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Exact bound state solution of the Klein Gordon equation with a position-energy dependent mass and a Coulomb-like energy dependent potential energyJul 10 2019In this manuscript, we investigate the exact bound state solution of the Klein Gordon equation with an energy-dependent Coulomb-like potential energy in the presence of position-energy dependent mass. First, we examine the case where the mixed vector ... More
A statistical mechanical analysis on the bound state solution of an energy-dependent deformed Hulthén potential energyMay 21 2019In this article, we investigate the bound state solution of the Klein Gordon equation under mixed vector and scalar coupling of an energy-dependent deformed Hulth\'en potential in D-dimensions. We obtain a transcendental equation after we impose the boundary ... More
On the SU(3) parametrization of qutritsNov 11 2005Parametrization of qutrits on the complex projective plane CP^2 = SU(3)/U(2) is given explicitly. A set of constraints that characterize mixed state density matrices is found.
On the Sutherland's Integrability Condition for Two-Dimensional N-Particle SystemsJul 18 1995Following Sutherland's work on one-dimensional integrable systems we formulate and study its two-dimensional version. Physically it expresses the absence of true 3-body forces among an assembly of N particles leaving exclusively effective 2-body interactions. ... More
Quantum Renormalization Group for Ground-State FidelityAug 15 2011Sep 08 2011Ground-state fidelity (GSF) and quantum renormalization group theory (QRG) have proven useful tools in the study of quantum critical systems. Here we lay out a general, unified formalism of GSF and QRG; specifically, we propose a method to calculate GSF ... More
Non-Fermi-liquid phases in the two-band Hubbard model: Finite-temperature exact diagonalization study of Hund's rule couplingMar 21 2006The two-band Hubbard model involving subbands of different widths is investigated via finite-temperature exact diagonalization (ED) and dynamical mean field theory (DMFT). In contrast to the quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) method which at low temperatures includes ... More
The Quark-Hadron Phase Transition, QCD Lattice Calculations and Inhomogeneous Big-Bang NucleosynthesisJul 22 1993We review recent lattice QCD results for the surface tension at the finite temperature quark-hadron phase transition and discuss their implications on the possible scale of inhomogeneities. In the quenched approximation the average distance between nucleating ... More
A solvable model of Vlasov-kinetic plasma turbulence in Fourier-Hermite phase spaceSep 11 2017Jan 07 2018A class of simple kinetic systems is considered, described by the 1D Vlasov-Landau equation with Poisson or Boltzmann electrostatic response and an energy source. Assuming a stochastic electric field, a solvable model is constructed for the phase-space ... More
Modelling hybrid Beta Cephei/SPB pulsations: Gamma PegasiSep 25 2009Recent photometric and spectroscopic observations of the hybrid variable Gamma Pegasi (Handler et al. 2009, Handler 2009) revealed 6 frequencies of the SPB type and 8 of the Beta Cep type pulsations. Standard seismic models, which have been constructed ... More
Generalized Chaplygin Gas in a modified gravity approachAug 10 2004Dec 09 2004We study the generalized Chaplygin gas (GCG) scenario in a modified gravity approach. That is, we impose that our universe has a pure dust configuration, and allow for a modification of gravity that yields a GCG specific scale factor evolution. Moreover, ... More
Radiative corrections to the lightest KK states in the T^2/(Z_2\times Z_2') orbifoldMar 14 2007Oct 20 2007We study radiative corrections localized in the fixed points of the orbifold for the field theory in six dimensions with two dimensions compactified on the $T_2/(Z_2\times Z_2')$ orbifold in a specific realistic model for low energy physics that solves ... More
Quasi-exotic open-flavor mesonsMay 11 2016Oct 04 2016Meson states with exotic quantum numbers arise naturally in a covariant bound-state framework in QCD. We investigate the consequences of shifting quark masses such that the states are no longer restricted to certain C-parities, but only by J^P. Then, ... More
Properties of MgB2 bulkDec 24 2009The review considers bulk MgB2-based materials in terms of their structure, superconducting and mechanical properties. Superconducting transition temperatures of 34.5-39.4 K, critical current densities of 1.8-1.0 x E6 A/ in self field and 103 in ... More
Structure FunctionsDec 23 1998The latest structure function results, as presented at the ICHEP98 conference, are reviewed. A brief introduction to the formalism and the status of global analyses of parton distributions is given. The review focuses on three experimental areas: fixed-target ... More
GR models of the X-ray spectral variability of MCG--6-30-15Mar 20 2009Dec 21 2009We study in detail the GR models of the X-ray spectral variability for various geometries of the X-ray source and with various relativistic effects being the dominant cause of spectral variability. The predicted properties are compared with the Suzaku ... More
Active galaxy unification in the era of X-ray polarimetryJan 27 2010Jan 27 2010Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), Seyfert galaxies and quasars, are powered by luminous accretion and often accompanied by winds which are powerful enough to affect the AGN mass budget, and whose observational appearance bears an imprint of processes which ... More
Boundary contributions to specific heat and susceptibility in the spin-1/2 XXZ chainOct 22 2003Sep 22 2004Exact low-temperature asymptotic behavior of boundary contribution to specific heat and susceptibility in the one-dimensional spin-1/2 XXZ model with exchange anisotropy 1/2 < \Delta \le 1 is analytically obtained using the Abelian bosonization method. ... More
Correlation amplitude for S=1/2 XXZ spin chain in the critical regionMar 13 1998Jul 12 1998The density-matrix renormalization-group technique is used to calculate the spin correlation functions <S^x_jS^x_k> and <S^z_jS^z_k> of the one-dimensional S=1/2 XXZ model in the gapless regime. The numerical results for open chains of 200 spins are analyzed ... More
Kondo effect in XXZ spin chainsFeb 24 1998The Kondo effect in a one-dimensional spin-1/2 XXZ model in the gapless XY regime (-1<Delta<=1) is studied both analytically and numerically. In our model an impurity spin (S=1/2) is coupled to a single spin in the XXZ spin chain. Perturbative renormalization-group ... More
Brachistochrone of Entanglement for Spin ChainsSep 03 2012We analytically investigate the time-optimal unitary evolution of entanglement between indirectly coupled qubits in a trilinear Ising chain with unequal interaction couplings. The intermediate qubit is controlled via a local magnetic field. We find the ... More
Diffusion equations for a Markovian jumping processApr 28 2006We consider a Markovian jumping process which is defined in terms of the jump-size distribution and the waiting-time distribution with a position-dependent frequency, in the diffusion limit. We assume the power-law form for the frequency. For small steps, ... More
Localization-delocalization transition in the quasi-one-dimensional ladder chain with correlated disorderMay 25 2004Jan 07 2005The generalization of the dimer model on a two-leg ladder is defined and investigated both, analytically and numerically. For the closed system we calculate the Landauer resistance analytically and found the presence of the point of delocalization at ... More
First detection of rotational CO line emission in an RGB starJan 10 2014Context: For stars with initial masses below about 1 solar mass, the mass loss during the first red giant branch (RGB) phase dominates mass loss in the later asymptotic giant branch (AGB) phase. Nevertheless, mass loss on the RGB is still often parameterised ... More
Infrared excess around nearby RGB stars and Reimers lawMar 19 2012Mar 26 2012(Abridged) The spectral energy distributions of a well-defined sample of 54 RGB stars are constructed, and fitted with the dust radiative transfer model DUSTY. The central stars are modeled by MARCS model atmospheres. In a first step, the best-fit MARCS ... More
The red clump absolute magnitude based on revised Hipparcos parallaxesJul 17 2008Over the past decade the use of the red clump (RC) as distance indicator has increased in importance as this evolutionary phase is well populated and a good local calibration exists. The absolute calibration of the RC in the $I$ and $K$ band is investigated ... More
Baade-Wesselink distances and the effect of metallicity in classical cepheidsJul 08 2008The aim of this paper is to investigate the metallicity dependence of the $PL$-relation in $V$ and $K$ based on a sample of 68 Galactic Cepheids with individual Baade-Wesselink distances (some of the stars also have an HST-based parallax) and individually ... More
Carbon stars in the Local GroupAug 24 2002The current status of carbon stars in the Local Group and beyond, is discussed. Although many carbon stars and late M-stars have been identified in Local Group galaxies, a coherent understanding in terms of the chemical evolution- and star formation history ... More
Carbon stars in populations of different metallicityNov 09 1998Our current knowledge of carbon stars in the Local Group and beyond, is discussed. Although many carbon stars and late M-stars have been identified in external galaxies a coherent understanding in terms of the chemical evolution- and star formation rate-history ... More
On the gravitational redshifts of spectral lines - A critico-historical studyFeb 26 2011A beautiful, detailed computation by Whittaker has enabled us to prove in a rigorous way that the gravitationally redshifted frequency of a monochromatic e.m. wave sent forth at the surface of a celestial body is propagated unaltered from the emitting ... More
All relativistic motions can be geodesically describedJun 19 2010A suitable choice of the four components of the metric tensor which are at our discretion allows to represent geodesically also the non-gravitational motions.
On some relativistic singular surfacesAug 26 2009In the current relativistic literature there are misleading considerations about some singular surfaces. An accurate geometric analysis allows to settle the question. No physical meaning is attributable to the spatial regions surrounded by the above surfaces. ... More
Generalized second law of thermodynamics on the apparent horizon in modified Gauss-Bonnet gravityApr 11 2015Modified gravity and generalized second law (GSL) of thermodynamics are interesting topics in the modern cosmology. In this regard, we investigate the GSL of gravitational thermodynamics in the framework of modified Gauss-Bonnet gravity or f(G)-gravity. ... More
Color confinement in Coulomb gauge QCDDec 28 2005We study the long-range behavior of the heavy quark potential in Coulomb gauge using a quenched SU(3) lattice gauge simulation with partial-length Polyakov line correlators. We show that the Coulomb heavy quark potential associated with the instantaneous ... More
Oscillations of atomic fermions in a one dimensional optical latticeFeb 05 2004A semiclassical model is used to investigate oscillations of atomic fermions in a combined magnetic trap and one dimensional optical lattice potential following axial displacement of the trap. The oscillations are shown to have a characteristic small ... More
Construction of an isotropic cellular automaton for a reaction-diffusion equation by means of a random walkJan 04 2010We propose a new method to construct an isotropic cellular automaton corresponding to a reaction-diffusion equation. The method consists of replacing the diffusion term and the reaction term of the reaction-diffusion equation with a random walk of microscopic ... More
Influence of interstellar and atmospheric extinction on light curves of eclipsing binariesMay 17 2004Jul 15 2004Interstellar and atmospheric extinctions redden the observational photometric data and they should be handled rigorously. This paper simulates the effect of reddening for the modest case of two main sequence T1 = 6500K and T2 = 5500K components of a detached ... More
Thermal stability and nova cycles in permanent superhump systemsJul 10 2000Archival data on permanent superhump systems are compiled to test the thermal stability of their accretion discs. We find that their discs are almost certainly thermally stable as expected. This result confirms Osaki's suggestion (1996) that permanent ... More
Skewed Parton Distributions and F_2^D at beta -> 1Oct 24 2000We show that the diffractive structure function is perturbatively calculable in the domain where the diffractive mass is small but still outside the resonance region. In this domain, which can be characterized by Lambda^2/Q^2 << 1-beta << (Lambda^2/Q^2)^1/2, ... More
Reply to "Comments on Bouda and Djama's 'Quantum Newton's Law'"Jun 20 2002In this reply, we hope to bring clarifications about the reservations expressed by Floyd in his comments, give further explanations about the choice of the approach and show that our fundamental result can be reproduced by other ways. We also establish ... More
Trajectories in the Context of the Quantum Newton's LawAug 06 2001May 17 2002In this paper, we apply the one dimensional quantum law of motion, that we recently formulated in the context of the trajectory representation of quantum mechanics, to the constant potential, the linear potential and the harmonic oscillator. In the classically ... More
Giant mass and anomalous mobility of particles in fermionic systemsJan 05 1998We calculate the mobility of a heavy particle coupled to a Fermi sea within a non-perturbative approach valid at all temperatures. The interplay of particle recoil and of strong coupling effects, leading to the orthogonality catastrophe for an infinitely ... More
A new paradigm for the X-ray emission of O stars from XMM-Newton observations of the O9.7 supergiant zeta OrionisDec 18 2006XMM-Newton observations of the O supergiant zeta Orionis (O9.7 Ib) extend knowledge of its high-resolution spectrum beyond the CVI line at 33.7 Angstroms and suggest a new framework for the interpretation of the X-ray spectra of single hot stars. All ... More
Electron stripping and re-attachment at atomic centers using attosecond half-cycle pulsesApr 29 2008We investigate the response of two three-body Coulomb systems when driven by attosecond half-cycle pulses: The hydrogen molecular ion and the helium atom. Using very short half-cycle pulses (HCPs) which effectively deliver ``kicks'' to the electrons, ... More
Anisotropic pseudogap in the half-filling 2-d Hubbard model at finite TOct 29 1998Nov 03 1998We have studied the pseudogap formation in the single-particle spectra of the half-filling two-dimensional Hubbard model. Using a Green's function with the one-loop self-energy correction of the spin and charge fluctuations, we have numerically calculated ... More
Simulation of Wilson fermion at finite isospin densityOct 22 2003For QCD with Wilson fermions at isospin chemical potential we study the finite phase transition on an $8^3\times4$ lattice at $\kappa=0.15$. We use two gauge actions: Wilson action and DBW2 action. Both actions give the same results. The phase diagram ... More
Hydrogen targets for exotic-nuclei studies developed over the past 10 yearsSep 23 2011Hydrogen-induced reactions provide essential information on nuclear structure, complementary to other experimental probes. For studies at both low and relativistic incident energy, developments in hydrogen targets have been performed over the past 10 ... More
On L. Schwartz's boundedness condition for kernelsDec 16 2002In previous works we analysed conditions for linearization of hermitian kernels. The conditions on the kernel turned out to be of a type considered previously by L. Schwartz in the related matter of characterizing the real space generated by positive ... More
Affine generalizations of gravity in the light of modern cosmologyAug 13 2010Nov 11 2010We discuss new models of an `affine' theory of gravity in multidimensional space-times with symmetric connections. We use and develop ideas of Weyl, Eddington, and Einstein, in particular, Einstein's proposal to specify the space - time geometry by use ... More
A New Integrable Model of (1+1)-Dimensional Dilaton Gravity Coupled to Toda MatterJan 08 2008Mar 31 2008A new class of integrable two-dimensional dilaton gravity theories, in which scalar matter fields satisfy the Toda equations, is proposed. The simplest case of the Toda system is considered in some detail, and on this example we outline how the general ... More
Integrals of equations for cosmological and static reductions in generalized theories of gravityMar 26 2014We consider the dilaton gravity models derived by reductions of generalized theories of gravity and study one-dimensional dynamical systems simultaneously describing cosmological and static states in any gauge. Our approach is fully applicable to studying ... More
Rogers dilogarithm in integrable systemsOct 05 1992Oct 06 1992We dicuss some curious aspects of the Rogers dilogarithm and the functional relations in integrable systems in two dimensions. This is for the proceedings of the XX1 Differential Geometry Methods in Theoretical Physics, Tianjin, China, 5-9 June 1992.
The Nuclear Sigma Term in the Skyrme Model: Pion-Nucleus InteractionFeb 27 1998The nuclear sigma term is calculated including the nuclear matrix element of the derivative of the NN interaction with respect to the quark mass, $m_q\frac{\partial V_{NN}}{\partial m_q}$. The NN potential is evaluated in the skyrmion-skyrmion picture ... More
Effects of the CP Odd Dipole Operators on Gluino-Squark ProductionJul 29 2007We analyze effects of the CP violating interactions on associated gluino-squark production in the MSSM at hadron colliders. Depending on the sparticle masses, the hadronic cross sections can be enhanced up to 9.5 % for a 500 GeV gluino at the LHC energies. ... More
Trigonometric integrable tops from solutions of associative Yang-Baxter equationDec 11 2018Dec 16 2018We consider a special class of quantum non-dynamical $R$-matrices in the fundamental representation of ${\rm GL}_N$ with spectral parameter given by trigonometric solutions of the associative Yang-Baxter equation. In the simplest case $N=2$ these are ... More
Transport through single-level systems: Spin dynamics in the nonadiabatic regimeAug 22 2012Jan 09 2013We investigate the Fano-Anderson model coupled to a large ensemble of spins under the influence of an external magnetic field. The interaction between the two spin systems is treated within a meanfield-approach and we assume an anisotropic coupling between ... More
Adiabaticity in semiclassical nanoelectromechanical systemsJul 19 2011Oct 14 2011We compare the semiclassical description of NEMS within and beyond the adiabatic approximation. We consider a NEMS model which contains a single phonon (oscillator) mode linearly coupled to an electronic few-level system in contact with external particle ... More
Goldstone Boson Normal CoordinatesJan 21 2000Jul 13 2000The phenomenon of spontaneous symmetry breaking is well known. It is known to be accompanied with the appearance of the `Goldstone boson'. In this paper we construct the canonical coordinates of the Goldstone boson, for quantum spin systems with short ... More
Mathematical Structure of Magnons in Quantum FerromagnetsMar 01 1999We provide the mathematical structure and a simple, transparent and rigorous derivation of the magnons as elementary quasi-particle excitations at low temperatures and in the infinite spin limit for a large class of Heisenberg ferromagnets. The magnon ... More
Non-Extensive Bose-Einstein Condensation ModelNov 28 2000The imperfect Boson gas supplemented with a gentle repulsive interaction is completely solved. In particular it is proved that it has non-extensive Bose-Einstein condensation, i.e., there is condensation without macroscopic occupation of the ground state ... More
Fast 4$π$ track reconstruction in nuclear emulsion detectors based on GPU technologyNov 21 2013Mar 21 2014Fast 4$\pi$ solid angle particle track recognition has been a challenge in particle physics for a long time, especially in using nuclear emulsion detectors. The recent advances in computing technology opened the way for its realization. A fast 4$\pi$ ... More
Electromagnetic response of light nucleiOct 28 1999We show examples of neutron capture, photo dissociation and Coulomb dissociation processes, relevant for studying nuclear structure properties of some light nuclei. In the case of the neutron capture, we show how interference effects among the direct ... More
On conditions for weak conservativeness of regularized explicit finite-difference schemes for 1D barotropic gas dynamics equationsMar 27 2018We consider explicit two-level three-point in space finite-difference schemes for solving 1D barotropic gas dynamics equations. The schemes are based on special quasi-gasdynamic and quasi-hydrodynamic regularizations of the system. We linearize the schemes ... More
Non-linear Integral Equations and Determinant Formulae of the Open XXZ Spin ChainAug 15 2008Feb 19 2009We derive a non-linear integral equation for the Bethe-ansatz solvable open XXZ spin chain of arbitrary length describing the lowest lying state with zero magnetization. For this case we show how to combine the integral representation with the known determinant ... More
Regularization of propagators and logarithms in the background field method in 4-dimensionsJan 17 2013Feb 14 2013The determinant and higher loop terms, usually treated with the Pauli-Villars and higher covariant derivatives methods, in the background field method in 4 dimensions can hardly be regularized simultaneously. At the same time we observe that introduction ... More
Singularities and stable homotopy groups of spheres IIJun 17 2015Oct 22 2017We establish a connection between Morin singularities and stable homotopy groups of spheres. This connection allows us to describe how the images of singularity strata behave around the image of a more complicated stratum.
Freeness conditions for crossed squares and squared complexesApr 09 1999Following Ellis, we investigate the notion of totally free crossed squares and related square complexes. It is shown how to interpret the information in a free simplicial group given with a choice of CW-basis, in terms of the data for a totally free crossed ... More
The Status and Prospects of the Muon $g-2$ Experiment at FermilabMay 13 2019The E989 Muon $g-2$ Experiment at Fermilab aims to measure the muon magnetic anomaly, $a_\mu$, to an unprecedented precision of 140 parts per billion (ppb), representing a four-fold improvement over the current best measurement, achieved at Brookhaven ... More
Identities involving values of Bernstein, q-Bernoulli and q-Euler polynomialsJan 13 2011In this paper we give some relation involving values of q-Bernoulli, q-Euler and Bernstein polynomials. From these relations, we obtain some interesting identities on the q-Bernoulli, q-Euler and Bernstein polynomials.
Virtual quandle for links in lens spacesFeb 20 2017We construct a virtual quandle for links in lens spaces $L(p,q)$, with $q=1$. This invariant has two valuable advantages over an ordinary fundamental quandle for links in lens spaces: the virtual quandle is an essential invariant and the presentation ... More
Entropy theory for the parametrization of the equilibrium states of Pimsner algebrasDec 23 2017Feb 25 2019We consider Pimsner algebras that arise from C*-correspondences of finite rank, as dynamical systems with their rotational action. We revisit the Laca-Neshveyev classification of their equilibrium states at positive inverse temperature along with the ... More
Spectral properties and self-adjoint extensions of the third power of the radial Laplace operatorOct 06 2014We consider self-adjoint extensions of differential operators of the type $ (-\frac{d^2}{dr^2} + \frac{l(l+1)}{r^2})^3 $ on the real semi-axis for l=1,2 with two kinds of boundary conditions: first that nullify the value of a function and its first derivative ... More
Universal dephasing rate due to diluted Kondo impuritiesSep 22 2005May 18 2006We calculate the dephasing rate due to magnetic impurities in a weakly disordered metal as measured in a weak localization experiment. If the density n_S of magnetic impurities is sufficiently low, the dephasing rate 1/tau_phi is a universal function, ... More
On exact singular wave functions for identical planar charged particles in uniform perpendicular magnetic fieldJun 07 2002We discuss the occurence and properties of exact singular anyonic wave functions describing stationary states of two identical charged particles moving on a plane and under the influence of a perpendicular uniform magnetic field.
Influence of high magnetic fields on superconducting transition of one-dimensional Nb and MoGe nanowiresNov 30 2004The effects of strong magnetic field on superconducting Nb and MoGe nanowires with diameter $\sim10$ nm have been studied. We have found that the Langer-Ambegaokar-McCumber-Halperin (LAMH) theory of thermally activated phase slips is applicable in a wide ... More
Behaviour of three charged particles on a plane under perpendicular magnetic fieldOct 21 2002We consider the problem of three identical charged particles on a plane under a perpendicular magnetic field and interacting through Coulomb repulsion. This problem is treated within Taut's framework, in the limit of vanishing center of mass vector $\vec{R} ... More
Heun Functions and the energy spectrum of a charged particle on a sphere under magnetic field and Coulomb forceSep 27 2002We study the competitive action of magnetic field, Coulomb repulsion and space curvature on the motion of a charged particle. The three types of interaction are characterized by three basic lengths: l_{B} the magnetic length, l_{0} the Bohr radius and ... More
On the Jastrow Wave Function for N-Particles on a PlaneJul 17 1996The possibility of describing quantum mechanical particles on a plane by a Jastrow wave function is studied. We obtain the condition under which the particles interact through pair potentials. It is found that if the interparticle forces depend only on ... More
Model independent shape analysis of correlations in 1, 2 or 3 dimensionsDec 02 1999Jul 28 2000A generic, model-independent method for the analysis of the two-particle short-range correlations is presented, that can be utilized to describe e.g. Bose-Einstein (HBT or GGLP), statistical, dynamical or other short-range correlation functions. The method ... More
Numerical Modelling of Dusty Debris DisksFeb 07 2005Infrared and submillimetre observations of nearby Vega-like stars have revealed a number of clumpy, asymmetric dust debris disks. Previous studies using semi-analytical and numerical methods have suggested planetary companions of various mass as the likely ... More
On the Parisi-Toulouse hypothesis for the spin glass phase in mean-field theoryFeb 26 2003Apr 10 2003We consider the spin-glass phase of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model in the presence of a magnetic field. The series expansion of the Parisi function $q(x)$ is computed at high orders in powers of $\tau=T_c-T$ and $H$. We find that none of the Parisi-Toulouse ... More
Phase Diagram of Coupled LaddersFeb 27 1998The 2-leg t-J ladder forms a spin liquid at half-filling which evolves to a Luther-Emery liquid upon doping. Our aim is to obtain a complete phase diagram for isotropic coupling (i.e. rungs and legs equal) as a function of electron density n and the ratio ... More
Brownian scattering of a spinon in a Luttinger liquidDec 20 2014We consider strongly interacting one-dimensional electron liquids where elementary excitations carry either spin or charge. At small temperatures a spinon created at the bottom of its band scatters off low-energy spin- and charge-excitations and follows ... More
Bound q\bar q Systems in the Framework of the Different Versions of the 3-Dimensional Reductions of the Bethe-Salpeter EquationJul 24 1998Bound q\bar q systems are studied in the framework of different 3-dimensional relativistic equations derived from the Bethe-Salpeter equation with the instantaneous kernel in the momentum space. Except the Salpeter equation, all these equations have a ... More
Investigating and Optimizing the Chiral Properties of Lattice Fermion ActionsOct 28 1998Aug 04 1999We study exceptional modes of both the Wilson and the clover action in order to understand why quenched clover spectroscopy suffers so severely from exceptional configurations. We show that, in contrast to the case of the Wilson action, a large clover ... More
Possible origin of 60-K plateau in the YBa2Cu3O(6+y) phase diagramJan 12 2006We study a model of YBa2Cu3O(6+y) to investigate the influence of oxygen ordering and doping imbalance on the critical temperature Tc(y) and to elucidate a possible origin of well-known feature of YBCO phase diagram: the 60-K plateau. Focusing on "phase ... More
Sklyanin algebras and Hilbert schemes of pointsOct 03 2003Jan 30 2004We construct projective moduli spaces for torsion-free sheaves on noncommutative projective planes. These moduli spaces vary smoothly in the parameters describing the noncommutative plane and have good properties analogous to those of moduli spaces of ... More
A Possible Future Long Baseline Neutrino and Nucleon Decay Experiment with a 100 kton Liquid Argon TPC at Okinoshima using the J-PARC Neutrino FacilityApr 14 2008In this paper, we consider the physics performance of a single far detector composed of a 100 kton next generation Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LAr TPC) possibly located at shallow depth, coupled to the J-PARC neutrino beam facility with a realistic ... More
Total infrared luminosity estimation from local galaxies in AKARI all sky surveyJul 29 2016We aim to use the a new and improved version of AKARI all sky survey catalogue of far-infrared sources to recalibrate the formula to derive the total infrared luminosity. We cross-match the faint source catalogue (FSC) of IRAS with the new AKARI-FIS and ... More
Muon spin relaxation and rotation study on the solid solution of the two spin-gap systems (CH3)2CHNH3-CuCl3 and (CH3)2CHNH3-CuBr3Apr 20 2006Sep 13 2006Muon-spin-rotation and relaxation studies have been performed on (CH$_3$)$_2$CHNH$_3$Cu(Cl$_x$Br$_{1-x}$)$_3$ with $x$=0.85 and 0.95, which are solid solutions of the two isomorphic spin-gap systems (CH$_3$)$_2$CHNH$_3$CuCl$_3$ and (CH$_3$)$_2$CHNH$_3$CuBr$_3$ ... More
Clustering of Far-Infrared Galaxies in the AKARI All-Sky SurveyOct 09 2012We present the first measurement of the angular two-point correlation function for AKARI 90-$\mu$m point sources, detected outside of the Milky Way plane and other regions characterized by high Galactic extinction, and categorized as extragalactic sources ... More
Improvement of the energy resolution of CdTe detectors by pulse height correction from waveformNov 07 2011Dec 21 2011Semiconductor detectors made of CdTe crystal have high gamma-ray detection efficiency and are usable at room temperature. However, the energy resolution of CdTe detectors for MeV gamma-rays is rather poor because of the significant hole trapping effect. ... More
Analysis of Anomalous Interactions With Heavy Leptons at $ep$, $e^+e^-$ and $pp$ CollidersAug 04 2006May 22 2007We consider possible production of heavy leptons via anomalous interactions at future $ep$ colliders (THERA and LHeC), $e^+e^-$ colliders (ILC and CLIC) and $pp$ collider CERN LHC. The production, backgrounds and signatures of heavy leptons are analyzed. ... More
Magnetic Field Dependence of Dephasing Rate due to Diluted Kondo ImpuritiesOct 11 2006Jan 31 2007We investigate the dephasing rate, 1/tau_phi, of weakly disordered electrons due to scattering from diluted dynamical impurities. Our previous result for the weak-localization dephasing rate is generalized from diluted Kondo impurities to arbitrary dynamical ... More
Ha Velocity Fields and Galaxy Interaction in the Quartet of Galaxies NGC 7769, 7770, 7771 and 7771AOct 01 2015Mar 16 2016The quartet of galaxies NGC 7769, 7770, 7771 and 7771A is a system of interacting galaxies. Close interaction between galaxies caused characteristic morphological features: tidal arms and bars, as well as an induced star formation. In this study, we performed ... More
Development of a multi-sensor perceptual system for mobile robot and EKF-based localizationNov 28 2016This paper presents the design and implementation of a perceptual system for the mobile robot using modern sensors and multi-point communication channels. The data extracted from the perceptual system is processed by a sensor fusion model to obtain meaningful ... More
Stacking dependence of carrier transport properties in multilayered black phosphorousAug 20 2015Nov 17 2015We present the effect of different stacking orders on carrier transport properties of multi-layer black phosphorous. We consider three different stacking orders AAA, ABA and ACA, with increasing number of layers (from 2 to 6 layers). We employ a hierarchical ... More
O(alpha) electroweak corrections to the processes e+e- -> tau-tau+, c bar-c, b bar-b, t bar-t: a comparisonJul 09 2003Jul 31 2003We present the electroweak one-loop corrections to the processes e+e- -> f bar-f, f = tau, c, b, t, at energies relevant for a future linear collider. The results of two independent calculations are compared and agreement is found at a technical-precision ... More
Score sets in oriented bipartite graphsSep 05 2006The set A of distinct scores of the vertices of an oriented bipartite graph D(U, V) is called its score set. We consider the following question: given a finite, nonempty set A of positive integers, is there an oriented bipartite graph D(U, V) such that ... More
Magnetofluid Unification in the Yang-Mills LagrangianAug 30 2005Mar 19 2008The Yang-Mills magnetofluid unification is constructed using lagrangian approach by imposing certain gauge symmetry to the matter inside the fluid. The model provides a general description for relativistic fluid interacting with Abelian or non-Abelian ... More