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On the Design of Attitude Observers on the Special Orthogonal Group $SO(3)$Jun 20 2016We revisit the smooth nonlinear complimentary filter on SO(3) previously proposed in the literature, and provide an explicit solution for the attitude estimation error. The stability and performance properties of this filter can be easily deduced from ... More
Global Exponential Angular Velocity Observer for Rigid Body SystemsMar 30 2016We present a uniformly globally exponentially stable hybrid angular velocity observer for rigid body systems designed directly on $SO(3)\times\mathbb{R}^3$. The global exponential stability result makes this observer a good candidate for a controller-observer ... More
A Globally Exponentially Stable Hybrid Attitude and Gyro-bias ObserverMar 30 2016This paper presents a hybrid attitude and gyro-bias observer designed directly on the Special Orthogonal group SO(3). The proposed hybrid observer, relying on a hysteresis-based switching between two configurations, guarantees global exponential stability ... More
Cooperative Output Regulation of Linear Multi-agent Systems with Communication ConstraintsOct 05 2016In this paper, we consider the cooperative output regulation problem for heterogeneous linear multi-agent systems in the presence of communication constraints. Under standard assumptions on the agents dynamics, we propose a distributed control algorithm ... More
On Deterministic Attitude Observers on the Special Orthogonal Group SO(3)Mar 30 2016We revisit the gradient based nonlinear attitude complementary filters (observers) on the Special Orthogonal group SO(3) and provide explicit solutions of the norm of the attitude estimation error dynamics. One smooth and two non-smooth attitude observers ... More
Hybrid Nonlinear Observers for Inertial Navigation Using Landmark MeasurementsJun 11 2019This paper considers the problem of attitude, position and linear velocity estimation for rigid body systems relying on landmark measurements. We propose two hybrid nonlinear observers on the matrix Lie group $SE_2(3)$, leading to global exponential stability. ... More
Construction of Synergistic Potential Functions on SO(3) with Application to Velocity-Free Hybrid Attitude StabilizationFeb 25 2015Apr 14 2016We propose a systematic and comprehensive procedure for the construction of synergistic potential functions, which are instrumental in hybrid control design on SO(3). A new map via angular warping on SO(3) is introduced for the construction of such a ... More
A New Position Control Strategy for VTOL UAVs using IMU and GPS measurementsMay 31 2011Mar 21 2012We propose a new position control strategy for VTOL-UAVs using IMU and GPS measurements. Since there is no sensor that measures the attitude, our approach does not rely on the knowledge (or reconstruction) of the system orientation as usually done in ... More
On the Design of Globally Exponentially Stable Hybrid Attitude and Gyro-bias ObserversMay 18 2016This paper presents hybrid attitude and gyro-bias observers designed directly on the Special Orthogonal group SO(3). The proposed hybrid observers, enjoying global exponential stability, rely on a hysteresis-based switching between different configurations ... More
Containment Control of Second-order Multi-agent Systems Under Directed Graphs and Communication ConstraintsAug 17 2015Sep 18 2016The distributed coordination problem of multi-agent systems is addressed in this paper under the assumption of intermittent communication between agents in the presence of time-varying communication delays. Specifically, we consider the containment control ... More
Global Exponential Stabilization on SO(3) via Hybrid FeedbackOct 13 2015We propose a new hybrid feedback approach for global exponential stabilization on the Special Orthogonal group SO(3), which can be used to solve attitude control and attitude estimation problems. Our approach relies on a new concept of synergistic potential ... More
On the Synchronization of Second-Order Nonlinear Systems with Communication ConstraintsMay 06 2015This paper studies the synchronization problem of second-order nonlinear multi-agent systems with intermittent communication in the presence of irregular communication delays and possible information loss. The control objective is to steer all systems' ... More
Derivation of a Convection Process in a Steady Diffusion-Transfer Problem by HomogenizationOct 27 2007We study the homogenization of a steady diffusion equation in a highly heterogeneous medium made of two subregions separated by a periodic barrier through which the flow is proportional to the jump of the temperature by a layer conductance of the same ... More
Two-Scale limit of the solution to a Robin Problem in Perforated MediaMay 14 2006The two scale convergence of the solution to a Robin's type-like problem of a stationary diffusion problem in a periodically perforated domain is investigated. It is shown that the Robin's problem converges to a problem associated to a new operator which ... More
Equidistribution results for geodesic flowsApr 15 2010Sep 15 2011Using the works of Ma\~n\'e \cite{Ma} and Paternain \cite{Pat} we study the distribution of geodesic arcs with respect to equilibrium states of the geodesic flow on a closed manifold, equipped with a $\mathcal{C}^{\infty}$ Riemannian metric. We prove ... More
Homogenization of a Double Porosity Model In Deformable MediaNov 27 2012Dec 05 2012The paper addresses the homogenization of a family of micro-models for the flow of a slightly compressible fluid in a poroelastic matrix containing periodically distibuted poroelastic inclusions, with low permeabilities and with imperfect contact on the ... More
Steady fluid flow in fissured porous media with imperfect contactMar 25 2013In this paper, periodic homogenization of a steady fluid flow in fissured porous solids with imperfect interfacial contact is performed via two-scale asymptotic method.
On a Multiscale Analysis of a Micro-Model of Heat Transfer in Biological TissuesOct 27 2014A bio-heat transfer model for biological tissues in a micro-scale and periodical settings is investigated . It is assumed that the model is a two-component system consisting of solid particles representing tissue cells and interconnected pores containing ... More
Nonrigidity of a class of two dimensional surfaces with positive curvature and planar pointsOct 03 2009Nontrivial infinitesimal bendings for a class of two-dimensional surfaces are constructed. The surfaces considered here are orientable; compact; with boundary; have positive curvature everywhere except at finitely many planar points; and have vanishing ... More
The Hua operators on homogeneous line bundle on Bounded Symmetric Domains of Tube TypeOct 02 2011Dec 10 2012Let D be a bounded symmetric domain of tube type . We show that the image of the Poisson transform on the degenerate principal series representation attached to the Shilov boundary of D is characterized by a covariant differential operator on a homogeneous ... More
On First and Second Order Planar Elliptic Equations with DegeneraciesOct 03 2009This paper deals with elliptic equations in the plane with degeneracies. The equations are generated by a complex vector field that is elliptic everywhere except along a simple closed curve. Kernels for these equations are constructed. Properties of solutions, ... More
Criteria of convergence of a non ordinary random continued fractions on a symmetric coneOct 18 2016In this paper, we use a notion of ratio based on a division algorithm, to extend to a symmetric cone the definition of a continued fraction in its more general form. We then give a criteria of convergence of a non ordinary random continued fraction that ... More
Equilibrium states for smooth mapsApr 15 2010Sep 26 2011We prove an equidistribution result for $C^{\infty}$ maps with respect to equilibrium states. We apply the result to the time-one map of the geodesic flow of a closed smooth Riemannian manifold.
A sharp smoothness of the conjugation of class P-homeomorphisms to diffeomorphismsAug 14 2015Let f be a class P -homeomorphism of the circle. We prove that there exists a piecewise analytic homeomorphism that conjugate f to a one-class P with prescribed break points lying on pairwise distinct orbits. As a consequence, we give a sharp estimate ... More
Class of hypocomplex structures on the two dimensional torusFeb 11 2019We study the H\"{o}lder solvability of a class of complex vector fields on the torus $\mathbb{T}^2$. We make use of the Theta function to associate a Cauchy-Pompeiu type integral operator. A similarity principle for the solutions of the equation $Lu=au+b\bar{u}$ ... More
On phi-Recurrent (k, m)-Contact Metric ManifoldsFeb 16 2013In this paper, we show that there is no phi-recurrent Sasakian manifold. Then we prove that the only flat 3-dimensional manifolds are phi-recurrent (k, m)-contact metric manifolds.
Properties of Generalized Berwald ConnectionsFeb 02 2009Feb 03 2009Recently the present authors introduced a general class of Finsler connections which leads to a smart representation of connection theory in Finsler geometry and yields to a classification of Finsler connections into the three classes. Here the properties ... More
On phi-recurrent generalized Sasakian-space-formsFeb 24 2013We show that there is no phi-recurrent generalized Sasakian-space-forms, when is a non-zero constant.
A Class of Isotropic Mean Berwald MetricsDec 22 2014In this paper, we find a condition on $(\alpha, \beta)$-metrics under which the notions of isotropic S-curvature, weakly isotropic S-curvature and isotropic mean Berwald curvature are equivalent.
On Doubly Warped Product Finsler ManifoldsOct 31 2011In this paper, we introduce horizontal and vertical warped product Finsler manifold. We prove that every C-reducible or proper Berwaldian doubly warped product Finsler manifold is Riemannian. Then, we find the relation between Riemmanian curvatures of ... More
On Special Berwald MetricsJan 20 2010In this paper, we study a class of Finsler metrics which contains the class of Berwald metrics as a special case. We prove that every Finsler metric in this class is a generalized Douglas-Weyl metric. Then we study isotropic flag curvature Finsler metrics ... More
A Simple Proof for the Cycle Double Cover ConjectureNov 20 2018Given a bridgeless graph G, the well-known cycle double cover conjecture posits that there is a list of cycles of G, such that every edge appears in exactly two cycles. In this paper, we prove the cycle double cover conjecture. More precisely, we prove ... More
On a class of conformally invariant semi basic vector one formsJun 24 2017In this paper, we define conservative semibasic vector $1-$forms on the tangent bundle of a Finsler manifold. Using these vector $1-$forms, we characterize conservative $L-$Ehresmann connections with respect to the energy function. Then we find a correspondence ... More
Generalized Isotropic Berwald ManifoldsFeb 12 2013In this paper, we construct a new class of Finsler manifolds called generalized isotropic Berwald manifolds which is an extension of the class of isotropic Berwald manifolds. We prove that every generalized isotropic Berwald manifold is a generalized ... More
A Controlled Set-Up Experiment to Establish Personalized Baselines for Real-Life Emotion RecognitionMar 19 2017We design, conduct and present the results of a highly personalized baseline emotion recognition experiment, which aims to set reliable ground-truth estimates for the subject's emotional state for real-life prediction under similar conditions using a ... More
Superradiance in a Two-Channel Quantum WireJan 26 2016A one-dimensional, two-channel quantum wire is studied in the effective non-Hermitian Hamiltonian framework. Analytical expressions are derived for the band structure of the isolated wire. Quantum states and transport properties of the wire coupled to ... More
A family of Einstein Randers metricsNov 08 2009Using Hawking Taub-NUT metric $g_a$ on $\mathbf{R}^4$, where $a$ is a positive real number and finding a 4-parameter family of Killing vector fields of $(\mathbf{R}^4,g_a)$, we construct a 5-parameter family of Einstein Randers metrics with non-constant ... More
On m-th root Finsler metricsJun 23 2017In this paper, we characterize locally dually flat and Antonelli $m$-th root Finsler metrics. Then, we show that every $m$-th root Finsler metric of isotropic mean Berwald curvature reduces to a weakly Berwald metric.
Characterization of the Lp-range of the Poisson transform on the Octonionic Hyperbolic PlaneMay 11 2017We give an image characterization of the Poisson transform of L-p functions on the boundary of the exceptional symmetric space by using the Hardy-type norm.
Applying the Residue Number System to Network InferenceDec 13 2017This work explores the lesser studied objective of optimizing the multiply-and-accumulates executed during evaluation of the network. In particular, we propose using the Residue Number System (RNS) as the internal number representation across all layer ... More
Nonrigidity for circle homeomorphisms with several break pointsDec 10 2015Let $f$ and $g$ be two class $P$-homeomorphisms of the circle $S^{1}$ with break points singularities. Assume that the derivatives $\textrm{Df}$ and $\textrm{Dg}$ are absolutely continuous on every continuity interval of $\textrm{Df}$ and $\textrm{Dg}$ ... More
Mixture of the Riesz distribution with respect to the multivariate PoissonJan 10 2009The aim of this paper is to study the mixture of the Riesz distribution on symmetric matrices with respect to the multivariate Poisson distribution. We show, in particular, that this distribution is related to the modified Bessel function of the first ... More
Characterization of Poisson integrals on non-tube bounded symmetric domainsSep 15 2006We characterize the $L^p$-range, $1 < p < +\infty$, of the Poisson transform on the Shilov boundary for non-tube bounded symmetric domains. We prove that this range is a Hua-Hardy type space for harmonic functions satisfying a Hua system.
Characterization of the cubic exponential families by orthogonality of polynomialsOct 06 2004Sep 01 2005This paper introduces a notion of 2-orthogonality for a sequence of polynomials to give extended versions of the Meixner and Feinsilver characterization results based on orthogonal polynomials. These new versions subsume the Letac-Mora characterization ... More
One-sided Cauchy-Stieltjes Kernel FamiliesJun 22 2009Jul 29 2010This paper continues the study of a kernel family which uses the Cauchy-Stieltjes kernel in place of the celebrated exponential kernel of the exponential families theory. We extend the theory to cover generating measures with support that is unbounded ... More
Stable capillary hypersurfaces in a half-space or a slabNov 16 2014Jan 28 2015We study stable immersed capillary hypersurfaces in a domain $\mathcal B$ which is either a half-space or a slab in the Euclidean space $\Bbb R^{n+1}.$ We prove that such a hypersurface $\Sigma$ is rotationally symmetric in the following cases: (1) $n=2$, ... More
Bayesian approach to cubic natural exponential familiesNov 10 2012For a natural exponential family (NEF), one can associate in a natural way two standard families of conjugate priors, one on the natural parameter and the other on the mean parameter. These families of conjugate priors have been used to establish some ... More
L^p-Poisson integral representations of the generalized Hua operators on line bundles over SU(n,n)/S(U(n)xU(n))Sep 18 2019Let $\tau_\nu$ ($\nu \in \mathbb{Z}$) be a character of $K=S(U(n)\times U(n))$, and $SU(n,n)\times_K\mathbb{C}$ the associated homogeneous line bundle over $\mathcal{D}=\{Z\in M(n,\mathbb{C}): I-ZZ^* > 0\}$. Let $\mathcal{H}_\nu$ be the Hua operator on ... More
The Holstein Polaron Problem RevisitedDec 08 2015The Holstein Hamiltonian was proposed half a century ago; since then, decades of research have come up empty handed in the pursuit of a closed-form solution. An exact solution to the two-site Holstein model is presented in this paper. The obtained results ... More
Superradiant and Dark States in Non-Hermitian Plasmonic Antennas and WaveguidesDec 25 2018One-dimensional structures of non-Hermitian plasmonic metallic nanospheres are studied in this paper. For a single sphere, solving Maxwell's equations results in quasi-stationary eigenmodes with complex quantized frequencies. Coupled mode theory is employed ... More
Matsumoto Metrics of Reversible CurvatureOct 26 2015In this paper, we study the reversibility of Riemann curvature and Ricci curvature for the Matsumoto metric and prove three global results. First, we prove that a Matsumoto metric is R-reversible if and only if it is R-quadratic. Then we show that a Matsumoto ... More
Generalized P-Reducible $(α, β)$-Metrics with Vanishing S-curvatureOct 26 2015In this paper, we study one of the open problems in Finsler geometry which presented by Matsumoto-Shimada about the existence of P-reducible metric which is not C-reducible. For this aim, we study a class of Finsler metrics called generalized P-reducible ... More
Shen's Processes on Finslerian ConnectionsNov 18 2009In this paper, we discuss the invariant properties of curvatures effected by the Matsumoto's $C$ or $L$-process. We find equivalent conditions on curvatures by comparing the difference between the corresponding curvatures of closely related connections. ... More
A classification of some Finsler connections and their applicationsOct 15 2007Some general Finsler connections are defined. Emphasis is being made on the Cartan tensor and its derivatives. Vanishing of the hv-curvature tensors of these connections characterizes Landsbergian, Berwaldian as well as Riemannian structures. This view ... More
On m-th root metrics with special curvature propertiesJun 23 2017In this Note, we prove that every m-th root Finsler metric with isotropic Landsberg curvature reduces to a Landsberg metric. Then, we show that every m-th root metric with almost vanishing H-curvature has vanishing H-curvature.
Weakly coupled systems of semi-linear Klein-Gordon equations with memory-type dissipationJul 17 2018Jul 02 2019We are concerned with the existence of global in time solutions to the Cauchy problem for semi-linear Klein-Gordon equations with memory-type dissipation in $\mathbb{R}^n$. In the first place, we consider the linearized equation: applying the energy method ... More
Nonlinear Alfvén waves in extended magnetohydrodynamicsNov 05 2015Large-amplitude Alfv\'en waves are observed in various systems in space and laboratories, demonstrating an interesting property that the wave shapes are stable even in the nonlinear regime. The ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) model predicts that an Alfv\'en ... More
Weakly coupled systems of semi-linear Klein-Gordon equations with memory-type dissipationJul 17 2018Jul 25 2018We are concerned with the existence of global in time solutions to the Cauchy problem for semi-linear Klein-Gordon equations with memory-type dissipation in $\mathbb{R}^n$. In the first place, we consider the linearized equation: applying the energy method ... More
An efficient algorithm for generating AoA networksMar 14 2012The activities, in project scheduling, can be represented graphically in two different ways, by either assigning the activities to the nodes 'AoN' directed acyclic graph (dag) or to the arcs 'AoA dag'. In this paper, a new algorithm is proposed for generating, ... More
Lyapunov-Sylvester operators for Kuramoto-Sivashinsky EquationNov 07 2015A numerical method is developed leading to algebraic systems based on generalized Lyapunov-Sylvester operators to approximate the solution of two-dimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation. It consists of an order reduction method and a finite difference ... More
Nonlinear Helicons ---an analytical solution elucidating multi-scale structureOct 21 2016The helicon waves exhibit varying characters depending on plasma parameters, geometry, and wave numbers. Here we elucidate an intrinsic multi-scale property embodied by the combination of dispersive effect and nonlinearity. The extended magnetohydrodynamics ... More
A New Architecture of a Ubiquitous Health Monitoring System: A Prototype Of Cloud Mobile Health Monitoring SystemMay 31 2012Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks (WBASN) is an emerging technology which uses wireless sensors to implement real-time wearable health monitoring of patients to enhance independent living. In this paper we propose a prototype of cloud mobile health monitoring ... More
Extension of the Olkin and Rubin Characterization to the Wishart distribution on homogeneous conesFeb 07 2010The Wishart distribution on an homogeneous cone is a generalization of the Riesz distribution on a symmetric cone which corresponds to a given graph. The paper extends to this distribution, the famous Olkin and Rubin characterization of the ordinary Wishart ... More
Lyapunov-Sylvester Computational Method for Two-Dimensional Boussinesq EquationNov 07 2015A numerical method is developed leading to algebraic systems based on generalized Lyapunov-Sylvester operators to approximate the solution of two-dimensional Boussinesq equation. It consists of an order reduction method and a finite difference discretization. ... More
The generalized second law in chameleon cosmologyJun 09 2011In this paper, we investigate the validity of the generalized second law (GSL) of thermodynamics in flat FRW chameleon cosmology where the boundary of the universe is assumed to be enclosed by the dynamical apparent horizon. It has been shown that, in ... More
Entropy and statefinder diagnosis in chameleon cosmologyJun 09 2011In this paper, the generalized second law (GSL) of thermodynamics and entropy is revisited in the context of cosmological models with bouncing behavior such as chameleon cosmology where the boundary of the universe is assumed to be enclosed by the dynamical ... More
Some Results Related to Soft Topological SpacesJan 21 2014The notion of soft sets is introduced as a general mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainty. In this paper, we consider the concepts of soft compactness, countably soft compactness and obtain some results. We study some soft separation axioms that ... More
Doubly Warped Product Finsler Manifolds with Some Non-Riemannian Curvature PropertiesOct 31 2011In this paper, we consider doubly warped product (DWP) Finsler manifolds with some non-Riemannian curvature properties. First, we study Berwald and isotropic mean Berwald DWP-Finsler manifolds. Then we prove that every proper Douglas DWP-Finsler manifold ... More
On Twisted Products Finsler ManifoldsFeb 11 2013On the product of two Finsler manifolds M1 M2, we consider the twisted metric F which is construct by using Finsler metrics F1 and F2 on the manifolds M1 and M2, respectively. We introduce horizontal and vertical distributions on twisted product Finsler ... More
Some curvature properties of Cartan spaces with mth root metricsJun 24 2017In this paper, we prove that every m-th root metric with isotropic mean Berwald curvature reduces to a weakly Berwald metric. Then we show that an m-th root metric with isotropic mean Landsberg curvature is a weakly Landsberg metric. We find necessary ... More
Two Families of Finsler Metrics Projectively Related to a Kropina MetricFeb 18 2013In this paper, we find the necessary and sufficient conditions under which two classes of (q, a, b)-metrics are projectively related to a Kropina metric.
Ricci Flow Equation on (α, β)-MetricsJul 31 2011In this paper, we study the class of Finsler metrics, namely (\alpha, \beta)- metrics, which satisfies the un-normal or normal Ricci flow equation.
Generalized P-Reducible Finsler MetricsMay 19 2013In this paper, we study a class of Finsler metrics which contains the class of P-reducible metrics. Finsler metrics in this class are called generalized P-reducible metrics. We consider generalized P-reducible metrics with scalar flag curvature and find ... More
Inertial Measurements Based Velocity-free Attitude StabilizationMar 07 2012The existing attitude controllers (without angular velocity measurements) involve explicitly the orientation (\textit{e.g.,} the unit-quaternion) in the feedback. Unfortunately, there does not exist any sensor that directly measures the orientation of ... More
On Kropina Change of m-th Root Finsler MetricsSep 13 2014In this paper, we consider Kropina change of $m$-th root Finsler metrics. We find necessary and sufficient condition under which the Kropina change of an $m$-th root Finsler metric be locally dually flat. Then we prove that the Kropina change of an $m$-th ... More
Weighted Projective Ricci Curvature in Finsler GeometryAug 26 2019In this paper, we introduce the weighted projective Ricci curvature as an extension of projective Ricci curvature introduced by Z. Shen. We characterize the class of Randers metrics of weighted projective Ricci flat curvature. We find the necessary and ... More
Tensor sphere bundle of Cheeger-Gromoll typeJun 08 2013We construct a metrical framed structure on the tensor bundle of a Riemannian manifold equipped with a Cheeger-Gromoll type metric and by restricting this structure to the tensor sphere bundle, we obtain an almost metrical paracontact structure on the ... More
On phi-Recurrent Contact Metric ManifoldsFeb 16 2013In this paper, we prove that evry 3-dimensional manifold M is a ?- recurrent N(k)-contact metric manifold if and only if it is flat. Then we classify the ?-recurrent contact metric manifolds of constant curvature. This implies that there exists no ?-recurrent ... More
Hamiltonian Formalism of Extended MagnetohydrodynamicsDec 19 2014Jan 22 2015The extended magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) system, including the Hall effect and the electron inertia effect, has a Hamiltonian structure embodied by a noncanonical Poisson algebra on an infinite-dimensional phase space. A nontrivial part of the formulation ... More
Une approche modulaire probabiliste pour le routage à Qualité de Service intégréeMar 04 2008Due to emerging real-time and multimedia applications, efficient routing of information packets in dynamically changing communication network requires that as the load levels, traffic patterns and topology of the network change, the routing policy also ... More
Rate Splitting with Finite Constellations: The Benefits of Interference Exploitation vs SuppressionJul 19 2019Rate-Splitting (RS) has been proposed recently to enhance the performance of multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) systems. In RS, a user message is split into a common and a private part, where the common part is decoded by all users, while ... More
Correlation between two quasilinear elliptic problems with a source term involving the function or its gradientOct 06 2008Nov 20 2008Thanks to a change of unknown we compare two elliptic quasilinear problems with Dirichlet data in a bounded domain of $\mathbb{R}^{N}.$ The first one, of the form $-\Delta_{p}u=\beta(u)| \nabla u| ^{p}+\lambda f(x),$ where $\beta$ is nonnegative, involves ... More
On Cauchy-Stieltjes Kernel FamiliesOct 09 2012We explore properties of Cauchy-Stieltjes families that have no counterpart in exponential families. We relate the variance function of the iterated Cauchy-Stieltjes family to the pseudo-variance function of the initial Cauchy-Stieltjes family. We also ... More
Sum Rate and Fairness Analysis for the MU-MIMO Downlink under PSK Signalling: Interference Suppression vs ExploitationDec 06 2018In this paper, we analyze the sum rate performance of multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) systems, with a finite constellation phase-shift keying (PSK) input alphabet. We analytically calculate and compare the achievable sum rate in three ... More
Strong CP and SUZ$_2$Oct 12 2015Oct 20 2015Solutions to the strong CP problem typically introduce new scales associated with the spontaneous breaking of symmetries. Absent any anthropic argument for small $\bar\theta$, these scales require stabilization against ultraviolet corrections. Supersymmetry ... More
Almost Paracontact Finsler Structures on Vector BundleFeb 04 2013In this paper, we define almost paracontact and normal almost paracontact Finsler structures on a vector bundle and find some conditions for integrability of these structures. We define paracontact metric, para- Sasakian and K-paracontact Finsler structures ... More
On Soft ConnectednessFeb 08 2012The soft topological spaces and some their related concepts have stud- ied in [7]. In this paper, we introduce and study the notions of soft connected topological spaces after a review of preliminary definitions.
On the Second Approximate Matsumoto MetricJul 31 2014In this paper, we study the second approximate Matsumoto metric on a manifold M. We prove that F is of scalar flag curvature and isotropic S-curvature if and only if it is isotropic Berwald metric with almost isotropic flag curvature.
Inertial Vector Based Attitude Stabilization of Rigid Body Without Angular Velocity MeasurementsJan 20 2015We address the problem of attitude stabilization of a rigid body, in which neither the angular velocity nor the instantaneous measurements of the attitude are used in the feedback, only body vector measurements are needed. The design of the controller ... More
Stability Analysis in Tachyonic Potential Chameleon cosmologyMay 20 2011Jun 09 2011We study general properties of attractors for tachyonic potential chameleon scalar-field model which possess cosmological scaling solutions. An analytic formulation is given to obtain fixed points with a discussion on their stability. The model predicts ... More
Cosmic Dynamics in $F(R,φ)$ GravityMay 12 2010Jun 08 2011In this paper we consider FRW cosmology in $F(R,\phi)$ gravity. It is shown that in particular cases the bouncing behavior may appears in the model whereas the equation of state (EoS) parameter may crosses the phantom divider. For the dynamical universe, ... More
Generalized Backpropagation Algorithms for Diffraction TomographyMay 05 2016Filtered backpropagation (FBPP) is a well-known technique used for Diffraction Tomography (DT). For accurate reconstruction of a complex image using FBPP, full $360^{\circ}$ angular coverage is necessary. However, it has been shown that using some inherent ... More
Quantum signal transmission through a single-qubit chainFeb 10 2013Jun 30 2013A system of a two-level atom of an impurity (qubit) inserted into a periodic chain coupled to the continuum is studied with the use of the effective non-Hermitian Hamiltonian. Exact solutions are derived for the quasistationary eigenstates, their complex ... More
Structure and computation of two-dimensional incompressible extended MHDNov 03 2016A comprehensive study of a reduced version of Lust's equations, the extended magnetohydrodynamic (XMHD) model obtained from the two-fluid theory for electrons and ions with the enforcement of quasineutrality, is given. Starting from the Hamiltonian structure ... More
IDS in Telecommunication Network Using PCAAug 13 2013Data Security has become a very serious part of any organizational information system. Internet threats have become more intelligent so it can deceive the basic security solutions such as firewalls and antivirus scanners. To enhance the overall security ... More
A data-driven analysis to question epidemic models for citation cascades on the blogosphereJun 03 2013Citation cascades in blog networks are often considered as traces of information spreading on this social medium. In this work, we question this point of view using both a structural and semantic analysis of five months activity of the most representative ... More
Time-Domain Large Signal Investigation on Dynamic Responses of the GDCC Quarterly Wavelength Shifted Distributed Feedback Semiconductor LaserJun 16 2013A numerical investigation on the dynamic large-signal analysis using a time-domain traveling wave model of quarter wave-shifted distributed feedback semiconductor lasers diode with a Gaussian distribution of the coupling coefficient (GDCC) is presented. ... More
Efficient Encodings of Conditional Cardinality ConstraintsMar 31 2018In the encoding of many real-world problems to propositional satisfiability, the cardinality constraint is a recurrent constraint that needs to be managed effectively. Several efficient encodings have been proposed while missing that such a constraint ... More
Extended MHD turbulence and its applications to the solar windAug 24 2016Extended MHD is a one-fluid model that incorporates two-fluid effects such as electron inertia and the Hall drift. This model is used to construct fully nonlinear Alfv\'enic wave solutions, and thereby derive the kinetic and magnetic spectra by resorting ... More
Multi-region relaxed Hall magnetohydrodynamics with flowJul 18 2016Aug 03 2016The recent formulations of multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamics (MRxMHD) have generalized the famous Woltjer-Taylor states by incorporating a collection of "ideal barriers" that prevent global relaxation, and flow. In this paper, we generalize MRxMHD ... More