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Model Reduction of Turbulent Fluid Flows Using the Supply RateJan 21 2013A method for finding reduced-order approximations of turbulent flow models is presented. The method preserves bounds on the production of turbulent energy in the sense of the $\curly{L}_2$ norm of perturbations from a notional laminar profile. This is ... More
Stability of drift waves in a field reversed configurationNov 07 2008The drift waves in field-reversed configurations without a toroidal magnetic field, therefore no shear, play an important role in plasma transport. The short connection length of the poloidal field in these systems leads to significant stabilization by ... More
Templeting of Thin Films Induced by Dewetting on Patterned SurfacesJan 25 2001The instability, dynamics and morphological transitions of patterns in thin liquid films on periodic striped surfaces (consisting of alternating less and more wettable stripes) are investigated based on 3-D nonlinear simulations that account for the inter-site ... More
Categorification of Dijkgraaf-Witten TheoryNov 01 2015Feb 09 2016The goal of the paper is to categorify Dijkgraaf-Witten theory, aiming at providing foundation for a direct construction of Dijkgraaf-Witten theory as an Extended Topological Quantum Field Theory. The main tool is cohomology with coefficients in a Picard ... More
Scalable Energy Efficient Location Aware Multicast Protocol for MANET (SEELAMP)May 21 2010Jun 04 2010Multicast plays an important role in implementing the group communications in bandwidth scarce multihop mobile ad hoc networks. However, due to the dynamic topology of MANETs it is very difficult to build optimal multicast trees and maintaining group ... More
Effect of Salt Concentration on Dielectric Properties of Li-Ion Conducting Blend Polymer ElectrolytesAug 20 2018In the present article, we have studied the effect of the salt concentration (LiPF6) on transport properties and ion dynamics of blend solid polymer electrolyte (PEO PAN) prepared by solution cast technique. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy ... More
Insights into the use of polyethylene oxide in energy storage/conversion devices: A critical reviewJul 11 2018In this review, latest updates in the poly (ethylene oxide) based electrolytes are summarized. The ultimate goal of researchers globally is towards the development of free standing solid polymeric separator for energy storage devices. This single free ... More
Comparative Advantage Driven Resource Allocation for Virtual Network FunctionsMar 12 2016As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) adopt the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) paradigm, they need to transition their network function capacity to a virtualized infrastructure with different Network Functions running on a set of heterogeneous ... More
Means Moments and Newton's InequalitiesFeb 15 2017It is shown that Newton's inequalities and the related Maclaurin's inequalities provide several refinements of the fundamental Arithmetic mean - Geometric mean - Harmonic mean inequality in terms of the means and variance of positive real numbers. We ... More
Sodium-Ion-Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite Electrolyte of TiO2/PEO/PAN Complexed with NaPF6Aug 23 2018A free standing transparent film of solid state polymer electrolyte based on PEO/PAN + NaPF6 with different compositions of nano sized TiO2 in weight percent (x = 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 ) is synthesized by using standard solution cast technique. The homogeneous ... More
Reply to Comment on "Anomalous Discontinuity at the Percolation Critical Point of Active Gels"May 10 2016In this reply we discuss definition and estimation of the Fisher exponent in the no-enclaves percolation (NEP) model.
Resonant spin transfer torque nano-oscillatorsFeb 07 2017Spin transfer torque nano-oscillators are potential candidates for replacing the traditional inductor based voltage controlled oscillators in modern communication devices. Typical oscillator designs are based on trilayer magnetic tunnel junctions which ... More
Pros & Cons of Model-based Bandwidth Control for Client-assisted Content DeliverySep 25 2012A key challenge in \cacd\ is determining how to allocate limited server bandwidth across a large number of files being concurrently served so as to optimize global performance and cost objectives. In this paper, we present a comprehensive experimental ... More
Algorithms and Improved bounds for online learning under finite hypothesis classMar 24 2019Online learning is the process of answering a sequence of questions based on the correct answers to the previous questions. It is studied in many research areas such as game theory, information theory and machine learning. There are two main components ... More
Effect of Variation of Different Nano filler on Structural, Electrical, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Blend Polymer NanocompositesJul 10 2018In the present work, the effect of different nanofiller (BaTiO3, CeO2, Er2O3 or TiO2) on blend solid polymer electrolyte comprising of PEO and PVC complexed with bulky LiPF6 have been explored. The XRD analysis confirms the polymer nanocomposite formation. ... More
Band-pass Fabry-Pèrot magnetic tunnel junctionsJan 29 2018Significant scientific and technological progress in the field of spintronics is based on trilayer magnetic tunnel junction devices which principally rely on the physics of single barrier tunneling. While technologically relevant devices have been prototyped, ... More
Development of Novel Cathode Materials based on MWCNT for Energy Storage/Conversion DevicesJul 14 2018Novel compound comprising of Li2FexMn(1-x)SiO4/MWCNT were prepared by using Sol-Gel technique. In this study, improved electrochemical properties are observed by substituting Fe to replace Mn. and further multiwalled carbon nano tubes are used to prepare ... More
Effect of lithium bis(oxalato)borate on the Structural, microstructural and electrochemical properties of blend solid polymer electrolyteJul 04 2018Blend solid polymer electrolyte based on PEO, PVP complexed with lithium LiBOB were synthesized by solution cast technique and impact of LiBOB on the morphology, structure, and electrochemical properties is examined. The XRD and FESEM analysis reveals ... More
Role of intergranular silver in modulating the aperiodicity in disordered Josephson junction arrays : impact on relaxation of intergranular critical stateNov 27 2000Relaxation of the intergranular critical state has been observed at a very low applied magnetic field (10-50 Oe) over a temperature regime of 20-77 K in bulk polycrystalline YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-x) (YBCO) and Bi(1.75)Pb(0.35)Sr(2)Ca(2)Cu(3)O(10+x) (BPSCCO) ... More
Role of marginality in quantum fidelity and Loschmidt echo: Dirac points in 2-DJan 09 2013Apr 08 2013We investigate the effect of marginality on the ground state fidelity and Loschmidt echo. For this purpose, we study the above quantities near the quantum critical point (QCP) of the two-dimensional (2-D) Dirac Hamiltonian in the presence of a mass term ... More
Superspace formulation and correlation functions of 3d superconformal field theoriesAug 22 2013Jul 08 2014We study $3d$ SCFTs in the superspace formalism and discuss superfields and on-shell higher spin current multiplets in free $3d$ SCFTs with $\mathcal{N}= 1,2,3,4$ and $6$ superconformal symmetry. For $\mathcal{N}=1$ 3d SCFTs we determine the superconformal ... More
Quench Dynamics of Edge States in 2-D Topological Insulator RibbonsApr 08 2013We study the dynamics of edge states of the two dimensional BHZ Hamiltonian in a ribbon geometry following a sudden quench to the quantum critical point separating the topological insulator phase from the trivial insulator phase. The effective edge state ... More
Making sense of randomness: an approach for fast recovery of compressively sensed signalsJul 25 2015In compressed sensing (CS) framework, a signal is sampled below Nyquist rate, and the acquired compressed samples are generally random in nature. However, for efficient estimation of the actual signal, the sensing matrix must preserve the relative distances ... More
Estimation of unsteady aerodynamic forces using pointwise velocity dataJun 15 2016A novel method to estimate unsteady aerodynamic force coefficients from pointwise velocity measurements is presented. The methodology is based on a resolvent-based reduced-order model which requires the mean flow to obtain physical flow structures and ... More
On the design of optimal compliant walls for turbulence controlApr 19 2016This paper employs the theoretical framework developed by Luhar et al. (J. Fluid Mech., 768, 415-441) to consider the design of compliant walls for turbulent skin friction reduction. Specifically, the effects of simple spring-damper walls are contrasted ... More
$\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-anti-slant warped product submanifold of a nearly paracosymplectic manifoldOct 06 2015Mar 03 2016In this paper, we study $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-anti-slant warped product submanifold of a nearly paracosymplectic manifold $\widetilde{M}$. The necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for the distributions allied to the characterization of a ... More
A framework for studying the effect of compliant surfaces on wall turbulenceNov 25 2014Feb 05 2015This paper extends the resolvent formulation proposed by McKeon & Sharma (2010) to consider turbulence-compliant wall interactions. Under this formulation, the turbulent velocity field is expressed as a linear superposition of propagating modes, identified ... More
A Novel Architecture For Question Classification Based Indexing Scheme For Efficient Question AnsweringJul 26 2013Question answering system can be seen as the next step in information retrieval, allowing users to pose question in natural language and receive compact answers. For the Question answering system to be successful, research has shown that the correct classification ... More
Robust broad spectral photodetection (UV-NIR) and ultra high responsivity investigated in nanosheets and nanowires of Bi2Te3 under harsh nano-milling conditionsDec 20 2017Dec 21 2017Due to miniaturization of device dimensions, the next generations photodetector based devices are expected to be fabricated from robust nanostructured materials. Hence there is an utmost requirement of investigating exotic optoelectronic properties of ... More
Coarse-graining and fluctuations: Two birds with one stoneApr 05 2014We show how the mathematical structure of large-deviation principles matches well with the concept of coarse-graining. For those systems with a large-deviation principle, this may lead to a general approach to coarse-graining through the variational form ... More
Interacting Tsallis holographic dark energy: Cosmic behaviour, statefinder analysis and $ω_D-ω'_D$ pair in the non-flat universeJun 15 2019The paper explores the interacting Tsallis holographic dark energy (THDE) model in a non-flat universe following an infrared cutoff as the apparent horizon. The equation of state (EoS) and the deceleration parameter of THDE model are determined to understand ... More
Planar Hall and Nernst effect in patterned ultrathin film of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3Jan 25 2015Jun 05 2016We present the observation of a transverse thermopower, or Planar Nernst Effect, in patterned ultrathin film (8 nm) of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (LSMO) driven by heat current applied in-plane of the film and Planar Hall Effect (PHE) in the same LSMO ultrathin film ... More
A Hindi Speech Actuated Computer Interface for Web SearchNov 12 2012Aiming at increasing system simplicity and flexibility, an audio evoked based system was developed by integrating simplified headphone and user-friendly software design. This paper describes a Hindi Speech Actuated Computer Interface for Web search (HSACIWS), ... More
Nonfactorizable contributions to weak $D \to PV$ decaysJul 20 1995We investigate nonfactorizable contributions to two-body hadronic decays of the charmed mesons to a pseudoscalar meson and a vector meson in Cabibbo-favored mode. Employing SU(3)-flavor symmetry for the nonfactorizable matrix elements, we obtain branching ... More
Prototyping Bio-Nanorobots using Molecular Dynamics SimulationAug 14 2007This paper presents a molecular mechanics study using a molecular dynamics software (NAMD) coupled to virtual reality (VR) techniques for intuitive Bio-NanoRobotic prototyping. Using simulated Bio-Nano environments in VR, the operator can design and characterize ... More
Isospectral Potentials and Quarkonia Low Energy Spectra: A Possibility of simultaneous fit to Masses and leptonic decay widths"Oct 20 2008Some of the non-relativistic QQ/bar interaction potentials and its isospectral partner-potentials have been employed to evaluate the masses and leptonic decay widths of Charmonium and Upsilon states. An attempt has been made to develop a prescription ... More
Thermal Expansion Coefficients of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ and Sb$_2$Te$_3$ Crystals from 10 K to 270 KDec 07 2011Dec 30 2011Lattice constant of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ and Sb$_2$Te$_3$ crystals is determined by X-ray powder diffraction measurement in a wide temperature range. Linear thermal expansion coefficients ($\alpha$) of the crystals are extracted, and considerable anisotropy between ... More
Temperature dependence of Raman-active optical phonons in Bi_2Se_3 and Sb_2Te_3Dec 06 2011Inelastic light scattering spectra of Bi_2Se_3 and Sb_2Te_3 single crystals have been measured over the temperature range from 5 K to 300 K. The temperature dependence of dominant A^{2}_{1g} phonons shows similar behavior in both materials. The temperature ... More
Hard Capacitated Set Cover and Uncapacitated Geometric Set CoverNov 30 2016The first part of this report describes the following result that, logarithmic approximation factor for hard capacitated set cover can be achieved from Wolsey's work [9], using a simpler and more intuitive analysis. We further show in our work, that O(log ... More
Light Cone wavefunction approach to open heavy flavor dynamics in the QGPJul 22 2009Oct 01 2009We elucidate the role of time scales that determine heavy quark dynamics in the QGP. Quark-antiquark potentials extracted from the lattice are used to demonstrate the existence of open heavy flavor bound-state solutions in the vicinity of the critical ... More
One Shot Joint Colocalization and CosegmentationMay 17 2017This paper presents a novel framework in which image cosegmentation and colocalization are cast into a single optimization problem that integrates information from low level appearance cues with that of high level localization cues in a very weakly supervised ... More
An Empirical Study of Path Feasibility QueriesFeb 20 2013In this paper we present a comparative study of path feasibility queries generated during path exploration based software engineering methods. Symbolic execution based methods are gaining importance in different aspects of software engineering e.g. proving ... More
Necessary and Probably Sufficient Test for Finding Valid Instrumental VariablesDec 04 2018Can instrumental variables be found from data? While instrumental variable (IV) methods are widely used to identify causal effect, testing their validity from observed data remains a challenge. This is because validity of an IV depends on two assumptions, ... More
State Classification with CNNJun 05 2018Jun 25 2018There is a plenty of research going on in field of object recognition, but object state recognition has not been addressed as much. There are many important applications which can utilize object state recognition, such as, in robotics, to decide for how ... More
Kinetic Effects on Turbulence Driven by the Magnetorotational Instability in Black Hole AccretionMar 20 2007Magnetorotational Instability (MRI), the instability causing turbulent transport in accretion disks, is studied in the kinetic regime. Radiatively Inefficient Accretion Flows (RIAFs), like the one around the supermassive black hole in the center of our ... More
Quantum transport in mesoscopic $^3$He films: experimental study of the interference of bulk and boundary scatteringOct 28 2010Jul 22 2011We discuss the mass transport of a degenerate Fermi liquid $^3$He film over a rough surface, and the film momentum relaxation time, in the framework of theoretical predictions. In the mesoscopic r\'egime, the anomalous temperature dependence of the relaxation ... More
Interplay between Fermi surface topology and ordering in URu$_{2}$Si$_2$ revealed through abrupt Hall coefficient changes in strong magnetic fieldsSep 20 2006Nov 30 2006Temperature- and field-dependent measurements of the Hall effect of pure and 4 % Rh-doped URu$_{2}$Si$_{2}$ reveal low density (0.03 hole/U) high mobility carriers to be unique to the `hidden order' phase and consistent with an itinerant density-wave ... More
Remark On Variance BoundsApr 19 2017It is shown that the formula for the variance of combined series yields surprisingly simple proofs of some well known variance bounds.
The Weierstrass Representation always gives a minimal surfaceAug 28 2012We give a simple, direct proof of the easy fact about the Weierstrass Representation, namely, that it always gives a minimal surface. Most presentations include the much harder converse that every simply connected minimal surface is given by the Weierstrass ... More
The homotopy theory of coherently commutative monoidal quasi-categoriesAug 14 2019The main objective of this paper is to construct a symmetric monoidal closed model category of coherently commutative monoidal quasi-categories.
75As NMR probe of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2Jan 16 2011Nov 08 2011The evolution of 75As NMR parameters with composition and temperature was probed in the Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2 system where Fe is replaced by isovalent Ru. While the Ru-end member was found to be a conventional Fermi liquid, the composition (x=0.5) corresponding ... More
A note on variance bounds and location of eigenvaluesMay 18 2019We discuss some extensions and refinements of the variance bounds for both real and complex numbers. The related bounds for the eigenvalues and spread of a matrix are also derived here.
Operator spaces which are one-sided M-Ideals in their bidualFeb 24 2009Jun 30 2009We generalize an important class of Banach spaces, namely the $M$-embedded Banach spaces, to the non-commutative setting of operator spaces. The one-sided $M$-embedded operator spaces are the operator spaces which are one-sided $M$-ideals in their second ... More
Astrophysical radio background cannot explain the EDGES 21-cm signal: constraints from cooling of non-thermal electronsApr 16 2018Aug 13 2018Recently the EDGES experiment has claimed the detection of an absorption feature centered at 78 MHz. When interpreted as a signature of cosmic dawn, this feature appears at the correct wavelength (corresponding to a redshift range of $z\approx15-20$) ... More
Spin current as a response to external stressNov 11 2005It is theoretically predicted that a traveling shear wave will create a spin current in certain direct-gap (for example III-V compound) semiconductors with contributions from both the valence bands and the conduction band (for $n$-doped semiconductors). ... More
Anomalous spin transport in a two-channel-Kondo quantum dot deviceDec 29 2003We study the response of a two-channel Kondo quantum dot device proposed by Y. Oreg and D. Goldhaber-Gordon [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 90}, 136602 (2003)] to a spin-bias applied across one of its channels formed by Fermi liquid reservoirs weakly coupled to ... More
Helicity in axisymmetric vortex breakdownSep 20 2018Sep 21 2018Vortex breakdown phenomena in the axial vortices is an important feature which occurs frequently in geophysical flows (tornadoes and hurricanes) and in engineering flows (flow past delta wings, Von-Kerman vortex dynamo). We analyze helicity for axisymmetric ... More
Correlation effects in the valence bands of ferromagnetic semiconductor EuSDec 28 2005We present a many body analysis of the multi-band Kondo lattice model. The study is then combined with the first principles TB-LMTO band structure calculations, in order to investigate the temperature dependent correlation effects in the 3$\textit{p}$ ... More
Winds of change: reionization by starburst galaxiesJun 28 2016Mar 06 2017We investigate the properties of the galaxies that reionized the Universe and the history of cosmic reionization using the "Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their environments" (EAGLE) cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. We obtain the evolution ... More
A Search for Red Giant Solar-like Oscillations in All Kepler DataMar 01 2019Mar 04 2019The recently published Kepler mission Data Release 25 (DR25) reported on ~197,000 targets observed during the mission. Despite this, no wide search for red giants showing solar-like oscillations have been made across all stars observed in Kepler's long-cadence ... More
Optical control of resonant light transmission for an atom-cavity systemMar 29 2015We demonstrate the manipulation of transmitted light through an optical Fabry-Perot cavity, built around a spectroscopy cell containing enriched rubidium vapor. Light resonant with the $^{87}$Rb D$_{2}$ ($F=2/F=1$) $\leftrightarrow F'$ manifold, is controlled ... More
Active biopolymer networks generate scale-free but euclidean clustersFeb 07 2014We report analytical and numerical modelling of active elastic networks, motivated by experiments on crosslinked actin networks contracted by myosin motors. Within a broad range of parameters, the motor-driven collapse of active elastic networks leads ... More
Anomalous discontinuity at the percolation critical point of active gelsFeb 04 2014Feb 05 2015We develop a percolation model motivated by recent experimental studies of gels with active network remodeling by molecular motors. This remodeling was found to lead to a critical state reminiscent of random percolation (RP), but with a cluster distribution ... More
Sympathetic and swap cooling of trapped ions by cold atoms in a MOTDec 26 2011A mixed system of cooled and trapped, ions and atoms, paves the way for ion assisted cold chemistry and novel many body studies. Due to the different individual trapping mechanisms, trapped atoms are significantly colder than trapped ions, therefore in ... More
A Three Dimensional Lattice of Ion TrapsJul 27 2009We propose an ion trap configuration such that individual traps can be stacked together in a three dimensional simple cubic arrangement. The isolated trap as well as the extended array of ion traps are characterized for different locations in the lattice, ... More
Contact Instability in Adhesion and Debonding of Thin Elastic FilmsJun 27 2006Based on experiments and 3-D simulations, we show that a soft elastic film during adhesion and debonding from a rigid flat surface undergoes morphological transitions to pillars, labyrinths and cavities, all of which have the same lateral pattern length ... More
Learning to Prescribe Interventions for Tuberculosis Patients Using Digital Adherence DataFeb 05 2019Jun 24 2019Digital Adherence Technologies (DATs) are an increasingly popular method for verifying patient adherence to many medications. We analyze data from one city served by 99DOTS, a phone-call-based DAT deployed for Tuberculosis (TB) treatment in India where ... More
Ballistic vs Diffusive Transport in Current-Induced Magnetization SwitchingAug 23 2007Nov 19 2007We test whether current-induced magnetization switching due to spin-transfer-torque in ferromagnetic/non-magnetic/ferromagnetic (F/N/F) trilayers changes significantly when scattering within the N-metal layers is changed from ballistic to diffusive. Here ... More
Understanding formation of young, distributed low-mass stars and clusters in the W4 cloud complexJan 03 2019It is well known that most of the stars form in rich clusters. However, recent $Spitzer$ observations have shown that a significant number of stars also form in distributed mode, origin of which is not well understood. In this work, we aim to investigate ... More
Mass functions and photometric binaries in nine open clustersMar 02 2008Using homogeneous CCD photometric data from the 105-cm Kiso Schmidt telescope covering a 50' x 50' field, we study the mass functions (MFs) of nine open clusters. The ages and Galactocentric distances of the target clusters vary from 16 - 2000 Myr and ... More
Chemical potential in disordered organic materialsJun 21 2012Charge carrier mobility in disordered organic materials is being actively studied, motivated by several applications such as organic light emitting diodes and organic field-effect transistors. It is known that the mobility in disordered organic materials ... More
Anomalous Self-Energy Effects of the B_1g Phonon in Y_{1-x}(Pr,Ca)_xBa_2Cu_3O_7 FilmsAug 25 1999In Raman spectra of cuprate superconductors the gap shows up both directly, via a redistribution of the electronic background, the so-called "2Delta peaks", and indirectly, e.g. via the renormalization of phononic excitations. We use a model that allows ... More
Tidal dwarf galaxies in cosmological simulationsOct 25 2017The formation and evolution of gravitationally bound, star forming substructures in tidal tails of interacting galaxies, called tidal dwarf galaxies (TDG), has been studied, until now, only in idealised simulations of individual pairs of interacting galaxies ... More
A new multi line-cusp magnetic field plasma device (MPD) with variable magnetic field for fundamental plasma studiesSep 30 2017One of the fundamental problems is the understanding of physics of electrostatic and electromagnetic fluctuations in multi-scale plasma turbulence. Especially so, in continuously connected plasma regions with varying degree of magnetization. Examples ... More
Closed-form Approximations for Coverage and Rate in a Multi-tier Heterogeneous Network in Nakagami-m FadingApr 25 2016In this paper, we consider the downlink in a K-tier heterogeneous network in the presence of Nakagami-m fading and noise. For such a system, we derive closed-form approximations of coverage probability and average rate achievable. A piece-wise linear ... More
Ferromagnetism in multi-band Kondo lattice modelAug 06 2008The ferromagnetic spin exchange interaction between the itinerant electrons and localized moments on a periodic lattice, studied within the so-called Kondo lattice model (KLM), is considered for multiband situation where the hopping integral is a matrix, ... More
Temperature dependent electronic correlation effects in GdNJun 26 2006We investigate temperature dependent electronic correlation effects in the conduction bands of Gadolinium Nitride (GdN) based on the combination of many body analysis of the multi-band Kondo lattice model and the first principles TB-LMTO bandstructure ... More
Wide Field CCD photometry around nine open clustersJul 24 2006In this paper we study the evolution of core and corona of nine open clusters using the projected radial density profiles derived from homogeneous CCD photometric data obtained through the 105-cm Kiso Schmidt telescope. The age and galactocentric distance ... More
Giant magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in the off-stoichiometric Mn-Co-Ge alloyMay 10 2016We report a giant magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in an off-stoichiometric Mn-Co-Ge alloy, across the magnetostructural transition. The isothermal entropy change accompanying this transition has a peak value of nearly 40 J/kg-K near 297 K ... More
\textit{Additional} carrier-mediated ferromagnetism in GdNFeb 07 2010The mechanism behind ferromagnetic exchange interaction in GdN is not well understood. It has been argued that it can be due to fourth order cross process of \textit{d-f} mixing and \textit{d-f} exchange. An alternative explanation suggests an anti- ferromagnetic ... More
Light scattering from a magnetically tunable dense random medium with weak dissipation : ferrofluidApr 21 2011We present a semi-phenomenological treatment of light transmission through and its reflection from a ferrofluid, which we regard as a magnetically tunable system of dense random dielectric scatterers with weak dissipation. Partial spatial ordering is ... More
Multiferroic CuCrO2 under High Pressure: In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopic StudiesSep 11 2014The compression behavior of delafossite compound CuCrO2 has been investigated by in-situ x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopic measurements upto 23.2 and 34 GPa respectively. X-ray diffraction data shows the stability of ambient rhombohedral structure ... More
Thermal/Electronic Transport Properties and Two-Phase Mixtures in La_{5/8-x}Pr_{x}Ca_{3/8}MnO_{3}Mar 10 2000We measured thermal conductivity, k, thermoelectric power, S, and dc electric conductivity, sigma, of La_{5/8-x}Pr_{x}Ca_{3/8}MnO_{3}, showing an intricate interplay between metallic ferromagnetism (FM) and charge ordering (CO) instability. The change ... More
Magnetic-field-induced collapse of charge-ordered nanoclusters and the Colossal Magnetoresistance effect in Nd(0.3)Sr(0.3)MnO(3)Oct 25 2001We report synchrotron x-ray scattering studies of charge/orbitally ordered (COO) nanoclusters in Nd$_{0.7}$Sr$_{0.3}$MnO$_3$. We find that the COO nanoclusters are strongly suppressed in an applied magnetic field, and that their decreasing concentration ... More
Magneto-Seebeck effect in spin-valve with in-plane thermal gradientSep 16 2014We present measurements of magneto-Seebeck effect on a spin valve with in-plane thermal gradient. We measured open circuit voltage and short circuit current by applying a temperature gradient across a spin valve stack, where one of the ferromagnetic layers ... More
Euler buckling in red blood cells: An optically driven biological micromotorJan 19 2005Jul 28 2005We investigate the physics of an optically-driven micromotor of biological origin. A single, live red blood cell, when placed in an optical trap folds into a rod-like shape. If the trapping laser beam is circularly polarized, the folded RBC rotates. A ... More
Three-Quark Bethe-Salpeter Vertex Function Under Pairwise Gluon-Exchange-Like Interaction : Application to n-p Mass DifferenceJul 29 1997A qqq BSE formalism based on an input 4-fermion Lagrangian of `current' u,d quarks, is employed for the construction of a relativistic qqq-wave function) via the BSE. Chiral invariance is ensured by the vector character of the gluonic propagator in the ... More
Kinetic particle simulations in a global toroidal geometryFeb 14 2017Jul 30 2019The gyrokinetic toroidal code (GTC) has been upgraded for global simulations by coupling the core and scrape-off layer (SOL) regions across the separatrix with field-aligned particle-grid interpolations. A fully kinetic particle pusher for high frequency ... More
Possible glass-like random singlet magnetic state in 1T-TaS2Jun 26 2019Two-dimensional layered transition-metal-dichalcogenide compound 1T-TaS2 shows the rare coexistence of charge density wave (CDW) and electron correlation driven Mott transition. In addition, atomic-cluster spins on the triangular lattice of the CDW state ... More
Structural, Electrical Properties and Dielectric Relaxation in Na+ Ion Conducting Solid Polymer ElectrolyteJul 11 2018Present paper reports, the structural, microstructural, electrical, dielectric properties and ion dynamics of a sodium based solid polymer electrolyte films comprising of PEO8-NaPF6+ x wt. % SN. The structural and surface morphology properties have been ... More
Transit universe with time varying $G$ and decaying $Λ$Aug 19 2012Sep 16 2012We present the model of transit universe from early deceleration phase to current acceleration phase under the framework of general relativity in presence of gravitational coupling $G(t)$ and cosmological terms $\Lambda(t)$. The Einstein's field equations ... More
Magnetic Susceptibility of the Balian-Werthamer Phase of 3He in AerogelJul 21 2001The equilibrium superfluid phase of 3He impregnated into high-porosity silica aerogels appears to be a non-equal-spin-pairing state in zero field at all pressures, which is generally assumed to be the Balian-Werthamer (BW) phase modified by the depairing ... More
Theory of Heat Transport of Normal Liquid 3He in AerogelMar 08 2010The introduction of liquid 3He into silica aerogel provides us a with model system in which to study the effects of disorder on the properties of a strongly correlated Fermi liquid. The transport of heat, mass and spin exhibits cross-over behavior from ... More
Thermal Conductivity of Superfluid $^3$He in AerogelDec 10 2002We report theoretical calculations of the thermal conductivity of $^3$He impregnated into high-porosity aerogel and compare these results with available experimental data.
On the Generalized Class of $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-warped product submanifolds in para-Kähler ManifoldsMay 09 2018In this paper, we study a new generalized class of $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-warped product submanifolds under the name $\mathcal{P}\mathcal{R}$-pseudo-slant warped product submanifolds in para-K\"{a}hler manifolds $\bar{M}$. The results of existence and ... More
A machine learning approach for GRB detection in AstroSat CZTI dataJun 23 2019We present a machine learning (ML) based method for automated detection of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) from the AstroSat CZTI data. We make use of density-based spatial clustering to detect excess power and carry out an unsupervised hierarchical clustering ... More
Exploring PtSO$_4$ and PdSO$_4$ phases: an evolutionary algorithm based investigationMar 10 2015May 07 2015Metal sulfate formation is one of the major challenges to the emissions aftertreatment catalysts. Unlike the incredibly sulfation prone nature of Pd to form PdSO$_4$, no experimental evidence exits for the PtSO$_4$ formation. Given the mystery of nonexistence ... More
Multichannel Attention Network for Analyzing Visual Behavior in Public SpeakingJul 21 2017Public speaking is an important aspect of human communication and interaction. The majority of computational work on public speaking concentrates on analyzing the spoken content, and the verbal behavior of the speakers. While the success of public speaking ... More
Performance comparison of various routing protocols in different mobility modelsSep 25 2012Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a infrastructure less network in which two or more devices have wireless communication which can communicate with each other and exchange information without need of any centralized administrator. Each node in the ad hoc ... More
Uncovering networks amongst stocks returns by studying nonlinear interactions in high frequency data of the Indian Stock Market using mutual informationFeb 20 2019In this paper, we explore the detection of clusters of stocks that are in synergy in the Indian Stock Market and understand their behaviour in different circumstances. We have based our study on high frequency data for the year 2014. This was a year when ... More