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Model Reduction of Turbulent Fluid Flows Using the Supply RateJan 21 2013A method for finding reduced-order approximations of turbulent flow models is presented. The method preserves bounds on the production of turbulent energy in the sense of the $\curly{L}_2$ norm of perturbations from a notional laminar profile. This is ... More
Templeting of Thin Films Induced by Dewetting on Patterned SurfacesJan 25 2001The instability, dynamics and morphological transitions of patterns in thin liquid films on periodic striped surfaces (consisting of alternating less and more wettable stripes) are investigated based on 3-D nonlinear simulations that account for the inter-site ... More
Stability of drift waves in a field reversed configurationNov 07 2008The drift waves in field-reversed configurations without a toroidal magnetic field, therefore no shear, play an important role in plasma transport. The short connection length of the poloidal field in these systems leads to significant stabilization by ... More
Ferromagnetism in multi-band Kondo lattice modelAug 06 2008The ferromagnetic spin exchange interaction between the itinerant electrons and localized moments on a periodic lattice, studied within the so-called Kondo lattice model (KLM), is considered for multiband situation where the hopping integral is a matrix, ... More
Temperature dependent electronic correlation effects in GdNJun 26 2006We investigate temperature dependent electronic correlation effects in the conduction bands of Gadolinium Nitride (GdN) based on the combination of many body analysis of the multi-band Kondo lattice model and the first principles TB-LMTO bandstructure ... More
Correlation effects in the valence bands of ferromagnetic semiconductor EuSDec 28 2005We present a many body analysis of the multi-band Kondo lattice model. The study is then combined with the first principles TB-LMTO band structure calculations, in order to investigate the temperature dependent correlation effects in the 3$\textit{p}$ ... More
\textit{Additional} carrier-mediated ferromagnetism in GdNFeb 07 2010The mechanism behind ferromagnetic exchange interaction in GdN is not well understood. It has been argued that it can be due to fourth order cross process of \textit{d-f} mixing and \textit{d-f} exchange. An alternative explanation suggests an anti- ferromagnetic ... More
Three-Quark Bethe-Salpeter Vertex Function Under Pairwise Gluon-Exchange-Like Interaction : Application to n-p Mass DifferenceJul 29 1997A qqq BSE formalism based on an input 4-fermion Lagrangian of `current' u,d quarks, is employed for the construction of a relativistic qqq-wave function) via the BSE. Chiral invariance is ensured by the vector character of the gluonic propagator in the ... More
Categorification of Dijkgraaf-Witten TheoryNov 01 2015Feb 09 2016The goal of the paper is to categorify Dijkgraaf-Witten theory, aiming at providing foundation for a direct construction of Dijkgraaf-Witten theory as an Extended Topological Quantum Field Theory. The main tool is cohomology with coefficients in a Picard ... More
Scalable Energy Efficient Location Aware Multicast Protocol for MANET (SEELAMP)May 21 2010Jun 04 2010Multicast plays an important role in implementing the group communications in bandwidth scarce multihop mobile ad hoc networks. However, due to the dynamic topology of MANETs it is very difficult to build optimal multicast trees and maintaining group ... More
Effect of Salt Concentration on Dielectric Properties of Li-Ion Conducting Blend Polymer ElectrolytesAug 20 2018In the present article, we have studied the effect of the salt concentration (LiPF6) on transport properties and ion dynamics of blend solid polymer electrolyte (PEO PAN) prepared by solution cast technique. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy ... More
Insights into the use of polyethylene oxide in energy storage/conversion devices: A critical reviewJul 11 2018In this review, latest updates in the poly (ethylene oxide) based electrolytes are summarized. The ultimate goal of researchers globally is towards the development of free standing solid polymeric separator for energy storage devices. This single free ... More
Green-Kubo approach to the average swim speed in active Brownian systemsAug 29 2016We develop an exact Green-Kubo formula relating nonequilibrium averages in systems of interacting active Brownian particles to equilibrium time-correlation functions. The method is applied to calculate the density-dependent average swim speed, which is ... More
Geometry of pointwise pseudo-slant warped product submanifolds in a Kähler manifoldDec 10 2015May 20 2016The purpose of this paper is to study pointwise pseudo-slant warped product submanifolds of a K\"{a}hler manifold $\widetilde{M}$. We derive the conditions of integrability and totally geodesic foliation for the distributions allied to the characterization ... More
Analysing Word Importance for Image AnnotationJun 20 2013Image annotation provides several keywords automatically for a given image based on various tags to describe its contents which is useful in Image retrieval. Various researchers are working on text based and content based image annotations [7,9]. It is ... More
The de Almeida-Thouless line in vector spin glassesMar 29 2010Mar 30 2010We consider the infinite-range spin glass in which the spins have m > 1 components (a vector spin glass). Applying a magnetic field which is random in direction, there is an Almeida Thouless (AT) line below which the "replica symmetric" solution is unstable, ... More
Polymer Nanocomposites: synthesis and characterizationJul 10 2018This chapter deals with the fundamental properties of polymer nanocomposites (PNC) and their characteristics that play a significant role in deciding their capability for the advanced energy storage device. The various synthesization methods used for ... More
Transit universe with time varying $G$ and decaying $Λ$Aug 19 2012Sep 16 2012We present the model of transit universe from early deceleration phase to current acceleration phase under the framework of general relativity in presence of gravitational coupling $G(t)$ and cosmological terms $\Lambda(t)$. The Einstein's field equations ... More
On the Generalized Class of $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-warped product submanifolds in para-Kähler ManifoldsMay 09 2018In this paper, we study a new generalized class of $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-warped product submanifolds under the name $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-pseudo-slant warped product submanifolds in para-K\"{a}hler manifolds $\bar{M}$. The results of existence and ... More
Pointwise Semi-Slant Warped Product Submanifold in a Lorentzian Paracosymplectic ManifoldSep 24 2016Jun 22 2017Recently Y{\"u}ksel et. al. \cite{SY} shows that there doesn't exist any proper semi-slant warped product submanifolds in a Lorentzian paracosymplectic manifold. In the present article, we first define and give preparatory lemmas for a new generalize ... More
Electron scale nested quadrupole Hall field in Cluster observations of magnetic reconnectionMay 23 2014This Letter presents the first evidence of a new and unique feature of spontaneous reconnection at multiple sites in electron current sheet, viz. nested quadrupole structure of Hall field at electron scales, in Cluster observations. The new nested quadrupole ... More
Study of the de Almeida-Thouless line using one-dimensional power-law diluted Heisenberg Spin GlassesMay 06 2011Jul 28 2011We test for the presence or absence of the de Almeida-Thouless line using one-dimensional power-law diluted Heisenberg spin glass model, in which the rms strength of the interactions decays with distance, r as 1/r^{sigma}. It is argued that varying the ... More
Phase Transitions in the 1-d Long-Range Diluted Heisenberg Spin GlassMar 16 2011Jun 09 2011We use Monte Carlo simulations to study the one-dimensional long-range diluted Heisenberg spin glass with interactions that fall as a power, sigma, of the distance. Varying the power is argued to be equivalent to varying the space dimension of a short-range ... More
Means Moments and Newton's InequalitiesFeb 15 2017It is shown that Newton's inequalities and the related Maclaurin's inequalities provide several refinements of the fundamental Arithmetic mean - Geometric mean - Harmonic mean inequality in terms of the means and variance of positive real numbers. We ... More
Sodium-Ion-Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite Electrolyte of TiO2/PEO/PAN Complexed with NaPF6Aug 23 2018A free standing transparent film of solid state polymer electrolyte based on PEO/PAN + NaPF6 with different compositions of nano sized TiO2 in weight percent (x = 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 ) is synthesized by using standard solution cast technique. The homogeneous ... More
Efficient proton acceleration from laser-driven cryogenic hydrogen target of various shapesSep 19 2017Jan 22 2018We theoretically investigate high energy, collimated proton beam with three dimensional particle in cell simulations of ultrashort petawatt laser interaction with cryogenic hydrogen target of various shapes. Here we show that under appropriate conditions ... More
Escape rate of transiently active Brownian particle in one dimensionFeb 08 2019Activity significantly enhances the escape rate of a Brownian particle over a potential barrier. Whereas constant activity has been extensively studied in the past, little is known about the effect of time-dependent activity on the escape rate of the ... More
Development of Novel Cathode Materials based on MWCNT for Energy Storage/Conversion DevicesJul 14 2018Novel compound comprising of Li2FexMn(1-x)SiO4/MWCNT were prepared by using Sol-Gel technique. In this study, improved electrochemical properties are observed by substituting Fe to replace Mn. and further multiwalled carbon nano tubes are used to prepare ... More
Effect of lithium bis(oxalato)borate on the Structural, microstructural and electrochemical properties of blend solid polymer electrolyteJul 04 2018Blend solid polymer electrolyte based on PEO, PVP complexed with lithium LiBOB were synthesized by solution cast technique and impact of LiBOB on the morphology, structure, and electrochemical properties is examined. The XRD and FESEM analysis reveals ... More
Resonant spin transfer torque nano-oscillatorsFeb 07 2017Spin transfer torque nano-oscillators are potential candidates for replacing the traditional inductor based voltage controlled oscillators in modern communication devices. Typical oscillator designs are based on trilayer magnetic tunnel junctions which ... More
Algorithms and Improved bounds for online learning under finite hypothesis classMar 24 2019Online learning is the process of answering a sequence of questions based on the correct answers to the previous questions. It is studied in many research areas such as game theory, information theory and machine learning. There are two main components ... More
Effect of Variation of Different Nano filler on Structural, Electrical, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Blend Polymer NanocompositesJul 10 2018In the present work, the effect of different nanofiller (BaTiO3, CeO2, Er2O3 or TiO2) on blend solid polymer electrolyte comprising of PEO and PVC complexed with bulky LiPF6 have been explored. The XRD analysis confirms the polymer nanocomposite formation. ... More
Band-pass Fabry-Pèrot magnetic tunnel junctionsJan 29 2018Significant scientific and technological progress in the field of spintronics is based on trilayer magnetic tunnel junction devices which principally rely on the physics of single barrier tunneling. While technologically relevant devices have been prototyped, ... More
Reply to Comment on "Anomalous Discontinuity at the Percolation Critical Point of Active Gels"May 10 2016In this reply we discuss definition and estimation of the Fisher exponent in the no-enclaves percolation (NEP) model.
Pros & Cons of Model-based Bandwidth Control for Client-assisted Content DeliverySep 25 2012A key challenge in \cacd\ is determining how to allocate limited server bandwidth across a large number of files being concurrently served so as to optimize global performance and cost objectives. In this paper, we present a comprehensive experimental ... More
On coherent structure in wall turbulenceJan 31 2013Jun 17 2013A new theory of coherent structure in wall turbulence is presented. The theory is the first to predict packets of hairpin vortices and other structure in turbulence, and their dynamics, based on an analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations, under an assumption ... More
A critical layer model for turbulent pipe flowJan 18 2010A model-based description of the scaling and radial location of turbulent fluctuations in turbulent pipe flow is presented and used to illuminate the scaling behaviour of the very large scale motions. The model is derived by treating the nonlinearity ... More
The metastable minima of the Heisenberg spin glass in a random magnetic fieldJul 16 2016Nov 30 2016We have studied zero temperature metastable states in classical $m$-vector component spin glasses in the presence of $m$-component random fields (of strength $h_{r}$) for a variety of models, including the Sherrington Kirkpatrick (SK) model, the Viana ... More
An Intelligent Mobile-Agent Based Scalable Network Management Architecture for Large-Scale Enterprise SystemFeb 09 2012Several Mobile Agent based distributed network management models have been proposed in recent times to address the scalability and flexibility problems of centralized (SNMP or CMIP management models) models. Though the use of Mobile Agents to distribute ... More
Presence Factor-Oriented Blog SummarizationFeb 28 2013The research that has been carried out on blogs focused on blog posts only, ignoring the title of the blog page. Also, in summarization only a set of representative sentences are extracted. Some analysis has been done and it has been found that the blog ... More
Quench Dynamics of Edge States in 2-D Topological Insulator RibbonsApr 08 2013We study the dynamics of edge states of the two dimensional BHZ Hamiltonian in a ribbon geometry following a sudden quench to the quantum critical point separating the topological insulator phase from the trivial insulator phase. The effective edge state ... More
A reanalysis of a strong-flow gyrokinetic formalismFeb 28 2014Jan 14 2015We reanalyse an arbitrary-wavelength gyrokinetic formalism [A. M. Dimits, Phys. Plasmas $\bf17$, 055901 (2010)], which orders only the vorticity to be small and allows strong, time-varying flows on medium and long wavelengths. We obtain a simpler gyrocentre ... More
Efficient grid-based Bayesian estimation of nonlinear low-dimensional systems with sparse non-Gaussian PDFsJan 21 2013Bayesian estimation strategies represent the most fundamental formulation of the state estimation problem available, and apply readily to nonlinear systems with non-Gaussian uncertainties. The present paper introduces a novel method for implementing grid-based ... More
Agent Development ToolkitsNov 25 2011Development of agents as well as their wide usage requires good underlying infrastructure. Literature indicates scarcity of agent development tools in initial years of research which limited the exploitation of this beneficial technology. However, today ... More
Self-organized critical behavior and marginality in Ising spin glassesApr 27 2017May 24 2018We have studied numerically the states reached in a quench from various temperatures in the one-dimensional fully-connected Kotliar, Anderson and Stein Ising spin glass model. This is a model where there are long-range interactions between the spins which ... More
Structural phase transition of ternary high-k dielectric SmGdO3: Evidence from ADXRD and Raman Spectroscopic StudiesAug 29 2014High-pressure synchrotron based angle dispersive x-ray diffraction (ADXRD) studies were carried out on SmGdO3 (SGO) up to 25.7GPa at room temperature. ADXRD results indicated a reversible pressure-induced phase transition from ambient monoclinic to hexagonal ... More
On the design of optimal compliant walls for turbulence controlApr 19 2016This paper employs the theoretical framework developed by Luhar et al. (J. Fluid Mech., 768, 415-441) to consider the design of compliant walls for turbulent skin friction reduction. Specifically, the effects of simple spring-damper walls are contrasted ... More
Robust broad spectral photodetection (UV-NIR) and ultra high responsivity investigated in nanosheets and nanowires of Bi2Te3 under harsh nano-milling conditionsDec 20 2017Dec 21 2017Due to miniaturization of device dimensions, the next generations photodetector based devices are expected to be fabricated from robust nanostructured materials. Hence there is an utmost requirement of investigating exotic optoelectronic properties of ... More
Estimation of unsteady aerodynamic forces using pointwise velocity dataJun 15 2016A novel method to estimate unsteady aerodynamic force coefficients from pointwise velocity measurements is presented. The methodology is based on a resolvent-based reduced-order model which requires the mean flow to obtain physical flow structures and ... More
$\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-anti-slant warped product submanifold of a nearly paracosymplectic manifoldOct 06 2015Mar 03 2016In this paper, we study $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-anti-slant warped product submanifold of a nearly paracosymplectic manifold $\widetilde{M}$. The necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for the distributions allied to the characterization of a ... More
A framework for studying the effect of compliant surfaces on wall turbulenceNov 25 2014Feb 05 2015This paper extends the resolvent formulation proposed by McKeon & Sharma (2010) to consider turbulence-compliant wall interactions. Under this formulation, the turbulent velocity field is expressed as a linear superposition of propagating modes, identified ... More
A Novel Architecture For Question Classification Based Indexing Scheme For Efficient Question AnsweringJul 26 2013Question answering system can be seen as the next step in information retrieval, allowing users to pose question in natural language and receive compact answers. For the Question answering system to be successful, research has shown that the correct classification ... More
Scaling and interaction of self-similar modes in models of high-Reynolds number wall turbulenceSep 22 2016Previous work has established the usefulness of the resolvent operator that maps the terms nonlinear in the turbulent fluctuations to the fluctuations themselves. Further work has described the self-similarity of the resolvent arising from that of the ... More
Steady streamwise transpiration control in turbulent pipe flowJun 15 2016A study of the the main features of low- and high amplitude steady streamwise wall transpiration applied to pipe flow is presented. The effect of the two transpiration parameters, amplitude and wavenumber, on the flow have been investigated by means of ... More
Predicting structural and statistical features of wall turbulenceDec 02 2010The majority of practical flows, particularly those flows in applications of importance to transport, distribution and climate, are turbulent and as a result experience complex three-dimensional motion with increased drag compared with the smoother, laminar ... More
A Novel Architecture for Relevant Blog Page IdentifcationJul 31 2013Blogs are undoubtedly the richest source of information available in cyberspace. Blogs can be of various natures i.e. personal blogs which contain posts on mixed issues or blogs can be domain specific which contains posts on particular topics, this is ... More
Transient growth mechanisms of low Reynolds number flow over a low-pressure turbine bladeFeb 12 2013A direct transient growth analysis for three-dimensional perturbations to flow past a periodic array of T-106/300 low-pressure turbine fan blades is presented. The methodology is based on a singular value decomposition of the flow evolution operator, ... More
Elastic response of filamentous networks with compliant crosslinksSep 16 2013Experiments have shown that elasticity of disordered filamentous networks with compliant crosslinks is very different from networks with rigid crosslinks. Here, we model and analyze filamentous networks as a collection of randomly oriented rigid filaments ... More
On positivity and roots in operator algebrasAug 13 2013Apr 01 2014In earlier papers the second author and Charles Read have introduced and studied a new notion of positivity for operator algebras, with an eye to extending certain C*-algebraic results and theories to more general algebras. The present paper consists ... More
Coarse-graining and fluctuations: Two birds with one stoneApr 05 2014We show how the mathematical structure of large-deviation principles matches well with the concept of coarse-graining. For those systems with a large-deviation principle, this may lead to a general approach to coarse-graining through the variational form ... More
Temperature dependent screened electronic transport in gapped grapheneApr 06 2015We report our theoretical calculations on the temperature and energy dependent electrical conductivity of gapped graphene within the framework of Boltzmann transport formalism. Since screening effects have known to be of vital importance in explaining ... More
Studies of Effects of Current on Exchange-Bias: A Brief ReviewApr 21 2008MacDonald and co-workers recently predicted that high current densities could affect the magnetic order of antiferromagnetic (AFM) multilayers, in ways similar to those that occur in ferromagnetic (F) multilayers, and that changes in AFM magnetic order ... More
Point-contact search for antiferromagnetic giant magnetoresistanceNov 01 2007Oct 24 2008We report the first measurements of effects of large current densities on current-perpendicular-to-plane magnetoresistance (MR) of magnetic multilayers containing two antiferromagnetic layers separated by a non-magnetic layer. These measurements were ... More
Composites of FeCl3 and TiO2 with Bismaleimide resinsAug 04 2016Ferric Chloride-Bismaleimide (FeCl3-BMI) and Titania-Bismaleimide (TiO2-BMI) composite were synthesized using PVA as a binder. The composite systems were deposited on glass slide as a homogenous coating. XRD and FTIR studies of the composite system showed ... More
A reduced-order model of three-dimensional unsteady flow in a cavity based on the resolvent operatorJun 15 2016A novel reduced-order model for nonlinear flows is presented. The model arises from a resolvent decomposition in which the nonlinear advection terms of the Navier-Stokes equation are considered as the input to a linear system in Fourier space. Results ... More
Penetration of ELF Currents and Electromagnetic Fields into the Off-Equatorial E-Region of the Earth's IonosphereJan 25 2012The generation of ELF (of the order of 10 Hz) currents and electromagnetic fields in the off-equatorial E-region (90-120 km) of the Earth's ionosphere and their subsequent penetration into the deeper ionospheric layers is studied theoretically and numerically. ... More
A Modified LSB Technique of Digital Watermarking in Spatial DomainMar 29 2013Digital watermarking is a technique of embedding pieces of information into digital data such as text, audio, video, and still images that can be detected or extracted later to show authentication about the data. Watermark is hidden information in the ... More
Isospectral Potentials and Quarkonia Low Energy Spectra: A Possibility of simultaneous fit to Masses and leptonic decay widths"Oct 20 2008Some of the non-relativistic QQ/bar interaction potentials and its isospectral partner-potentials have been employed to evaluate the masses and leptonic decay widths of Charmonium and Upsilon states. An attempt has been made to develop a prescription ... More
Thermal Expansion Coefficients of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ and Sb$_2$Te$_3$ Crystals from 10 K to 270 KDec 07 2011Dec 30 2011Lattice constant of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ and Sb$_2$Te$_3$ crystals is determined by X-ray powder diffraction measurement in a wide temperature range. Linear thermal expansion coefficients ($\alpha$) of the crystals are extracted, and considerable anisotropy between ... More
Direct measurement of electron numbers created at infrared laser-induced ionization of various gasesOct 15 2018Nov 21 2018In this work, we present temporally resolved measurements of electron numbers created at photoionization of various gases by femtosecond laser pulse at 800 nm wavelength. The experiments were conducted in $O_2$, $Xe$, $Ar$, $N_2$, $Kr$ and $CO$ at room ... More
Temperature dependence of Raman-active optical phonons in Bi_2Se_3 and Sb_2Te_3Dec 06 2011Inelastic light scattering spectra of Bi_2Se_3 and Sb_2Te_3 single crystals have been measured over the temperature range from 5 K to 300 K. The temperature dependence of dominant A^{2}_{1g} phonons shows similar behavior in both materials. The temperature ... More
Hard Capacitated Set Cover and Uncapacitated Geometric Set CoverNov 30 2016The first part of this report describes the following result that, logarithmic approximation factor for hard capacitated set cover can be achieved from Wolsey's work [9], using a simpler and more intuitive analysis. We further show in our work, that O(log ... More
Light Cone wavefunction approach to open heavy flavor dynamics in the QGPJul 22 2009Oct 01 2009We elucidate the role of time scales that determine heavy quark dynamics in the QGP. Quark-antiquark potentials extracted from the lattice are used to demonstrate the existence of open heavy flavor bound-state solutions in the vicinity of the critical ... More
Necessary and Probably Sufficient Test for Finding Valid Instrumental VariablesDec 04 2018Can instrumental variables be found from data? While instrumental variable (IV) methods are widely used to identify causal effect, testing their validity from observed data remains a challenge. This is because validity of an IV depends on two assumptions, ... More
An Empirical Study of Path Feasibility QueriesFeb 20 2013In this paper we present a comparative study of path feasibility queries generated during path exploration based software engineering methods. Symbolic execution based methods are gaining importance in different aspects of software engineering e.g. proving ... More
State Classification with CNNJun 05 2018Jun 25 2018There is a plenty of research going on in field of object recognition, but object state recognition has not been addressed as much. There are many important applications which can utilize object state recognition, such as, in robotics, to decide for how ... More
One Shot Joint Colocalization and CosegmentationMay 17 2017This paper presents a novel framework in which image cosegmentation and colocalization are cast into a single optimization problem that integrates information from low level appearance cues with that of high level localization cues in a very weakly supervised ... More
On the homotopy theory of $\mathbf{G}$ - spacesDec 11 2015The aim of this paper is to show that the most elementary homotopy theory of $\mathbf{G}$-spaces is equivalent to a homotopy theory of simplicial sets over $\mathbf{BG}$, where $\mathbf{G}$ is a fixed group. Both homotopy theories are presented as Relative ... More
Reanalyzing variable directionality of gene expression in transgenerational epigenetic inheritanceJun 28 2016A previous report claimed no evidence of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in a mouse model of in utero environmental exposure, based on the observation that gene expression changes observed in the germ cells of G1 and G2 male fetus were not in ... More
Susceptibilities for the Müller-Hartmann-Zitartz countable infinity of phase transitions on a Cayley treeJan 29 2015Jul 23 2015We obtain explicit susceptibilities for the countable infinity of phase transition temperatures of M\"{u}ller-Hartmann-Zitartz on a Cayley tree. The susceptibilities are a product of the zeroth spin with the sum of an appropriate set of averages of spins ... More
A Two Step Perspective for Kripke Structure ReductionOct 01 2012This paper presents a novel theoretical framework for the state space reduction of Kripke structures. We define two equivalence relations, Kripke minimization equivalence (KME) and weak Kripke minimization equivalence (WKME). We define the quotient system ... More
Handwritten digit Recognition using Support Vector MachineMar 17 2012Handwritten Numeral recognition plays a vital role in postal automation services especially in countries like India where multiple languages and scripts are used Discrete Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and hybrid of Neural Network (NN) and HMM are popular ... More
Symmetric monoidal categories and $Γ$-categoriesNov 28 2018In this paper we construct a symmetric monoidal closed model category of coherently commutative monoidal categories. The main aim of this paper is to establish a Quillen equivalence between a model category of coherently commutative monoidal categories ... More
Foreground Clustering for Joint Segmentation and Localization in Videos and ImagesNov 26 2018This paper presents a novel framework in which video/image segmentation and localization are cast into a single optimization problem that integrates information from low level appearance cues with that of high level localization cues in a very weakly ... More
Dynamics Estimation Using Recurrent Neural NetworkSep 17 2018There is a plenty of research going on in field of robotics. One of the most important task is dynamic estimation of response during motion. One of the main applications of this research topics is the task of pouring, which is performed daily and is commonly ... More
Interplay of Spin, Lattice, Vibration, and Charge Degrees of Freedom in Ca$_3$Mn$_2$O$_7$Mar 14 2019Polycrystalline Ruddlesden-Popper structure Ca3Mn2O7 synthesized using solid state technique has been structurally characterized with Synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction. Thermal evolution of octahedral distortions, responsible for transition to orthorhombic ... More
Simulations of particle dynamics in a global toroidal geometryFeb 14 2017May 17 2018The gyrokinetic toroidal code (GTC) has been upgraded for global simulations by coupling the core and scrape-off layer (SOL) regions across the separatrix with field-aligned particle-grid interpolations. A fully kinetic particle pusher for high frequency ... More
Verified Subtyping with Traits and MixinsJul 15 2014Traits allow decomposing programs into smaller parts and mixins are a form of composition that resemble multiple inheritance. Unfortunately, in the presence of traits, programming languages like Scala give up on subtyping relation between objects. In ... More
End to End Verification and Validation with SPINFeb 20 2013Over the last several years the tools used for model checking have become more efficient and usable. This has enabled users to apply model checking to industrial-scale problems, however the task of validating the implementation of the model is usually ... More
XPM nonlinearities:Are all involved photons real?Sep 05 2011May 01 2016We have found a novel symmetry for XPM(Cross Phase Modulation) systems .We prove that this symmetry is a necessary condition for a single multiphoton process to be visible in more than one field.We have found, two EIT(Electromagnetically Induced Transparency) ... More
75As NMR probe of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2Jan 16 2011Nov 08 2011The evolution of 75As NMR parameters with composition and temperature was probed in the Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2 system where Fe is replaced by isovalent Ru. While the Ru-end member was found to be a conventional Fermi liquid, the composition (x=0.5) corresponding ... More
A low-order decomposition of turbulent channel flow via resolvent analysis and convex optimizationJan 24 2014May 21 2014We combine resolvent-mode decomposition with techniques from convex optimization to optimally approximate velocity spectra in a turbulent channel. The velocity is expressed as a weighted sum of resolvent modes that are dynamically significant, non-empirical, ... More
Interplay of Spin, Lattice, Vibration, and Charge Degrees of Freedom in Ca$_3$Mn$_2$O$_7$Mar 14 2019Mar 17 2019Polycrystalline Ruddlesden-Popper structure Ca3Mn2O7 synthesized using solid state technique has been structurally characterized with Synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction. Thermal evolution of octahedral distortions, responsible for transition to orthorhombic ... More
High Energy electron and proton acceleration by circularly polarized laser pulse from near critical density hydrogen gas targetSep 11 2017Jan 24 2018We demonstrate in this research the quasi-monoenergetic electron and proton acceleration through three dimensional particle-in-cell simulations of short petawatt circular polarized laser pulse interactions with near critical density hydrogen target. We ... More
A Framework for Picture Extraction on Search Engine Improved and Meaningful ResultDec 09 2011Searching is an important tool of information gathering, if information is in the form of picture than it play a major role to take quick action and easy to memorize. This is a human tendency to retain more picture than text. The complexity and the occurrence ... More
Measurement of D-meson production in pp collisions with ALICE at the LHCMay 15 2017The $\textit p_{T}$-differential cross section of D mesons in the rapidity range $|y|< 0.5$ was measured in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 2.76, 7 and 8 TeV. D mesons were reconstructed in their hadronic decay channels by means of the invariant mass analysis. ... More
Operator spaces which are one-sided M-Ideals in their bidualFeb 24 2009Jun 30 2009We generalize an important class of Banach spaces, namely the $M$-embedded Banach spaces, to the non-commutative setting of operator spaces. The one-sided $M$-embedded operator spaces are the operator spaces which are one-sided $M$-ideals in their second ... More
Construction of self-dual codes over $\mathbb{Z}_{2^m}$Jul 14 2014Self-dual codes (Type I and Type II codes) play an important role in the construction of even unimodular lattices, and hence in the determination of Jacobi forms. In this paper, we construct both Type I and Type II codes (of higher lengths) over the ring ... More
Weak Hadronic decays of Charmed Baryons and Current-Algebra SchemeOct 22 2008The weak decay of charmed baryons multiplets into ground state and mesons are investigated using current algebra technique. Some of the interesting results on the partial decays rates and the asymmetry parameters for $\Delta$C=$\Delta$S=-1 the mode are ... More
Remark On Variance BoundsApr 19 2017It is shown that the formula for the variance of combined series yields surprisingly simple proofs of some well known variance bounds.