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Cesium bright matter-wave solitons and soliton trainsFeb 08 2019A setup for studying bright matter-wave solitons of a cesium Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is presented. Production of a single soliton is demonstrated and dependence of soliton atom number on the interatomic interaction is studied. Formation of soliton ... More
1-Dimensional Intrinsic Persistence of Geodesic SpacesSep 15 2017Mar 14 2018Given a compact geodesic space $X$ we apply the fundamental group and alternatively the first homology group functor to the corresponding Rips or \v{C}ech filtration of $X$ to obtain what we call a persistence. This paper contains the theory describing ... More
Implementation of Operational calculus on programming spaces with ApplicationsDec 08 2016We provide an illustrative implementation of an analytic, infinitely-differentiable virtual machine, implementing infinitely-differentiable programming spaces and operators acting upon them, as constructed in the paper Operational calculus on programming ... More
Approximations of 1-Dimensional Intrinsic Persistence of Geodesic Spaces and Their StabilityNov 14 2017May 24 2018A standard way of approximating or discretizing a metric space is by taking its Rips complexes. These approximations for all parameters are often bound together into a filtration, to which we apply the fundamental group or the first homology. We call ... More
Padé approximants for improved finite-temperature spectral functions in the numerical renormalization groupFeb 14 2013We introduce an improved approach for obtaining smooth finite-temperature spectral functions of quantum impurity models using the numerical renormalization group (NRG) technique. It is based on calculating first the Green's function on the imaginary-frequency ... More
Fine structure of the spectra of the Kondo lattice model: two-site cellular DMFT studyDec 06 2016We study the antiferromagnetic and the paramagnetic Kondo insulator phases of the Kondo lattice model on the cubic lattice at half-filling using the cellular dynamical mean-field theory (CDMFT) with numerical renormalization group (NRG) as the impurity ... More
Higson Compactification and Dimension RaisingAug 13 2016Let $X$ and $Y$ be proper metric spaces. We show that a coarsely $n$-to-$1$ map $f\colon X\to Y$ induces an $n$-to-$1$ map of Higson coronas. This viewpoint turns out to be successful in showing that the classical dimension raising theorems hold in large ... More
Operational calculus on programming spaces and generalized tensor networksOct 25 2016In this paper, we develop the theory of analytic virtual machines, that implement analytic programming spaces and operators acting upon them. A programming space is a subspace of the function space of maps on the virtual memory. We can construct a differential ... More
Ear Recognition: More Than a SurveyNov 18 2016Automatic identity recognition from ear images represents an active field of research within the biometric community. The ability to capture ear images from a distance and in a covert manner makes the technology an appealing choice for surveillance and ... More
Multiple perturbations of a singular eigenvalue problemFeb 22 2016We study the perturbation by a critical term and a $(p-1)$-superlinear subcritical nonlinearity of a quasilinear elliptic equation containing a singular potential. By means of variational arguments and a version of the concentration-compactness principle ... More
Training Convolutional Neural Networks with Limited Training Data for Ear Recognition in the WildNov 27 2017Feb 01 2019Identity recognition from ear images is an active field of research within the biometric community. The ability to capture ear images from a distance and in a covert manner makes ear recognition technology an appealing choice for surveillance and security ... More
Dynamical and topological singularities cross-talk in flowing nematic liquid crystalsDec 01 2016Dynamical singularities in fluids, also known as stagnation points, have been extensively studied in flows of isotropic liquids, yet, how, and to what extent, a stagnation point can influence the molecular ordering, or the topology of a nematic liquid ... More
On Minc's sheltered middle pathJun 20 2012This paper shows that a construction, which was introduced by Piotr Minc in connection with a problem that came from Helly type theorems and that allows to replace three PL-arcs with a "sheltered middle path", can in the case of general (non-PL) paths ... More
TF-MoDISco v0.4.4.2-alpha: Technical NoteOct 31 2018TF-MoDISco (Transcription Factor Motif Discovery from Importance Scores) is an algorithm for identifying motifs from basepair-level importance scores computed on genomic sequence data. This paper describes the methods behind TF-MoDISco version ... More
The Unconstrained Ear Recognition ChallengeAug 23 2017Feb 01 2019In this paper we present the results of the Unconstrained Ear Recognition Challenge (UERC), a group benchmarking effort centered around the problem of person recognition from ear images captured in uncontrolled conditions. The goal of the challenge was ... More