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Representative Days for Expansion Decisions in Power SystemsJul 16 2019Short-term uncertainty should be properly modeled when the expansion planning problem in a power system is analyzed. Since the use of all available historical data may lead to intractability, clustering algorithms should be applied in order to reduce ... More
Efficient image deployment in cloud environmentsNov 21 2017The biggest overhead for the instantiation of a virtual machine in a cloud infrastructure is the time spent in transferring the image of the virtual machine into the physical node that executes it. This overhead becomes larger for requests composed of ... More
Analysis of Scientific Cloud Computing requirementsSep 24 2013Jun 22 2015While the requirements of enterprise and web applications have driven the development of Cloud computing, some of its key features, such as customized environments and rapid elasticity, could also benefit scientific applications. However, neither virtualization ... More
Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning Problem Considering Storage UnitsJul 10 2019This paper addresses the transmission network expansion planning problem considering storage units under uncertain demand and generation capacity. A two-stage adaptive robust optimization framework is adopted whereby short- and long-term uncertainties ... More
Standards for enabling heterogeneous IaaS cloud federationsNov 21 2017Technology market is continuing a rapid growth phase where different resource providers and Cloud Management Frameworks are positioning to provide ad-hoc solutions -in terms of management interfaces, information discovery or billing- trying to differentiate ... More
Raziel: Private and Verifiable Smart Contracts on BlockchainsJul 25 2018Raziel combines secure multi-party computation and proof-carrying code to provide privacy, correctness and verifiability guarantees for smart contracts on blockchains. Effectively solving DAO and Gyges attacks, this paper describes an implementation and ... More
Time evolution of correlation functions in quantum many-body systemsJun 26 2019We give rigorous analytical results on the temporal behavior of two-point correlation functions -- also known as dynamical response functions or Green's functions -- in closed many-body quantum systems. We show that in a large class of models the correlation ... More
Orchestrating Complex Application Architectures in Heterogeneous CloudsNov 09 2017Private cloud infrastructures are now widely deployed and adopted across technology industries and research institutions. Although cloud computing has emerged as a reality, it is now known that a single cloud provider cannot fully satisfy complex user ... More
Incremental Adaptation of NMT for Professional Post-editors: A User StudyJun 21 2019A common use of machine translation in the industry is providing initial translation hypotheses, which are later supervised and post-edited by a human expert. During this revision process, new bilingual data are continuously generated. Machine translation ... More
Demonstration of a Neural Machine Translation System with Online Learning for TranslatorsJun 21 2019We introduce a demonstration of our system, which implements online learning for neural machine translation in a production environment. These techniques allow the system to continuously learn from the corrections provided by the translators. We implemented ... More
Some characterizations of the preimage of $A_{\infty}$ for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator and consequencesOct 24 2017Nov 03 2017The purpose of this paper is to give some characterizations of the weight functions $w$ such that $Mw$ is in $A_{\infty}$. We show that for those weights to be in $A_{\infty}$ ensures to be in $A_{1}$. We give a criterion in terms of the local maximal ... More
Strong bound between trace distance and Hilbert-Schmidt distance for low-rank statesMar 28 2019The trace distance between two quantum states, $\rho$ and $\sigma$, is an operationally meaningful quantity in quantum information theory. However, in general it is difficult to compute, involving the diagonalization of $\rho - \sigma$. In contrast, the ... More
The VVV Survey RR Lyrae Population in the Galactic Centre RegionJul 11 2018Deep near-IR images from the VVV Survey were used to search for RR Lyrae type ab (RRab) stars within 100' from the Galactic Centre (GC). A sample of 960 RRab stars were discovered. We use the reddening-corrected magnitudes in order to isolate RRab belonging ... More
On the energy efficiency of client-centric data consistency management under random read/write access to Big Data with Apache HBaseSep 09 2015Oct 02 2015The total estimated energy bill for data centers in 2010 was \$11.5 billion, and experts estimate that the energy cost of a typical data center doubles every five years. On the other hand, storage advancements have started to lag behind computational ... More
Nonuniform Almost Reducibility of Nonautonomous Linear Differential EquationsDec 13 2017May 10 2019We prove that a linear nonautonomous differential system with nonuniform hyperbolicity on the half line can be expressed as diagonal system with a perturbation which is small enough. Moreover we show that the diagonal terms are contained in the nonuniform ... More
On the energy efficiency of client-centric data consistency management under random read/write access to Big Data with Apache HBaseSep 09 2015Nov 30 2016The total estimated energy bill for data centers in 2010 was \$11.5 billion, and experts estimate that the energy cost of a typical data center doubles every five years. On the other hand, computational developments have started to lag behind storage ... More
Classification of rotational surfaces in Euclidean space satisfying a linear relation between their principal curvaturesAug 22 2018We classify all rotational surfaces in Euclidean space whose principal curvatures $\kappa_1$ and $\kappa_2$ satisfy the linear relation $\kappa_1=a\kappa_2+b$, where $a$ and $b$ are two constants. We give a variational characterization of these surfaces ... More
Moser stability for volume forms on noncompact fiber bundlesJul 13 2016We prove a Moser stability theorem for fiberwise defined volume forms on smooth fiber bundles $\pi \colon M \to B$ with noncompact fibers without boundary over compact manifolds without boundary, which satisfy certain conditions.
Low-dimensional irreducible rational representations of classical algebraic groupsNov 16 2018Let $G$ be an algebraic group of classical type of rank $l$ over an algebraically closed field $K$ of characteristic $p$. We list and determine the dimensions of all irreducible $KG$-modules $L$ with $\dim L < \binom{l+1}{4}$ if $G$ is of type $A_l$, ... More
Log-concavity and symplectic flowsJul 05 2012Let M be a compact, connected symplectic 2n-dimensional manifold on which an(n-2)-dimensional torus T acts effectively and Hamiltonianly. Under the assumption that there is an effective complementary 2-torus acting on M with symplectic orbits, we show ... More
Galois representations attached to elliptic curves with complex multiplicationSep 07 2018Apr 26 2019The goal of this article is to give an explicit classification of the possible $p$-adic Galois representations that are attached to elliptic curves $E$ with CM defined over $\mathbb{Q}(j(E))$. More precisely, let $K$ be an imaginary quadratic field, and ... More
Federated Byzantine Quorum Systems (Extended Version)Nov 08 2018Some of the recent blockchain proposals, such as Stellar and Ripple, use quorum-like structures typical for Byzantine consensus while allowing for open membership. This is achieved by constructing quorums in a decentralised way: each participant independently ... More
Generating hyperbolic singularities in completely integrable systemsMar 05 2015Let $(M,\Omega)$ be a connected symplectic 4-manifold and let $F=(J,H) : M \to \mathbb{R}^2$ be a completely integrable system on $M$ with only non-degenerate singularities and for which $J : M \to \mathbb{R}$ is a proper map. Assume that $F$ does not ... More
Fuzzy inference system for integrated VVC in isolated power systemsFeb 10 2014This paper presents a fuzzy inference system for integrated volt/var control (VVC) in distribution substations. The purpose is go forward to automation distribution applying conservation voltage reduction (CVR) in isolated power systems where control ... More
Stability analysis for the background equations for inflation with dissipation and in a viscous radiation bathSep 04 2012Dec 03 2012The effects of bulk viscosity are examined for inflationary dynamics in which dissipation and thermalization are present. A complete stability analysis is done for the background inflaton evolution equations, which includes both inflaton dissipation and ... More
Quality-of-Data for Consistency Levels in Geo-replicated Cloud Data StoresOct 12 2014Cloud computing has recently emerged as a key technology to provide individuals and companies with access to remote computing and storage infrastructures. In order to achieve highly-available yet high-performing services, cloud data stores rely on data ... More
Mixing of quantum states under Markovian dissipation and coherent controlNov 15 2018Given any two quantum states $\rho$ and $\sigma$ in Hilbert spaces of equal dimension satisfying the majorization condition $\rho \succ \sigma$, it is always possible to transform $\rho \mapsto \sigma$ by a unital quantum map. In fact, any such transformation ... More
Efficient allocation of law enforcement resources using predictive police patrollingNov 30 2018Efficient allocation of scarce law enforcement resources is a hard problem to tackle. In a previous study (forthcoming Barreras (2019)) it has been shown that a simplified version of the self-exciting point process explained in Mohler (2011), ... More
Smoothness of Topological Equivalence on the Half Line for Nonautonomous SystemsJan 26 2018Jun 29 2018We study the differentiability properties of the topological equivalence between a uniformly asymptotically stable linear nonautonomous system and a perturbed system with suitable nonlinearities. For this purpose, we construct a uniformly continuous homeomorphism ... More
A new class of entropic information measures, formal group theory and information geometryJul 04 2018In this work, we study generalized entropies and information geometry in a group-theoretical framework. We explore the conditions that ensure the existence of some natural properties and at the same time of a group-theoretical structure for a large class ... More
Non-adiabatic entropy production for non-Markov dynamicsMay 16 2012Sep 06 2012We extend the definition of non-adiabatic entropy production given for Markovian systems in [M. Esposito and C. Van den Broeck, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 090601, (2010)], to arbitrary non-Markov ergodic dynamics. We also introduce a notion of stability characterizing ... More
Avalanches and force drops in displacement-driven compression of porous glassesJul 29 2016Similarities between force-driven compression experiments of porous materials and earthquakes have been recently proposed. In this manuscript, we measure the acoustic emission during displacement-driven compression of a porous glass. The energy of acoustic-emission ... More
Inverse sequences, rooted trees and their end spacesOct 16 2007Aug 31 2009In this paper we prove that if we consider the standard real metric on simplicial rooted trees then the category Tower-Set of inverse sequences can be described by means of the bounded coarse geometry of the naturally associated trees. Using this we give ... More
The differential build-up factorSep 26 2018The build-factor is a magnitude which allows to correct the photon exponential attenuation model to obtain the real value of a certain dosimetric magnitude, like air exposure. Its main weaknesses are the dependences on the response function of such a ... More
Regression by clustering using Metropolis-HastingsNov 29 2018High quality risk adjustment in health insurance markets weakens insurer incentives to engage in inefficient behavior to attract lower-cost enrollees. We propose a novel methodology based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to improve risk adjustment ... More
O-asymptotic classes of finite structuresOct 09 2014Mar 18 2018In this paper we introduce the concept of O-asymptotic classes of finite structures, melding ideas coming from 1-dimensional asymptotic classes and o-minimality. The results we present here include a cell-decomposition result for O-asymptotic classes ... More
Cohort aggregation modelling for complex forest stands: Spruce-aspen mixtures in British ColumbiaOct 24 2016Oct 25 2016Mixed-species growth models are needed as a synthesis of ecological knowledge and for guiding forest management. Individual-tree models have been commonly used, but the difficulties of reliably scaling from the individual to the stand level are often ... More
O-asymptotic classes of finite structuresOct 09 2014In this paper we introduce the concept of O-asymptotic classes of finite structures, melding ideas coming from 1-dimensional asymptotic classes and o-minimality. The results we present here include a cell-decomposition result for O-asymptotic classes ... More
A note on pseudofinite dimension and forkingFeb 21 2014Oct 01 2014In this paper we show that an instance of dividing in pseudofinite structures can be witnessed by a drop of the pseudofinite dimension. As an application of this result we give new proofs of known results for asymptotic classes of finite structures.
Hidden invariance of the free classical particleJun 07 1993Mar 12 1994A formalism describing the dynamics of classical and quantum systems from a group theoretical point of view is presented. We apply it to the simple example of the classical free particle. The Galileo group $G$ is the symmetry group of the free equations ... More
Estimating reducible stochastic differential equations by conversion to a least-squares problemOct 16 2017Jun 23 2018Stochastic differential equations (SDEs) are increasingly used in longitudinal data analysis, compartmental models, growth modelling, and other applications in a number of disciplines. Parameter estimation, however, currently requires specialized software ... More
Toeplitz minors and specializations of skew Schur polynomialsJun 08 2017Nov 27 2017We express minors of Toeplitz matrices of finite and large dimension, including the case of symbols with Fisher-Hartwig singularities, in terms of specializations of symmetric functions. By comparing the resulting expressions with the inverses of some ... More
Dynamical maps, quantum detailed balance and Petz recovery mapSep 23 2016Markovian master equations (formally known as quantum dynamical semigroups) can be used to describe the evolution of a quantum state $\rho_S$ when in contact with a memoryless thermal bath. This approach has had much success in describing the dynamics ... More
Classifying toric and semitoric fans by lifting equations from $\textrm{SL}_2 (\mathbb{Z})$Feb 26 2015Sep 19 2015We present an algebraic method to study four-dimensional toric varieties by lifting matrix equations from the special linear group $\textrm{SL}_2 (\mathbb{Z})$ to its preimage in the universal cover of $\textrm{SL}_2 (\mathbb{R})$. With this method we ... More
On the asymptotic Plateau problem for area minimizing surfaces in $\mathbb{E}(-1,τ)$May 08 2019We prove some existence and non-existence results for complete area minimizing surfaces in the homogeneous space $\mathbb{E}(-1,\tau)$. As one of our main results, we present sufficient conditions for a curve $\Gamma$ in $\partial_{\infty} \mathbb{E}(-1,\tau)$ ... More
A new class of Nilpotent Jacobians in any dimensionApr 02 2018Sep 06 2018The classification of the nilpotent Jacobians with some structure has been an object of study because of its relationship with the Jacobian Conjecture. In this paper we classify the polynomial maps in dimension $n$ of the form $H = (u(x,y), u_2(x,y,x_3), ... More
Duration of local violations of the second law of thermodynamics along single trajectories in phase spaceDec 04 2012Feb 03 2014We define the {\it violation fraction} $\nu$ as the cumulative fraction of time that the entropy change is negative during single realizations of processes in phase space. This quantity depends both on the number of degrees of freedom $N$ and the duration ... More
Symmetry for the duration of entropy-consuming intervalsMar 10 2014Apr 28 2014We introduce the violation fraction $\upsilon$ as the cumulative fraction of time that a mesoscopic system spends consuming entropy at a single trajectory in phase space. We show that the fluctuations of this quantity are described in terms of a symmetry ... More
Matrix models for classical groups and Toeplitz$\pm $Hankel minors with applications to Chern-Simons theory and fermionic modelsJan 25 2019We study matrix integration over the classical Lie groups $U(N),Sp(2N),O(2N)$ and $O(2N+1)$, using symmetric function theory and the equivalent formulation in terms of determinants and minors of Toeplitz$\pm$Hankel matrices. We establish a number of factorizations ... More
Paxos Consensus, Deconstructed and Abstracted (Extended Version)Feb 16 2018Lamport's Paxos algorithm is a classic consensus protocol for state machine replication in environments that admit crash failures. Many versions of Paxos exploit the protocol's intrinsic properties for the sake of gaining better run-time performance, ... More
A parametric study of window-to-floor ratio of three window types using dynamic simulationMar 24 2015The windows can be responsible for unnecessary energy consumption in a building, if incorrectly designed, shadowed or oriented. Considering an annual thermal comfort assessment of a space, if windows are over-dimensioned, they can contribute to the increase ... More
Insertion-tolerance and repetitiveness of random graphsApr 19 2016May 09 2016Bond percolation on Cayley graphs provides examples of random graphs. Other examples arise from the dynamical study of proper repetitive subgraphs of Cayley graphs. In this paper we demonstrate that these two families have mutually singular laws as a ... More
COSMOSOMAS: A Circular Scanning Instrument to Map the Sky at Centimetric WavelengthsAug 01 2001We describe the first instrument of a Cosmic Microwave Background experiment for mapping cosmological structures on medium angular scales (the COSMOSOMAS experiment) and diffuse Galactic emission. The instrument is located at Teide Observatory (Tenerife) ... More
Machine learning-assisted virtual patching of web applicationsMar 14 2018Web applications are permanently being exposed to attacks that exploit their vulnerabilities. In this work we investigate the application of machine learning techniques to leverage Web Application Firewall (WAF), a technology that is used to detect and ... More
Suppressors of selectionJul 15 2016Dec 20 2016Inspired by recent works on evolutionary graph theory, an area of growing interest in mathematical and computational biology, we present the first known examples of undirected structures acting as suppressors of selection for any fitness value $r > 1$. ... More
Simulation of chiral topological phases in driven quantum dot arraysMar 18 2019We discuss how to use quantum dot arrays as quantum simulators for 1D chiral topological phases. We show that by driving the system out of equilibrium with a particular driving protocol, one can modify the hopping amplitudes at will, imprinting bond-order ... More
Characterizing multi-photon quantum interference with practical light sources and threshold single-photon detectorsOct 23 2017The experimental characterization of multi-photon quantum interference effects in optical networks is essential in many applications of photonic quantum technologies, which include quantum computing and quantum communication as two prominent examples. ... More
Multimodal Registration of Retinal Images Using Domain-Specific Landmarks and Vessel EnhancementMar 02 2018Apr 02 2018The analysis of different image modalities is frequently performed in ophthalmology as it provides complementary information for the diagnosis and follow-up of relevant diseases, like hypertension or diabetes. This work presents a hybrid method for the ... More
Understanding and enhancing superconductivity in FeSe/STO by quantum size effectsJun 30 2016Nov 24 2016Superconductivity in one-atom-layer iron selenide (FeSe) on a strontium titanate (STO) substrate is enhanced by almost an order of magnitude with respect to bulk FeSe. There is recent experimental evidence suggesting that this enhancement persists in ... More
Understanding and enhancing superconductivity in FeSe/STO by quantum size effectsJun 30 2016Superconductivity in one-atom-layer iron selenide (FeSe) on a strontium titanate (STO) substrate is enhanced by almost an order of magnitude with respect to bulk FeSe. There is recent experimental evidence suggesting that this enhancement persists in ... More
Detection of protonated formaldehyde in the prestellar core L1689BMar 01 2016Complex organic molecules (COMs) are detected in many regions of the interstellar medium, including prestellar cores. However, their formation mechanisms in cold (~10 K) cores remain to this date poorly understood. The formyl radical HCO is an important ... More
On convex polyhedron semigroupsJul 16 2015Let $\mathbf{F}$ be bounded convex polyhedron of $\R^3_{\geq}$ and $\psi_k$ the homothety with center the origin and radius $k$. The convex polyhedron semigroup associated to $\mathbf{F}$ is the semigroup $\cup_{k\in\N}\psi_k(\mathbf{F})\cap \N^3$. In ... More
General magnetized Weyl solutions: Disks and motion of charged particlesSep 06 2010Jun 20 2011We construct three families of general magnetostatic axisymmetric exact solutions of Einstein-Maxwell equations in spherical coordinates, prolate, and oblates. The solutions obtained are then presented in the system of generalized spheroidal coordinates ... More
Disconnected pseudo-$C_\ell$ covariances for projected large-scale structure dataJun 27 2019The disconnected part of the power spectrum covariance matrix (also known as the "Gaussian" covariance) is the dominant contribution on large scales for galaxy clustering and weak lensing datasets. The presence of a complicated sky mask causes non-trivial ... More
An efficient cloud scheduler design supporting preemptible instancesDec 27 2018Jan 03 2019Maximizing resource utilization by performing an efficient resource provisioning is a key factor for any cloud provider: commercial actors can maximize their revenues, whereas scientific and non-commercial providers can maximize their infrastructure utilization. ... More
Marginal and Irrelevant Disorder in Einstein-Maxwell backgroundsDec 01 2015Jan 15 2016We study analytically the effect of a weak random chemical potential of zero average in an Einstein-Maxwell background. For uncorrelated disorder this perturbation is relevant however we show that it can become marginal or even irrelevant by tuning disorder ... More
Effective computation of $Tor_k (M,N)$Dec 16 2004An effective method to compute a presentation of $Tor_k (M,N)$ for modules on a not necessarily commutative algebra is proposed, more precisely when $R$ is a PBW algebra, $M$ is a centralizing $R$-bimodule and $N$ is a finitely generated left $R$-module. ... More
Vibrationally resolved electronic spectra including vibrational pre-excitation: Theory and application to VIPER spectroscopyJul 11 2017Aug 22 2017Vibrationally resolved electronic absorption spectra including the effect of vibrational pre-excitation are computed in order to interpret and predict vibronic transitions that are probed in the Vibrationally Promoted Electronic Resonance (VIPER) experiment ... More
Combined effect of thermal and quantum fluctuations in superconducting nanostructures: a path integral approachSep 20 2011We study the combined effect of thermal and quantum fluctuations in a zero dimensional superconductor. By using path integral techniques, we obtain novel expressions for the partition function and the superconducting order parameter which include both ... More
Universal quantum constraints on the butterfly effectOct 29 2015Jul 05 2016Lyapunov exponents, a purely classical quantity, play an important role in the evolution of quantum chaotic systems in the semiclassical limit. We conjecture the existence of an upper bound on the Lyapunov exponents that contribute to the quantum motion, ... More
Interplay of classical and "quantum" capacitance in a one dimensional array of Josephson junctionsDec 11 2013Even in the absence of Coulomb interactions phase fluctuations induced by quantum size effects become increasingly important in superconducting nano-structures as the mean level spacing becomes comparable with the bulk superconducting gap. Here we study ... More
Many-Body Localization in a finite-range Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev modelJan 10 2018We study the level statistics of a generalized Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model with two-body and one-body random interactions of finite range by exact diagonalization. Tuning the range of the one-body term, while keeping the two-body interaction sufficiently ... More
Rare Flavor Processes in Maximally Natural SupersymmetrySep 19 2014Feb 23 2015We study CP-conserving rare flavor violating processes in the recently proposed theory of Maximally Natural Supersymmetry (MNSUSY). MNSUSY is an unusual supersymmetric (SUSY) extension of the Standard Model (SM) which, remarkably, is un-tuned at present ... More
Conductivity and entanglement entropy of high dimensional holographic superconductorsFeb 12 2015Jan 13 2016We investigate the dependence of the conductivity and the entanglement entropy on the space-time dimensionality $d$ in two holographic superconductors: one dual to a quantum critical point with spontaneous symmetry breaking, and the other modeled by a ... More
Size effects in superconducting thin films coupled to a substrateNov 17 2013Jan 13 2016Recent experimental advances in surface science have made it possible to track the evolution of superconductivity in films as the thickness enters the nanoscale region where it is expected that the substrate plays an important role. Here, we put forward ... More
Drude weight and Mazur-Suzuki bounds in holographyDec 14 2015We investigate the Drude weight and the related Mazur-Suzuki (MS) bound in a broad variety of strongly coupled field theories with a gravity dual at finite temperature and chemical potential. We revisit the derivation of the recently proposed universal ... More
Thermodynamic inference based on coarse-grained data or noisy measurementsDec 23 2015Fluctuation theorems have become an important tool in single molecule biophysics to measure free energy differences from non-equilibrium experiments. When significant coarse-graining or noise affect the measurements, the determination of the free energies ... More
Centered and non-centered variance inflation factorMay 29 2019This paper analyzes the diagnostic of near multicollinearity in a multiple linear regression from auxiliary centered regressions (with intercept) and non-centered (without intercept). From these auxiliary regression, the centered and non-centered Variance ... More
Towards a comprehensive model of Earth's disk-integrated Stokes vectorSep 30 2014A significant body of work on simulating the remote appearance of Earth-like exoplanets has been done over the last decade. The research is driven by the prospect of characterizing habitable planets beyond the Solar System in the near future. In this ... More
Time dependent quantum scattering theory on complete manifolds with a corner of codimension 2Oct 19 2012Sep 23 2015We show the existence and orthogonality of wave operators naturally associated to a compatible Laplacian on a complete manifold with a corner of codimension 2. In fact, we prove asymptotic completeness i.e. that the image of these wave operators is equal ... More
Absence of singular continuous spectrum for some geometric LaplaciansOct 19 2012We provide two examples of spectral analysis techniques of Schroedinger operators applied to geometric Laplacians. In particular we show how to adapt the method of analytic dilation to Laplacians on complete manifolds with corners of codimension 2 finding ... More
Chemical abundances in Galactic planetary nebulae from faint emission linesDec 08 2016Deep spectrophotometry has proved to be a fundamental tool to improve our knowledge on the chemical content of planetary nebulae. With the arrival of very efficient spectrographs installed in the largest ground-based telescopes, outstanding spectra have ... More
Measuring Cultural Dynamics Through the Eurovision Song ContestJan 14 2013May 10 2013Measuring culture and its dynamics through surveys has important limitations, but the emerging field of computational social science allows us to overcome them by analyzing large-scale datasets. In this article, we study cultural dynamics through the ... More
Gauge Invariance for Navier--Stokes EquationsJul 28 2017Jan 16 2019Dynamical systems such as free divergent velocity fields are governed by Navier--Stokes equations. However, the problem of bounding the kinetic energy for this type of mechanics is an enigma. Here it is reasoned how to find finite $L^2$ norms of the velocity ... More
About the Geometric Solution to the Problems of Dark EnergyNov 19 2010Feb 06 2011In this paper is proposed a geometric solution to the dark energy, assuming that the space can be divided into regions of size $\sim L_{p}$ and energy $\sim E_{p}$. Significantly this assumption generate a energy density similar to the energy density ... More
Exact Solutions for Restricted Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations with Dirichlet Boundary ConditionsJul 28 2017Mar 21 2019In this paper it is exposed how to obtain a relation that have to be hold for all free divergent velocity fields that evolve according to Navier--Stokes equations. However, checking the violation of this relation requires a huge computational effort. ... More
On mapping exoplanet atmospheres with high-dispersion spectro-polarimetry. Some model predictionsFeb 03 2018Planets reflect and linearly polarize the radiation that they receive from their host stars. The emergent polarization is sensitive to aspects of the planet atmosphere such as the gas composition and the occurrence of condensates and their optical properties. ... More
Degenerate Hessian structures on radiant manifoldsMar 02 2015Sep 29 2017We present a rigorous mathematical treatment of Ruppeiner geometry, by considering degenerate Hessian metrics defined on radiant manifolds. A manifold $M$ is said to be radiant if it is endowed with a symmetric, flat connection $\bar\nabla$ and a global ... More
Solar Axion search with Micromegas detectors in the CAST Experiment with $^{3}$He as buffer gasJun 08 2015Axions are well motivated particles proposed in an extension of the SM as a solution to the strong CP problem. Also, there is the category of Axion-Like Particles (ALPs) which appear in extensions of the SM and share the same phenomenology of the axion. ... More
Radial metallicity gradients with Galactic nebular probesOct 23 2018Oct 24 2018The study of radial metallicity gradients in the disc of the Milky Way is a powerful tool to understand the mechanisms that have been acting in the formation and evolution of the Galactic disc. In this proceeding, I will put the eye on some problems that ... More
A new characterisation of groups amongst monoidsJun 08 2016We prove that a monoid $M$ is a group if and only if, in the category of monoids, all points over $M$ are strong. This sharpens and greatly simplifies a result of Montoli, Rodelo and Van der Linden which characterises groups amongst monoids as the protomodular ... More
A Lagrangean Relaxation Algorithm for the Simple Plant Location Problem with PreferencesMay 10 2018The Simple Plant Location Problem with Order (SPLPO) is a variant of the Simple Plant Location Problem (SPLP), where the customers have preferences over the facilities which will serve them. In particular, customers define their preferences by ranking ... More
Extensions of $\frak{sl}_2$ by generalized derivations and Hom-Lie algebra structures on simple Lie algebrasMar 08 2019Mar 13 2019The purpose of this paper is to show that there are Hom-Lie algebra structures on $\mathfrak{sl}_2(\mathbb{F}) \oplus \mathbb{F}D$, where $D$ is a special type of generalized derivation of $\mathfrak{sl}_2(\mathbb{F})$, and $\mathbb{F}$ is an algebraically ... More
A note on covers defining relative and sectional categoriesMay 17 2019We give a characterization of relative category in the sense of Doeraene-El Haouari by using open covers. We also prove that relative category and sectional category can be defined by taking arbitrary covers (not necessarily open) when dealing with ANR ... More
Higgs bundles and higher Teichmüller spacesJan 25 2019This paper is a survey on the role of Higgs bundle theory in the study of higher Teichm\"uller spaces. Recall that the Teichm\"uller space of a compact surface can be identified with a certain connected component of the moduli space of representations ... More
Thouless energy and critical statistics on the metallic side of the many-body localization transitionJun 27 2016Jul 01 2016We study a one-dimensional (1d) XXZ spin-chain in a random field on the metallic side of the many-body localization transition by level statistics. For a fixed interaction, and intermediate disorder below the many-body localization transition, we find ... More
Drift induced by dissipationAug 01 2018Active particles have become a subject of intense interest across several disciplines from animal behavior to granular physics. Usually the models of such particles contain an explicit internal driving. Here we propose a model with implicit driving in ... More
Shishkin mesh simulation: A new stabilization technique for convection-diffusion problems and complementary experimentsDec 18 2012Jan 17 2013We present together in this document the paper B. Garc\'ia-Archilla, Shiskin mesh simulation: A new stabilization technique for convection-diffusion problems, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 256 (2013), 1-16, and the manuscript B. Garc\'{\i}a-Archilla, ... More
Limits of sequences of maximal monotone operatorsJan 28 2011We show that the lower limit of a sequence of maximal monotone operators on a reflexive Banach space is a representable monotone operator. As a consequence, we obtain that the variational sum of maximal monotone operators and the variational composition ... More
Traveling and standing waves in coupled pendula and Newton's cradleMar 25 2015May 21 2016The existence of traveling and standing waves is investigated for chains of coupled pendula with periodic boundary conditions. The results are proven by applying topological methods to subspaces of symmetric solutions. The main advantage of this approach ... More