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Large fluctuations and growth rates of linear Volterra summation equationsOct 10 2016Oct 12 2016This paper concerns the asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a linear convolution Volterra summation equation with an unbounded forcing term. In particular, we suppose the kernel is summable and ascribe growth bounds to the exogenous perturbation. If ... More
Blow-up and superexponential growth in superlinear Volterra equationsOct 20 2017This paper concerns the finite-time blow-up and asymptotic behaviour of solutions to nonlinear Volterra integrodifferential equations. Our main contribution is to determine sharp estimates on the growth rates of both explosive and nonexplosive solutions ... More
Growth Rates of Solutions of Superlinear Ordinary Differential EquationsFeb 21 2017In this letter we obtain sharp estimates on the growth rate of solutions to a nonlinear ODE with a nonautonomous forcing term. The equation is superlinear in the state variable and hence solutions exhibit rapid growth and finite-time blow-up. The importance ... More
On the admissibility of unboundedness properties of forced deterministic and stochastic sublinear Volterra summation equationsJul 01 2016In this paper we consider unbounded solutions of perturbed convolution Volterra summation equations. The equations studied are asymptotically sublinear, in the sense that the state--dependence in the summation is of smaller than linear order for large ... More
Subexponential Growth Rates in Functional Differential EquationsSep 15 2014This paper determines the rate of growth to infinity of a scalar autonomous nonlinear functional differential equation with finite delay, where the right hand side is a positive continuous linear functional of $f(x)$. We assume $f$ grows sublinearly, ... More
Hartman-Wintner growth results for sublinear functional differential equationsDec 01 2016In this paper, we determine rates of growth to infinity of scalar autonomous nonlinear functional and Volterra differential equations. In these equations, the right-hand side is a positive continuous linear functional of a nonlinear function of the state. ... More
Memory Dependent Growth in Sublinear Volterra Differential EquationsApr 04 2016Apr 05 2016We investigate memory dependent asymptotic growth in scalar Volterra equations with sublinear nonlinearity. To obtain precise results we utilise the powerful theory of regular variation extensively. By computing the growth rate in terms of a related ordinary ... More
On Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Preserving Convergence Rates to Equilibrium in Deterministically and Stochastically Perturbed Differential Equations with Regularly Varying NonlinearitySep 03 2014This paper develops necessary and sufficient conditions for the preservation of asymptotic convergence rates of deterministically and stochastically perturbed ordinary differential equations with regularly varying nonlinearity close to their equilibrium. ... More
Growth and fluctuation in perturbed nonlinear Volterra equationsDec 01 2016We develop precise bounds on the growth rates and fluctuation sizes of unbounded solutions of deterministic and stochastic nonlinear Volterra equations perturbed by external forces. The equation is sublinear for large values of the state, in the sense ... More
Growth Rates of Sublinear Functional and Volterra Differential EquationsFeb 19 2016May 24 2016This paper considers the growth rates of positive solutions of scalar nonlinear functional and Volterra differential equations. The equations are assumed to be autonomous (or asymptotically so), and the nonlinear dependence grows less rapidly than any ... More
Large fluctuations and growth rates of linear Volterra summation equationsOct 10 2016Oct 14 2016This paper concerns the asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a linear convolution Volterra summation equation with an unbounded forcing term. In particular, we suppose the kernel is summable and ascribe growth bounds to the exogenous perturbation. If ... More
Classification of convergence rates of solutions of perturbed ordinary differential equations with regularly varying nonlinearityMar 14 2013Jul 10 2016In this paper we consider the rate of convergence of solutions of a scalar ordinary differential equation which is a perturbed version of an autonomous equation with a globally stable equilibrium. Under weak assumptions on the nonlinear mean reverting ... More
On the beneficial role of noise in resistive switchingJun 29 2013We study the effect of external noise on resistive switching. Experimental results on a manganite sample are presented showing that there is an optimal noise amplitude that maximizes the contrast between high and low resistive states. By means of numerical ... More
Resistive Switching Assisted by NoiseSep 20 2013We extend results by Stotland and Di Ventra on the phenomenon of resistive switching aided by noise. We further the analysis of the mechanism underlying the beneficial role of noise and study the EPIR (Electrical Pulse Induced Resistance) ratio dependence ... More
Properties of the solutions of delocalised coagulation and inception problems with outflow boundariesFeb 20 2015Well posedness is established for a family of equations modelling particle populations undergoing delocalised coagulation, advection, inflow and outflow in a externally specified velocity field. Very general particle types are allowed while the spatial ... More
Environment assisted speed-up of the field evolution in cavity QEDMar 09 2015We measure the quantum speed of the state evolution of the field in a weakly-driven optical cavity QED system. To this end, the mode of the electromagnetic field is considered as a quantum system of interest with a preferential coupling to a tunable environment: ... More
Recent advances on information transmission and storage assisted by noiseOct 21 2013The interplay between nonlinear dynamic systems and noise has proved to be of great relevance in several application areas. In this presentation, we focus on the areas of information transmission and storage. We review some recent results on information ... More
One-bit stochastic resonance storage deviceNov 04 2009The increasing capacity of modern computers, driven by Moore's Law, is accompanied by smaller noise margins and higher error rates. In this paper we propose a memory device, consisting of a ring of two identical overdamped bistable forward-coupled oscillators, ... More
Estimation and simulation of foraging trips in land-based marine predatorsOct 20 2016The behaviour of colony-based marine predators is the focus of much research globally. Large telemetry and tracking data sets have been collected for this group of animals, and are accompanied by many theoretical studies of optimal foraging strategies. ... More
Noise-assisted Multibit Storage DeviceMar 28 2011In this paper we extend our investigations on noise-assisted storage devices through the experimental study of a loop composed of a single Schmitt trigger and an element that introduces a finite delay. We show that such a system allows the storage of ... More
Estimation and simulation of foraging trips in land-based marine predatorsOct 20 2016Apr 25 2017The behaviour of colony-based marine predators is the focus of much research globally. Large telemetry and tracking data sets have been collected for this group of animals, and are accompanied by many theoretical studies of optimal foraging strategies. ... More
The extended-track reconstruction for MiniBooNEFeb 12 2009Aug 15 2009The Booster Neutrino Experiment (MiniBooNE) searches for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations using the ~1 GeV neutrino beam produced by the FNAL Booster synchrotron. The array of photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) lining the MiniBooNE detector records ... More
Spectral Asymmetry of Atoms in the van der Waals Potential of an Optical NanofiberJan 04 2018We measure the modification of the transmission spectra of cold $^{87}$Rb atoms in the proximity of an optical nanofiber (ONF). Van der Waals interactions between the atoms an the ONF surface decrease the resonance frequency of atoms closer to the surface. ... More
Feedback in a cavity QED system for control of quantum beatsSep 18 2013Conditional measurements on the undriven mode of a two-mode cavity QED system prepare a coherent superposition of ground states which generate quantum beats. The continuous system drive induces decoherence through the phase interruptions from Rayleigh ... More
Control of conditional quantum beats in cavity QED: amplitude decoherence and phase shiftsJan 14 2013We implement a simple feedback mechanism on a two-mode cavity QED system to preserve the Zeeman coherence of a ground state superposition that generates quantum beats on the second-order correlation function. Our investigation includes theoretical and ... More
Graphene on Ru(0001): A corrugated and chiral structureAug 31 2009Feb 18 2010We present a structural analysis of the graphene/Ru(0001) system obtained by surface x-ray diffraction. The data were fit using Fourier-series expanded displacement fields from an ideal bulk structure, plus the application of symmetry constraints. The ... More
Ground State Quantum Coherences: from Quantum Beats to Strong ControlJan 14 2014Second order correlations reveal quantum beats from a coherent ground-state superposition on the undriven mode of a two-mode cavity QED system. Continuous drive induces decoherence due to Rayleigh scattering. We control this with feedback and explore ... More
Assisted stellar suicide: the wind-driven evolution of the recurrent nova T PyxidisNov 15 2000We show that the extremely high luminosity of the short-period recurrent nova T Pyx in quiescence can be understood if this system is a wind-driven supersoft x-ray source (SSS). In this scenario, a strong, radiation-induced wind is excited from the secondary ... More
Kac Interaction Clusters: A Bilinear Coagulation Equation and Phase TransitionFeb 20 2019We consider the interaction clusters for Kac's model of a gas with quadratic interaction rates, and show that they behave as coagulating particles with a bilinear coagulation kernel. In the large particle number limit the distribution of the interaction ... More
Depth Dependence of the Structural Phase Transition of SrTiO_3 Studied with β-NMR and Grazing Incidence X-ray DiffractionMay 05 2011We present an investigation of the near-surface tetragonal phase transition in SrTiO3, using the complementary techniques of beta-detected nuclear magnetic resonance and grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction. The results show a clear depth dependence of ... More
Enhanced spin coherence of rubidium atoms in solid parahydrogenNov 26 2018We measure the transverse relaxation of the spin state of an ensemble of ground-state rubidium atoms trapped in solid parahydrogen at cryogenic temperatures. We find the spin dephasing time of the ensemble (T$_2^*$) is limited by inhomogeneous broadening. ... More
Rapid Oscillations in Cataclysmic Variables. XVII. 1RXS J070407+262501Dec 15 2010We present a study of the recently discovered intermediate polar 1RXS J070407+262501, distinctive for its large-amplitude pulsed signal at P = 480 s. Radial velocities indicate an orbital period of 0.1821(2) d, and the light curves suggest 0.18208(6) ... More
Streaks to Rings to Vortex Grids: Generic Patterns in Transient Convective Spin-UpJan 24 2010Jun 28 2010We observe the transient formation of a ringed pattern state during spin-up of an evaporating fluid on a time scale of order a few Ekman spin-up times. The ringed state is probed using infrared thermometry and particle image velocimetry and it is demonstrated ... More
Oxide: The Essence of RustMar 03 2019Rust is a major advancement in industrial programming languages due in large part to its success in bridging the gap between low-level systems programming and high-level application programming. This success has ultimately empowered programmers to more ... More
The Extended Shapes of Galactic SatellitesSep 26 2001We are exploring the extended stellar distributions of Galactic satellite galaxies and globular clusters. For seven objects studied thus far, the observed profile departs from a King function at large r, revealing a ``break population'' of stars. In our ... More
The remarkable rapid X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, and IR variability in the black hole XTE J1118+480Jun 30 2003The transient black hole binary XTE J1118+480 exhibited dramatic rapid variability at all wavelengths which were suitably observed during its 2000 April-July outburst. We examine time-resolved X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, and infrared data spanning the ... More
Calibration of the cross-resonance two-qubit gate between directly-coupled transmonsMay 14 2019Quantum computation requires the precise control of the evolution of a quantum system, typically through application of discrete quantum logic gates on a set of qubits. Here, we use the cross-resonance interaction to implement a gate between two superconducting ... More
The photometric period in ES CetiJan 18 2011Feb 21 2011We present ULTRACAM photometry of ES Cet, an ultracompact binary with a 620s orbital period. The mass transfer in systems such as this one is thought to be driven by gravitational radiation, which causes the binary to evolve to longer periods since the ... More
Lifting the Dusty Veil II: A Large-Scale Study of the Galactic Infrared Extinction LawOct 22 2009We combine near-infrared (2MASS) and mid-infrared (Spitzer-IRAC) photometry to characterize the IR extinction law (1.2-8 microns) over nearly 150 degrees of contiguous Milky Way midplane longitude. The relative extinctions in 5 passbands across these ... More
Realization of a Carbon-Nanotube-Based Superconducting QubitApr 23 2019Hybrid circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) involves the study of coherent quantum physics in solid state systems via their interactions with superconducting microwave circuits. Here we present an implementation of a hybrid superconducting qubit that ... More
Modeling the Multiple Myeloma Vicious Cycle: Signaling Across the Bone Marrow MicroenvironmentNov 17 2015Multiple myeloma is a plasma cell cancer that leads to a dysregulated bone remodeling process. We present a partial differential equation model describing the dynamics of bone remodeling with the presence of myeloma tumor cells. The model explicitly takes ... More
Glass transitions in 1, 2, 3, and 4 dimensional binary Lennard-Jones systemsNov 18 2008We investigate the calorimetric liquid-glass transition by performing simulations of a binary Lennard-Jones mixture in one through four dimensions. Starting at a high temperature, the systems are cooled to T=0 and heated back to the ergodic liquid state ... More
Kinetic Theory of Cluster DynamicsJan 21 2016Jun 24 2016In a Newtonian system with localized interactions the whole set of particles is naturally decomposed into dynamical clusters, defined as finite groups of particles having an influence on each other's trajectory during a given interval of time. For an ... More
A large-deviations approach to gelationJan 07 2019A large-deviations principle (LDP) is derived for the state at fixed time, of the multiplicative coalescent in the large particle number limit. The rate function is explicit and describes each of the three parts of the state: microscopic, mesoscopic and ... More
The Renewed Case for the Reduced Instruction Set Computer: Avoiding ISA Bloat with Macro-Op Fusion for RISC-VJul 08 2016This report makes the case that a well-designed Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) can match, and even exceed, the performance and code density of existing commercial Complex Instruction Set Computers (CISC) while maintaining the simplicity and cost-effectiveness ... More
Late superhumps and the stream-disc impact in IY UMaSep 26 2000Nov 15 2000We use the hot spot eclipse times of the newly discovered deeply-eclipsing dwarf nova IY UMa to trace out the shape of its disc during the late superhump era. We find an eccentric disc. We show that the brightness of the stream-disc impact region varies ... More
Traffic flow densities in large transport networksFeb 02 2016We consider transport networks with nodes scattered at random in a large domain. At certain local rates, the nodes generate traffic flowing according to some navigation scheme in a given direction. In the thermodynamic limit of a growing domain, we present ... More
Large-deviation principles for connectable receivers in wireless networksJun 01 2015We study large-deviation principles for a model of wireless networks consisting of Poisson point processes of transmitters and receivers, respectively. To each transmitter we associate a family of connectable receivers whose signal-to-interference-and-noise ... More
Large deviations in relay-augmented wireless networksOct 14 2015Feb 15 2016We analyze a model of relay-augmented cellular wireless networks. The network users, who move according to a general mobility model based on a Poisson point process of continuous trajectories in a bounded domain, try to communicate with a base station ... More
Consensus ranking under the exponential modelJun 20 2012We analyze the generalized Mallows model, a popular exponential model over rankings. Estimating the central (or consensus) ranking from data is NP-hard. We obtain the following new results: (1) We show that search methods can estimate both the central ... More
Efficient MCMC implementation of multi-state mark-recapture modelsNov 23 2015Inherent differences in behaviour of individual animal movement can introduce bias into estimates of population parameters derived from mark-recapture data. Additionally, quantifying individual heterogeneity is of considerable interest in it's own right ... More
Superhumps in V348 PupMar 28 2000The eclipsing novalike cataclysmic variable star V348 Pup exhibits a persistent luminosity modulation with a period 6 per cent longer than its 2.44 hour orbital-period (Porb). This has been interpreted as a `positive superhump' resulting from a slowly ... More
Modelling latent individual heterogeneity in mark-recapture data with Dirichlet process priorsNov 23 2015The natural subgroups often seen in mark-recapture studies and the complexity of real mark-recapture data means that parametric and discrete style models can be insufficient. Non-parametric models avoid these often restrictive assumptions. We consider ... More
Microscale electromagnetic heating in heterogeneous energetic materials based on X-ray CT imagingDec 04 2015Electromagnetic stimulation of energetic materials provides a noninvasive and nondestructive tool for detecting and identifying explosives. We combine structural information based on X-ray computed tomography, experimental dielectric data, and electromagnetic ... More
Unit cell of graphene on Ru(0001): a 25 x 25 supercell with 1250 carbon atomsAug 13 2008The structure of a single layer of graphene on Ru(0001) has been studied using surface x-ray diffraction. A surprising superstructure has been determined, whereby 25 x 25 graphene unit cells lie on 23 x 23 unit cells of Ru. Each supercell contains 2 x ... More
Magnetic and electronic Co states in layered cobaltate GdBaCo2O5.5-xAug 12 2008We have performed non-resonant x-ray diffraction, resonant soft and hard x-ray magnetic diffraction, soft x-ray absorption and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements to clarify the electronic and magnetic states of the Co3+ ions in GdBaCo2O5.5. ... More
Knowledge Representation in Bicategories of RelationsJun 02 2017Nov 01 2017We introduce the relational ontology log, or relational olog, a knowledge representation system based on the category of sets and relations. It is inspired by Spivak and Kent's olog, a recent categorical framework for knowledge representation. Relational ... More
On the Singular Structure of Graph HypersurfacesApr 29 2010Mar 09 2011We show that the singular loci of graph hypersurfaces correspond set-theoretically to their rank loci. The proof holds for all configuration hypersurfaces and depends only on linear algebra. To make the conclusion for the second graph hypersurface, we ... More
Creepers: Real quadratic orders with large class numberMar 18 2007Shanks's sequence of quadratic fields $\Q(\sqrt{S_{n}})$ where $S_{n}=(2^n+1)^2 + 2^{n+2}$ instances a class of quadratic fields for which the class number is large and, therefore, the continued fraction period is relatively short. Indeed, that period ... More
Distances and Absolute Magnitudes of Dwarf Novae: Murmurs of Period BounceMar 05 2009Oct 23 2010We redetermine the relationship between absolute magnitude and orbital period for dwarf novae, based on 46 stars with good distance estimates. This improves upon Warner's previous relation, building upon today's improved estimates of distance and binary ... More
Excitation and detection of propagating spin waves at the single magnon levelFeb 22 2015Ferro- and ferrimagnets play host to small-signal, microwave-frequency magnetic excitations called spin waves, the quanta of which are known as magnons. Over the last decade, the field of spin-wave dynamics has contributed much to our understanding of ... More
SDSS J162520.29+120308.7 - a new SU UMa star in the period gapMar 29 2011We report results of an extensive world-wide observing campaign devoted to the recently discovered dwarf nova SDSS J162520.29+120308.7 (SDSS J1625). The data were obtained during the July 2010 eruption of the star and in August and September 2010 when ... More
In-Network Leader Selection for Acyclic GraphsOct 24 2014We study the problem of leader selection in leader-follower multi-agent systems that are subject to stochastic disturbances. This problem arises in applications such as vehicle formation control, distributed clock synchronization, and distributed localization ... More
A Method for Preparation and Readout of Polyatomic Molecules in Single Quantum StatesSep 03 2017Dec 20 2017Polyatomic molecular ions contain many desirable attributes of a useful quantum system, including rich internal degrees of freedom and highly controllable coupling to the environment. To date, the vast majority of state-specific experimental work on molecular ... More
A Two Micron All-Sky Survey View of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: II. Swope Telescope Spectroscopy of M Giant Stars in the Dynamically Cold Sagittarius Tidal StreamMar 31 2004We present moderate resolution (~6 km/s) spectroscopy of 284 M giant candidates selected from the Two Micron All Sky Survey photometry. Radial velocities (RVs) are presented for stars mainly in the south, with a number having positions consistent with ... More
Theories on PHYlogenetic ReconstructioN (PHYRN)Feb 02 2010Feb 26 2010The inability to resolve deep node relationships of highly divergent/rapidly evolving protein families is a major factor that stymies evolutionary studies. In this manuscript, we propose a Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) independent method to infer ... More
Transient Pulses from Exploding Primordial Black Holes as a Signature of an Extra DimensionJan 25 2008Dec 11 2008An evaporating black hole in the presence of an extra spatial dimension would undergo an explosive phase of evaporation. We show that such an event, involving a primordial black hole, can produce a detectable, distinguishable electromagnetic pulse, signaling ... More
Surface acoustic wave resonators in the quantum regimeOct 16 2015We present systematic measurements of the quality factors of surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators on ST-X quartz in the gigahertz range at a temperature of $10 \, \textrm{mK}$. We demonstrate a internal quality factor $Q_\mathrm{i}$ approaching $0.5$ ... More
An Oxygen Abundance Gradient into the Outer Disk of M81Feb 01 2012The extended HI disk and tidal tails of M81 present an interesting environment to study the effects of galaxy interaction on star formation and chemical evolution of the outer disk of a large spiral galaxy. We present H{\alpha} imaging of the outer disk ... More
Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars: A diffuse star cloud or tidal debris around the Milky Way in Triangulum-AndromedaMay 21 2004We report here the discovery of an apparent excess of 2MASS M giant candidates with dereddened 0.85 < J-K_S < 1.2 spanning a considerably large area of the celestial sphere between, at least, $100\degr < l < 150\degr$ and $-20\degr > b > -40\degr$, and ... More
Semidefinite Relaxation-Based PAPR-Aware Precoding for Massive MIMO-OFDM SystemsOct 02 2018Massive MIMO requires a large number of antennas and the same amount of power amplifiers (PAs), one per antenna. As opposed to 4G base stations, which could afford highly linear PAs, next-generation base stations will need to use inexpensive PAs, which ... More
Monitoring, Analyzing, and Controlling Internet-scale Systems with ACMEAug 14 2004Analyzing and controlling large distributed services under a wide range of conditions is difficult. Yet these capabilities are essential to a number of important development and operational tasks such as benchmarking, testing, and system management. To ... More
Statistical modelling of individual animal movement: an overview of key methods and a discussion of practical challengesMar 24 2016Jan 30 2017With the influx of complex and detailed tracking data gathered from electronic tracking devices, the analysis of animal movement data has recently emerged as a cottage industry amongst biostatisticians. New approaches of ever greater complexity are continue ... More
Accretion-disc precession in UX Ursae MajorisDec 29 2015We report the results of a long campaign of time-series photometry on the nova-like variable UX Ursae Majoris during 2015. It spanned 150 nights, with ~1800 hours of coverage on 121 separate nights. The star was in its normal `high state' near magnitude ... More
Ultrahigh Purcell factors and Lamb shifts using slow-light metamaterial waveguidesAug 19 2009Employing a medium-dependent quantum optics formalism and a Green function solution of Maxwell's equations, we study the enhanced spontaneous emission factors (Purcell factors) and Lamb shifts from a quantum dot or atom near the surface of a %embedded ... More
High Speed Photometry of SDSS J013701.06-091234.9May 11 2004We present high speed photometry of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey cataclysmic variable SDSS J013701.06-091234.9 in quiescence and during its 2003 December superoutburst. The orbital modulation at 79.71\pm0.01 min is double humped; the superhump period ... More
Measuring Fundamental Galactic Parameters with Stellar Tidal Streams and SIM PlanetQuestJul 31 2005Dec 06 2005Extended halo tidal streams from disrupting Milky Way satellites offer new opportunities for gauging fundamental Galactic parameters without challenging observations of the Galactic center. In the roughly spherical Galactic potential tidal debris from ... More
Statistical modelling of animal movement: a myopic review and a discussion of good practiceMar 24 2016Sep 03 2016With the influx of complex and detailed tracking data gathered from electronic tracking devices, the analysis of animal movement data has recently emerged as a cottage industry amongst biostatisticians. New approaches of ever greater complexity are constantly ... More
Electrical Properties of Conductive Ge Nanocrystal Thin Films Fabricated by Low Temperature In-situ GrowthJan 16 2011Thin films composed of Ge nanocrystals embedded in amorphous SiO2 matrix (Ge-NCs TFs) were prepared using a low temperature in-situ growth method. Unexpected high p-type conductivity was observed in the intrinsic Ge-NCs TFs. Unintentional doping from ... More
PIQL: Success-Tolerant Query Processing in the CloudNov 30 2011Newly-released web applications often succumb to a "Success Disaster," where overloaded database machines and resulting high response times destroy a previously good user experience. Unfortunately, the data independence provided by a traditional relational ... More
Percolation for D2D Networks on Street SystemsJan 31 2018We study fundamental characteristics for the connectivity of multi-hop D2D networks. Devices are randomly distributed on street systems and are able to communicate with each other whenever their separation is smaller than some connectivity threshold. ... More
A Search for TeV Gamma-ray Emission from the PSR B1259-63/SS2883 Binary System with the CANGAROO-II 10-m TelescopeFeb 10 2004Mar 15 2004Observations of the PSR B1259-63/SS2883 binary system using the CANGAROO-II Cherenkov telescope are reported. This nearby binary consists of a 48msec radio pulsar in a highly eccentric orbit around a Be star, and offers a unique laboratory to investigate ... More
GW Librae: A unique laboratory for pulsations in an accreting white dwarfApr 07 2016Non-radial pulsations have been identified in a number of accreting white dwarfs in cataclysmic variables. These stars offer insight into the excitation of pulsation modes in atmospheres with mixed compositions of hydrogen, helium, and metals, and the ... More
Thermal effects and switching kinetics in silver/manganite memristive systems: Probing oxygen vacancies diffusionMay 07 2014We investigate the switching kinetics of oxygen vacancies (Ov) diffusion in LPCMO-Ag memristive interfaces by performing experiments on the temperature dependence of the high resistance (HR) state under thermal cycling. Experimental results are well reproduced ... More
Project 8: Determining neutrino mass from tritium beta decay using a frequency-based methodSep 27 2013A general description is given of Project 8, a new approach to measuring the neutrino mass scale via the beta decay of tritium. In Project 8, the energy of electrons emitted in beta decay is determined from the frequency of cyclotron radiation emitted ... More
The 2001 Superoutburst of WZ SagittaeApr 08 2002We report the results of a worldwide campaign to observe WZ Sagittae during its 2001 superoutburst. After a 23-year slumber at V=15.5, the star rose within 2 days to a peak brightness of 8.2, and showed a main eruption lasting 25 days. The return to quiescence ... More
FS Aur - a new class of Cataclysmic Variables or the missing link between Intermediate Polars and SW Sex objects?Feb 27 2003FS Aur is a known dwarf nova with an orbital period of about 85.7 minutes. It has been assumed to be a member of the SU UMa subclass of cataclysmic variables (CVs), but previous searches for superhumps and superoutburst have been unsuccessful. We conducted ... More
The Frequency of Debris Disks at White DwarfsSep 14 2012We present near- and mid-infrared photometry and spectroscopy from PAIRITEL, IRTF, and Spitzer of a metallicity-unbiased sample of 117 cool, hydrogen-atmosphere white dwarfs from the Palomar-Green survey and find five with excess radiation in the infrared, ... More
R&D Argon Detector at Ash River (RADAR) - Letter of IntentJul 24 2013Sep 28 2013In the RADAR project described in this Letter of Intent, we propose to deploy a 6 kton liquid argon TPC at the NOvA Far Detector building in Ash River, Minnesota, and expose it to the NuMI beam during NOvA running. It will significantly add to the physics ... More
Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars III: First Results from the Grid Giant Star Survey and Discovery of a Possible Nearby Sagittarius Tidal Structure in VirgoAug 14 2002We describe first results of a spectroscopic probe of selected fields from the Grid Giant Star Survey. Multifiber spectroscopy of several hundred stars in a strip of eleven fields along delta approximately -17^{circ}, in the range 12 <~ alpha <~ 17 hours, ... More
Astrometry with Hubble Space Telescope: A Parallax of the Fundamental Distance Calibrator delta CepheiJun 13 2002We present an absolute parallax and relative proper motion for the fundamental distance scale calibrator, delta Cep. We obtain these with astrometric data from FGS 3, a white-light interferometer on HST. Utilizing spectrophotometric estimates of the absolute ... More
Searching for Transient Pulses with the ETA Radio TelescopeDec 06 2008Array-based, direct-sampling radio telescopes have computational and communication requirements unsuited to conventional computer and cluster architectures. Synchronization must be strictly maintained across a large number of parallel data streams, from ... More
Circuit quantum acoustodynamics with surface acoustic wavesMar 13 2017The experimental investigation of quantum devices incorporating mechanical resonators has opened up new frontiers in the study of quantum mechanics at a macroscopic level$^{1,2}$. Superconducting microwave circuits have proven to be a powerful platform ... More
Structure of $^{13}$Be probed via secondary beam reactionsDec 09 2013Feb 28 2014The low-lying level structure of the unbound neutron-rich nucleus $^{13}$Be has been investigated via breakup on a carbon target of secondary beams of $^{14,15}$B at 35 MeV/nucleon. The coincident detection of the beam velocity $^{12}$Be fragments and ... More
Astrometry with Hubble Space Telescope: A Parallax of the Fundamental Distance Calibrator RR LyraeOct 11 2001Oct 23 2001We present an absolute parallax and relative proper motion for the fundamental distance scale calibrator, RR Lyr. We obtain these with astrometric data from FGS 3, a white-light interferometer on HST. We find $\pi_{abs} = 3.82 \pm 0.2$ mas. Spectral classifications ... More
Astrometry with Hubble Space Telescope: A Parallax of the Central Star of the Planetary Nebula NGC 6853Jul 25 2003Jul 29 2003We present an absolute parallax and relative proper motion for the central star of the planetary nebula NGC 6853 (The Dumbell). We obtain these with astrometric data from FGS 3, a white-light interferometer on {\it HST}. Spectral classifications and VRIJHKT$_2$M ... More
Magnetic defects promote ferromagnetism in Zn1-xCoxODec 05 2005Experimental studies of Zn1-xCoxO as thin films or nanocrystals have found ferromagnetism and Curie temperatures above room temperature and that p- or n-type doping of Zn1-xCoxO can change its magnetic state. Bulk Zn1-xCoxO with a low defect density and ... More
The NOvA Experiment: Status and OutlookSep 04 2012The NOvA long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment is currently under construction and will use an upgraded NuMI neutrino source at Fermilab and a 14-kton detector at Ash River, Minnesota to explore the neutrino sector. NOvA uses a highly active, ... More
Short-baseline Neutrinos: Recent Results and Future ProspectsOct 13 2008This note summarizes a presentation of the same title given at XXVIII Physics in Collision 2008. We review recent results from short-baseline neutrino experiments, including MiniBooNE, CHORUS, and K2K, and we look ahead to expected upcoming results from ... More
Optimizing the Coherence of Composite NetworksFeb 25 2017Apr 10 2017We consider how to connect a set of disjoint networks to optimize the performance of the resulting composite network. We quantify this performance by the coherence of the composite network, which is defined by an $H_2$ norm of the system. Two dynamics ... More