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On the Sprague-Grundy function of compound gamesMar 19 2019The classical game of {\sc Nim} can be naturally extended and played on an arbitrary hypergraph $\cH \subseteq 2^V \setminus \{\emptyset\}$ whose vertices $V = \{1, \ldots, n\}$ correspond to piles of stones. By one move a player chooses an edge $H$ of ... More
Probing the trilinear Higgs boson coupling in di-Higgs production at NLO QCD including parton shower effectsMar 19 2019We present results for Higgs boson pair production with variations of the trilinear Higgs boson self-coupling at next-to-leading order (NLO) in QCD including the full top quark mass dependence. Differential results at 14 TeV are presented, and we discuss ... More
Astro2020 Science White Paper: A Shocking Shift in Paradigm for Classical NovaeMar 19 2019The discovery of GeV gamma-rays from classical novae has led to a reassessment of these garden-variety explosions, and highlighted their importance for understanding radiative shocks, particle acceleration, and dust formation in more exotic, distant transients. ... More
Large Intelligent Surface Assisted MIMO CommunicationsMar 19 2019This work focuses on the downlink of a single-cell multi-user (MU) system in which a base station (BS) equipped with $M$ antennas communicates with $K$ single-antenna users through a large intelligent surface (LIS) installed in the line-of-sight (LoS) ... More
Observation of $e^{+}e^{-}\rightarrow π^{+}π^{-}ψ(3770)$ and $D_{1}(2420)^{0}\bar{D}^{0} + c.c.$Mar 19 2019Several intermediate states of the reaction channels $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow \pi^{+} \pi^{-} D^{0} \bar{D}^{0}$ and $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow \pi^{+} \pi^{-} D^{+}D^{-}$ are studied using the data samples collected with the BESIII detector at center-of-mass ... More
Predictive ClusteringMar 19 2019We show how to convert any clustering into a prediction set. This has the effect of converting the clustering into a (possibly overlapping) union of spheres or ellipsoids. The tuning parameters can be chosen to minimize the size of the prediction set. ... More
Regularity for higher order quasiconvex problems with linear growth from belowMar 19 2019We announce new existence and $\varepsilon$-regularity results for minimisers of the relaxation of strongly quasiconvex integrals that on smooth maps $u\colon\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^{n}\to\mathbb{R}^{N}$ are defined by $$u\mapsto \int_{\Omega}F(\nabla^{k}u)dx.$$ ... More
Gemini Imaging of the Host Galaxies of Changing-Look QuasarsMar 19 2019Changing-look quasars are a newly-discovered class of luminous active galactic nuclei that undergo rapid ($\lesssim$10 year) transitions between Type 1 and Type 1.9/2, with an associated change in their continuum emission. We characterize the host galaxies ... More
Achievement of FCC specification in critical current density for Nb3Sn superconductors with artificial pinning centersMar 19 2019In this letter we demonstrate achievement of record non-Cu critical current density (Jc,non-Cu) in ternary, multifilamentary Nb3Sn conductors by the introduction of artificial pinning centers (APC). In the past two years, we have made great progress in ... More
Principal component analysis of nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulationsMar 19 2019Principal component analysis (PCA) represents a standard approach to identify collective variables $\{x_i\}\!=\!\boldsymbol{x}$, which can be used to construct the free energy landscape $\Delta G(\boldsymbol{x})$ of a molecular system. While PCA is routinely ... More
Particle-Set Identification method to study multiplicity fluctuationsMar 19 2019In this paper a new method of experimental data analysis, the Particle-Set Identification method, is presented. The method allows to reconstruct moments of multiplicity distribution of identified particles. The difficulty the method copes with is due ... More
A distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud that is precise to one per centMar 19 2019In the era of precision cosmology, it is essential to empirically determine the Hubble constant with an accuracy of one per cent or better. At present, the uncertainty on this constant is dominated by the uncertainty in the calibration of the Cepheid ... More
The existence of supersingular curves of genus 4 in arbitrary characteristicMar 19 2019We prove that there exists a supersingular nonsingular curve of genus $4$ in arbitrary characteristic $p$. For $p>3$ we shall prove that the desingularization of a certain fiber product over $\mathbb{P}^1$ of two supersingular elliptic curves is supersingular. ... More
Corners for Layout: End-to-End Layout Recovery from 360 ImagesMar 19 2019The problem of 3D layout recovery in indoor scenes has been a core research topic for over a decade. However, there are still several major challenges that remain unsolved. Among the most relevant ones, a major part of the state-of-the-art methods make ... More
Cancellation of the Anchored isoperimetric profile in bond percolation at p cMar 19 2019We consider the anchored isoperimetric profile of the infinite open cluster, defined for $p > p_c$, whose existence has been recently proved in [3]. We extend adequately the definition for $p = p_c$, in finite boxes. We prove a partial result which implies ... More
Conservative Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for Nonlinear Fokker-Planck Collision OperatorsMar 19 2019We present a novel discontinuous Galerkin algorithm for the solution of a class of Fokker-Planck collision operators. These operators arise in many fields of physics, and our particular application is for kinetic plasma simulations. In particular, we ... More
Supersaturation for subgraph countsMar 19 2019The classic extremal problem is that of computing the maximum number of edges in an $F$-free graph. In the case where $F=K_{r+1}$, the extremal number was determined by Tur\'an. Later results, known as supersaturation theorems, proved that in a graph ... More
Google Auto ML versus Apple Create ML for Histopathologic Cancer Diagnosis; Which Algorithms Are Better?Mar 19 2019Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionize multiple fields in the coming years. One subset of AI, machine learning, shows immense potential for application in a diverse set of medical specialties, including diagnostic pathology. In this study, we ... More
On the general position problem on Kneser graphsMar 19 2019In a graph $G$, a geodesic between two vertices $x$ and $y$ is a shortest path connecting $x$ to $y$. A subset $S$ of the vertices of $G$ is in general position if no vertex of $S$ lies on any geodesic between two other vertices of $S$. The size of a ... More
Trends on Computer Security: Cryptography, User Authentication, Denial of Service and Intrusion DetectionMar 19 2019The new generation of security threats has been promoted by digital currencies and real-time applications, where all users develop new ways to communicate on the Internet. Security has evolved in the need of privacy and anonymity for all users and his ... More
Multi-party authorization and conflict mediation for decentralized configuration management processesMar 19 2019Configuration management in networks with highest security demands must not depend on just one administrator and her device. Otherwise, problems can be caused by mistakes or malicious behavior of this admin, or when her computer got compromised, which ... More
Mass Variance from Archival X-ray Properties of Dark Energy Survey Year-1 Galaxy ClustersMar 19 2019Using archival X-ray observations and a log-normal population model, we estimate constraints on the intrinsic scatter in halo mass at fixed optical richness for a galaxy cluster sample identified in Dark Energy Survey Year-One (DES-Y1) data with the redMaPPer ... More
Spacing Dependent and Doping Independent Superconductivity in Intercalated 1T Two Dimensional SnSe2Mar 19 2019The weak van der Waals interlayer interactions in the transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) materials have created a rich platform to study their exotic electronic properties through chemical doping or physical gating techniques. We reported bulk superconductivity ... More
Giant localised spin-Peltier effect due to ultrafast domainwalls motion in antiferromagnetic metalsMar 19 2019Spin thermo-electric phenomena have attracted wide attention recently, e.g. the Spin Peltier effect (SPE) heat generation by magnonic spin currents. Here we find that the Spin Peltier ef-fect also manifests as a heat wave accompanying fast moving magnetic ... More
On generalized Inoue manifoldsMar 19 2019This paper is about a generalization of famous Inoue's surfaces. Let $M$ be a matrix in $SL(2n+1,\mathbb{Z})$ having only one real eigenvalue which is simple. We associate to $M$ a complex manifold $T_M$ of complex dimension $n+1$. This manifold fibers ... More
A Taxonomic Study of Asteroid Families from KMTNet-SAAO Multi-band PhotometryMar 19 2019We present here multi-band photometry for over 2000 Main-belt asteroids. For each target we report the probabilistic taxonomy using the measured V-R and V-I colors in combination with a machine-learning generated decision surface in color-color space. ... More
The L 98-59 System: Three Transiting, Terrestrial-Sized Planets Orbiting a Nearby M-dwarfMar 19 2019We report the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovery of three terrestrial-sized planets transiting L 98-59 (TOI-175, TIC 307210830) -- a bright M dwarf at a distance of 10.6 pc. Using the Gaia-measured distance and broad-band photometry ... More
Landau level broadening, hyperuniformity, and discrete scale invarianceMar 19 2019We study the energy spectrum of a two-dimensional electron in the presence of both a perpendicular magnetic field and a potential. In the limit where the potential is small compared to the Landau level spacing, we show that the broadening of Landau levels ... More
The Clemens-Griffiths method over non-closed fieldsMar 19 2019We use the Clemens-Griffiths method to construct smooth projective threefolds, over any field $k$ admitting a separable quadratic extension, that are $k$-unirational and $\overline{k}$-rational but not $k$-rational. When $k=\mathbb{R}$, we can moreover ... More
Independent Range Sampling, Revisited AgainMar 19 2019We revisit the range sampling problem: the input is a set of points where each point is associated with a real-valued weight. The goal is to store them in a structure such that given a query range and an integer $k$, we can extract $k$ independent random ... More
Quasilinear Approach of the Whistler Heat-Flux Instability in the Solar WindMar 19 2019The hot beaming (or strahl) electrons responsible for the main electron heat-flux in the solar wind are believed to be self-regulated by the electromagnetic beaming instabilities, also known as the heat-flux instabilities. Here we report the first quasi-linear ... More
WASP-180Ab: Doppler tomography of an hot Jupiter orbiting the primary star in a visual binaryMar 19 2019We report the discovery and parametrisation of WASP-180Ab, a hot Jupiter confirmed by the detection of its Doppler shadow and by measuring its mass using radial velocities. We find the 0.8 $\pm$ 0.1 $M_{\rm Jup}$, 1.29 $\pm$ 0.07 $R_{\rm Jup}$ planet ... More
Gauss-Kronecker Curvature and equisingularity at infinity of definable familiesMar 19 2019Assume given a polynomially bounded o-minimal structure expanding the real numbers. Let $(T_s)_{s\in \mathbb{R}}$ be a globally definable one parameter family of $C^2$-hypersurfaces of $\mathbb{R}^n$. Upon defining the notion of generalized critical value ... More
Long $A$-$B$-paths have the edge-Erd\H os-Pósa propertyMar 19 2019For a fixed integer $\ell$ a path is long if its length is at least $\ell$. We prove that for all integers $k$ and $\ell$ there is a number $f(k,\ell)$ such that for every graph $G$ and vertex sets $A,B$ the graph $G$ either contains $k$ edge-disjoint ... More
Uncertainty Quantification in Multivariate Mixed Models for Mass Cytometry DataMar 19 2019Mass cytometry technology enables the simultaneous measurement of over 40 proteins on single cells. This has helped immunologists to increase their understanding of heterogeneity, complexity, and lineage relationships of white blood cells. Current statistical ... More
Upward Book Embeddings of st-GraphsMar 19 2019We study $k$-page upward book embeddings ($k$UBEs) of $st$-graphs, that is, book embeddings of single-source single-sink directed acyclic graphs on $k$ pages with the additional requirement that the vertices of the graph appear in a topological ordering ... More
Minimizing Age in Gateway Based Update SystemsMar 19 2019We consider a network of status updating sensors whose updates are collected and sent to a monitor by a gateway. The monitor desires as fresh as possible updates from the network of sensors. The gateway may either poll a sensor for its status update or ... More
Optimal control of a nonlocal thermistor problem with ABC fractional time derivativesMar 19 2019We study an optimal control problem associated to a fractional nonlocal thermistor problem involving the ABC (Atangana-Baleanu-Caputo) fractional time derivative. We first prove the existence and uniqueness of solution. Then, we show that an optimal control ... More
First performance test of 30 mm iron-based superconductor single pancake coil under 24 T background fieldMar 19 2019The iron-based superconductor (IBS) single pancake coil (SPC) with 30 mm inner diameter was firstly fabricated and tested under 24 T background field. This SPC was successfully made using the 7-filamentary Ba1-xKxFe2As2 (Ba122) tape by wind-and-react ... More
Addition of SU(3) generators and its Singlet Hilbert spaceMar 19 2019We construct the singlet Hilbert space associated with addition of SU(3) generators. This corresponds to the solution of Gauss law in lattice QCD. The normalized basis states are explicitly constructed using Schwinger Bosons. Further, we compute the action ... More
Proton scalar dipole polarizabilities from real Compton scattering data, using fixed-t subtracted dispersion relations and the bootstrap methodMar 19 2019We perform a fit of the real Compton scattering (RCS) data below pion-production threshold to extract the electric ($\alpha_{E1}$) and magnetic ($\beta_{M1}$) static scalar dipole polarizabilities of the proton, using fixed-$t$ subtracted dispersion relations ... More
Polyhedral products over finite posetsMar 19 2019Polyhedral products were defined by Bahri, Bendersky, Cohen and Gitler, to be spaces obtained as unions of certain product spaces indexed by the simplices of an abstract simplicial complex. In this paper we give a very general homotopy theoretic construction ... More
Discovery of High Dimensional Band Topology in Twisted Bilayer GrapheneMar 19 2019Recently twisted bilayer graphene(t-BLG) emerges as a new strongly correlated physical platform near a magic twist angle, which hosts many exciting phenomena such as the Mott-like insulating and unconventional superconducting behavior. Besides the apparent ... More
Twistorial and space-time descriptions of massless infinite spin (super)particles and fieldsMar 19 2019We develop a new twistorial field formulation of a massless infinite spin particle. Unlike our previous approach arXiv:1805.09706, the quantization of such a world-line infinite spin particle model is carried without any gauge fixing. As a result, we ... More
H-T Phase Diagram of Rare-Earth -- Transition Metal Alloy in the Vicinity of the Compensation PointMar 19 2019Anomalous hysteresis loops of ferrimagnetic amorphous alloys in high magnetic field and in the vicinity of the compensation temperature have so far been explained by sample inhomogeneities. We obtain H-T magnetic phase diagram for ferrimagnetic GdFeCo ... More
Probing the weak wind phenomenon in Galactic O-type giantsMar 19 2019Analyses of Galactic late O dwarfs (O8-O9.5V stars) raised the `weak wind problem': spectroscopic mass loss rates ($\dot{M}$) are up to two orders of magnitude lower than the theoretical values. We investigated the stellar and wind properties of Galactic ... More
Optimization of seismometer arrays for the cancellation of Newtonian noise from seismic body wavesMar 19 2019Newtonian noise from seismic fields is predicted to become a sensitivity limiting noise contribution of the gravitational-wave detectors Advanced LIGO and Virgo in the next few years. It also plays a major role in the planning of next-generation detectors, ... More
Super-directional light emission and emission reversal from micro cavity arraysMar 19 2019Optical microdisk cavities with certain asymmetric shapes are known to possess unidirectional far-field emission properties. Here, we investigate arrays of these dielectric microresonators with respect to their emission properties resulting from the collective ... More
The Hall effect in ballistic flow of two-dimensional interacting particlesMar 19 2019In high-quality solid-state systems at low temperatures, the hydrodynamic or the ballistic regimes of heat and charge transport are realized in the electron and the phonon systems. In these regimes, the thermal and the electric conductance of the sample ... More
Frobenius bimodules and flat-dominant dimensionsMar 19 2019We establish relations between Frobenius parts and between flat-dominant dimensions of algebras linked by Frobenius bimodules. This is motivated by the Nakayama conjecture and an approach of Martinez-Villa to the Auslander-Reiten conjecture on stable ... More
CVIT-MT Systems for WAT-2018Mar 19 2019This document describes the machine translation system used in the submissions of IIIT-Hyderabad CVIT-MT for the WAT-2018 English-Hindi translation task. Performance is evaluated on the associated corpus provided by the organizers. We experimented with ... More
Evolution of Gaussian ConcentrationMar 19 2019We study the behavior of the Gaussian concentration bound (GCB) under stochastic time evolution. More precisely, in the context of a diffusion process on $\mathbb{R}^d$ we prove in various settings that if we start the process from an initial probability ... More
Packing Disks into Disks with Optimal Worst-Case DensityMar 19 2019We provide a tight result for a fundamental problem arising from packing disks into a circular container: The critical density of packing disks in a disk is 0.5. This implies that any set of (not necessarily equal) disks of total area $\delta\leq 1/2$ ... More
The Structure of a Quasi-Keplerian Accretion Disk around Magnetized StarsMar 19 2019In this paper, we present the complete structure of a quasi-Keplerian thin accretion disk with an internal dynamo around a magnetized neutron star. We assume a full quasi-Keplerian disk with the azimuthal velocity deviating from the Keplerian fashion ... More
Fermi-LAT Observations of Extreme Spectral Variability in IC 310Mar 19 2019We investigate the physical mechanisms of high-energy gamma-ray emission from the TeV-emitting misaligned active galactic nucleus IC 310. Eight years of data from the Fermi Large Area Telescope (Fermi-LAT) between 100 MeV and 500 GeV are reduced and analysed ... More
The galaxy luminosity function in the LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area at the Southern Galactic CapMar 19 2019We present optical luminosity functions (LFs) of galaxies in the $^{0.1}g$, $^{0.1}r$, and $^{0.1}i$ bands, calculated using data in $\sim 40$ $deg^{2}$ sky area of LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area (LaCoSSPAr) in Southern Galactic ... More
Theory of the intermediate phase of SrCu_2(BO_3)_2 under pressureMar 19 2019Building on the NMR evidence that two different Cu sites are present in the intermediate phase of SrCu_2(BO_3)_2 under pressure, and on recent neutron scattering experiments, we investigate the nature of the intermediate phase in an orthorhombically distorted ... More
Circulant preconditioning in the volume integral equation method for silicon photonicsMar 19 2019Recently, the volume integral equation (VIE) approach has been proposed as an efficient simulation tool for silicon photonics applications [J. Lightw. Technol. 36, 3765 (2018)]. However, for the high-frequency and strong contrast problems arising in photonics, ... More
Extreme defect sensitivity from large synthetic dimensionalityMar 19 2019The geometric dimensionality of a physical system significantly impacts its fundamental characteristics. While experiments are fundamentally limited to the maximum of three spatial dimensions, there is a growing interest in harnessing additional synthetic ... More
Wasserstein convergence rates for coin tossing approximations of continuous Markov processesMar 19 2019We determine the convergence speed of a numerical scheme for approximating one-dimensional continuous strong Markov processes. The scheme is based on the construction of coin tossing Markov chains whose laws can be embedded into the process with a sequence ... More
Critical behavior at the localization transition on random regular graphsMar 19 2019We study numerically the critical behavior at the localization transition in the Anderson model on infinite Bethe lattice and on random regular graphs. The focus is on the case of coordination number $m+1 = 3$, with a box distribution of disorder and ... More
How Hard Is Robust Mean Estimation?Mar 19 2019Robust mean estimation is the problem of estimating the mean $\mu \in \mathbb{R}^d$ of a $d$-dimensional distribution $D$ from a list of independent samples, an $\epsilon$-fraction of which have been arbitrarily corrupted by a malicious adversary. Recent ... More
A Lower Bound and Several Exact Results on the $d$-Lucky NumberMar 19 2019If $\ell: V(G)\rightarrow {\mathbb N}$ is a vertex labeling of a graph $G = (V(G), E(G))$, then the $d$-lucky sum of a vertex $u\in V(G)$ is $d_\ell(u) = d_G(u) + \sum_{v\in N(u)}\ell(v)$. The labeling $\ell$ is a $d$-lucky labeling if $d_\ell(u)\neq ... More
Relative Efficiency of Higher Normed Estimators Over the Least Squares EstimatorMar 19 2019In this article, we study the performance of the estimator that minimizes $L_{2k}- $ order loss function (for $ k \ge \; 2 )$ against the estimators which minimizes the $L_2-$ order loss function (or the least squares estimator). Commonly occurring examples ... More
Conservative Exploration for Semi-Bandits with Linear Generalization: A Product Selection Problem for Urban WarehousesMar 19 2019The recent rising popularity of ultra-fast delivery services on retail platforms fuels the increasing use of urban warehouses, whose proximity to customers makes fast deliveries viable. The space limit in urban warehouses poses a problem for the online ... More
Global regularity for degenerate/singular parabolic equations involving measure dataMar 19 2019We consider degenerate and singular parabolic equations with $p$-Laplacian structure in bounded nonsmooth domains when the right-hand side is a signed Radon measure with finite total mass. We develop a new tool that allows global regularity estimates ... More
Laplacian eigenvalues of the zero divisor graph of the ring $\mathbb{Z}_{n}$Mar 19 2019We study the Laplacian eigenvalues of the zero divisor graph $\Gamma\left(\mathbb{Z}_{n}\right)$ of the ring $\mathbb{Z}_{n}$ and prove that $\Gamma\left(\mathbb{Z}_{p^t}\right)$ is Laplacian integral for every prime $p$ and positive integer $t\geq 2$. ... More
Light-cone and local front dynamics of a single-particle extended quantum walkMar 19 2019We study the light-cone and front dynamics of a single particle continuous time extended quantum walk on a one dimensional lattice with finite range hopping. We show that, in general, for an initially localized state, propagating wave fronts can be characterized ... More
Finding the Riemann zeros by periodically driving a single trapped ionMar 19 2019The Riemann hypothesis implies the most profound secret of the prime numbers. It is still an open problem despite various attempts have been made by numerous mathematicians. One of the most fantastic approaches to treat this problem is to connect this ... More
What GW170729's exceptional mass and spin tells us about its family treeMar 19 2019Gravitational-wave observations give a unique insight into the formation and evolution of binary black holes. We use gravitational-wave measurements to address the question of whether GW170729's source, which is (probably) the most massive binary and ... More
Magneto-optic Response of the MetallicAntiferromagnet Fe2As to Ultrafast Temperature ExcursionsMar 19 2019The linear magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) is often used to probe magnetism of ferromagnetic materials, but MOKE cannot be applied to collinear antiferromagnets (AFs) due to the cancellation of sub-lattice magnetization. Magneto-optical constants that ... More
Characterizing the Optical Trapping of Rare Isotopes by Monte Carlo SimulationMar 19 2019Optical trapping techniques are an efficient way to probe limited quantities of rare isotopes. In order to achieve the highest possible measurement precision, it is critical to optimize the optical trapping efficiency. This work presents the development ... More
Dispersive Gate Sensing the Quantum Capacitance of a Point ContactMar 19 2019The technique of dispersive gate sensing (DGS) uses a single electrode to readout a qubit by detecting the change in quantum capacitance due to single electron tunnelling. Here, we extend DGS from the detection of discrete tunnel events to the open regime, ... More
Pressure-induced superconductivity in layered pnictogen diselenide NdO0.8F0.2Sb1-xBixSe2 (x = 0.3 and 0.7)Mar 19 2019Polycrystalline samples of layered pnictogen diselenide NdO0.8F0.2Sb1-xBixSe2 (x = 0 to 0.8) were successfully synthesized by solid-state reactions. Electrical resistivity in the synthesized samples was systematically decreased with an increase in Bi ... More
A Comparative Study of Different Approaches for Tracking Communities in Evolving Social NetworksMar 19 2019In real-world social networks, there is an increasing interest in tracking the evolution of groups of users and detecting the various changes they are liable to undergo. Several approaches have been proposed for this. In studying these approaches, we ... More
Pump-probe nuclear spin relaxation study of the simplest Ising quantum Hall ferromagnetMar 19 2019The nuclear spin-lattice relaxation time T1 of the simplest Ising quantum Hall ferromagnet (IQHF) formed at filling factor nu = 2 in a gate-controlled InSb two-dimensional electron gas has been characterized using a pump-probe technique. In contrast to ... More
Bow shocks, bow waves, and dust waves. II. Beyond the rip pointMar 19 2019Dust waves are a result of gas-grain decoupling in a stream of dusty plasma that flows past a luminous star. The radiation field is sufficiently strong to overcome the collisional coupling between grains and gas at a "rip-point", where the ratio of radiation ... More
J. S. Mill's Liberal Principle and UnanimityMar 18 2019The broad concept of an individual's welfare is actually a cluster of related specific concepts that bear a "family resemblance" to one another. One might care about how a policy will affect people both in terms of their subjective preferences and also ... More
The Moduli Space of smooth Ample Hypersurfaces in Abelian VarietiesMar 18 2019We give a characterizaton of smooth ample Hypersurfaces in Abelian Varieties and also describe an irreducible connected component of their moduli space: it consists of the Hypersurfaces of a given polarization type, plus the iterated univariate coverings ... More
Incentive Design for Temporal Logic ObjectivesMar 18 2019We study the problem of designing an optimal sequence of incentives that a principal should offer to an agent so that the agent's optimal behavior under the incentives realizes the principal's objective expressed as a temporal logic formula. We consider ... More
Tunneling and Fluctuating Electron-Hole Cooper Pairs in Double Bilayer GrapheneMar 18 2019A strong low-temperature enhancement of the tunneling conductance between graphene bilayers has been reported recently, and interpreted as a signature of electron-hole pairing. The pairing in electron-hole double layers was first predicted more than forty ... More
Motion of a finite composite cylindrical annulus comprised of nonlinear elastic solids subject to periodic shearMar 18 2019In this paper we study the motion of a finite composite cylindrical annulus made of generalized neo-Hookean solids that is subject to periodic shear loading on the inner boundary. Such a problem has relevance to several problems of technological significance, ... More
Between Promise and Performance: Science and Technology Policy Implementation through Governance NetworksMar 18 2019This research analyzes the effects of U.S. science and technology policy on a global strategic alliance network for research and development. During the mid-1980s the U.S. high-technology sector appeared to be collapsing. Industry leaders and policymakers ... More
The $\hat{H}$-Parameter: An Oblique Higgs ViewMar 18 2019We study, from theoretical and phenomenological angles, the Higgs boson oblique parameter $\hat{H}$, as the hallmark of off-shell Higgs physics. $\hat{H}$ is defined as the Wilson coefficient of the sole dimension-6 operator that modifies the Higgs boson ... More
Constrained Best Approximation with Nonsmooth Nonconvex ConstraintsMar 18 2019In this paper, we consider the constraint set $K$ of inequalities with nonsmooth nonconvex constraint functions. We show that under Abadie's constraint qualification the "perturbation property" of the best approximation to any $x$ in $\R^n$ from a convex ... More
Reachability-Based Safety Guarantees using Efficient InitializationsMar 18 2019Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaacs (HJI) reachability analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing the safety of autonomous systems. This analysis is computationally intensive and typically performed offline. Online, however, the autonomous system may experience changes ... More
The JETSCAPE frameworkMar 18 2019The JETSCAPE simulation framework is an overarching computational envelope for developing complete event generators for heavy-ion collisions. It allows for modular incorporation of a wide variety of existing and future software that simulates different ... More
Direct Object Recognition Without Line-of-Sight Using Optical CoherenceMar 18 2019Visual object recognition under situations in which the direct line-of-sight is blocked, such as when it is occluded around the corner, is of practical importance in a wide range of applications. With coherent illumination, the light scattered from diffusive ... More
Twisted component sums of vector-valued modular formsMar 18 2019We construct isomorphisms between spaces of vector-valued modular forms for the dual Weil representation and certain spaces of scalar-valued modular forms in the case that the underlying finite quadratic module $A$ has order $p$ or $2p$, where $p$ is ... More
A randomised finite element method for elliptic partial differential equationsMar 18 2019We consider a randomised implementation of the finite element method (FEM) for elliptic partial differential equations on high-dimensional models. This is motivated by the need to expedite the assembly of the associated stiffness matrices as indeed the ... More
The Strength of Mechanically-Exfoliated Monolayer GrapheneMar 18 2019The deformation and fracture behaviour of one-atom-thick mechanically exfoliated graphene has been studied in detail. Monolayer graphene flakes with different lengths, widths and shapes were successfully prepared by mechanical exfoliation and deposited ... More
HD 213885b: A transiting 1-day-period super-Earth with an Earth-like composition around a bright ($V=7.9$) star unveiled by TESSMar 18 2019We report the discovery of the 1.008-day, ultra-short period (USP) super-Earth HD 213885b (TOI-141b) orbiting the bright ($V=7.9$) star HD 213885 (TOI-141, TIC 403224672), detected using photometry from the recently launched \textit{TESS} mission. Using ... More
Exploring the composition of icy bodies at the fringes of the Solar System with next generation space telescopesMar 18 2019Determining the distribution and spectral signature of volatile ices and organics exposed on icy body surfaces can provide crucial clues for deciphering how the outer solar system formed and evolved. Over the past few decades, ground- and space-based ... More
Nature of the Structural Symmetries Associated with Hybrid Improper Ferroelectricity in Ca3X2O7Mar 18 2019In hybrid improper ferroelectric systems, polarization arises from the onset of successive nonpolar lattice modes. In this work, measurements and modeling were performed to determine the spatial symmetries of the phases involved in the transitions to ... More
Infinite families of hyperbolic $3$-manifolds with finite dimensional skein modulesMar 18 2019The Kauffman bracket skein module $K(M)$ of a $3$-manifold $M$ is the quotient of the $\mathbb{Q}(A)$-vector space spanned by isotopy classes of links in $M$ by the Kauffman relations. A conjecture of Witten states that if $M$ is closed then $K(M)$ is ... More
A tail-regression estimator for heavy-tailed distributions of known tail indices and its application to continuum quantum Monte Carlo dataMar 18 2019Standard statistical analysis is unable to provide reliable confidence intervals on expectation values of probability distributions that do not satisfy the conditions of the central limit theorem. We present a regression-based estimator of an arbitrary ... More
A bandmixing treatment for multiband-coupled systems via nonlinear-eigenvalue scenarioMar 18 2019We present a numeric-computational procedure to deal with the intricate bandmixing phenomenology in the framework of the quadratic eigenvalue problem (QEP), which is derived from a physical system described by N-coupled components Sturm-Liouville matrix ... More
Simulation of chiral topological phases in driven quantum dot arraysMar 18 2019We discuss how to use quantum dot arrays as quantum simulators for 1D chiral topological phases. We show that by driving the system out of equilibrium with a particular driving protocol, one can modify the hopping amplitudes at will, imprinting bond-order ... More
Deep Fundamental Factor ModelsMar 18 2019Deep fundamental factor models are developed to interpret and capture non-linearity, interaction effects and non-parametric shocks in financial econometrics. Uncertainty quantification provides interpretability with interval estimation, ranking of factor ... More
Software-Defined Design Space Exploration for an Efficient AI Accelerator ArchitectureMar 18 2019Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been shown to outperform conventional machine learning algorithms across a wide range of applications, e.g., image recognition, object detection, robotics, and natural language processing. However, the high computational ... More