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Evidence for electromagnetic granularity in polycrystalline Sm1111 iron-pnictides with enhanced phase purityNov 11 2010We prepared polycrystalline SmFeAsO1-xFx (Sm1111) bulk samples by sintering and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) in order to study the effects of phase purity and relative density on the intergranular current density. Sintered and HIPped Sm1111 samples are ... More
Short note on magnetic impurities in SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_x$ (x=0, 0.07) compounds revealed by zero-field $^{75}$As NMRJul 04 2008Jul 08 2008We have performed zero-field $^{75}$As nuclear magnetic resonance study of SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_x$ (x=0, 0.07) polycrystals in a wide frequency range at various temperatures. $^{75}$As resonance line was found at around 265 MHz revealing the formation of ... More
Inelastic x-ray scattering investigations of lattice dynamics in SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_y$ superconductorsMay 23 2010We report measurements of the phonon density of states as measured with inelastic x-ray scattering in SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_y$ powders. An unexpected strong renormalization of phonon branches around 23 meV is observed as fluorine is substituted for oxygen. ... More
Microstructural evolution throughout the structural transition in 1111 oxy-pnictidesApr 05 2012The microstructural evolution throughout the first order tetragonal to orthorhombic structural transition is analyzed by powder diffraction analysis for two different systems belonging to the class of compounds referred to as 1111 oxy-pnictides: (La1-yYy)FeAsO ... More
Tetragonal to orthorhombic phase transition in SmFeAsO: a synchrotron powder diffraction investigationAug 07 2008The crystal structure of SmFeAsO has been investigated by means of Rietveld refinement of high resolution synchrotron powder diffraction data collected at 300 K and 100 K. The compound crystallizes in the tetragonal P4/nmm space group at 300 K and in ... More
Magnetic characterization of sintered MgB2 samples: effect of the substitution or doping with Li, Al and SiMay 10 2001Jun 07 2001Powdered and sintered MgB2 samples have been characterized through magnetic measurements performed from T = 5 K up to few degrees above the transition temperature of about 39 K. We found that the sintered samples behave as well-connected bodies, showing ... More
New Fe-based superconductors: properties relevant for applicationsOct 07 2009Less than two years after the discovery of high temperature superconductivity in oxypnictide LaFeAs(O,F) several families of superconductors based on Fe layers (1111, 122, 11, 111) are available. They share several characteristics with cuprate superconductors ... More
Tuning topological disorder in MgB$_{2}$Feb 21 2006We carried out Raman measurements on neutron-irradiated and Al-doped MgB$_2$ samples. The irradiation-induced topological disorder causes an unexpected appearance of high frequency spectral structures, similar to those observed in lightly Al-doped samples. ... More
Coupling between 4f and itinerant electrons in SmFeAsO1-xFx (0.15 < x < 0.2) superconductors: an NMR studyMar 19 2010$^{19}$F NMR measurements in SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_x$, for $0.15\leq x\leq 0.2$, are presented. The nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate $1/T_1$ increases upon cooling with a trend analogous to the one already observed in CeCu$_{5.2}$Au$_{0.8}$, a quasi two-dimensional ... More
Neutron powder diffraction investigation of the structural and magnetic properties of (La1-yYy)FeAsONov 11 2009The structural, magnetic and resistive properties of (La1-yYy)FeAsO compounds (y = 0.10, 0.20, 0.30) have been investigated by means of X-ray and neutron powder diffraction as well as by resistivity measurements. The temperatures at which the structural ... More
Transport properties of c-oriented MgB2 thin films grown by Pulsed Laser DepositionSep 26 2001The electronic anisotropy in MgB2, which arises from its layered crystal structure is not completely clear until now. High quality c-oriented films offer the opportunity of studying such property. MgB2 thin films were deposited by using two methods both ... More
Role of Dirac cones in magnetotransport properties of REFeAsO (RE=rare earth) oxypnictidesJul 24 2013In this work we study the effect of the rare earth element in iron oxypnictides of composition REFeAsO (RE=rare earth). On one hand we carry out Density Functional Theory calculations of the band structure, which evidence the multiband character of these ... More
Exploring the feasibility of Fe(Se,Te) conductors by ex-situ Powder-in-Tube methodJun 04 2015In this work, the feasibility condition of Powder-In-Tube (PIT) processed wires of Fe(Se,Te) superconductor has been investigated. We faced several technical issues that are extensively described and discussed. In particular, we tested different metals ... More
Structural properties and phase diagram of the $La(Fe_{1-x}Ru_x)AsO$ systemAug 26 2013Structural refinement, lattice microstrain and spontaneous strain analyses have been carried out and a phase diagram has been drawn.
Transport properties of MgB2Sep 10 2001Sep 11 2001In this paper we present the resistivity, the Seebeck effect, and the thermal conductivity measurements on a MgB2 sintered sample. Such transport properties highlight the role of the junctions between the grains to a different extent. In particular, the ... More
Thermal properties of MgB2: the effect of disorder on gap amplitudes and relaxation times of p and s bandsJun 05 2003We present thermal conductivity and specific heat measurements on MgB2 and Mg-AlB2 samples. Thermal properties have been analysed by using a two-gap model in order to estimate the gap amplitudes, D(0)p and D(0)s and the intra-band scattering rates, Gss ... More
Vortex dynamics and irreversibility line in optimally doped SmFeAsO$_{0.8}$F$_{0.2}$ from ac susceptibility and magnetization measurementsFeb 07 2011Ac susceptibility and static magnetization measurements were performed in the optimally doped SmFeAsO$_{0.8}$F$_{0.2}$ superconductor. The field - temperature phase diagram of the superconducting state was drawn and, in particular, the features of the ... More
Experimental confirmation of the low B isotope coefficient in MgB2Jul 08 2008Oct 13 2008Recent investigations have shown that the first proposed explanations of the disagreement between experimental and theoretical value of isotope coefficient in MgB2 need to be reconsidered. Considering that in samples with residual resistivity of few mu-Ohm ... More
Effect of Ru susbstitution on atomic displacements in the layered SmFe_{1-x}Ru_xAsO_{0.85}F_{0.15} superconductorJun 27 2012The effect of Ru substitution on the local structure of layered SmFe$_{1-x}$Ru$_x$AsO$_{0.85}$F$_{0.15}$ superconductor has been studied by As $K$- and Sm $L_3$ - edges x-ray-absorption spectroscopy. The extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure measurements ... More
Magnetic characterization of undoped and 15%F doped LaFeAsO and SmFeAsO compoundsApr 28 2009In this paper the magnetic behaviour of undoped and 15% F doped SmFeAsO (Sm-1111) and LaFeAsO (La-1111) samples is presented and discussed. Magnetization measurements are not a simple tool to use for the characterisation of the new family of Fe-based ... More
Upper critical field and fluctuation conductivity in the critical regime of doped SmFeAsOFeb 06 2009We measure magnetotransport of F doped SmFeAsO samples up to 28T and we extract the upper critical fields, using different criteria. In order to circumvent the problem of criterion-dependence Hc2 values, we suggest a thermodynamic estimation of the upper ... More
Thermal properties of SmFeAs(O1-xFx) as probe of the interplay between electrons and phononsJul 04 2008Sep 03 2008A comparative study of thermal properties of SmFeAsO, SmFeAs(O0.93F0.07) and SmFeAs(O0.85F0.15) samples is presented. Specific heat and thermal conductivity show clear evidences of the spin density wave (SDW) ordering below TSDW 135 K in undoped SmFeAsO. ... More
Transport and superconducting properties of Fe-based superconductors: SmFeAs(O1-x Fx) versus Fe1+y (Te1-x, Sex)Dec 02 2009We present transport and superconducting properties - namely resistivity, magnetoresistivity, Hall effect, Seebeck effect, thermal conductivity, upper critical field - of two different families of Fe-based superconductors, which can be viewed in many ... More
Magnetotransport in La(Fe,Ru)AsO as a probe of band structure and mobilityJun 20 2011Oct 18 2011In this work we investigate the Ru substituted LaFeAsO compound, by studying the magnetotransport behaviour and its relationship with the band structure, in different regimes of temperature, magnetic field and Ru content. In particular we analyse the ... More
Magnetic ordering of the RE lattice in REFeAsO: the odd case of Sm. A specific heat investigation in high magnetic fieldSep 20 2009We have investigated the evolution of the low temperature specific heat anomaly (TN=5.4K in zero field) in polycrystalline SmFeAsO samples with magnetic fields up to 35T. The anomaly remains very sharp up to 16T and becomes rounded with little shift in ... More
Intrinsic ferromagnetic impurity phases in SmFeAsO1-xFx detected by muSRSep 16 2009We report about muSR measurements on SmFeAsO1-xFx which helped us to identify the signature of diluted ferromagnetic inclusions, ubiquitous in the iron pnictides. These impurities are characterized by a Curie temperature close to room temperature and ... More
Magnetic properties of undoped and 15%F doped SmFeAsO compoundsJul 10 2008In this paper the magnetic behaviour of SmFeAsO and SmFeAs(O0.85F0.15) samples is presented and discussed. Molar susceptibility of SmFeAsO exhibits a local peak at T around 140K due to the establishment of a long range antiferromagnetic ordering of the ... More
From antiferromagnetism to superconductivity in Fe 1+y(Te1-x,Sex) (0 < x < 0.20): a neutron powder diffraction analysisFeb 18 2010The nuclear and magnetic structure of Fe1+y(Te1-x,Sex) (0 < x < 0.20) compounds was analyzed between 2 K and 300 K by means of Rietveld refinement of neutron powder diffraction data. Samples with x < 0.075 undergo a tetragonal to monoclinic phase transition ... More
Angular dependence of magnetoresistivity in c-oriented MgB2 thin filmMar 12 2002Oct 22 2002The anisotropy of MgB2 is still under debate: its value, strongly dependent on the sample and on the measuring method, ranges between 1.2 and 13. In this work we present our results on a MgB2 c-oriented superconducting thin film. To evaluate the anisotropy, ... More
Two-band effects in transport properties of MgB2Oct 02 2002Oct 04 2002We present resistivity and thermal conductivity measurements on bulk samples, prepared either by a standard method or by a one-step technique. The latter samples, due to their high density and purity, show residual resistivity values as low as 0.5 mW ... More
Thermal conductivity of MgB$_{2}$ in the superconducting stateOct 08 2002We present thermal conductivity measurements on very pure and dense bulk samples, as indicated by residual resistivity values as low as 0.5 mW cm and thermal conductivity values higher than 200 W/mK. In the normal state we found that the Wiedemann Franz ... More
Critical Field of MGB2 : Crossover from Clean to Dirty RegimesOct 20 2003We have studied the upper critical field, Bc2, in poly-crystalline MgB2 samples in which disorder was varied in a controlled way to carry selectively p and s bands from clean to dirty limit. We have found that the clean regime survives when p bands are ... More
Significant enhancement of irreversibility field in clean-limit bulk MgB2Aug 03 2002Aug 12 2002Low resistivity ("clean") MgB2 bulk samples annealed in Mg vapor show an increase in upper critical field Hc2(T) and irreversibility field Hirr(T) by a factor of 2 in both transport and magnetic measurements. The best sample displayed Hirr above 14 T ... More
Electron transport properties of MgB2 in the normal stateJun 18 2001We have measured the resistivity and the Seebeck coefficient of a MgB2 sintered sample. The temperature dependence of resistivity is fitted well by a generalized Bloch-Gruneisen equation with a Debye temperature of 1050 K. The Seebeck coefficient is given ... More
Magnetic-superconducting phase boundary of SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$ studied via muon spin rotation: Unified behavior in a pnictide familyFeb 12 2009Jul 27 2009We present uSR investigations on SmFeAsO_1-xF_x showing coexistence of magnetic order and superconductivity only in a very narrow F-doping range. The sharp crossover between the two types of order is similar to that observed in LaFeAsO_1-xF_x, suggesting ... More
Role of charge doping and lattice distortions in codoped Mg_{1-x}(AlLi)_{x}B_2 compoundsJun 07 2005Jan 31 2006We prepared a series of Mg_{1-x}(AlLi)_{x}B_2 samples with 0&#8804;x&#8804;0.45 in order to compensate with Li the electron doping induced by Al. Structural characterization by means of neutron and X-ray diffraction confirms that Li enters the MgB2 structure ... More
Synthesis, crystal structure, microstructure, transport and magnetic properties of SmFeAsO and SmFeAs(O0.93F0.07)Jun 13 2008SmFeAsO and the isostructural superconducting SmFeAs(O0.93F0.07) samples were prepared. Characterization by means of Rietveld refinement of X-ray powder diffraction data, scanning electron microscope observation, transmission electron microscope analysis, ... More
Effect of two gaps on the flux lattice internal field distribution: evidence of two length scales from muSR in Mg1-xAlxB2Jan 23 2004Oct 19 2004We have measured the transverse field muon spin precession in the flux lattice (FL) state of the two gap superconductor MgB2 and of the electron doped compounds Mg1-xAlxB2 in magnetic fields up to 2.8T. We show the effect of the two gaps on the internal ... More
Isoelectronic Ru substitution at Fe-site in Sm(Fe1-xRux)As(O0.85F0.15) compound and its effects on structural, superconducting and normal state propertiesApr 12 2010In this work we present a systematic experimental and theoretical study of the structural, transport and superconducting properties of Sm(Fe1-xRux)As(O0.85F0.15) polycrystalline samples as a function of Ru content (x) ranging from 0 to 1. The choice of ... More
High quality epitaxial FeSe0.5Te0.5 thin films grown on SrTiO3 substrates by pulsed laser depositionJun 17 2009Superconducting epitaxial FeSe0.5Te0.5 thin films were prepared on SrTiO3 (001) substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The high purity of the phase, the quality of the growth and the epitaxy were studied with different experimental techniques: X-rays ... More
In-situ Magnesium Diboride Superconducting Thin Films grown by Pulsed Laser DepositionMar 27 2001Mar 28 2001Superconducting thin films of MgB2 were deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition on magnesium oxide and sapphire substrates. Samples grown at 450C in an argon buffer pressure of about 10-2 mbar by using a magnesium enriched target resulted to be superconducting ... More
Neutron Irradiation of Mg11B2 : From the Enhancement to the Suppression of Superconducting PropertiesNov 15 2004In this letter we present the effect of neutron irradiation up to fluences of 3.9 1019 n/cm2 on the superconducting properties of MgB2. In order to obtain a disorder structure homogeneously distributed, the experiment was carried out on bulk samples prepared ... More
Nanoscopic coexistence of magnetic and superconducting states within the FeAs layers of CeFeAsO1-xFxJul 30 2010We report on the coexistence of magnetic and superconducting states in CeFeAsO1-xFx for x=0.06(2), characterized by transition temperatures T_m=30 K and T_c=18 K, respectively. Zero and transverse field muon-spin relaxation measurements show that below ... More
Critical Field of Al-Doped MgB2 Samples: Correlation with the Suppression of Sigma-Band GapJun 16 2004In this Letter, the study of the effect of Al substitution on the upper critical field, Bc2, in AlxMg1-xB2 samples is presented. We find a straightforward correlation between Bc2 and the sigma-band gap, Delta_sigma, evaluated by point-contact measurements. ... More
Tc=21K in epitaxial FeSe0.5Te0.5 thin films with biaxial compressive strainDec 04 2009High purity epitaxial FeSe0.5Te0.5 thin films with different thickness were grown by Pulsed Laser Ablation on different substrates. By varying the film thickness, Tc up to 21K were observed, significantly larger than the bulk value. Structural analyses ... More
Effect of the chemical pressure on superconductivity and SDW in undoped and 15%F doped La1-yYyFeAsO compoundsMar 10 2009Apr 24 2009We present a study concerning the partial substitution of yttrium at the lanthanum site of the undoped LaFeAsO and superconducting LaFeAsO0.85F0.15 compounds. We prepared samples with a nominal yttrium content up to 70% producing simultaneous shrinkage ... More
Anisotropy in c-oriented MgB2 thin films grown by Pulsed Laser DepositionSep 28 2001The electronic anisotropy in MgB2, is still a not completely clear topic; high quality c-oriented films are suitable systems to investigate this property. In this work we present our results on MgB2 superconducting thin films grown on MgO and sapphire ... More
Phase separation at the magnetic-superconducting transition in La$_{0.7}$Y$_{0.3}$FeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$Sep 28 2012In this paper we report a detailed $\mu^{+}$SR and {}$^{19}$F-NMR study of the La$_{0.7}$Y$_{0.3}$FeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$ class of materials. Here, the diamagnetic La$_{1-y}$Y$_{y}$ substitution increases chemical pressure and, accordingly, sizeably enhances ... More
Growth of c-oriented MgB2 thin films by Pulsed Laser Deposition: structural characterization and electronic anisotropyJul 02 2001MgB2 thin films were deposited using Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) and ex-situ annealing in Mg atmosphere. The films presented critical temperatures up to 36K and turned out to be preferentially c-oriented both on Al2O3 (r-cut) and MgO(100) substrates. ... More
A new approach for improving global critical current density in Fe(Se0.5Te0.5) polycrystalline materialsMay 16 2012May 21 2012A novel method to prepare bulk Fe(Se0.5Te0.5) samples is presented, based on a melting process and a subsequent annealing treatment. With respect to the standard sintering technique, it produces much more homogeneous and denser samples, characterized ... More
Long- to short-range magnetic order in fluorine-doped CeFeAsOSep 14 2011The evolution of the antiferromagnetic order parameter in CeFeAsO_{1-x}F_{x} as a function of the fluorine content x was investigated primarily via zero-field muon-spin spectroscopy. The long-range magnetic order observed in the undoped compound gradually ... More
The optical phonon spectrum of SmFeAsOOct 13 2008We measured the Raman and the Infrared phonon spectrum of SmFeAsO polycrystalline samples. We also performed Density Functional Theory calculations within the pseudopotential approximation to obtain the structural and dynamical lattice properties of both ... More
Transport and infrared properties of SmFeAs(O1-xFx): from SDW to superconducting orderingSep 22 2008We report measurements of resistivity, magnetoresistivity, Hall effect, Seebeck coefficient, infrared reflectivity of undoped SmFeAsO and lightly doped SmFeAs(O0.93F0.07) oxypnictides. All the properties measured on SmFeAsO are characterized by clear ... More
Enhanced flux pinning in neutron irradiated MgB2Jun 29 2005We study the effect of neutron irradiation on the critical current density Jc of isotopically pure polycrystalline Mg11B2 samples. For fluences in the range 1017-1018 cm-2, Jc is enhanced and its dependence on magnetic field is significantly improved: ... More
Effects of neutron irradiation on polycrystalline Mg11B2Dec 02 2005Apr 11 2006We studied the influence of the disorder introduced in polycrystalline MgB2 samples by neutron irradiation. To circumvent self shielding effects due to the strong interaction between thermal neutrons and 10B we employed isotopically enriched 11B which ... More
High temperature heat treatment of B precursor and P.I.T. process optimization to increase Jc performances of MgB2-based conductorMay 16 2014Promising results reported in our previous works led us to think that production of B powder plays a crucial role in MgB2 synthesis. A new method for boron preparation has been developed in our laboratory. This particular process is based on magnesiothermic ... More
Temperature dependent local atomic displacements in Ru substituted SmFe_{1-x}Ru_{x}AsO_{0.85}F_{0.15} superconductorsApr 28 2013Local structure of SmFe$_{1-x}$Ru$_x$AsO$_{0.85}$F$_{0.15}$ ($x$ = 0.0, 0.05, 0.25 and 0.5) superconductors has been investigated by temperature dependent As $K$-edge extended x-ray absorption fine structure. The effect of Ru substitution remains confined ... More
Magnetic properties of spin diluted iron pnictides from muSR and NMR in LaFe1-xRuxAsOOct 21 2011The effect of isoelectronic substitutions on the microscopic properties of LaFe1-xRuxAsO, for 0< x< 0.8, has been investigated by means of muSR and 139La NMR. It was found that Ru substitution causes a progressive reduction of the N\`eel temperature (T_N) ... More
Effect of external pressure on the magnetic properties of LnFeAsO (Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Sm)May 11 2012We investigate the effect of external pressure on magnetic order in undoped LnFeAsO (Ln = La, Ce, Pr, La) by using muon-spin relaxation measurements and ab-initio calculations. Both magnetic transition temperature $T_m$ and Fe magnetic moment decrease ... More
Renormalization of the Yang-Mills theory in the ambiguity-free gaugeFeb 12 2010Jul 27 2010The renormalization procedure for the Yang-Mills theory in the gauge free of the Gribov ambiguity is constructed. It is shown that all the ultraviolet infinities may be removed by renormalization of the parameters entering the classical Lagrangian and ... More
Nonreciprocal Photon Transmission and Amplification via Reservoir EngineeringFeb 25 2015Jun 05 2015We discuss a general method for constructing nonreciprocal, cavity-based photonic devices, based on matching a given coherent interaction with its corresponding dissipative counterpart; our method generalizes the basic structure used in the theory of ... More
Anomalous mass dimension of multi-flavor QCDOct 08 2016Models of strongly interacting theories with a large mass anomalous dimension ($\gamma_m$) provide an interesting possibility for the dynamical origin of the electroweak symmetry breaking. A laboratory for these models is QCD with many flavors, which ... More
A 125 GeV Scalar Boson and SU(N_{TC})\otimes SU(3)_{{}_{L}}\otimes U(1)_{{}_{X}} modelsMar 16 2013We verify that SU(N)_{{}_{TC}}\otimes SU(3)_{{}_{L}}\otimes U(1)_{{}_{X}} models, where the gauge symmetry breaking is totally dynamical and promoted by the non-Abelian technicolor (TC) group and the strong Abelian interactions, are quite constrained ... More
Mass and width of a composite Higgs bosonFeb 13 2009May 18 2009The scalar Higgs boson mass in a Technicolor model was obtained by Elias and Scadron with the analysis of an homogeneous Bethe-Salpeter equation (BSE), however it was performed before the most recent developments of walking gauge theories. It was not ... More
A dynamical mechanism to explain the top-bottom quark mass hierarchyAug 17 2004Jan 20 2005We discuss the mass splitting between the the top and bottom quarks in a technicolor scenario. The model proposed here contains a left-right electroweak gauge group. An extended technicolor group and mirror fermions are introduced. The top-bottom quark ... More
Entanglement swapping, light cones and elements of realityNov 06 2005Jul 20 2006Recently, a number of two-participant all-versus-nothing Bell experiments have been proposed. Here, we give local realistic explanations for these experiments. More precisely, we examine the scenario where a participant swaps his entanglement with two ... More
Jet radio emission in Cygnus X-1 and its orbital modulationOct 01 2006Dec 22 2006We present results of our detailed theoretical study of the observed orbital modulation of the radio emission in Cyg X-1. The modulation occurs due to free-free absorption in the wind from the companion star varying with the orbital phase, and our results ... More
Programming Realization of Symbolic Computations for Non-linear Commutator Superalgebras over the Heisenberg--Weyl Superalgebra: Data Structures and Processing MethodsMay 16 2009Aug 19 2009We suggest a programming realization of an algorithm for verifying a given set of algebraic relations in the form of a supercommutator multiplication table for the Verma module, which is constructed according to a generalized Cartan procedure for a quadratic ... More
Geodesics and admissible-path spaces in Carnot GroupsNov 26 2013We study the topology of admissible-loop spaces on a step-two Carnot group G. We use a Morse-Bott theory argument to study the structure and the number of geodesics on G connecting the origin with a 'vertical' point (geodesics are critical points of the ... More
Numerical analysis of renormalon technique in quantum mechanicsNov 29 1996Jul 14 1997We discuss the ways of extracting a low energy scale of an underlying theory using high energy scattering data. Within an exactly solvable model of quantum mechanics we analyze a technique based on introduction of nonperturbative power corrections accounting ... More
Analytical results for $e^+e^-\to t\bar t$ and $γγ\to t\bar t$ observables near the threshold up to the next-to-next-to-leading order of NRQCDApr 08 1999Oct 10 2001We present an analytical description of top-antitop pair production near the threshold in $e^+e^-$ annihilation and $\g\g$ collisions. A set of basic observables considered includes the total cross sections, forward-backward asymmetry and top quark polarization. ... More
Next-to-next-to-leading order relation between $R(e^+e^-\to b\bar b)$ and $Γ_{\rm sl}(b\to clν_l)$ and precise determination of $|V_{cb}|$May 16 1998Oct 30 1998We present the next-to-next-to-leading order relation between the moments of the $\Upsilon$ system spectral density and the inclusive $B$-meson semileptonic width. The perturbative series for the width as an explicit function of the moments is well convergent ... More
Quark-hadron duality for $K^0-\bar{K^0}$ mixingNov 27 1997Long distance contribution to the $K^0-\bar K^0$ mixing is taken into account consistently and the corrections to the naive duality result represented by the famous box diagram are found to be small. Estimates are given in the leading order of the chiral ... More
A scalar gluonium contribution to $K\rightarrowππ$ decayJul 17 1995We study a new $K\rightarrow\pi\pi$ decay channel with gluons in intermediate state which is normally neglected within the factorization framework. Both short-distance and long-distance parts of the amplitude are calculated. The chiral Lagrangian approach ... More
Periodic solutions of Schrodinger equation in Hilbert spaceSep 03 2012Necessary and sufficient conditions for existence of boundary value problem of Schrodinger equation are obtained in linear and nonlinear cases. Periodic analytical solutions are represented using generalized Green's operator
Curved space resolution of singularity of fractional D3-branes on conifoldNov 01 2001We construct a supergravity dual to the cascading $SU(N+M) x SU(N)$ supersymmetric gauge theory (related to fractional D3-branes on conifold according to Klebanov et al) in the case when the 3-space is compactified on $S^3$ and in the phase with unbroken ... More
Schwinger-Dyson approach and its application to generate a light composite scalarJan 15 2016Feb 24 2016We discuss the possibility of generating a light composite scalar boson, in a scenario that we may generically call Technicolor, or in any variation of a strongly interacting theory, where by light we mean a scalar composite mass about one order of magnitude ... More
Dynamical gluon mass corrections in heavy quarkonia decaysApr 26 2000Using the expression of the dynamical gluon mass obtained through the operator product expansion we discuss the relevance of gluon mass effects in the decays V -> hadrons (V = J/Psi, Upsilon). Relativistic and radiative corrections are also introduced ... More
Semiclassical rigid strings with two spins in AdS_5Nov 12 2009Semiclassical spinning string states in AdS_5 are, in general, characterised by the three SO(2,4) conserved charges: the energy E and the two spins S_1 and S_2. We discuss several examples of explicit classical solutions for rigid closed strings of (bended) ... More
Search for excited electrons through $γγ$ scatteringAug 10 2012We study the potential of $\gamma \gamma$ option of future high energy linear $e^{+}e^{-}$ colliders to search for excited electrons with spin-1/2. We calculate single production cross sections, give the angular distributions and $f-m^*$ contour plots ... More
A study of spectra of Cyg X-3 observed by BeppoSAXDec 22 2004Jan 10 2005We model the ~1-200 keV spectra of Cygnus X-3 observed by BeppoSAX. The continuum, modeled by Comptonization in a hybrid plasma, is modified by the strongly ionized plasma of the stellar wind of the Wolf-Rayet companion star. Discrete absorption and emission ... More
Chiral expansion of nucleon PDF at $x\sim m_π/M_N$Nov 14 2013Based on the chiral perturbation theory, we investigate the low-energy dynamics of nucleon parton distributions. We show that in different regions of the momentum fraction $x$ the chiral expansion is significantly different. For nucleon parton distributions ... More
Effects of the stellar wind on X-ray spectra of Cygnus X-3Oct 30 2007Feb 04 2008We study X-ray spectra of Cyg X-3 from BeppoSAX, taking into account absorption and emission in the strong stellar wind of its companion. We find the intrinsic X-ray spectra are well modelled by disc blackbody emission, its upscattering by hot electrons ... More
On open superstring partition function in inhomogeneous rolling tachyon backgroundOct 27 2003Jan 27 2004We consider open superstring partition function Z on the disc in time-dependent tachyon background T= f(x_i) e^{m x_0} where the profile function f depends on spatial coordinates. We compute Z to second order in derivatives of f and compare the result ... More
On gravitational couplings in D-brane actionNov 12 2002Oct 26 2004We compute the two closed string graviton - two open string scalar scattering amplitude on the disc to show that there is no second-derivative curvature - scalar coupling term R X^2 in the low-energy effective action of a D-brane in curved space in type ... More
Coherent effects in double-barrier Josephson junctionsDec 07 1999The general solution for ballistic electronic transport through double-barrier Josephson junctions is derived. We show the existence of a regime of phase-coherent transport in which the supercurrent is proportional to the single barrier transparency and ... More
The origin of the first and third generation fermion masses in a technicolor scenarioFeb 19 2003Jan 22 2004We argue that the masses of the first and third fermionic generations, which are respectively of the order of a few MeV up to a hundred GeV, are originated in a dynamical symmetry breaking mechanism leading to masses of the order $\alpha \mu$, where $\alpha$ ... More
On (non)integrability of classical strings in p-brane backgroundsNov 15 2012Jan 07 2013We investigate the question of possible integrability of classical string motion in curved p-brane backgrounds. For example, the D3-brane metric interpolates between the flat and the AdS_5 x S^5 regions in which string propagation is integrable. We find ... More
On the power of non-local boxesApr 18 2005Nov 07 2005A non-local box is a virtual device that has the following property: given that Alice inputs a bit at her end of the device and that Bob does likewise, it produces two bits, one at Alice's end and one at Bob's end, such that the XOR of the outputs is ... More
Casimir effect for scalar fields under Robin boundary conditions on platesJul 31 2000Oct 22 2001We study the Casimir effect for scalar fields with general curvature coupling subject to mixed boundary conditions $(1+\beta_{m}n^{\mu}\partial_{\mu})\phi =0$ at $x=a_{m}$ on one ($m=1$) and two ($m=1,2$) parallel plates at a distance $a\equiv a_{2}-a_{1}$ ... More
Technicolor models with coupled systems of Schwinger-Dyson equationsFeb 28 2019When Technicolor (TC), QCD, Extended Technicolor (ETC) and other interactions become coupled through their different Schwinger-Dyson equations, the solution of these equations are modified in comparison with the ones of the isolated equations. The change ... More
A statistical model of three-dimensional anisotropy and intermittency in strong Alfvénic turbulenceMay 24 2016Dec 14 2016We propose a simple statistical model of three-dimensionally anisotropic, intermittent, strong Alfv\'enic turbulence, incorporating both critical balance and dynamic alignment. Our model is based on log-Poisson statistics for Elsasser-field increments ... More
Optimized perturbation theory for bound states: toy model and realistic problemJun 20 1995Within quantum mechanics model we study the problem of resummation of an asymptotic perturbation series for bound state parameters via optimization of the perturbative expansion. A possible application of the method to the positronium lifetime calculation ... More
Can Electro-Weak $\h$-Term be Observable ?May 14 1993We rederive and discuss the result of the previous paper that in the standard model $\theta$-term related to $W$-boson field can not be induced by weak instantons. This follows from the existence of the fermion zero mode in the instanton field even when ... More
A study of RXTE and BeppoSAX observations of Cyg X-3Jan 14 2004We present an analysis of Cyg X-3 data from RXTE/PCA,HEXTE and ASM, supplemented by a selected spectrum from BeppoSAX. We fit the PCA/HEXTE spectra from 1996-2000 by a model including hybrid Comptonization, reflection and absorption, and classify them ... More
Non-reciprocal quantum interactions and devices via autonomous feed-forwardOct 20 2016In a recent work [A. Metelmann and A. A. Clerk, Phys. Rev. X 5, 021025 (2015)], a general reservoir-engineering approach for generating non-reciprocal quantum interactions and devices was described. We show here how in many cases this general recipe can ... More
Deciphering the minimum of energy of some walking technicolor modelsMay 11 2010There are quasi-conformal theories, like the Minimal and Ultraminimal Technicolor models, which may break dynamically the gauge symmetry of the Standard Model and at the same time are compatible with electroweak precision data. The main characteristic ... More
Strength of the Trilinear Higgs Boson Coupling in Technicolor ModelsOct 14 2005Oct 20 2005We discuss the strength of the trilinear Higgs boson coupling in technicolor (or composite) models in a model independent way. The coupling is determined as a function of a very general ansatz for the technicolor self-energy, and turns out to be equal ... More
Scalar bosons in Minimal and Ultraminimal Technicolor: Masses, trilinear couplings and widthsDec 05 2009May 04 2010We compute masses, trilinear self-couplings and decay widths into weak bosons of the scalar composite bosons in the case of the Minimal and Ultraminimal technicolor models. The masses, computed via the Bethe-Salpeter equation, turn out to be light and ... More
Graph homology: Koszul and Verdier dualityFeb 12 2007We show that Verdier duality for certain sheaves on the moduli spaces of graphs associated to Koszul operads corresponds to Koszul duality of operads. This in particular gives a conceptual explanation of the appearance of graph cohomology of both the ... More