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Temporal stability of free liquid threads with surface viscoelasticityMay 14 2018Jun 12 2019We analyse the effect of surface viscoelasticity on the temporal stability of a free cylindrical liquid jet coated with insoluble surfactant, extending the results of Timmermans & Lister (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 459, 2002, pp. 289-306). Our development requires, ... More
Stokes theory of thin-film ruptureJun 11 2019The structure of the flow induced by the van der Waals destabilization of a non-wetting liquid film placed on a solid substrate is unraveled by means of theory and numerical simulations of the Stokes equations. Our analysis reveals that lubrication theory, ... More
Natural break-up and satellite formation regimes of surfactant-laden liquid threadsMar 07 2019We report a numerical analysis of the unforced break-up of free cylindrical threads of viscous Newtonian liquid whose interface is coated with insoluble surfactants, focusing on the formation of satellite droplets. The initial conditions are harmonic ... More
The nonlinear states of viscous capillary jets confined in the axial directionFeb 23 2018We report an experimental and theoretical study of the global stability and nonlinear dynamics of vertical jets of viscous liquid confined in the axial direction due to their impact on a bath of the same liquid. Previous works demonstrated that in the ... More
Start-up flow in shallow deformable microchannelsFeb 19 2019Jun 18 2019Microfluidic systems are usually fabricated with soft materials that deform due to the fluid stresses. Recent experimental and theoretical studies on the steady flow in shallow deformable microchannels have shown that the flow rate is a nonlinear function ... More
Hypoxic Cell Waves around Necrotic Cores in Glioblastoma: A Biomathematical Model and its Therapeutic ImplicationsApr 17 2012Glioblastoma is a rapidly evolving high-grade astrocytoma that is distinguished pathologically from lower grade gliomas by the presence of necrosis and microvascular hiperplasia. Necrotic areas are typically surrounded by hypercellular regions known as ... More
Classifying the Large Scale Structure of the Universe with Deep Neural NetworksApr 03 2018We present the first application of deep neural networks to the semantic segmentation of cosmological filaments and walls in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe. Our results are based on a deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with a U-Net architecture ... More
On the properties of $α$-unchaining single linkage hierarchical clusteringFeb 18 2014In the election of a hierarchical clustering method, theoretic properties may give some insight to determine which method is the most suitable to treat a clustering problem. Herein, we study some basic properties of two hierarchical clustering methods: ... More
Hypercyclicity of Shifts on Weighted ${\mathbf L}^p$ Spaces of Directed TreesMay 25 2018In this paper, we study the hypercyclicity of forward and backward shifts on weighted $L^p$ spaces of a directed tree. In the forward case, only the trivial trees may support hypercyclic shifts, in which case the classical results of Salas apply. For ... More
Impulsivity Parameter for Solar FlaresFeb 12 2016Three phases are typically observed during solar flares: the preflare, impulsive, and decay phases. During the impulsive phase, it is believed that the electrons and other particles are accelerated after the stored energy in the magnetic field is released ... More
Bootstrap independence test for functional linear modelsOct 03 2012Feb 26 2014Functional data have been the subject of many research works over the last years. Functional regression is one of the most discussed issues. Specifically, significant advances have been made for functional linear regression models with scalar response. ... More
Temporal stability of free liquid threads with surface viscoelasticityMay 14 2018We analyse the effect of surface viscoelasticity on the temporal stability of a free cylindrical liquid jet coated with insoluble surfactant, extending the results of Timmermans & Lister (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 459, 2002, pp. 289-306). Our development requires, ... More
Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Ball and Fourth-Order Partial Differential EquationsNov 22 2015Feb 23 2016The purpose of this work is to analyse a family of mutually orthogonal polynomials on the unit ball with respect to an inner product which includes an additional term on the sphere. First, we will get connection formulas relating classical multivariate ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of the Christoffel functions on the Unit Ball in the presence of a Mass on the SphereMay 25 2017We present a family of mutually orthogonal polynomials on the unit ball with respect to an inner product which includes a mass uniformly distributed on the sphere. First, connection formulas relating these multivariate orthogonal polynomials and the classical ... More
On the Implementation and Assessment of several Divide & Conquer Matheuristic Strategies for the solution of the Knapsack ProblemJan 04 2019We introduce and asses a Divide \& Conquer heuristic method, aimed to solve large instances of the Knapsack Problem. The method subdivides a large problem in two smaller ones (or recursive iterations of the same principle), to lower down the global computational ... More
Structure and classification of monoidal groupoidsSep 13 2012Dec 18 2012The structure of monoidal categories in which every arrow is invertible is analyzed in this paper, where we develop a 3-dimensional Schreier-Grothendieck theory of non-abelian factor sets for their classification. In particular, we state and prove precise ... More
PDE models for the valuation of a non callable defaultable coupon bond under an extended JDCEV modelMay 03 2019We consider a two-factor model for the valuation of a non callable defaultable bond which pays coupons at certain given dates. The model under consideration is the Jump to Default Constant Elasticity of Variance (JDCEV) model. The JDCEV model is an improvement ... More
Star Formation Isochrone Surfaces: Clues on Star Formation Quenching in Dense EnvironmentsDec 02 2014The star formation history of galaxies is a complex process usually considered to be stochastic in nature, for which we can only give average descriptions such as the color-density relation. In this work we follow star-forming gas particles in a hydrodynamical ... More
Crack growth resistance in metallic alloys: the role of isotropic versus kinematic hardeningJun 23 2018The sensitivity of crack growth resistance to the choice of isotropic or kinematic hardening is investigated. Monotonic mode I crack advance under small scale yielding conditions is modelled via a cohesive zone formulation endowed with a traction-separation ... More
Fractal Dimension for Fractal Structures: A Hausdorff ApproachJul 22 2010This paper provides a new model to compute the fractal dimension of a subset on a generalized-fractal space. Recall that fractal structures are a perfect place where a new definition of fractal dimension can be given, so we perform a suitable discretization ... More
The forward and backward shift on the Lipschitz space of a treeJun 06 2019We initiate the study of the forward and backward shifts on the Lipschitz space of a tree, $\mathcal L$, and on the little Lipshitz space of a tree, ${\mathcal L}_0$. We determine that the forward shift is bounded both on $\mathcal L$ and on ${\mathcal ... More
Irreducible fractal structures for Moran's type theoremsMay 25 2017Jul 09 2017In this paper, we characterize a novel separation property for IFS-attractors on complete metric spaces. Such a separation property is weaker than the strong open set condition (SOSC) and becomes necessary to reach the equality between the similarity ... More
Mode I crack tip fields: strain gradient plasticity theory versus J2 flow theoryFeb 13 2019The mode I crack tip asymptotic response of a solid characterised by strain gradient plasticity is investigated. It is found that elastic strains dominate plastic strains near the crack tip, and thus the Cauchy stress and the strain state are given asymptotically ... More
Fractal Dimension for Fractal StructuresJul 19 2010Jul 22 2010The main goal of this paper has a double purpose. On the one hand, we propose a new definition in order to compute the fractal dimension of a subset respect to any fractal structure, which completes the theory of classical box-counting dimension. Indeed, ... More
Análisis econométrico de series temporales en Gretl: La Ley de OkunMay 04 2017Gretl is an econometrics package, including a shared library, a command-line client program and a graphical user interface which offers an intuitive user interface. This paper explains the Okun's Law, which is an empirically observed relationship between ... More
Start-up flow in shallow deformable microchannelsFeb 19 2019Microfluidic systems are usually fabricated with soft materials that deform due to the fluid stresses. The prediction and control of fluid flow inside these channels thus requires solving fluid-structure interaction problems. Recent experimental and theoretical ... More
Polariton Chemistry: controlling molecular dynamics with optical cavitiesFeb 23 2018Molecular polaritons are the optical excitations which emerge when molecular transitions interact strongly with confined electromagnetic fields. Increasing interest in the hybrid molecular-photonic materials that host these excitations stems from recent ... More
Triplet harvesting in the polaritonic regime: a variational polaron approachApr 16 2019We explore the electroluminescence efficiency for a quantum mechanical model of a large number of molecular emitters embedded in an optical microcavity. We characterize the circumstances under which a microcavity enhances harvesting of triplet excitons ... More
Generalized Biwords for Bitext Compression and Translation SpottingJan 18 2014Large bilingual parallel texts (also known as bitexts) are usually stored in a compressed form, and previous work has shown that they can be more efficiently compressed if the fact that the two texts are mutual translations is exploited. For example, ... More
Can ultrastrong coupling change ground state chemical reactions?May 25 2017Jun 12 2017Recent advancements on the fabrication of organic micro- and nanostructures have permitted the strong collective light-matter coupling regime to be reached with molecular materials. Pioneering works in this direction have shown the effects of this regime ... More
Reanalysis of lattice QCD spectra leading to the $D_{s0}^*(2317)$ and $D_{s1}^*(2460)$Dec 04 2014Jun 03 2015We perform a reanalysis of the energy levels obtained in a recent lattice QCD simulation, from where the existence of bound states of $KD$ and $KD^*$ are induced and identified with the narrow $D_{s0}^*(2317)$ and $D_{s1}^*(2460)$ resonances. The reanalysis ... More
Measuring kinetic energy changes in the mesoscale with low acquisition ratesMar 12 2014Jun 17 2014We describe a new technique to estimate the mean square velocity of a Brownian particle from time series of the position of the particle sampled at frequencies several orders of magnitude smaller than the momentum relaxation frequency. We apply our technique ... More
Towards Autonomous Reinforcement Learning: Automatic Setting of Hyper-parameters using Bayesian OptimizationMay 12 2018With the increase of machine learning usage by industries and scientific communities in a variety of tasks such as text mining, image recognition and self-driving cars, automatic setting of hyper-parameter in learning algorithms is a key factor for achieving ... More
Introducing Gaussian covariance graph models in genome-wide predictionDec 14 2016Apr 12 2017Several statistical models used in genome-wide prediction assume independence of marker allele substitution effects, but it is known that these effects might be correlated. In statistics, graphical models have been identified as a useful tool for covariance ... More
On the Bayesness, minimaxity, and admissibility of point estimators of allelic frequenciesJan 14 2015Aug 19 2015In this paper, decision theory was used to derive Bayes and minimax decision rules to estimate allelic frequencies and to explore their admissibility. Decision rules with uniformly smallest risk usually do not exist and one approach to solve this problem ... More
Möbius transformations and electronic transport properties of large disorderless networksApr 14 2011Jul 11 2012We show that the key transport states, insulating and conducting, of large regular networks of scatterers can be described generically by negative and zero Lyapunov exponents, respectively, of M\"obius maps that relate the scattering matrix of systems ... More
Inner Products on the Space of Complex Square MatricesSep 19 2013In this paper we study the problem of finding explicit expressions for inner products on the space of complex square matrices $\Mn$. We show that, given an inner product $\lip \cdot, \cdot \rip$ on $\Mn$, with some conditions, there exist positive matrices ... More
Square-free class sizes in products of groupsMar 24 2017We obtain some structural properties of a factorised group $G = AB$, given that the conjugacy class sizes of certain elements in $A\cup B$ are not divisible by $p^2$, for some prime $p$. The case when $G = AB$ is a mutually permutable product is especially ... More
Asymptotics of type I Hermite-Padé polynomials for semiclassical functionsFeb 04 2015May 19 2015Type I Hermite--Pad\'e polynomials for a set of functions $f_0, f_1, ..., f_s$ at infinity, $Q_{n,0}$, $Q_{n,1}$, ..., $Q_{n,s}$, is defined by the asymptotic condition $$ R_n(z):=\bigl(Q_{n,0}f_0+Q_{n,1}f_1+Q_{n,2}f_2+...+Q_{n,s}f_s\bigr)(z) =\mathcal ... More
BIBI: Bayesian Inference of Breed CompositionApr 17 2017Sep 26 2017The aim of this paper was to develop statistical models to estimate individual breed composition based on the previously proposed idea of regressing discrete random variables corresponding to counts of reference alleles of biallelic molecular markers ... More
A Review on Dyadic Conversation Visualizations - Purposes, Data, Lens of AnalysisMay 02 2019Many professional services are provided through text and voice systems, from voice calls over the internet to messaging and emails. There is a growing need for both individuals and organizations to understand these online conversations better and find ... More
On the Sylow graph of a group and Sylow normalizersDec 15 2009Let $G$ be a finite group and $G_p$ be a Sylow $p$-subgroup of $G$ for a prime $p$ in $\pi(G)$, the set of all prime divisors of the order of $G$. The automiser $A_p(G)$ is defined to be the group $N_G(G_p)/G_pC_G(G_p)$. We define the Sylow graph $\Gamma_A(G)$ ... More
Energy transfer between colloids via critical interactionsJan 20 2017Mar 03 2017We report the observation of a temperature-controlled synchronization of two Brownian-particles in a binary mixture close to the critical point of the demixing transition. The two beads are trapped by two optical tweezers whose distance is periodically ... More
The Gravity Dual of Real-Time CFT at Finite TemperatureAug 30 2018We present a spherically symmetric aAdS gravity solution with Schwinger-Keldysh boundary condition dual to a CFT at finite temperature defined on a complex time contour. The geometry is built by gluing the exterior of a two-sided AdS Black Hole, the (aAdS) ... More
Interacting fields in real-time AdS/CFTMar 07 2017We compute time-ordered 2- and 3-pt correlation functions of CFT scalar operators between generic in/out states. The calculation is holographically carried out by considering a non backreacting AdS scalar field with a $\lambda \phi^3$ self-interaction ... More
On a family of frames for Krein spacesDec 07 2011A definition of frames for Krein spaces is proposed, which extends the notion of $J$-orthonormal basis of Krein spaces. A $J$-frame for a Krein space $(\HH, \K{\,}{\,})$ is in particular a frame for $\HH$ in the Hilbert space sense. But it is also compatible ... More
$N^*(1920)(1/2^+)$ state in the $NK\bar{K}$ systemSep 17 2013We study the three body $N \bar{K} K$ system by using the fixed center approximation to the Faddeev equations, taking the interaction between $N$ and $\bar{K}$, $N$ and $K$, and $\bar{K}$ and $K$ from the chiral unitary approach. Our results suggest that ... More
Faddeev fixed-center approximation to the $N\bar{K}K$ system and the signature of a $N^*(1920)(1/2^+)$ stateOct 29 2010Jun 28 2011We perform a calculation for the three body $N \bar{K} K$ scattering amplitude by using the fixed center approximation to the Faddeev equations, taking the interaction between $N$ and $\bar{K}$, $N$ and $K$, and $\bar{K}$ and $K$ from the chiral unitary ... More
High-T$_c$ superconductivity in H$_3$S: Pressure effects on superconducting critical temperature and Cooper-Pairs Distribution FunctionJun 12 2019We use first-principles calculations to study pressure effects on the vibrational and superconducting properties of H$_3$S in the cubic $Im\bar{3}m$ phase for the pressure range where the superconducting critical temperature (T$_c$) was measured (155-225 ... More
Zeros of irreducible characters in factorised groupsMar 01 2018An element $g$ of a finite group $G$ is said to be vanishing in $G$ if there exists an irreducible character $\chi$ of $G$ such that $\chi(g)=0$; in this case, $g$ is also called a zero of $G$. The aim of this paper is to obtain structural properties ... More
Mapping the structural diversity of C60 carbon clusters and their infrared spectraMay 07 2019The current debate about the nature of the carbonaceous material carrying the infrared (IR) emission spectra of planetary and proto-planetary nebulae, including the broad plateaus, calls for further studies on the interplay between structure and spectroscopy ... More
Proposal to Use the Fractional Derivative of Radial Functions in Interpolation ProblemsJun 10 2019In this document we present the construction of a radial functions that have the objective of emulating the behavior of the radial basis function thin plate spline (TPS), which we will name as function TPS, we propose a way to partially and totally apply ... More
Interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin FEM for the $p(x)$-LaplacianSep 10 2010Aug 21 2013In this paper we construct an "Interior Penalty" Discontinuous Galerkin method to approximate the minimizer of a variational problem related to the $p(x)-$Laplacian. The function $p:\Omega\to [p_1,p_2]$ is log H\"{o}lder continuous and $1<p_1\leq p_2<\infty$. ... More
Sub-Megaparsec Individual Photometric Redshift Estimation from Cosmic Web ConstraintsDec 18 2014Dec 29 2014We present a method, PhotoWeb, for estimating photometric redshifts of individual galaxies, and their equivalent distance, with megaparsec and even sub-megaparsec accuracy using the Cosmic Web as a constraint over photo-z estimates. PhotoWeb redshift ... More
High-dimensional brain. A tool for encoding and rapid learning of memories by single neuronsOct 30 2017Jan 27 2018Codifying memories is one of the fundamental problems of modern Neuroscience. The functional mechanisms behind this phenomenon remain largely unknown. Experimental evidence suggests that some of the memory functions are performed by stratified brain structures ... More
Complete Surfaces with Ends of Non Positive CurvatureMay 05 2014In this paper we extend Efimov's Theorem by proving that any complete surface in $\mathbb{R}^3$ with Gauss curvature bounded above by a negative constant outside a compact set has finite total curvature, finite area and is properly immersed. Moreover, ... More
Magnetic topology of the north solar poleApr 24 2018We study the polar magnetism near an activity maximum when these regions change their polarity, from which it is expected that its magnetism should be less affected by the global field. To fully characterise the magnetic field vector, we use deep full ... More
Arcsine Laws in Stochastic ThermodynamicsDec 03 2017Mar 03 2018We show that the fraction of time a thermodynamic current spends above its average value follows the arcsine law, a prominent result obtained by L\'evy for Brownian motion. Stochastic currents with long streaks above or below their average are much more ... More
A new perspective on the $Δ_{5/2^{+}}(2000)$ puzzleAug 11 2011We argue that $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(2000)(\ast\ast),$ cataloged as a resonance in the Particle Data Book Review (PDG), should be interpreted instead as two distinctive resonances, $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(\sim1740)$ and $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(\sim2200)$. Our argument ... More
Plausible explanation of the $Δ_{5/2^{+}}(2000)$ puzzleJan 10 2011May 25 2011From a Faddeev calculation for the $\pi-(\Delta\rho)_{N_{5/2^{-}}(1675)}$ system we show the plausible existence of three dynamically generated $I(J^{P})=3/2 (5/2^{+})$ baryon states below 2.3 GeV whereas only two resonances, $\Delta_{5/2^{+}}(1905)(\ast\ast\ast\ast)$ ... More
Products of groups and class sizes of $π$-elementsDec 21 2018We provide structural criteria for some finite factorised groups $G = AB$ when the conjugacy class sizes in $G$ of certain $\pi$-elements in $A\cup B$ are either $\pi$-numbers or $\pi'$-numbers, for a set of primes $\pi$. In particular, we extend for ... More
Prime power indices in factorised groupsMay 02 2017Let the group $G = AB$ be the product of the subgroups $A$ and $B$. We determine some structural properties of $G$ when the $p$-elements in $A\cup B$ have prime power indices in $G$, for some prime $p$. More generally, we also consider the case that all ... More
Coefficient of performance at maximum figure of merit and its bounds for low-dissipation Carnot-like refrigeratorsMay 10 2012Jun 05 2012The figure of merit for refrigerators performing finite-time Carnot-like cycles between two reservoirs at temperature $T_h$ and $T_c$ ($<T_h$) is optimized. It is found that the coefficient of performance at maximum figure of merit is bounded between ... More
Kinematic Morphology of Large-scale Structure: Evolution from Potential to Rotational FlowSep 20 2013Jul 30 2014As an alternative way of describing the cosmological velocity field, we discuss the evolution of rotational invariants constructed from the velocity gradient tensor. Compared with the traditional divergence-vorticity decomposition, these invariants, defined ... More
Theory for polariton-assisted remote energy transferNov 30 2017Jan 01 2018Strong-coupling between light and matter produces hybridized states (polaritons) whose delocalization and electromagnetic character allow for novel modifications in spectroscopy and chemical reactivity of molecular systems. Recent experiments have demonstrated ... More
A general local causality principle of space-timeJun 06 2019We propose a generalisation of the local causality principle of space-time, asserting that it holds for all regimes of motion, including superluminal motions. It assumes the existence of a countably infinite set of metrical null cone speeds, $c_k$, where ... More
The number of maximal torsion cosets in subvarieties of toriSep 19 2015We present sharp bounds on the number of maximal torsion cosets in a subvariety of the complex algebraic torus $\mathbb{G}_{\textrm{m}}^n$. Our first main result gives a bound in terms of the degree of the defining polynomials. A second result gives a ... More
The most inaccessible point of a convex domainSep 15 2010The inaccessibility of a point p in a bounded domain D \subset R^n is the minimum of the lengths of segments through p with boundary at \bd D. The points of maximum inaccessibility I_D are those where the inaccessibility achieves its maximum. We prove ... More
To Split or Not to Split, That Is the Question in Some Shallow Water EquationsNov 28 2012In this paper we analyze the use of time splitting techniques for solving shallow water equation. We discuss some properties that these schemes should satisfy so that interactions between the source term and the shock waves are controlled. This paper ... More
The Multiscale Morphology Filter: Identifying and Extracting Spatial Patterns in the Galaxy DistributionMay 15 2007May 18 2007We present here a new method, MMF, for automatically segmenting cosmic structure into its basic components: clusters, filaments, and walls. Importantly, the segmentation is scale independent, so all structures are identified without prejudice as to their ... More
Oscillatory relaxation of zonal flows in a multi-species stellarator plasmaJan 29 2018The low frequency oscillatory relaxation of zonal potential perturbations is studied numerically in the TJ-II stellarator (where it was experimentally detected for the first time). It is studied in full global gyrokinetic simulations of multi-species ... More
Coefficient of performance for a low-dissipation Carnot-like refrigerator with nonadiabatic dissipationJun 30 2013We study the coefficient of performance (COP) and its bounds of the Canot-like refrigerator working between two heat reservoirs at constant temperatures $T_h$ and $T_c$, under two optimization criteria $\chi$ and $\Omega$. In view of the fact that an ... More
Adiabatic processes realized with a trapped Brownian particleSep 26 2014We experimentally realize quasistatic adiabatic processes using a single optically-trapped micro- sphere immersed in water whose effective temperature is controlled by an external random electric field. A full energetic characterization of adiabatic processes ... More
Dynamically generated hadron resonancesMar 04 2011As an example of dynamically generated resonances we mention the interaction of vector mesons with baryons within the local hidden gauge formalism which gives rise to a large amount of such states, many of which can be associated to known resonances, ... More
Massive Galaxies at High-z: Assembly Patterns, Structure & Dynamics in the Fast Phase of Galaxy FormationMar 22 2011Relaxed, massive galactic objects have been identified at redshifts z = 4;5; and 6 in hydrodynamical simulations run in a large cosmological volume. This allowed us to analyze the assembly patterns of the high mass end of the galaxy distribution at these ... More
Cosmic acceleration in unimodular gravityMar 15 2019May 24 2019We study unimodular gravity in the context of cosmology, particularly some interesting consequences that might be able to describe the background cosmology and the late cosmic acceleration. We focus our attention on the hypothesis of \textit{non conservation ... More
Hard X-ray Emission During Flares and Photospheric Field ChangesMay 04 2015We study the correlation between abrupt permanent changes of magnetic field during X-class flares observed by the GONG and HMI instruments, and the hard X-ray (HXR) emission observed by RHESSI, to relate the photospheric field changes to the coronal restructuring ... More
Acausal quantum theory for non-Archimedean scalar fieldsMay 19 2018Nov 02 2018We construct a family of quantum scalar fields over a $p-$adic spacetime which satisfy $p-$adic analogues of the G\aa rding--Wightman axioms. Most of the axioms can be formulated the same way in both, the Archimedean and non-Archimedean frameworks; however, ... More
Modeling functional resting-state brain networks through neural message passing on the human connectomeJun 12 2019Understanding the relationship between the structure and function of the human brain is one of the most important open questions in Neurosciences. In particular, Resting State Networks (RSN) and more specifically the Default Mode Network (DMN) of the ... More
Optimizing the Production Cost of Minting with Mixed Integer ProgrammingAug 15 2016For central banks, managing the minting is one of the most important task since a shortage yields negative economic and social impacts, and the budget committed for minting is one of the largest within the central banks. Hence, the central bank requires ... More
Self-consistent chaotic transport in a high-dimensional mean-field Hamiltonian map modelJan 05 2016Self-consistent chaotic transport is studied in a Hamiltonian mean-field model. The model provides a simplified description of transport in marginally stable systems including vorticity mixing in strong shear flows and electron dynamics in plasmas. Self-consistency ... More
Phenomenological interpolation of the inclusive J/psi cross section to proton-proton collisions at 2.76 TeV and 5.5 TeVMar 11 2011Apr 24 2012We present a study of the inclusive J/psi cross section at 2.76 TeV and 5.5 TeV. The energy dependence of the cross section, rapidity and transverse momentum distributions are evaluated phenomenologically. Their knowledge is crucial as a reference for ... More
Charge disproportionation in YNiO$_{3}$ : ESR and susceptibility studyNov 28 2002We present a study of the magnetic properties of YNiO$_{3}$ in the paramagnetic range, above and below the metal-insulator (MI) transition. The dc susceptibility, $\chi_{dc}$ (measured up to 1000 K) is a decreasing function of T for $T >$150 K (the N\'{e}el ... More
Anomalous circular polarization profiles in the He I 1083.0 nm multiplet from solar spiculesSep 12 2012We report Stokes vector observations of solar spicules and a prominence in the He I 1083 nm multiplet carried out with the Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter. The observations show linear polarization profiles that are produced by scattering processes in the ... More
Christoffel formula for kernel polynomials on the unit circleJan 18 2017Given a nontrivial positive measure $\mu$ on the unit circle, the associated Christoffel-Darboux kernels are $K_n(z, w;\mu) = \sum_{k=0}^{n}\overline{\varphi_{k}(w;\mu)}\,\varphi_{k}(z;\mu)$, $n \geq 0$, where $\varphi_{k}(\cdot; \mu)$ are the orthonormal ... More
Generalizing Moran's TheoremJan 16 2016This work is aimed by the spirit of 1946 Moran's Theorem, which ensures that both the box and the Hausdorff dimensions for any attractor could be calculated as the solution of an equation involving only its similarity factors. To achieve such result, ... More
The $KD$, $ηD_s$ interaction in finite volume and the nature of the $D_{s^* 0}(2317)$ resonanceSep 02 2011Feb 20 2012An SU(4) extrapolation of the chiral unitary theory in coupled channels done to study the scalar mesons in the charm sector is extended to produce results in finite volume. The theory in the infinite volume produces dynamically the $D_{s^*0}(2317)$ resonance ... More
Global stability analysis of the axisymmetric wake past a spinning bullet-shaped bodyApr 03 2014We analyze the global linear stability of the axisymmetric flow around a spinning bullet-shaped body as a function of the Reynolds number, $Re=w_{\infty}D/\nu$, and of the rotation parameter $\Omega=\omega D/(2 w_{\infty})$, in the ranges $Re<450$ and ... More
Expected impact from weak reactions with light nuclei in core-collapse supernova simulationsDec 01 2015We study the role of light nuclear clusters in simulations of core-collapse supernovae. Expressions for the reaction rates are developed for a large selection of charged current absorption and scattering processes with light clusters. Medium modifications ... More
Unraveling the Spectral Energy Distributions of Clustered YSOsMar 28 2018Stars form in clustered environments, but how they form when the available resources are shared is still not well understood. A related question is whether the IMF is in fact universal across galactic environments, a galactic initial mass function (IGIMF), ... More
The role of plastic strain gradients in the crack growth resistance of metalsFeb 10 2019Crack advance from short or long pre-cracks is predicted by the progressive failure of a cohesive zone in a strain gradient, elasto-plastic solid. The presence of strain gradients leads to the existence of an elastic zone at the tip of a stationary crack, ... More
Spectropolarimetric analysis of an active region filament. I. Magnetic and dynamical properties from single component inversionsApr 21 2019The determination of the magnetic filed vector in solar filaments is possible by interpreting the Hanle and Zeeman effects in suitable chromospheric spectral lines like those of the He I multiplet at 10830 A. We study the vector magnetic field of an active ... More
Active region filaments might harbor weak magnetic fieldsMar 15 2016Mar 17 2016Recent spectropolarimetric observations of active region filaments have revealed polarization profiles with signatures typical of the strong field Zeeman regime. The conspicuous absence in those observations of scattering polarization and Hanle effect ... More
Impulse-induced optimum control of chaos in dissipative driven systemsJul 21 2017Taming chaos arising from dissipative non-autonomous nonlinear systems by applying additional harmonic excitations is a reliable and widely used procedure nowadays. But the suppressory effectiveness of generic non-harmonic periodic excitations continues ... More
Nonlinear Excitations in Magnetic Lattices with Long-Range InteractionsJan 29 2018We study - experimentally, theoretically, and numerically - nonlinear excitations in lattices of magnets with long-range interactions. We examine breather solutions, which are spatially localized and periodic in time, in a chain with algebraically-decaying ... More
A Grammar-based Compressed Representation of 3D TrajectoriesDec 28 2018Much research has been published about trajectory management on the ground or at the sea, but compression or indexing of flight trajectories have usually been less explored. However, air traffic management is a challenge because airspace is becoming more ... More
Fission and the r-process nucleosynthesis of translead nucleiApr 07 2019We study the impact of fission on the production and destruction of translead nuclei during the r-process nucleosynthesis occurring in neutron star mergers. Abundance patterns and rates of nuclear energy production are obtained for different ejecta conditions ... More
Scattering of Waves by Impurities in Precompressed Granular ChainsFeb 28 2016May 26 2016We study scattering of waves by impurities in strongly precompressed granular chains. We explore the linear scattering of plane waves and identify a closed-form expression for the reflection and transmission coefficients for the scattering of the waves ... More
Asymmetric Heat Transport in Ion CrystalsMay 28 2019We numerically demonstrate heat rectification for linear chains of ions in trap lattices with graded trapping frequencies, in contact with thermal baths implemented by optical molasses. To calculate the local temperatures and heat currents we find the ... More
Direct measurement of superdiffusive and subdiffusive energy transport in disordered granular chainsMay 22 2017The study of energy transport properties in heterogeneous materials has attracted scientific interest for more than a century, and it continues to offer fundamental and rich questions. One of the unanswered challenges is to extend Anderson theory for ... More