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A Geometric Perspective on Quantum Parameter EstimationJul 15 2019Quantum metrology holds the promise of an early practical application of quantum technologies, in which measurements of physical quantities can be made with much greater precision than what is achievable with classical technologies. In this review, we ... More
Batch-Shaped Channel Gated NetworksJul 15 2019We present a method for gating deep-learning architectures on a fine-grained level. Individual convolutional maps are turned on/off conditionally on features in the network. This method allows us to train neural networks with a large capacity, but lower ... More
On the complexity function for sequences which are not uniformly recurrentJul 15 2019We prove that every non-minimal transitive subshift $X$ satisfying a mild aperiodicity condition satisfies $\limsup c_n(X) - 1.5n = \infty$, and give a class of examples which shows that the threshold of $1.5n$ cannot be increased. As a corollary, we ... More
Multi-scale Graph-based Grading for Alzheimer's Disease PredictionJul 15 2019The prediction of subjects with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) who will progress to Alzheimer's disease (AD) is clinically relevant, and may above all have a significant impact on accelerate the development of new treatments. In this paper, we present ... More
Madelung transform and probability densities in hybrid classical-quantum dynamicsJul 15 2019This paper extends the Madelung-Bohm formulation of quantum mechanics to describe the time-reversible interaction of classical and quantum systems. The symplectic geometry of the Madelung transform leads to identifying hybrid classical-quantum Lagrangian ... More
Zero-sum subsequences in bounded-sum $\{-r,s\}$-sequencesJul 15 2019We study the problem of finding zero-sum blocks in bounded-sum sequences, which was introduced by Caro, Hansberg, and Montejano. Caro et al.\! determine the minimum $\{-1,1\}$-sequence length for when there exist $k$ consecutive terms that sum to zero. ... More
Audits as Evidence: Experiments, Ensembles, and EnforcementJul 15 2019We develop tools for utilizing correspondence experiments to detect illegal discrimination by individual employers. Employers violate US employment law if their propensity to contact applicants depends on protected characteristics such as race or sex. ... More
Toda lattice hierarchy and trigonometric Ruijsenaars-Schneider hierarchyJul 15 2019We consider solutions of the 2D Toda lattice hierarchy which are trigonometric functions of the ``zeroth'' time $t_0=x$. It is known that their poles move as particles of the trigonometric Ruijsenaars-Schneider model. We extend this correspondence to ... More
Maxwell plates and phonon fractionalizationJul 15 2019In the past a few years, topologically protected mechanical phenomena have been extensively studied in discrete lattices and networks, leading to a rich set of discoveries such as topological boundary/interface floppy modes and states of self stress, ... More
The prevalence of repeating fast radio burstsJul 15 2019Fast radio bursts are extragalactic, sub-millisecond radio impulses of unknown origin [1,2]. Their dispersion measures, which quantify the observed frequency-dependent dispersive delays in terms of free-electron column densities, significantly exceed ... More
Depinning dynamics of two-dimensional dusty plasmas on a one-dimensional periodic substrateJul 15 2019We investigate the depinning dynamics of two-dimensional dusty plasmas (2DDP) driven over one-dimensional periodic substrates (1DPS) using Langevin dynamical simulations. We find that, for a specific range of substrate strengths, as the external driving ... More
Technical Report: Time-Activity-Curve Integration in Lu-177 Therapies in Nuclear MedicineJul 15 2019Currently, there is a high interest in Lu-177 targeted radionuclide therapies, which could be attributed to favourable results obtained from Lu-177 compounds targeting neuroendocrine and prostate tumours. Generally, it has been recognized that a transition ... More
Facebook FAIR's WMT19 News Translation Task SubmissionJul 15 2019This paper describes Facebook FAIR's submission to the WMT19 shared news translation task. We participate in two language pairs and four language directions, English <-> German and English <-> Russian. Following our submission from last year, our baseline ... More
On The Entropy of Continuous Flows With Uniformly Expansive PointsJul 15 2019We show that the existence of a non-periodic nonwandering point of an expansive and non-singular flow with shadowing is a sufficient condition to the existence of a suspension of a subshift. This complements a result due to Moriyasu. To do this we exploit ... More
Revealing posturographic features associated with the risk of falling in patients with Parkinsonian syndromes via machine learningJul 15 2019Falling in Parkinsonian syndromes (PS) is associated with postural instability and consists a common cause of disability among PS patients. Current posturographic practices record the body's center-of-pressure displacement (statokinesigram) while the ... More
Nature of the magnetic moment of cobalt in ordered FeCo alloyJul 15 2019The magnets are typically classified into Stoner and Heisenberg type, depending on itinerant or localized nature of the constituent magnetic moments. In this work we investigate theoretically the behaviour of the magnetic moments of iron and cobalt in ... More
The saturation assumption yields optimal convergence of two-level adaptive BEMJul 15 2019We consider the convergence of adaptive BEM for weakly-singular and hypersingular integral equations associated with the Laplacian and the Helmholtz operator in 2D and 3D. The local mesh-refinement is driven by some two-level error estimator. We show ... More
Covariance matrices for galaxy cluster weak lensing: from virial regime to uncorrelated large-scale structureJul 15 2019Next-generation optical imaging surveys will revolutionise the observations of weak gravitational lensing by galaxy clusters and provide stringent constraints on growth of structure and cosmic acceleration. In these experiments, accurate modelling of ... More
On the ambiguities of the BLM/PMC procedure for hadron collider processesJul 15 2019In any calculation in perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) a choice needs to be made for the unphysical renormalisation scale, $\mu_R$. The Brodsky-Lepage-Mackenzie/Principle of Maximum Conformality (BLM/PMC) scale-setting procedure is one proposed ... More
Lens modelling of the strongly lensed Type Ia supernova iPTF16geuJul 15 2019Improved observational constraints on the strongly lensed Type Ia supernova iPTF16geu, including the time delay between images, are used to decrease uncertainties in the lens model by a factor $\sim 7$ and to investigate the dependence on the universal ... More
Effect of increasing the ramification on pseudo-deformation ringsJul 15 2019Given a continuous, odd, semi-simple $2$-dimensional representation of $G_{\mathbb{Q},Np}$ over a finite field of odd characteristic $p$ and a prime $\ell$ not dividing $Np$, we study the relation between the universal deformation rings of the corresponding ... More
Agglomerative AttentionJul 15 2019Neural networks using transformer-based architectures have recently demonstrated great power and flexibility in modeling sequences of many types. One of the core components of transformer networks is the attention layer, which allows contextual information ... More
Bayesian Wavelet Shrinkage with Beta PriorsJul 15 2019We present a Bayesian approach for wavelet shrinkage in the context of non-parametric curve estimation with the use of the beta distribution with symmetric support around zero as the prior distribution for the location parameter in the wavelet domain ... More
Magnetic Effects on Topological Chiral Channels in Bilayer GrapheneJul 15 2019We study the effect of a magnetic field on topological chiral channels of bilayer graphene at electric domain walls. The persistence of chiral edge states is attributed to the difference in valley Chern number in the regions of opposite electric field. ... More
The Age of Incorrect Information: A New Performance Metric for Status UpdatesJul 15 2019In this paper, we introduce a new performance metric in the framework of status updates that we will refer to as the Age of Incorrect Information (AoII). This new metric deals with the shortcomings of both the Age of Information (AoI) and the conventional ... More
Lauricella hypergeometric functions, unipotent fundamental groups of the punctured Riemann sphere, and their motivic coactionsJul 15 2019We prove a recent conjecture arising in the context of scattering amplitudes for a `motivic' Galois group action on Gauss' ${}_2F_1$ hypergeometric function. More generally, we show on the one hand how the coefficients in a Laurent expansion of a Lauricella ... More
Hotelling Games with Multiple Line FaultsJul 15 2019The Hotelling game consists of n servers each choosing a point on the line segment, so as to maximize the amount of clients it attracts. Clients are uniformly distributed along the line, and each client buys from the closest server. In this paper, we ... More
Medical Concept Representation Learning from Claims Data and Application to Health Plan Payment Risk AdjustmentJul 15 2019Risk adjustment has become an increasingly important tool in healthcare. It has been extensively applied to payment adjustment for health plans to reflect the expected cost of providing coverage for members. Risk adjustment models are typically estimated ... More
Weighing neutrinos with the halo environmentJul 15 2019Nonlinear objects like halos and voids exhibit a scale-dependent bias on linear scales in massive neutrino cosmologies. The shape of this scale-dependent bias is a unique signature of the neutrino masses, but the amplitude of the signal is generally small, ... More
A comparison of European and Asian options under Markov additive processesJul 15 2019We provide results relating to the integrability, uniform integrability and local integrability of exponential MAPs, which are natural extensions of exponential \levy models. Then, we use Mellin transform and partial integro-differential equation methods ... More
Forced synchronization of an oscillator with a line of equilibriaJul 15 2019The model of a non-autonomous memristor-based oscillator with a line of equilibria is studied. A numerical simulation of the system driven by a periodical force is combined with a theoretical analysis by means of the quasi-harmonic reduction. Both two ... More
Contour Dynamics for Surface Quasi-Geostrophic FrontsJul 15 2019We use contour dynamics to derive equations of motion for infinite planar surface quasi-geostrophic (SQG) fronts, and show that it leads to the same result as a regularization procedure introduced previously by Hunter and Shu (2018).
Experimental machine learning quantum homodyne tomographyJul 15 2019Complete characterization of states and processes that occur within quantum devices is crucial for understanding and testing their potential to outperform classical technologies for communications and computing. However, this task becomes unwieldy for ... More
Tilting modules for classical Lie superalgebrasJul 15 2019We study tilting and projective-injective modules in a parabolic BGG category $\mathcal O$ for an arbitrary classical Lie superalgebra. We establish a version of Ringel duality for this type of Lie superalgebras which allows to express the characters ... More
On the possibility of Bose-Einstein condensation in lower dimensions in the thermodynamic limitJul 15 2019Standard arguments state that Bose Einstein condensation (BEC) cannot occur in dimensions lower than three in the thermodynamic limit as the expressions for the number of bosons in the excited states are unbounded. These arguments imply that the number ... More
Probability inequalities for high dimensional time series under a triangular array frameworkJul 15 2019Study of time series data often involves measuring the strength of temporal dependence, on which statistical properties like consistency and central limit theorem are built. Historically, various dependence measures have been proposed. In this note, we ... More
Improved Budgeted Connected Domination and Budgeted Edge-Vertex DominationJul 15 2019We consider the \emph{budgeted} version of the classical \emph{connected dominating set} problem (BCDS). Given a graph $G$ and an integer budget $k$, we seek to find a connected subset of at most $k$ vertices which maximizes the number of dominated vertices ... More
Axion-electron decoupling in nucleophobic axion modelsJul 15 2019The strongest upper bounds on the axion mass come from astrophysical observations like the neutrino burst duration of SN1987A, which depends on the axion couplings to nucleons, or the white-dwarf cooling rates and red-giant evolution, which involve the ... More
Discretized Fast-Slow Systems with Canard Points in Two DimensionsJul 15 2019We study the behaviour of slow manifolds for two different discretization schemes of fast-slow systems with canard fold points. The analysis uses the blow-up method to deal with the loss of normal hyperbolicity at the canard point. While the Euler method ... More
Amplitude and phase control of guided modes excitation from a single dipole source:engineering far- and near-field directionalityJul 15 2019The design of far-field radiation diagrams from combined electric and magnetic dipolar sources has recently found applications in nanophotonic metasurfaces that realize tailored reflection and refraction. Such dipolar sources also exhibit important near-field ... More
Efficient Video Generation on Complex DatasetsJul 15 2019Generative models of natural images have progressed towards high fidelity samples by the strong leveraging of scale. We attempt to carry this success to the field of video modeling by showing that large Generative Adversarial Networks trained on the complex ... More
Automated Playtesting of Matching Tile GamesJul 15 2019Matching tile games are an extremely popular game genre. Arguably the most popular iteration, Match-3 games, are simple to understand puzzle games, making them great benchmarks for research. In this paper, we propose developing different procedural personas ... More
On Cyclic Finite-State Approximation of Data-Driven SystemsJul 15 2019In this document, some novel theoretical and computational techniques for constrained approximation of data-driven systems, are presented. The motivation for these techniques came from structure-preserving matrix approximation problems, that appear in ... More
Posterior Predictive Treatment Assignment Methods for Causal Inference in the Context of Time-Varying TreatmentsJul 15 2019Marginal structural models (MSM) with inverse probability weighting (IPW) are used to estimate causal effects of time-varying treatments, but can result in erratic finite-sample performance when there is low overlap in covariate distributions across different ... More
Improved Hybrid Layered Image Compression using Deep Learning and Traditional CodecsJul 15 2019Recently deep learning-based methods have been applied in image compression and achieved many promising results. In this paper, we propose an improved hybrid layered image compression framework by combining deep learning and the traditional image codecs. ... More
Recovery Guarantees for Compressible Signals with Adversarial NoiseJul 15 2019We provide recovery guarantees for compressible signals that have been corrupted with noise and extend the framework introduced in [1] to defend neural networks against $\ell_0$-norm and $\ell_2$-norm attacks. Concretely, for a signal that is approximately ... More
Where did the tumor start? An inverse solver with sparse localization for tumor growth modelsJul 15 2019We present a numerical scheme for solving an inverse problem for parameter estimation in tumor growth models for glioblastomas, a form of aggressive primary brain tumor. The growth model is a reaction-diffusion partial differential equation (PDE) for ... More
Summary: Multi-modal Biometric-based Implicit Authentication of Wearable Device UsersJul 15 2019The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly empowering people with an interconnected world of physical objects ranging from smart buildings to portable smart devices such as wearables. With recent advances in mobile sensing, wearables have become a rich ... More
The Many AI Challenges of HearthstoneJul 15 2019Games have benchmarked AI methods since the inception of the field, with classic board games such as Chess and Go recently leaving room for video games with related yet different sets of challenges. The set of AI problems associated with video games has ... More
Predicting the light-front holographic TMDs of the pionJul 15 2019We predict the twist-2 Transverse Momentum Dependent parton distribution functions (TMDs) of the pion, namely the unpolarized quark TMD, $f_{1}(x, k_\perp)$, and the transversely polarized quark TMD, also known as the Boer-Mulders function, $h^\perp_{1}(x, ... More
The Elicitation of Prior Distributions for Bayesian Responsive Survey Design: Historical Data Analysis vs. Literature ReviewJul 15 2019Responsive Survey Design (RSD) aims to increase the efficiency of survey data collection via live monitoring of paradata and the introduction of protocol changes when survey errors and increased costs seem imminent. Unfortunately, RSD lacks a unifying ... More
Energetic footprints of irreversibility in the quantum regimeJul 15 2019The unavoidable presence of irreversibility in classical thermodynamic processes carries two energetic footprints - the reduction of extractable work from the optimal, reversible case, and the generation of a surplus of heat that is irreversibly dissipated ... More
Addressing Delayed Feedback for Continuous Training with Neural Networks in CTR predictionJul 15 2019One of the challenges in display advertising is that the distribution of features and click through rate (CTR) can exhibit large shifts over time due to seasonality, changes to ad campaigns and other factors. The predominant strategy to keep up with these ... More
Achievable Data Rate for URLLC-Enabled UAV Systems with 3-D Channel ModelJul 15 2019In this paper, we investigate the average achievable data rate (AADR) of the control information delivery from the ground control station (GCS) to unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) under a 3-D channel, which requires ultra-reliable and low-latency communications ... More
Should we Embed? A Study on the Online Performance of Utilizing Embeddings for Real-Time Job RecommendationsJul 15 2019In this work, we present the findings of an online study, where we explore the impact of utilizing embeddings to recommend job postings under real-time constraints. On the Austrian job platform Studo Jobs, we evaluate two popular recommendation scenarios: ... More
Partitioning the universe into gravitational basins using the cosmic velocity fieldJul 15 2019This letter presents a new approach using the cosmic peculiar velocity field to characterize the morphology and size of large scale structures in the local Universe. The algorithm developed uses the three-dimensional peculiar velocity field to compute ... More
Asking Clarifying Questions in Open-Domain Information-Seeking ConversationsJul 15 2019Users often fail to formulate their complex information needs in a single query. As a consequence, they may need to scan multiple result pages or reformulate their queries, which may be a frustrating experience. Alternatively, systems can improve user ... More
Dynamic Tube MPC for Nonlinear SystemsJul 15 2019Modeling error or external disturbances can severely degrade the performance of Model Predictive Control (MPC) in real-world scenarios. Robust MPC (RMPC) addresses this limitation by optimizing over feedback policies but at the expense of increased computational ... More
Coulomb branches of quiver gauge theories with symmetrizersJul 15 2019We generalize the mathematical definition of Coulomb branches of $3$-dimensional $\mathcal N=4$ SUSY quiver gauge theories in arXiv:1503.03676, arXiv:1601.03686, arXiv:1604.03625 to the cases with symmetrizers. We obtain generalized affine Grassmannian ... More
Coherent states in magnetized anisotropic 2D-Dirac materialsJul 15 2019In this work, we construct coherent states for electrons in anisotropic 2D-Dirac materials immersed in a uniform magnetic field perpendicularly oriented to the sample. In order to describe the bidimensional effects on electron dynamics in a semiclassical ... More
A Dimension-free Algorithm for Contextual Continuum-armed BanditsJul 15 2019In contextual continuum-armed bandits, the contexts $x$ and the arms $y$ are both continuous and drawn from high-dimensional spaces. The payoff function to learn $f(x,y)$ does not have a particular parametric form. The literature has shown that for Lipschitz-continuous ... More
Subgroups of simple primitive permutation groups defined by unordered relationsJul 15 2019The problem of describing the invariance groups of unordered relations, called briefly \emph{relation groups}, goes back to classical work by H. Wielandt. In general, the problem turned out to be hard, and so far it has been settled only for a few special ... More
Controlling the Minimal Feature Sizes in Adjoint Optimization of Nanophotonic Devices Using B-spline SurfacesJul 15 2019Adjoint optimization is an effective method in the inverse design of nanophotonic devices. In order to ensure the manufacturability, one would like to have control over the minimal feature sizes. Here we propose utilizing a level-set method based on b-spline ... More
Nonsingular bounce revisitedJul 15 2019The big bang singularity of the Friedmann solution for an expanding universe can be regularized by the introduction of a nonzero length scale $b$. The result is a nonsingular bounce of the cosmic scale factor $a(T)$ with a contracting pre-bounce phase ... More
Effects of tidal forces and heat flow on the late evolution of the universeJul 15 2019Based upon the intrinsic symmetries approach to inhomogeneous cosmologies we propose an exact solution to Einstein's field equations where the spatial sections are flat and the source is a non-perfect fluid such that dissipative terms are related to spatial ... More
Predictions for solar flares activity in solar cycle 25Jul 15 2019A forecast for the evolution of solar cycle 25 in terms of solar flares activity is presented. The forecast is derived from an existing phenomenological model based on the coupling of an internal solar component and a planetary component. In addition ... More
Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms with sequential proposalsJul 15 2019We explore a general framework in Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampling where sequential proposals are tried as a candidate for the next state of the Markov chain. This sequential-proposal framework can be applied to various existing MCMC methods, ... More
Deep Sequential Mosaicking of Fetoscopic VideosJul 15 2019Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome treatment requires fetoscopic laser photocoagulation of placental vascular anastomoses to regulate blood flow to both fetuses. Limited field-of-view (FoV) and low visual quality during fetoscopy make it challenging to ... More
Probing magnon dynamics and interactions in a ferromagnetic spin-1 chainJul 15 2019NiNb$_{2}$O$_{6}$ is an almost ideal realization of a 1D spin-1 ferromagnetic Heisenberg chain compound with weak unidirectional anisotropy. Using time-domain THz spectroscopy, we measure the low-energy electrodynamic response of NiNb$_{2}$O$_{6}$ as ... More
Time-Stamped Claim LogicJul 15 2019The main objective of this paper is to define a logic for reasoning about distributed time-stamped claims. Such a logic is interesting for theoretical reasons, i.e., as a logic per se, but also because it has a number of practical applications, in particular ... More
Noise spectral estimation methods and their impact on gravitational wave measurement of compact binary mergersJul 15 2019Estimating the parameters of gravitational wave signals detected by ground-based detectors requires an understanding of the properties of the detectors' noise. In particular, the most commonly used likelihood function for gravitational wave data analysis ... More
Spatially-selective and quantum-statistics-limited light stimulus for retina quantum biometrics and quantum pupillometryJul 15 2019Quantum vision is currently emerging as an interdisciplinary field synthesizing the physiology of human vision with modern quantum optics. We recently proposed a biometric scheme based on the human visual system's ability to perform photon counting. We ... More
Patterns of Effort Contribution and Demand and User Classification based on Participation Patterns in NPM EcosystemJul 15 2019Background: Open source requires participation of volunteer and commercial developers (users) in order to deliver functional high-quality components. Developers both contribute effort in the form of patches and demand effort from the component maintainers ... More
Computing the Kreiss Constant of a MatrixJul 15 2019Inspired by algorithms for computing the distance to uncontrollability, we present the first algorithm for computing the Kreiss constant of a matrix, for both continuous-time and discrete-time systems. Our method combines fast optimization and globality ... More
Federated Reinforcement Distillation with Proxy Experience MemoryJul 15 2019In distributed reinforcement learning, it is common to exchange the experience memory of each agent and thereby collectively train their local models. The experience memory, however, contains all the preceding state observations and their corresponding ... More
Characterizing Developer Use of Automatically Generated PatchesJul 15 2019We present a study that characterizes the way developers use automatically generated patches when fixing software defects. Our study tasked two groups of developers with repairing defects in C programs. Both groups were provided with the defective line ... More
Kepler Object of Interest Network III. Kepler-82f: A new non-transiting $21 M_\bigoplus$ planet from photodynamical modellingJul 15 2019Context. The Kepler Object of Interest Network (KOINet) is a multi-site network of telescopes around the globe organised for follow-up observations of transiting planet candidate Kepler objects of interest (KOIs) with large transit timing variations (TTVs). ... More
Small-scale structure of primordial black hole dark matter and its implications for accretionJul 15 2019Primordial black hole (PBH) dark matter (DM) non-linear small-scale structure formation begins before the epoch of recombination due to large Poisson density fluctuations. Those small-scale effects survive until today, distinguishing physics of PBH DM ... More
Almost normally torsionfree idealsJul 15 2019We describe all connected graphs whose edge ideals are almost normally torsionfree. We also prove that the facet ideal of a special odd cycle is almost normally torsionfree. Finally, we determine the t-spread principal Borel ideals generated in degree ... More
Neutron powder diffraction study on the non-superconducting phases of ThFeAsN$_{1-x}$O$_x$ ($x=0.15, 0.6$) iron pnictideJul 15 2019We use neutron powder diffraction to study on the non-superconducting phases of ThFeAsN$_{1-x}$O$_x$ with $x=0.15, 0.6$. In our previous results on the superconducting phase ThFeAsN with $T_c=$ 30 K, no magnetic transition is observed by cooling down ... More
CosmoDC2: A Synthetic Sky Catalog for Dark Energy Science with LSSTJul 15 2019This paper introduces cosmoDC2, a large synthetic galaxy catalog designed to support precision dark energy science with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). CosmoDC2 is the starting point for the second data challenge (DC2) carried out by the LSST ... More
Inapproximability within W[1]: the case of Steiner OrientationJul 15 2019In the $k$-Steiner Orientation problem we are given a mixed graph, that is, with both directed and undirected edges, and a set of $k$ terminal pairs. The goal is to find an orientation of the undirected edges that maximizes the number of terminal pairs ... More
Are most Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters dynamically formed?Jul 15 2019We have been investigating populations of cataclysmic variables (CVs) in a set of more than 300 globular cluster (GC) models evolved with the MOCCA code. One of the main questions we have intended to answer is whether most CVs in GCs are dynamically formed ... More
Quantum image distillationJul 15 2019Imaging with quantum states of light promises advantages over classical approaches in terms of resolution, signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity. However, quantum detectors are particularly sensitive sources of classical noise that can reduce or cancel ... More
Slowing-down reduction and Possible Reversal Trend of Tropospheric NO2 over China during 2016 to 2019Jul 15 2019Atmospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China at national level has been kept reducing since 2011 as seen from both satellite observations, ground-based measurements and bottom-up emission inventory (Liu et al., 2016; Irie et al., 2016; Krotkov et al., ... More
0-Concordance of 2-knotsJul 15 2019In this paper we investigate the 0-concordance classes of 2-knots in $S^4$, an equivalence relation that is related to understanding smooth structures on 4-manifolds. Using Rochlin's invariant, and invariants arising from Heegaard-Floer homology, we will ... More
A Relational Static Semantics for Call Graph ConstructionJul 15 2019The problem of resolving virtual method and interface calls in object-oriented languages has been a long standing challenge to the program analysis community. The complexities are due to various reasons, such as increased levels of class inheritance and ... More
Virtual European Solar & Planetary Access (VESPA): a Planetary Science Virtual Observatory cornerstoneJul 15 2019The Europlanet-2020 programme, started Sept 1st, 2015 for 4 years, includes an activity called VESPA which focuses on adapting Virtual Observatory (VO) techniques to handle Planetary Science data. The main objectives of VESPA are to facilitate searches ... More
Tracking sex: The implications of widespread sexual data leakage and tracking on porn websitesJul 15 2019This paper explores tracking and privacy risks on pornography websites. Our analysis of 22,484 pornography websites indicated that 93% leak user data to a third party. Tracking on these sites is highly concentrated by a handful of major companies, which ... More
More on Periodicity and Duality associated with Jordan partitionsJul 15 2019Let $J_r$ denote a full $r \times r$ Jordan block matrix with eigenvalue $1$ over a field $F$ of characteristic $p$. For positive integers $r$ and $s$ with $r \leq s$, the Jordan canonical form of the $r s \times r s$ matrix $J_{r} \otimes J_{s}$ has ... More
Forward and Inverse Kinematics of a Single Section Inextensible Continuum ArmJul 15 2019Continuum arms, such as trunk and tentacle robots, lie between the two extremities of rigid and soft robots and promise to capture the best of both worlds in terms of manipulability, dexterity, and compliance. This paper proposes a new kinematic model ... More
A new combinatorial interpretation of the Fibonacci numbers squaredJul 15 2019We consider the tiling of an $n$-board (a $1\times n$ array of square cells of unit width) with half-squares ($\frac12\times1$ tiles) and $(\frac12,\frac12)$-fence tiles. A $(\frac12,\frac12)$-fence tile is composed of two half-squares separated by a ... More
Electric field manipulation of surface states in topological semimetalsJul 15 2019We investigate the consequences of applying electric fields perpendicularly to thin films of topological semimetals. In particular, we consider Weyl and Dirac semimetals in a configuration such that their surface Fermi arcs lie on opposite edges of the ... More
Detecting and Simulating Artifacts in GAN Fake ImagesJul 15 2019To detect GAN generated images, conventional supervised machine learning algorithms require collection of a number of real and fake images from the targeted GAN model. However, the specific model used by the attacker is often unavailable. To address this, ... More
Searches for Lorentz-Violating Signals with Astrophysical Polarization MeasurementsJul 15 2019Astrophysical observations are a powerful tool to constrain effects of Lorentz-invariance violation in the photon sector. Objects at high redshifts provide the longest possible baselines, and gamma-ray telescopes allow us to observe some of the highest ... More
Fuse and IUE Spectroscopy of the Prototype Dwarf Nova ER Ursa Majoris During QuiescenceJul 15 2019ER Ursae Majoris is the prototype for a subset of SU UMa-type dwarf novae characterized by short cycle times between outburst, high outburst frequency, and ``negative'' superhumps. It suffers superoutbursts every 43 days, lasting 20 days, normal outbursts ... More
StePar: an automatic code to infer stellar atmospheric parametersJul 15 2019Context: StePar is an automatic code written in Python 3.X designed to compute the stellar atmospheric parameters Teff, log(g), [Fe/H], and of FGK-type stars by means of the EW method. This code has already been extensively tested in different spectroscopic ... More
Iodide-methylammonium interaction is responsible for ferroelectricity in CH3NH3PbI3Jul 15 2019Excellent conversion efficiencies of over 20 % and facile cell production have placed hybrid perovskites at the forefront of novel solar cell materials with CH3NH3PbI3 being its archetypal compound. The question why CH3NH3PbI3 has such extraordinary characteristics, ... More
The gas depletion factor in galaxy clusters: implication from Atacama Cosmology Telescope Polarization experiment measurementsJul 15 2019The gas depletion factor $\gamma(z)$, i.e., the average ratio of the gas mass fraction to the cosmic mean baryon fraction of galaxy clusters, plays a very important role in the cosmological application of the gas mass fraction measurements. In this paper, ... More
Mass spectrum of the hidden-charm pentaquarks in the compact diquark modelJul 15 2019The LHCb collaboration have recently updated their analysis of the resonant $J/\psi p$ mass spectrum in the decay $\Lambda_b^0 \to J/\psi p K^-$, making use of their combined Run 1 and Run 2 data. In the updated analysis, three narrow states, $P_c (4440)^+$, ... More