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On mapping exoplanet atmospheres with high-dispersion spectro-polarimetry. Some model predictionsFeb 03 2018Planets reflect and linearly polarize the radiation that they receive from their host stars. The emergent polarization is sensitive to aspects of the planet atmosphere such as the gas composition and the occurrence of condensates and their optical properties. ... More
Sampling formulas involving differences in shift-invariant subspaces: a unified approachSep 12 2017Successive differences on a sequence of data help to discover some smoothness features of this data. This was one of the main reasons for rewriting the classical interpolation formula in terms of such data differences. The aim of this paper is to mimic ... More
The spatial distribution of the far-infrared emission in NGC 253May 13 2002We study the far-infrared emission properties of the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253 based on IRAS maps and an ISOPHOT map at 180 microns. Based on the analysis of the light profiles, we have been able to identify three main structural components: an ... More
Magnetostructural coupling, magnetic ordering and cobalt spin reorientation in metallic Pr0.50Sr0.50CoO3 cobaltiteJun 16 2016In half-doped Pr0.50A0.50CoO3 metallic perovskites, the spin-lattice coupling brings about distinct magnetostructural transitions for A=Ca and A=Sr at temperatures close to 100 K. However, the ground magnetic properties of Pr0.50Sr0.50CoO3 (PSCO) strongly ... More
uvby-beta photoelectric photometry of Cepheid starsJul 02 2010We present time-series uvby-beta photometry of 41 classical Cepheid stars. A brief discussion of the comparison between the presented data and previous photometric data has been done.
Upper atmospheres and ionospheres of planets and satellitesDec 08 2017Dec 11 2017The upper atmospheres of the planets and their satellites are more directly exposed to sunlight and solar wind particles than the surface or the deeper atmospheric layers. At the altitudes where the associated energy is deposited, the atmospheres may ... More
Linear representations of convolutional codes over ringsJul 28 2016In this paper we extend the relation between convolutional codes and linear systems over finite fields to certain commutative rings through first order representations . We introduce the definition of rings with representations as those for which these ... More
Regular generalized sampling in T-invariant subspaces of a Hilbert spaceApr 09 2018A regular generalized sampling theory in some structured T-invariant subspaces of a Hilbert space H, where T denotes a bounded invertible operator in H, is established in this paper. This is done by walking through the most important cases which generalize ... More
Betti numbers of the moduli space of rank 3 parabolic Higgs bundlesNov 10 2004Jun 01 2005We compute the Betti numbers of the moduli space of rank 3 parabolic Higgs bundles, using Morse theory. A key point is that certain critical submanifolds of the Morse function can be identified with moduli spaces of parabolic triples. These moduli spaces ... More
Why (and How) Avoid Orthogonal Procrustes in Regularized Multivariate AnalysisMay 09 2016Sep 19 2016Multivariate Analysis (MVA) comprises a family of well-known methods for feature extraction that exploit correlations among input variables of the data representation. One important property that is enjoyed by most such methods is uncorrelation among ... More
Modeling sampling in tensor products of unitary invariant subspacesNov 10 2015Jun 28 2016The use of unitary invariant subspaces of a Hilbert space $\mathcal{H}$ is nowadays a recognized fact in the treatment of sampling problems. Indeed, shift-invariant subspaces of $L^2(\mathbb{R})$ and also periodic extensions of finite signals are remarkable ... More
Stationary waves and slowly moving features in the night upper clouds of VenusJul 25 2017Feb 12 2018At the cloud top level of Venus (65-70 km altitude) the atmosphere rotates 60 times faster than the underlying surface, a phenomenon known as superrotation. Whereas on Venus's dayside the cloud top motions are well determined and Venus general circulation ... More
Non-Maxwellian electron distribution functions due to self-generated turbulence in collisionless guide-field reconnectionAug 10 2016Non-Maxwellian electron velocity space distribution functions (EVDF) are useful signatures of plasma conditions and non-local consequences of collisionless magnetic reconnection. In the past, the evolution of the EVDFs was investigated mainly for antiparallel ... More
Almost sharp nonlinear scattering in one-dimensional Born-Infeld equations arising in nonlinear ElectrodynamicsJul 09 2017Aug 28 2017We study decay of small solutions of the Born-Infeld equation in 1+1 dimensions, a quasilinear scalar field equation modeling nonlinear electromagnetism, as well as branes in String theory and minimal surfaces in Minkowski space-times. From the work of ... More
Towards a comprehensive model of Earth's disk-integrated Stokes vectorSep 30 2014A significant body of work on simulating the remote appearance of Earth-like exoplanets has been done over the last decade. The research is driven by the prospect of characterizing habitable planets beyond the Solar System in the near future. In this ... More
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Workshop on Developments in Computational ModelsMar 02 2016This volume contains the proceedings of DCM 2015, the 11th International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models held on October 28, 2015 in Cali, Colombia. DCM 2015 was organized as a one-day satellite event of the 12th International Colloquium ... More
Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF) on 360VR contentsJan 18 2019This paper describes the subjective experiments and subsequent analysis carried out to validate the application of one of the most robust and influential video quality metrics, Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF), to 360VR contents. VMAF is a full ... More
Ion-beam nanopatterning of silicon surfaces under co-deposition of non-silicide-forming impuritiesJan 11 2016We report experiments on surface nanopatterning of Si targets which are irradiated with 2 keV Ar + ions impinging at near-glancing incidence, under concurrent co-deposition of Au impurities simultaneously extracted from a gold target by the same ion beam. ... More
A Lattice-Boltzmann method for the interaction between mechanical waves and solid mobile bodiesMay 04 2017Nov 02 2018The acoustic waves generated by moving bodies and the movement of bodies by acoustic waves are central phenomena in the operation of musical instruments and in everyday's experiences like the movement of a boat on a lake by the wake generated by a propelled ... More
The Gardner equation and the L^2-stability of the N-soliton solution of the Korteweg-de Vries equationDec 23 2010Jan 22 2011Multi-soliton solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation (KdV) are shown to be globally L2-stable, and asymptotically stable in the sense of Martel-Merle. The proof is surprisingly simple and combines the Gardner transform, which links the Gardner and ... More
Renormalized Theory of Infinitely Driven Lattice GasesOct 20 1999We use field theoretic renormalization group methods to study the critical behavior of a recently proposed Langevin equation for driven lattice gases under infinitely fast drive. We perform an expansion around the upper critical dimension, $d_c=4$, and ... More
Vortex lines attached to dark solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates and Boson-Vortex Duality in 3+1 DimensionsJun 08 2016Dec 23 2016We demonstrate the existence of stationary states composed of vortex lines attached to planar dark solitons in scalar Bose-Einstein condensates. Dynamically stable states of this type are found at low values of the chemical potential in channeled condensates, ... More
Impact of environmental colored noise in single-species population dynamicsJul 12 2017Oct 02 2017Variability on external conditions has important consequences for the dynamics and the organization of biological systems. In many cases, the characteristic timescale of environmental changes as well as their correlations play a fundamental role in the ... More
Stability and instability of breathers in the $U(1)$ Sasa-Satusuma and Nonlinear Schrödinger modelsJan 29 2019We consider the Sasa-Satsuma (SS) and Nonlinear Schr\"odinger (NLS) equations posed along the line, in 1+1 dimensions. Both equations are canonical integrable $U(1)$ models, with solitons, multi-solitons and breather solutions, see Yang for instance. ... More
The Akhmediev Breather is unstableOct 30 2018In this note, we give a rigorous proof that the NLS periodic Akhmediev breather is unstable. The proof follows the ideas in [17], in the sense that a suitable modification of the Stokes wave is the global attractor of the local Akhmediev dynamics for ... More
Exoplanet phase curves at large phase angles. Diagnostics for extended hazy atmospheresOct 14 2017At optical wavelengths, Titan's brightness for large Sun-Titan-observer phase angles significantly exceeds its dayside brightness. The brightening that occurs near back-illumination is due to moderately large haze particles in the moon's extended atmosphere ... More
The 1989 and 2015 outbursts of V404 Cygni: a global study of wind-related optical featuresSep 03 2018The black hole transient V404 Cygni exhibited a bright outburst in June 2015 that was intensively followed over a wide range of wavelengths. Our team obtained high time resolution optical spectroscopy (~90 s), which included a detailed coverage of the ... More
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry as a Tool for Understanding the Diversity of Exoplanetary AtmospheresMar 14 2019Mar 15 2019The polarization state of starlight reflected by a planetary atmosphere uniquely reveals coverage, particle size, and composition of aerosols as well as changing cloud patterns. It is not possible to obtain a comparable level of detailed from flux-only ... More
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry as a Tool for Understanding the Diversity of Exoplanetary AtmospheresMar 14 2019The polarization state of starlight reflected by a planetary atmosphere uniquely reveals coverage, particle size, and composition of aerosols as well as changing cloud patterns. It is not possible to obtain a comparable level of detailed from flux-only ... More
Fair Kernel LearningOct 16 2017New social and economic activities massively exploit big data and machine learning algorithms to do inference on people's lives. Applications include automatic curricula evaluation, wage determination, and risk assessment for credits and loans. Recently, ... More
An extension of Wilf's conjecture to affine semigroupsAug 30 2016Let $\CaC\subset \Q^p$ be a rational cone. An affine semigroup $S\subset \CaC$ is a $\CaC$-semigroup whenever $(\CaC\setminus S)\cap \N^p$ has only a finite number of elements. In this work, we study the tree of $\CaC$-semigroups, give a method to generate ... More
Giant Planets Can Act As Stabilizing Agents on Debris DisksMay 19 2017We have explored the evolution of a cold debris disk under the gravitational influence of dwarf planet sized objects (DPs), both in the presence and absence of an interior giant planet. Through detailed long-term numerical simulations, we demonstrate ... More
On the dynamics of zero-speed solutions for Camassa-Holm type equationsOct 22 2018In this paper we consider globally defined solutions of Camassa-Holm (CH) type equations outside the well-known nonzero speed, peakon region. These equations include the standard CH and Degasperis-Procesi (DP) equations, as well as nonintegrable generalizations ... More
Heterogeneous Multi-output Gaussian Process PredictionMay 19 2018Jan 02 2019We present a novel extension of multi-output Gaussian processes for handling heterogeneous outputs. We assume that each output has its own likelihood function and use a vector-valued Gaussian process prior to jointly model the parameters in all likelihoods ... More
Landau-Ginzburg theory of cortex dynamics: Scale-free avalanches emerge at the edge of synchronizationJan 31 2018Understanding the origin, nature, and functional significance of complex patterns of neural activity, as recorded by diverse electrophysiological and neuroimaging techniques, is a central challenge in neuroscience. Such patterns include collective oscillations ... More
On the effects of the evolution of microbial mats and land plants on the Earth as a planet. Photometric and spectroscopic light curves of paleo-EarthsFeb 18 2013Mar 08 2013Understanding the spectral and photometric variability of the Earth and the rest of the solar system planets has become of the utmost importance for the future characterization of rocky exoplanets. As this is not only interesting at present times but ... More
Non-standard connections in classical mechanicsMar 02 1995In the jet-bundle description of first-order classical field theories there are some elements, such as the lagrangian energy and the construction of the hamiltonian formalism, which require the prior choice of a connection. Bearing these facts in mind, ... More
Infrared study of H1743-322 in outburst: a radio-quiet and NIR-dim microquasarApr 06 2015The X-ray binary, black hole candidate, and microquasar H1743-322 exhibited a series of X-ray outbursts between 2003 and 2008. We took optical/infrared (OIR) observations with the ESO/NTT telescope during 3 of these outbursts (2003, 2004, and 2008), to ... More
The featureless and non-variable optical spectral energy distribution of AXP 4U 0142+61Feb 10 2016We present GTC-10.4m spectroscopy and multi-band photometry of the faint (r ~26) optical counterpart of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U 0142+61. The 5000 - 9000 Angs spectrum -- the first obtained for a magnetar -- is featureless, allowing us to set an ... More
The low-luminosity accretion disc wind of the black hole transient V4641 SagittariiJun 28 2018We present an optical spectroscopic study of the black hole X-ray transient V4641 Sgr (=SAX J1819.3-2525) covering the 1999, 2002 and 2004 outbursts. The spectra were taken over 22 different epochs during the low luminosity phases that follow the sharp ... More
Lattice Boltzmann model for the simulation of the wave equation in curvilinear coordinatesMay 04 2017Feb 22 2018Since its origins, lattice-Boltzmann methods have been restricted to rectangular coordinates, a fact which jeopardises the applications to problems with cylindrical or spherical symmetries and complicates the implementations with complex geometries. However, ... More
Timeseries thresholding and the definition of avalanche sizeFeb 27 2019Avalanches whose sizes and durations are distributed as power laws appear in many contexts. Here, we show that there is a hidden peril in thresholding continuous times series --either from empirical or synthetic data-- for the detection of avalanches. ... More
A simple unified view of branching process statistics: random walks in balanced logarithmic potentialsDec 21 2016Feb 21 2017We revisit the problem of deriving the mean-field values of avalanche critical exponents in systems with absorbing states. These are well-known to coincide with those of an un-biased branching process. Here, we show that for at least 4 different universality ... More
Ranking species in mutualistic networksFeb 12 2015Understanding the architectural subtleties of ecological networks, believed to confer them enhanced stability and robustness, is a subject of outmost relevance. Mutualistic interactions have been profusely studied and their corresponding bipartite networks, ... More
The June 2012 transit of Venus. Framework for interpretation of observationsSep 04 2012Ground based observers have on 5/6th June 2012 the last opportunity of the century to watch the passage of Venus across the solar disk from Earth. Venus transits have traditionally provided unique insight into the Venus atmosphere through the refraction ... More
Tight-binding study of bilayer graphene Josephson junctionsJul 17 2012Using highly efficient simulations of the tight-binding Bogoliubov-de Gennes model we solved self-consistently for the pair correlation and the Josephson current in a Superconducting-Bilayer graphene-Superconducting Josephson junction. Different doping ... More
Space-Dependent Probabilities for $K^0-\bar{K^0}$ OscillationsMay 31 1996We analyze $K^0-\bar{K^0}$ oscillations in space in terms of propagating wave packets with coherent $K_S$ and $K_L$ components. The oscillation probabilities $P_{K^0 \to K^0} (x)$ and $P_{K^0 \to \bar{K^0}} (x)$ depending only on the distance $x$, are ... More
Universality classes of driven lattice gasesJan 12 2000Mar 27 2000Motivated by some recent criticisms to our alternative Langevin equation for driven lattice gases (DLG) under an infinitely large driving field, we revisit the derivation of such an equation, and test its validity. As a result, an additional term, coming ... More
Contact forces distribution for a granular material from a Monte Carlo study on a single grainMay 04 2017The force network ensemble is one of the most promising statistical descriptions of granular media, with an entropy accounting for all force configurations at mechanical equilibrium consistent with some external stress. It is possible to define a temperature-like ... More
On the variational structure of breather solutionsSep 03 2013Apr 27 2016In this paper we give a systematic and simple account that put in evidence that many breather solutions of integrable equations satisfy suitable variational elliptic equations, which also implies that the stability problem reduces in some sense to $(i)$ ... More
Accuracy of the numerical computation of solar g-modesMar 26 2010From the recent work of the Evolution and Seismic Tools Activity (ESTA, Monteiro et al. 2006; Lebreton et al. 2008), whose Task 2 is devoted to compare pulsational frequencies computed using most of the pulsational codes available in the asteroseismic ... More
Chemical Study of the Metal-rich Globular Cluster NGC 5927Nov 08 2017Globular Clusters (GCs) are natural laboratories where stellar and chemical evolution can be studied in detail. In addition, their chemical patterns and kinematics can tell us wich Galactic structure (Disk, Bulge, Halo or extragalactic) the cluster belongs ... More
Non-normality, reactivity, and intrinsic stochasticity in neural dynamics: a non-equilibrium potential approachMar 21 2018Jun 06 2018Intrinsic stochasticity can induce highly non-trivial effects on dynamical systems, including stochastic and coherence resonance, noise induced bistability, noise-induced oscillations, to name but a few. In this paper we revisit a mechanism first investigated ... More
The MMO prescription for the Dapor-Liegener model of Loop Quantum CosmologyMar 01 2019Recently, an alternative Hamiltonian constraint for Loop Quantum Cosmology has been put forward by Dapor and Liegener, inspired by previous work on regularization due to Thiemann. Here, we quantize this Hamiltonian following a prescription for cosmology ... More
Link and knot invariants from non-abelian Yang-Baxter 2-cocyclesJul 08 2015We define a knot/link invariant using set theoretical solutions $(X,\sigma)$ of the Yang-Baxter equation and non commutative 2-cocycles. We also define, for a given $(X,\sigma)$, a universal group Unc(X) governing all 2-cocycles in $X$, and we exhibit ... More
The second Feng-Rao number for codes coming from inductive semigroupsApr 27 2015The second Feng-Rao number of every inductive numerical semigroup is explicitly computed. This number determines the asymptotical behaviour of the order bound for the second Hamming weight of one-point AG codes. In particular, this result is applied for ... More
Asymptotics of Greedy Energy PointsJan 24 2009For a symmetric kernel $k:X\times X \to \mathbb{R}\cup\{+\infty\}$ on a locally compact Hausdorff space $X$, we investigate the asymptotic behavior of greedy $k$-energy points $\{a_{i}\}_{1}^{\infty}$ for a compact subset $A\subset X$ that are defined ... More
Isolated factorizations and their applications in simplicial affine semigroupsApr 03 2018We introduce the concept of isolated factorizations of an element of a commutative monoid and study its properties. We give several bounds for the number of isolated factorizations of simplicial affine semigroups and numerical semigroups. We also generalize ... More
Magnetic Field Effects on the Transport Properties of One-sided Rough WiresOct 01 2002We present a detailed numerical analysis of the effect of a magnetic field on the transport properties of a `small-$N$' one-sided surface disordered wire. When time reversal symmetry is broken due to a magnetic field $B$, we find a strong increase with ... More
Preparation of non-ergodic states in quantum spin chainsMar 09 2017We test the time evolution of quite general initial states in a model that is exactly solvable, $i.e.$ a semi-infinite $XY$ spin chain with an impurity at the boundary. The dynamics is portrayed through the observation of the site magnetization along ... More
Some generalizations of the notion of Lie algebraMay 25 2010Jul 26 2010We introduce the notion of left (and right) quasi-Loday algebroids and a "universal space" for them, called a left (right) omni-Loday algebroid, in such a way that Lie algebroids, omni-Lie algebras and omni-Loday algebroids are particular substructures. ... More
Entanglement reduction induced by geometrical confinement in polymer thin filmsSep 11 2018We report simulation results on melts of entangled linear polymers confined in a free-standing thin film. We study how the geometric constraints imposed by the confinement alter the entanglement state of the system compared to the equivalent bulk system ... More
Exact relativistic models of perfect fluid disks in a magnetic fieldJul 08 2013Jan 30 2014Using the well-known ``displace, cut and reflect'' method we construct thin disks made of a perfect fluid in presence of a magnetic field. The models are based in a magnetic Reissner-Nordstrom metric of Einstein-Maxwell equations for a conformastatic ... More
Relativistic Reflection: Review and Recent Developments in ModelingOct 22 2018Measuring relativistic reflection is an important tool to study the innermost regions of the an accreting black hole system. In the following we present a brief review on the different aspects contributing to the relativistic reflection. The combined ... More
On curves with one place at infinityJul 02 2014Let $f$ be a plane curve. We give a procedure based on Abhyankar's approximate roots to detect if it has a single place at infinity, and if so construct its associated $\delta$-sequence, and consequently its value semigroup. Also for fixed genus (equivalently ... More
Intrinsic Superconductivity at 25 K in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic GraphiteNov 22 2007High resolution magnetoresistance data in highly oriented pyrolytic graphite thin samples manifest non-homogenous superconductivity with critical temperature $T_c \sim 25 $K. These data exhibit: i) hysteretic loops of resistance versus magnetic field ... More
Affine convex body semigroupsMar 09 2012In this paper we present a new kind of semigroups called convex body semigroups which are generated by convex bodies of R^k. They generalize to arbitrary dimension the concept of proportionally modular numerical semigroup of [7]. Several properties of ... More
Impact of dimerization and stretching on the transport properties of molybdenum atomic wiresFeb 08 2010We study the electrical and transport properties of monoatomic Mo wires with different structural characteristics. We consider first periodic wires with inter-atomic distances ranging between the dimerized wire to that formed by equidistant atoms. We ... More
Gromov-Witten invariants of the moduli of bundles on a surfaceOct 20 1999We produce an equality between the Gromov-Witten invariants of the moduli space M of rank two odd degree stable vector bundles over a Riemann surface $\Sigma$ and the Donaldson invariants of the algebraic surface $\Sigma \times P^1$. We discuss on to ... More
Basic classes for four-manifolds not of simple typeNov 13 1998Jun 01 1999We extend the notion of basic classes (for the Donaldson invariants) to 4-manifolds with $b^+>1$ which are (potentially) not of simple type or satisfy $b_1 >0$. We also give a structure theorem for the Donaldson invariants of 4-manifolds with $b^+>1$, ... More
On the soliton dynamics under slowly varying medium for Nonlinear Schrödinger equationsFeb 05 2010Aug 09 2011We consider the problem of the soliton propagation, in a slowly varying medium, for a generalized, variable-coefficients nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation. We prove existence and uniqueness of new soliton-like solutions for a large class of slowly varying ... More
An Effective Divisor in $\overline{M_{g}}$ Defined by Ramification ConditionsAug 16 2017We define an effective divisor of the moduli space of stable curves $\overline{M_g}$, which is denoted $\overline{S^{2}W}$. Writing the class of $\overline{S^{2}W}$ in the Picard group of the moduli functor Pic$_{\text{fun}}(\overline{M_{g}})\otimes \mathbb{Q}$ ... More
Hodge structures of the moduli spaces of pairsApr 12 2009Let $X$ be a smooth projective curve of genus $g\geq 2$ over the complex numbers. Fix $n\geq 2$, and an integer $d$. A pair $(E,\phi)$ over $X$ consists of an algebraic vector bundle $E$ of rank $n$ and degree $d$ over $X$ and a section $\phi$. There ... More
Inelastic character of solitons of slowly varying gKdV equationsJul 26 2011In this paper we describe the inelastic character of solitons of some slowly varying gKdV equations. We give precise lower bounds, in the energy space, of the defect induced by the potential on the solution as time goes to infinite. For the proof, we ... More
Fukaya Floer homology of $Σ\times S^1$ and applicationsApr 17 1998Jun 02 1999We determine the Fukaya Floer homology of the three-manifold which is the product of a Riemann surface of genus $g\geq 1$ times the circle. This sets up the groundwork for finding the structure of the Donaldson invariants of four-manifolds not of simple ... More
Proportionally modular affine semigroupsDec 04 2015Jul 10 2016This work introduces a new kind of semigroup of $\N^p$ called proportionally modular affine semigroup. These semigroups are defined by modular Diophantine inequalities and they are a generalization of proportionally modular numerical semigroups. We prove ... More
Computation of Delta sets of numerical monoidsJun 02 2014Aug 29 2014Let $\{a_1,\dots,a_p\}$ be the minimal generating set of a numerical monoid $S$. For any $s\in S$, its Delta set is defined by $\Delta(s)=\{l_{i}-l_{i-1}|i=2,\dots,k\}$ where $\{l_1<\dots<l_k\}$ is the set $\{\sum_{i=1}^px_i\,|\, s=\sum_{i=1}^px_ia_i ... More
Structure and electronic properties of molybdenum monoatomic wires encapsulated in carbon nanotubesMar 09 2011Monoatomic chains of molybdenum encapsulated in single walled carbon nanotubes of different chiralities are investigated using density functional theory. We determine the optimal size of the carbon nanotube for encapsulating a single atomic wire, as well ... More
Combinatorial properties and characterization of glued semigroupsApr 14 2011Oct 13 2013This work focuses on the combinatorial properties of glued semigroups and provides its combinatorial characterization. Some classical results for affine glued semigroups are generalized and some methods to obtain glued semigroups are developed.
Affine convex body semigroups and Buchsbaum ringsFeb 11 2014Oct 17 2014In this work, new families of Buchsbaum rings, developed by mean of convex body semigroups, are presented. We characterize Buchsbaum circle and convex polygonal semigroups and describe algorithmic methods to check these characterizations.
Well-posedness for modulationally unstable nonlinear Schrödinger equations, and applicationsAug 29 2016Aug 31 2016We consider the \emph{focusing} nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation posed on the one dimensional line, with nonzero background condition at spatial infinity, given by a homogeneous plane wave. For this problem of physical interest, we study the initial value ... More
On rotation of complex structuresJul 30 2013Jan 09 2014We put in a general framework the situations in which a Riemannian manifold admits a family of compatible complex structures, including hyperkahler metrics and the Spin-rotations of arxiv:1302.2846. We determine the (polystable) holomorphic bundles which ... More
Hodge polynomials of the moduli spaces of rank 3 pairsJun 05 2007Sep 16 2012Let $X$ be a smooth projective curve of genus $g\geq 2$ over the complex numbers. A holomorphic triple $(E_1,E_2,\phi)$ on $X$ consists of two holomorphic vector bundles $E_1$ and $E_2$ over $X$ and a holomorphic map $\phi:E_2 \to E_1$. There is a concept ... More
The SL(2,C)-character varieties of torus knotsJan 13 2009Let $G$ be the fundamental group of the complement of the torus knot of type $(m,n)$. This has a presentation $G=<x,y|x^m=y^n>$. We find the geometric description of the character variety $X(G)$ of characters of representations of $G$ into $SL(2,C)$.
Dynamics of soliton-like solutions for slowly varying, generalized gKdV equations: refraction vs. reflectionSep 24 2010In this work we continue the description of soliton-like solutions of some slowly varying, subcritical gKdV equations. In this opportunity we describe, almost completely, the allowed behaviors: either the soliton is refracted, or it is reflected by the ... More
On the soliton dynamics under a slowly varying medium for generalized KdV equationsDec 23 2009Jun 19 2010We consider the problem of the soliton propagation, in a slowly varying medium, for a generalized Korteweg - de Vries equations (gKdV). We study the effects of inhomogeneities on the dynamics of a standard soliton. We prove that slowly varying media induce ... More
On the inelastic 2-soliton collision for gKdV equations with general nonlinearityMar 06 2009Oct 26 2009We study the problem of 2-soliton collision for the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equations, completing some recent works of Y. Martel and F. Merle. We classify the nonlinearities for which collisions are elastic or inelastic. Our main result states that ... More
Glory revealed in disk-integrated photometry of VenusJun 02 2014Context. Reflected light from a spatially unresolved planet yields unique insight into the overall optical properties of the planet cover. Glories are optical phenomena caused by light that is backscattered within spherical droplets following a narrow ... More
Isoscaling and the high Temperature limitAug 24 2008This study shows that isoscaling, usually studied in nuclear reactions, is a phenomenon common to all cases of fair sampling. Exact expressions for the yield ratio $R_{21}$ and approximate expressions for the isoscaling parameters $\alpha$ and $\beta$ ... More
3D convolutional neural network for abdominal aortic aneurysm segmentationMar 03 2019An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a focal dilation of the aorta that, if not treated, tends to grow and may rupture. A significant unmet need in the assessment of AAA disease, for the diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up, is the determination of rupture ... More
Invariant Forms and Automorphisms of Locally Homogeneous Multisymplectic ManifoldsMay 08 1998Jan 16 2013It is shown that the geometry of locally homogeneous multisymplectic manifolds (that is, smooth manifolds equipped with a closed nondegenerate form of degree > 1, which is locally homogeneous of degree k with respect to a local Euler field) is characterized ... More
Eliminating Unstable Tests in Floating-Point ProgramsAug 13 2018Dec 01 2018Round-off errors arising from the difference between real numbers and their floating-point representation cause the control flow of conditional floating-point statements to deviate from the ideal flow of the real-number computation. This problem, which ... More
Reynolds' Limit Formula for Dorodnitzyn's Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Convective ConditionsNov 08 2018Atmospheric convection is an essential aspect of atmospheric movement, and it is a source of errors in Climate Models. Being able to generate approximate limit formulas and compare the estimations they produce, could give a way to reduce them. In this ... More
On the second Feng-Rao distance of Algebraic Geometry codes related to Arf semigroupsFeb 27 2017We describe the second (generalized) Feng-Rao distance for elements in an Arf numerical semigroup that are greater than or equal to the conductor of the semigroup. This provides a lower bound for the second Hamming weight for one point AG codes. In particular, ... More
Towards a quantum sampling theory: the case of finite groupsOct 27 2015Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, instrumental in classical telecommunication technologies, is extended to quantum systems supporting a unitary representation of a finite group $G$. Two main ideas from the classical theory having natural counterparts ... More
How will freestanding borophene nanoribbons look like? An analysis of their possible structures, magnetism and transport propertiesOct 18 2016We report a density-functional-theoretic study of the stability and electronic structure of two recently proposed borophene sheets with Pmmn symmetry and nonzero thickness. We then investigate nanoribbons (BNRs) derived from these nanostructures, with ... More
Entanglement of an Impurity in a Few-Body One-Dimensional Ideal Bose SystemDec 10 2015Mar 17 2016We study the correlation between an impurity and a small ensemble of bosonic particles in one dimension. Our study analyzes the one-body density matrix and calculates the corresponding von Neumann entanglement entropy as a function of the interaction ... More
Bubble-like structures generated by activation of internal shape modes in two-dimensional sine-Gordon line solitonsMay 17 2016Sep 01 2016Nonlinear waves that collide with localized defects exhibit complex behavior. Apart from reflection, transmission, and annihilation of an incident wave, a local inhomogeneity can activate internal modes of solitons, producing many impressive phenomena. ... More
Order-alpha_s^2 corrections to one-particle inclusive processes in DISMar 24 2003We analyze the order-$\alpha_s^2$ QCD corrections to semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering and present results for processes initiated by a gluon. We focus in the most singular pieces of these corrections in order to obtain the hitherto unknown NLO ... More
Thermal dissipation in two dimensional relativistic Fermi gases with a relaxation time modelMar 09 2019The thermal transport properties of a two dimensional Fermi gas are explored, for the full range of temperatures and densities. The heat flux is established by solving the Uehling-Uhlebeck equation using a relaxation approximation given by Marle's collisional ... More