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Start-up flow in shallow deformable microchannelsFeb 19 2019Jun 18 2019Microfluidic systems are usually fabricated with soft materials that deform due to the fluid stresses. Recent experimental and theoretical studies on the steady flow in shallow deformable microchannels have shown that the flow rate is a nonlinear function ... More
Hypoxic Cell Waves around Necrotic Cores in Glioblastoma: A Biomathematical Model and its Therapeutic ImplicationsApr 17 2012Glioblastoma is a rapidly evolving high-grade astrocytoma that is distinguished pathologically from lower grade gliomas by the presence of necrosis and microvascular hiperplasia. Necrotic areas are typically surrounded by hypercellular regions known as ... More
Self-supervised Learning with Physics-aware Neural Networks I: Galaxy Model FittingJul 09 2019Estimating the parameters of a model describing a set of observations using a neural network is in general solved in a supervised way. In cases when we do not have access to the model's true parameters this approach can not be applied. Standard unsupervised ... More
A Light Calibration System for the ProtoDUNE-DP DetectorFeb 19 2019Mar 10 2019A LED-based fiber calibration system for the ProtoDUNE-Dual Phase (DP) photon detection system (PDS) has been designed and validated. ProtoDUNE-DP is a 6x6x6 m3 liquid argon time-projection-chamber currently being installed at the Neutrino Platform at ... More
Chordality properties and hyperbolicity on graphsMay 21 2015Let $G$ be a graph with the usual shortest-path metric. A graph is $\delta$-hyperbolic if for every geodesic triangle $T$, any side of $T$ is contained in a $\delta$-neighborhood of the union of the other two sides. A graph is chordal if every induced ... More
Hypercyclicity of Shifts on Weighted ${\mathbf L}^p$ Spaces of Directed TreesMay 25 2018In this paper, we study the hypercyclicity of forward and backward shifts on weighted $L^p$ spaces of a directed tree. In the forward case, only the trivial trees may support hypercyclic shifts, in which case the classical results of Salas apply. For ... More
Impulsivity Parameter for Solar FlaresFeb 12 2016Three phases are typically observed during solar flares: the preflare, impulsive, and decay phases. During the impulsive phase, it is believed that the electrons and other particles are accelerated after the stored energy in the magnetic field is released ... More
Temporal stability of free liquid threads with surface viscoelasticityMay 14 2018Jun 12 2019We analyse the effect of surface viscoelasticity on the temporal stability of a free cylindrical liquid jet coated with insoluble surfactant, extending the results of Timmermans & Lister (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 459, 2002, pp. 289-306). Our development requires, ... More
Temporal stability of free liquid threads with surface viscoelasticityMay 14 2018We analyse the effect of surface viscoelasticity on the temporal stability of a free cylindrical liquid jet coated with insoluble surfactant, extending the results of Timmermans & Lister (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 459, 2002, pp. 289-306). Our development requires, ... More
Critical properties on Roman domination graphsNov 18 2013A Roman domination function on a graph G is a function $r:V(G)\to \{0,1,2\}$ satisfying the condition that every vertex $u$ for which $r(u)=0$ is adjacent to at least one vertex $v$ for which $r(v)=2$. The weight of a Roman function is the value $r(V(G))=\sum_{u\in ... More
Real-time diagrammatic approach to current-induced forces: Application to quantum-dot based nanomotorsOct 12 2017During the last years there has been an increasing excitement in nanomotors and particularly in current-driven nanomotors. Despite the broad variety of stimulating results found, the regime of strong Coulomb interactions has not been fully explored for ... More
Semiclassical Theory of Time-Reversal FocusingJul 31 2008Dec 17 2008Time reversal mirrors have been successfully implemented for various kinds of waves propagating in complex media. In particular, acoustic waves in chaotic cavities exhibit a refocalization that is extremely robust against external perturbations or the ... More
On the third cohomology group of commutative monoidsJun 26 2014Feb 16 2015We interpret Grillet's symmetric thrid cohomology classes of commutative monoids in terms of strictly symmetric monoidal abelian groupoids. We state and prove a classification result that generalizes the well-known one for strictly commutative Picard ... More
Is the Sgr dSph a dark matter dominated system?Sep 05 2012We study the evolution of possible progenitors of Sgr dSph}using several numerical N-body simulations of different dwarf spheroidal galaxies both with and without dark matter, as they orbit the Milky Way. The barionic and dark components of the dwarfs ... More
Crack growth resistance in metallic alloys: the role of isotropic versus kinematic hardeningJun 23 2018The sensitivity of crack growth resistance to the choice of isotropic or kinematic hardening is investigated. Monotonic mode I crack advance under small scale yielding conditions is modelled via a cohesive zone formulation endowed with a traction-separation ... More
Scale-dependent dipolar modulation and the quadrupole-octopole alignment in the CMB temperatureSep 13 2019The connection between the dipolar modulation asymmetry and the quadrupole-octopole alignment in the CMB is studied in this work. First, a generalization of the dipolar modulation model is proposed by considering that the amplitude may depend on the scale. ... More
Siblings, friends and acquaintances: Testing galaxy association methodsAug 20 2019In order to constraint the limitations of association methods applied to galaxy surveys, we analysed the catalogue of halos at $z=0$ of a cosmological simulation, trying to reproduce the limitations that an observational survey deal with. We focused in ... More
The forward and backward shift on the Lipschitz space of a treeJun 06 2019We initiate the study of the forward and backward shifts on the Lipschitz space of a tree, $\mathcal L$, and on the little Lipshitz space of a tree, ${\mathcal L}_0$. We determine that the forward shift is bounded both on $\mathcal L$ and on ${\mathcal ... More
Experimental study of imperfect phase synchronization in the forced Lorenz systemMar 08 2007In this work we demonstrate for an experimental system, that exhibits the Lorenz butterfly attractor behavior, that perfect chaotic phase synchronization cannot be achieved in systems with an unbounded distribution of intrinsic time scales. Instead, imperfect ... More
PDE models for the valuation of a non callable defaultable coupon bond under an extended JDCEV modelMay 03 2019We consider a two-factor model for the valuation of a non callable defaultable bond which pays coupons at certain given dates. The model under consideration is the Jump to Default Constant Elasticity of Variance (JDCEV) model. The JDCEV model is an improvement ... More
Uniformly continuous maps between ends of R-treesApr 24 2007Apr 25 2007There is a well-known correspondence between infinite trees and ultrametric spaces which can be interpreted as an equivalence of categories and comes from considering the end space of the tree. In this equivalence, uniformly continuous maps between the ... More
Modeling of nonlinear audio effects with end-to-end deep neural networksOct 15 2018Mar 06 2019In the context of music production, distortion effects are mainly used for aesthetic reasons and are usually applied to electric musical instruments. Most existing methods for nonlinear modeling are often either simplified or optimized to a very specific ... More
Star Formation Isochrone Surfaces: Clues on Star Formation Quenching in Dense EnvironmentsDec 02 2014The star formation history of galaxies is a complex process usually considered to be stochastic in nature, for which we can only give average descriptions such as the color-density relation. In this work we follow star-forming gas particles in a hydrodynamical ... More
Fractal Dimension for Fractal StructuresJul 19 2010Jul 22 2010The main goal of this paper has a double purpose. On the one hand, we propose a new definition in order to compute the fractal dimension of a subset respect to any fractal structure, which completes the theory of classical box-counting dimension. Indeed, ... More
Start-up flow in shallow deformable microchannelsFeb 19 2019Microfluidic systems are usually fabricated with soft materials that deform due to the fluid stresses. The prediction and control of fluid flow inside these channels thus requires solving fluid-structure interaction problems. Recent experimental and theoretical ... More
Análisis econométrico de series temporales en Gretl: La Ley de OkunMay 04 2017Gretl is an econometrics package, including a shared library, a command-line client program and a graphical user interface which offers an intuitive user interface. This paper explains the Okun's Law, which is an empirically observed relationship between ... More
Natural break-up and satellite formation regimes of surfactant-laden liquid threadsMar 07 2019We report a numerical analysis of the unforced break-up of free cylindrical threads of viscous Newtonian liquid whose interface is coated with insoluble surfactants, focusing on the formation of satellite droplets. The initial conditions are harmonic ... More
Stokes theory of thin-film ruptureJun 11 2019The structure of the flow induced by the van der Waals destabilization of a non-wetting liquid film placed on a solid substrate is unraveled by means of theory and numerical simulations of the Stokes equations. Our analysis reveals that lubrication theory, ... More
Natural break-up and satellite formation regimes of surfactant-laden liquid threadsMar 07 2019Jul 27 2019We report a numerical analysis of the unforced break-up of free cylindrical threads of viscous Newtonian liquid whose interface is coated with insoluble surfactants, focusing on the formation of satellite droplets. The initial conditions are harmonic ... More
The nonlinear states of viscous capillary jets confined in the axial directionFeb 23 2018We report an experimental and theoretical study of the global stability and nonlinear dynamics of vertical jets of viscous liquid confined in the axial direction due to their impact on a bath of the same liquid. Previous works demonstrated that in the ... More
Constraining Secluded Dark Matter models with the public data from the 79-string IceCube search for dark matter in the SunJan 30 2017Apr 03 2017The 79-string IceCube search for dark matter in the Sun public data is used to test Secluded Dark Matter models. No significant excess over background is observed and constraints on the parameters of the models are derived. Moreover, the search is also ... More
Thermodynamical properties of a neutral vector boson gas in a constant magnetic fieldJun 27 2017Jun 30 2017The thermodynamical properties of a neutral vector boson gas in a constant magnetic field are studied starting from the spectrum given by Proca formalism. Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC) and magnetization are obtained, for the three and one dimensional ... More
On the Bayesness, minimaxity, and admissibility of point estimators of allelic frequenciesJan 14 2015Aug 19 2015In this paper, decision theory was used to derive Bayes and minimax decision rules to estimate allelic frequencies and to explore their admissibility. Decision rules with uniformly smallest risk usually do not exist and one approach to solve this problem ... More
Implications of Lorentz violation on Higgs-mediated lepton flavor violationAug 14 2014Feb 12 2016The lepton flavor violating decay of the Higgs boson $H\to l_Al_B$ is studied within two qualitatively different extensions of the Yukawa sector: one renormalizable and the other nonrenormalizable; both incorporating Lorentz violation in a model-independent ... More
Anisotropic equation of state of charged and neutral vector boson gases in a constant magnetic field. Astrophysical implicationsApr 02 2018We obtain the pressures and equations of state (EoS) of charged and neutral vector boson gases in a constant magnetic field. The axial symmetry imposed to the system by the field splits the pressures in the parallel and perpendicular directions along ... More
BIBI: Bayesian Inference of Breed CompositionApr 17 2017Sep 26 2017The aim of this paper was to develop statistical models to estimate individual breed composition based on the previously proposed idea of regressing discrete random variables corresponding to counts of reference alleles of biallelic molecular markers ... More
Detailed analysis of the Bi-O pockets problem in $Bi_2Sr_2Ca_2Cu_3O_{10}$Aug 13 2013The Bi-O pockets problem, namely, the appearance in theoretical ab initio calculations of the electronic band structure of Bi-cuprates of a pocket of states at the Fermi energy ($E_F$) that is attributed to states belonging to the Bi-O plane is an issue ... More
High-T$_c$ superconductivity in H$_3$S: Pressure effects on superconducting critical temperature and Cooper-Pairs Distribution FunctionJun 12 2019We use first-principles calculations to study pressure effects on the vibrational and superconducting properties of H$_3$S in the cubic $Im\bar{3}m$ phase for the pressure range where the superconducting critical temperature (T$_c$) was measured (155-225 ... More
Magnetic moments of the low-lying $J^P=\,1/2^-$, $3/2^-$ $Λ$ resonances within the framework of the chiral quark modelAug 02 2012The magnetic moments of the low-lying spin-parity $J^P=$ $1/2^-$, $3/2^-$ $\Lambda$ resonances, like, for example, $\Lambda(1405)$ $1/2^-$, $\Lambda(1520)$ $3/2^-$, as well as their transition magnetic moments, are calculated using the chiral quark model. ... More
Energy transfer between colloids via critical interactionsJan 20 2017Mar 03 2017We report the observation of a temperature-controlled synchronization of two Brownian-particles in a binary mixture close to the critical point of the demixing transition. The two beads are trapped by two optical tweezers whose distance is periodically ... More
$N^*(1920)(1/2^+)$ state in the $NK\bar{K}$ systemSep 17 2013We study the three body $N \bar{K} K$ system by using the fixed center approximation to the Faddeev equations, taking the interaction between $N$ and $\bar{K}$, $N$ and $K$, and $\bar{K}$ and $K$ from the chiral unitary approach. Our results suggest that ... More
Faddeev fixed-center approximation to the $N\bar{K}K$ system and the signature of a $N^*(1920)(1/2^+)$ stateOct 29 2010Jun 28 2011We perform a calculation for the three body $N \bar{K} K$ scattering amplitude by using the fixed center approximation to the Faddeev equations, taking the interaction between $N$ and $\bar{K}$, $N$ and $K$, and $\bar{K}$ and $K$ from the chiral unitary ... More
On a family of frames for Krein spacesDec 07 2011A definition of frames for Krein spaces is proposed, which extends the notion of $J$-orthonormal basis of Krein spaces. A $J$-frame for a Krein space $(\HH, \K{\,}{\,})$ is in particular a frame for $\HH$ in the Hilbert space sense. But it is also compatible ... More
Inferring the Partial Correlation Structure of Allelic Effects and Incorporating it in Genome-wide PredictionMay 04 2017In this study, we addressed the problem of genome-wide prediction accounting for partial correlation of marker effects when the partial correlation structure, or equivalently, the pattern of zeros of the precision matrix is unknown. This problem requires ... More
Photoionization with Orbital Angular Momentum BeamsFeb 05 2010Intense laser ionization expands Einstein's photoelectric effect rules giving a wealth of phenomena widely studied over the last decades. In all cases, so far, photons were assumed to carry one unit of angular momentum. However it is now clear that photons ... More
Liquid flow-focused by a gas: jetting, dripping and recirculationApr 19 2008May 14 2008The liquid cone-jet mode can be produced upon stimulation by a co-flowing gas sheath. Most applications deal with the jet breakup, leading to either of two droplet generation regimes: jetting and dripping. The cone-jet flow pattern is explored by direct ... More
A Machine Learning Approach to Galaxy-LSS Classification I: Imprints on Halo Merger TreesMar 29 2018The cosmic web plays a major role in the formation and evolution of galaxies and defines, to a large extent, their properties. However, the relation between galaxies and environment is still not well understood. Here we present a machine learning approach ... More
Mapping the structural diversity of C60 carbon clusters and their infrared spectraMay 07 2019The current debate about the nature of the carbonaceous material carrying the infrared (IR) emission spectra of planetary and proto-planetary nebulae, including the broad plateaus, calls for further studies on the interplay between structure and spectroscopy ... More
Halo Spin from Primordial Inner MotionsApr 05 2019We reexamine how angular momentum arises in dark-matter haloes. The standard tidal-torque theory (TTT), in which an ellipsoidal protohalo is torqued up by the tidal field, is an approximation to a mechanism which is more accurate, and that we find to ... More
The role of first neighbors geometry in the electronic and mechanical properties of atomic contactsSep 27 2017We study in detail, by experimental measurements, atomistic simulations and DFT transport calculations, the process of formation and the resulting electronic properties of atomic-sized contacts made of Au, Ag and Cu. Our novel approaches to the data analysis ... More
High-dimensional brain. A tool for encoding and rapid learning of memories by single neuronsOct 30 2017Jan 27 2018Codifying memories is one of the fundamental problems of modern Neuroscience. The functional mechanisms behind this phenomenon remain largely unknown. Experimental evidence suggests that some of the memory functions are performed by stratified brain structures ... More
Pressure independence of granular flow through an apertureMay 17 2010We experimentally demonstrate that the flow rate of granular material through an aperture is controlled by the exit velocity imposed to the particles and not by the pressure at the base, contrary to what is often assumed in previous works. This result ... More
Kinematic Morphology of Large-scale Structure: Evolution from Potential to Rotational FlowSep 20 2013Jul 30 2014As an alternative way of describing the cosmological velocity field, we discuss the evolution of rotational invariants constructed from the velocity gradient tensor. Compared with the traditional divergence-vorticity decomposition, these invariants, defined ... More
Heat devices in nonlinear irreversible thermodynamicsMay 27 2014May 21 2015We present results obtained by using nonlinear irreversible models for heat devices. In particular, we focus on the global performance characteristics, the maximum efficiency and the efficiency at maximum power regimes for heat engines, and the maximum ... More
Coefficient of performance under optimized figure of merit in minimally nonlinear irreversible refrigeratorJul 14 2012Jan 25 2013We apply the model of minimally nonlinear irreversible heat engines developed by Izumida and Okuda [EPL {\bf 97}, 10004 (2012)] to refrigerators. The model assumes extended Onsager relations including a new nonlinear term accounting for dissipation effects. ... More
Simulating the structural diversity of carbon clusters across the planar to fullerene transitionFeb 25 2019Mar 19 2019Together with the second generation REBO reactive potential, replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulations coupled with systematic quenching were used to generate a broad set of isomers for neutral C$_n$ clusters with $n=24$, 42, and 60. All the minima ... More
A new perspective on the $Δ_{5/2^{+}}(2000)$ puzzleAug 11 2011We argue that $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(2000)(\ast\ast),$ cataloged as a resonance in the Particle Data Book Review (PDG), should be interpreted instead as two distinctive resonances, $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(\sim1740)$ and $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(\sim2200)$. Our argument ... More
Plausible explanation of the $Δ_{5/2^{+}}(2000)$ puzzleJan 10 2011May 25 2011From a Faddeev calculation for the $\pi-(\Delta\rho)_{N_{5/2^{-}}(1675)}$ system we show the plausible existence of three dynamically generated $I(J^{P})=3/2 (5/2^{+})$ baryon states below 2.3 GeV whereas only two resonances, $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(1905)(\ast\ast\ast\ast)$ ... More
Presentations of generalisations of Thompson's group $V$Sep 22 2016We consider generalisations of Thompson's group $V$, denoted by $V_r(\Sigma)$, which also include the groups of Higman, Stein and Brin. It was shown by the authors in [20] that under some mild conditions these groups and centralisers of their finite subgroups ... More
Prime power indices in factorised groupsMay 02 2017Let the group $G = AB$ be the product of the subgroups $A$ and $B$. We determine some structural properties of $G$ when the $p$-elements in $A\cup B$ have prime power indices in $G$, for some prime $p$. More generally, we also consider the case that all ... More
Products of groups and class sizes of $π$-elementsDec 21 2018We provide structural criteria for some finite factorised groups $G = AB$ when the conjugacy class sizes in $G$ of certain $\pi$-elements in $A\cup B$ are either $\pi$-numbers or $\pi'$-numbers, for a set of primes $\pi$. In particular, we extend for ... More
Quasiperiodic granular chains and Hofstadter butterfliesJan 30 2018We study quasiperiodicity-induced localization of waves in strongly precompressed granular chains. We propose three different setups, inspired by the Aubry--Andr\'e (AA) model, of quasiperiodic chains; and we use these models to compare the effects of ... More
A Cognitive Approach to Real-time Rescheduling using SOAR-RLMay 12 2018Ensuring flexible and efficient manufacturing of customized products in an increasing dynamic and turbulent environment without sacrificing cost effectiveness, product quality and on-time delivery has become a key issue for most industrial enterprises. ... More
Modelling correlated marker effects in genome-wide prediction via Gaussian concentration graph modelsNov 10 2016Sep 20 2017In genome-wide prediction, independence of marker allele substitution effects is typically assumed; however, since early stages of this technology it has been known that nature points to correlated effects. In statistics, graphical models have been identified ... More
On excited states in real-time AdS/CFTDec 24 2015Feb 26 2016The Skenderis-van Rees prescription, which allows the calculation of time-ordered correlation functions of local operators in CFT's using holographic methods is studied and applied for excited states. Calculation of correlators and matrix elements of ... More
Holographic excited states in AdS Black HolesJan 02 2019Apr 05 2019We have recently presented a geometry dual to a Schwinger-Keldysh closed time contour, with two equal $\beta/2$ length Euclidean sections, which can be thought of as dual to the Thermo Field Dynamics formulation of the boundary CFT. In this work we study ... More
Chromomagnetic Dipole Moment of the Top Quark RevisitedJan 12 2007Oct 17 2007We study the complete one-loop contributions to the chromagnetic dipole moment $\Delta\kappa$ of the top quark in the Standard Model, two Higgs doublet models, topcolor assited technicolor models (TC2), 331 models and extended models with a single extra ... More
Duality for Frames in Krein SpacesMar 10 2017A $J$-frame for a Krein space $\mathcal{H}$ is in particular a frame for $\mathcal{H}$ (in the Hilbert space sense). But it is also compatible with the indefinite inner-product of $\mathcal{H}$, meaning that it determines a pair of maximal uniformly definite ... More
A Hierarchical Two-tier Approach to Hyper-parameter Optimization in Reinforcement LearningSep 18 2019Optimization of hyper-parameters in reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms is a key task, because they determine how the agent will learn its policy by interacting with its environment, and thus what data is gathered. In this work, an approach that uses ... More
Generating Rescheduling Knowledge using Reinforcement Learning in a Cognitive ArchitectureMay 12 2018In order to reach higher degrees of flexibility, adaptability and autonomy in manufacturing systems, it is essential to develop new rescheduling methodologies which resort to cognitive capabilities, similar to those found in human beings. Artificial cognition ... More
Mode II fracture of an elastic-plastic sandwich layerSep 09 2019The shear strength of a pre-cracked sandwich layer is predicted, assuming that the layer is linear elastic or elastic-plastic, with yielding characterized by either J2 plasticity theory or by a strip-yield model. The substrates are elastic and of dissimilar ... More
RPWIA analysis of dynamical relativistic contributions in $^{16}O(\vec{e},e'\vec{p})$ reactionsJan 03 2002Apr 05 2002Coincidence scattering of polarized electrons from nuclei with polarization transfer to outgoing nucleons is studied within the context of relativistic mean field theory. Effects introduced by the dynamical enhancement of the lower components of the bound ... More
Charmonia in a Contact InteractionJan 21 2016For the flavour-singlet heavy quark system of charmonia, we compute the masses of the ground state mesons in four different channels: pseudo-scalar ($\eta_c(1S)$), vector ($J/\Psi(1S)$), scalar ($\chi_{c_0}(1P)$) and axial vector ($\chi_{c_{1}}(1P)$), ... More
Synthetic polarimetric spectra from stellar prominencesOct 28 2016Stellar prominences detected in rapidly rotating stars serve as probes of the magnetism in the corona of cool stars. We have synthesized the temporal evolution of the Stokes profiles generated in the He I 10830 and 5876 A triplets during the rotation ... More
Interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin FEM for the $p(x)$-LaplacianSep 10 2010Aug 21 2013In this paper we construct an "Interior Penalty" Discontinuous Galerkin method to approximate the minimizer of a variational problem related to the $p(x)-$Laplacian. The function $p:\Omega\to [p_1,p_2]$ is log H\"{o}lder continuous and $1<p_1\leq p_2<\infty$. ... More
Theory for polariton-assisted remote energy transferNov 30 2017Jan 01 2018Strong-coupling between light and matter produces hybridized states (polaritons) whose delocalization and electromagnetic character allow for novel modifications in spectroscopy and chemical reactivity of molecular systems. Recent experiments have demonstrated ... More
Uniform non-stoichiometric titanium nitride thin films for improved kinetic inductance detector arrayOct 07 2015Jan 07 2016We describe the fabrication of homogeneous sub-stoichiometric titanium nitride films for microwave kinetic inductance detector (mKID) arrays. Using a 6 inch sputtering target and a homogeneous nitrogen inlet, the variation of the critical temperature ... More
To Split or Not to Split, That Is the Question in Some Shallow Water EquationsNov 28 2012In this paper we analyze the use of time splitting techniques for solving shallow water equation. We discuss some properties that these schemes should satisfy so that interactions between the source term and the shock waves are controlled. This paper ... More
Membrane instantons from a semiclassical TBADec 20 2012Jan 15 2013The partition function on the three-sphere of ABJM theory contains non-perturbative corrections which correspond to membrane instantons in M-theory. These corrections can be studied in the Fermi gas approach to the partition function, and they are encoded ... More
Non-local effects and size-dependent properties in Stefan problems with Newton coolingFeb 01 2019May 10 2019We model the growth of a one-dimensional solid by considering a modified Fourier law with a size-dependent effective thermal conductivity and a Newton cooling condition at the interface between the solid and the cold environment. In the limit of a large ... More
A Comparison of Online Automatic Speech Recognition Systems and the Nonverbal Responses to Unintelligible SpeechApr 29 2019Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems have proliferated over the recent years to the point that free platforms such as YouTube now provide speech recognition services. Given the wide selection of ASR systems, we contribute to the field of automatic ... More
Net Shape 3D Printed NdFeB Permanent MagnetNov 15 2016For two decades, NdFeB based magnets have been a critical component in a range of electrical devices engaged in energy production and conversion. The magnet shape and the internal microstructure of the selected NdFeB grade govern their efficiency and ... More
Massive Galaxies at High-z: Assembly Patterns, Structure & Dynamics in the Fast Phase of Galaxy FormationMar 22 2011Relaxed, massive galactic objects have been identified at redshifts z = 4;5; and 6 in hydrodynamical simulations run in a large cosmological volume. This allowed us to analyze the assembly patterns of the high mass end of the galaxy distribution at these ... More
Neutrinos in Strong Magnetic FieldsMay 05 1997May 30 1997We compute the dispersion curves for neutrinos propagating in an extremely dense electroweak plasma, in the presence of very strong magnetic fields of order $B \le M_W^2/e$. The neutrino self-energy is calculated in the one-loop approximation. We consider ... More
Wind Turbine Large-Eddy Simulations on Very Coarse Grid Resolutions using an Actuator Line ModelMay 10 2016In this work the accuracy of the Actuator Line Model (ALM) in Large Eddy Simulations of wind turbine flow is studied under the specific conditions of very coarse spatial resolutions. For finely-resolved conditions, it is known that ALM provides better ... More
Pre-notched dog bone small punch specimens for the estimation of fracture propertiesOct 22 2018In recent years, the pre-notched or pre-cracked small punch test (P-SPT) has been successfully used to estimate the fracture properties of metallic materials for cases in which there is not sufficient material to identify these properties from standard ... More
Removing biases in resolved stellar mass-maps of galaxy disks through successive Bayesian marginalizationDec 03 2016Stellar masses of galaxies are frequently obtained by fitting stellar population synthesis models to galaxy photometry or spectra. The state of the art method resolves spatial structures within a galaxy to assess the total stellar mass content. In comparison ... More
Coefficient of performance for a low-dissipation Carnot-like refrigerator with nonadiabatic dissipationJun 30 2013We study the coefficient of performance (COP) and its bounds of the Canot-like refrigerator working between two heat reservoirs at constant temperatures $T_h$ and $T_c$, under two optimization criteria $\chi$ and $\Omega$. In view of the fact that an ... More
Directional bonding explains high conductance values of atomic contacts in bcc metalsAug 12 2019Atomic-sized junctions of iron, created by controlled rupture, present unusually high values of conductance compared to other metals. This result is counter-intuitive since, at the nanoscale, body-centered cubic metals are expected to exhibit lower coordination ... More
Development of Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors for NIKADec 19 2012Lumped-element kinetic inductance detectors(LEKIDs) have recently shown considerable promise as direct absorption mm-wavelength detectors for astronomical applications. One major research thrust within the N\'eel Iram Kids Array (NIKA) collaboration has ... More
Lumped element kinetic inductance detectors maturity for space-borne instruments in the range between 80 and 180 GHzNov 09 2015May 25 2016This work intends to give the state-of-the-art of our knowledge of the performance of LEKIDs at millimetre wavelengths (from 80 to 180~GHz). We evaluate their optical sensitivity under typical background conditions and their interaction with ionising ... More
Niobium Silicon alloys for Kinetic Inductance DetectorsDec 12 2013We are studying the properties of Niobium Silicon amorphous alloys as a candidate material for the fabrication of highly sensitive Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KID), optimized for very low optical loads. As in the case of other composite materials, the ... More
Thermal QRPA with Skyrme interactions and supernova neutral-current neutrino-nucleus reactionsFeb 25 2016Jul 19 2016The Thermal Quasiparticle Random-Phase Approximation is combined with the Skyrme energy density functional method (Skyrme-TQRPA) to study the response of a hot nucleus to an external perturbation. For the sample nuclei, $^{56}$Fe and $^{82}$Ge, the Skyrme-TQRPA ... More
Heavy quarkonia in a contact interaction and an algebraic model: mass spectrum, decay constants, charge radii and elastic and transition form factorsOct 31 2017For the flavor-singlet heavy quark system of bottomonia, we compute the masses of the ground state mesons in four different channels, namely, pseudo-scalar ($\eta_{b}(1S)$), vector ($\Upsilon(1S)$), scalar ($\chi_{b_0}(1P)$) and axial vector ($\chi_{b_{1}}(1P)$). ... More
Superresolution method for data deconvolution by superposition of point sourcesMay 08 2018Dec 05 2018In this work we present a new algorithm for data deconvolution that allows the retrieval of the target function with super-resolution with a simple approach that after a precis e measurement of the instrument response function (IRF), the measured data ... More
Linearization of nonlinear connections on vector and affine bundles, and some applicationsNov 18 2017A linear connection is associated to a nonlinear connection on a vector bundle by a linearization procedure. Our definition is intrinsic in terms of vector fields on the bundle. For a connection on an affine bundle our procedure can be applied after homogenization ... More
Higher-order Variational Calculus on Lie algebroidsJan 26 2015The equations for the critical points of the action functional defined by a Lagrangian depending on higher-order derivatives of admissible curves on a Lie algebroid are found. The relation with Euler-Poincar\'e and Lagrange Poincar\'e type equations is ... More
Self-consistent chaotic transport in a high-dimensional mean-field Hamiltonian map modelJan 05 2016Self-consistent chaotic transport is studied in a Hamiltonian mean-field model. The model provides a simplified description of transport in marginally stable systems including vorticity mixing in strong shear flows and electron dynamics in plasmas. Self-consistency ... More
A QCD sum rule calculation of the $X^\pm(5568) \to B_{s}^0π^\pm$ decay widthMar 07 2016May 03 2016To understand the nature of the $X(5568)$, recently observed in the mass spectrum of the $B_{s}^0\pi^\pm$ system by the D0 Collaboration, we have investigated, in a previous work, a scalar tetraquark (diquak-antidiquark) structure for it, within the two-point ... More
Predicting the existence of a 2.9 GeV $Df_0(980)$ molecular stateSep 26 2012Feb 18 2013A $D$-like meson resonance with mass around 2.9 GeV has been found in the $DK\bar K$ system using two independent and different model calculations based on: (1) QCD sum rules and (2) solution of Fadeev equations with input interactions obtained from effective ... More