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Massive star feedback in clusters: variation of the FUV interstellar radiation field in time and spaceJun 13 2019We investigate radiative feedback from a 34 M$_\odot$ star in a $10^4$ M$_\odot$ turbulent cloud using three-dimensional radiation-hydrodynamics (RHD) models. We use Monte Carlo radiative transfer to accurately compute photoionization equilibrium and ... More
Show, Match and Segment: Joint Learning of Semantic Matching and Object Co-segmentationJun 13 2019We present an approach for jointly matching and segmenting object instances of the same category within a collection of images. In contrast to existing algorithms that tackle the tasks of semantic matching and object co-segmentation in isolation, our ... More
Detecting Photoshopped Faces by Scripting PhotoshopJun 13 2019Most malicious photo manipulations are created using standard image editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop. We present a method for detecting one very popular Photoshop manipulation -- image warping applied to human faces -- using a model trained entirely ... More
Perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory on Quantum Spacetime: Adiabatic and Ultraviolet ConvergenceJun 13 2019The quantum structure of Spacetime at the Planck scale suggests the use, in defining interactions between fields, of the Quantum Wick product. The resulting theory is ultraviolet finite, but subject to an adiabatic cutoff in time which seems difficult ... More
Solid Lubrication with MoS$_2$: A ReviewJun 13 2019Molybdenum disulfide (MoS$_2$) is one of the most broadly utilized solid lubricants with a wide range of applications, including but not limited to those in the aerospace/space industry. Here we present a focused review of solid lubrication with MoS$_2$ ... More
Bounded sets of sheaves on Kähler manifolds, IIJun 13 2019We extend previous results on boundedness of sets of coherent sheaves on a compact K\"ahler manifold to the relative and not necessarily smooth case. This enlarged context allows us to prove properness properties of the relative Douady space as well as ... More
Scrambling in nearly thermalized states at large central chargeJun 13 2019We study $2d$ conformal field theory (CFT) at large central charge $c$ and finite temperature $T$ with heavy operators inserted at spatial infinity. The heavy operators produce a nearly thermalized steady state at an effective temperature $T_{\rm eff}\leq ... More
Spectra and eigenspaces from regular partitions of Cayley (di)graphs of permutation groupsJun 13 2019In this paper, we present a method to obtain regular (or equitable) partitions of Cayley (di)graphs (that is, graphs, digraphs, or mixed graphs) of permutation groups on $n$ letters. We prove that every partition of the number $n$ gives rise to a regular ... More
Reweighted Expectation MaximizationJun 13 2019Training deep generative models with maximum likelihood remains a challenge. The typical workaround is to use variational inference (VI) and maximize a lower bound to the log marginal likelihood of the data. Variational auto-encoders (VAEs) adopt this ... More
Contrastive Multiview CodingJun 13 2019Humans view the world through many sensory channels, e.g., the long-wavelength light channel, viewed by the left eye, or the high-frequency vibrations channel, viewed by the right ear. Each view is noisy and incomplete, but important factors, such as ... More
Multivariate polynomials for generalized permutohedraJun 13 2019Using the notion of Mahonian statistic on acyclic posets, we introduce a $q$-analogue of the $h$-polynomial of a simple generalized permutohedron. We focus primarily on the case of nestohedra and on explicit computations for many interesting examples, ... More
Opportunistic Synthesis in Reactive Games under Information AsymmetryJun 13 2019Reactive synthesis is a class of methods to construct a provably-correct control system, referred to as a robot, with respect to a temporal logic specification in the presence of a dynamic and uncontrollable environment. This is achieved by modeling the ... More
Turing complete mechanical processor via automated nonlinear system designJun 13 2019Nanomechanical computers promise a greatly improved energetic efficiency compared to their electrical counterparts. However, progress towards this goal is hindered by a lack of modular components, such as logic gates or transistors, and systematic design ... More
Mask2Lesion: Mask-Constrained Adversarial Skin Lesion Image SynthesisJun 13 2019Skin lesion segmentation is a vital task in skin cancer diagnosis and further treatment. Although deep learning based approaches have significantly improved the segmentation accuracy, these algorithms are still reliant on having a large enough dataset ... More
Effects of a Binary Companion Star on Habitability of Tidally Locked Planets around an M-type Host StarJun 13 2019Planets in the "Habitable Zones" around M-type stars are important targets for characterization in future observations. Due to tidal-locking in synchronous spin-orbit rotations, the planets tend to have a hot dayside and a cold nightside. On the cold ... More
Concentration estimates for algebraic intersectionsJun 13 2019We present an approach over arbitrary fields to bound the degree of intersection of families of varieties in terms of how these concentrate on algebraic sets of smaller codimension.
Triggering InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot nucleation and growth rate determination by in-situ modulation of surface energyJun 13 2019Epitaxial InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots (QDs) are widely used as highly efficient and pure sources of single photons and entangled photon-pairs, however reliable wafer-scale growth techniques have proved elusive. Growth of two-dimensional Quantum Well (QW) thin-films ... More
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Insertion Tasks with Visual Inputs and Natural RewardsJun 13 2019Connector insertion and many other tasks commonly found in modern manufacturing settings involve complex contact dynamics and friction. Since it is difficult to capture related physical effects with first-order modeling, traditional control methods often ... More
Self-Organized Criticality in Solar and Stellar Flares: Are Extreme Events Scale-Free ?Jun 13 2019We search for outliers in extreme events of statistical size distributions of astrophysical data sets, motivated by the {\sl Dragon-King hypothesis} of Sornette (2009), which suggests that the most extreme events in a statistical distribution may belong ... More
Fractional Local DimensionJun 13 2019The original notion of dimension for posets was introduced by Dushnik and Miller in 1941 and has been studied extensively in the literature. In 1992, Brightwell and Scheinerman developed the notion of fractional dimension as the natural linear programming ... More
Goal-conditioned Imitation LearningJun 13 2019Designing rewards for Reinforcement Learning (RL) is challenging because it needs to convey the desired task, be efficient to optimize, and be easy to compute. The latter is particularly problematic when applying RL to robotics, where detecting whether ... More
On co-minimal pairs in abelian groupsJun 13 2019A pair of non-empty subsets $(W,W')$ in an abelian group $G$ is a complement pair if $W+W'=G$. $W'$ is said to be minimal to $W$ if $W+(W'\setminus \{w'\}) \neq G, \forall \,w'\in W'$. In general, given an arbitrary subset in a group, the existence of ... More
Quantum Chess: Developing a Mathematical Framework and Design Methodology for Creating Quantum GamesJun 13 2019Quantum phenomena have remained largely inaccessible to the general public. This can be attributed to the fact that we do not experience quantum mechanics on a tangible level in our daily lives. Games can provide an environment in which people can experience ... More
Global Energetics of Solar Flares: VIII. The Low-Energy CutoffJun 13 2019One of the key problems in solar flare physics is the determination of the low-energy cut-off; the value that determines the energy of nonthermal electrons and hence flare energetics. We discuss different approaches to determine the low-energy cut-off ... More
Bootstrapping Veneziano Amplitude of Vasiliev Theory and $3D$ BosonizationJun 13 2019Three-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) with slightly broken higher spin symmetry provide an interesting laboratory to study general properties of CFTs and their roles in the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this work we compute the four-point functions ... More
The Communication Complexity of OptimizationJun 13 2019We consider the communication complexity of a number of distributed optimization problems. We start with the problem of solving a linear system. Suppose there is a coordinator together with $s$ servers $P_1, \ldots, P_s$, the $i$-th of which holds a subset ... More
Robust linear domain decomposition schemes for reduced non-linear fracture flow modelsJun 13 2019In this work, we consider compressible single-phase flow problems in a porous media containing a fracture. In the latter, a non-linear pressure-velocity relation is prescribed. Using a non-overlapping domain decomposition procedure, we reformulate the ... More
Orbits in Non-Supersymmetric Magic TheoriesJun 13 2019We determine and classify the electric-magnetic duality orbits of fluxes supporting asymptotically flat, extremal black branes in $D=4,5,6$ space-time dimensions in the so-called non-supersymmetric magic Maxwell-Einstein theories, which are consistent ... More
Three loop heavy quark form factors and their asymptotic behaviorJun 13 2019A summary of the calculation of the color-planar and complete light quark contributions to the massive three-loop form factors is presented. Here a novel calculation method for the Feynman integrals is used, solving general uni-variate first order factorizable ... More
Overcoming Mean-Field Approximations in Recurrent Gaussian Process ModelsJun 13 2019We identify a new variational inference scheme for dynamical systems whose transition function is modelled by a Gaussian process. Inference in this setting has either employed computationally intensive MCMC methods, or relied on factorisations of the ... More
Kernel and Deep Regimes in Overparametrized ModelsJun 13 2019A recent line of work studies overparametrized neural networks in the ``kernel regime,'' i.e.~when the network behaves during training as a kernelized linear predictor, and thus training with gradient descent has the effect of finding the minimum RKHS ... More
Comment on "Nonreciprocal cavities and the time-bandwidth limit"Jun 13 2019In their paper in Optica 6, 104 (2019), Mann et al. claim that time-invariant nonreciprocal cavities cannot overcome the time-bandwidth limit, based on their numerical analysis and temporal coupled-mode theory of an example structure. In this comment, ... More
Scattering with critically-singular and $δ$-shell potentialsJun 13 2019The authors consider a scattering problem for electric potentials that have a component which is critically singular in the sense of Lebesgue spaces, and a component given by a measure supported on a compact Lipschitz hypersurface. They study direct and ... More
Solution of the Unconditional Extremal Problem for a Linear-Fractional Integral Functional Depending on the ParameterJun 13 2019The paper is devoted to the study of the unconditional extremal problem for a fractional linear integral functional defined on a set of probability distributions. In contrast to results proved earlier, the integrands of the integral expressions in the ... More
Time warping invariants of multidimensional time seriesJun 13 2019In data science, one is often confronted with a time series representing measurements of some quantity of interest. Usually, in a first step, features of the time series need to be extracted. These are numerical quantities that aim to succinctly describe ... More
Global well-posedness for low regularity data in the 2d modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov equationJun 13 2019We consider the modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov (mZK) equation in two space dimensions in both focusing and defocusing cases. Using the $I$-method, we prove the global well-posedness of the $H^s$ solutions for $s>\frac{3}{4}$ for any data in the defocusing ... More
On Hamiltonian minimality of isotropic non-homogeneous tori in $\mathbb{H}^n$ and $\mathbb{C} \mathrm{P}^{2n+1}$Jun 13 2019We construct a family of flat isotropic non-homogeneous tori in $\mathbb{H}^n$ and $\mathbb{C} \mathrm{P}^{2n+1}$ and find necessary and sufficient conditions for their Hamiltonian minimality.
Musculoskeletal full-body models including a detailed thoracolumbar spine for children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 yearsJun 13 2019Currently available thoracolumbar spine models are entirely based on data from adults and might therefore not be applicable for simulations in children and adolescents. In addition, these models lack lower extremities, which are required for comprehensive ... More
Telephonetic: Making Neural Language Models Robust to ASR and Semantic NoiseJun 13 2019Speech processing systems rely on robust feature extraction to handle phonetic and semantic variations found in natural language. While techniques exist for desensitizing features to common noise patterns produced by Speech-to-Text (STT) and Text-to-Speech ... More
Robust Regression for Safe Exploration in ControlJun 13 2019We study the problem of safe learning and exploration in sequential control problems. The goal is to safely collect data samples from an operating environment to learn an optimal controller. A central challenge in this setting is how to quantify uncertainty ... More
On mean-field theories of dynamics in supercooled liquidsJun 13 2019We develop a hybrid numerical approach to extract the exact memory function K(t) of a tagged particle in three-dimensional glass-forming liquids. We compare the behavior of the exact memory kernel to two mean-field approaches, namely the standard mode-coupling ... More
Elliptic curves in hyper-Kähler varietiesJun 13 2019We show that the moduli space of elliptic curves of minimal degree in a general Fano variety of lines of a cubic fourfold is a non-singular curve of genus $631$. The curve admits a natural involution with connected quotient. We find that the general Fano ... More
Lower Bounds for Adversarially Robust PAC LearningJun 13 2019In this work, we initiate a formal study of probably approximately correct (PAC) learning under evasion attacks, where the adversary's goal is to \emph{misclassify} the adversarially perturbed sample point $\widetilde{x}$, i.e., $h(\widetilde{x})\neq ... More
The application of muon tomography to the imaging of railway tunnelsJun 13 2019Cosmic Ray Muon Radiography utilizes highly-penetrating cosmic ray muons to image the density profile of an object of interest. Here we report on the first trial to use a portable field-deployable cosmic ray tracking system in order to image the whole ... More
Perturbative analysis of the colored Alexander polynomial and KP soliton $τ$-functionsJun 13 2019In this paper we elaborate on the statement given in arXiv:1805.02761. Mainly, we study the relation between the colored Alexander polynomial and the famous KP hierarchy. We explain and prove this relation by exploring the fact that the dispersion equations ... More
Type IIn supernova light-curve properties measured from an untargeted survey sampleJun 13 2019We present a sample of supernovae Type IIn (SNe IIn) from the untargeted, magnitude-limited surveys of the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) and its successor, iPTF. SNe IIn found and followed by the PTF/iPTF were used to select a sample of 42 events with ... More
Stable self-similar blowup for a family of nonlocal transport equationsJun 13 2019We consider a family of non-local problems that model the effects of transport and vortex stretching in the incompressible Euler equations. Using modulation techniques, we establish stable self-similar blow-up near a family of known self-similar blow-up ... More
An Axion-Like Particle from an $SO(10)$ Seesaw with $U(1)_{B-L}$Jun 13 2019We investigate the decoupling of heavy right handed neutrinos in the context of an SO(10) GUT model, where a remnant anomalous symmetry is $U(1)_{B-L}$. In this model the see-saw mechanism which generates the neutrino masses is intertwined with the Stueckelberg ... More
On bulk deviations for the local behavior of random interlacementsJun 13 2019We investigate certain large deviation asymptotics concerning random interlacements in Z^d, d bigger or equal to 3. We find the principal exponential rate of decay for the probability that the average value of some suitable non-decreasing local function ... More
Transmission spectra of an ultrastrongly coupled qubit-dissipative resonator systemJun 13 2019We calculate the transmission spectra of a flux qubit coupled to a dissipative resonator in the ultrastrong coupling regime. Such a qubit-oscillator system constitutes the building block of superconducting circuit QED platforms. The calculated transmission ... More
Real-Time Open-Domain Question Answering with Dense-Sparse Phrase IndexJun 13 2019Existing open-domain question answering (QA) models are not suitable for real-time usage because they need to process several long documents on-demand for every input query. In this paper, we introduce the query-agnostic indexable representation of document ... More
Fibred algebraic surfaces and commutators in the Symplectic groupJun 13 2019We describe the minimal number of critical points and the minimal number $s$ of singular fibres for a non isotrivial fibration of a surface $S$ over a curve $B$ of genus $1$, constructing a fibration with $s=1$ and irreducible singular fibre with $4$ ... More
Adaptive Cluster Expansion for Ising spin modelsJun 13 2019We propose an algorithm to obtain numerically approximate solutions of the direct Ising problem, that is, to compute the free energy and the equilibrium observables of spin systems with arbitrary two-spin interactions. To this purpose we use the Adaptive ... More
Global Energetics of Solar Flares: VII. Aerodynamic Drag in Coronal Mass EjectionsJun 13 2019The free energy that is dissipated in a magnetic reconnection process of a solar flare, generally accompanied by a coronal mass ejection (CME), has been considered as the ultimate energy source of the global energy budget of solar flares in previous statistical ... More
Modeling and Interpreting Real-world Human Risk Decision Making with Inverse Reinforcement LearningJun 13 2019We model human decision-making behaviors in a risk-taking task using inverse reinforcement learning (IRL) for the purposes of understanding real human decision making under risk. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work applying IRL to reveal ... More
Paleo-Detectors for Galactic Supernova NeutrinosJun 13 2019Paleo-detectors are a proposed experimental technique in which one would search for traces of recoiling nuclei in ancient minerals. Natural minerals on Earth are as old as $\mathcal{O}(1)$ Gyr and, in many minerals, the damage tracks left by recoiling ... More
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cyber SecurityJun 13 2019The scale of Internet-connected systems has increased considerably, and these systems are being exposed to cyber attacks more than ever. The complexity and dynamics of cyber attacks require protecting mechanisms to be responsive, adaptive, and large-scale. ... More
The Replica Dataset: A Digital Replica of Indoor SpacesJun 13 2019We introduce Replica, a dataset of 18 highly photo-realistic 3D indoor scene reconstructions at room and building scale. Each scene consists of a dense mesh, high-resolution high-dynamic-range (HDR) textures, per-primitive semantic class and instance ... More
Topological Data Analysis for Arrhythmia Detection through Modular Neural NetworksJun 13 2019This paper presents an innovative and generic deep learning approach to monitor heart conditions from ECG signals.We focus our attention on both the detection and classification of abnormal heartbeats, known as arrhythmia. We strongly insist on generalization ... More
Egocentric affordance detection with the one-shot geometry-driven Interaction TensorJun 13 2019In this abstract we describe recent [4,7] and latest work on the determination of affordances in visually perceived 3D scenes. Our method builds on the hypothesis that geometry on its own provides enough information to enable the detection of significant ... More
How the modified Bertrand theorem explains regularities of the periodic table I. From conformal invariance to Hopf mappingJun 13 2019Bertrand theorem permits closed orbits in 3d Euclidean space only for 2 types of central potentials. These are of Kepler-Coulomb and harmonic oscillator type. Volker Perlick recently extended Bertrand theorem. He designed new static spherically symmetric ... More
Extending Eigentrust with the Max-Plus AlgebraJun 13 2019Eigentrust is a simple and widely used algorithm, which quantifies trust based on the repeated application of an update matrix to a vector of initial trust values. In some cases, however, this procedure is rendered uninformative. Here, we characterise ... More
Modeling and Control of Combustion Phasing in Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition EnginesJun 13 2019Dual fuel engines can achieve high efficiencies and low emissions but also can encounter high cylinder-to-cylinder variations on multi-cylinder engines. In order to avoid these variations, they require a more complex method for combustion phasing control ... More
On the Walks and Bipartite Double Coverings of Graphs with the same Main EigenspaceJun 13 2019The main eigenvalues of a graph $G$ are those eigenvalues of the $(0,1)$-adjacency matrix $\mathbf A$ having a corresponding eigenvector not orthogonal to $\mathbf j = (1,\dots,1)$. The CDC of a graph $G$ is the direct product $G\times K_2$. The main ... More
The influence of antiferromagnetism, soft out-of plane phonons and heavy electrons on the superconducting pairing mechanism of Ba1-xKxFe2As2Jun 13 2019Based on ab-initio calculated parameters, we apply a theoretical model on the iron-based BaFe2As2 superconductor that takes into account dramatic enhancements of the electron-phonon coupling of soft transverse phonons in the FeAs layers and antiferromagnetism. ... More
Study of a water-graphene capacitor with molecular density functional theoryJun 13 2019Most of the performances of electrochemical devices are governed by molecular processes taking place at the solution-electrode interfaces and molecular simulation are the main way to study these processes. Aqueous electrochemical systems have often been ... More
Active meta-optics and nanophotonics with halide perovskitesJun 13 2019Meta-optics based on optically resonant all-dielectric structures is a rapidly developing research area driven by its potential applications for low-loss efficient metadevices. Active, light-emitting subwavelengh nanostructures and metasurfaces are of ... More
UCAM Biomedical translation at WMT19: Transfer learning multi-domain ensemblesJun 13 2019The 2019 WMT Biomedical translation task involved translating Medline abstracts. We approached this using transfer learning to obtain a series of strong neural models on distinct domains, and combining them into multi-domain ensembles. We further experiment ... More
Pure Spinor String and Generalized GeometryJun 13 2019We consider the pure spinor sigma model in an arbitrary curved background. The use of Hamiltonian formalism allows for a uniform description of the worldsheet fields where matter and ghosts enter the action on the same footing. This approach naturally ... More
On the partition function of the Riemann zeta function, and the Fyodorov--Hiary--Keating conjectureJun 13 2019We investigate the ``partition function'' integrals $\int_{-1/2}^{1/2} |\zeta(1/2 + it + ih)|^2 dh$ for the critical exponent 2, and the local maxima $\max_{|h| \leq 1/2} |\zeta(1/2 + it + ih)|$, as $T \leq t \leq 2T$ varies. In particular, we prove that ... More
Absence of superfluidity in 2D dipolar Bose striped crystalsJun 13 2019We present results of computer simulations at low temperature of a two-dimensional system of dipolar bosons, with dipole moments aligned at an arbitrary angle with respect to the direction perpendicular to the plane. The phase diagram includes a homogeneous ... More
A Low-Power Domino Logic Architecture for Memristor-Based Neuromorphic ComputingJun 13 2019We propose a domino logic architecture for memristor-based neuromorphic computing. The design uses the delay of memristor RC circuits to represent synaptic computations and a simple binary neuron activation function. Synchronization schemes are proposed ... More
The effect of confinement on the solid-liquid transition in a core-softened potential systemJun 13 2019We present a comparative computer simulation study of the phase diagrams and anomalous behavior of two-dimensional ($2D$) and quasi-two-dimensional ($q2D$) classical particles interacting with each other through isotropic core-softened potential which ... More
A comparative study between ESSnuSB and T2HK in determining the leptonic CP phaseJun 13 2019In this paper, we perform a comparative analysis between the future proposed long-baseline experiments ESSnuSB and T2HK in measuring the leptonic CP phase $\delta_{\rm CP}$. In particular, we study the effect of the neutrino mass ordering degeneracy and ... More
Characteristic Power Series of Graph LimitsJun 13 2019In this note, we show how to obtain a ``characteristic power series'' of graphons -- infinite limits of graphs -- as the limit of normalized reciprocal characteristic polynomials. This leads to a characterization of graph quasi-randomness and another ... More
Machine Learning Based Analysis and Quantification of Potential Power Gain from Passive Device InstallationJun 13 2019Passive device installation on wind turbine generators (WTGs) can potentially improve the power generation of WTGs. Yet, how much impact the installation will make is unclear because conducting controlled experiments is impossible due to ever-changing ... More
Training Image Estimators without Image Ground-TruthJun 13 2019Deep neural networks have been very successful in image estimation applications such as compressive-sensing and image restoration, as a means to estimate images from partial, blurry, or otherwise degraded measurements. These networks are trained on a ... More
Deep Unfolding for Communications Systems: A Survey and Some New DirectionsJun 13 2019Deep unfolding is a method of growing popularity that fuses iterative optimization algorithms with tools from neural networks to efficiently solve a range of tasks in machine learning, signal and image processing, and communication systems. This survey ... More
Knock Intensity Distribution and a Stochastic Control Framework for Knock ControlJun 13 2019One of the main factors limiting the efficiency of spark-ignited engines is the occurrence of engine knock. In high temperature and high pressure in-cylinder conditions, the fuel-air mixture auto-ignites creating pressure shock waves in the cylinder. ... More
A Tip for Landscape Riders: Multi-Field Inflation Can Fulfill the Swampland Distance ConjectureJun 13 2019We study how both the swampland distance conjecture and the Lyth bound affect the parameter space of multi-field models of inflation. A generic feature of multi-field inflation is that the geodesic distance $\left[\Delta\phi\right]_\text{G}$ separating ... More
Stopped and stationary light at the single-photon level inside a hollow-core fiberJun 13 2019An experimental platform operating at the level of individual quanta is a key requirement for quantum information processing. We report on narrowband light storage and retrieval as well as stationary light for weak coherent light pulses down to the single-photon ... More
Precision measurement of atomic isotope shifts using a two-isotope entangled stateJun 13 2019Atomic isotope shifts (ISs) are the isotope-dependent energy differences in the atomic electron energy levels. These shifts serve an important role in atomic and nuclear physics, and particularly in the latter as signatures of nuclear structure. Recently ... More
Advance gender prediction tool of first names and its use in analysing gender disparity in Computer Science in the UK, Malaysia and ChinaJun 13 2019Global gender disparity in science is an unsolved problem. Predicting gender has an important role in analysing the gender gap through online data. We study this problem within the UK, Malaysia and China. We enhance the accuracy of an existing gender ... More
Adaptive Tracking of Enzymatic Reactions with Quantum LightJun 13 2019Enzymes are essential to maintain organisms alive. Some of the reactions they catalyze are associated with a change in reagents chirality, hence their activity can be tracked by using optical means. However, illumination affects enzyme activity: the challenge ... More
Improving Prediction Accuracy in Building Performance Models Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)Jun 13 2019Building performance discrepancies between building design and operation are one of the causes that lead many new designs fail to achieve their goals and objectives. One of main factors contributing to the discrepancy is occupant behaviors. Occupants ... More
Chromopolarizability of bottomonium from the $Υ(2S,3S,4S) \to Υ(1S,2S)ππ$ transitionsJun 13 2019We systemically study the dipion transitions $\Upsilon(2S,3S,4S) \to \Upsilon(1S,2S)\pi\pi$. We consider the mechanisms of the hadronization of soft gluons, the two bottomoniumlike states $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ exchanges, and the bottom meson loops. ... More
Anti dependency distance minimization in short sequences. A graph theoretic approachJun 13 2019Dependency distance minimization (DDm) is a word order principle favouring the placement of syntactically related words close to each other in sentences. Massive evidence of the principle has been reported for more than a decade with the help of syntactic ... More
Hypersimplicial subdivisionsJun 13 2019Let $\pi:{\mathbb R}^n \to {\mathbb R}^d$ be any linear projection, let $A$ be the image of the standard basis. Motivated by Postnikov's study of postitive Grassmannians via plabic graphs and Galashin's connection of plabic graphs to slices of zonotopal ... More
Microscopic and macroscopic perspectives on stationary nonequilibrium statesJun 13 2019The main subject of the thesis is the study of stationary nonequilibrium states trough the use of microscopic stochastic models that encode the physical interaction in the rules of Markovian dynamics for particles configurations. These models are known ... More
Unsupervised Image Noise Modeling with Self-Consistent GANJun 13 2019Noise modeling lies in the heart of many image processing tasks. However, existing deep learning methods for noise modeling generally require clean and noisy image pairs for model training; these image pairs are difficult to obtain in many realistic scenarios. ... More
Universality classes of surface wave turbulence as probed by laser Doppler velocimetry in viscous fluidsJun 13 2019By taking advantage of laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV), we explore the existence of discrete wave cascades on fluid interfaces excited upon monochromatic excitation. We study viscous liquids of variable capillarity spanning a broad range of frictional ... More
Growth estimates for meromorphic solutions of higher order algebraic differential equationsJun 13 2019We establish pointwise growth estimates for the spherical derivative of solutions of the first order algebraic differential equations. A generalization of this result to higher order equations is also given. We discuss the related question of when for ... More
Crossed Andreev Reflection in InSb Flake Josephson JunctionsJun 13 2019We study superconducting quantum interference in InSb flake Josephson junctions. An even-odd effect in the amplitude and periodicity of the superconducting quantum interference pattern is found. Interestingly, the occurrence of this pattern coincides ... More
Efficient calibration for high-dimensional computer model output using basis methodsJun 13 2019Calibration of expensive computer models with high-dimensional output fields can be approached via history matching. If the entire output field is matched, with patterns or correlations between locations or time points represented, calculating the distance ... More
The rank of sparse random matricesJun 13 2019Generalising prior work on the rank of random matrices over finite fields [Coja-Oghlan and Gao 2018], we determine the rank of a random matrix with prescribed numbers of non-zero entries in each row and column over any field. The rank formula turns out ... More
In-situ Raman gain between hyperfine ground states in a potassium magneto-optical trapJun 13 2019We study optical gain in a gas of cold 39K atoms. The gain is observed during operation of a conventional magneto-optical trap without the need for additional fields. Measurements of transmission spectra from a weak probe show that the gain is due to ... More
Dirac Fermions in Antiferromagnetic FeSn Kagome Lattices with Combined Space Inversion and Time Reversal SymmetryJun 13 2019Symmetry principles play a critical role in formulating the fundamental laws of nature$^{1}$, with a large number of symmetry-protected topological states identified in recent studies of quantum materials$^{2,3}$. As compelling examples, massless Dirac ... More
Probing the Mystery of Cryptocurrency Theft: An Investigation into Methods for Cryptocurrency Tainting AnalysisJun 13 2019Since the first theft of the Mt.Gox exchange service in 2011, Bitcoin has seen major thefts in subsequent years. For most thefts, the perpetrators remain uncaught and unknown. Although every transaction is recorded and transparent in the blockchain, thieves ... More
Graphs of bounded depth-$2$ rank-brittlenessJun 13 2019We characterize classes of graphs closed under taking vertex-minors and having no $P_n$ and no disjoint union of $n$ copies of the $1$-subdivision of $K_{1,n}$ for some $n$. Our characterization is described in terms of a tree of radius $2$ whose leaves ... More
Anderson localisation in stationary ensembles of quasiperiodic operatorsJun 13 2019An ensemble of quasi-periodic discrete Schr\"{o}dinger operators with an arbitrary number of basic frequencies is considered, in a lattice of arbitrary dimension, in which the hull function is a realisation of a stationary Gaussian process on the torus. ... More