dissipative Systems by Finite Determining Parameters - A Reaction-diffusion ParadigmJan 29 2013May 22 2014We introduce here a simple finite-dimensional feedback control scheme for stabilizing solutions of infinite-dimensional dissipative evolution equations, such as reaction-diffusion systems, the Navier-Stokes equations and the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation. ... More
Long-range depth imaging using a single-photon detector array and non-local data fusionDec 11 2018The ability to measure and record high-resolution depth images at long stand-off distances is important for a wide range of applications, including connected and automotive vehicles, defense and security, and agriculture and mining. In LIDAR (light detection ... More
Tunable X-band optoelectronic oscillators based on external-cavity semiconductor lasersSep 20 2017Laser diodes with optical feedback can exhibit periodic intensity oscillations at or near the relaxation-oscillation frequency. We demonstrate optoelectronic oscillators based on external-cavity semiconductor lasers in a periodic dynamical regime tunable ... More
Evolution of convex lens-shaped networks under curve shortening flowNov 07 2007We consider convex symmetric lens-shaped networks in R^2 that evolve under curve shortening flow. We show that the enclosed convex domain shrinks to a point in finite time. Furthermore, after appropriate rescaling the evolving networks converge to a self-similarly ... More
A multi-GHz chaotic optoelectronic oscillator based on laser terminal voltageSep 20 2017A multi-GHz chaotic optoelectronic oscillator based on an external cavity semiconductor laser (ECL) is demonstrated. Unlike standard optoelectronic oscillators for microwave applications, we do not employ the dynamic light output incident on a photodiode ... More
Comb-based WDM transmission at 10 Tbit/s using a DC-driven quantum-dash mode-locked laser diodeApr 22 2019Chip-scale frequency comb generators have the potential to become key building blocks of compact wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) transceivers in future metropolitan or campus-area networks. Among the various comb generator concepts, quantum-dash ... More
Comb-based WDM transmission at 10 Tbit/s using a DC-driven quantum-dash mode-locked laser diodeApr 22 2019May 03 2019Chip-scale frequency comb generators have the potential to become key building blocks of compact wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) transceivers in future metropolitan or campus-area networks. Among the various comb generator concepts, quantum-dash ... More
Towards a monolithic optical cavity for atom detection and manipulationJan 05 2009Apr 15 2009We study a Fabry-Perot cavity formed from a ridge waveguide on a AlGaAs substrate. We experimentally determined the propagation losses in the waveguide at 780 nm, the wavelength of Rb atoms. We have also made a numerical and analytical estimate of the ... More
Cross-sections for nuclide production in 56Fe target irradiated by 300, 500,750, 1000, 1500, and 2600 MeV protons compared with data on hydrogen target irradiation by 300, 500, 750, 1000, and 1500 MeV/nucleon 56Fe ionsApr 07 2008Cross-sections for radioactive nuclide production in 56Fe(p,x) reactions at 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, and 2600 MeV were measured using the ITEP U-10 proton accelerator. In total, 221 independent and cumulative yields of products of half-lives from 6.6 ... More