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Improvable upper bounds to the piezoelectric polaron ground state energyDec 31 2014It was shown that an infinite sequence of improving non-increasing upper bounds to the ground state energy (GSE) of a slow-moving piezoeletric polaron can be devised.
Directed Flow Indicates a Crossover Deconfinement Transition in Relativistic Nuclear CollisionsDec 04 2014Feb 27 2015Analysis of directed flow ($v_1$) of protons, antiprotons and pions in heavy-ion collisions is performed in the range of incident energies $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.7--27 GeV. Simulations have been done within a three-fluid model employing a purely hadronic ... More
Entropy Production and Effective Viscosity in Heavy-Ion CollisionsMay 09 2016Entropy production and an effective viscosity in central Au+Au collisions are estimated in a wide range of incident energies 3.3 GeV $\le \sqrt{s_{NN}}\le$ 39 GeV. The simulations are performed within a three-fluid model employing three different equations ... More
Entropy Production and Effective Viscosity in Heavy-Ion CollisionsMay 09 2016Nov 24 2016Entropy production and an effective viscosity in central Au+Au collisions are estimated in a wide range of incident energies 3.3 GeV $\le \sqrt{s_{NN}}\le$ 39 GeV. The simulations are performed within a three-fluid model employing three different equations ... More
Elliptic Flow in Heavy-Ion Collisions at Energies $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 2.7--39 GeVJan 10 2014Feb 27 2015The transverse-momentum integrated elliptic flow of charged particles at midrapidity, $v_2$(charged), and that of identified hadrons from Au+Au collisions are computed in a wide range of incident energies 2.7 GeV $\le \sqrt{s_{NN}}\le$ 39 GeV. The simulations ... More
What can we learn from the directed flow in heavy-ion collisions at BES RHIC energies?Jan 15 2016Analysis of directed flow ($v_1$) of protons, antiprotons and pions in heavy-ion collisions is performed in the range of collision energies $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.7--39 GeV. Simulations have been done within a three-fluid model employing a purely hadronic ... More
Estimation of the Shear Viscosity from 3FD Simulations of Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 3.3--39 GeVApr 12 2016An effective shear viscosity in central Au+Au collisions is estimated in the range of incident energies 3.3 GeV $\le \sqrt{s_{NN}}\le$ 39 GeV. The simulations are performed within a three-fluid model employing three different equations of state with and ... More
Infinitely Improvable Upper Bound Estimates for Acoustical Polaron Ground State EnergyNov 25 2013It was shown that an infinite convergent sequence of improving non-increasing upper bounds to the ground state energy of a slow-moving acoustical polaron can be obtained by means of generalized variational method. The proposed approach is especially well-suited ... More
Interaction of two magnetic resonance modes in polar phase of superfluid 3HeApr 21 2016We report results of low frequency nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments in the superfluid polar phase of 3He which is stabilized by a new type of "nematic" aerogel - nafen. We have found that an interaction between transverse and longitudinal ... More
Continuity in a parameter of solutions to generic boundary-value problemsApr 24 2016We introduce the most general class of linear boundary-value problems for systems of first-order ordinary differential equations whose solutions belong to the complex H\"older space $C^{n+1,\alpha}$, with $0\leq n\in\mathbb{Z}$ and $0\leq\alpha\leq1$. ... More
Estimates of hyperon polarization in heavy-ion collisions at collision energies $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 4--40 GeVMar 13 2019Global polarization of $\Lambda$ and $\bar{\Lambda}$ hyperons in Au+Au collisions at collision energies $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 4-40 GeV in the midrapidity region and total polarization, i.e. averaged over all rapidities, are studied within the scope of the ... More
Computationally efficient analytic representation of relativistic transition matrix elements in the Lamb shift calculations for hydrogenic atomsDec 15 2014By using the plane-wave expansion for the electromagnetic-field vector potential, transition matrix elements between the relativistic bound and unbound states of hydrogenic atoms were expressed explicitly in terms of finite series made of hypergeometric ... More
Use of high throughput sequencing to observe genome dynamics at a single cell levelDec 16 2009With the development of high throughput sequencing technology, it becomes possible to directly analyze mutation distribution in a genome-wide fashion, dissociating mutation rate measurements from the traditional underlying assumptions. Here, we sequenced ... More
Spin diffusion in liquid 3He confined in nafenMay 15 2015We report results of spin diffusion measurements in normal phase of liquid 3He confined in nafen. Nafen is a new type of aerogel and it consists of Al2O3 strands which are nearly parallel to one another at macroscopic distances. We examine two samples ... More
Polar phase of superfluid 3He in anisotropic aerogelJul 15 2015We report the observation of a new superfluid phase of 3He -- polar phase. This phase appears in 3He confined in a new type of aerogel with nearly parallel arrangement of strands which play a role of ordered impurities. Our observations qualitatively ... More
High-field magnetic resonance of spinons and magnons in a triangular lattice S=1/2 antiferromagnet Cs2CuCl4Dec 11 2014The electron spin resonance doublet indicating the width of the two spinon continuum in a spin-1/2 triangular-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet Cs2CuCl4 was studied in high magnetic field. The doublet was found to collapse in a magnetic field of a half ... More
Prospects to measure neutrino oscillation pattern with very large area underground detector at very long baselinesMay 27 2002The concept of a very long baseline neutrino experiment with quasi monochromatic neutrino beam and very large area underground detector is discussed. The detector could be placed in the existing 20 km tunnel at IHEP, Protvino. The High Intensity Proton ... More
Electron spin resonance in a model S=1/2 chain antiferromagnet with a uniform Dzyaloshinskii--Moriya interactionJul 27 2015The electron spin resonance spectrum of a quasi 1D S=1/2 antiferromagnet K2CuSO4Br2 was found to demonstrate an energy gap and a doublet of resonance lines in a wide temperature range between the Curie--Weiss and Ne\`{e}l temperatures. This type of magnetic ... More
Spin gap in a quasi-1D S=1/2 antiferromagnet K2CuSO4Cl2Oct 05 2018Oct 09 2018Electron spin resonance experiments in the quasi-1D S=1/2 antiferromagnet K$_2$CuSO$_4$Cl$_2$ reveal opening of a gap in absence of magnetic ordering, as well as an anisotropic shift of the resonance magnetic field. These features of magnetic excitation ... More
Multiferroicity of CuCrO2 tested by ESRMar 07 2018We have carried out the ESR study of the multiferroic triangular antiferromagnet CuCrO2 in the presence of an electric field. The shift of ESR spectra by the electric field was observed; the observed value of the shift exceeds that one in materials with ... More
Three-dimensional structure of a single colloidal crystal grain studied by coherent x-ray diffractionJul 07 2011A coherent x-ray diffraction experiment was performed on an isolated colloidal crystal grain at the coherence beamline P10 at PETRA III. Using azimuthal rotation scans the three-dimensional (3D) scattered intensity in reciprocal space from the sample ... More
Order by quenched disorder in the model triangular antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2Jul 22 2017We observe a disappearance of the 1/3 magnetization plateau and a striking change of the magnetic configuration under a moderate doping of the model triangular antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2. The reason is an effective lifting of degeneracy of mean-field ... More
Observation of half-quantum vortices in topological superfluid 3HeAug 10 2015Oct 19 2016One of the most sought-after objects in topological quantum matter systems is a vortex carrying half a quantum of circulation. They were originally predicted to exist in superfluid 3He-A, but have never been resolved there. Here we report an observation ... More
Room Temperature Molecular Single-Electron TransistorOct 22 1996Mar 14 1997A room temperature single-electron transistor based on the single cluster molecule has been demonstrated for the first time. Scanning tunneling microscope tip was used to study the transport via single carboran cluster molecule 1,7-(CH_3)_2-1,2-C_2B_{10}H_9Tl(OCOCF_3)_2 ... More
Spin-polarized electronic structure of the core-shell ZnO/ZnO:Mn nanowires probed by x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopyAug 30 2013The combination of x-ray spectroscopy methods complemented with theoretical analysis unravels the coexistence of paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic phases in the Zn_0.9Mn_0.1O shell deposited onto array of wurtzite ZnO nanowires. The shell is crystalline ... More
Vibration-assisted electron tunneling in C_{140} single-molecule transistorsNov 07 2003We measure electron tunneling in single-molecule transistors made from C_{140}, a molecule with a mass-spring-mass geometry chosen as a model system to study electron-vibration coupling. We observe vibration-assisted tunneling at an energy corresponding ... More
Direct determination of exchange parameters in Cs2CuBr4 and Cs2CuCl4: high-field ESR studiesJan 27 2014Jan 30 2014Spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnets Cs$_2$CuCl$_4$ and Cs$_2$CuBr$_4$ with distorted triangular-lattice structures are studied by means of electron spin resonance spectroscopy in magnetic fields up to the saturation field and above. In the magnetically ... More
Proceedings to the 12th Workshop 'What Comes Beyond the Standard Models', Bled, July 14. - 24., 2009, SloveniaDec 22 2009Contents: 1. Likelihood Analysis of the Next-to-minimal Supergravity Motivated Model (C. Balazs and D. Carter) 2. The Multiple Point Principle: Characterization of the Possible Phases for the SMG (D.L. Bennett) 3. Does Dark Matter Consist of Baryons of ... More
NQR of barium in BaBiO3 and BaPbO3Dec 22 2000The NQR on Ba nuclei was studied in four samples of BaBiO3 prepared in different ways and, in addition, in BaPbO3. The spectrum of $^{137}$Ba at T=4.2 K consists of relatively broad line centered near 18 MHz for all BaBiO3 samples and near 13 MHz for ... More
An Improved Shashlyk CalorimeterSep 28 2007Shashlyk electromagnetic calorimeter modules with an energy resolution of about 3%/sqrt{E (GeV)} for 50-1000 MeV photons has been developed, and a prototype tested. Details of these improved modules, including mechanical construction, selection of wave ... More
Hole stripe and orbital fluctuating state in LaMnO$_{3+δ}$ ($0.085\leq δ\leq0.125$) unveiled by Raman spectroscopyJun 13 2005Giant softening by 30 cm$^{-1}$ of the 490- and 620-cm$^{-1}$ modes is observed by Raman scattering measurements below the Curie temperature of single crystalline LaMnO$_{3+\delta}$ ($0.085\leq \delta\leq0.125$). A pseudogap-like electronic continuum ... More
Proceedings to the 11th Workshop 'What Comes Beyond the Standard Models', Bled, July 15 - 25, 2008, SloveniaDec 02 2008Contents: 1. Does the Dark Matter Consist of Baryons of New Heavy Stable Family Predicted by the Approach Unifying Spins and Charges? (G. Bregar and N.S. Mankoc Borstnik) 2. Lorentz Transformations for a Photon (V.V. Dvoeglazov) 3. Is the Space-Time Non-commutativity ... More
Measurements of the Dalitz Plot Parameters for $K^{\pm}\toπ^{\pm}π^0π^0$ DecaysSep 14 2005The $g$, $h$, and $k$ Dalitz plot parameters, which are coefficients in a series expansion of the squared module of the matrix element $|M(u,v)|^{2} \propto 1 + gu + hu^{2} + kv^{2}$ ($u$, $v$ are invariant variables), have been measured for $K^{\pm}\to ... More
Search for $f_1(1285) \to π^+π^-π^0$ decay with VES detectorDec 15 2007The isospin violating decay $f_1(1285)\to\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$ has been studied at VES facility. This study is based at the statistics acquired in $\pi^- Be$ interactions at 27, 36.6 and 41 GeV/c in diffractive reaction $\pi^- N \to (f_1 \pi^-) N$. The $f_1(1285) ... More
Spin-state transition, magnetism and local crystal structure in Eu_{1-x}Ca_xCoO_{3-d}Oct 04 2012The doping series Eu1-xCaxCoO3-d provides a rather peculiar way to study the spin-state transition in cobalt-based complex oxides since partial substitution of Eu3+ ions by Ca2+ ions does not increase the mean valence state of cobalt but is accompanied ... More
Performance of a fine-sampling electromagnetic calorimeter prototype in the energy range from 1 to 19 GeVSep 22 2008The fine-sampling electromagnetic calorimeter prototype has been experimentally tested using the 1-19 GeV/c tagged beams of negatively charged particles at the U70 accelerator at IHEP, Protvino. The energy resolution measured by electrons is Delta{E}/E=2.8%/\sqrt{E} ... More
Measurements of the Charge Asymmetry of the Dalitz Plot Parameters for $K^{\pm}\toπ^{\pm}π^0π^0$ DecaysJun 02 2004The charge asymmetry of the g, h, and k Dalitz plot parameters for $K^{\pm}\to\pi^{\pm}\pi^0\pi^0$ decays has been measured with 35 GeV/c hadron beams at the 70 GeV IHEP accelerator. The g, h and k values obtained appear to be identical for $K^{\pm}\to\pi^{\pm}\pi^0\pi^0$ ... More
Study of the K- -> mu- nu pi0 decayFeb 07 2002The decay $K^{-} \to \mu^{-} \bar{\nu} \pi^{0}$ has been studied using in-flight decays detected with ``ISTRA+'' setup operating in the 25 GeV negative secondary beam of the U-70 PS. About 112K events were used for the analysis. The $\lambda_{+}$ and ... More
One-dimensional parameter-dependent boundary-value problems in Hölder spacesFeb 06 2018We study the most general class of linear boundary-value problems for systems of $r$-th order ordinary differential equations whose solutions range over the complex H\"older space $C^{n+r,\alpha}$, with $0\leq n\in\mathbb{Z}$ and $0<\alpha\leq1$. We prove ... More
Effects of high pressure on the physical properties of MgB2May 12 2010The synthesis of MgB2-based materials under high pressure gave the possibility to suppress the evaporation of magnesium and to obtain near theoretically dense nanograined structures with high superconducting, thermal conducting, and mechanical characteristics: ... More
Proceedings to the 13th Workshop 'What Comes Beyond the Standard Models', Bled, July 12. - 22., 2010, SloveniaDec 01 20101. Noncommutativity and Topology within Lattice Field Theories 2. The Construction of Quantum Field Operators 3. The Bargmann-Wigner Formalism for Spin 2 Fields 4. New Light on Dark Matter from the LHC 5. Extra Dimensional Metric Reversal Symmetry and ... More
Registration of neutral charmed mesons production and their decays in pA-interactions at 70 GeV with SVD-2 setupApr 21 2010The results of data handling for E-184 experiment obtained with 70 GeV proton beam irradiation of active target with carbon, silicon and lead plates are presented. Two-prongs neutral charmed D0 and \v{D}0 -mesons decays were selected. Signal / background ... More
Detection of $D^{\pm}$ mesons production in pA-interactions at 70 GeVNov 08 2013The results of analysis SERP-E-184 experiment data, obtained with 70 GeV proton beam irradiation of active target with carbon, silicon and lead plates are presented. For 3-prongs charged charmed mesons decays, event selection criteria were developed and ... More
A criterion for continuity in a parameter of solutions to generic boundary-value problems for higher-order differential systemsOct 25 2016We consider the most general class of linear boundary-value problems for ordinary differential systems, of order $r\geq1$, whose solutions belong to the complex space $C^{(n+r)}$, with $0\leq n\in\mathbb{Z}$. The boundary conditions can contain derivatives ... More
Properties of Neutral Charmed Mesons in Proton--Nucleus Interactions at 70 GeVJun 08 2011The results of treatment of data obtained in the SERP-E-184experiment "Investigation of mechanisms of the production of charmed particles in proton-nucleus interactions at 70 GeV and their decays" by irradiating the active target of the SVD-2 facility ... More
Search for Exotic Mesons in pi- P Interactions at 18 GeV/cOct 16 1995The recent search for non $q \bar{q}$ mesons in $\pi^{-}p$ interactions at Brookhaven National Laboratory is summarized. Many final states such as $\eta \pi$, $\eta' \pi^{-}$, $a_{0} \pi$, $f_{1} \pi$, $a_{2} \pi$, $b_{1} \pi$, which are favored decay ... More
Neutral pion number fluctuations at high multiplicity in pp-interactions at 50 GeVApr 19 2011Jun 07 2011Neutral pion number N0 distributions for each total number of particles in event Ntot=Nch+N0 are obtained. The scaled variance of neutral pion fluctuations, omega=D/<N0>, is measured. The fluctuations increase at Ntot >22. According to quantum statistics ... More
Proton interactions with high multiplicityApr 01 2011Project Thermalization (Experiment SERP-E-190 at IHEP) is aimed to study the proton - proton interactions at 50 GeV with large number of secondary particles. In this report the experimentally measured topological cross sections are presented taking into ... More
Quantum model of a solid-state spin qubit: Ni cluster on a silicon surface by the generalized spin Hamiltonian and X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigationsOct 07 2014We present here the quantum model of a Ni solid-state electron spin qubit on a silicon surface with the use of a density functional scheme for calculation of the exchange integrals in the non-collinear spin configurations in the generalized spin Hamiltonian ... More
Relative luminosity measurement of the LHC with the ATLAS forward calorimeterMay 11 2010In this paper it is shown that a measurement of the relative luminosity changes at the LHC may be obtained by analysing the currents drawn from the high voltage power supplies of the electromagnetic section of the forward calorimeter of the ATLAS detector. ... More
A study of RXTE and BeppoSAX observations of Cyg X-3Jan 14 2004We present an analysis of Cyg X-3 data from RXTE/PCA,HEXTE and ASM, supplemented by a selected spectrum from BeppoSAX. We fit the PCA/HEXTE spectra from 1996-2000 by a model including hybrid Comptonization, reflection and absorption, and classify them ... More
Non-reciprocal quantum interactions and devices via autonomous feed-forwardOct 20 2016In a recent work [A. Metelmann and A. A. Clerk, Phys. Rev. X 5, 021025 (2015)], a general reservoir-engineering approach for generating non-reciprocal quantum interactions and devices was described. We show here how in many cases this general recipe can ... More
Deciphering the minimum of energy of some walking technicolor modelsMay 11 2010There are quasi-conformal theories, like the Minimal and Ultraminimal Technicolor models, which may break dynamically the gauge symmetry of the Standard Model and at the same time are compatible with electroweak precision data. The main characteristic ... More
Strength of the Trilinear Higgs Boson Coupling in Technicolor ModelsOct 14 2005Oct 20 2005We discuss the strength of the trilinear Higgs boson coupling in technicolor (or composite) models in a model independent way. The coupling is determined as a function of a very general ansatz for the technicolor self-energy, and turns out to be equal ... More
Scalar bosons in Minimal and Ultraminimal Technicolor: Masses, trilinear couplings and widthsDec 05 2009May 04 2010We compute masses, trilinear self-couplings and decay widths into weak bosons of the scalar composite bosons in the case of the Minimal and Ultraminimal technicolor models. The masses, computed via the Bethe-Salpeter equation, turn out to be light and ... More
Graph homology: Koszul and Verdier dualityFeb 12 2007We show that Verdier duality for certain sheaves on the moduli spaces of graphs associated to Koszul operads corresponds to Koszul duality of operads. This in particular gives a conceptual explanation of the appearance of graph cohomology of both the ... More
Effects of the stellar wind on X-ray spectra of Cygnus X-3Oct 30 2007Feb 04 2008We study X-ray spectra of Cyg X-3 from BeppoSAX, taking into account absorption and emission in the strong stellar wind of its companion. We find the intrinsic X-ray spectra are well modelled by disc blackbody emission, its upscattering by hot electrons ... More
On open superstring partition function in inhomogeneous rolling tachyon backgroundOct 27 2003Jan 27 2004We consider open superstring partition function Z on the disc in time-dependent tachyon background T= f(x_i) e^{m x_0} where the profile function f depends on spatial coordinates. We compute Z to second order in derivatives of f and compare the result ... More
On gravitational couplings in D-brane actionNov 12 2002Oct 26 2004We compute the two closed string graviton - two open string scalar scattering amplitude on the disc to show that there is no second-derivative curvature - scalar coupling term R X^2 in the low-energy effective action of a D-brane in curved space in type ... More
Coherent effects in double-barrier Josephson junctionsDec 07 1999The general solution for ballistic electronic transport through double-barrier Josephson junctions is derived. We show the existence of a regime of phase-coherent transport in which the supercurrent is proportional to the single barrier transparency and ... More
The origin of the first and third generation fermion masses in a technicolor scenarioFeb 19 2003Jan 22 2004We argue that the masses of the first and third fermionic generations, which are respectively of the order of a few MeV up to a hundred GeV, are originated in a dynamical symmetry breaking mechanism leading to masses of the order $\alpha \mu$, where $\alpha$ ... More
On (non)integrability of classical strings in p-brane backgroundsNov 15 2012Jan 07 2013We investigate the question of possible integrability of classical string motion in curved p-brane backgrounds. For example, the D3-brane metric interpolates between the flat and the AdS_5 x S^5 regions in which string propagation is integrable. We find ... More
On the power of non-local boxesApr 18 2005Nov 07 2005A non-local box is a virtual device that has the following property: given that Alice inputs a bit at her end of the device and that Bob does likewise, it produces two bits, one at Alice's end and one at Bob's end, such that the XOR of the outputs is ... More
Casimir effect for scalar fields under Robin boundary conditions on platesJul 31 2000Oct 22 2001We study the Casimir effect for scalar fields with general curvature coupling subject to mixed boundary conditions $(1+\beta_{m}n^{\mu}\partial_{\mu})\phi =0$ at $x=a_{m}$ on one ($m=1$) and two ($m=1,2$) parallel plates at a distance $a\equiv a_{2}-a_{1}$ ... More
Technicolor models with coupled systems of Schwinger-Dyson equationsFeb 28 2019When Technicolor (TC), QCD, Extended Technicolor (ETC) and other interactions become coupled through their different Schwinger-Dyson equations, the solution of these equations are modified in comparison with the ones of the isolated equations. The change ... More
Topological response in Weyl semimetals and the chiral anomalyJun 08 2012Sep 25 2012We demonstrate that topological transport phenomena, characteristic of Weyl semimetals, namely the semi-quantized anomalous Hall effect and the chiral magnetic effect (equilibrium magnetic-field-driven current), may be thought of as two distinct manifestations ... More
Top quark threshold production in $γγ$ collision in the next-to-leading orderOct 27 1998Apr 23 1999The total cross section of the top quark-antiquark pair production near threshold in $\gamma\gamma$ collision is computed analytically up to the next-to-leading order in perturbative and nonrelativistic expansion for general photon helicity. The approximation ... More
On a subtle point of sum rules calculations: toy modelMar 30 1995We consider a two-point correlator in massless $\phi^3$ model within the ladder approximation . The spectral density of the correlator is known explicitly and does not contain any resonances. Meanwhile making use of the standard sum rules technique with ... More
Exact string background from a WZW model based on the Heisenberg groupMar 07 1994A WZW model for the non-semi-simple D-dimensional Heisenberg group, which directly generalizes the E_{2}^{c} group, is constructed. It is found to correspond to an D-dimensional string background of plane-wave type with physical Lorentz signature D-2. ... More
Notes on non-thermal X-ray radiation of radio supernova remnant W50 and collimated radiation of SS433Jun 19 2013Diffuse X-ray emission of the radio nebula W50 along the line of the of jets of the microquasar SS433 has a non-thermal power law component. This could be the inverse-Compton scattered emission of the SS433 accretion disk funnel, which is collimated in ... More
Next-to-next-to-leading order vacuum polarization function of heavy quark near threshold and sum rules for $b \bar b$ systemMar 16 1998Apr 06 1998A correlator of the vector current of a heavy quark is computed analytically near threshold in the next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative and relativistic expansion that includes $\al_s^2$, $\al_sv$ and $v^2$ corrections in the coupling constant ... More
Comment on ``Next-to-next-to-leading order vacuum polarization function of heavy quark near threshold and sum rules for $b \bar b$ system'' and ``Next-to-next-to-leading order relation between $R(e^+e^-\to b\bar b)$ and $Γ_{\rm sl}(b\to clν_l)$ and precise ... MoreJan 19 1999The most recent recalculation of the two-loop correction to the static quark-antiquark potential gave the numerical value different from the previously known one. We comment on the effect this change produces on the numerical estimates of the bottom quark ... More
Extended analysis of the "penguin" part of $K\toππ$ amplitudeMar 14 1995We make an attempt to clarify the role of the annihilation or "penguin" mode in the description of the $K\rightarrow\pi\pi$ decay within the Standard Model. The attention is concentrated on new operators in the effective $\Delta S=1$ Hamiltonian and the ... More
Curved space resolution of singularity of fractional D3-branes on conifoldNov 01 2001We construct a supergravity dual to the cascading $SU(N+M) x SU(N)$ supersymmetric gauge theory (related to fractional D3-branes on conifold according to Klebanov et al) in the case when the 3-space is compactified on $S^3$ and in the phase with unbroken ... More
Schwinger-Dyson approach and its application to generate a light composite scalarJan 15 2016Feb 24 2016We discuss the possibility of generating a light composite scalar boson, in a scenario that we may generically call Technicolor, or in any variation of a strongly interacting theory, where by light we mean a scalar composite mass about one order of magnitude ... More
Dynamical gluon mass corrections in heavy quarkonia decaysApr 26 2000Using the expression of the dynamical gluon mass obtained through the operator product expansion we discuss the relevance of gluon mass effects in the decays V -> hadrons (V = J/Psi, Upsilon). Relativistic and radiative corrections are also introduced ... More
Semiclassical rigid strings with two spins in AdS_5Nov 12 2009Semiclassical spinning string states in AdS_5 are, in general, characterised by the three SO(2,4) conserved charges: the energy E and the two spins S_1 and S_2. We discuss several examples of explicit classical solutions for rigid closed strings of (bended) ... More
Search for excited electrons through $γγ$ scatteringAug 10 2012We study the potential of $\gamma \gamma$ option of future high energy linear $e^{+}e^{-}$ colliders to search for excited electrons with spin-1/2. We calculate single production cross sections, give the angular distributions and $f-m^*$ contour plots ... More
Chiral expansion of nucleon PDF at $x\sim m_π/M_N$Nov 14 2013Based on the chiral perturbation theory, we investigate the low-energy dynamics of nucleon parton distributions. We show that in different regions of the momentum fraction $x$ the chiral expansion is significantly different. For nucleon parton distributions ... More
A study of spectra of Cyg X-3 observed by BeppoSAXDec 22 2004Jan 10 2005We model the ~1-200 keV spectra of Cygnus X-3 observed by BeppoSAX. The continuum, modeled by Comptonization in a hybrid plasma, is modified by the strongly ionized plasma of the stellar wind of the Wolf-Rayet companion star. Discrete absorption and emission ... More
Quantum Corrections to Bekenstein-Hawking Black Hole Entropy and Gravity Partition FunctionsApr 25 2013Algebraic aspects of the computation of partition functions for quantum gravity and black holes in $AdS_3$ are discussed. We compute the sub-leading quantum corrections to the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy. It is shown that the quantum corrections to the ... More
Can Electro-Weak $\h$-Term be Observable ?May 14 1993We rederive and discuss the result of the previous paper that in the standard model $\theta$-term related to $W$-boson field can not be induced by weak instantons. This follows from the existence of the fermion zero mode in the instanton field even when ... More
Optimized perturbation theory for bound states: toy model and realistic problemJun 20 1995Within quantum mechanics model we study the problem of resummation of an asymptotic perturbation series for bound state parameters via optimization of the perturbative expansion. A possible application of the method to the positronium lifetime calculation ... More
Can classical wormholes stabilize the brane-anti-brane system?Sep 09 2003We investigate the static solutions of Callan and Maldecena and Gibbons to lowest order Dirac-Born-Infeld theory. Among them are charged wormhole solutions connecting branes to anti-branes. It is seen that there are no such solutions when the separation ... More
W-Infinity Algebras from Noncommutative Chern-Simons TheoryJun 11 2002May 16 2003We examine Chern-Simons theory written on a noncommutative plane with a `hole', and show that the algebra of observables is a nonlinear deformation of the $w_\infty$ algebra. The deformation depends on the level (the coefficient in the Chern-Simons action), ... More
Gravitation Field Dynamics in Jeans TheoryFeb 02 2016Closed system of time equations for nonrelativistic gravitation field and hydrodynamic medium was obtained by taking into account binary correlations of the field, which is the generalization of Jeans theory. Distribution function of the systemwas built ... More
On some a priori majorant of eigenvalues of Sturm--Liouville problemsFeb 04 2016Let $M_\gamma$ be precise a priori majorant of first eigenvalues of Sturm--Liouville problems $-y"+qy=\lambda y,\quad y(0)=y(1)=0$, where $q\leqslant 0$ and $\int_0^1 |q|^\gamma\,dx=1$, $\gamma\in (0,1/2)$. It is shown that the inequality $M_\gamma<\pi^2$ ... More
Flux Vacua Statistics for Two-Parameter Calabi-Yau'sJul 29 2004Oct 12 2004We study the number of flux vacua for type IIB string theory on an orientifold of the Calabi-Yau expressed as a hypersurface in WCP^4[1,1,2,2,6] by evaluating a suitable integral over the complex-structure moduli space as per the conjecture of Douglas ... More
Matrix Model on Z-OrbifoldMar 24 2002Dec 26 2002Six dimensional compactification of the type IIA matrix model on the ${\bf Z}$-orbifold is studied. Introducing a ${\bf Z}_{3}$ symmetry properly on the three mirror images of fields in the $N$-body system of the supersymmetric D0 particles, the action ... More
Uniform semiglobal practical asymptotic stability for non-autonomous cascaded systems and applicationsMar 02 2005Feb 01 2006It is due to the modularity of the analysis that results for cascaded systems have proved their utility in numerous control applications as well as in the development of general control techniques based on ``adding integrators''. Nevertheless, the standing ... More
The Asymptotics of the Correlations Functions in $(1+1)d$ Quantum Field Theory From Finite Size Effects in Conformal TheoriesJan 08 1992Using the finite-size effects the scaling dimensions and correlation functions of the main operators in continuous and lattice models of 1d spinless Bose-gas with pairwise interaction of rather general form are obtained. The long-wave properties of these ... More
Frustrated trimer chain model and Cu3Cl6(H2O)2 2H8C4SO2 in a magnetic fieldMay 24 2000May 08 2001Recent magnetization and susceptibility measurements on Cu3Cl6(H2O)2 2H8C4SO2 by Ishii [J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 69, 340 (2000)] have demonstrated the existence of a spin gap. In order to explain the opening of a spin gap in this copper-trimer system, ... More
Fermi LAT Observations of the Vela PulsarDec 16 2008The Vela pulsar is the brightest persistent source in the GeV sky and thus is the traditional first target for new gamma-ray observatories. We report here on initial Fermi Large Area Telescope observations during verification phase pointed exposure and ... More
Vortex dynamics in nonrelativistic Abelian Higgs modelSep 07 2015Sep 16 2015The dynamics of the gauge vortex with arbitrary form of a contour is considered in the framework of the nonrelativistic Abelian Higgs model, including the possibility of the gauge field interaction with the fermion asymmetric background. The equations ... More
The effective action and equations of motion of curved local and global vortices: Role of the field excitationsOct 06 2008The effective actions for both local and global curved vortices are derived, based on the derivative expansion of the corresponding field theoretic actions of the nonrelativistic Abelian Higgs and Goldstone models. The role of excitations of the modulus ... More
Two-Loop Corrections to Bhabha ScatteringJan 14 2005Jul 04 2005The two-loop radiative photonic corrections to the Bhabha scattering are computed in the leading order of the small electron mass expansion up to nonlogarithmic term. After including the soft photon bremsstrahlung we obtain the infrared finite result ... More
Instantons and Non-Perturbative Dynamics of N=2 Supersymmetric Abelian Gauge Theories in Two DimensionsOct 29 1997Jun 19 1998We study N=2 supersymmetric Abelian gauge model with the Fayet-Iliopoulos term and an arbitrary number of chiral matter multiplets in two dimensions. By analyzing the instanton contribution we compute the non-perturbative corrections to the mass spectrum ... More
Two-Loop Photonic Corrections to Massive Bhabha ScatteringAug 11 2005Nov 28 2005We describe the details of the evaluation of the two-loop radiative photonic corrections to Bhabha scattering. The role of the corrections in the high-precision luminosity determination at present and future electron-positron colliders is discussed.
Top quark threshold production in $γγ$ collisions: current theoretical issuesSep 29 2000The top quark-antiquark pair threshold production at future High Energy Photon Colliders is considered in view of the recent advances in the theoretical description of the nonrelativistic heavy quark dynamics.
The Synthetic-Oversampling Method: Using Photometric Colors to Discover Extremely Metal-Poor StarsMay 07 2015Extremely metal-poor (EMP) stars ([Fe/H] < -3.0 dex) provide a unique window into understanding the first generation of stars and early chemical enrichment of the Universe. EMP stars are exceptionally rare, however, and the relatively small number of ... More