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A New Population of Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources Detected by HAWCSep 18 2019We present the first catalog of gamma-ray sources emitting above 56 and 100 TeV with data from the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory, a wide field-of-view observatory capable of detecting gamma rays up to a few hundred TeV. Nine sources ... More
Towards a Public Key Management Framework for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service ProvidersSep 18 2019The recent FATF Recommendations defines virtual assets and virtual assets service providers (VASP), and requires under the Travel Rule that originating VASPs obtain and hold required and accurate originator information and required beneficiary information ... More
Band spectra of periodic hybrid $δ$-$δ^\prime$ structuresSep 18 2019We present a detailed study of a generalised one-dimensional Kronig-Penney model using $\delta\text{-}\delta'$ potentials. We analyse the band structure and the density of states in two situations. In the first case we consider an infinite array formed ... More
Diversity-enabled sweet spots in layered architectures and speed-accuracy trade-offs in sensorimotor controlSep 18 2019Nervous systems sense, communicate, compute, and actuate movement using distributed components with trade-offs in speed, accuracy, sparsity, noise, and saturation. Nevertheless, the resulting control can achieve remarkably fast, accurate, and robust performance ... More
First-order system least squares finite-elements for singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equationsSep 18 2019We propose a new first-order-system least squares (FOSLS) finite-element discretization for singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations. Solutions to such problems feature layer phenomena, and are ubiquitous in many areas of applied mathematics ... More
Efficient Implementation of Ab Initio Quantum Embedding in Periodic Systems: Density Matrix Embedding TheorySep 18 2019We describe an efficient quantum embedding framework for realistic ab initio density matrix embedding (DMET) calculations in solids. We discuss in detail the choice of orbitals and mapping to a lattice, treatment of the virtual space and bath truncation, ... More
NMR, magnetization, and heat capacity studies of the uniform spin-1/2 chain compound Bi6V3O16Sep 18 2019We report the local (NMR) and bulk (magnetization and heat capacity) properties of the vanadium-based S=1/2 uniform spin chain compound Bi6V3O16(Bi4V2O10.66). In the low-temperature {\alpha} phase, the magnetic ions (V4+) are arranged in one-dimensional ... More
Fine-Tuning Language Models from Human PreferencesSep 18 2019Reward learning enables the application of reinforcement learning (RL) to tasks where reward is defined by human judgment, building a model of reward by asking humans questions. Most work on reward learning has used simulated environments, but complex ... More
Efficient Implementation of Ab Initio Quantum Embedding in Periodic Systems: Dynamical Mean-Field TheorySep 18 2019We present an efficient ab initio dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT) implementation for quantitative simulations in solids. Our DMFT scheme employs ab initio Hamiltonians defined for impurities comprising the full unit cell or a supercell of atoms and ... More
Magnetic domain dynamics in an insulating quantum ferromagnetSep 18 2019The statistics and form of avalanches in a driven system reveal the nature of the underlying energy landscape and dynamics. In conventional metallic ferromagnets, eddy-current back action can dominate the dynamics. Here, we study Barkhausen noise in Li(Ho,Y)F4, ... More
On the Maximal Parameter Range of Global Stability for a Nonlocal Thermostat ModelSep 18 2019The global asymptotic stability of the unique steady state of a nonlinear scalar parabolic equation with a nonlocal boundary condition is studied. The equation describes the evolution of the temperature profile that is subject to a feedback control loop. ... More
Random concave functions on an equilateral lattice with periodic hessiansSep 18 2019We show that a random concave function having a periodic hessian on an equilateral lattice has a quadratic scaling limit, if the average hessian of the function satisfies certain conditions. We consider the set of all concave functions $g$ on an equilateral ... More
Influence of the Yarkovsky force on Jupiter Trojan asteroidsSep 18 2019Aims. We investigate the influence of the Yarkovsky force on the long-term orbital evolution of Jupiter Trojan asteroids. Methods. Clones of the observed population with different sizes and different thermal properties were numerically integrated for ... More
Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person SearchSep 18 2019Person search aims at localizing and identifying a query person from a gallery of uncropped scene images. Different from person re-identification (re-ID), its performance also depends on the localization accuracy of a pedestrian detector. The state-of-the-art ... More
Dynamical systems on chain complexes and canonical minimal resolutionsSep 18 2019We introduce notions of vector field and its (discrete time) flow on a chain complex. The resulting dynamical systems theory provides a set of tools with a broad range of applicability that allow, among others, to replace in a canonical way a chain complex ... More
Learning Discrepancy Models From Experimental DataSep 18 2019First principles modeling of physical systems has led to significant technological advances across all branches of science. For nonlinear systems, however, small modeling errors can lead to significant deviations from the true, measured behavior. Even ... More
A Standard Model explanation for the excess of electron-like events in MiniBooNESep 18 2019We study the dependence of neutral current (NC) neutrino-induced $\pi^0$/photon production ($\nu_\mu + A \to \nu_\mu +1\pi^0 / \gamma + X$) on the atomic number of the target nucleus, A, at 4-momentum transfers relevant to the MiniBooNE experiment:$|q|$=200-500 ... More
Local Probability Conservation in Discrete Time Quantum WalksSep 18 2019We show that probability is locally conserved in discrete time quantum walks, corresponding to a particle evolving in discrete space and time. In particular, for a spatial structure represented by an arbitrary directed graph, and any unitary evolution ... More
From Farey fractions to the Klein quartic and beyondSep 18 2019In his 1878/79 paper "Ueber die transformation siebenter ordnung der elliptischen functionen", Klein produced his famous 14-sided polygon representing the Klein quartic, his Riemann surface of genus 3 which has PSL(2,7) as its automorphism group. The ... More
New physics in $b\to s\ell\ell$ transitions at one loopSep 18 2019We investigate new-physics contributions to $b\to s \ell\ell$ transitions in the context of an effective field theory extension of the Standard Model, including operator mixing at one loop. We identify the few scenarios where a single Wilson coefficient, ... More
Construction of Machine Learned Force Fields with Quantum Chemical Accuracy: Applications and Chemical InsightsSep 18 2019Highly accurate force fields are a mandatory requirement to generate predictive simulations. Here we present the path for the construction of machine learned molecular force fields by discussing the hierarchical pathway from generating the dataset of ... More
The fastest relaxation rate of higher-dimensional Reissner--Nordström black holeSep 18 2019In the eikonal regime, we analytically calculate quasinormal resonance frequencies for massless scalar perturbations of the higher-dimensional Reissner--Nordstr\"{o}m (RN) black holes. Remarkably, we find that the higher-dimensional RN black holes coupled ... More
Integral Quadratic Forms Avoiding Arithmetic ProgressionsSep 18 2019For every positive integer k, it is shown that there exists a positive definite diagonal quaternary integral quadratic form that represents all positive integers except for precisely those which lie in k arithmetic progressions. For k=1, all forms with ... More
From Bipedal Walking to Quadrupedal Locomotion: Full-Body Dynamics Decomposition for Rapid Gait GenerationSep 18 2019This paper systematically decomposes quadrupeds into bipeds to rapidly generate walking gaits, and then recomposes these gaits to obtain quadrupedal locomotion. We begin by decomposing the full-order, nonlinear and hybrid dynamics of a three-dimensional ... More
Mechanical phenotyping of cereal crops to assess lodging resistanceSep 18 2019Plant mechanical failure, also known as lodging, is the cause of significant and unpredictable yield losses in cereal crops. Lodging can be divided into two distinct failure modes - stalk lodging and root lodging. Despite the prevalence and detrimental ... More
Investigating the high-temperature thermoelectric properties of n-type rutile TiO$_2$Sep 18 2019Transition metal oxides are considered promising thermoelectric materials for harvesting high-temperature waste heat due to their stability, abundance and low toxicity. Despite their typically strong ionic character, they can exhibit surprisingly high ... More
Monosynaptic inference via finely-timed spikesSep 18 2019Observations of finely-timed spike relationships in population recordings are often used to support partial reconstruction of neural microcircuit diagrams. Here fine-timescale components of paired spike train interactions are isolated and subsequently ... More
Evolution of 3-dimensional Shape of Passively Evolving and Star-forming Galaxies at $z<1$Sep 18 2019Using the HST/ACS $I_{\rm F814W}$-band data, we investigated distribution of apparent axial ratios of $\sim21000$ galaxies with $M_{V}<-20$ at $0.2<z<1.0$ in the COSMOS field as a function of stellar mass, specific star formation rate (sSFR), and redshift. ... More
Inclusive productions of $Υ(1S,2S,3S)$ and $χ_b(1P,2P,3P)$ via the Higgs boson decaySep 18 2019In this paper, we carry out the complete $\mathcal O(\alpha\alpha_s^{2})$-order studies on the inclusive productions of $\Upsilon(nS)$ and $\chi_b(nP)$ ($n=1,2,3$) via the Higgs boson decay, within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD. The feeddown effects ... More
Regular matroids have polynomial extension complexitySep 18 2019We prove that the extension complexity of the independence polytope of every regular matroid on $n$ elements is $O(n^6)$. Past results of Wong and Martin on extended formulations of the spanning tree polytope of a graph imply a $O(n^2)$ bound for the ... More
A converse statement to Hutchinson's theorem and a dimension gap for self-affine measuresSep 18 2019A well-known theorem of J.E. Hutchinson states that if an iterated function system consists of similarity transformations and satisfies the open set condition then its attractor supports a self-similar measure with Hausdorff dimension equal to the similarity ... More
Matter Wave Interferometry for Inertial Sensing and Tests of Fundamental PhysicsSep 18 2019Very Long Baseline Atom Interferometry (VLBAI) corresponds to ground-based atomic matter-wave interferometry on large scales in space and time, letting the atomic wave functions interfere after free evolution times of several seconds or wave packet separation ... More
Keck/OSIRIS IFU Detection of a z $\sim$ 3 Damped Lyman Alpha Host GalaxySep 18 2019We present Keck/OSIRIS infrared IFU observations of the $z = $ 3.153 sub-DLA DLA2233+131, previously detected in absorption to a background quasar and studied with single slit spectroscopy and PMAS integral field spectroscopy (IFU). We used the Laser ... More
Diffusion-controlled coalescence, fragmentation and collapse of $d$-dimensional $A$-particle islands in the $B$-particle seaSep 18 2019We present a systematic analysis of diffusion-controlled evolution and collapse of two identical spatially separated $d$-dimensional $A$-particle islands in the $B$-particle sea at propagation of the sharp reaction front $A+B\to 0$ at equal species diffusivities. ... More
Asymptotic preserving $P_N$ methods for haptotaxis equationsSep 18 2019The so-called haptotaxis equation is a special class of transport equation that arises from models of biological cell movement along tissue fibers. This equation has an anisotropic advection-diffusion equation as its macroscopic limit. An up to second-order ... More
Work fluctuations and Jarzynski equality in stochastic resettingSep 18 2019We consider the paradigm of an overdamped Brownian particle in a potential well, which is modulated through an external protocol, in the presence of stochastic resetting. Thus, in addition to the short range diffusive motion, the particle also experiences ... More
Hierarchical Meta-Embeddings for Code-Switching Named Entity RecognitionSep 18 2019In countries that speak multiple main languages, mixing up different languages within a conversation is commonly called code-switching. Previous works addressing this challenge mainly focused on word-level aspects such as word embeddings. However, in ... More
The level of distribution of the sum-of-digits function of linear recurrence number systemsSep 18 2019Let $G=(G_j)_{j\ge 0}$ be a strictly increasing linear recurrent sequence of integers with $G_0=1$ having characteristic polynomial $X^{d}-a_1X^{d-1}-\cdots-a_{d-1}X-a_d$. It is well known that each positive integer $\nu$ can be uniquely represented by ... More
Regularization in Generalized Semiparametric Mixed-Effects Model for Longitudinal DataSep 18 2019This paper considers the problem of simultaneous variable selection and estimation in the generalized semiparametric mixed-effects model for longitudinal data when the number of parameters diverges with the sample size. A penalization type of generalized ... More
Low Level Radio-Frequency system used for testing the RFQ prototype of MYRRHASep 18 2019Within the framework of the European, project MYRTE (MYRRHA Research and Transmutation Endeavour) of the H2020 program, a 4-Rods RFQ (Radio Frequency Quadrupole) has been designed at 176.1 MHz RFQ for accelerating up to 4 mA protons in CW (Continuous ... More
Cayley-Bacharach theorems with excess vanishingSep 18 2019Griffiths and Harris showed in 1978 that if E is a rank n vector bundle on a smooth projective variety of dimension n, and if s is a section of E vanishing simply on a finite set Z, then any section of (K_X + det E) vanishing at all but one of the points ... More
Word Recognition, Competition, and Activation in a Model of Visually Grounded SpeechSep 18 2019In this paper, we study how word-like units are represented and activated in a recurrent neural model of visually grounded speech. The model used in our experiments is trained to project an image and its spoken description in a common representation space. ... More
Bounding Radon's number via Betti numbers in the planeSep 18 2019We prove a general version of Radon's theorem for finite families $\mathcal F$ of sets in zero-, one- and two-dimensional (pseudo)manifolds and graphs. The only requirement is that for each $\mathcal G\subseteq\mathcal F$ the intersection $\bigcap\mathcal ... More
Triplet excitation and electroluminescence from a supramolecular monolayer embedded in a boron nitride tunnel barrierSep 18 2019We show that ordered monolayers of organic molecules stabilized by hydrogen bonding on the surface of exfoliated few-layer hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) flakes may be incorporated into van der Waals heterostructures with integral few-layer graphene contacts ... More
Influence of Rashba spin-orbit coupling on the 0-$π$ transition and Kondo temperature in 1D superconductorsSep 18 2019Using the framework of the density-matrix renormalization group (DMRG), we study a quantum dot coupled to a superconducting nanowire with strong Rashba spin-orbit coupling. Regarding the singlet-to-doublet "0-$\pi$" transition that takes place when the ... More
Constraining disk evolution prescriptions of planet population synthesis models with observed disk masses and accretion ratesSep 18 2019While planets are commonly discovered around main-sequence stars, the processes leading to their formation are still far from being understood. Current planet population synthesis models, which aim at describing the planet formation process from the protoplanetary ... More
InAs Heteroepitaxy on Nanopillar-Patterned GaAs (111)ASep 18 2019Heteroepitaxy on nanopatterned substrates is a means of defect reduction at semiconductor heterointerfaces by exploiting substrate compliance and enhanced elastic lattice relaxation resulting from reduced dimensions. We explore this possibility in the ... More
Simple, Scalable Adaptation for Neural Machine TranslationSep 18 2019Fine-tuning pre-trained Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models is the dominant approach for adapting to new languages and domains. However, fine-tuning requires adapting and maintaining a separate model for each target task. We propose a simple yet efficient ... More
Non-adiabatic tidal oscillations induced by a planetary companionSep 18 2019We calculate the dynamical tides raised by a close planetary companion on non-rotating stars of $1$ $\text{M}_{\odot}$ and $1.4$ $\text{M}_{\odot}$. Using the Henyey method, we solve the fully non-adiabatic equations throughout the star. The horizontal ... More
Performance of the INFN Camera calibration device of the first Large Size Telescope in the Cherenkov Telescope ArraySep 18 2019On October $10^{\rm th}$ 2018 started the commissioning of the first Large Size Telescope (LST) prototype at the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) northern site at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, Canary Island of La Palma (Spain). For a precise ... More
Generalized Parton Distributions and Pseudo-DistributionsSep 18 2019We derive one-loop matching relations for the Ioffe-time distributions related to the pion distribution amplitude (DA) and generalized parton distributions (GPDs). They are obtained from a universal expression for the one-loop correction in an operator ... More
Blockade of vortex flow by thermal fluctuations in atomically thin clean-limit superconductorsSep 18 2019Resistance in superconductors arises from the motion of vortices driven by flowing supercurrents or external electromagnetic fields and may be strongly affected by thermal or quantum fluctuations. The common expectation borne out in previous experiments ... More
Finite N corrections to white hot string bitsSep 18 2019String bit systems exhibit a Hagedorn transition in the $N\to\infty$ limit. However, there is no phase transition when $N$ is finite (but still large). We calculate two-loop, finite $N$ corrections to the partition function in the low temperature regime. ... More
Retinal analysis of a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease with multi-contrast optical coherence tomographySep 18 2019Recent Alzheimer's disease (AD) patient studies have focused on retinal analysis, as the retina is the only part of the central nervous system which can be imaged non-invasively by optical methods. However as this is a relatively new approach, the occurrence ... More
New data on $\vecγ \vec{p}\rightarrow ηp$ with polarized photons and protons and their implications for $N^* \to Nη$ decaysSep 18 2019The polarization observables $T, E, P, H$, and $G$ in photoproduction of $\eta$ mesons off protons are measured for photon energies from threshold to $W=2400\,$MeV ($T$), 2280 MeV ($E$), 1620 MeV ($P, H$), or 1820 MeV ($G$), covering nearly the full solid ... More
Protection of helical transport in Quantum Spin Hall samples: the role of symmetries on edgesSep 18 2019Time-reversal invariant two-dimensional topological insulators, often dubbed Quantum Spin Hall systems, possess helical edge modes whose ballistic transport is protected by physical symmetries. We argue that, though the time-reversal symmetry (TRS) of ... More
Line-of-Sight Deep-Space Autonomous NavigationSep 18 2019Autonomous navigation is one of the main enabling technologies for future space missions. While conventional spacecraft are navigated through ground stations, their employment for deep-space CubeSats yields costs comparable to those of the platform. This ... More
Impact of electron-phonon scattering on optical properties of CH$_3$NH$_3$PbI$_3$ hybrid perovskite materialSep 18 2019We investigate numerically the impact of the electron-phonon scattering on the optical properties of a perovskite material (CH3NH3PbI3). Using non-equilibrium Green functions formalism, we calculate the local density-of-states for several values of the ... More
Pose-aware Multi-level Feature Network for Human Object Interaction DetectionSep 18 2019Reasoning human object interactions is a core problem in human-centric scene understanding and detecting such relations poses a unique challenge to vision systems due to large variations in human-object configurations, multiple co-occurring relation instances ... More
Obstructions to deforming space curves lying on a smooth cubic surfaceSep 18 2019In this paper, we study the deformations of curves in the projective 3-space $\mathbb P^3$ (space curves), one of the most classically studied objects in algebraic geometry. We prove a conjecture due to J. O. Kleppe (in fact, a version modified by Ph. ... More
Hybrid Precoding for mmWave Massive MIMO with One-Bit DACSep 18 2019Hybrid beamforming is key to achieving energy-efficient 5G wireless networks equipped with massive amount of antennas. Low-resolution data converters bring yet another degree of freedom to energy efficiency for the state-of-the-art 5G transceivers. In ... More
Strong coupling asymptotics for $δ$-interactions supported by curves with cuspsSep 18 2019Let $\Gamma\subset \mathbb{R}^2$ be a simple closed curve which is smooth except at the origin, at which it has a power cusp and coincides with the curve $|x_2|=x_1^p$ for some $p>1$. We study the eigenvalues of the Schr\"odinger operator $H_\alpha$ with ... More
Generalized permutahedra: Minkowski linear functionals and Ehrhart positivitySep 18 2019We characterize all signed Minkowski sums that define generalized permutahedra, extending results of Ardila-Benedetti-Doker (2010). We use this characterization to give a complete classification of all positive, translation-invariant, symmetric Minkowski ... More
On compatibility/incompatibility of two discrete probability distributions in the presence of incomplete specificationSep 18 2019Conditional specification of distributions is a developing area with many applications. In the finite discrete case, a variety of compatible conditions can be derived. In this paper, we propose an alternative approach to study the compatibility of two ... More
Eigenvector Continuation as an Efficient and Accurate Emulator for Uncertainty QuantificationSep 18 2019First principles calculations of atomic nuclei based on microscopic nuclear forces derived from chiral effective field theory (EFT) have blossomed in the past years. A key element of such ab initio studies is the understanding and quantification of systematic ... More
Semantically Interpretable Activation Maps: what-where-how explanations within CNNsSep 18 2019A main issue preventing the use of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) in end user applications is the low level of transparency in the decision process. Previous work on CNN interpretability has mostly focused either on localizing the regions of the ... More
Dynamics of incoherent exciton formation in Cu$_2$O: Time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopySep 18 2019We study dynamics of incoherent exciton formation under interband photoexcitation in Cu$_2$O using time-and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy at 90 K. Hot electrons injected by allowed optical transitions with 3.40-eV photons show ultrafast relaxation ... More
Nonparametric Estimation of the Random Coefficients Model: An Elastic Net ApproachSep 18 2019This paper investigates and extends the computationally attractive nonparametric random coefficients estimator of \citeA{fox2011}. We show that their estimator is a special case of the nonnegative LASSO, explaining its sparse nature observed in many applications. ... More
Complexity reduction for path categoriesSep 18 2019This paper displays complexity reduction techniques for calculations of path categories (or fundamental categories) P(K) for finite simplicial and cubical complexes K. The central technique involves identifying inclusions of complexes for which the induced ... More
Micromagnetic Modeling of Telegraphic Mode Jumping in Microwave Spin Torque OscillatorsSep 18 2019The time domain stability of microwave spin torque oscillators (STOs) has been investigated by systematic micromagnetic simulations. A model based on internal spin wave reflection at grain boundaries with reduced exchange coupling was implemented and ... More
Pro-equivalences of diagramsSep 18 2019This paper presents a model structure for natural transformations of diagrams of simplicial presheaves of a fixed shape, in which the weak equivalences are defined by analogy with pro-equivalences between pro-objects.
Dislocation interactions during low-temperature plasticity of olivine strengthen the lithospheric mantleSep 18 2019The strength of the lithosphere is typically modelled based on constitutive equations for steady-state flow. However, models of lithospheric flexure reveal differences in lithospheric strength that are difficult to reconcile based on such flow laws. Recent ... More
The Geometric Index and Attractors of Homeomorphisms of $\mathbb{R}^3$Sep 18 2019In this paper we focus on compacta $K \subseteq \mathbb{R}^3$ which possess a neighbourhood basis that consists of nested solid tori $T_i$. We call these sets toroidal. In \cite{hecyo1} we defined the genus of a toroidal set as a generalization of the ... More
Path categories and quasi-categoriesSep 18 2019This paper gives an introduction to the homotopy theory of quasi-categories. Weak equivalences between quasi-categories are characterized as maps which induce equivalences on a naturally defined system of groupoids. These groupoids effectively replace ... More
Velocity memory effect without soft particlesSep 18 2019We study the behavior of geodesics in the plane-fronted wave background of the three-dimensional (3D) gravity with propagating torsion, which possesses only massive degrees of freedom. We discover the velocity memory effect, in contrast to the current ... More
Emergent gravity in superplastic crystals and cosmological constant problemSep 18 2019We discuss the scenario, in which quantum gravity emerges in the underlined theory, which is similar to the one describing various excitations in the superplastic crystals. We restrict ourselves by the consideration of fermions coupled to gravity, and ... More
GHASP: an H$α$ kinematical survey of spiral galaxies -- XIII. Distribution of luminous and dark matter in spiral and irregular nearby galaxies using H$α$ and HI rotation curves and WISE photometrySep 18 2019We present the mass models of 31 spiral and irregular nearby galaxies obtained using hybrid rotation curves (RCs) combining high resolution GHASP Fabry-Perot H$\alpha$ RCs and extended WHISP HI ones together with 3.4 $\mu$m WISE photometry. The aim is ... More
CASAD: CAN-Aware Stealthy-Attack Detection for In-Vehicle NetworksSep 18 2019Nowadays, vehicles have complex in-vehicle networks (IVNs) with millions of lines of code controlling almost every function in the vehicle including safety-critical functions. It has recently been shown that IVNs are becoming increasingly vulnerable to ... More
Semigroups and Evolutionary EquationsSep 18 2019We show how strongly continuous semigroups can be associated with evolutionary equations. For doing so, we need to define the space of admissible history functions and initial states. Moreover, the initial value problem has to be formulated within the ... More
Measurement of the relative response of TowerJazz Mini-MALTA CMOS prototypes at Diamond Light SourceSep 18 2019This paper outlines the results of investigations into the effects of radiation damage in the mini-MALTA prototype. Measurements were carried out at Diamond Light Source using a micro-focus X-ray beam, which scanned across the surface of the device in ... More
Continual learning: A comparative study on how to defy forgetting in classification tasksSep 18 2019Artificial neural networks thrive in solving the classification problem for a particular rigid task, where the network resembles a static entity of knowledge, acquired through generalized learning behaviour from a distinct training phase. However, endeavours ... More
Multiplicity one theorem for the generalized doubling methodSep 18 2019In this work we prove the local multiplicity at most one theorem underlying the definition and theory of local $\gamma$-, $\epsilon$- and $L$-factors, defined by virtue of the generalized doubling method, over any local field of characteristic 0. We also ... More
A Novel Analytical Model of the Magnetic Field Configuration in the Galactic Center Explaining the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission (ICRC-2019)Sep 18 2019Reliable identification of the origin of the high-energy non-thermal emission from the Galactic Center (GC) is not achievable without adequate consideration of the ambient conditions such as the magnetic field configuration or gas distribution. In a first ... More
Casimir--Polder induced Rydberg macrodimersSep 18 2019We theoretically investigate Rydberg atom pair potentials of Rb atoms in front of a perfectly conducting plate. The pair potentials are perturbed by both the Casimir--Polder potential acting on a single atom and the scattering contribution to the interatomic ... More
On the Infinite Lucchesi-Younger Conjecture ISep 18 2019A dicut in a directed graph is a cut for which all of its edges are directed to a common side of the cut. A famous theorem of Lucchesi and Younger states that in every finite digraph the least size of an edge set meeting every dicut equals the maximum ... More
Anomalous behavior and structure of a liquid of particles interacting through the harmonic-repulsive pair potential near the crystallization transitionSep 18 2019A characteristic property of many soft matter systems is an ultrasoft effective interaction between their structural units. This softness often leads to complex behavior. In particular, ultrasoft systems under pressure demonstrate polymorphism of complex ... More
Message Reduction in the Local Model is a Free LunchSep 18 2019A new \emph{spanner} construction algorithm is presented, working under the \emph{LOCAL} model with unique edge IDs. Given an $n$-node communication graph, a spanner with a constant stretch and $O (n^{1 + \varepsilon})$ edges (for an arbitrarily small ... More
Measures of distinguishability between stochastic processesSep 18 2019Quantifying how distinguishable two stochastic processes are lies at the heart of many fields, such as machine learning and quantitative finance. While several measures have been proposed for this task, none have universal applicability and ease of use. ... More
Expected performances of the Characterising Exoplanet Satellite (CHEOPS) III. Data reduction pipeline: architecture and simulated performancesSep 18 2019The CHaracterizing ExOPlanet Satellite (CHEOPS), to be launched in December 2019, will detect and characterize small size exoplanets via ultra high precision photometry during transits. CHEOPS is designed as a follow-up telescope and therefore it will ... More
Non-Interactive Private Decision Tree EvaluationSep 18 2019Decision trees are a powerful prediction model with many applications in statistics, data mining, and machine learning. In some settings, the model and the data to be classified may contain sensitive information belonging to different parties. In this ... More
Development and operations of INFN optical modules for the SCT Telescope camera proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array ObservatorySep 18 2019The Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope (SCT) is a proposal for the Medium Size Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array. Its concept is based on a two-mirror optical system designed to improve the telescope field of view and image resolution with respect ... More
Global smooth solutions of the damped Boussinesq equations with a class of large initial dataSep 18 2019The global regularity problem concerning the inviscid Boussinesq equations remains an open problem. In an attempt to understand this problem, we examine the damped Boussinesq equations and study how damping affects the regularity of solutions. In this ... More
Global 3D radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of gas accretion: The opacity dependent growth of Saturn-mass planetsSep 18 2019The full spatial structure and temporal evolution of the accretion flow into the envelopes of growing gas giants in their nascent discs is only accessible in simulations. Such simulations are constrained in their approach of computing the formation of ... More
Using numerical methods from nonlocal optics to simulate the dynamics of N-body systems in alternative theories of gravitySep 18 2019The generalized Schr\"odinger-Newton system of equations with both local and nonlocal nonlinearities is widely used to describe light propagating in nonlinear media under the paraxial approximation. However, its use is not limited to optical systems and ... More
Optical Traps for sympathetic Cooling of Ions with ultracold neutral AtomsSep 18 2019We report the trapping of ultracold neutral $ \text{Rb}$ atoms and $ \text{Ba}^+ $ ions in a common optical potential in absence of any radiofrequency (RF) fields. We prepare $ \text{Ba}^+ $ at $ 370 ~ \mu K $ and demonstrate efficient sympathetic cooling ... More
Secure Computation of the kth-Ranked Element in a Star NetworkSep 18 2019We consider the problem of securely computing the kth-ranked element in a sequence of n private integers distributed among n parties. The kth-ranked element (e.g., minimum, maximum, median) is of particular interest in benchmarking, which allows a company ... More
The Generalized Fractional Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Equation: Analytical and Numerical ResultsSep 18 2019The generalized fractional Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (gfBBM) equation models the propagation of small amplitude long unidirectional waves in a nonlocally and nonlinearly elastic medium. The equation involves two fractional terms unlike the well-known fBBM ... More
Bifurcation Spiking Neural NetworkSep 18 2019Recently spiking neural networks (SNNs) have received much attention because of its rich biological significance and its power in processing spatial and temporal information. However, most existing SNNs are static due to the fixed eigenvalues of spiking ... More
Large negative magnetoresistance in the new antiferromagnetic rare-earth dichalcogenide EuTe$_2$Sep 18 2019We report the synthesis and characterization of a rare-earth dichalcogenide EuTe$_2$. An antiferromagnetic transition was found at T$_M$ = 11 K. The antiferromagnetic order can be tuned by an applied magnetic field to access a first-order spin flop transition ... More
Counting isolated points outside the image of a polynomial mapSep 18 2019Let $f=(f_1,f_2):\C^2\rightarrow\C^2$ be a non-proper polynomial map, and let $d(f)$ denote the maximum degree of $f_1$, and $f_2$. We show that for a large family of such maps, the number of isolated points in $\C^2\setminus f(\C^2)$ is bounded from ... More