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Investigating dynamical properties of evolved Galactic open clustersFeb 21 2019The stellar content of Galactic open clusters is gradually depleted during their evolution as a result of internal relaxation and external interactions. The final residues of the evolution of open clusters are called open cluster remnants, barely distinguishable ... More
Density distributions and depth in flocksFeb 21 2019Recent experimental evidence suggests that interactions in flocks of birds do not involve a characteristic length scale. Bird flocks have also been revealed to have an inhomogeneous density distribution, with the density of birds near the border greater ... More
Online Sampling from Log-Concave DistributionsFeb 21 2019Given a sequence of convex functions $f_0, f_1, \ldots, f_T$, we study the problem of sampling from the Gibbs distribution $\pi_t \propto e^{-\sum_{k=0}^t f_k}$ for each epoch $t$ in an online manner. This problem occurs in applications to machine learning, ... More
On the growth rate of chromatic numbers of finite subgraphsFeb 21 2019We prove that, for every function $f:\mathbb{N} \rightarrow \mathbb{N}$, there is a graph $G$ with uncountable chromatic number such that, for every $k \in \mathbb{N}$ with $k \geq 3$, every subgraph of $G$ with fewer than $f(k)$ vertices has chromatic ... More
Stochastic thermodynamics of self-oscillations: the electron shuttleFeb 21 2019Self-oscillation is a phenomenon studied across many scientific disciplines, including the engineering of efficient heat engines and electric generators. We investigate the single electron shuttle, a model nano-scale system that exhibits a spontaneous ... More
Assembly of 2N entangled fermions into multipartite composite bosonsFeb 21 2019An even number of fermions can behave in a bosonic way. The simplest scenario involves two fermions which can form a single boson. But four fermions can either behave as two bipartite bosons or further assemble into a single four-partite bosonic molecule. ... More
Optical analysis of a CMB cosmic string candidateFeb 21 2019The complexity of the cosmological scenario regarding cosmic strings (CSs) stands still in the way of a complete understanding. We describe here a promising strategy for the possible detection of these elusive physical entities. It is based on the search ... More
The Schinzel Hypothesis for PolynomialsFeb 21 2019The Schinzel hypothesis is a famous conjectural statement about primes in value sets of polynomials, which generalizes the Dirichlet theorem about primes in an arithmetic progression. We consider the situation that the ring of integers is replaced by ... More
Learned Step Size QuantizationFeb 21 2019We present here Learned Step Size Quantization, a method for training deep networks such that they can run at inference time using low precision integer matrix multipliers, which offer power and space advantages over high precision alternatives. The essence ... More
Deep Long Asymmetric Occultation in EPIC 204376071Feb 21 2019We have discovered a young M star of mass $0.16\,M_\odot$ and radius $0.63\,R_\odot$, likely in the Upper Sco Association, that exhibits only a single $80\%$ deep occultation of 1-day duration. The star has frequent flares and a low-amplitude rotational ... More
BFKL Pomeron and the survival factorFeb 21 2019We consider the absorptive corrections and the rapidity gap survival factor which are necessary to provide the unitarization of the BFKL Pomeron. In particular we discuss the role of the enhanced screening diagrams.
The strong running coupling from the gauge sector of Domain Wall lattice QCD with physical quark massesFeb 21 2019We report on the first computation of the strong running coupling at the physical point (physical pion mass) from the ghost-gluon vertex, computed from lattice simulations with three flavors of Domain Wall fermions. We find $\alpha_{\overline{\rm MS}}(m_Z^2)=0.1172(11)$, ... More
Limiting magnetic field for minimal deformation of a magnetised neutron starFeb 21 2019In this work we study the structure of neutron stars under the effect of a poloidal magnetic field and determine the limiting highest magnetic field intensity which still allows a satisfactory description of magnetic neutron stars in the spherical symmetry ... More
The reflection principle in the control problem of the heat equationFeb 21 2019We consider the control problem for the generalized heat equation for a Schr\"odinger operator on a domain with a reflection symmetry with respect to a hyperplane. We show that if this system is null-controllable, then so is the system on its respective ... More
Deep CNN-based Speech Balloon Detection and Segmentation for Comic BooksFeb 21 2019We develop a method for the automated detection and segmentation of speech balloons in comic books, including their carrier and tails. Our method is based on a deep convolutional neural network that was trained on annotated pages of the Graphic Narrative ... More
Exclusive vector meson production in heavy ion collisionsFeb 21 2019We discuss the salient features of exclusive vector meson production in heavy ion collisions at LHC energies. Special attention is paid to the space-time picture of the process. We account for both coherent and incoherent contributions. The explicit quantitative ... More
Coloring squares of graphs with mad constraintsFeb 21 2019A proper vertex $k$-coloring of a graph $G=(V,E)$ is an assignment $c:V\to \{1,2,\ldots,k\}$ of colors to the vertices of the graph such that no two adjacent vertices are associated with the same color. The square $G^2$ of a graph $G$ is the graph defined ... More
Domain Partitioning NetworkFeb 21 2019Standard adversarial training involves two agents, namely a generator and a discriminator, playing a mini-max game. However, even if the players converge to an equilibrium, the generator may only recover a part of the target data distribution, in a situation ... More
Two-dimensional electronic transport in rubrene: the impact of inter-chain couplingFeb 21 2019Organic semi-conductors have unique electronic properties and are important systems both at the fundamental level and also for their applications in electronic devices. In this article we focus on the particular case of rubrene which has one of the best ... More
A Mean Field Theory of Batch NormalizationFeb 21 2019We develop a mean field theory for batch normalization in fully-connected feedforward neural networks. In so doing, we provide a precise characterization of signal propagation and gradient backpropagation in wide batch-normalized networks at initialization. ... More
Self-induced Magnetic Flux Structure in the Magnetic Superconductor RbEuFe$_4$As$_4$Feb 21 2019We report an unusual enhancement of the magnetic induction in single crystals of the magnetic superconductor RbEuFe$_4$As$_4$ , highlighting the interplay between superconducting and magnetic subsystems in this material. Contrary to the conventional Meissner ... More
Report on Tests and Measurements of Hadronic Interaction Properties with Air ShowersFeb 21 2019We present a summary of recent tests and measurements of hadronic interaction properties with air showers. This report has a special focus on muon density measurements. Several experiments reported deviations between simulated and recorded muon densities ... More
Convergence of fully discrete implicit and semi-implicit approximations of nonlinear parabolic equationsFeb 21 2019The article addresses the convergence of implicit and semi-implicit, fully discrete approximations of a class of nonlinear parabolic evolution problems. Such schemes are popular in the numerical solution of evolutions defined with the $p$-Laplace operator ... More
Time and Energy Optimal Lane Change Maneuvers for Cooperating Connected Automated VehiclesFeb 21 2019We derive optimal control policies for a Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) cooperating with neighboring CAVs to implement a highway lane change maneuver. We optimize the maneuver time and subsequently minimize the associated energy consumption of all ... More
First-principle study of the melting temperature of MgOFeb 21 2019Using first-principles only, we calculate the melting point of MgO, also called periclase or magnesia. The random phase approximation (RPA) is used to include the exact exchange as well as local and non-local many-body correlation terms, in order to provide ... More
On the image of polynomials evaluated on incidence algebras: a counter-example and a solutionFeb 21 2019In this paper, we investigate the subset obtained by evaluations of a fixed multilinear polynomial on a given algebra. We provide an example of a multilinear polynomial, whose image is not a vector subspace; namely, the product of two commutators need ... More
Existence of densities for stochastic evolution equations driven by fractional Brownian motionFeb 21 2019In this work, we prove a version of H\"{o}rmander's theorem for a stochastic evolution equation driven by a trace-class fractional Brownian motion with Hurst exponent $\frac{1}{2} < H < 1$ and an analytic semigroup $\{S(t); t \ge 0\}$ on a given separable ... More
Formation and eruption of sigmoidal structure from a weak field region of NOAA 11942Feb 21 2019Using observations from Solar Dynamics Observatory, we studied an interesting example of a sigmoid formation and eruption from small-scale flux canceling regions of active region (AR) 11942. Analysis of HMI and AIA observations infer that initially the ... More
Statistics and Samples in Distributional Reinforcement LearningFeb 21 2019We present a unifying framework for designing and analysing distributional reinforcement learning (DRL) algorithms in terms of recursively estimating statistics of the return distribution. Our key insight is that DRL algorithms can be decomposed as the ... More
Interrupted Motility Induced Phase Separation in Aligning Active ColloidsFeb 21 2019Switching on high activity in a relatively dense system of active Janus colloids, we observe fast clustering, followed by cluster aggregation towards full phase separation. The phase separation process is however interrupted when large enough clusters ... More
The Arboricity Captures the Complexity of Sampling EdgesFeb 21 2019In this paper, we revisit the problem of sampling edges in an unknown graph $G = (V, E)$ from a distribution that is (pointwise) almost uniform over $E$. We consider the case where there is some a priori upper bound on the arboriciy of $G$. Given query ... More
Variable stars in Palomar 13; an evaporating globular clusterFeb 21 2019We present new CCD $VI$ photometry of the distant globular cluster Pal 13. Fourier decomposition of the light curves of the three cluster member RRab stars lead to estimations of [Fe/H]=-1.65, and a distance of 23.67$\pm$0.57 kpc. Light and colour near ... More
Surface acoustic wave modulation of single photon emission from GaN/InGaN nanowire quantum dotsFeb 21 2019On-chip quantum information processing requires controllable quantum light sources that can be operated on-demand at high-speeds and with the possibility of in-situ control of the photon emission wavelength and its optical polarization properties. Here, ... More
Calibrating gravitational-wave detectors with GW170817Feb 21 2019The waveform of a compact binary coalescence is predicted by general relativity. It is therefore possible to directly constrain the response of a gravitational-wave (GW) detector by analyzing a signal's observed amplitude and phase evolution as a function ... More
Nonlocal Cosmology II --- Cosmic acceleration without fine tuning or dark energyFeb 21 2019We present an improved version of our original cosmological model to explain the current phase of cosmological acceleration without resorting to a cosmological constant or any other mass scale. Like the original, this phenomenological approach is based ... More
Ultralow-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Asymmetric SpectroscopyFeb 21 2019Ultralow-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) provides a new regime for many applications ranging from materials science to fundamental physics. However, the experimentally observed spectra show asymmetric amplitudes, differing greatly from those predicted ... More
Reconfiguration Graph for Vertex Colourings of Weakly Chordal GraphsFeb 21 2019The reconfiguration graph $R_k(G)$ of the $k$-colourings of a graph $G$ contains as its vertex set the $k$-colourings of $G$ and two colourings are joined by an edge if they differ in colour on just one vertex of $G$. We answer a question of Bonamy, Johnson, ... More
Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscopy in the Single Photon RegimeFeb 21 2019The microwave properties of nano-scale structures are important in a wide variety of applications in quantum technology. Here we describe a low-power cryogenic near-field scanning microwave microscope (NSMM) which maintains nano-scale dielectric contrast ... More
Double Gegenbauer expansion of $|s - t|^α$Feb 21 2019We give a Gegenbauer expansion of the two variable function $| s - t |^{\alpha}$ in terms of the ultraspherical polynomials $C_l^{\lambda} (s)$ and $C^{\mu}_m (t)$. Generalization, specialization, and limits of the expansion are also discussed.
On persistent homology of random Čech complexesFeb 21 2019The paper studies the relation between critical simplices and persistence diagrams of the \v{C}ech filtration. We show that adding a critical $k$-simplex into the filtration corresponds either to a point in the $k$th persistence diagram or a point in ... More
Paths, negative "probabilities", and the Leggett-Garg inequalitiesFeb 21 2019We present a path analysis of the condition under which the outcomes of previous observation affect the results of the measurements yet to be made. It is shown that this effect, also known as "signalling in time", occurs whenever the earlier measurements ... More
The diagonal of the associahedraFeb 21 2019This paper introduces a new method to solve the problem of the approximation of the diagonal for face-coherent families of polytopes. We recover the classical cases of the simplices and the cubes and we solve it for the associahedra, also known as Stasheff ... More
First assessment of the plant phenology index (PPI) for estimating gross primary productivity in African semi-arid ecosystemsFeb 21 2019The importance of semi-arid ecosystems in the global carbon cycle as sinks for CO2 emissions has recently been highlighted. Africa is a carbon sink and nearly half its area comprises arid and semi-arid ecosystems. However, there are uncertainties regarding ... More
Non-cooperative Equilibria of Fermi Systems With Long Range InteractionsFeb 21 2019We define a Banach space $\mathcal{M}_{1}$ of models for fermions or quantum spins in the lattice with long range interactions and explicit the structure of (generalized) equilibrium states for any $\mathfrak{m}\in \mathcal{M}_{1}$. In particular, we ... More
Longitudinal phase-space manipulation with beam-driven plasma wakefieldsFeb 21 2019The development of compact accelerator facilities providing high-brightness beams is one of the most challenging tasks in field of next-generation compact and cost affordable particle accelerators, to be used in many fields for industrial, medical and ... More
Long term observation of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense in a microfluidic channelFeb 21 2019We controlled and observed individual magnetotactic bacteria (Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense) inside a 5 {\mu}m high microfluidic channel for over four hours. After a period of constant velocity, the duration of which varied between bacteria, all observed ... More
Experimental Upper Bound and Theoretical Expectations for Parity-Violating Neutron Spin Rotation in 4HeFeb 21 2019Neutron spin rotation is expected from quark-quark weak interactions in the Standard Model, which induce weak interactions among nucleons that violate parity. We present the results from an experiment searching for the effect of parity violation via the ... More
GPU Acceleration of Real-Time Control LoopsFeb 21 2019Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) photolithography is seen as the key enabler for increasing transistor density in the next decade. In EUV lithography, 13.5 nm EUV light is illuminated through a reticle, holding a pattern to be printed, onto a silicon wafer. ... More
Derivation of viscous Burgers equations from weakly asymmetric exclusion processesFeb 21 2019We consider weakly asymmetric exclusion processes whose initial density profile is a small perturbation of a constant. We show that in the diffusive time-scale, in all dimensions, the density defect evolves as the solution of a viscous Burgers equation. ... More
Characteristic free description of semi-invariants of $2\times 2$ matricesFeb 21 2019A minimal homogeneous generating system of the algebra of semi-invariants of tuples of two-by-two matrices over an infinite field of characteristic two or over the ring of integers is given. In an alternative interpretation this yields a minimal system ... More
Conformal geometry and (super)conformal higher-spin gauge theoriesFeb 21 2019We develop a manifestly conformal approach to describe linearised (super)conformal higher-spin gauge theories in arbitrary conformally flat backgrounds in three and four spacetime dimensions. Closed-form expressions in terms of gauge prepotentials are ... More
Development of Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and 5G technologies (review)Feb 21 2019Just as the emergence of personal computers and smartphones has changed the life of modern society, the Internet of Things, augmented reality and ultra-fast and reliable telecommunications networks of the new generation, by combining the physical objects ... More
Phonons and Anisotropic Thermal Expansion Behaviour of NiX (X = S, Se, Te)Feb 21 2019Metal Chalcogenides have been known for important technological applications and have attracted continuous interest in their structure, electronic, thermal and transport properties. Here we present first principles calculations of the vibrational and ... More
Phonon Dispersion Relation, High-Pressure Phase Stability and Thermal Expansion in YVO4Feb 21 2019The orthovanadates are useful as host matrices for immobilization of radioactive wastes. The thermodynamic stability of these materials is crucial for their applications in high pressure and temperatures environment. It is necessary to investigate the ... More
Minimal Envy and Popular MatchingsFeb 21 2019We study ex-post fairness in the object allocation problem where objects are valuable and commonly owned. A matching is fair from individual perspective if it has only inevitable envy towards agents who received most preferred objects -- minimal envy ... More
Lagrangian network analysis of turbulent mixingFeb 21 2019A temporal complex network-based approach is proposed as a novel formulation to investigate turbulent mixing from a Lagrangian viewpoint. By exploiting a spatial proximity criterion, the dynamics of a set of fluid particles is geometrized into a time-varying ... More
Neutron scattering study of commensurate magnetic ordering in single crystal CeSb$_2$Feb 21 2019Temperature and field-dependent magnetization $M(H,T)$ measurements and neutron scattering study of a single crystal CeSb$_2$ are presented. Several anomalies in the magnetization curves have been confirmed at low magnetic field, i.e., 15.6 K, 12 K, and ... More
Stratifications of the Singular Fibers of Mumford SystemsFeb 21 2019We study fibers of the Mumford system (even and odd) of order $g> 0$. These fibers are parametrized by hyperelliptic curves of genus $g$. In this article we write the fibers above the singular curves. To do this, we will use two methods, the first geometric ... More
Phase memory preserving harmonics from abruptly autofocusing beamsFeb 21 2019We demonstrate both theoretically and experimentally that the harmonics from abruptly auto-focusing ring-Airy beams present a surprising property, they preserve the phase distribution of the fundamental beam. Consequently, this "phase memory" inherits ... More
Towards the forecast of atmospheric parameters and optical turbulence above an astronomical site on 24h time scaleFeb 21 2019Forecast of the atmospheric parameters and optical turbulence applied to the ground-based astronomy is very crucial mainly for the queue scheduling. So far, most efforts have been addressed by our group in developing algorithms for the optical turbulence ... More
Evaluation of filtering techniques to increase the reliability of meteo forecasts for ground-based telescopesFeb 21 2019In this contribution we evaluate the impact of filtering techniques in enhancing the accuracy of forecasts of optical turbulence and atmospheric parameters critical for ground-based telescopes. These techniques make use of the data continuously provided ... More
A Joint Deep Learning Approach for Automated Liver and Tumor SegmentationFeb 21 2019Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common type of primary liver cancer in adults, and the most common cause of death of people suffering from cirrhosis. The segmentation of liver lesions in CT images allows assessment of tumor load, treatment ... More
An improved method for the estimation of the Gumbel distribution parametersFeb 21 2019Usual estimation methods for the parameters of extreme values distribution employ only a few values, wasting a lot of information. More precisely, in the case of the Gumbel distribution, only the block maxima values are used. In this work, we propose ... More
Abstract homomorphisms from locally compact groups to discrete groupsFeb 21 2019We show that every abstract homomorphism $\varphi$ from a locally compact group $L$ to a graph product $G_\Gamma$, endowed with the discrete topology, is either continuous or $\varphi(L)$ lies in a 'small' parabolic subgroup. In particular, every locally ... More
Deep Learning Multidimensional ProjectionsFeb 21 2019Dimensionality reduction methods, also known as projections, are frequently used for exploring multidimensional data in machine learning, data science, and information visualization. Among these, t-SNE and its variants have become very popular for their ... More
Amplitude analysis of $B^{0}_{s} \rightarrow K^{0}_{\textrm{S}} K^{\pm}π^{\mp}$ decaysFeb 21 2019The first untagged decay-time-integrated amplitude analysis of $B^{0}_{s} \rightarrow K^{0}_{\textrm{S}} K^{\pm}\pi^{\mp}$ decays is performed using a sample corresponding to $3.0\,$fb$^{-1}$ of $pp$ collision data recorded with the LHCb detector during ... More
An information criterion for auxiliary variable selection in incomplete data analysisFeb 21 2019Statistical inference is considered for variables of interest, called primary variables, when auxiliary variables are observed along with the primary variables. We consider the setting of incomplete data analysis, where some primary variables are not ... More
Prompt Fission Neutrons in the $^{239}$Pu($n,f$) ReactionFeb 21 2019Prompt fission neutron spectra from $^{239}$Pu($n,f$) were measured for incident neutron energies from $0.7$ to $700\,$MeV at the Weapons Neutron Research facility (WNR) of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. A newly designed high-efficiency fission ... More
Low albedos of hot to ultra-hot Jupiters in the optical to near-infrared transition regimeFeb 21 2019The depth of a secondary eclipse contains information of both the thermally emitted light component of a hot Jupiter and the reflected light component. If the dayside atmosphere of the planet is assumed to be isothermal, it is possible to disentangle ... More
The Energy Sources of Superluminous SupernovaeFeb 21 2019Supernovae (SNe) are the most brilliant optical stellar-class explosions. Over the past two decades, several optical transient survey projects discovered more than $\sim 100$ so-called superluminous supernovae (SLSNe) whose peak luminosities and radiated ... More
Hard Latency-Constraints for High-Throughput Random Access: SICQTAFeb 21 2019Enabling closed control loops via wireless communication has attracted a lot of interest recently and is investigated under the name cyber-physical systems. Under cyber-physical systems one challenging scenario is multiple loops sharing a wireless medium, ... More
Inspiral of a Rotating Black Hole -- Magnetized Neutron Star Binary: Increasingly Charging and Electromagnetic EmissionFeb 21 2019The mergers of black hole (BH) -- neutron star (NS) binaries have been one of the most interesting topics, because such events have been thought to possibly produce multi-messenger signals including gravitational waves and broadband electromagnetic (EM) ... More
On Throughput Maximization of Grant-Free Access with Reliability-Latency ConstraintsFeb 21 2019Enabling autonomous driving and industrial automation with wireless networks poses many challenges, which are typically abstracted through reliability and latency requirements. One of the main contributors to latency in cellular networks is the reservation-based ... More
Low $x$ physics as an infinite twist (G)TMD framework: unravelling the origins of saturationFeb 21 2019We show how the formulations of low $x$ physics involving Wilson line operators can be fully rewritten into an infinite twist TMD or GTMD framework, respectively for inclusive and exclusive observables. This leads to a perfect match between low $x$ physics ... More
Asymmetric Ferromagnetic Criticality in Pyrochlore Ferromagnet Lu$_2$V$_2$O$_7$Feb 21 2019Critical phenomenon at the phase transition reveals the universal and long-distance properties of the criticality. We study the ferromagnetic criticality of the pyrochlore magnet Lu$_2$V$_2$O$_7$ at the ferromagnetic transition ${T_\text{c}\approx 70\, ... More
Acoustically regulated optical emission dynamics from quantum dot-like emission centers in GaN/InGaN nanowire heterostructuresFeb 21 2019We report on experimental studies of the effects induced by surface acoustic waves on the optical emission dynamics of GaN/InGaN nanowire quantum dots. We employ stroboscopic optical excitation with either time-integrated or time-resolved photoluminescence ... More
Fluctuations of ergodic averages for amenable group actionsFeb 21 2019We show that for any countable amenable group action, along F{\o}lner sequences that have for any $c>1$ a two sided $c$-tempered tail, one have universal estimate for the probability that there are $n$ fluctuations in the ergodic averages of $L^{\infty}$ ... More
Pseudo-2D superconducting quantum computing circuit for the surface codeFeb 21 2019Of the many potential hardware platforms, superconducting quantum circuits have become the leading contender for constructing a scalable quantum computing system. All current architecture designs necessitate a 2D arrangement of superconducting qubits ... More
A multi-wavelength analysis of a collection of short-duration GRBs observed between 2012-2015Feb 21 2019We investigate the prompt emission and the afterglow properties of short duration gamma-ray burst (sGRB) 130603B and another eight sGRB events during 2012-2015, observed by several multi-wavelength facilities including the GTC 10.4m telescope. Prompt ... More
On the absolutely continuous spectrum of generalized indefinite stringsFeb 21 2019We investigate absolutely continuous spectrum of generalized indefinite strings. By following an approach of Deift and Killip, we establish stability of the absolutely continuous spectra of two model examples of generalized indefinite strings under rather ... More
Finding Hadamard matrices by a quantum annealing machineFeb 21 2019Finding a Hadamard matrix (H-matrix) among the set of all binary matrices of corresponding order is a hard problem. We propose a method to formulate the Hamiltonian of finding H-matrix problem and address its implementation limitation on existing quantum ... More
Weak density of orbit equivalence classes and free products of infinite abelian groupsFeb 21 2019We show that if a countable group $G$ is the free product of infinite abelian groups, then for every free, probability-measure-preserving (p.m.p.) action of $G$, its orbit equivalence class is weakly dense in the space of p.m.p. actions of $G$. This extends ... More
A variety that cannot be dominated by one that liftsFeb 21 2019We prove a precise version of a theorem of Siu and Beauville on morphisms to higher genus curves, and use it to show that if a variety $X$ in characteristic $p$ lifts to characteristic $0$, then any morphism $X \to C$ to a curve of genus $g \geq 2$ can ... More
Quotient Problem For Entire Functions with Moving TargetsFeb 21 2019As an analogue of the Hadamard quotient problem in number theory, the quotient problem (in the sense of complex entire functions) for two sequences $F(n)=a_0+a_1f_1^n+\cdots+a_lf_l^n$ and $ G(n)=b_0+b_1g_1^n+\cdots+b_mg_m^n$, has been solved, where the ... More
Integer Linear Programming Formulations for Double Roman Domination ProblemFeb 21 2019For a graph $G= (V,E)$, a double Roman dominating function (DRDF) is a function $f : V \to \{0,1,2,3\}$ having the property that if $f (v) = 0$, then vertex $v$ must have at least two neighbors assigned $2$ under $f$ or one neighbor $u$ with $f (u) = ... More
Contact and sum-rules in a near-uniform Fermi gas at unitarityFeb 21 2019We present an experimental study of the high-energy excitation spectra of unitary Fermi gases. Using focussed beam Bragg spectroscopy, we locally probe atoms in the central region of a harmonically trapped cloud where the density is nearly uniform, enabling ... More
On the existence of dense substructures in finite groupsFeb 21 2019Fix $k \geq 6$. We prove that any large enough finite group $G$ contains $k$ elements which span quadratically many triples of the form $(a,b,ab) \in S \times G$, given any dense set $S \subseteq G \times G$. The quadratic bound is asymptotically optimal. ... More
Optimizing and Evaluating Transient Gradual TypingFeb 20 2019Gradual typing enables programmers to combine static and dynamic typing in the same language. However, ensuring a sound interaction between the static and dynamic parts can incur significant runtime cost. In this paper, we perform a detailed performance ... More
Simulating Forces - Learning Through Touch, Virtual LaboratoriesFeb 20 2019With the expansion of e-learning course curricula and the affordability of haptic devices, at-home virtual laboratories are emerging as an increasingly viable option for e-learners. We outline three novel haptic simulations for the introductory physics ... More
Gapless spin excitations in superconducting La$_{2-x}$Ca$_{1+x}$Cu$_{2}$O$_{6}$ with $T_c$ up to 55 KFeb 20 2019We report inelastic neutron scattering on single crystals of the bilayer cuprate family La$_{2-x}$Ca$_{1+x}$Cu$_{2}$O$_{6+\delta}$, including two crystals made superconducting (transitions at 45 and 55 K) by high-pressure annealing in an oxygen-containing ... More
Class field theory, Diophantine analysis and the asymptotic Fermat's Last TheoremFeb 20 2019Recent results of Freitas, Kraus, Sengun and Siksek, give sufficient criteria for the asymptotic Fermat's Last Theorem to hold over a specific number field. Those works in turn build on many deep theorems in arithmetic geometry. In this paper we combine ... More
A Large Scale Approach to Decomposition SpacesFeb 20 2019Decomposition spaces are a class of function spaces constructed out of well-behaved coverings and partitions of unity of a set. The structure of the covering of the set determines the properties of the decomposition space. Besov spaces, shearlet spaces ... More
Biophysics at the coffee shop: lessons learned working with George OsterFeb 20 2019Over the past 50 years, the use of mathematical models, derived from physical reasoning, to describe molecular and cellular systems has evolved from an art of the few to a cornerstone of biological inquiry. George Oster stood out as a pioneer of this ... More
Optimization of Undulator Parameters for 125 GeV Drive BeamFeb 20 2019In the baseline design of the International Linear Collider (ILC) an undulator-based source is foreseen for the positron source in order to match the physics requirements. The baseline parameters are optimized for the ILC at sqrt(s)=500 GeV, that means ... More
Differential Forms on Hyperelliptic Curves with Semistable ReductionFeb 20 2019Let $C$ be a hyperelliptic curve over a local field $K$ with odd residue characteristic, defined by some affine Weierstrass equation $y^2=f(x)$. We assume that $C$ has semistable reduction and denote by $\mathcal{X} \rightarrow \textrm{Spec}\, \mathcal{O}_K$ ... More
Twisting $c_0$ around nonseparable Banach spacesFeb 20 2019We consider the class of Banach space $Y$ for which $c_0$ admits a nontrivial twisted sum with $Y$. We present a characterization of such space $Y$ in terms of properties of the $weak^\ast$ topology on $Y^\ast$. We prove that under the continuum hypothesis ... More
Probing the Neutrino Mass Ordering with Atmospheric Neutrinos from Three Years of IceCube DeepCore DataFeb 20 2019The Neutrino Mass Ordering (NMO) remains one of the outstanding questions in the field of neutrino physics. One strategy to measure the NMO is to observe matter effects in the oscillation pattern of atmospheric neutrinos above $\sim 1\,\mathrm{GeV}$, ... More
Development of Head-Mounted Projection Displays for Distributed, Collaborative, Augmented Reality ApplicationsFeb 20 2019Distributed systems technologies supporting 3D visualization and social collaboration will be increasing in frequency and type over time. An emerging type of head-mounted display referred to as the head-mounted projection display (HMPD) was recently developed ... More
Adversarial Augmentation for Enhancing Classification of Mammography ImagesFeb 20 2019Supervised deep learning relies on the assumption that enough training data is available, which presents a problem for its application to several fields, like medical imaging. On the example of a binary image classification task (breast cancer recognition), ... More
Finiteness properties of affine Deligne-Lusztig varietiesFeb 20 2019Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties are closely related to the special fibre of Newton strata in the reduction of Shimura varieties or of moduli spaces of $G$-shtukas. In almost all cases, they are not quasi-compact. In this note we prove basic finiteness ... More