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Compensation of polarization dependent loss using noiseless amplification and attenuationMay 17 2019Polarization dependent loss (PDL) is a serious problem that hinders the transfer of polarization qubits through quantum networks. Recently it has been shown that the detrimental effects of PDL on qubit fidelity can be compensated for with the introduction ... More
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Toric Fano VarietiesMay 17 2019We study the maximum likelihood estimation problem for several classes of toric Fano models. We start by exploring the maximum likelihood degree for all 2-dimensional Gorenstein toric Fano varieties. We show that the ML degree is equal to the degree of ... More
Thermodynamics of a one-dimensional Bose gas with repulsive contact interactionsMay 17 2019We present a thorough study of the thermodynamics of a one-dimensional repulsive Bose gas, focusing in particular on corrections beyond the Luttinger-liquid description. We compute the chemical potential, the pressure and the contact, as a function of ... More
Theoretical and experimental electron diffraction intensity maps for single crystal silicon from an ultrafast sourceMay 17 2019Electron diffraction through a thin patterned silicon membrane can be used to create complex spatial modulations in electron distributions by varying the intensity of different reflections using parameters such as crystallographic orientation and wafer ... More
Avalanches, thresholds, and diffusion in meso-scale amorphous plasticityMay 17 2019We present results on a meso-scale model for amorphous matter in athermal, quasi-static (a-AQS), steady state shear flow. In particular, we perform a careful analysis of the scaling with the lateral system size, $L$, of: i) statistics of individual relaxation ... More
POPQORN: Quantifying Robustness of Recurrent Neural NetworksMay 17 2019The vulnerability to adversarial attacks has been a critical issue for deep neural networks. Addressing this issue requires a reliable way to evaluate the robustness of a network. Recently, several methods have been developed to compute $\textit{robustness ... More
Superconvergent HDG methods for Maxwell's equations via the $M$-decompositionMay 17 2019The concept of the $M$-decomposition was introduced by Cockburn et al.\ in Math. Comp.\ vol.\ 86 (2017), pp.\ 1609-1641 {to provide criteria to guarantee optimal convergence rates for the Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) method for coercive elliptic ... More
Symmetry-protected metallic and topological phases in penta-materialsMay 17 2019We analyze the symmetry and topological features of a family of materials closely related to penta-graphene, derived from it by adsorption or substitution of different atoms. Our description is based on a novel approach, called topological quantum chemistry, ... More
Solving Chance-Constrained Problems via a Smooth Sample-Based Nonlinear ApproximationMay 17 2019We introduce a new method for solving nonlinear continuous optimization problems with chance constraints. Our method is based on a reformulation of the probabilistic constraint as a quantile function. The quantile function is approximated via a differentiable ... More
The fusion of hard and soft Pomerons: 3-jet diffractive productionMay 17 2019We consider the central exclusive production of high $E_T$ jets $pp\to p+(X+{\rm dijet})+p$. In particular we study the possible contamination of the purely exclusive signal by semi-exclusive production where no other secondaries are emitted in one hemisphere, ... More
Towards a complete next-to-logarithmic description of forward exclusive diffractive dijet electroproduction at HERA: real correctionsMay 17 2019We studied the $ep\rightarrow ep+2jets$ diffractive cross section with ZEUS phase space. Neglecting the $t$-channel momentum in the Born and gluon dipole impact factors, we calculated the corresponding contributions to the cross section differential in ... More
A buffer-free concept bubble chamber for PICO dark matter searchesMay 17 2019In this paper, we report on the successful operation at Drexel University of the PICO collaboration's first C$_3$F$_8$ buffer-free prototype fluorocarbon bubble chamber. Previous PICO bubble chambers have produced world-leading WIMP search results with ... More
Observation of Multimode Strong Coupling of Cold Atoms to a 30-m Long Optical ResonatorMay 17 2019We report on the observation of multimode strong coupling of a small ensemble of atoms interacting with the field of a 30-m long fiber resonator containing a nanofiber section. The collective light--matter coupling strength exceeds the free spectral range ... More
K-essence and kinetic gravity braiding models in two-field measure theoryMay 17 2019We show that, in the context of the two-field measure theory, any k-essence model leads to the existence of a fluid made of non-relativistic matter and cosmological constant that would explain the dark matter and dark energy problem at the same time. ... More
Diameters of Ball IntersectionsMay 17 2019We prove the diameter of the intersection of two closed convex balls in a Riemannian manifold eventually decreases continuously as the centers of the balls move apart.
Temporal changes of the flare activity of Proxima CenMay 17 2019We study temporal variations of the emission lines of Halpha, Hepsilon, H and K Ca II, D1 and D2 Na I, 4026 and 5876 A He I in the HARPS spectra of Proxima Centauri across an extended time of 13.2 years, from May 27, 2004, to September 30, 2017. Aims. ... More
$\texttt{fRevolution}$ $-$ Relativistic Cosmological Simulations in $f(R)$ Gravity I: MethodologyMay 17 2019We present the new relativistic cosmological particle-mesh code $\texttt{fRevolution}$, based on $\texttt{gevolution}$, aimed at simulating non-linear structure formation in $f(R)$ gravity. We introduce the general framework and approximation scheme, ... More
On semigroups generated by sums of even powers of Dunkl operatorsMay 17 2019On the Euclidean space $\mathbb R^N$ equipped with a normalized root system $R$, a multiplicity function $k\geq 0$, and the associated measure $dw(\mathbf x)=\prod_{\alpha\in R} |\langle \mathbf x,\alpha\rangle|^{k(\alpha)}d\mathbf x$ we consider the ... More
Does the evolution of complex life depend on the stellar spectral energy distribution?May 17 2019This paper presents the proportional evolutionary time hypothesis, which posits that the mean time required for the evolution of complex life is a function of stellar mass. The "biological available window" is defined as the region of a stellar spectrum ... More
Pair Matching: When bandits meet stochastic block modelMay 17 2019The pair-matching problem appears in many applications where one wants to discover good matches between pairs of individuals. Formally, the set of individuals is represented by the nodes of a graph where the edges, unobserved at first, represent the good ... More
Description of CRESST-III DataMay 17 2019In CRESST-III, 10 cryogenic detector modules optimized for low energy thresholds were operated for almost two years (May 2016 - February 2018). Together with this document we are publishing data from the best performing detector module which has a nuclear ... More
Crystal of affine $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_{\ell}$ and Hecke algebras at a primitive $2\ell$th root of unityMay 17 2019Let $\ell\in\mathbb{N}$ with $\ell>2$ and $I:=\mathbb{Z}/2\ell\mathbb{Z}$. In this paper we give a new realization of the crystal of affine $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_{\ell}$ using the modular representation theory of the affine Hecke algebras $H_n$ of ... More
Z boson production in proton-lead collisions at the LHC accounting for transverse momenta of initial partonsMay 17 2019We perform a calculation of inclusive $Z$ boson production in proton-lead collisions at the LHC taking into account the transverse momenta of the initial partons. We use the framework of $k_T$-factorization combining transverse momentum dependent parton ... More
E theory in seven dimensionsMay 17 2019We construct the non-linear realisation of the semi-direct product of E11 and its vector representation in its decomposition into the subalgebra GL(7)x SL(5) to find a seven dimensional theory. The resulting equations of motion essentially follow from ... More
Multiwavelength Investigation of Pulsar Wind Nebula DA 495 with HAWC, VERITAS, and NuSTARMay 17 2019Pulsar Wind Nebula (PWN) DA 495 (G65.7+1.2) was detected in TeV gamma-rays by the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory (HAWC) in 2017 (2HWC J1953+294). Follow-up observations by the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) ... More
Fractional Langevin equation from damped bath dynamicsMay 17 2019We consider the stochastic dynamics of a system linearly coupled to a hierarchical thermal bath with two well-separated inherent timescales: one slow, and one fast. The slow part of the bath is modeled as a set of harmonic oscillators and taken into account ... More
Irreducible representations of E theoryMay 17 2019We construct the E theory analogue of the particles that transform under the Poincare group, that is, the irreducible representations of the semi-direct product of the Cartan involution subalgebra of E11 with its vector representation. We show that one ... More
The partial visibility curve of the Feigenbaum cascade to chaosMay 17 2019A family of classical mathematical problems considers the visibility properties of geometric figures in the plane, e.g. curves or polygons. In particular, the {\it domination problem} tries to find the minimum number of points that are able to dominate ... More
Randomized algorithms for low-rank tensor decompositions in the Tucker formatMay 17 2019Many applications in data science and scientific computing involve large-scale datasets that are expensive to store and compute with, but can be efficiently compressed and stored in an appropriate tensor format. In recent years, randomized matrix methods ... More
Novel MAB phases and insights into their exfoliation into 2D MBenesMay 17 2019Considering the recent breakthroughs in the synthesis of novel two-dimensional (2D) materials from layered bulk structures, ternary layered transition metal borides, known as MAB phases, have come under scrutiny as a means of obtaining novel 2D transition ... More
$b$-invariant edges in cubic near-bipartite brickMay 17 2019A brick is a non-bipartite graph without non-trivial tight cuts. Bricks are building blocks of matching covered graphs. We say that an edge $e$ in a brick $G$ is $b$-invariant if $G-e$ is matching covered and it contains exactly one brick. Kothari, Carvalho, ... More
Generic derivations on o-minimal structuresMay 17 2019Let $T$ be a complete, model complete o-minimal theory extending the theory RCF of real closed ordered fields in some appropriate language $L$. We study derivations $\delta$ on models $\mathcal{M}\models T$. We introduce the notion of a $T$-derivation: ... More
An example of failure of stochastic homogenization for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations without convexityMay 17 2019We give an example of the failure of homogenization for a viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equation with non-convex Hamiltonian.
On the effect of surface recombination in thin film solar cells, light emitting diodes and photodetectorsMay 17 2019Radiative and non-radiative charge carrier recombination in thin-film diodes plays a key role in determining the efficiency of electronic devices made of next generation semiconductors such as organic, perovskite and nanocrystals. In this work, we show ... More
Fidelity Imposed Network Edit (FINE) for Solving Ill-Posed Image ReconstructionMay 17 2019Deep learning (DL) is increasingly used to solve ill-posed inverse problems in imaging, such as reconstruction from noisy or incomplete data, as DL offers advantages over explicit image feature extractions in defining the needed prior. However, DL typically ... More
Implementation of a two-qubit state by an auxiliary qubit on the three-spin systemMay 17 2019The method for preparation of a two-qubit state on two spins-1/2 that mutually interact through an auxiliary spin is proposed. The essence of the method is that, initially, the three spins evolve under the action of an external magnetic field during a ... More
Quantification of the morphological characteristics of hESC coloniesMay 17 2019The maintenance of the pluripotent state in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) is critical for further application in regenerative medicine, drug testing and studies of fundamental biology. Currently, the selection of the best quality cells and colonies ... More
The hidden heart of the luminous infrared galaxy IC 860 I. A molecular inflow feeding opaque, extreme nuclear activityMay 17 2019High-resolution (0."03 - 0."09) (9 - 26 pc)) ALMA (100 - 350 GHz (3 - 0.8 mm)) and VLA 45 GHz measurements have been used to image continuum and spectral line emission from the inner region of the nearby infrared luminous galaxy IC 860. We detect compact ... More
Magnetism of the diluted Ising antiferromagnet in a magnetic field on the Kagome lattice: single-spin cluster approximationMay 17 2019An effective-field theory based on the single-spin cluster has been used to study of a diluted spin-$1/2$ Ising antiferromagnet on the Kagome lattice with nearest-neighbor interactions. We observe five plateaus in the magnetization curve of the diluted ... More
Investigating the use of the hydrogen cyanide (HCN) as an absorption media for laser spectroscopyMay 17 2019The laser spectroscopy is a fundamental approach for the realisation of traceable optical frequency standards. In the $1.55\,\mu$m wavelength band, widely used in telecommunications, the acetylene is the typical and the most widespread absorption media. ... More
Minimizing geodesic nets and critical points of distanceMay 17 2019In this paper we establish a relationship between geodesic nets and critical points of the distance function. We bound the number of balanced points for certain minimizing geodesic nets on manifolds homeomorphic to the $n$-sphere. We also bound the length ... More
Finite-size spherical particles in a square duct flow of an elastoviscoplastic fluid: an experimental studyMay 17 2019The present experimental study addresses the flow of a Yield Stress Fluid with some elasticity (Carbopol gel) in a square duct. The behaviour of two fluids with lower and higher yield stress is investigated at multiple Reynolds numbers $Re^* \in$ (1, ... More
High frequency mode generation by toroidal Alfven eigenmodesMay 17 2019Nonlinear generation of high frequency mode (HFM) by toroidal Alfven eigenmode (TAE) observed in HL-2A tokamak is analyzed using nonlinear gyrokinetic theory. It is found that, the HFM can be dominated by $|nq-m|=1$ perturbations with predominantly ideal ... More
Third kind elliptic integrals and 1-motivesMay 17 2019In our PH.D. thesis we have showed that the Generalized Grothendieck's Conjecture of Periods applied to 1-motives, whose underlying semi-abelian variety is a product of elliptic curves and of tori, is equivalent to a transcendental conjecture involving ... More
Continuous magnetic phase transition in artificial square iceMay 17 2019Critical behavior is very common in many fields of science and a wide variety of many-body systems exhibit emergent critical phenomena. The beauty of critical phase transitions lies in their scale-free properties, such that the temperature dependence ... More
Reduced group schemes as iterative differential Galois groupsMay 17 2019This article is on the inverse Galois problem in Galois theory of linear iterative differential equations in positive characteristic. We show that it has an affirmative answer for reduced algebraic group schemes over any iterative differential field which ... More
When the goal is to generate a series of activities: A self-organized simulated robot armMay 17 2019Behavior is characterized by sequences of goal-oriented conducts, such as food uptake, socializing and resting. Classically, one would define for each task a corresponding satisfaction level, with the agent engaging, at a given time, in the activity having ... More
Self-Similarity of ICME Flux Ropes: Observations by Radially Aligned Spacecraft in the Inner HeliosphereMay 17 2019Interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) are a significant feature of the heliospheric environment and the primary cause of adverse space weather at the Earth. ICME propagation, and the evolution of ICME magnetic field structure during propagation, ... More
An Experimental and Theoretical Insights into the Colossal Permittivity Mechanism of (Li, Nd) Co-doped ZnO CeramicsMay 17 2019In this work, we report the combined effect of donor (Nd) and acceptor (Li) co-doping at the Zn-site of ZnO ceramics on structural, microstructural and dielectric properties. Combining experimental observations with DFT based theoretical study, we have ... More
Resolving discrepancy in the pPN OH231.8+4.2May 17 2019OH231.8+4.2 is an archetypal pre-planetary nebulae (pPN). It is a binary system surrounded by bipolar nebula. Some years ago the authors extensively studied it and performed several VLBI observations from which they obtained mas-resolution maps of the ... More
Functional Lagged Regression with Sparse Noisy ObservationsMay 17 2019A (lagged) time series regression model involves the regression of scalar response time series on a time series of regressors that consists of a sequence of random functions (curves), also known as a functional time series. In practice, the underlying ... More
Statics and Dynamics of Polymeric Droplets on Chemically Homogeneous and Heterogeneous SubstratesMay 17 2019We present a molecular dynamics study of the motion of cylindrical polymer droplets on striped surfaces. We first consider the equilibrium properties of droplets on different surfaces, we show that for small stripes the Cassie-Baxter equation gives a ... More
On the computation and inversion of the cumulative noncentral beta distribution functionMay 17 2019The computation and inversion of the noncentral beta distribution $B_{p,q}(x,y)$ (or the noncentral $F$-distribution, a particular case of $B_{p,q}(x,y)$) play an important role in different applications. In this paper we study the stability of recursions ... More
Elastic scattering of three ultracold bosonsMay 17 2019Elastic scattering of three bosons at low energy is a fundamental problem in the many-body description of ultracold Bose gases, entering via the three-body scattering hypervolume $D$. We study this quantity for identical bosons that interact via a pairwise ... More
Embeddability of $\ell_{p}$ and bases in Lipschitz free $p$-spaces for $0<p\leq 1$May 17 2019Our goal in this paper is to continue the study initiated by the authors in [Lipschitz free $p$-spaces for $0<p<1$; arXiv:1811.01265 [math.FA]] of the geometry of the Lipschitz free $p$-spaces over quasimetric spaces for $0<p\le1$, denoted $\mathcal F_{p}(\mathcal ... More
Mechanically Powered Motion Imaging Phantoms: Proof of ConceptMay 17 2019Motion imaging phantoms are expensive, bulky and difficult to transport and set-up. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a simple approach to the design of multi-modality motion imaging phantoms that use mechanically stored energy to produce motion. ... More
On some (integrable) structures in low-dimensional holographyMay 17 2019Recent progress in holographic correspondence uncovered remarkable relations between key characteristics of the theories on both sides of duality and certain integrable models. In this note we revisit the problem of the role of certain invariants in low-dimensional ... More
How Case Based Reasoning Explained Neural Networks: An XAI Survey of Post-Hoc Explanation-by-Example in ANN-CBR TwinsMay 17 2019This paper surveys an approach to the XAI problem, using post-hoc explanation by example, that hinges on twinning Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) with Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems, so-called ANN-CBR twins. A systematic survey of 1100+ papers was ... More
Reconstruction of a Riemannian manifold from noisy intrinsic distancesMay 17 2019We consider reconstruction of a manifold, or, invariant manifold learning, where a smooth Riemannian manifold $M$ is determined from intrinsic distances (that is, geodesic distances) of points in a discrete subset of $M$. In the studied problem the Riemannian ... More
Effect of color on rapidity gap survivalMay 17 2019We study the probability for no jets with transverse momenta above a given cut to be found in the rapidity region between two high pT jets with a large rapidity separation. Our investigation uses the parton shower event generator DEDUCTOR with color beyond ... More
Concurrency Protocol Aiming at High Performance of Execution and Replay for Smart ContractsMay 17 2019Although the emergence of the programmable smart contract makes blockchain systems easily embrace a wider range of industrial areas, how to execute smart contracts efficiently becomes a big challenge nowadays. Due to the existence of Byzantine nodes, ... More
Irreducibility and factorizations in monoid ringsMay 17 2019For an integral domain $R$ and a commutative cancellative monoid $M$, the ring consisting of all polynomial expressions with coefficients in $R$ and exponents in $M$ is called the monoid ring of $M$ over $R$. An integral domain is called atomic if every ... More
Affinity-based measurement-induced nonlocality and its robustness against noiseMay 17 2019Measurement-induced nonlocality (MIN), a quantum correlation measure for the bipartite system, is an indicator of global effects due to locally invariant von Neumann projective measurements. It is well known fact that the correlation measures based on ... More
Extended magnetic dome induced by low pressures in superconducting FeSe$_\mathrm{1\text{-}x}$S$_\mathrm{x}$May 17 2019We report muon spin rotation ($\mu$SR) and magnetization measurements under pressure on Fe$_{1+\delta}$Se$_\mathrm{1\text{-}x}$S$_\mathrm{x}$ with x $\approx 0.11$. We find an extended dome of long range magnetic order above $p\approx0.6$ GPa spanning ... More
Gridded and direct Epoch of Reionisation bispectrum estimates using the Murchison Widefield ArrayMay 17 2019We apply two methods to estimate the 21~cm bispectrum from data taken within the Epoch of Reionisation (EoR) project of the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). Using data acquired with the Phase II compact array allows a direct bispectrum estimate to be ... More
Colossal infrared and terahertz magneto-optical activity in a two-dimensional Dirac materialMay 17 2019When two-dimensional electron gases (2DEGs) are exposed to magnetic field, they resonantly absorb electromagnetic radiation via electronic transitions between Landau levels (LLs). In 2DEGs with a Dirac spectrum, such as graphene, theory predicts an exceptionally ... More
Trans-Neptunian objects and Centaurs at thermal wavelengthsMay 17 2019The thermal emission of transneptunian objects (TNO) and Centaurs has been observed at mid- and far-infrared wavelengths - with the biggest contributions coming from the Spitzer and Herschel space observatories-, and the brightest ones also at sub-millimeter ... More
An Empirical View on Content Provider FairnessMay 17 2019Congestion control is an indispensable component of transport protocols to prevent congestion collapse. As such, it distributes the available bandwidth among all competing flows, ideally in a fair manner. However, there exists a constantly evolving set ... More
Buffer-aided Resource Allocation for a Price Based Opportunistic Cognitive Radio NetworkMay 17 2019In this paper, a resource allocation problem for an opportunistic cooperative cognitive radio network is considered, where cognitive radio nodes send their hard decisions to the fusion center. The fusion center plays dual role, i.e., takes the global ... More
Mining university rankings: Publication output and citation impact as their basisMay 17 2019World University rankings have become well-established tools that students, university managers and policy makers read and use. Each ranking claims to have a unique methodology capable of measuring the 'quality' of universities. The purpose of this paper ... More
Solving systems of linear algebraic equations via unitary transformations on quantum processor of IBM Quantum ExperienceMay 17 2019We propose a protocol for solving systems of linear algebraic equations via quantum mechanical methods using the minimal number of qubits. We show that $(M+1)$-qubit system is enough to solve a system of $M$ equations for one of the variables leaving ... More
Separating k-Player from t-Player One-Way Communication, with Applications to Data StreamsMay 17 2019In a $k$-party communication problem, the $k$ players with inputs $x_1, x_2, \ldots, x_k$, respectively, want to evaluate a function $f(x_1, x_2, \ldots, x_k)$ using as little communication as possible. We consider the message-passing model, in which ... More
Separated Schmidt modes in the angular spectrum of biphotonsMay 17 2019We prepare qudits based on angular multimode biphoton states by modulating the pump angular spectrum. The modes are prepared in the Schmidt basis and their intensity distributions do not overlap in space. This allows one to get rid of filtering losses ... More
Interaction of OAM light with Rydberg excitons: Modifying dipole selection rulesMay 17 2019Orbital angular momentum (OAM) light possesses in addition to its usual helicity ($s=\pm \hbar$, depending on its circular polarization) an orbital angular momentum $l$. This means that in principle one can transfer more than a single quantum of $\hbar$ ... More
Variations of largest rectangle recognition amidst a bichromatic point setMay 17 2019Classical separability problem involving multi-color point sets is an important area of study in computational geometry. In this paper, we study different separability problems for bichromatic point set P=P_r\cup P_b on a plane, where $P_r$ and $P_b$ ... More
Simple Black-box Adversarial AttacksMay 17 2019We propose an intriguingly simple method for the construction of adversarial images in the black-box setting. In constrast to the white-box scenario, constructing black-box adversarial images has the additional constraint on query budget, and efficient ... More
On the irreducibility of the Severi variety of nodal curves in a smooth surfaceMay 17 2019Let $X$ be a smooth projective surface and $L\in \mathrm{Pic}(X)$. We prove that if $L$ is $(2k-1)$-spanned, then the set $\tilde{V}_k(L)$ of all nodal and irreducible $D\in |L|$ with exactly $k$ nodes is irreducible. The set $\tilde{V}_k(L)$ is an open ... More
Probing charge carrier movement in organic semiconductor thin films via nanowire conductance spectroscopyMay 17 2019Understanding the movement of charge within organic semiconducting films is crucial for applications in photo-voltaics and flexible electronics. We study the sensitivity of the electrical conductance of a silicon nanowire to changes of charge states within ... More
Simplicial generation of Chow rings of matroidsMay 17 2019We introduce a new presentation for the Chow ring of a matroid with far-reaching geometric and combinatorial implications that include recovering a central portion of the Hodge theory of matroids developed by Adiprasito, Huh, and Katz in \cite{AHK18}. ... More
SSFN: Self Size-estimating Feed-forward Network and Low Complexity DesignMay 17 2019We design a self size-estimating feed-forward network (SSFN) using a joint optimization approach for estimation of number of layers, number of nodes and learning of weight matrices at a low computational complexity. In the proposed approach, SSFN grows ... More
Visualizing Topology of Real-Energy Gapless Phase Arising from Exceptional PointMay 17 2019The discovery of novel topological phase advances our knowledge of nature and stimulates the development of applications. In non-Hermitian topological systems, the topology of band touching exceptional points is very important. Here we propose a real-energy ... More
Model interpretation through lower-dimensional posterior summarizationMay 17 2019Nonparametric regression models have recently surged in their power and popularity, accompanying the trend of increasing dataset size and complexity. While these models have proven their predictive ability in empirical settings, they are often difficult ... More
Predicting Solar Flares Using a Long Short-Term Memory NetworkMay 17 2019We present a long short-term memory (LSTM) network for predicting whether an active region (AR) would produce a gamma-class flare within the next 24 hours. We consider three gamma classes, namely >=M5.0 class, >=M class, and >=C class, and build three ... More
Dissipative cnoidal waves (Turing rolls) and the soliton limit in microring resonatorsMay 17 2019Single solitons are a special limit of more general waveforms commonly referred to as cnoidal waves or Turing rolls. We theoretically and computationally investigate the stability and accessibility of cnoidal waves in microresonators. We show that they ... More
Spin coherent quantum transport of electrons between defects in diamondMay 17 2019The nitrogen-vacancy color center in diamond has rapidly emerged as an important solid-state system for quantum information processing. While individual spin registers have been used to implement small-scale diamond quantum computing, the realization ... More
Quantum transport in non-Hermitian impurity arrayMay 17 2019We study the formation of band gap bound states induced by a non-Hermitian impurity embedded in a Hermitian system. We show that a pair of bound states emerges inside the band gap when a parity-time ($\mathcal{PT}$) imaginary potential is added in a strongly ... More
On a generalized class of boundary-value problems with delayed argumentMay 17 2019In this work, spectrum and asymptotics of eigenfunctions of a generalized class of boundary value problems with a delay are obtained.
Analytic Basis Expansions for Functional SnippetsMay 16 2019Estimation of mean and covariance functions is fundamental for functional data analysis. While this topic has been studied extensively in the literature, a key assumption is that there are enough data in the domain of interest to estimate both the mean ... More
The Need for Laboratory Measurements and Ab Initio Studies to Aid Understanding of Exoplanetary AtmospheresMay 16 2019We are now on a clear trajectory for improvements in exoplanet observations that will revolutionize our ability to characterize their atmospheric structure, composition, and circulation, from gas giants to rocky planets. However, exoplanet atmospheric ... More
On the complexity of fault-tolerant consensusMay 16 2019The paper studies the problem of reaching agreement in a distributed message-passing system prone to crash failures. Crashes are generated by \constrained\ adversaries - a \wadapt\ adversary, who has to fix in advance the set of $f$ crash-prone processes, ... More
GlidarCo: gait recognition by 3D skeleton estimation and biometric feature correction of flash lidar dataMay 16 2019Gait recognition using noninvasively acquired data has been attracting an increasing interest in the last decade. Among various modalities of data sources, it is experimentally found that the data involving skeletal representation are amenable for reliable ... More
On-chip microwave-spin-plasmon interface (MSPI)May 16 2019On-chip scalable integration represents a major challenge for practical quantum devices. One particular challenge is to implement on-chip optical readout of spins in diamond. This readout requires simultaneous application of optical and microwave fields ... More
Ultra-deep tidal disruption events: prompt self-intersections and observablesMay 16 2019A star approaching a supermassive black hole (SMBH) can be torn apart in a tidal disruption event (TDE). We examine ultra-deep TDEs, a new regime in which the disrupted debris approaches close to the black hole's Schwarzschild radius, and the leading ... More
Global analysis of synchronization performance for power systems: bridging the theory-practice gapMay 16 2019The issue of synchronization in the power grid is receiving renewed attention, as new energy sources with different dynamics enter the picture. Global metrics have been proposed to evaluate performance and analyzed under highly simplified assumptions. ... More
A Result of Metastability for an Infinite System of Spiking NeuronsMay 16 2019In 2018, Ferrari et al. wrote a paper called "Phase Transition for Infinite Systems of Spiking Neurons" in which they introduced a continuous time stochastic model of interacting neurons. This model has a parameter $\gamma$, corresponding to the rate ... More
NANUQ: A method for inferring species networks from gene trees under the coalescent modelMay 16 2019Species networks generalize the notion of species trees to allow for hybridization or other lateral gene transfer. Under the Network Multispecies Coalescent Model, individual gene trees arising from a network can have any topology, but arise with frequencies ... More
A Comment on "Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Hyperbolic Discounting" by Hanming Fang and Yang WangMay 16 2019The recent literature often cites Fang and Wang (2015) for analyzing the identification of time preferences in dynamic discrete choice under exclusion restrictions (e.g. Yao et al., 2012; Lee, 2013; Ching et al., 2013; Norets and Tang, 2014; Dub\'e et ... More
Classical and Quantum Bounded Depth Approximation AlgorithmsMay 16 2019We consider some classical and quantum approximate optimization algorithms with bounded depth. First, we define a class of "local" classical optimization algorithms and show that a single step version of these algorithms can achieve the same performance ... More
The Sensitivity of Euro-Atlantic Regimes to Model Horizontal ResolutionMay 16 2019There is growing evidence that the atmospheric dynamics of the Euro-Atlantic sector during winter is driven in part by the presence of quasi-persistent regimes. However, general circulation models typically struggle to simulate these, with e.g. an overly ... More
A Chandra Study: Are Dwarf Carbon Stars Spun Up and Rejuvenated by Mass Transfer?May 16 2019Carbon stars (with C/O> 1) were long assumed to all be giants, because only AGB stars dredge up significant carbon into their atmospheres. The case is nearly iron-clad now that the formerly mysterious dwarf carbon (dC) stars are actually far more common ... More